AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish Hidden Fish & Gameplay Tips Guide

Abyssrium All Hidden Fish Guide

Last updated on July 22nd, 2017 at 09:03 pm

This guide has all current hidden fish in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish for iOS and Android, and their unlocking requirements, and pretty much all you need to know about the game! I keep it up to date, see the Updates section for the latest updates to the guide and AbyssRium itself.

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If you need to read this Abyssrium/アビスリウム  guide in another language, here you go! Note the auto-translated names in this guide might not match the names of the fish in the manually localized game.

Is Abyssrium Worth Playing?

Well, you can now watch my review of AbyssRium to find out. (But obviously I didn’t make this whole guide because I hate it, now did I.)

AbyssRium’s Hidden Fish

As a general note, AbyssRium is a pretty buggy game, and if something requires 10 Things, don’t be particularly surprised if it doesn’t pop up after exactly 10 actions. It might take a bit of time or a few more actions to properly register, and fish will generally not pop until you’re back to the main menu if you’re taking photos/etc.

  • Blue Clownfish
    • Take a picture of Percula Clownfish (orange ones)  3 times
  • Snowflake Clownfish
    • Push Twitter button 5 times in Settings
    • It’s a good idea to unlock these two immediately so you don’t end up too many Orange/red clownfish repeats
  • Randall’s Goby
    • Take 3 pictures of Gobies
  • Spotted Mandarin Dragonet
  • Clown Tang
    • Take pictures of Tangs 5 times
  • Convict Tang
    • Do nothing for 1 hour
    • You must leave Abyssrium open, which means you’ll want the game in Battery Saver mode and on a charger because Abyssrium is crazy battery hungry.
  • Naso Tang
    • Obtain 50 Tangs
      • Fusion Tangs still count towards this number
    • Obviously, you’re going to want to do this one after finishing most other objectives or your aquarium is going to be very boring
    • The time period after Z vitality is ideal to get tons of fish quickly for this
  • Jewel Damsel
    • Tap the upper left corner of screen 1000 times (seriously)
    • Don’t watch the Hard Worker counter while trying this, especially when tapping with multiple fingers that counter seems to iterate faster than this one. Be patient and it should come. If all else fails try tapping with just one finger
  • Cross Damsel
    • Take 3 pictures of a Damsel
    • Chromis count as Damsels
  • French Angel
    • Save picture of Angelfish 3 times
    • That’s save to your device, not just take it or share it
  • Moorish Idol
    • Take picture of Mystery Chest 5 times (wait for it to spawn first obviously)
      • Tap the chest to make sure you’re focused on it, it needs to be the focus not just in frame
      • Some people reportonly getting it after sharing not just taking the pictures, so if you’re having trouble try that instead
    • Technically an Angelfish
  • Scribbled Angelfish:
    • Push See More button in Photo Award 10 times
    • This is in the Photo icon in the top right next to trophies, not when you take a picture yourself
  • Peppermint Angel
    • Own 30 Angelfish
      • Moorish Idol counts as an Angelfish
      • Fusion Angelfish still count towards the total
    • Like the Naso Tang, save this for one of your final challenges in the game. It’s not as bad as it might sound, but it’s a long grind even after reaching Z vitality
  • Queen Angel
    • Fragile Staghorn Coral level 3000
  • Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish
    • Have 5 Facebook friends in game
      • This requires connecting to facebook have having 5 friends who actually downloaded Abyssrium and linked to Facebook
      • If none of your friends play, there are facebook groups you can join to get people to add temporarily, unlock the fish and leave. I’ve heard of moderation and harassment issues with certain groups, so I don’t like to link to any specific groups and make sure you stay safe.
      • You can also add me, I have a special facebook for games and I add everyone, but I only check it rarely.
  • Springer Dottyback
    • Share picture 3 times
    • You can press the share button, delete the draft and still get it credit for sharing as long as it switches apps
  • Pajama Cardinal
    • Open app 20 times in one day (you don’t have to close the app, just home screen-> back into app)
    • You’ll probably accidentally get this on your first day if you really like Abyssrium
  • Mahi Mahi
    • Play at 0:00 AM (midnight) 10 times
    • A way that’s worked for at least some people is to cheat your phone’s clock to 11:59, let the clock move to 12 AM “naturally”, then open the app, leave to the home screen and re-open Abyssrium 10 times
      • If you don’t want to ‘cheat’, you could change your time zone so that ‘midnight occurs’ while you’re playing…though it’s really the same thing
    • This one seems a bit inconsistent and may be bugged
      • Some people say the game seems to give it them after Abyssrium runs in the background overnight, then they got the unlock much later the following day
      • I got it randomly at 7 PM after trying the time cheat, it’s possible it does unlock, but is delayed or something, or it’s since been fixed
  • Coelacanth
    • Play game for 28 days
      • All “play game for X days” achievements must be earned online
      • A big calendar will pop up and show you your daily rewards with a new fish every 7th day
      • These days do not have to be consecutive
  • Camel Cowfish
    • Share picture of Blowfish 3 times
    • Boxfish, Sea Slugs, Cowfish, and Triggers all count as Blowfish for this task
  • Juvenile Spotted Boxfish
  • Sea Slug
    • Play game for 7 days
  • Potbelly Seahorse
    • Share picture of Seahorse 3 times
    • Amusingly, the Giant Isopod appears to count as a “seahorse” for this
  • Pygmy Seahorse
    • Play at 4 AM 5 times
    • You can change your phone’s time to cheat this because, I mean, screw that
    • You can just leave the Abyssrium app to the home page then re-open it to get this, you don’t have to close the app or open it on 5 different days
    • This one worked perfectly fine with time cheating for me, but some people report similar issues to the Mahi Mahi, so read the info there.
  • Nautilus
    • Use Delicious Food skill 50 times
      • Only uses after the update that added this fish count
  • Panther Grouper
    • Share a picture of Parrotfish 10 times
      • Mahi Mahi counts as a Parrotfish
  • Striped Marlin
    • Take a photo of Striped Marlin.
      • I made a dedicated Striped Marlin Guide since this fish is so hard to get with extra details.
      • They have what is said to be a”10% chance” of showing up every half hour of ingame time (not real time, the app has to be open).
      • Time doesn’t appear to have to be consecutive nor does watching ads seem to be a problem. It is just very rare.
      • I really can’t stress enough that there is no magic trick to this. Asking me won’t get you them faster,and whatever you think is preventing them is almost certainly not. They are just extremely rare. Remember that with a 10% chance it is not out of the ordinary to need to try 15 or even 20+ times.
      • Here’s a photo of them so you know what you’re looking for
      • If you don’t mind eating some electricity, you can farm it a bit better by setting your device to keep it’s screen on (instructions for iOS and Android) and keep an eye on your device while it’s going. Be sure to turn these features off once you’re done.
    • It will be a swarm of them moving rapidly all around the map, it’s fairly easy to notice them.
    • The AbyssRium facebook page blatantly lied and said the 30 minutes has to be consecutive and that be Blue Table Coral is required. This has been proven false by multiple players as recently as within 12 hours of the false info on facebook. Do not even read the “guide” they posted mentioning the blue table coral, it is entirely incorrect.
    • Take a picture of it when it appears to unlock it. Make sure to “lock on” to it like any other fish, it can take a couple tries because they move fast.
      • Take a picture immediately when you first see one, then you can pan and zoom the freeze-frame while the app asks if you want to save/share. Find the marlin and tap it to change focus, then take another picture and boom, you’ve got it!
        • Thanks to the Facebook group and GK Ghima for this tip
      • They’ll make many loops around the screen so don’t panic, but you do want to be fairly quick.
      • If you miss them, they will come back. But don’t miss them, you’ll be waiting for ages, again.
  • Mauve Stinger Jellyfish
    • Take a picture of a jellyfish 10 times
      • Some people don’t seem to get this until they share the image. If it doesn’t seem to work and you’ve counted 10 shots try that
  • Giant Squid
    • Play game for 35 days
  • Giant Isopod
    • Play game for 14 days
  • Oarfish
    • Play game for 21 days
  • Leatherback Turtle
    • Open the Mystery Chest 50 times
      • If you’re extremely averse to ads, you can consider this the last time you “need” to click an ad, as there are no more unique rewards for doing so
  • Commerson Dolphin
    • Save a picture of a dolphin 3 times
      • The Narwhal counts as a dolphin for this task, and is available sooner
        • The listed requirement of “save picture of the Coralite 3 times” is completely wrong and has been present for almost a full year
      • Seasonal event dolphins do not count
  • Narwhal
    • Tap the top left corner of the screen 5000 times (seriously)
      • Try using all four fingers on one hand, and focus on times when Song of the Moon is active just to squeeze a bit more productivity out of this.
        • Some people have trouble with this one, it’s possible tapping with only one finger is preferable? Let me know if you find one way works while the other doesn’t
        • Midas Tap does not appear to count for this, you’ll need to manually tap
  • Manta Ray
    • Share a photo of Stingray 3 times
      • It says “to twitter” but it’s a lie, any sharing service works
    • The Oarfish appears to count as a Stingray for this
  • Hammerhead shark
    • Save picture of shark 3 times
      • Goblin Shark does not count
  • Whale Shark
    • Start AbyssRium upon notification
      • Click the link for more specific info
      • The Whale Shark seems to require the Star Horn Coral
        • Note people report having significantly more trouble getting the Whale Shark than any of the other similar fish. Not sure if it’s just the previously unknown Star Horn requirement or something else
  • Dugong
    • Own 78 types of Normal fish
    • What a beautiful Dugong! (chew)
  • Prized Walking Fish
    • Go to Shop tab and claim it
      • (it’s free real estate)
    • Play the game for two days on the Attendance Calendar
      • You only get one, it doesn’t show up in the list to buy
      • This is called an Axolotl, popularized in part by the pokemon Wooper & Mudkip
      • Counts as an “event fish”, so no vitality multiplier nor does it count for certain unlocks

January Update Fish

To extend the game a set of 5 new coral was added in January, with extremely high prices ranging from AC to DL vitality.

These fish work differently from the others, being half hidden by default. These fish will not appear in your fish list unless you unlock their respective coral, which can lead players to believe the Blue Whale is the last fish to get. They also require the coral to unlock, completing the non-coral requirement before you get the coral will do nothing.

Note about the Coral prices: The “auto produce X vitality” on the left side of the Coral’s entry is not an unlock requirement, it just means how much vitality it will earn. It goes up in value constantly because buying new fish multiplies that amount; don’t worry, the Coral isn’t racing out of your reach.

The only requirements to buy the new coral are effectively the Vitality cost listed under “unlock”, I’ve listed them here. They technically require a Coralite level, but the Vitality cost is so insanely beyond the Coralite level listed it’s a complete joke.

Blue Table Coral (Cephalopods)

The Blue Table Coral costs 3.265 AC to unlock.

  •  Octopus
    • Requires Blue Table Coral
  • Cuttlefish
    • Requires Blue Table Coral
    • Acquire 3 Octopi
    • Only the actual “Octopus” fish will count for this
  • Vampire Squid
    • Requires Blue Table Coral
    • Tap upper right corner 1000 times
    • Did you know the Vampire Squid is not quite a squid nor an Octopus? It has it’s own Order, Vampyromorphida
  • Piglet Squid
    • Requires Blue Table Coral
    • Share a photo of Vampire Squid 5 times
  • Colossal Squid
    • Requires Blue Table Coral
    • Collect all Mollusca  (Misleading)
      • Acquire Octopus, Cuttlefish, Vampire Squid, and Piglet Squid
      • That’s all the other Blue Table Coral fish
      • (Trivia) It’s description should really read “Cephalopods,” a more narrow classification, but even then its written description is misleading
White Swing Anemone (Syngnathidae AKA Seadragons)

Costs 191.223 AV Vitality
Coralite level 3500

  • Leafy Seadragon
    • Requires White Swing Anemone
  • Ribbon Seadragon
    • Requires White Swing Anemone
  • Weedy Seadragon
    • Requires White Swing Anemone
    • Take a picture while using Delicious Food
  • Red Weedy Seadragon
    • Start Application notification
      • Click the link for more info
    • Unlike all other fish in this update, this doesn’t seem to actually require the White Swing Anemone
      • Note this may be fixed at any time, so if in doubt, be sure you have the White Swing Anemone before panicing.
  • Giant Seadragon
    • Requires White Swing Anemone
    • Acquire all other Sea Dragons
Orange Blade Coral (Batoidea/Rays)

Costs 11.196 BP Vitality
Coralite level 3500

  • Sawfish
    • Requires Orange Blade Coral
  • Shovelnose Guitarfish
    • Requires Orange Blade Coral
  • Torpedo Ray
    • Requires Orange Blade Coral
    • Own 75 types of normal fish
  • Bowmouth Guitarfish
    • Requires Orange Blade Coral
    • “Master of all skills”
      • Level 11 for Volcanic Eruption, Delicious Food, and Song of the Moon
        • Skills can go above this level as of the Expand update, but level 11 is still enough to unlock this
        • The nautilus, Magic Conch and Mysterious Shell don’t count for this
  • Giant Guitarfish
    • Requires Orange Blade Coral
    • Own 200 total fish
Pink Tree Coral (Deep Sea Fish)

Costs 158.645 CS vitality (AKA months of play)
Coralite Level 5000

  • Sea Pig
    • Requires Pink Tree Coral
  • Hatchet Fish
    • Requires Pink Tree Coral
  • Blob Fish
    • Requires Pink Tree Coral
    • Share picture of a Sea Pig 5 times
  • Megamouth Shark
    • Requires Pink Tree Coral
    • Acquire 15 Great White Sharks
  • Gulper Eel
    • Requires Pink Tree Coral
    • Own 250 fish
 Giant Green Kelp (Cetaceans)

Cost:92.893 DL Vitality. Even with the improvements from Craters and high level skills this’ll take months from when you start. Thanks to Omnimechanica on Reddit for most of the Cetacean unlocks

  • Basking Shark
    • Requires Giant Green Kelp
  • Beluga Whale
    • Requires Giant Green Kelp
    • Acquire 10 Irrawaddy Dolphins
  • Dwarf Whale
    • Requires Giant Green Kelp
    • Own 99 kinds of fish
  • Migaloo
    • Requires Giant Green Kelp
    • Share images of 100 different fish species.
      • Shares before getting the Giant Green Kelp still count; if you already have 100 unique shares before getting Kelp you’ll unlock it the next time you “share” an image of a fish.
      • Easiest way to do this is to just make sure to “share” an image of each new fish as you unlock it. You’ll have over 100 fish by the time you unlock the Giant Green Kelp.
      • A more painful way to do this if you’ve already been playing for a while is to store all fish then take out a single fish of each species at once, sharing then storing them.
      • Remember to not actually share them. Click the share button, let it swap apps/bring up the Share menu, then back out. Don’t spam your friends with 100+ pictures.
      • Event Fish don’t count
  • 1000 Year Old Blue Whale
    • Own Blue Whale
    • Acquire all normal fish (114 total)
      • Event fish are excluded
      • Premium fish count toward the unlock as well
      • It’s thus possible to get the 10kYOBW without Giant Green Kelp as long as you have enough Premium Fish, but it’s likely most players will have to wait until getting Giant Green Kelp to get 114 different species anyway
      • Only one 1000 Year Old Blue Whale can be obtained, apparently due to performance reasons

Premium Fish

Premium fish are only unlocked via a IAP that comes with extra vitality gains and a package of gems. The packages say “limited” because you can only buy each package once, not necessarily because they’re time-limited deals or anything. Buying the Premium Fish entitles you to buy more of that fish via Vitality, just like a normal fish.

