MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies Import Guide

Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies

This is a work in progress guide for importers of MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies

This game is known in Japanese as Extreme Dimension Tag Blanc + Neptune VS Zombie Army AKA Geki Jigen Tag Blanc + Neptune Vs. Zombie Gundan AKA 激次元タッグ ブラン+ネプテューヌVSゾンビ軍団. Thankfully the localized title is slightly shorter.

It’s not going to be perfect as I don’t speak Japanese myself, but I play very thoroughly. You’ll find English Menu Translations and general tips on playing the game.

Note this game is fairly import-friendly especially if you’ve played Neptunia Action Unleashed, as it’s largely a sequel in terms of gameplay, though the equipment mechanics are very different.


Work in progress!

I’ve only gotten to Scene 10 and have not dove too deep into certain things and I haven’t yet bothered translating the specifics of some things.  I’ll try and toss a note in this section when I’ve updated, but I’ll try and shove as much useful information into this page as quickly as I can.

Last updated:

2015-11-26: Added English translation of Cheats, one of the Multiplayer screens.

2015-11-22: initial version.

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Game Systems

The game plays largely like Neptunia U, though the main story is purely linear, with no quests and locations and such. Individual story levels are exceedingly short. Some seem to have unusual conditions but you shouldn’t have any trouble completing objectives if you just wail on everything that you see (at least through scene 10 where I am).

Costume break is gone entirely, as is the sudden EXE Meter boost it brought. There is never a good reason to get hit anymore.

SP Skills now work off a universal, per-character Cooldown Timer. SP Skills are invincible, deal moderate damage and each character has four, one for each face button + R. Remember which is which as AOE, damage, number of hits etc. varies.

EXE Gauge is now your only meter that rises when attacking, and it’s used both to transform (which fully heals you and fills your SP meter) and to execute your EXE Drive attack. It’s usually best to hold your transformation for when your health is low, and burn your last bit of EXE meter with an EXE Drive attack. But most EXE skills are super clumsy and miss bosses/knock them out of their own AOE.

It’s still a tag-team game like Neptunia U, and the character in reserve slowly gains health if they were wounded, and will revive from KO after a rather grueling 100 seconds.

Character customization is much more significant than Neptunia U, and the Monster Medal system is gone. See the Character Customization section for info on these mechanics.

Character Customization


You can equip two Support characters that are used by default by pressing Square/X or Square/Triangle at the same time. They have a moderately long cooldown after use with no way to speed it up, just wait.

Here’s a list of their effects. I think you get more characters by unlocking treasure chests?

  • Plain Dogoo (Blue Background):
    •  Heals 15% HP to both front and back character. Will not revive KO.
  • Dogoo Man (Green background, vacant eyes)
    • Heals 15% HP to both front and back character. Will not revive KO.
  • Dogoo Man (Pink Background):
    • Restores 20% of EXE meter for front and back character.
  • IF
    • Buff attack by 15% for both characters for 15 seconds.
  • Compa
    • Buff Defense by 15% for both characters for 15 seconds.
  • Grub
    • Raises ATK and DEF by 1.1x for 15 seconds (Need confirmation, translation is unclear)


Your weapon is at the top, and each weapon has two relevant stats: Power and MB. Power is just attack power, while MB is how many Idea Chip like things you can fit into it.

Don’t forget to equip Idea Chips (is this the right name?) to your new weapons, as you’ll be giving up a significant buff if you do. Annoyingly you’ll need to set Chips on every individual’s weapon and have to re-do them for every new weapon you want to use, and every CPU form’s weapon is a separate set of chips to set up.

IMO it’s best not to fuss too much with those chips as it can eat up a lot of time, I just toss all the + Power chips I can and leave the menu.

The Gear is your Processor Unit. I haven’t yet unlocked and different ones, so for at least the majority of the Story Mode you won’t have anything to equip here.


Clothes are purely cosmetic in this game, and while there are unlockable “shredded” outfits from Neptunia Action Unleashed, there is no Costume Break mechanic anymore.

You can individually choose hair color (pink ribbon), outfit (the shirt/skirt icon), and accessories (wristband icon).

You can equip up to 5 accessories and manually place them with extreme freedom along all axes, just like in Senran Kagura. If you prefer not to fiddle too much, the top option on the placement page offers predefined locations like head, chest, leg etc.


Rather than levels and enemy tokens being your soul source of stats, leveling now gives you a certain amount of Ability Points to spend as you chose to increase your HP, Defense, Attack and Technique.

