AbyssRium Hidden Fish & Gameplay Tips Guide (Christmas Event!)

Abyssrium All Hidden Fish Guide

This contains all current hidden fish in AbyssRium for iOS and Android, and their unlocking requirements. Along the way it developed into a complete guide to most aspects of the game.

Remember that Hidden Fish always cost tcheathe same as other fish (an ever increasing amount ~10x the last price you paid for a fish), so it’s good to unlock these fish as early as possible so you can have a wider variety of fish when fulfilling “X number of Y variety of fish” requirements.

Comment if I’m missing anything, I read every comment and reply where necessary!

Game/ Guide Updates:

Is It Worth Playing?

Well, you can now watch my review of AbyssRium to find out. (But obviously I didn’t make this whole guide because I hate it, now did I.)

AbyssRium’s Hidden Fish

  • Blue Clownfish:
    • Take a picture of Clownfish 3 times
    • Pictures of Red Clownfish didn’t work for me, only Percula (orange) Clownfish
  • Snowflake Clownfish:
    • Push Twitter button 5 times in Settings
    • It’s a good idea to unlock these two immediately so you don’t end up with 4 Orange/Red clownfish like me
  • Randall’s Goby:
    • Take 3 pictures of Goby
  • Spotted Mandarin Dragonet:
    • Start AbyssRium upon notification (random chance)
    • To get this, make sure “Notice” is on in AbyssRium’s settings, and also make sure your device is allowing AbyssRium to send notifications. You can enable/disable this in Notifications settings in iOS or Google Play Games’ settings for the app on Android.
  • Clown Tang:
    • Take a picture of Tang 5 times
  • Convict Tang:
    • Do nothing for 1 hour
    • You must leave the game open, which means you’ll want the game in Battery Saver mode and on a charger because Abyssrium is crazy battery hungry.
  • Naso Tang
    • Obtain 50 Tangs
    • Obviously, you’re going to want to do this one after finishing most other objectives or your aquarium is going to be very boring
  • Jewel Damsel:
    • Tap the upper left corner of screen 1000 times (seriously)
    • You can tap with multiple fingers at once on most modern phones to make this less crazy
  • Cross Damsel:
    • Take 3 pictures of a Damsel
    • Chromis count as Damsels
  • French Angel:
    • Save picture of Angelfish 3 times
    • That’s save to your device, not just take it, like other unlocks
  • Moorish Idol:
    • Take picture of Mystery Chest 5 times (wait for it to spawn first obviously)
    • Technically an Angelfish
  • Scribbled Angelfish:
    • Push See More button in Photo Award 10 times
    • This is in the Photo icon in the top right next to trophies, not when you take a picture yourself
  • Peppermint Angel
    • Own 30 Angelfish
      • Moorish Idol counts as an Angelfish
    • Like the Naso Tang, save this for one of your final challenges in the game. It’s not as bad as it might sound, but it’s a long grind even after reaching Z vitality
  • Queen Angel
    • Fragile Staghorn LV. 3000
  • Juvenile Pinnate  Spadefish (New)
    • Have 5 Facebook friends in game
      • This requires connecting to facebook have having 5 friends who actually downloaded the game and linked to Facebook
      • You can use this facebook group to quickly find people, then remove them once you get the fish (you still get to keep it)
  • Springer Dottyback:
    • Share picture 3 times
    • You can press the share button, hit back, delete the draft and still get it (confirmed with Twitter)
    • Note you only see the share icons from apps you have installed. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all options
  • Pajama Cardinal:
    • Open app 20 times in one day (you don’t have to close the app, just home screen-> back into app)
    • You’ll probably accidentally get this on your first day if you really like the game
  • Mahi Mahi:
    • Play at 0:00 AM (midnight) 10 times
    • A way that’s worked for at least some people is to cheat your phone’s clock to 11:59, let the clock move to 12 AM “naturally”, then open the app, leave to the home screen and re-open Abyssrium 10 times
    • This one seems a bit inconsistent and may be bugged
      • Some people say the game seems to give it them after the game runs in the background overnight, then they got the unlock much later the following day
      • I got it randomly at 7 PM after trying the time cheat, it’s possible it does unlock, but is delayed or something, or it’s since been fixed
  • Camel Cowfish:
    • Share picture of Blowfish 3 times
    • Boxfish, Sea Slugs, Cowfish, and Triggers all count as Blowfish for this task
  • Juvenile Spotted Boxfish:
    • Start AbyssRium upon notification (random chance)
  • Potbelly Seahorse:
    • Share picture of Seahorse 3 times
    • Amusingly, the Giant Isopod appears to count as a “seahorse” for this
  • Pygmy Seahorse:
    • Play at 4 AM 5 times
    • You can change your phone’s time to cheat this because, I mean, screw that
    • You can just leave the game to the home page then re-open it to get this, you don’t have to close the app or open it on 5 different days
    • This one worked perfectly fine with time cheating for me, but some people report similar issues to the Mahi Mahi, so read the info there.
  • Nautilus (New)
    • Use Delicious Food skill 50 times
      • Uses prior to the addition of this fish to the game do not appear to count
  • Panther Grouper (New)
    • Share a picture of Parrotfish 10 times
      • Mahi Mahi counts as a Parrotfish
  • Striped Marlin:
    • Apparently it has a 10% chance to show up “every half hour” according to rumors
      • I’m almost certain this half hour is gametime, not realtime. I got it at 11:22 AM local time and reports of people trying every half hour do not seem very successfully
      • If you don’t mind eating some electricity, you can farm it a bit better by setting your device to keep it’s screen on (instructions for iOS and Android) and keep an eye on your device while it’s going. Be sure to turn these features off once you’re done.
    • It will be a swarm of them moving rapidly all around the map, it’s fairly easy to notice them
    • Take a picture of it when it appears to unlock it. Make sure to “lock on” to it like any other fish, it can take a couple tries because they move fast.
      • They’ll make many loops around the screen so don’t panic, but you do want to be fairly quick.
  • Mauve Stinger Jellyfish:
    • Take a picture of a jellyfish 10 times
  • Leatherback Turtle:
    • Open the Mystery Chest 50 times
      • If you’re extremely adverse to ads, you can consider this the last time you “need” to click an ad, as there are no more unique rewards for doing so
  • Commerson Dolphin:
    • Save picture of Lonely Coralite 3 times (Mixed reports over whether this is true)
    • Save a picture of a dolphin 3 times (confirmed)
    • The Narwhal is considered a Dolphin for this task
      • Ghost and Bone dolphins do not count for this
  • Narwhal:
    • Tap the top left corner of the screen 5000 times (seriously)
      • Try using all four fingers on one hand, and focus on times when Song of the Moon is active just to squeeze a bit more productivity out of this.
  • Manta Ray:
    • Share a photo of Stingray 3 times on Twitter
    • The Oarfish appears to count as a Stingray for this
  • Hammerhead shark:
    • Save picture of shark 3 times
      • Goblin Shark does not count
  • Whale Shark:
    • Start AbyssRium upon notification (random chance)
    • The notification fish seem to come in order, so if you don’t like notifications, you can turn them off after getting this final one
  • Legendary Mola Mola
    • Tap Sunfish vitality 100 times
    • Easier if you store ALL fish but the sunfish, and ideally buy more than one
    • Collaboration with Survive! Mola Mola! but doesn’t seem to unlock after installing the game, do the above instead
    • You may see “SUDDEN DEATH!” upon unlocking this fish; it’s just a reference to the Mola Mola game and doesn’t mean anything other than that this fish was unlocked, your fish are fine.
  • Dugong
    • Own 78 types of fish
      • This used to say “all fish” but it’s since been rejiggered a couple times, now 78 is all
    • Does not count Event Fish (Halloween etc), nothing after the + sign (80+10) in Manage Fish seems to count for most unlocks
  • Prized Walking Fish (New!)
    • ???