Note these fish are never required to unlock any of the other fish in-game, including events. You’ll never NEED to pay to advance; only to get these particular fish. Also, you don’t unlock every “lower tier” of fish or anything like that (So buying Supreme Package doesn’t entitle you to the Beginner Package), you’re basically just buying the one fish listed, plus the gems/etc.

The following Premium Fish come with a 10% vitality bonus (not the 110% listed; all percentage increases in game are actually multiples!) and a 50% Vitality cost discount for all future fish bought with Vitality. Event Premium Fish come with a 30% cost discount, double Event currency earnings (for that event only) and do not have the Vitality bonus.

  • Black and White Clownfish
    • $5 IAP “Beginner Package”
    • Gives 2,000 Gems
  • Lionfish
    • $10 IAP “Junior Package”
    • Gives 4,000 Gems
    • Unlocked at level 350
  • Giant Jellyfish
    • $19 IAP, “Advanced Package”
    • Unlocked at level 500
    • Gives 8,000 gems
    • IMO, this is the cut off for “reasonable IAP” in this game, or most games.
  • Ghost Whale
    • $19 IAP, “Ghost Package”
      • This used to be a Halloween-event exclusive for $10 more that also doubled candy production, but this one does not have that benefit
    • Gives no gems
  • Humpback Whale
    • $50 IAP! “Master Package”
    • Gives 24,000 gems
    • Please don’t buy this just for the fish…that’s a lot of money and it’s not required for anything else in the game
    • Unlocked around level 750
  • Harp Seal
    • $100 IAP!!! “Supreme Package”
    • Unlocked around level 1000
    • Gives 50,000 gems
    • Max fish count +10
    • Again, pretty crazy pricey
    • You really don’t need those gems by now, so again, please purchase responsibly. I love this game but it makes me uncomfortable there even is a $100 IAP
  • Mermaid
    • $100 IAP
      • Again, it’s whale hunting stuff. Purchase responsibly, you’ve heard my nagging by now.
    • Gives 50,000 Gems
    • Max fish count +10

Normal Fish

Not all fish are hidden, but hey, just in case you want their requirements.These usually just require that you buy all prior fish in the chain and own their respective coral.

  • Percula Clownfish
    • Fragile Staghorn Coral
  • Red Clownfish
    • Fragile Staghorn Coral
  • Fire Goby
    • Fresh Seaweed ‘Coral’
    • Own 5 Clownfish
  • Blue Banded Goby
    • Fresh Seaweed ‘Coral’
    • Own 5 Clownfish
  • Helfrich’s Firefish
    • Fresh Seaweed ‘Coral’
    • Own 5 Clownfish
  • Scissortail Goby
    • Red Sea Fan
    • Own 5 Clownfish
  • Yellow Watchman Goby
    • Red Sea Fan
    • Own 5 Clownfish
  • Blue Tang
    • Mysterious Starfish
    • Own 5 Goby
  • Achilles Tang
    • Mysterious Starfish
    • Own 5 Goby
  • Yellow Tang
    • White Anemone
    • Own 5 Goby
  • Powder Blue Tang
    • White Anemone
    • Own 5 Goby
  • Black and Gold Damsel
    • Pearly Anemone
    • Own 5 Tang
  • Blue Fin Damsel
    • Pearly Anemone
    • Own 5 Tang
  • Bluegreen Chromis
    • Pearly Anemone
    • Own 5 Tang
  • Black Bar Chromis
    • Pearly Anemone
    • Own 5 Tang
  • Emperor Angel
    • Cactus Coral
    • 3 Damsel/Chromis required
  • Bicolor Angel
    • Cactus Coral
    • 3 Damsel/Chromis required
  • Asfur Angel
    • Cactus Coral
    • 3 Damsel/Chromis required
  • Royal Dottyback
    • Orange Cup Coral
    • Own 5 Angelfish
  • Orchid Dottyback
    • Orange Cup Coral
    • Own 5 Angelfish
  • Diadem Dottyback
    • Orange Cup Coral
    • Own 5 Angelfish
  • Burgess Butterfly
    • Blue Cabbage Coral
    • Own 3 Dottyback
  • Racoon Butterfly
    • Blue Cabbage Coral
    • Own 3 Dottyback
  • Triangle Butterfly
    • Blue Cabbage Coral
    • Own 3 Dottyback
  • Lined Butterfly
    • Blue Cabbage Coral
    • Own 3 Dottyback
  • Blue Parrotfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 3 Butterfly fish
  • Red Parrotfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 3 Butterfly fish
  • Eastern Smooth Boxfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 2 Parrotfish
  • Yellow Boxfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 2 Parrotfish
  • Clown Trigger
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 2 Parrotfish
  • Longhorn Cowfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 2 Parrotfish
  • Orange Cowfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 2 Parrotfish
  • Orange Seahorse
    • Glowing Sea Flower
    • Own 3 Boxfish/Trigger/Cowfish
  • Black Seahorse
    • Glowing Sea Flower
    • Own 3 Boxfish/Trigger/Cowfish
  • Brazilian Seahorse
    • Glowing Sea Flower
    • Own 3 Boxfish/Trigger/Cowfish
  • Moon Jellyfish
    • Sapphire Sea Fan Coral
    • Own 3 Seahorses
  • Kemps Ridley Turtle
    • Ruby Cabbage Coral
    • 45 fish total
    • Keep it away from Samus (har har)
  • Loggerhead Turtle
    • Ruby Cabbage Coral
    • 45 fish total
  • Green Sea Turtle
    • Ruby Cabbage Coral
    • 45 fish total
  • Hawksbill Turtle
    • Ruby Cabbage Coral
    • 45 fish total
  • Bottlenose Dolphin
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 50 total fish
  • Irrawaddy Dolphin
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 50 total fish
  • Pantropical Spotted Dolphin
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 50 total fish
  • Pink Dolphin
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 50 total fish
  • Spotted Eagle Ray
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 55 total fish
  • Thresher Shark
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 60 total fish
  • Zebra Bullhead Shark
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 60 total fish
  • Great White Shark
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 65 total fish
  • Sun Fish
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 70 total fish
  • Killer Whale
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 75 total fish
  • Sperm Whale
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 80 total fish
  • Blue Whale
    • Star Horn Coral
    • Own 70 types of fish

Fusion Fish

Fusion Fish are created in the new Fusion tab of the Fish menu. Though Fusion requires at least 2 “Raw” fish, only one is converted in the process so your total fish count remains the same. The next fish price and base vitality multiplier remain the same as well, so nothing is really lost.

Since only one fish is used it’s really…not Fusion at all. Think of it more like coloring the fish and getting a vitality bonus out of it’s aesthetics.

Note the layering of multipliers is additive rather than multiplicative; two 10% multipliers result in 20% more than base vitality, not 21%. This means that the first few fish will have the most visible effect. You can check your total multiplier at any time in the Manage Fish menu.

Note that converting a fish will reduce it’s count for Collection, though this only matters for fish in a Collection, and when the Collection is not complete. Any completed Collections will remain finished and no negative side effects will happen.

Pink Skunk Clownfish
  • Base fish: Percula Clownfish x2
  • Material: Seaweed x30
  • Vitality bonus: 5%
Wyoming White Clownfish
  • Base fish: Red Clownfish x2
  • Material: Seaweed x30
  • Vitality bonus: 5%
Juggalo Clownfish
  • Base fish: Blue Clownfish x2
  • Material: Seaweed x30
  • Vitality bonus: 5%
Firecracker Goby
  • Base fish: Fire Goby
  • Material: Seaweed x60
  • Vitality bonus: 10%
Pretty Rose Goby
  • Base fish: Blue Banded Goby
  • Material: Seaweed x60
  • Vitality bonus: 10%
Skunk Tilefish
  • Base fish: Helfrich’s Firefish
  • Material: Seaweed x60
  • Vitality bonus: 10%
Wheeler’s Shrimp Goby
  • Base fish: Scissortail Goby
  • Material: Seaweed x60
  • Vitality bonus: 10%
Half Black Mimic Tang
  • Base fish: Powder Blue Tang
  • Material: Seaweed x30, Clams x10
  • Vitality bonus: 15%
Sailfin Tang
  • Base fish: Achilles Tang
  • Material: Seaweed x30, Clams x10
  • Vitality bonus: 15%
White Tail Tang
  • Base fish: Clown Tang
  • Material: Seaweed x30, Clams x10
  • Vitality bonus: 15%
White Tang
  • Base fish: Yellow Tang
  • Material: Seaweed x30, Clams x10
  • Vitality bonus: 15%
Bluespine Unicorn Tang
  • Base fish: Convict Tang
  • Material: Seaweed x30, Clams x10
  • Vitality bonus: 15%
Neon Velvet Damsel
  • Base fish: Blue Fin Damsel
  • Material: Seaweed x60, Clams x10
  • Vitality bonus: 20%
Pink Smith Damsel
  • Base fish: Bluegreen Chromis
  • Material: Seaweed x60, Clams x10
  • Vitality bonus: 20%
Three Stripe Damsel
  • Base fish: Black Bar Chromis
  • Material: Seaweed x60, Clams x10
  • Vitality bonus: 20%
Bandit Angel
  • Base fish: Asfur Angel
  • Material: Seaweed x60, Clams x15
  • Vitality bonus: 30%
Lemon Peel Angel
  • Base fish: Peppermint Angel
  • Material: Seaweed x60, Clams x15
  • Vitality bonus: 30%
Maze Angel
  • Base fish: Scribbled Angelfish
  • Material: Seaweed x60, Clams x15
  • Vitality bonus: 30%
Panda Bicolor Angel
  • Base fish: Bicolor Angel
  • Material: Seaweed x60, Clams x15
  • Vitality bonus: 30%
Wantabe Angel
  • Base fish: Queen Angelfish
  • Material: Seaweed x60, Clams x15
  • Vitality bonus: 30%


In the Coral tab there are now Farms, which slowly produce materials used in Fish Fusion.

A major (and surely soon to be fixed) bug is that farms will instantly produce materials if you just close and reopen the app, or even just pull down the notification drawer on Android. This allows you to collect items MUCH faster.

You can instantly produce Materials by consuming Pearls at a rate of one pearl per minute, but it’s extremely expensive and AbyssRium is a slow game. Just wait, there are far better things to spend Pearls on. Just unlock each farm and let waiting do it’s thing. Note that it costs a day’s worth of pearls to speed up 50 minutes of production!

Seaweed Farm
  • Produces Seaweed
  • Fresh Seaweed Coral required
  • Price: 50 Pearls
  • Rate: 10 Seaweed every 10 minutes
Clam Farm
  • Produces Clams
  • Mysterious Starfish required
  • Price: 100 Pearls
  • Rate: 10 Clams every 60 minutes

It appears next we’ll get Sea Urchin, Crab, and krill farms next, presumably coming one month at a time with 10 new fish each and costing 150, 200 and 250 pearls each respectively.

Limited Event Fish

Periodically AbyssRium has events where Candy can be collected instead of Fish’s Vitality and that Candy is spent buying event-exclusive fish. These special fish don’t count toward Vitality bonuses or any other rewards, they’re just for fun.

We don’t currently know if events repeat, but it’s a fairly safe bet they’ll repeat every year, probably with new fish added each time as well. That’s how these things usually go in other games anyway.

Events require an internet connection to limit cheating and thus you can’t revisit any events that aren’t actually taking place. You can however freely display any fish or customization options you purchased during an event and use them however you like; you just can’t buy more.

Events always have one fish that requires all other fish unlocked: these fish specifically do not ever require the paid-only Premium Fish that each event comes with. More generally, you’ll never have to pay to unlock anything but the fish specifically unlocked by paying (so far anyway. Expect a very angry note if this ever ceases to be the case).

Getting Candy

Candy is earned the same regardless of which event is currently taking place. Halloween Candies, Candy Canes, Spring Event Butterflies and Valentine’s Day Chocolates are all just “candy” as far as the game’s actual coding is concerned.

  • Get 1 for tapping fish with a Candy icon over their head
    • This icon will happen for up to three fish at a time, every few seconds
    • Song of the Moon’s multiplier effects candy drops, so you can get 5-15 candy per tap depending on SotM’s level
    • Spirit of Life’s multiplier also counts for these, doubling candy drops on top of Song of the Moon for up to 30 candy per tap
  • Get 50 for watching an ad in the “Event” category
    • Ads are available every 30 minutes
    • If you have Song of the Moon maxed this probably isn’t even worth the effort, as that’s just 3.3 taps’ worth of vitality with max SotM active
Best Method for Earning Candies

Video guide to best method.