As the price per tier increases significantly each step I’d recommend just leveling them all up roughly evenly. All of them are fairly useful unless you’re super confident you won’t be damaged.

Still trying to figure Technique out, it seems related to combos, possibly unlocking longer combos a la Senran Kagura?


Compa-desu has-desu a-desu store-desu. This menu is a good reason to mute the “other” voices in the options to de-desu the game.

You can use your credits to buy weapons, consumables, clothing/accessories, custom chips to upgrade weapons with, and what I think are crafting materials.

Weapons and cosmetics are buy once, keep forever. Consumables…are consumed. You have a limited supply of custom chips, but it’s limited per-weapon, so if you buy two 15% attack pieces you can put two on each character’s weapon. Crafting materials are consumed. I think. I haven’t crafted yet tbh.



Main Menu

You should probably be able to figure this out on your own, but.

main menu


Pretty self explanatory. Also, here’s what all the tabs on the left mean.

The Sound Settings options. BGM is at the top, Sound Effects is at the middle, Voice is at the bottom.

Voice/Mute Settings

Lets you mute individual characters. Note that “Other” (The Dogoo) mutes everything that isn’t a specific main character, including normal enemies, characters speaking over each other, and other stuff you might not expect to be muted.

My Great Capture Screen Shot 2015-11-22 13-30-32

Map Controls

You can remap controls here. Every action must be mapped once, and can only be set to one button, and the default set up isn’t glaringly inappropriate so there’s not much I recommend doing here, but feel free to change whatever will help you.

Note the game has no support for the extra buttons on a Dualshock controller for PSTV (but you can use the accessibility options to force things if you wish).

(I’ll translate these later sorry)

My Great Capture Screen Shot 2015-11-22 14-15-28My Great Capture Screen Shot 2015-11-22 14-15-30

Camera Settings

Here’s where you can invert your camera or set it to a needlessly coarse set of 3 speeds. I recommend Normal, but if you’re playing on PS TV and like REALLY quick camera movement Fast might be for you.


Display Settings

Not really sure what some of these are. “Minimalist UI” looks the same to me if it’s on or off (on is default), I thought it was some “hide HUD” option but it doesn’t seem like it.

I think the last one is some sort of display name for multiplayer. You can pick two…words…it’s a lot of stuff I don’t want to mess with even trying to translate.



Cheats only work in Story Mode, but Story Mode levels will give all the rewards including XP they would have without cheats. You have to beat story mode to unlock them. Unlike Neptunia U there’s no conditions, they all unlock the second you beat the final boss.

Invincible – You literally cannot take any damage or even be hit. Attacks just phase through you.

Impregnable – Hitstun is removed, so if you’re hit mid-attack you’ll continue as if nothing happened but still take damage. Useless if invincible is on as attacks won’t register as hits.

Deathblow – Your foes will always die in a single hit. Great way to grind up to 2 characters to around 20-30 before playing multiplayer. Just murder the final boss.

Infinite EXE – What it says. It’s impossible to return to Human form after transforming with this option on. Infinite EXE drive attacks can be performed consecutively.

Infinite SP – Spam SP skills until your thumbs fall off.

Not in the cheat options, but after beating Story Mode you can freely chose CPU form at character select, where you will stay in CPU form no matter your EXE gauge. In multiplayer you can always choose CPU form.




The last menu option just resets all the settings to their initial state. If you’ve screwed around before you knew what options did this might be useful.


Multiplayer appears to be basically the better half of the game, with Story Mode being a raw vehicle for the story/jokes and a great deal of unique gameplay (including all the Monster Hunter style bosses except one) is only found in multiplayer. Sadly, I’m having a slower time figuring out Multiplayer but I’ll try and get this up as soon as I can.

Single Player is a lot like a more straight forward Neptunia U with a more complex equipment system. Multiplayer seems more like Monster Hunter with selectable missions, 4 player co op, occasional giant bosses with breakable parts, slow dodgeable attacks, loot and all that crap.

If you want to jump right into the action for multiplayer, just pick the Yellow orb, then Search (second option), then pick any game that shows up, though people might not be happy with you if you’re low level, suck, or don’t respond to their Japanese in-game messages. Most people I’ve found are extremely high level (99 or almost).

You can also just play Ad Hoc by yourself (or with another person with the game) to avoid the lobbies, but most of the MonHun bosses are going to be nigh impossible alone.

If anyone is bored and wants to translate themselves, here’s some screens:

My Great Capture Screen Shot 2015-11-22 18-59-27 Create Game My Great Capture Screen Shot 2015-11-22 18-59-35  My Great Capture Screen Shot 2015-11-22 18-59-43

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