Check In Fish & Attendance System

  • These fish were added in updates and are not counted in the original 82 required to unlock the Dugong for some reason. You also get 30-50 Gems each day you don’t get a fish, until the calendar is done (no more rewards after Giant Squid).Attendance System is online only and cheating the clock will almost certainly not give you any of these rewards.Also note that if a new tier of rewards is added, you don’t get credit for all the days between your last reward and the new one, you’ll just start on the first day of the new reward tier.
    • Sea Slug
      • 7 days checked in via Attendance system
    • Giant Isopod
      • 14 days checked in
    • Oarfish
      • 21 days checked in
    • Coelacanth
      • 28 days checked in
    • Giant Squid (New)
      • 35 days checked in

    Premium Fish

    Premium fish are only unlocked via a IAP that comes with extra vitality gains and a package of gems. Buying the Premium Fish entitles you to buy as many more of that fish as you want through normal means.

    Note these fish are never required to unlock any of the other fish ingame. You’ll never NEED to pay to advance, only to get these particular fish.

    • Black and White Clownfish
      • $5 IAP “Beginner Package”
    • Lionfish
      • $10 IAP “Junior Package”
      • Unlocked at level 350
    • Giant Jellyfish
      • $19 IAP, “Advanced Package”
      • Unlocked at level 500
    • Humpback Whale
      • $50 IAP! “Master Package”
      • Please don’t buy this just for the fish…that’s a lot of money and it’s not required for anything else in the game
      • Unlocked around level 750
    • Harp Seal (Discontinued)
      • $100 IAP!!! “Supreme Package”
      • Unlocked around level 1000
      • Again, pretty crazy pricey
      • You really don’t need those gems by now, so again, please purchase responsibly. I love this game but it makes me uncomfortable there even is a $100 IAP
    • Mermaid
      • $100 IAP!?!!?! The new “Supreme Package”
      • 50,000 Gems
      • 110% Vitality Production
      • Max fish count +10
      • Despite the timing, this is not a Christmas Event fish.

Halloween Event (Oct. 13-Nov. 13)

A brand new and time-limited event. Looks like both unlocking and buying these fish is time limited. Using them presumably is not. The Halloween Event will end on November 14th. Get and use your candies before then. It’s presumably an annual event.

Missed the Halloween Event? Here’s a brief video showing off all the fish and the special effect.

For Halloween there’s a new currency, Candies, and special new skeletal/spooky fish can be unlocked using those candies. It’s possible to use Gems to unlock fish without candies, but it is an extremely wasteful way to do so. Instead, use gems to max Song of the Moon and use Spirit of Life as outlined below in the “Best Method” section.

Note you must be connected to the internet or the event doesn’t work entirely. You will not get candies and the Event tab will be totally gone if you lose your connection.

As a note, Halloween Fish do not multiply your Vitality earnings like normal fish. They’re almost totally separate from the game’s normal systems. Halloween Fish also do not count for any non-Hallowen fish unlocks!

Halloween Normal Fish

  • Ghost Fish (300 Candies)
  • Bone Fish (600)
    • Own 3 Ghost Fish
  • Bone Turtle (800)
    • Own 5 Halloween event fish
  • Bone Dolphin (1,000)
    • Own 3 Bone Turtles
  • Ghost Dolphin (1,500)
    • Own 30 Halloween event fish
    • Ghost Fish are the quickest way to get this of course
  • Ghost Ray (1,800)
    • Own 60 Halloween event fish
    • Now that you probably own 40+ Ghost Fish, start buying some Halloween fish you actually enjoy!
  • Bone Whale (2,000)
    • Collect all 10 kinds of Halloween Event fish
    • Oddly, the Ghost Whale is not considered a Halloween fish for this talley, unlike how Dugong works

Halloween Hidden Fish

  • Dogface Puffer (600 Candies)
    • Take a picture of Pumpkin 3 times
    • Thanks to yak188
  •  Football Fish (800 Candies)
    • Get candies with commercials 10 times
    • This seems delayed. IF you don’t get it, try closing the app then watching another commercial.
      • I got it the first commercial I watched on the second day, and I’m sure I watched over 10 the first day
    • Thanks to hazel_hng
  • Dumbo Octopus (1000 Candies)
    • Share picture of Dogface Puffer 3 times
    • Thanks to FishhFinns
  • Goblin Shark (1500 Candies)
    • Share picture of tombstone 3 times
      • You need Coralite Level 1000 to unlock the stones that become Tombstones
    • Thanks to hazel_hng
Paid Halloween Fish
  • Halloween Package ($30!!?)
    • Ghost Whale
    • 200% Increase of Candy Obtaining (I assume this is x2 not x3 like it sounds)
    • Oddly, does not count as a Halloween fish! It will be bought with Vitality (letting you get it year round, I assume) and does not count for the Bone Whale
    • Probably…don’t get this tbh. Unless you really love the game and know your finances really well.