Basically we store all but 4 fish of the same type to limit where on the screen we have to tap; Mauve Stingers work best due to their limited movement range, but Clownfish will do as well. Ideally the fish should be the same exact species so they school together. Only 3 Candy icons will appear at once (plus potentially one Photo quest), hence the limit of 4. You can store all other fish instantly in the Manage Fish menu.

To get the most candy per second we need Song of the Moon (multiplies candies dropped). In addition, you can use Spirit of Life in the Magic menu to double the effect on top of that. Use Recharge Skill and you’ll be able to squeeze out even more Song of the Moon time, about 12 minutes worth with max Magic Conch.

The best method was devised with help from yak188 and Kathleen Paranuk Paranuk!

Anniversary Event (Upcoming)

Start time: First week of August
Estimated end date: End of August

Anniversary Fish

All fish and customization item names are placeholders. Images found on Twitter from the AbyssRium twitter account.

  • Party Balloon Clownfish
  • Cake Slice Fish
  • Strawberry Shortcake Grouper
  • Party Balloon Anglerfish
  • Flan Jellyfish
  • Party Hat Pufferfish
  • Party Hat Sunfish
  • Tuxedo Dolphins
  • Ball Gown Dumbo Octopus
  • Turtle?
  • Candle Seahorses
  • Balloon Whale Shark
    • On 60 Event Fish
  • Cake Whale
    • 20,000 Cake
    • Own All Event Fish Except Babies (?)
  • Scuba Corgi (surely the Premium fish)
Anniversary Customization Items
  • Costume
    • Party Hat
  • Dye
    • Birthday Balloons and Candles
  • Theme
    • Starry Whale backdrop

Past Events

Past event headings have been demoted for poor performance to declutter the Table of Contents. We don’t yet know if events repeat, but it seems likely. Otherwise, event fish may be (completely randomly) obtained via Luck Shell, which hopefully doesn’t mean we’re not getting second chances.

Valentine’s Day Event

Last known running time: February 11th through March 13th.

Missed the event? Here’s an exhibition of all the included fish!

Total cost: 37,300 for all fish, thanks to Warpon on Reddit! Their detailed walkthrough has all the numbers you might want.

Valentine’s Day Fish

13 new fish, 4 hidden 1 premium. As always, candies from prior event carry over.

  • Heart Angel (300 Candy)
  • Pink Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish (600)
  • Heart Seadragon (900)
  • Pink Striped Marlin (1,200)
  • Giftbox Turtle (1,800)
    • 20 Valentine’s day fish needed
    • If you don’t have any favorites in mind, just buy lots of Heart Angels to quickly hit 20 the cheapest
  • Pink Jellyfish (2,400)
    • 3 Pink Striped Marlin required
  • Heart Ray (3,600)
    • 40 Valentine’s Day Fish required
  • Heart Whale (6,000)
    • Requires all 11 other non-premium Valentine’s day fish
      • Specifically does not require the Heart Sunfish, though if you get the sunfish it will still count towards the 11 needed for this
Valentine’s Hidden Fish
  • Pink Grouper (600)
    • Watch Event ads for candy 10 times
    • You might get this unlock a bit late
  • Giftbox Dumbo Octopus (1,500)
    • Play for 2 hours 14 minutes
    • Used to be buggy but should be a very easy unlock now, just be patient if your app is up to date
    • Thanks to LukeMC in the comments
  • Giftbox Dolphin (3,000)
    • Tap the giftbox icon next to “Friendship points” in the Facebook Friends feature 50 times
    • This will require facebook,but not having friends; you click the box in the UI a bunch of times, not the boxes in friends’ aquariums.
    • You have to leave the menu to actually let it unlock
    • Thanks to Ilana in the comments
  • Pink Whale Shark (4,800)
    • ‘Share’ photos of 10 species of Valentine’s day fish
    • This will be the last fish you unlock before the Heart Whale, since there are only 10 other fish before it
    • Thanks to Reddit user rimici
Valentine’s Day Premium Fish
  • Heart SunFish
    • Paid only fish, $10
    • Doubles Candy drops for this event only
    • Not required for any other Valentine’s day unlocks
Valentine’s Day Customization Items
  • Costume
    • Cupid of Love (500)
  • Dye
    • Rose Garden (1,000)
  • Theme
    • Night of Valentine’s Day (5,000)
Spring Event

Last known running time: March 29th through May 6th

You earn Butterflies instead of Candies, but the method of earning them is the same as always. Also as always, never buy fish with Gems, it’s a ripoff. if you have gems to use, use the Best Method and spend the gems on Spirit of Life to double butterfly drops.

The total cost of the Spring Event items (to get at least one of each)is 44,700 butterflies. Here’s a nice chart with the cost breakdown, thanks to Taylor Lee for this info!

If you prefer to watch/listen to how to get the hidden fish, here’s a video guide.
Spring Normal Fish
  • Leaf Angelfish (300 Butterflies)
  • Flower Angelfish (600)
  • Sea Butterfly (900)
    • Own 3 Leaf Angelfish
    • Also known as a Clione
  • Garden Dumbo Octopus (1,500)
    • Own 10 spring event fish
      • Buy this while wearing the Spring Flower Hat costume to be sure you unlock the Egg Octopus
  • Flower Footballfish (1,800)
    • Own 20 spring event fish
  • Garden Turtle (3,000)
    • Own 30 spring event fish
  • Flower Dolphin (3,600)
    • Own 40 spring event fish
  • Garden Sperm Whale (10,000)
    • Own all (11) other spring event fish
      • The premium fish is excluded, as always. Only the Normal/Hidden fish are required. Though owning the scuba rabbit will let you get this one fish early, as it counts as one fish out of 12
Spring/Easter Hidden Fish
  • Bunny Seaslug (900)
  • Egg Seahorse (1,200)
    • Tap the upper right corner of the screen while using Song of the Moon 100 times
      • Thanks Atani in the comments and cindy!
  • Egg Octopus (2,400)
    • Create Garden Dumbo Octopus after equipping Spring Flower Hat
    • If you already own a Garden Dumbo you can still just buy a new one with the hat equipped to unlock this
  • Rabbit Shark (4800)
    • Equip Spring Garden Dye and share picture of Garden Turtle 5 times
    • Thanks cthulhus_spawn
Spring Premium Fish
  • Scuba Rabbit
    • $10 IAP
      • Not required to unlock any other fish, as always
Spring Theme items
  • Spring Flower Costume
    • 500 Butterflies
    • Required to be worn to unlock Egg Octopus
  • Spring Garden Daffodil Dye
    • 1,000 Butterflies
  • Green Petal Theme
    • 5,000 Butterflies
Halloween Event

Last known running time: Oct. 13-Nov. 13

Missed the Halloween Event? Here’s a brief video showing off all the fish and the special effect.

Halloween Normal Fish
  • Ghost Fish (300 Candies)
  • Bone Fish (600)
    • Own 3 Ghost Fish
  • Bone Turtle (800)
    • Own 5 Halloween event fish
  • Bone Dolphin (1,000)
    • Own 3 Bone Turtles
  • Ghost Dolphin (1,500)
    • Own 30 Halloween event fish
    • Ghost Fish are the quickest way to get this of course
  • Ghost Ray (1,800)
    • Own 60 Halloween event fish
    • Now that you probably own 40+ Ghost Fish, start buying some Halloween fish you actually enjoy!
  • Bone Whale (2,000)
    • Collect all 10 kinds of Halloween Event fish
    • The premium Ghost Whale is not required for this
Halloween Hidden Fish
  • Dogface Puffer (600 Candies)
    • Take a picture of Pumpkin 3 times
    • Thanks to yak188
  •  Football Fish (800 Candies)
    • Get candies with commercials 10 times
    • This seems delayed. IF you don’t get it, try closing the app then watching another commercial.
      • I got it the first commercial I watched on the second day, and I’m sure I watched over 10 the first day
    • Thanks to hazel_hng
  • Dumbo Octopus (1,000 Candies)
    • Share picture of Dogface Puffer 3 times
    • Thanks to FishhFinns
  • Goblin Shark (1,500 Candies)
    • Share picture of tombstone 3 times
      • You need Coralite Level 1000 to unlock the stones that become Tombstones
    • Thanks to hazel_hng
Halloween Premium Fish
  • Halloween Package ($30!!?!)
    • Ghost Whale
    • 200% Increase of Candy Obtaining
      • Due to AbyssRium’s…Interesting use of percents, this is double not triple
    • Oddly, does not count as a Halloween fish! It will be bought with Vitality (letting you get it year round, I assume) and does not count for the Bone Whale
    • Probably…don’t get this tbh. Unless you really love AbyssRium and know your finances really well.
Christmas Event

Last known running time: December 9th through January 23rd

Missed the event? Here’s a video showcasing all the fish!

The Christmas event works largely like the Halloween One, though you have to buy the decorations yourself with Candy this time. Fishes’ hearts/vitality are now Candy Canes you can tap to earn a second currency used to buy special event fish that do not increase vitality rate.

This event is much harder than Halloween mostly because the candy prices grow significantly.


User Shaked in the comments did some math discovering the minimum number of candies to get at least one of each of the Christmas Fish is 68,500. His calculations of how many clicks this will take by condition is below:

68.5k fish’s vitality clicks with no skills
13.7k fish’s vitality clicks with skills not upgraded
4.56~k fish’s vitality clicks with fully upgraded skills
2.28~k fish’s vitality clicks if also the double effect is on.
If you only see the ads 1370 times=685 hours=28.54 days

Don’t worry too much though, as long as Song of the Moon is unlocked and ideally upgraded, it’s not impossible. I got it in about 3-4 days of fairly (but not life-consumingly) consistent play using the “best method”. You will, however, probably not want to bother getting more than a few extras unless you really like a specific holiday fish.

If you’re just beginning AbyssRium however…I would play the game normally at least until getting Song of the Moon. It is simply not practical to get far in this event without it, and if you follow the guide you’ll have SotM in a few days.

Christmas Normal Fish
  • Snowflake Angelfish (500 Candy Canes)
  • Christmas Yellow Tang (1,000)
  • Snowflake Sea Slug (1,500)
    • Own 3 Snowflake Angelfish
  • Christmas Football Fish (2,000)
    • Own 10 Christmas Event Fish
      • Individual fish, not different species
  • Christmas Dumbo Octopus (3,000)
    • Own 3 Christmas Football Fish
  • Snowflake Dolphin  (5,000)
    • Collect 8 kinds of Christmas event fish
  • Christmas Dolphin (6,000)
    • Own 30 Christmas Event Fish
  • Snowflake Whale (10,000)
    • Collect all 11 other Christmas species
Christmas Hidden Fish
    • Baby Penguin (2,000)
      • Tap with two fingers at once, 100 times
      • Thanks Deana Smith in the comments
      • This used to be “four fingers” which was impossible on some phones. Make sure your app is updated if it doesn’t seem to work
    • Walrus (2,500)
      • Share a photo of christmas tree 5 times
        • Tap the tree to focus on it, it should focus as if it were tracking a fish
        • As always, just press the share button then cancel the tweet/post and AbyssRium still credits it as a share without you pestering your friends
      • Buy Christmas Potion in the Dye menu for 500 Candy Canes to see the trees
        • If you don’t see trees, you might have to level your Coralite. The barrier is under level 1000 at the highest
    • Emperor Penguin (4,000)
      • Use the camera to stay focused on a Baby Penguin for 1 minute
        • Open the camera like you’re going to take a picture of the baby Penguin, tap it to keep focus on it (the camera will start to follow the penguin), then exit the camera after a minute or two and it should pop up
      • Thanks to gustgust on Reddit
    • Polar Bear (8,000)
      • Share 3 photos of Coralite in Rudolf costume
        • Buy Rudolf Costume for 2,000 Candy Canes in Costumes menu
          • It requires 50 Christmas fish
            • You find yourself suddenly aware this event isn’t easier than Halloween after all
        • Thanks to needtoys on Reddit
        • Our definition of “Fish” is wearing a bit thin, eh?
Christmas Premium Fish
  • Snowflake Whale
    • Christmas Package IAP in store ($29?!)
      • Doubles Candy earning rate too
    • Snowflake Whale is NOT limited to paid customers! It’s the same thing as the whale you get for buying one of each of the 11 non-premium christmas fish
    • IMO, this is not at all required especially since the Christmas event requires less wasted candy/fish to unlock the higher tier fish. Don’t feel pressured to buy
    • Oddly, this is considered a different fish in some ways from the one bought with Candies. It functions as a “normal” fish instead of an event one, presumably not being time-limited, more can be bought with Vitality, it will double Vitality like a normal fish,etc.
Christmas Customization Items
  • Santa Outfit
    • Free
    • Be sure to claim it even if you don’t use it or you won’t see it for another year
  • Rudolf
    • Own 50 Christmas event fish
    • Then pay 2,000 candies (harsh)
    • Required for Polar Bear
  • Christmas Potion
    • 500 Candy Canes
    • Required for Walrus
    • Displays christmas trees and presents all over.
    • Also changes the music to a special Christmas tune!
  • Night of Christmas
    • 500 Candy Canes
    • Snows underwater. Somehow.
Miscellaneous Event Fish
  • Legendary Mola Mola 
    • Tap Sunfish vitality 100 times
    • Easier if you store ALL fish but the sunfish, and ideally buy more than one
    • Collaboration with Survive! Mola Mola! but doesn’t seem to unlock after installing the game, do the above instead
    • You may see “SUDDEN DEATH!” upon unlocking this fish; it’s just a reference to the Mola Mola game and doesn’t mean anything other than that this fish was unlocked, your fish are fine.
    • This event has ended, but if you unlocked it prior to the end of the event you can buy more, unlike most event fish.

AbyssRium Gameplay Walkthrough/Guide

Getting Z Vitality in a week

For a narrated video walkthrough of all the basic functionality, see Getting started in Abyssrium Video Guide.

Here’s a simple walkthrough for the broad strokes of what you’ll need to do to reach the ‘endgame’ (defined as Z vitality) in roughly a week. I took 5 days playing fairly intensely, but playing smart you should be able to ‘beat’ Abyssrium in a week, give or take a couple days, even without playing super fervently.

The game’s updated a lot since this was originally written, but it’ll still take you through early/mid game easy. They just added a lot of stuff so that Z is no longer the “end”, but gameplay doesn’t really change beyond the end anyway.

