New Channel Art

Last updated on January 24th, 2016 at 09:46 pm

For a while I’ve been wanting to spruce up my channel on Youtube and get some nice consistent Branding™, but I’m no artist. Fortunately, lots of other people are artists, so I commissioned Klobstrosity (Tumblr link with commission contact info) for a new channel art, and…!

Click to view the full thing–it’s pretty big!

It’s pretty fantastic. Klobstrosity was nice enough to get me renders of a few separate bits too, so I can rearrange and make the banner fit on sites other than Youtube or make thumbnails etc for videos.

And I’ll definitely be using this in rotation with my old avatar on video thumbnails for Branding™.

Look at this adorable fella

I plan to commission some more art, mostly avatars I can use for thumbnails/twitter/etc, though I might commission something more professional for my website’s whitespace and Youtube outro cards. Whenever I comission more art I’ll post an article here, and if I get enough I might start a commissions + fan art tumblr or something to keep it all in one place. But I guess this site is one place too.

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