Getting Candy

  • Get 1 for tapping fish with a Candy icon over their head
    • This icon will happen for up to two fish at a time, every few seconds
    • Song of the Moon’s multiplier effects candy drops, so you’ll get 5+ candy per tap, higher levels of Song of the Moon yield even more candy
    • Spirit of Life’s multiplier also counts for these, doubling candy drops on top of Song of the Moon
    • Tapping the candy counts as “fish’s vitality” for the achievements, and is much much more frequent than the heart
  • Get 50 for watching an ad in the “Event” category
    • Ads are available every 30 minutes and seem unaffected by multipliers
Best Method

Video guide to best method.

Candy drops are treated sort of like Vitality drops, but with a base Vitality of 1. Therefore, what we want to do is use Song of the Moon to increase our earnings (base 5 candies at level 1, 15 at level 10!), and in addition 100 gems can be spent to double the earning of all vitality (and candy) with the Spirit of Life in the “magic” menu.

In addition to the above, try storing all fish but 3 Sea Horses, as only up to 3 Candy buttons will appear at a time, and Sea Horses have the most predictable movement so you can more casually tap while Song of the Moon is active. To store fish quickly, if you have a ton of fish of one kind (say, 50 Tangs), you can withdraw all of them, then store all of them, due to the fish limit, they’ll automatically remove other fish from the tank, reducing some menuing.

The best method was devised with help from  from yak188 and Kathleen Paranuk Paranuk!


Hide all fish but 3 Sea Horses, wait for all skills to recharge, use Spirit of Life (100 gems),  Song of the Moon, tap candies like crazy, Recharge Skill, repeat Song of the moon, and you should have a great number of candies!

This is only half as fast as if you choose not to spend gems, but it’s totally workable.

Christmas Event (Dec 9th – Jan 23rd)

The Christmas event works largely like the Halloween One, though you have to buy the decorations yourself with Candy this time. Fishes’ hearts/vitality are now Candy Canes you can tap to earn a second currency used to buy special event fish that do not increase vitality rate.

This event at first seems easier than Halloween, but the fish prices are higher and 50 total event are required for the last couple fish, making it at least a bit harder.

As a note, the Prized Walking Fish and Mermaid were added in the same update but do not appear to be actually related to the Christmas Event in any way.

Christmas Normal Fish

  • Snowflake Angelfish (500 Candy Canes)
  • Christmas Yellow Tang (1,000 Candy Canes)
  • Snowflake Sea Slug (1,500 Candy Canes)
    • Own 3 Snowflake Angelfish
  • Christmas Football Fish (2,000)
    • Own 10 Christmas Event Fish
      • Individual fish, not different species
  • Christmas Dumbo Octopus (3,000)
    • Own 3 Christmas Football Fish
  • Snowflake Dolphine (sic) (5,000)
    • Collect 8 kinds of Christmas event fish
  • Christmas Dolphine (sic) (6,000)
    • Own 30 Christmas Event Fish
  • Snowflake Whale
    • Collect all 11 other Christmas species

Christmas Hidden Fish

    • Baby Penguin (2,000)
      • Tap with 4 fingers 100 times
      • Thanks Deana Smith in the comments
    • Walrus (2,500)
      • Share a photo of christmas tree 5 times
        • Tap the tree to focus on it, it should focus as if it were tracking a fish
        • As always, just press the share button then cancel the tweet/post and the game still credits it as a share without you pestering your friends
      • Buy Christmas Potion in the Themes menu for 500 Candy Canes to see the  trees
    • Emperor Penguin (4,000)
      • Use the camera to stay focused on a Baby Penguin for 1 minute
      • Thanks to gustgust on Reddit
    • Polar Bear (?)
      • Share 3 photos of Corallite in Rudolf costume
        • Buy Rudolf Costume for 500 Candy Canes in Themes menu
          • If you’re really lazy, it requires 50 Christmas fish
            • You find yourself suddenly aware this event isn’t easier than Halloween after all
        • Thanks to needtoys on Reddit
        • Our definition of “Fish” is wearing a bit thin, eh?

Christmas Premium Fish

  • Christmas Package ($29?!)
    • Snowflake Whale
      • Snowflake Whale is NOT limited to paid customers! It’s the same thing as the whale you get for buying one of each of the 11 non-premium christmas fish
    • Doubles Candy earning rate
    • IMO, this is not at all required especially since the Christmas event requires less wasted candy/fish to unlock the higher tier fish. Don’t feel pressured to buy
  • The Mermaid is NOT a Christmas event fish despite what some think. It’s just the new Supreme Package item, see Premium Fish.

Getting Candy Canes

  • Leftover Candy from prior events is converted into this event’s currency
  • Get 1 for tapping fish with a Candy Cane icon over their head
    • This icon will happen for up to two fish at a time, every few seconds
    • Song of the Moon’s multiplier effects Candy Cane drops, so you’ll get 5-15 Candy Canes per tap depending on Song of the Moon’s level
    • Spirit of Life’s multiplier also counts for these, doubling Candy Cane drops on top of Song of the Moon
  • Get 50 for watching an ad in the “Event” category
    • Ads are available every 30 minutes and are unaffected by multipliers
    • Ads are your best choice if you don’t have Song Of The Moon at a high level, but pretty insignificant if Song of the Moon is maxed
Best Method for Earning Candy Canes

Video guide to best method.

The best method is to store all fish but 3 Seahorses, as only up to 3 Candy Cane buttons will appear at a time, and Seahorses have the most predictable movement so you can more casually tap while Song of the Moon is active. Then only bother tapping while Song of the Moon is active as you’ll get 5-15x as many candy.