Beating AbyssRium Without Ads

Just a quick note, it’s totally possible to beat AbyssRium without watching ads, though it will significantly slow your progress. It’s actually quite easy.

To hide the “new ad” notifications in the store/magic tabs, just open each once without watching the ad and you’ll never get a notification again. Pretend the treasure chest is a decoration and don’t press the Recharge Skill button and boom! You have successfully avoided all ads. None will show on start up/etc, ever, in this game it’s 100% your choice whether you want to watch ads.

If you strongly dislike ads, I suggest only using the “recharge skill” ad, as it’s by far the most useful and will still drastically reduce the amount of ads you view in game. It’s the only ad type where ignoring it will slow your progress, because you have to wait two hours to recharge all three skills instead of 15 minutes. If you plan to play super passively, this might not be an issue for you (but still, once all other skills are charged, the free recharge means two uses of all skills).

And also, you need to open the Treasure Chest 50 times to get one of the Hidden Fish if you care.

Note you can silence ads by muting “music” volume on your phone but leaving “notification” volume on.

Day 1 – Introduction

Your  first day will be confusing, exciting, and overwhelming. Or maybe you’ll get bored and quit immediately.

AbyssRium is a “clicker” game, you see. You may love or hate that sort of game from the start, you may not have heard of it, or maybe AbyssRium will turn out to be the only one of the genre you enjoy.

As a clicker, AbyssRium starts off with you tapping your screen a lot to build “Vitality”. The ingame tutorial explains the basics well enough so just follow it. Basically you tap to get more Vitality, then spend your vitality on improving your aquarium which gets you more vitality to spend on…yeah, you get it. It’s important to realize right away that because Vitality earning rate is ever improving, any spending mistakes are extremely temporary and basically, don’t worry.

There’s a mix of somewhat equally important objectives in this game: upgrading your Coralite’s level, upgrading your Coral, buying new Fish, and getting the Achievements that multiply your Vitality production stats. You’ll be constantly bouncing between Coralite/Coral/Fish upgrades based on whichever is most cost effective. Always upgrade your Coralite and Coral 25 times per go, because you’re really after the multiplier every 25 levels, the individual levels don’t matter much. AbyssRium’s numbers increase exponentially, but the progression curve is secretly quite linear. Don’t worry too much about it, basically. You can’t really do anything to permanently mess up.

To upgrade the Coralite from level X to X+25, it usually takes right around 70 times level X’s vitality. So if level 1001 costs 1G vitality, save around 70G vitality and you should be able to upgrade straight to level 1025 for another 2x multiplier. If you’re bad at math, just add two zeros, close enough though obviously overshooting the value a bit. Note you shouldn’t use the +100/10 levels button with the Coralite; it actually costs more than way than buying levels one by one. Corals are the same, though eventually Corals are such a burden to keep up with it’s worth only buying them by the 100 levels.

I upgrade Coral whenever the upgrade cost for the next level cost about as much as I earn with one tap (with Song of the Moon active, if I have it), or basically whenever the Coral feels very cheap. Aside from some early-on points where Coral is disproportionately effective, letting your Coral fall behind a bit isn’t a big deal, and you can always upgrade in a big batch going 10 or even 100 levels at a time if your Coralite/Fish levels are way better.

I buy Fish whenever I can because they double all Vitality and more importantly they are very cute. You should buy new variety of Coral whenever you can as well, as they unlock more fish and serve as a sort of progression—by the time you have the last Coral variety, you’re more or less in the endgame. Don’t worry about buying the “wrong” fish, by the endgame you’ll be getting a new fish every time you open the app, so a few duplicate fish doesn’t hurt.

When fish have a heart over their head, they can be tapped for extra Vitality. Tapping Fishes’ vitality isn’t of much value frankly, but it can be fun for a bit while the game is new to you. More importantly, during seasonal events, fish will give you Candies instead which can be used to unlock special time-limited fish!

Stay aware of the “achievements” (click the trophy icon), the Coralite Level/Coral Level/Vitality Level acheievemnets have massive gains to Vitality.

If you get Gems (Abyssrium regularly gives you some for the tutorial and for completing achievements or watching ads), you mostly want to save them at this point in time. Buy one level of each of the Magic Items (Nautilus, Conch, Clam) and save the rest for Delicious Food, a skill you might not unlock quite yet.

Skills are the best way to earn, so play passively and wait for skill uses. Once you have the Delicious Food skill, you don’t have to tap much at all anymore, and you can focus on passively playing and only opening the app whenever Delicious Food is available. Each tap of the Delicious Food skill is worth 5000 manual taps, so don’t kill your finger, just be patient.

If your wrist hurts, stop playing. This is a silly fun game, and anything you need to tap will still be there tomorrow, or whenever your wrist feels better. There is no need to get RSI, this game can be played at a very chill place, and there’s really no benefit to rushing. This guide will get you there without much mad-tapping.

Speaking of, please do not shoot for the “Hard Worker” achievements. They are frankly offensively difficult to get, 255,000 taps in a short period would probably do some sort of lasting damage to your wrist even if you don’t have bad wrists. Save your wrists and toss $5 at the dev if you’re THAT desperate for gems.

Day 2-6 – Progress

Within a day or two you’ll probably unlock both Delicious Food and Song of the Moon, the two things you really need to make this game almost entirely passive but still progress quite rapidly.

With both skills in hand, just open Abyssrium once every 15-120 minutes, use all three skills, and upgrade smartly. Leave the game on for 5 minutes as the auto tap does it’s work, then you can put your phone back in your pocket for a while.

However, since there’s more to do, you’re going to want to learn a bit more about Abyssrium, search for hidden fish, and be aware of some pitfalls. The Hidden Fish list is up above.

The biggest pitfall is that this game has a very strange progression curve. There are a few points in Abyssrium, usually before a Coralite level/Coral level/Vitality Level achievement where progression is v e r y s l o w. It’s not you playing wrong, Abyssrium just slows down a few times, possibly to make the next bit of progress feel like joy.

Keep a close eye on Coralite level/Coral level goals. Generally I’ll only upgrade Coral once I can make more vitality per tap than the first level in a set of 25 will cost.  Note you can now upgrade in sets of 10 or 100 (for 100 it generally costs a whole order of magnitude more Vitality than the next level will cost)

Break this rule whenever your coral is woefully underleveled (eg Tap = 10x Coral) or whenever you’re reasonably close to the next Coral Level achievement, the 10x boost is vital.

Gems will come slower now as time goes on, with occasional big batches of 100/150 as achievements unlock. Spend these on new Magic Items or upgrading Delicious Food (first) and Song of the Moon (second).

You should have plenty of time to mop up the last of the Hidden Fish in these days, and make sure you keep unlocking Coral/new fish types and try to never get more than 1 of a fish unless you have too much vitality and nothing to spend it on. The toughest hidden fish to look for are the Striped Marlin (pure luck), the Check In reward fish (pure waiting), and the Legendary Mola Mola (annoying, but not THAT slow, and it’s an easy replacement for the Striped Marlin if you need one last fish variety to unlock the Dugong).

Over time you may find yourself getting tired of watching ads for gems/vitality, doing quests, and opening the chests. This is fine, the utility of these gains begins to drop once we hit the “endgame”, if you’re tired of taking pictures or watching ads you’ll be perfectly fine as long as you just use your skills regularly.

The Wall (O Vitality)

Right around O Vitality seems to be a point where almost everyone has trouble progressing. If you hit this wall, don’t worry too much. Make the best of your skills, keep upgrading the Coralite and getting Fish when you can, and upgrade your Coral if you think you can make your way to a vitality multiplier.

Right after O vitality you’ll be hitting Coralite level 1500, P Vitality, and 10,000 Coral of Life levels. Which of those comes first depends a bit on how you play, but once one comes, the others will follow fast, and you’ll be getting a fish every couple casts of all skills after all three for a while.

This is probably the worst hump in the game but once you’re past it there’s really nothing else like it. There’s a few more slowdowns (they’re common in Clicker/Idle game design, especially F2P games), but nothing really compares to this.

Proper use of gems will reduce the burden here, remember to go for Song of the Moon and Delicious Food.

Day 7+ – Endgame

If you’ve been keeping up with Abyssrium decently well, around day 7 you’ll finally reach X Vitality, unlocking the final 10x vitality bonus. With X vitality you should easily be able to upgrade the Coralite to level 1500 and obtain 1800 Coral levels very quickly if you haven’t already.

At this point, the game gets a lot simpler and smoother. There will no longer be strange gaps in gameplay where the next Coralite level bonus is strangely distant from reach, where the next fish is absurdly expensive or where you need another several thousand Coral levels to really get going again.

Note that Z Vitality is not the end; instead you will get “AA” vitality, then “AB” vitality…all the way to “ZZ”. I’m unsure what happens at that point, but I’m guessing it’s “AAA” and that “ZZZ” should take…far longer than anyone should be playing (or possibly living).

Fish will come more easily now (costing about 2-5 times the previous fish’s amount instead of 5-10 times), you don’t have to worry about upgrading anything you don’t really want to.

Your gameplay loop is basically wait for all skills to recharge, pop all three skills (starting with Song of the Moon!) and each time you cast Delicious Food you should be able to buy either a new fish or 25 Lonely Coralite levels, or both, easy. You can upgrade Coral at your leisure, personally I find it more effort than it’s worth and only do so every several Vitality “letters”. Your treasure chest, “magic” and photo quest rewards will drop sharply if you don’t maintain your coral, but at this point you probably don’t care much as a Delicious Food every 15 minutes (or 2 hours without ads) is plenty.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy. Abyssrium is now less of a Clicker Game and more of a chill, beautiful aquarium sim where you can get a new fish every 15-120 minutes. All you need to worry about is what fish you want to focus on (I like the moon jellyfish!) and finish any Hidden Fish if you need them. Also make sure to keep checking in at least once a day to get the last 2 weeks worth of “check in” reward fish. Even the slowest players will likely have one or two of these left to unlock by the time they reach the “end”.

AbyssRium Gameplay Info


Different styles for Coralite, Coral, and background have been added! It’s mostly a way for them to give you more reason to spend gems, but several items are unlockable without gems too.

All theme options have previews so you can see what it looks like before buying.


Outfits for the Coralite.

  • Lonely Coralite
    • Default
  • Amigo Friend
    • Level 1000 Coralite
    • Sombrero, Sarape, and Maracas
    • Shakes the maracas when tapping
    • Amigo Friend is dead
  • Sailor Stone
    • Level 1000 Coralite
    • Sailor outfit with anchor and spyglass
  • Little Devil
    • Level 3000 Coralite
    • Devil Horns, Bat Wings and pitchfork
    • Shakes the pitchfork while tapping
  • Grand Father Magician
    • 300 Gems
    • I put on my robe and wizard hat
  • Atlantic Pirate
    • 500 Gems
    • Do what you want ’cause a pirate is free
      • You
        • Are
          • A
            • Pirate
  • Bunny Stone
    • 1000 Gems
    • But why
  • Santa Outfit
    •  Free
      • Can only be earned during Christmas Event
      • Be sure to claim it even if you don’t use it or you won’t see it for another year
  • Rudolf
    • Own 50 Christmas event fish
      • 2,000 Candy Canes
      • Can only be earned during Christmas Event
      • Will be unlocked permanently if earned
      • Required for Polar Bear
    • Spring Flower Costume
      • 500 Butterflies
      • Spring Event Exclusive

Dye affects the visuals of your Coral.

  • Ordinary Coral
    • Default
  • Halloween Potion
    • Free
      • Own a Ghost Fish
      • Unlocked either by playing the Halloween Even or getting a Ghost Fish in the Luck Shell. If earned in Luck Shell the actual unlock requirements aren’t very clear, it requires restarting the app and you’ll just have the items, butt it doesn’t trigger for everyone. Unconfirmed whether the Ghost Fish needs to be moved into your tank or not
    • Pumpkins, gravestones and candles
  • Autumn Dye
    • Unlock: Level 100 of Star Horn Coral
    • A mostly orange and very fall-themed set of coral
  • Blue Dye
    • 300 Gems
    • Corals are all different shades of blue
  • White Dye
    • 500 Gems
    • All white coral
  • Red Dye
    • 1000 Gems
    • Red and White corals fitting for Valentine’s I guess
  • Christmas Potion
    • 500 Candy Canes
    • Can only be earned during Christmas Event
    • Will be unlocked permanently if earned
    • Required for Walrus
    • Displays christmas trees and presents all over
    • Plays Christmas music instead of normal music
  • Snowflake Potion
    • Coralite Level 3500
    • Beautiful frozen-over coral and a nice happy snowman
    • Does not play the Christmas music, not limited to Christmas event
  • Spring Garden Daffodil Dye
    • 1,000 Butterflies
    • Spring Event Exclusive

Theme effects the water, lighting, and Song of the Moon styling.

  • Abyssrium
    • Default
  • Halloween Night
    • Own a Ghost Fish
    • Unlocked either by playing the Halloween Even or getting a Ghost Fish in the Luck Shell. If earned in Luck Shell the actual unlock requirements aren’t very clear, it requires restarting the app and you’ll just have the items, butt it doesn’t trigger for everyone. Unconfirmed whether the Ghost Fish needs to be moved into your tank or not.
    • Song of the Moon has a nice orange moon with spooky graveyard shadows over it
  • Midnight Ocean
    • Total of 100 Fish (Like most counts, Event/Halloween fish do not count)
    • A lovely darker blue with a light glow around the coral, a more subtle lightshaft effect
    • Song of the Moon is a nice crescent moon now
  • Jade Sky
    • 300 Gems
    • Green ocean
    • For some reason this theme and following ones don’t recolor your corals just background
    • Song of the Moon is blue with a crescent moon
  • Smoothie Ocean
    • 500 Gems
    • Same visual effect as the 2x vitality spell
    • Song of the Moon is blue with a half moon
  • Lovely Light
    • 1000 Gems
    • A very pink ocean
    • Song of the Moon is still blue with an odd 3/4ths moon
  • Night of Christmas
    • 500 Candy Canes
      • Can only be earned during Christmas Event
      • Will be unlocked permanently if earned
    • Snows underwater. Somehow.
    • Santa’s Sleigh visible in silhouettes over the moon
  • Frozen Ocean
    • Have 150 Fish
    • Wind-blown snow, spires and snowflakes show in the moon
    • A non-Christmas/holiday related Winter theme
    • Unclear if this is time-limited and/or tied to Christmas event. It’s lack of Candy requirements leads me to believe it is not.
  • Green Petal Theme
    • 5,000 Butterflies
    • Spring Event Exclusive


Paid for by Pearls earned only from the new Daily Mission, Luck Shell, or paying money, Expand lets you customize your tank.

It will take a very long time to make anything too fancy, so many sure you get the daily mission rewards as often as you can. Paying real world money gives a somewhat unimpressive amount of pearls (and no bulk discount) so I don’t recommend it.

Note that only Sand Castles and Craters affect vitality (or any element of gameplay non-cosmetically). For the best long term benefit I would suggest spending at least your first week or two’s worth of pearls on Craters.


Decorative only, most Terrain objects can have other objects placed on them or they can be used as decorations. You can even stack pillars to have extra tall ones. This is also where you buy new hex tiles to place more objects on.

  • Purchase new Terrain
    • 50 Pearls
    • Unlocks a new hexagon tile adjacent to an existing tile, you’re given one free.
    • Note you can pan the camera while in the buying menu, so you can move to the other side of the Coralite to buy a tile over there as well.
  • Wide Rock
    • 20 Pearls
  • Small Rock
    • 15 Pearls
  • Pebble
    • 10 Pearls
  • Arch Rock
    • 20 Pearls
  • Small Pillar
    • 15 Pearls
  • Big Pillar
    • 20 Pearls
  • Pebble Ornament
    • 10 Pearls
  • Starfish Ornament
    • 10 Pearls
Decorative Coral

Coral can’t be stacked on, but you can stack any Coral on top of any sufficiently sized Terrain item in the above list.

  • Seaweed (S)
    • 20 Pearls
  • Seaweed (M)
    • 35 Pearls
  • Seaweed (L)
    • 50 Pearls
  • Vortex Coral (S)
    • 20 Pearls
  • Vortex Coral (M)
    • 35 Pearls
  • Vortex Coral (L)
    • 50 Pearls
  • Onion Coral (S)
    • 20 Pearls
  • Onion Coral (M)
    • 35 Pearls
  • Onion Coral (L)
    • 50 Pearls
  • Feather Coral (S)
    • 20 Pearls
  • Feather Coral (M)
    • 35 Pearls
  • Feather Coral (L)
    • 50 Pearls
  • Pipe Coral (S)
    • 20 Pearls
  • Pipe Coral (M)
    • 35 Pearls
  • Pipe Coral (L)
    • 50 Pearls
  • Jar Anemone (S)
    • 20 Pearls
  • Jar Anemone (M)
    • 35 Pearls
  • Jar Anemone (L)
    • 50 Pearls

Holy crap they figured out how percentages work. This is the only menu in the game where percentages are listed accurately. Note these work differently and you can only buy one of each structure; you buy upgrades instead of extras, which increase the vitality multiplier but do not result in any visual changes.

Structures appear to have a maximum level of 20. Note Structures don’t have to be placed on the map to work; stored Craters and Sand Castles work just as well.

Sand Castles

I’m not sure sand castles work underwater. But these boost your Coral vitality. I’d recommend getting and upgrading the Craters first,but if you want to buy one for visual variety 30 pearls isn’t a huge loss.

  • Sand Castle (S)
    • Buff: +10% Coral Vitality per level
    • Cost: 30 Pearls + 3 per level
  • Sand Castle (M)
    • Requires: Level 10 Sand Castle (S) (435 Pearls)
    • Buff: +20% Coral Vitality per level
    • Cost: 60 Pearls + 6 per level
    • Max: level 20, +400% Coral Vitality, 2340 Pearls
  • Sand Castle (L)
    • Requires: Level 20 Sand Castle (M) (2340 Pearls!!)
    • Buff: +50% Coral Vitality per level
    • Cost: 150 Pearls, +15 per level

Like baby Coralites or tiny hydrothermal vents, these come with a permanent Coralite vitality production bonus making them very valuable as later on your Vitality production is almost completely dependant on Delicious Food and thus tap vitality.

  • Crater (S)
    • Buff: +10% Tap Vitality per level
    • Cost: 30 Pearls + 3 per level
  • Crater (M)
    • Requires: Level 10 Crater (S) (435 Pearls)
    • Buff: +20% Tap Vitality per level
    • Cost: 60 Pearls + 6 per level
    • Max: Level 20, +400% Tap Vitality, 2340 Pearls
  • Crater (L)
    • Requires: Level 20 Crater (M) (2340 Pearls!)
    • Buff: +50% Tap Vitality per level
    • Cost: 150 Pearls, +15 per level

The math is pretty simple, an (M) sized structure will always be worth buying before an (S) unless it is twice as expensive. An L sized structure will always be worth buying over the (S) until it is five times as expensive, or two and a half times as expensive as the (M). Though you may want to only upgrade the (M) until unlocking the (L) for completeness’ sake.

Vitality Sources


Simple enough, this is the vitality you get per-tap. Vitality earned by skills is directly proportional to Tap vitality and includes no other factors. Tap vitality is generally your most important source due to skills.

Tap vitality is increased by Coralite level and doubles every 25 levels. There is effectively no maximum level of Coralite or Coral, so don’t look to “complete” them, Abyssrium is effectively an endless game.

3D Touch (iOS Only)

On iOS devices only, you can do a 3D touch (press a bit harder) to produce a shrimp, which will give 10x vitality once eaten by a fish. Before skills and the like are unlocked, this might be a bit faster way to gain vitality early on.


You earn your Coral vitality bonus each second, and you can only store up to 2 hours worth of per-second Vitality while the app is closed. Coral vitality also acts as a multiplier for the Quest/Magic vitality amounts.

Buying a new Coral species also boosts your maximum fish count by 5 fish per coral, and is the only free way to do so (you can also pay an absurd $100 for a paltry 10 more fish’s worth of space in the Store but, yeah).

Coral follow a complex curve where generally speaking, the newest coral available will provide the most cost effective boost in vitality after an initial “too expensive” period. This trend is broken for the new coral starting with Blue Table Coral which are much more expensive and much less effective, making the Star Horn Coral and the few coral above it the most effective to upgrade.

If you play Abyssrium very passively Coral might seem attractive, but Skills are still the preferable method once they’re obtained. Coral will only be significant fairly early on in your first few days of play Once Song of the Moon is obtained, your 2 hours worth of stored vitality is very little compared to what you can earn actively, with Delicious Food & Song of the Moon often instantly earning more than your two hours’ worth many times over. Coral are mostly important for reaching the next Coral of Life milestone which boosts all vitality production.

Trey Felton in the comments made this Coral Cost Calculator if you want to see what a specific upgrade will cost.

Interestingly/annoyingly, Coral cost more if you use the buy in bulk option, by about a 7% “convenience” tax. If you’re upgrading coral by the hundreds it’s not really worth going one by one, but it’s interesting to be aware of. Thanks to mickss on Reddit for working out the numbers.


Fish don’t directly add to vitality, instead passively doubling all Coral and Tap vitality permanently for each fish you buy with Vitality (event fish, luck shell fish, and the first free fish you get with a Premium Package do not add vitality multipliers).

Fish get about 3.5 times as expensive each fish you buy. This means you’ll often want to rotate between upgrading the Coralite and buying a Fish, whichever is cheaper. All else being equal, a Fish is always preferable.

Magic/Spending Gems

You can buy Vitality with gems. Don’t. At no point in the game are these bonuses worth it relative to their real world cost: gems should always first be used to upgrade your permanent skills. By paying you can jump forward in vitality in an instant, but a few minutes of active play or hours of passive play will usually overtake the vitality you could spend $5 worth of gems on. It’s a bad deal. It looks particularly good early on (when progress is fast) but it will very quickly be clearly worthless once Song of the Moon is unlocked. You’ll often find 800 gems worth of Vitality is less than a single Coralite upgrade level!

Spirit of Life is the one exception, for 100 gems you double vitality and event currency earnings for 15 minutes: by timing it right you can fire off two and a half Song of the Moon + Delicious Food casts, giving a ton of vitality and candy/whatever event currency.

But IMO this is only worth it during a “candy” event (christmas, halloween etc) and when your skills are maxed already. Spirit of Life’s duration stacks, but not the multiplier, so buying two will give you 30 minutes of 2x vitality, not 15 minutes of 4x vitality.

Thanks to GH Gihma in the comments, this is the exact formula for the Magic vitality rewards. The x is equivalent to approximately 1117.7 times your coral vitality production:

  • Free Vitality (Ad): 1x
  • Friendship Gift (Facebook): 5x
  • Gift of the Ocean: 10x
  • Gift of an Angel: 40x
  • Gift from the Gods: 100x
Fish’s Vitality

Tapping Fish’s hearts simply gives you (Tap + Coral Per Second) vitality per-tap. It’s not that great unless your Coral gains greatly outstrip your tap reward, however tapping fish vitality is required for some achievements. Fish vitality is replaced with seasonal Candies for all events, which makes them much more worth tapping.

Photo Quest

Photo Quests give 200 times your current Coral vitality per second. (Thanks, Patrick in the comments!) If you let your Coral level flounder, these rewards may not even be worth the button presses..

Taking a “bad” shot gives you only 50% of the vitality. The sensing for this is very wonky, but generally a shot from the rear or an obscured fish gets the penalty. Sometimes an awful shot gives 100% and sometimes a fine shot is oddly penalized.

Note you can double your reward by “sharing” the image. As always, you can cancel before you actually post, and get the reward for free. The second reward is not affected by whether or not you screw up the photo.

Chest/Magic Vitality

This seems to be mostly governed by your Coral vitality level. If your Coral levels are below your Tap vitality, these rewards may be extremely underwhelming to the point they’re not worth watching the ad. The chest should only be opened for the Gems IMO.


With the Expand update skills were modified and are now a bit more complex. Starting with level 11 (10 for Artifacts), upgrading skills/artifacts costs 100 gems more per level, so if level 10 was 200 gems, level 11 is 300 gems and level 14 is 600 gems etc. This means it’ll be a bit more cost effective to buy cheaper upgrades for lower level skills and giving an exact recommendation at any given point is more complicated.

Volcanic Eruption
  • Effect: Auto tap 10 times per second for 5 minutes
  • Max: Level 21, 20 taps per second for 15 minutes
  • Cost: 200 gems per level until level 12, then increasing 100 gems per level

Your most basic clicker game power up, it’s really not significant in the grand scheme of things until you get Song of the Moon, but it’ll feel impressive at the start.

The first ten levels act differently from the last 10, first a minute is added each level, then after level 11 it adds one tap per second. The first 10 levels are of extremely low value beyond unlocking a hidden fish.

Aaron Ford in the comments worked out that Eruption is generally worth more vitality though it doesn’t take into account Song of the Moon:

“Pretend you have A vitality.

Max Volcanic E = 10 tps (taps per second) for 15 mins. 10tps × 60s (1minute) = 600tpm (taps per minute). 600 tpm x 15m = 9.0A per 15 minute period.

Max Nautilius = 120tpm. 120 tpm × 15m = 1.8A per 15 minute period.”

Delicious Food
  • Effect: Produces 5,000 times vitality production per tap immediately
  • Max: Level 21, produces 25,000 times vitality per tap immediately
  • Cost: 300 gems per level until level 12, then increasing 100 gems per level

Once getting one of each of the magic items below for fun, this is a solid contender for your top priority. It’s usually the most vitality-per-gem, trading places occasionally with Song of the Moon.

Song of the Moon
  • Effect: Increases vitality production by 500% for 5 minutes
  • Max: Level 21, 2,500% vitality production
  • Cost: 500 gems per level until level 12, then increasing 100 gems per level

The most important skill in the game, the other skills are barely even worth using without this effect. With this, a couple casts of Delicious Food will almost always give you so many rewards you can instantly level your Coralite or buy a new fish or so on. At least until level BA and beyond where it feels like the devs forgot to actually design the game.

Song of the Moon also benefits the Candy production of seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas, so I recommend simply putting all your gems toward Song of the Moon first. It just makes your life so much easier and stacks with almost everything.

Once Song of the Moon is sufficiently upgraded, you’ll start to notice how piddly many of the non-skill Vitality bonuses really are too. The Facebook Present, Treasure Chest (vitality bonus) and Get Free Vitality (magic tab) will feel pretty pointless as Song of the Moon doesn’t improve them. Photo Quest is buffed (for all it’s worth) but only if the quest pops up while SotM is active.

Midas Tap

Not with the other skills, this is a premium item in the Store, but it’s close enough to a skill.

For $10 this is basically Volcanic Eruption for as long as you keep your finger held on the screen, 10 taps per second. I can’t recommend it very highly (though it now does count for Hard Worker-very slowly) as even multiplied by Song of the Moon it’s weaker than Delicious Food. Late game, even automated taps don’t matter much for vitality. As a very rough estimate I would say you’d expect less than 50% additional vitality out of a run of Song of the Moon.

Multiple fingers do not stack to multiple 10x auto-taps. It’s 10 only.

There’s a 3 minute free demo of it though, so you can try it out and see if it seems alright. Personally I would say the $5 and even $10 fish packages are better, now that fish come with a Create Fish cost reduction.

It is absolutely not a game changer in any way. It’s not even truly idle as you have to keep your finger on the phone. It’s basically a paid version of what you could do with a simple macro in Nox App Player.

Facebook Present

In the “friends” icon at the top of the screen you can visit friends’ aquariums once a day and tap 10 fish for “present” points, unlocking a vitality present every 50 points (5 friends visited).

The reward for this is pretty minimal assuming you have all skills unlocked and powered up, so while you’re free to do it if the amount seems significant to you, in my opinion it’s hardly worth pursuing just like the free vitality for watching an ad bonus.

Artifacts/Magic Items

These are your passive skills, mostly not as good as the active ones. But buy at least one level of each for looks then come back and upgrade them later on as your skills start to get expensive.