To speed this method up, upgrade Song of the Moon as much as you can. Spirit of Life (in the Magic menu) will also double candy dropped, though it costs 100 gems. I’d only use this method once Song of the Moon is already maxed.

To get the best returns, wait until all skills are charged (including skill recharge), fire off Spirit of Life and Song of the Moon, then recharge as soon as Song of the Moon ends and cast it again. This way you’ll get 10 minutes worth of Song of the Moon plus Spirit of Life, ideally earning 30 Candy Canes each tap the whole while!

To store fish quickly, if you have a ton of fish of one kind (say, 50 Tangs), you can withdraw all of them, then store all of them, due to the fish limit, they’ll automatically remove other fish from the tank, reducing some menuing.

Christmas Customization Items
  • Santa Outfit
    • Free
    • Be sure to claim it even if you don’t use it or you won’t see it for another year
  • Rudolf
    • Own 50 Christmas event fish
    • Required for Polar Bear
  • Christmas Potion
    • 500 Candy Canes
    • Required for Walrus
    • Displays christmas trees and presents all over.
  • Night of Christmas
    • 500 Candy Canes
    • Snows underwater. Somehow.



AbyssRium Gameplay Walkthrough

Guide: Beat the game in a week

Here’s a simple walkthrough for the broad strokes of what you’ll need to do to reach the “endgame” (defined as Z vitality) in roughly a week. I took 5 days playing fairly intensely, but playing smart you should be able to beat the game in a week, give or take a couple days, even without playing super ferverently.

Defining Victory

Now, the game is basically an endless idle game that always has something new to buy, but at roughly X vitality the game stop having new major goals for you and you can focus on buying new fish to your tastes instead of with a goal in mind. In addition, new fish increase in price at a noticeably slower rate at this point, only increasing in price 2-5 times each new fish instead of 5-10 times each new fish. This means that at “endgame” you can buy a fish (and or upgrade your Coralite 25 levels) almost every single time you open the app and cast all three skills.

Beating The Game Without Ads

Just a quick note, it’s totally possible to beat this game without watching ads, though it will significantly slow your progress. It’s actually quite easy.

To hide the “new ad” notifications in the store/magic tabs, just open each once without watching the ad and you’ll never get a notification again. Pretend the treasure chest is a decoration and don’t press the Recharge Skill button and boom! You have successfully avoided all ads. None will show on start up/etc, ever, in this game it’s 100% your choice whether you want to watch ads.

If you strongly dislike ads, I suggest only using the “recharge skill” ad, as it’s by far the most useful and will still drastically reduce the amount of ads you view in game. It’s the only ad type where ignoring it will slow your progress, because you have to wait two hours to recharge all three skills instead of 15 minutes. If you plan to play super passively, this might not be an issue for you (but still, once all other skills are charged, the free recharge means two uses of all skills).

And also, you need to open the Treasure Chest 50 times to get one of the Hidden Fish if you care.

Note you can silence ads by muting “music” volume on your phone but leaving “notification” volume on.

Day 1 – Introduction

Your  first day will be confusing, exciting, and overwhelming. Or maybe you’ll get bored and quit immediately.

AbyssRium is a “clicker” game, you see. You may love or hate that sort of game from the start, you may not have heard of it, or maybe AbyssRium will turn out to be the only one of the genre you enjoy.

As a clicker, AbyssRium starts off with you tapping your screen a lot to build “Vitality”. The ingame tutorial explains the basics well enough so just follow it. Basically you tap to get more Vitality, then spend your vitality on improving your aquarium which gets you more vitality to spend on…yeah, you get it.

There’s a mix of somewhat equally important objectives in this game: upgrading your Coralite’s level, upgrading your Coral, buying new Fish, and getting the Achievements that multiply your Vitality production stats. You’ll be constantly bouncing between Coralite/Coral/Fish upgrades based on whichever is most cost effective. Always upgrade your Coralite and Coral 25 times per go, because you’re really after the multiplier every 25 levels, the individual levels don’t matter much. AbyssRium’s numbers increase exponentially, but the progression curve is secretly quite linear. Don’t worry too much about it, basically. You can’t really do anything to permanently mess up.

As a general rule, I upgrade Coralite whenever I feel like I have enough to go through 25 levels (if I needed say 1A vitality for the first upgrade and I have 50A vitality now I’d do it). I upgrade Coral whenever the upgrade cost for the first level in a set of 25 costs only about as much as one or two taps. This early in the game, bias your spending toward the Coralite level, as raising it will unlock more Coral, Skills and other features.

I buy Fish whenever I can because they double all Vitality and more importantly they are very cute.You should buy new variety of Coral whenever you can as well, as they unlock more fish and serve as a sort of progression—by the time you have the last Coral variety, you’re more or less in the endgame. Don’t worry about buying the “wrong” fish, by the endgame you’ll be getting a new fish every time you open the app, so a few duplicate fish doesn’t hurt.

When fish have a heart over their head, they can be tapped for extra Vitality. Tapping Fishes’ vitality isn’t of much value frankly, but it can be fun for a bit while the game is new.

Stay aware of the “achievements” (click the trophy icon), the Coralite Level/Coral Level/Vitality Level acheievemnets have massive gains to Vitality.

If you get Gems (the game regularly gives you some for the tutorial and for completing achievements or watching ads), you mostly want to save them at this point in time. Buy one level of each of the Magic Items (Nautilus, Conch, Clam) and save the rest for Delicious Food, a skill you might not unlock quite yet.

Skills are the best way to earn, so play passively and wait for skill uses. Once you have the Delicious Food skill, you don’t have to tap much at all anymore, and you can focus on passively playing and only opening the app whenever Delicious Food is available. Each tap of the Delicious Food skill is worth 5000 manual taps, so don’t kill your finger, just be patient.

If your wrist hurts, stop playing. This is a silly fun game, and anything you need to tap will still be there tomorrow, or whenever your wrist feels better. There is no need to get RSI, this game can be played at a very chill place, and there’s really no benefit to rushing. This guide will get you there without much mad-tapping.