Remains of a Nautilus
  • Effect: Auto-tap 30 times per minute
  • Max: Level 20, auto tap 220 times per minute
  • Cost: 300 gems per level until level 11, then increasing 100 gems per level

Some people confuse this for being the same as Volcanic Eruption, but note it’s per minute, far slower. It’s an okay passive gain since it saves you from tapping, but it’s only really worth one level. Like all auto taps, these only register if the app is open, greatly limiting its effect.

Since the taps still occur under Song of the Moon, upgrading this might actually be better than upgrading Volcanic Eruption assuming Song of the Moon is maxed. I haven’t run the numbers myself.

Mystic Shell
  • Effect: 1.1x increase of vitality production per tap
  • Max: level 20, 3x increase of vitality per tap
  • Cost: 400 Gems per level until level 11, then increasing 100 gems per level

This is actually a 10% increase in vitality, not a 110% increase as the ingame description says. Subtract 100 from most ingame percents to get what they actually mean; they’re multipliers not increases.

Buy one level because it’s pretty, then ignore it until you have some gems to burn. It’s not strictly bad as it buffs Delicious Food, but it’s less important than Song of the Moon, Delicious Food and even Glowing Conch. I’d rate it as the fourth best skill.

Glowing Conch
  • Effect: Shortens skill cooldown by 5% per level.
  • Max: level 10, 50% skill cooldown reduction
  • Cost: 500 gems per level

The reduction in time is very significant on Song of the Moon, the best skill, but if you’re willing to watch ads, the 15 minute recharge skill timer is already pretty short (but note this reduces the recharge cooldown as well). Buy one level because it looks nice and move on to the skills first, then come back once skills start getting expensive past level 11.

If you have enough gems to max Delicious Food and Song of the Moon, this is probably the third best option. At max level of the Conch skills will come twice as fast and you can reuse the “recharge” option only two and a half minutes after Song of the Moon runs out. However, you really do need to max it out to feel the most of the effect and that’s 5,000 gems total.

Gem Sources

Daily Attendance System

With the attendance system, you’ll get 20 gems the first 6 days, then a new fish, then 30 gems the next week, then 50 gems a day. Every 7th day you’ll unlock a new fish until there are no new fish, then the rewards stop entirely. This is a great early injection of gems, but don’t spend them foolishly; focus on skills, mostly Song of the Moon.

The Attendance System is online-only and cannot be cheated by messing with the clock/airplane mode.

Note that if a new tier of rewards is added you’ll just start on the first day of the new reward tier regardless of how many days have past since you actually started the game, rather than getting all those rewards at once.

Quests (Android Only)

Android users can do daily quests to get a good amount of gems each week. See Quests below.


Your best, ad-free source of gems, these will be given like candy at first, and later levels give some very significant gem rewards. See the Achievements Section for the exact details and rewards.

Unfortunately, several achievements are far beyond sane, such as tapping the screen manually 2,000,000 times. After about a week or so of intense play and once you’ve hit Z vitality, the achievement gems have probably dried up, but you’ll get just enough to buy one of each Magic Item and level a few skills, which is really all you “need”.


The only reason the chest is worth opening. You get 30 gems per open if it’s a gem chest, which isn’t too bad, but it’s less consistent than watching the store ads, since you may get a vitality bonus or a minute of auto tapping instead, both of which are pretty tame. You can’t tell what’s in the chest until watching the ad.

Store (ads)

Simplest, most consistent way to get gems, but slowly. Tap the Free Gems button at the top of the Store tab. Ten gems per ad, per 15 minutes, forever. If you don’t like ads note you can visit the tab just once then don’t watch the ad to make the notification go away; how polite!

Store (money)

I don’t really have tips here. If you want to pay, absolutely get the “package” deals first as they give significantly more gems. The individual package gems seem to be for extreme whales only since they’re very low value for the price.

Beyond that, know that this game will never need you to pay to progress, and you can get extremely far without paying (the game is basically endless, but considering Z an “end”, it’s easy to reach free).

IMO, if you really love the game, buy a “package” deal equal to the amount of money you’d like to give the devs as a tip. I personally find the $50/$100 packages gross and exploitative, but the lower price packages are a fine way to tip a dev for a game you like and get some decent rewards. I try to pretend the $50/$100 ones just don’t exist.

Achievements & Rewards

Achievements are a very important part of the game and you should check the Trophy menu any time you see a red (!) badge on it, as they’ll earn you large amounts of gems or a vitality multiplier that’s critical to proceeding quickly.

Thanks GK Ghima and others in the comments for confirming some of these for me!


Collection is a new series of long-term Achievements that reward you with pearls for completing lists of fish. As a long-term goal, Collection should largely be ignored until you’re finished progressing through the Normal Fish list (and unlocking your Blue Whale), though a few lists will be completed through normal play, so claim your pearls!

When a Collection is complete a red (!) will appear over the Trophy icon just like when a new Achievement or Daily Mission task is complete. You can check the list at any time from the Trophy menu (it’s rather unlikely to complete many of the later lists without deliberately following the lists).

Collection has a two-tiered setup, where within each Collection Level there are five Oceans. For completing an Ocean you get pearls, and for completing all five Oceans  on a Level you get an even larger set of pearls. Each Collection Level gets significantly more difficult, so higher Levels should be ignored until earlier ones are finished. In addition, Oceans tend to require new fish in an additive manner, so Ocean 1 requires 3 fish, Ocean 2 requires all fish from Ocean 1 plus 2 fish, and so on.

A full list of Collection requirements/rewards can be found here, thanks to /u/chilled_legumes from the AbyssRium Reddit!

Note that every level of Collection will report “Bronze collection complete!”, even level 4. There is no second set of Collections after finishing level 4, or any special bonus of any kind other than the pearls.

Collection Level 1

Level 1 is extremely easy, requiring only one of each fish and almost no hidden fish. You’ll unlock these simply by playing the game normally and acquiring one of each fish as you should.

Collection Level 2

Collection Level 2 is much harder than it appears as it requires 6 of the Peppermint Angel, which in turn requires 30 Angelfish, a vastly steeper requirement than anything else in this tier. It also requires the Coelacanth, thus 28 days of playing. Don’t worry about this tier much until you’ve gotten your Blue Whale, or you’ll be sick of Angelfish forever. The stretch after Z vitality is a decent time to spawn tons of Angelfish for this requirement.

Collection Level 3

Collection Level 3 is where things get serious, requiring five of each fish in each list and requiring the Striped Marlin to clear even one ocean. Did anyone else just hear a loud scream? Hm.

Collection Level 4

Level 4 is neigh-unreachable for all but the most seasoned veterans, requiring the Dwarf Whale (and thus, DL vitality and the Giant Green Kelp) before you can even unlock any oceans. However, there’s quite a few requirements you can mop up long before then, so it can pay to keep ahead of things.

Luck Shell

Luck Shell is Gachapon, a digital slot game so insidious Japan has tried to ban it multiple times but current versions sit just far enough outside of the legal definition of ‘gambling’ to get a pass from the authorities. As a result it’s one of the most poisonous and money-grubbing aspects of many mobile games today.

Gachapon is so problematic that China of all countries passed a law requiring companies to officially state the probability of boxes after players were found spending thousands of dollars trying to unlock single, extremely rare, items. If anyone can find the official percentages for AbyssRium’s gacha posted somewhere, I’d greatly appreciate it!

My disgust for the practice aside, Luck Shell is AbyssRium’s flavor of the practice, and it’s not quite the worst implementation I’ve seen.

Basically you spin a slot machine by either watching an add or paying Pearls (the new SUPER premium currency, on top of the existing premium currency), and the machine can give you either Vitality, Gems, Pearls, or past Event Fish. Obviously the main draw is the Event Fish.

A word of warning though, there’s no way to “work toward” specific fish or anything. You’ll get a completely random fish and there does not appear to be any attempt to bias the odds towards fish you don’t have (much less fish you want); it’s all dumb luck. If you really, really want a single item…you’re basically SOL unless the pure dumb luck coincides with what you want.

Basically, don’t waste too much time, effort, or most importantly money here. You can’t even meaningfully buy your way to victory, so just play the free once for the free junk, eh? Gacha is basically paying for the privilege of looking for the Striped Marlin, to put it in relevant perspective.

But hey, if you like throwing money around, I have a Patreon you could contribute to too, wink wink. /s

Luck Shell ‘Exploit’

Haven’t confirmed, but I’ve heard of an “exploit” of just cloud saving your game, trying a Luck Shell spin, and restoring from cloud to get your pearls back if you don’t like the result. Requires further testing and may be fixed at any time.

But really since spending pearls is so buggy, I’d recommend a quick cloud save before spending large amounts of pearls even if ‘cheating’ isn’t your intent.

What Fish Can You Get?

Luck Shell’s main purpose is to give past event fish, so predictably, almost every single fish it’s been seen to give is an Event Fish. It does not appear to give Premium/Package event fish, like the Scuba Bunny. It’s been witnessed in one case to actually give the 10,000 Year Old Blue Whale, though no other hidden fish have been observed.

The icons of fish indicate rarity of fish not species, so “whale” icon fish in the wheel are rare/expensive fish, if not necessarily an actual whale, while turtles are uncommon fish, and the fish icon is usually some of the cheapest event fish like Angelfish.

Like I said above, it doesn’t seem to be biased toward giving you fish you don’t have. It’s a monetization strategy for Cheetah Mobile, not a fix for all your ills.

Getting a fish in Luck Shell does not entitle you to produce more of that fish (since their event is expired anyway). The only way to get a second would be to randomly win it from the luck shell again.

Luck Shell appears to be giving the Halloween Dye and Theme somewhat randomly to players. My best guess is that the Ghost Fish unlocks them, only when it’s “out” in the tank, and after a restart. None of the other Event themes have been reported found via luck shell.

Note that you may have to go into the Manage menu (the button is on every main menu right next to fish count) to put your earned fish into the pond.

Excluded Fish

The following fish do NOT appear in the Luck Shell no matter how much you pay:

  • Premium Event Fish
    • Ghost Whale
    • Heart Sun Fish
    • Scuba Rabbit
  • Normal Fish
    • The 10,000 Year Old Blue Whale is the only “normal” fish that does appear in the list
Tiny Luck Shell

Cost: “Free” (Watch an ad with a 1 hour Cooldown)

This is your basic worst-chance gacha, and you’re not guaranteed to get a fish at all! You might also get vitality, or 10, 50, or 100 Pearls or Gems. From what I can tell Vitality is very common, gems are common, Pearls are uncommon and fish are rare.

I honestly find this most worth it for the Pearls, as spending Pearls on Craters in the Expand menu is one of the fastest ways to make permanent progress in the game.

You’ll get to see the 2 closest slots that you didn’t win as well, sort of letting you see what else you could have gotten. Afterward you’ll be offered a second spin for 50 pearls, though if you take it I believe that’s counted as a Luck Shell spin, not a Tiny Luck Shell.

For some reason loading a cloud save (like when switching devices) appears to add an extra hour to the cooldown for the next spin only, possibly as some strange anti-cheating method.

Luck Shell

Cost: 50 Pearls (1 day/$1.25 worth)

Same as the Tiny Luck Shell, except you’re guaranteed (I believe?) to get a fish rather than Vitality/Gems/Pearls.

It’s likely you’ll get a “common” fish, measured as a cheaper fish from events.

You get one free spin of the Luck Shell and Big Luck Shell just to try them out. Other than the free spin, I don’t really recommend blowing many Pearls on them.

Big Luck Shell

Cost: 200 Pearls (4 days/$5 worth!)

Same as Luck Shell, but with the lower “tier” fish removed. Not entirely sure what that means yet or how percentages are affected, but it seems like anything below “turtle” rarity is removed.

Remember, just because it costs more doesn’t mean it’s actually biased to give you something you don’t have.


This feature is oddly Android exclusive, and requires you to be logged in via Google Play Games (which is strongly recommended anyway due to cloud saves). Tap the Google Play (green controller) icon and then the hourglass to open Quests.

Quests have you perform certain actions within 7 days to get a gem reward. Quests are repeated every week on Friday so you can get even more gems.

Quests are bugged (?) and often give their reward upon taking the quest in addition to completing them, so be sure you take all your quests if you need gems, they’re basically free. If you ever don’t get the gems upon taking quests, restart the app and usually once you start accepting quests you’ll start getting the gems again. In fact, from how it works it actually seems like not getting gems upon taking the quest is in fact the bug.

Quests are also bugged in that sometimes you have to manually claim the reward in the Quests menu but 90% of the time they’re given automatically instead.

There are three tiers for all quests except Photos; Easy, Medium and Hard, rewarding 30, 50 and 100 gems each. Photo quests only have easy and medium versions. Despite having to accept quests for them to count, you can and should take on all quests immediately with no repercussions. Hard quests seem unreasonably hard, due to the bug they can give you 100 free gems, so go ahead and take them.

Quest gem rewards: 30/50/100

Quest requirements:

  • Take photos 50/200
    • Tap the screen 1000/10,000/100,000
    • Tap fish’s heart 500/2000/10,000
    • Watch ads 10/50/200
Quick Gem Quest Exploit

This one is pretty much cheating , but if there’s no piracy, APK hacking or malicious spoofing I guess I’ll still report it.

The above bug where you get gems for taking quests as well as completing them can be exploited by logging into multiple Google accounts (gmail accounts are google accounts) to get the weekly extra reward for each different account.

To switch google accounts, go to the Quests page (Trophy icon, hour glass icon), press the ellipsis at the top right. Then go to Settings and Sign Out. Press the Sign In To Google Play icon at the bottom left of the Trophy menu and add/switch accounts to get your extra rewards after claiming all the quests. The free gems should immediately be added to your gem count upon taking the quests. If you take all the quests and get 0 gems it’s not working.

If you care about quest progress/achievements, be sure to log back into your main account after getting all the free gems.

Results for this seem to be inconsistent,and I’m pretty sure you only get gems for quests you’ve previously completed at least once for real. However if you get the “free” gems on your main account, the trick should work on secondary accounts. This is likely to be patched at some point and is clearly not intended behavior.

Discovered by droidqueen on Reddit.