Speaking of, please do not shoot for the “Hard Worker” achievements. They are frankly offensively difficult to get, 255,000 taps in a short period would probably do some sort of lasting damage to your wrist even if you don’t have bad wrists. Save your wrists and toss $5 at the dev if you’re THAT desperate for gems.

Day 2-6 – Progress

Within a day or two you’ll probably unlock both Delicious Food and Song of the Moon, the two things you really need to make this game almost entirely passive but still progress quite rapidly.

With both skills in hand, just open the game once every 15-120 minutes, use all three skills, and upgrade smartly. Leave the game on for 5 minutes as the auto tap does it’s work, then you can put your phone back in your pocket for a while.

However, since there’s more to do, you’re going to want to learn a bit more about the game, search for hidden fish, and be aware of some pitfalls. The Hidden Fish list is up above.

The biggest pitfall is that this game has a very strange progression curve. There are a few points in the game, usually before a Coralite level/Coral level/Vitality Level achievement where progression is v e r y s l o w. It’s not you playing wrong, the game just slows down a few times, possibly to make the next bit of progress feel like joy.

Keep a close eye on Coralite level/Coral level goals. Generally I’ll only upgrade Coral once I can make more vitality per tap than the first level in a set of 25 will cost.  Note you can now upgrade in sets of 10 or 100 (for 100 it generally costs a whole order of magnitude more Vitality than the next level will cost)

Break this rule whenever your coral is woefully underleveled (eg Tap = 10x Coral) or whenever you’re reasonably close to the next Coral Level achievement, the 10x boost is vital.

Gems will come slower now as time goes on, with occasional big batches of 100/150 as achievements unlock. Spend these on new Magic Items or upgrading Delicious Food (first) and Song of the Moon (second).

You should have plenty of time to mop up the last of the Hidden Fish in these days, and make sure you keep unlocking Coral/new fish types and try to never get more than 1 of a fish unless you have too much vitality and nothing to spend it on. The toughest hidden fish to look for are the Striped Marlin (pure luck), the Check In reward fish (pure waiting), and the Legendary Mola Mola (annoying, but not THAT slow, and it’s an easy replacement for the Striped Marlin if you need one last fish variety to unlock the Dugong).

Over time you may find yourself getting tired of watching ads for gems/vitality, doing quests, and opening the chests. This is fine, the utility of these gains begins to drop once we hit the “endgame”, if you’re tired of taking pictures or watching ads you’ll be perfectly fine as long as you just use your skills regularly.

Day 7+ – Endgame

If you’ve been keeping up with the game decently well, around day 7 you’ll finally reach X Vitality, unlocking the final 10x vitality bonus. With X vitality you should easily be able to upgrade the Coralite to level 1500 and obtain 1800 Coral levels very quickly if you haven’t already.

At this point, the game gets a lot simpler and smoother. There will no longer be strange gaps in gameplay where the next Coralite level bonus is strangely distant from reach, where the next fish is absurdly expensive or where you need another several thousand Coral levels to really get going again.

Note that Z Vitality is not the end; instead you will get “AA” vitality, then “AB” vitality…all the way to “ZZ”. I’m unsure what happens at that point, but I’m guessing it’s “AAA” and that “ZZZ” should take…far longer than anyone should be playing (or possibly living).

Fish will come more easily now (costing about 2-5 times the previous fish’s amount instead of 5-10 times), you don’t have to worry about upgrading anything you don’t really want to.

Your gameplay loop is basically wait for all skills to recharge, pop all three skills (starting with Song of the Moon!) and each time you cast Delicious Food you should be able to buy either a new fish or 25 Lonely Coralite levels, or both, easy. You can upgrade Coral at your leisure, personally I find it more effort than it’s worth and only do so every several Vitality “letters”. Your treasure chest, “magic” and photo quest rewards will drop sharply if you don’t maintain your coral, but at this point you probably don’t care much as a Delicious Food every 15 minutes (or 2 hours without ads) is plenty.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy. The game is now less of a Clicker Game and more of a chill, beautiful aquarium sim where you can get a new fish every 15-120 minutes. All you need to worry about is what fish you want to focus on (I like the moon jellyfish!) and finish any Hidden Fish if you need them. Also make sure to keep checking in at least once a day to get the last 2 weeks worth of “check in” reward fish. Even the slowest players will likely have one or two of these left to unlock by the time they reach the “end”.

AbyssRium Gameplay FAQ

Themes (New Update!)

Themes for Coralite, Coral and background have been added! It’s mostly a way for them to give you more reason to spend gems, but several items are free.

All theme options have previews so you can see what it looks like before buying. If it doesn’t cost gems, it’s actually free once you’ve met the condition


Outfits for the Coralite.

      • Lonely Coralite
        • Default
      • Amigo Friend
        • Level 1000 Coralite
        • Sombrero, Sarape, and Maracas
        • Shakes the maracas when tapping
        • Amigo Friend is dead
      • Sailor Stone
        • Level 1000 Coralite
        • Sailor outfit with anchor and spyglass
      • Little Devil
        • Level 3000 Coralite
        • Devil Horns, Bat Wings and pitchfork
        • Shakes the pitchfork while tapping
      • Grand Father Magician
        • 300 Gems
        • I put on my robe and wizard hat
      • Atlantic Pirate
        • 500 Gems
        • Do what you want ’cause a pirate is free
          • You
            • Are
              • A
                • Pirate
      • Bunny Stone
        • 1000 Gems
        • But why

Dye affects the visuals of your Coral.

      • Ordinary Coral
        • Default
      • Halloween Potion
        • Unlock by playing during the halloween event, I assume
        • Pumpkins, gravestones and candles
      • Autumn Dye
        • Unlock: Level 100 of Star Horn Coral
        • A mostly orange and very fall-themed set of coral
      • Blue Dye
        • 300 Gems
        • Corals are all different shades of blue
      • White Due
        • 500 Gems
        • All white coral
      • Red Dye
        • 1000 Gems
        • Red and White corals fitting for Valentine’s I guess

Theme effects the water, lighting, and Song of the Moon.

      • Abyssrium
        • Default
      • Halloween Night
        • Presumably unlocked by having played during the Halloween event
        • Song of the Moon has a nice orange moon with spooky graveyard shadows over it
        • Cosmetic only, does NOT enable candy or anything
      • Midnight Ocean
        • Total of 100 Fish (Like most counts, Event/Halloween fish do not count)
        • A lovely darker blue with a light glow around the coral, a more subtle lightshaft effect
        • Song of the Moon is a nice crescent moon now
      • Jade Sky
        • 300 Gems
        • Green ocean
        • For some reason this theme and following ones don’t recolor your corals just background
        • Song of the Moon is blue with a crescent moon
      • Smoothie Ocean
        • 500 Gems
        • Same visual effect as the 2x vitality spell
        • Song of the Moon is blue with a half moon
      • Lovely Light
        • 1000 Gems
        • A very pink ocean
        • Song of the Moon is still blue with an odd 3/4ths moon

“Coming Soon”, presumably this is a new way to unlock more fish and/or a larger aquarium somehow.

Vitality Sources


Simple enough, this is the vitality you get per-tap. Vitality earned by skills is directly proportional to Tap vitality and includes no other factors. Tap vitality is generally your most important source due to skills.


You earn your Coral vitality bonus each second, and you can only store up to 2 hours worth of per-second Vitality while the app is closed. Coral vitality is significant because it acts as a multiplier for Quest/Magic vitality. If you play the game very passively Coral might seem attractive, but Skills are still the preferable method.


Volcanic Eruption
      • Auto tap 10 times per second for 5 minutes
      • Max: Level 11, 10 taps per second for 15 minutes

Your most basic clicker game power up, it’s really not significant in the grand scheme of things until you get Song of the Moon, but it’ll feel impressive at the start.

There’s almost no point in leveling this as it just lasts longer instead of tapping more often, meaning it will outlast Song of the Moon and generate negligible gains. Save your gems.

Delicious Food
      • Produces 5,000 times vitality production per tap immediately
      • Max: Level 11, produces 15,000 times vitality per tap immediately

Once getting one of each of the magic items below for fun, all your gems should probably go straight into this skill. Due to it’s value and fairly low gem cost it’s easily the best way to spend them.

Song of the Moon
      • Increases vitality production by 500% for 5 minutes
      • Max: Level 11, 1,500% vitality production

The most important skill in the game, the other skills are barely even worth using without this effect. With this, Delicious Food will almost always give you so many rewards you can instantly level your Coralite or buy a new fish or so on.

Best skill to upgrade first is a tossup between this and Delicious food: delicious food is usually more worth the gems, however there’s a balancing act and SotM happens to buff the Halloween candy event as well (and possibly other events if they have a similar structure). My recommendation is every 2-3 levels of Delicious Food, add a level of SotM.

Once Song of the Moon is sufficiently upgraded, you’ll start to notice how piddly many of the non-skill Vitality bonuses really are too. The Facebook Present, Photo Quest, Treasure Chest (vitality bonus) and Get Free Vitality (magic tab) will feel pretty pointless.

Facebook Present

In the “friends” icon at the top of the screen you can visit friends’ aquariums once a day and tap 10 fish for “present” points, unlocking a vitality present every 50 points (5 friends visited).

The reward for this is pretty minimal assuming you have all skills unlocked and powered up, so while you’re free to do it if the amount seems significant to you, in my opinion it’s hardly worth pursuing just like the free vitality for watching an ad bonus.

Artifacts/Magic Items

These actually aren’t that great despite being Gem-only. Get one of each for looks, though.

Remains of a Nautilus
      • Auto tap 30 times per minute
      • Max: Level 10, auto tap 120 times per minute

Some people confuse this for being the same as Volcanic Eruption, but note it’s per minute, far slower. It’s an okay passive gain since it saves you from tapping, but it’s only really worth one level. Like all auto taps, these only register if the app is open, greatly limiting it’s effect.

Mystic Shell
      • 1.1x increase of vitality production per tap
      • Max: level 10, 2x increase of vitality per tap

This is actually a 10% increase in vitality, not a 110% increase as the ingame description says. The game mixes up it’s 110% increase/multiplied by 110% language quite often.

Buy one level because it’s pretty, then ignore it until you have some gems to burn.

Glowing Conch
      • Shortens skill cooldown by 5% per level.
      • Max: level 10, 50% skill cooldown reduction

Only truly vital if you are dead set on never watching an ad. The reduction in time is very significant on Song of the Moon, the best skill, but if you’re willing to watch ads, the 15 minute recharge skill timer is already pretty short. Buy one level because it looks nice and move on to the skills first.

If you have enough gems to max Delicious Food and Song of the Moon, this is probably the third best option. At max level skills will come twice as fast, and you can reuse the “recharge” option only two and a half minutes after Song of the Moon runs out. However, you really do need to max it out to feel the most of the effect and that’s 5,000 gems total.


Fish simply give you (Tap + Coral Per Second) vitality per-tap. It’s not that great unless your Coral gains greatly outstrip your tap reward, however tapping fish vitality is required for some achievements and is required for the Legendary Mola Mola fish.

Photo Quest

Photo Quests give 200 times your current Coral vitality per second. (Thanks, Patrick in the comments!) If you let your Coral level flounder, these rewards may not even be worth the button presses..

Taking a “bad” shot gives you only 50% of the vitality. The sensing for this is very wonky, but generally a shot from the rear or an obscured fish gets the penalty. Sometimes an awful shot gives 100% and sometimes a fine shot is oddly penalized.

Note you can double your reward by “sharing” the image on twitter/etc. As always, you can cancel before you actually post, and get the reward for free. The second reward is not affected by whether or not you screw up the photo.

Chest/Magic Vitality

This seems to be mostly governed by your Coral vitality level. If your Coral levels are below your Tap vitality, these rewards may be extremely underwhelming to the point they’re not worth watching the ad.

Don’t waste your gems on the Magic spells IMO, they’re only worth it if you can skip several levels of Vitality, leveling your skills will yield a better long term gain.

Gem Sources

Daily Check In

With the new attendance system, you’ll get 20 gems the first 6 days, then a new fish, then 30 gems a day, then another fish, then 50 gems a day, and one last fish. Nothing amazing but you’ll be able to wring out a few more skill levels with all of these.