Daily Mission

New with the Expand update is Daily Missions, found in the Trophy Menu, which are all extremely easy other than the 5000 taps.  Daily Missions are the most reliable way to earn the new Pearl currency for Expand features, which can have direct effects on vitality earning. Pearls can also be earned (very rarely) through the Tiny Luck Shell, or spending money in the Store (and you don’t even get a bulk discount!).

Daily missions are always the same every day. I’d recommend always making sure to do them when you can as they help a lot (over time) with Vitality and they’re necessary for Pearls which only accrue very slowly.

Note the rewards have to be manually claimed, including the pearl rewards. The Pearl reward button won’t work until the other rewards are claimed even if all five missions have been completed.

You can wait to claim the rewards so you get 10 Coralite levels when the levels are even more expensive, but never forget to actually claim them and the pearls.

  • Finger Warmup
    • Condition: Tap 5000 times
      • Midas Tap does count toward this count
      • Tapping with 4 fingers on one hand is probably the least painful and fastest way to do this (make a “claw” gesture and just bounce your whole lower arm gently; using your wrist will hurt)
      • If you use Nox App Player or another android emulator, setting up an auto tap macro will make this much more bearable
    • Reward: Vitality
  • Steady Photographer
    • Condition: Share 5 photos
      • As always, you can cancel before sharing; as long as you press the ‘share’ button it’ll count
    • Reward: 10 minutes of Spirit of Life (doubles vitality/event currency)
      • Try to use it once all 3 skills are charged and so is the recharge; this way you can get two Delicious Food x Song of the Moon casts in a row multiplied by two
  • Technical Player
    • Condition: Use Skills 5 times
    • Reward: 10 Coralite Levels
      • This can provide some serious relief at the “O vitality wall” and other slow areas, as just a few seconds of playing will give you 10 possibly very expensive Coralite levels
  • Ad Mania
    • Condition: Watch 5 ads
    • Reward: 10 levels to all purchased Coral
      • Even if you cross a multiple of 25 from this you’ll have to manually get the double multiplier in the Coral menu. Just check it once in a while if you don’t care too much
  • Time Machine
    • Condition: Play (with the game open) for 60 minutes
      • Just leave the game on charger with power save for a while if you find this frustrating to get, you don’t have to play actively, you just can’t close the game
    • Reward: Vitality
Best Way to do Daily Missions

I like to start off the day by ‘sharing’ the five pictures to get the Spirit of Life boost;(just tap the Share button, cancel the draft, return to the game, that way you don’t spam your friends).

Then I’ll claim the Spirit of Life in the Daily menu, cast my 3 skills and immediately Recharge the skills and cast them again. If you have your Magic Conch maxed out, you can just barely squeeze in a second recharge while Spirit of Life is active. That’s our skill uses done. If you don’t have the Song/Food skills, just spam & recharge Eruption 5 times.

The 5000 taps, while (literally) a pain, can ideally be done during the 10 minutes of Spirit of Life multiplied by Song of the Moon. I use all 4 fingers and bounce my whole lower arm instead of using my wrist. Do some wrist stretches and alternate your hands if one gets tired. The 5000 is really excessive so don’t hurt yourself.

Finally we have to watch a few more ads and wait 60 minutes total. No fast way to deal with the timer, just leave your game on, with Power Save on if you like, and have your phone plugged in so it won’t kill your battery. You don’t have to actively play, just leave the game open and on screen. The ads are easily dealt with by Recharging skills or getting Gems in the store, both with a maximum 15 minute recharge time. The Double Idle Vitality ad rudely doesn’t seem to count for this unlock and I recommend not bothering anyway; 2 hours of idle vitality is usually less than a single cast of Delicious Food and basically completely worthless, except in some points of the early game..

In-Game Achievements

In-game achievements all have 10 levels, with either a Vitality buff or an increasing gem bonus per level. Recently more levels were added, with an extra tier of 5 “crown” levels for each achievement after the initial 5 “star” achievements.

Vitality Achievements

These achievements are critical for reaching the “endgame” of AbyssRium, and if the game feels like it’s slowing down, it’s probably because one of these hasn’t been met yet. There’s only so much you can do to earn these intentionally, but keep an eye on them.

Vitality Achievements have more than 2 “tiers” of 5 levels each, allowing them to aid in your Vitality progress very far down the “alphabet” so to speak. Think of them as functionally infinite boosts to keep the game from slowing down too much (it still gets slow at points!), not a goal to be achieved.

I’m still missing some of the higher achievement levels, so let me know if you know anything I don’t!

Mysterious Stone

Reach a certain level for the Lonely Coralite.

Increases per-tap vitality by ten times per level for the first 5 star levels, then all vitality production by two times for Crown levels, except the last Crown level in a set of 5, which is 500%.

Star Levels: 200, 350, 500, 1000, 1500

Crown Levels: 2500, 4000, 6000, 8,000, 10,000

Tier 3 Levels: 12,000,  14,000, 16,000, 18,000, (?)

Surging Vitality

Reach a certain vitality “letter”.

Increases all vitality production by 10 times per level for each Star level and 200% for each Crown level except the 5th crown level, which is 500%. Extremely vital, but unless you’re on the vitality level just below it, you can’t deliberately earn this. Just keep an eye out.

Star Levels: G, L, P, S, W

Crown Levels:  Z, AE, AJ, AP, AX

Tier 3 Levels: CD, CZ, DO, ED, ES

Tier 4 Levels: FH, FW, (?)

Coral of Life

Reach a total coral level equal to this number.

Increases all vitality production by ten times per Star level, two times per Crown level, or 5 times for the last Crown level in a set of 5. If you’re only a few hundred away from a level, see if you can reach it.  Thanks to GK Ghima in the comments for some of these.

Star Levels: 3000, 7000, 10,000, 15,000, 18,000

Crown Levels: 30,000, 50,000, 80,000, 100,000, 150,000

Tier 3 levels: 180,000, 210,000, 240,000, 270,000, (?)

Gem Achievements

These give gems, which are nice, but not required. Not all of these are worth obtaining based on their rewards alone.

Gems are given in order of 30/50/70/100/150 for the first 5 levels (stars), then 50/50/70/100/150 for level 6-10 (crowns).


Collect X unique types of fish, counts only Normal Fish and Fusion Fish.

Star Levels: 3, 10, 20, 40, 70

Crown Levels: 80, 100, 110, 130, 150 (150 is currently impossible)

Play with fish

Tap the heart (vitality) over a fish X times.

The later levels of this one are pretty unreasonable. I don’t recommend going for it deliberately. Thanks to GK Ghima in the comments for some of these.

Star Levels: 100, 500, 1,000, 3,000, 10,000

Crown Levels: 15,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000

Hard Worker!

Tap the screen X times. Does not count auto taps from skills or “Magic Items”, only physical taps.

This achievement rapidly becomes unobtainable so don’t worry about it. It’s the best reason to not care about 100% in this game.

Note the Google Play version of Hard Worker is bugged, and the 500k achievement will only unlock after the 1 million taps one.

Star Levels: 5,000, 50,000, 200,000, 500,000 , 1,000,000

Crown Levels: 2,000,000, 3,000,000, 5,000,000, 7,000,000, 10,000,000

Ready! Action!

Use skills X times.

No real way to speed this up significantly.

Star Levels: 20, 100, 300, 500, 1000

Crown Levels: 3000, 5000, 7000, 10,000, 20,000

Commercial Break!

Watch video ads X times. Obviously if you’re avoiding ads these won’t come quickly.

Star Levels: 10, 30, 50, 100, 200

Crown Levels: 250, 300, 400, 500, 600

Check Attendance!

Play Abyssrium on X different days. Not directly related to the new attendance reward system, which goes by server time instead of phone time. This does not require consecutive logins!

Cheating will glitch this out, it does count a new day if you advance your clock, but if you set your time to two months ahead, then back to normal time, it won’t start accounting for new days until either 2 months pass or you cheat forward two months and a day again (if you’re lucky, I had a heck of a time getting it to start counting again!).

Star Levels: 3, 10, 20, 25, 50

Crown Levels: 75, 100, 150, 200

Say Cheese!

Take a picture X times. You don’t have to save or share the image.

The easiest achievement to farm for early gems. Just take pictures and discard them and immediately retake. Position your fingers right and you can spam this action quickly. Otherwise you’ll slowly earn it anyway if you do photo quests or just like taking pictures.

Star Levels: 10, 30, 50, 100, 200

Crown Levels: 300, 400, 500, 750, 1,000

A special moment!

Share a picture X times.

You can press the share button, cancel the draft and still get this. Almost as easily farmed as Say Cheese for this reason.

Star Levels: 3, 10, 20, 50, 100

Crown Levels: 150, 200, 300, 400, 500

With Friends!

Have X Facebook friends that play Abyssrium.

Both you and your friends must be connected to Facebook in Abyssrium as of the latest update in order to count for this.

Star Levels: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Crown Levels:  30, 35, 40, 45, 50

External Achievements

These achievements show in Google Play (and I assume Game Center achievements are the same) but do not show up in the ingame menu and thus have no gem/vitality rewards; they’re just for fun. These do not have “levels” like the ingame achievements. Note getting all of Abyssrium’s achievements will take many weeks.

These generally won’t trigger until you open the ingame Achievements menu (the trophy icon). Note that in-game achievements and Google Play achievements have slightly different requirements likely due to oversight.

      • I am not alone
        • Create first fish.
      •  Ruler of the alley
        • Create ten fish. Unlike the Collector achievements, these do not have to be unique fish.
      • Popular in Town
        • Collect 30 kinds of fish.
      • Celebrity
        • Create 60 Fish.
      • Fish Vending Machine
        • Own 100 Fish. Easily obtained within a couple days of “beating” the game at Z Vitality.
      • Make stone up
        • Unlock 7 corals.
      • Fashionista
        • Collect all Corals. Will come naturally through play.
      • I got angry
        • Unlock the Volcanic Eruption skill.
      • Have a lot
        • Unlock Delicious Food skill.
      • Rendezvous with the moon
        • Unlock Song of the Moon skill.
      • Eruption of lives
        • Volcano skill level 11. (2,000 gems total)
        • These skills all require a lot of gems, you’re unlikely to earn more than one (or zero) through a “normal” amount of play (a couple of weeks of fairly intensive play). Even the paid “beginner package” doesn’t have enough gems to max out most skills!
      • Nutritious Food
        • Delicious Food level 11. (3,000 gems)
      • Dance with the moon
        • Song of the Moon level 11. (5,000 gems)

Miscellaneous Tips/FAQ

Gameplay Efficiency

Adding a new fish is almost always the most effective method of using your money once you have enough, but if your earnings are slow it might be best to upgrade smaller amounts elsewhere.

Storing your fish has no negative effects; you keep the vitality bonuses and they still count towards hidden fish unlocks. The only gameplay features displayed fish affect are the photo quest and the Fish’s Vitality hearts to tap, since those spawn overhead of a specific fish.

Whether Lonely Coralite or Coral, I always upgrade 25 levels at a time to get the doubling bonus. The per-level upgrade is inconsequential.

I generally don’t upgrade Coral until the next level is less than what I earn either per tap or per second. Not a hard rule, but easy to remember and should never waste too much vitality.

The devs have to get paid, so watching ads is pretty significantly beneficial in this game. If you refuse to watch ads you miss out on a lot of Free* gems, vitality, and even a few fish (due to the treasure chest).

Time your skill uses well, thanks to the “recharge skills” ad break, you should always use Song of the Moon before Delicious Food for example. Finish off a cheap Lonely Coralite upgrade before using Delicious Food to maximize it as well (upgrading after tapping the skill won’t affect it, even though the earnings appear to be delayed). If you can buy a fish before using your skills, always do so.

You don’t have to actually post when the game prompts you to share. You still get the Vitality bonus if you exit out of twitter/etc and delete the draft. Do this every time you get a Quest to take a photo of a fish to double your Vitality rewards. This trick works in almost any game that rewards you for sharing by the way, at least on Android.

Once Song of the Moon and Delicious Food are maxed out, your coral earnings, Free Vitality (from ads), Facebook Skill, and Photo Quests all seem to be almost entirely worthless.


The game is really bad at staying connected with spotty internet. If you see “no more videos, check back in 24 hours” when trying to view an add, it usually just means you’ve lost connection. Close and reopen the app once the network is stable and it should continue working, same if your skills or the event tab do not appear.

You can connect to Facebook to cloud save the game (in addition to Google Play and iCloud), this will allow you to transfer a save from an iPhone to an Android (and vice versa). Always log in to Facebook from your old phone with the most progress first, then log in to facebook as soon as you start playing on the new phone to transfer your save.


You can shut the Lonely Coralite up by turning off “Script” in the options.

When buying repeats of a fish, the first will be large and all the rest will be a second, smaller size. The variance isn’t much for smaller fish and is hardly noticeable, but with large fish you’ll notice the first one is huge and the latter ones are relatively “bite sized”. The difference is especially noticeable with whales and sharks.

Fish will “school”, swimming together in a loose-to-dense pack if more than one fish of the same species is added to the tank. It’s most noticeable with lots of fish. Even fish that don’t school in real life, such as Giant Squids or Whales, will still tend to school to some extent in AbyssRium.

Fish have to be the exact same type to school. A blue clownfish will not school with an orange clownfish, though due to sharing AI their general movement pattern will be similar.

Cheating the Clock

Cheating the clock has major downsides and will disable most of your skills and some other features like Events due to the always-online features in the game, but a few tricks still work.

Cheating to get the Pygmy Seahorse and Mahi Mahi still seem to work, and they’re all you really need to mess around to be sure you get.

Moving the clock forward by 31 minutes after you close the game can also give you a chance at getting any of the Notification Fish.

Moving the clock backwards while Spirit of Life is active will “refresh” it’s timer instead of causing it to expire, if the clock is set back to a point where Spirit of Life was still in effect. E.g. if there’s 1 minute remaining, go back 13 minutes.

You can also reset the Get Free Gems option in the Store menu by moving the clock 31 minutes ahead after closing the game. While it results in watching a lot of ads, this seems to be the only way for iOS users to get gems faster after running out of achievements. Thanks to Kat for this tip!

What the heck is Inbox?

The inbox is just where you get items Support has given you usually as a result of a bug you’ve encountered. Most players will never get anything here in normal circumstances.