Your best, ad-free source of gems, these will be given like candy at first, and later levels give some very significant gem rewards. 50 for levels one and two, 70 for level 3, 100 for level 4 and 150 for level 5.

Unfortunately, several achievements are far beyond sane, such as tapping the screen manually 255,000 times (and that’s only level 3!). After about a week or so of intense play and once you’ve hit Z vitality, the achievement gems have probably dried up, but you’ll get just enough to buy one of each Magic Item and level a few skills, which is really all you “need”.

Recently a second set of achievements were added, making achievements go up to 10 instead of 5, with rewards resetting to 50, 50, 70, 100, 150 starting with level 6.


The only reason the chest is worth opening. You get 30 gems per open if it’s a gem chest, which isn’t too bad, but it’s less consistent than watching the store ads, since you may get a vitality bonus instead (not bad) or a minute of auto tapping (pretty bad). You can’t tell what’s in the chest until watching the ad.

Store (ads)

Simplest, most consistent way to get gems, but very slowly. 10 gems per ad, per 15 minutes, forever. Once I ran out of achievement gems, I stopped doing this one because that’s 30 ads to one level of Delicious Food.

Store (money)

I don’t really have tips here. If you want to pay, absolutely get the “package” deals first as they give significantly more gems. Beyond that, know that this game will never need you to pay to progress, and you can healthily make it to the “end game” within a week without spending a dime. The endgame lasts basically forever, but gems don’t really feel urgent at any time beyond that.

IMO, if you really love the game, buy a “package” deal equal to the amount of money you’d like to give the devs as a tip. I personally find the $50/$100 packages gross and exploitative, but the lower price packages are a fine way to tip a dev for a game you like and get some decent rewards.

Quests (New!)

There are now quests since the latest update where you have to perform certain actions within 7 days to get a gem reward. Quests are repeated every week so you can get even more gems. Check Quests by clicking the hourglass icon in the bottom of the “Trophy”/achievements menu.

At least on Android, quests are bugged but in a mostly good way. Failed/passed quests don’t clear from the menu, and taking new quests seems to give you extra gems for some reason. I get about 500 gems upon taking all quests per week even before I start fulfilling them. Never forget to take your quests for the week.

Lately quests don’t seem to visually track what progress you’ve made but should(?) still give you the gems if you happen to accidentally satisfy the requirements.

There are three tiers for all quests, Easy, Medium and Hard, rewarding 30, 50 and 100 gems each. Despite having to accept quests for them to count, you can take on all quests immediately with no repercussions. Hard quests do not seem to be reasonably possible and I do not recommend attempting them.

Quest requirements:

Take photos 50/200/(N/A)

Tap the screen 1000/10,000/100,000

Tap fish’s heart: 500/2000/10,000

Watch ads: 10/50/200

Miscellaneous Tips

Adding a new fish is almost always the most effective method of using your money once you have enough, but if your earnings are slow it might be best to upgrade smaller amounts elsewhere.

Whether Lonely Coralite or Coral, I always upgrade 25 levels at a time to get the doubling bonus. The per-level upgrade is inconsequential.

I generally don’t upgrade Coral until the next level is less than what I earn either per tap or per second. Not a hard rule, but easy to remember and should never waste too much vitality.

The devs have to get paid, so watching ads is pretty significantly beneficial in this game. If you refuse to watch ads you miss out on a lot of Free* gems, vitality, and even a few fish (due to the treasure chest).

Time your skill uses well, thanks to the “recharge skills” ad break, you should always use Song of the Moon before Delicious Food for example. Finish off a cheap Lonely Coralite upgrade before using Delicious Food to maximize it as well (upgrading after tapping the skill won’t affect it, even though the earnings appear to be delayed). If you can buy a fish before using your skills, always do so.

You don’t have to actually tweet when the game prompts you to share. You still get the Vitality bonus if you exit out of twitter and delete the draft. Do this every time you get a Quest to take a photo of a fish to double your Vitality rewards. This trick works in almost any game that rewards you for sharing by the way, at least on Android.

You can shut the Lonely Coralite up by turning off “Script” in the options.

Once Song of the Moon and Delicious Food are maxed out, your coral earnings, Free Vitality (from ads), Facebook Skill, and Photo Quests all seem to be almost entirely worthless.

The game is really bad at staying connected with spotty internet. If you see “no more videos, check back in 24 hours” when trying to view an add, it usually just means you’ve lost connection. Close and reopen the app once the network is stable and it should continue working, same if your skills or the event tab do not appear.

Cheating the Clock

Most of this doesn’t seem to work anymore as more and more features require online to work at all (like skills). It’ll take some work to re-verify but for now I can’t really recommend messing with the clock at all, unless someone can confirm if the Pygmy Seahorse can still be gotten with this method as it’s the most annoying time-based unlock.

Cheating your phone’s clock is very useful for unlocking the Pygmy Seahorse (4 AM), but has side effects that don’t really make it all that worth doing otherwise.

All in all, I’d cheat just once to get that 4AM seahorse then let the game take it’s course, you really can’t speed it up all that much and it’s a fair bit of effort. Take your time, the game’s designed around it.

Cheating Pros:

Getting that absurd 4 AM seahorse.

You can get the maximum “per second” Vitality instantly.

Your skills will be recharged.

Cheating Cons:

Accrued Vitality is capped, so you can’t just skip a month and upgrade the whole day away. In fact, using all 3 skills will give you way more Vitality than a round of cheating.

Cheating the clock seems to disable the “check in” free gems/reward fish for  24 (non-cheated) hours. You have to not-cheat for 21 days to get all three fish best I can tell.

The Striped Marlin seems to run off gametime, so you’re probably wasting your time if you try to cheat to find it.

Hidden Fish that appear by notification seem to come once per realtime day you spend NOT cheating, and cheating seems to make them not appear for another 24 hours just like the check-in bonuses.

Achievements & Rewards

Any achievement that gives Gems will give 30(?), 50, then 70, then 100, then 150 per level.

Note that in-game achievements and Google Play achievements have slightly different requirements likely due to oversight. The Google Play achievement may come sooner than the in-game one, so I’ll list the later requirement as it gives the in-game reward.

Thanks GK Ghima for confirming some of these.

In-Game Achievements

In-game achievements all have 10 levels, with either a Vitality buff or an increasing gem bonus per level. Recently more levels were added, with an extra set of 5 “crown” levels for each achievement after the initial 5 “star” achievements.

Vitality Achievements

These achievements are critical for reaching the “endgame” of the game, and if the game feels like it’s slowing down, it’s probably because one of these hasn’t been met yet. There’s only so much you can do to earn these intentionally, but keep an eye on them.

I’m still missing some of the higher achievement levels, so let me know if you know anything I don’t!

Mysterious Stone

Reach a certain level for the Lonely Coralite.

Increases per-tap vitality by ten times per level for the first 5 star levels, then all vitality production by two times for the last 5 crown levels.

Star Levels: 200, 350, 500, 1000, 1500

Crown Levels: 2500, 4000, 6000, 8,000, ?

Surging Vitality

Reach a certain vitality “letter”.

Increases all vitality production by 10 times per level for each Star level and 200% for each Crown level. Extremely vital, but unless you’re on the vitality level just below it, you can’t deliberately earn this. Just keep an eye out.

Star Levels: G, L, P, S, W

Crown Levels:  Z, AE, AJ, AP, AX

Coral of Life

Reach a total coral level equal to this number.

Increases all vitality production by ten times per Star level, two times per Crown level. If you’re only a few hundred away from a level, see if you can reach it.

Star Levels: 3000, 7000, 10,000, 15,000, 18,000

Crown Levels: 30,000, 50,000, 80,000, ?

Gem Achievements

These give gems, which are nice, but not required. Not all of these are worth obtaining based on their rewards alone.

Gems are given in order of 50, 50, 70, 100, 150, then reset for the next set. So Star Level 5 is worth 150 gems, but Crown level 1 is worth 50 even though it’s “level 6” in a way.


Collect X unique types of fish. Halloween Fish are excluded from this count.

Star Levels: 3, 10, 20, 40, 70

Crown Levels: 80, 100 (this level and all following levels are currently impossible)

Play with fish

Tap the heart (vitality) over a fish X times.

The final level of this one is pretty unreasonable. I don’t recommend going for it deliberately.

Star Levels: 100, 500, 1,000, 3,000, 10,000

Crown Levels: 15,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000?

Hard Worker!

Tap the screen X times. Does not count auto taps from skills or “Magic Items”, only physical taps.

This achievement rapidly becomes unobtainable so don’t worry about it. It’s the best reason to not care about 100% in this game. I’ve played more than most probably will and “only” have 82,000 taps.

Star Levels: 5,000, 50,000, 200,000, 500,000 , 1,000,000

Crown Levels: 2,000,000, ?

Ready! Action!

Use skills X times.

No real way to speed this up significantly.

Star Levels: 20, 100, 300, 500, 1000

Crown Levels: 3000, ?

Commercial Break!

Watch video ads X times. Obviously if you’re avoiding ads these won’t come quickly.

Star Levels: 10, 30, 50, 100, 200

Crown Levels: 250, 300, 400, 500, 600

Check Attendance!

Play the game on X different days. Not directly related to the new attendance reward system, which goes by server time instead of phone time.

Cheating will glitch this out, it does count a new day if you advance your clock, but if you set your time to two months ahead, then back to normal time, it won’t start accounting for new days until either 2 months pass or you cheat forward two months and a day again (if you’re lucky, I had a heck of a time getting it to start counting again!).

Star Levels: 3, 10, 20, 25, 50

Crown Levels: 75,?

Say Cheese!

Take a picture X times. You don’t have to save or share the image.

The easiest achievement to farm for early gems. Just take pictures and discard them and immediately retake. Position your fingers right and you can spam this action quickly. Otherwise you’ll slowly earn it anyway if you do photo quests or just like taking pictures.

Star Levels: 10, 30, 50, 100, 200

Crown Levels: 300, 400, 500, 750, 1,000

A special moment!

Share a picture X times.

You can press the share button, cancel the draft and still get this. Almost as easily farmed as Say Cheese for this reason.

Star Levels: 3, 10, 20, 50, 100

Crown Levels: 150, 200, 300, 400, 500

With Friends!

Have 5 Facebook friends that play the game. Both you and your friends must be connected to Facebook in Abyssrium as of the latest update in order to count for this. You can use this facebook group to find people for this achievement and the Spadefish.

Due to a bug the game does not seem to count past 25 for this achievement despite higher levels being set.

Star Levels: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Crown Levels:  30, ?

External Achievements

These achievements show in Google Play (and I assume Game Center achievements are the same) but do not show up in the ingame menu and thus have no gem/vitality rewards. These do not have “levels” like the ingame achievements.

I am not alone

Create first fish.

 Ruler of the alley

Create ten fish. Unlike the Collector achievements, these do not have to be unique fish.

Popular in Town

Collect 30 kinds of fish.


Create 60 Fish.

Fish Vending Machine

Own 100 Fish. Easily obtained within a couple days of “beating” the game at Z Vitality.

Make stone up

Unlock 7 corals.


Collect all Corals. Will come naturally through play.

I got angry

Unlock the Volcanic Eruption skill.

Have a lot

Unlock Delicious Food skill.

Rendezvous with the moon

Unlock Song of the Moon skill.

Eruption of lives

Volcano skill level max (11). (2000 gems I believe)

These skills all require a lot of gems, you’re unlikely to earn more than one (or zero) through a “normal” amount of play (a couple weeks of fairly intensive play). Even the paid “beginner package” doesn’t have enough gems to max out most skills!

Nutritious Food

Delicious Food level max (11). (3000 gems)

Dance with the moon

Song of the Moon level max (11). (5000 gems)


Thanks to:

Roseart79’s video for help with some of the hidden fish.

Twitter user @Goldynamo for help with the Striped Marlin and Scribbled Angelfish.

Kathleen Paranuk Paranuk in the comments for the info on the new update!

Juan Manuel in the comments and Alexvelhote on Reddit for confirming Hard Worker lvl 5!

Monstertop in comments for Themes info!

Thanks to anyone who left a comment with a correction or suggestion!


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