Abyssrium is not exactly a bug-free game. You can report bugs via the Gear menu (bug report at the bottom) or the game’s Facebook page, and I’ll try to note common/major bugs here. If you don’t see a bug here be sure to report it to the game’s devs since they may not be aware of it (and if they are, they might have a fix for it). The devs are very bad at regular communication but decent at one-on-one support.

Not Getting Notifications/Notification Fish

If you’re on iOS, a possible workaround is to change your Notification settings for Abyssrium to Alerts instead of Banners. Go to Settings > Notifications > Tap Tap Fish, and change Alert Style to Alerts.

Layout Bug/Code instead of fish names

If your layout is bugged and looks like this, go to the Gear menu and change languages to Japanese/etc then back to your native language, it may fix it.

Thanks to KevlarZach on Reddit for the workaround.

Not getting Notification Fish (iOS)

Can’t get ads to watch/ Same Ad Every Time

If you’re not getting ads to watch you might need to reset your ‘advertising ID’ by telling your phone to disable tracking then reenable to wipe clean that information. Here’s the details for how to do this on both iOS and Android.

Thanks to /u/Shryxer for this info, from their reddit post.

I don’t have the update!

Starting with the Christmas Update, it seems Abyssrium may do slow-rollouts where users get the update at different times. It may take a few days for the update to reach you. But as far as I know everyone with a compatible device should have the update now?

In an extreme case, one user reported backing up their save, deleting the app and reinstalling (on iOS) got them the current update.

My fish are disappearing!

Nothing in the game will ‘eat’ or erase fish (short of your save being deleted); if your fish are missing from your tank, you’ve probably hit the population cap: check the numbers left of the “manage” button on the menu bar along with Vitality and Gems. If you’re at, say, 80/80, you’ve hit the cap for ‘active’ fish and every new fish you add will ‘deactivate’ the oldest fish in the tank.

You can press Manage to store or withdraw fish, or even store all your fish at once. You’ll eventually get far more fish than you can display at once, so you’ll eventually need to be picky about which fish you want to have out on display (or just let the auto-storing do it’s thing). Whether fish are stored or not has no effect on gameplay, unlocks, or vitality earnings, you still get all benefits of owning the fish.

Daily Missions Not Resetting

This was said to be fixed, but many people still reported getting the bug. Check for updates, you might not have gotten the download yet, I got it a couple days after it was announced.

No available videos, check again in 24 hours

This is almost always a lie, closing the app usually makes it work again.  This may also come up instead of a connection error if you’re not connected to the internet.

Despite the wording of this message, AbyssRium does not appear to actually cap how many ads you can watch in a day.

Check your connection

Just means Abyssrium lost internet connection, usually disabling Skills and Events. Ensure your connection is stable and wait up to a minute and it usually comes back, close the app if not and it should reconnect if your connection actually is fine.

An increasing amount of Abyssrium’s features require an online connection (including skills, events, Daily Attendance fish rewards, and all ad rewards) so note this isn’t a great game to play when there’s no connection.

Start Application Upon Notification

When a fish says “Start application upon notification” it means there’s a notification that can pop up exactly 31 minutes  after closing the app and disappear after 10 minutes. Thanks to GK Ghima for testing a lot of info in this section.

Notification fish come in a set order, and can be received even if the actual notification doesn’t appear, but only if you check at the right time and the check passes (it might be random, some people don’t get the fish every time, but I did). “Notice” in the Gear menu can be disabled and you’ll still get these notifications; Notice is only for the useless vitality notification.

Some have found they need to close the game (if it’s already running) once the notification pops up. If you get the notification but not the fish, close the game and reopen it quickly to see if you get it.

The Whale Shark appears to require the Star Horn coral in addition to this.

Make sure your device is allowing AbyssRium to send notifications if you can’t seem to get any. You can enable/disable this in Notifications settings in iOS or Google Play Games’ settings for the app on Android. iOS users on iPhone 7 seem to have particular trouble getting notifications to appear.

If you’re on iOS, make sure notification styles are set to “alerts” not “banners”, some people report getting no notifications at all without this set.

If you don’t get notifications/want to try and force the game to give you the fish, close the app and set your device’s clock forward 31 minutes, then re-open the app. Whether you get a notification or not, it should be in the game’s notification fish check period. Try a few times and see if you get the fish.

If you don’t want to “cheat”, you achieve similar results much more slowly by setting an alarm for 31 minutes after you close the game.

Christmas Fish Buying Bug

Some people have a (potentially useful, potentially infuriating) problem after watching videos where a Christmas fish is forcefully purchased whether or not they have the candy or the fish unlocked. In fact, best I can tell it seems to unlock the first locked fish in the list but I could be wrong.

I don’t get the bug so I’m not sure what conditions cause it to occur.

Delete Saved Data

It’s gotten harder and harder to “start over” in Abyssrium since it now auto-saves and auto-reloads, so even deleting the app will reload your save instantly. The only way to start a new file is to delete the app and load a different Apple ID or Google Play account before the game can reload your save.

Adding your facebook will also result in the game pulling your Facebook save. Accounts also cannot be shared on the same Apple ID, Facebook, or Google Play account.

If you’re thinking of starting over to make things easier…don’t. That’s not how this game works. No matter what mistakes you make progress is basically linear and it’s very hard to actually “waste” vitality. Since it’s exponential growth, wasting 10 A vitality early on will mean absolutely nothing because soon enough you’ll be making literally thousands of times that and be able to buy whatever you missed. Gems are the only thing you can “waste” and as long as you spend them on skills instead of vitality, nothing’s really a permanent waste.

Purchasing Premium Package fish failed

If the app/play store says the purchase completed successfully but the game says the purchase failed/didn’t give you the fish/reward, you’ll have to talk to their support (their facebook support is reasonably active). Have the app store receipt and your user Tag (at the bottom of the gear menu) and they can restore the purchase to your account directly.

General Troubleshooting Last Resort

The game has a pretty good cloud save system that’s now automatic, so assorted issues have been corrected by some users simply by backing up, deleting the app and redownloading it, then downloading their save back. Make sure you’re backed up by clicking the “save to cloud” icon in the Gear menu and checking the date the last save was on.


If you’re a visual learner or prefer to listen rather than read I’ve got several videos on my youtube channel showing specific aspects of AbyssRium.


Playlist of all my AbyssRium videos

Playlist of other cool mobile games I’ve played

Playlist of Idle Games specifically similar to AbyssRium


All Hidden Fish

Getting started walkthrough

January Update information

Fastest way to get Candies/Candy Canes/Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Valentine’s Hidden Fish

Spring Event Hidden Fish

Halloween Hidden Fish

Christmas Hidden Fish


My review of the game before the Halloween update

My review of the game’s changes after Cheetah Mobile’s acquisition

Fish Exhibitions

All Valentine’s Day Fish

All Spring/Easter Fish

All Halloween Fish

All Christmas Fish

Miscellaneous Fun

Top 5 UI Failures

Cute Bug: Whale Shark gets stuck!

My Top 5 Most Wanted Fish

Top 5 Worst parts of Abyssrium

Expand update sneak peek


Thanks to:

HUGE thanks to GK Ghima in the comments for more tips than I can realistically list! You’ve always been there with new information and I appreciate more than I can articulate.

Roseart79’s video for help with some of the hidden fish.

Twitter user @Goldynamo for help with the Striped Marlin and Scribbled Angelfish.

/u/atrueamateur for confirmation Migaloo unlocks even if you share the images before the giant green kelp.

/u/Shryxer on reddit for the “no ads” bug workaround.

Taylor Lee for the cost breakdown & chart of the Spring event fish.

Kathleen Paranuk Paranuk in the comments for the info on the new update!

Juan Manuel in the comments and Alexvelhote on Reddit for confirming Hard Worker lvl 5!

Will in the comments for some Normal Fish corrections

Monstertop in comments for Themes info!

Nicholas H
Thanks to anyone who left a comment with a correction or suggestion! You all make this all worth it, even if it’s just to say thanks!

Thanks to Kat for finding a way for iOS users to get more gems!

Christopher Barnette in the comments for Achievement help!

LukewarmLint and cthulhus_spawn on Reddit and Atani in the comments for Spring Event fish info!

All my Patreon backers! You all help make my content possible.


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  • K

    I just wanted to let you know that I suddenly got a Bowmouth Guitarfish today for maxing out all of the skills. I didn’t see it on your list. Sorry if I missed it.

    • They’re in there, but thanks for looking out! They’re in the January Update Fish section, one of the Orange Blade Coral unlocks!

  • gnyugnyu

    Bunny Sea Slug – view and get butterfly 10 times.

  • drikimaru

    Get from the fb group

    Rabbit shark (4800 butterflies) – own spring dye & share garden turtle photo 5 times
    Bunny Seaslug (900 Butterflies) – watch event commercial 10 times

    • Thanks, looks like that’s all the unlocks!

  • drikimaru

    get the information from the group

    Rabbit shark (4800 butterflies) – own spring dye & share garden turtle photo 5 times
    Bunny Seaslug (900 Butterflies) – watch event commercial 10 times

  • Driwansyah Eko Halim

    Rabbit shark (4800 butterflies) – own spring dye & share garden turtle photo 5 times
    Bunny Seaslug (900 Butterflies) – watch event commercial 10 times

  • Jess Sugahara

    Is it ok to ask for advice? I’m at BU vitality, slogging slowly onward toward those impossible corals. I’ve got SOTM, delicious food, and volcanic eruption maxed, and one level each of the other three skills, plus 650 gems. I’m wondering what’s the best way to use the gems, or if I should save them? I’m not too interested in the current dyes/costumes, so maybe save them to level up Mystic Shell? Or would Spirit of Life be better? Thanks for any suggestions!

    • It’s always okay to ask, though unfortnately past BS vitality the game really just is crazy slow. You can mitigate it, but it seems to never actually pick up like it does in the A-AZ range.

      Mystic Shell and Glowing Conch are both worth it though expensive. Mystic Shell eventually doubles the rate at which you can cast all skills (granted, by watching ads) and Mystic Shell eventually doubles your vitality production, but they both take a lot of gems.

      Spirit of Life is nice but I would prioritize the magic items due to long term benefits. Spirit of Life’s double multiplier for 15 minutes really isn’t that significant overall.

      • Jess Sugahara

        Thank you so much! It helps to get some advice when you’re stuck. I’m still waiting on the spring event, so meanwhile I’ll work on maximizing MS and GC. I wish they’d tweak it so you progress a little faster… I doubt I’ll make the next coral within the year :/

        • Happy to help!

          Yeah the events are cool and the main reason I still play, but I really wish they’d address how insufferably slow the game gets around CA. It’s just…not even enjoyable, get a fish like once a day, watch os many ads just to progress. The game was much more fun around Z-AZ vitality.

  • Atani

    Hey there, the way to unlock the egg seahorse is to tap the top right corner of the screen 100 times while using song of the moon.

    • Great, thanks! Just once?

      • Atani

        I got it in one round of song of the moon

        • Atani

          Ah sorry, I edited my comment. You have to tap 100 times.

      • Atani

        I edited my comment. You have to tap 100 times. Apologies for not being clear

        • Thanks! I got another message confirming it’s 100 too. Only 2 hidden fish left to go!

  • Spring update seems to be rolling out everyone! Wait a few days before panicking as always. I usually get the updates 2-3 days after the first sightings happen on Reddit.

  • Iris Wang

    Why I am getting slow when reach to AC? It doesn’t grain any point.

    • The post AA stuff shouldn’t be THAT bad until around the BA-BZ range, are you sure you claimed all the vitality bonuses from the achievements and you’re casting Song of the Moon before Delicious Food? Bought all the fish you can? It only gets slower from there generally speaking,but it shouldn’t be impossible yet. “impossible” comes more around the CA territory where the game is clearly not meant to be played.

      • Iris Wang

        I am sure I casting Song of the Moon before Delicious Food. I only can have 85 fish. Well its really slow, I open all day and maybe only gain 1000AC. I am in AE level now. 2 weeks ago it was 392AE, today still 392AE. I have no idea what I happened to me. thank you

        • You’ve spent all you can on fish/coralite? No upgrades available? That’d be very strange if so

          • Iris Wang

            I spent all….and no upgrades available….I have no idea now….can someone help it? Or I can show a short video when I play it. thx

          • If you can upload a video maybe I’d be able to understand better, be sure to show your coralite, skills, coral level, achievements and fish cost. Generally speaking you shouldn’t be spending more than 10 or so casts of all 3 skills to upgrade coralite/fish until extremely late, like after CA vitality.

            If you haven’t upgraded Coral in a long long time you might be missing some vitality achievements.

          • Iris Wang
          • Have you been upgrading your Coralite? Could you show me the Stone page I guess? Your tap vitality usually shouldn’t be so low in relation to it, and Tap vitality is the most important since Delicious Food multiplies it and ignores Coral vitality, which you have a ton of.

  • Minedibuzz

    Crown Level 3 for Hard Worker is 5,000,000 taps.

  • SM58

    I have a question. At this point I am at AA vitality, I have started doubling up on fish as I have them all so far according to the posted list here. Buying fish is fun, levelling coral and coralite not so much.
    What else is there between now and AC when I finally unlock that Blue table coral?
    Advice anyone? I can only have 80 fish out now and as I buy more the game puts others away.

    • SM58

      I read on a bit and I am buying great whites. BTW: a side note I notice that as my predator count grows my prey count is getting smaller. All my little fish are gone from clowns to butterflys. I have a few Chromis left, parrot fish and grouper. are gone… I can’t remember what order I bought the fish however is it related to the order the fish are put away?
      Interesting. Maybe they are getting eaten?

      • Kat

        Are you over the limit of fish you can display? I noticed that as I bought fish, and the coralita level only allowed a certain amount of fish, then the new fish replaced something displayed (usually from the bottom end of the normal fish first) Try storing all your fish and then choosing which ones you want displayed. Leave a few slots empty for new fish and you can keep the ones you choose on display. Since Valentines day – I have a lot of fish but no way of displaying them all. You can see a counter of how many in total are displayed/allowed right beside the red manage button. It seems that the amount to be displayed only goes up when you reach a new Coral too.

        • SM58

          I see that now. I have to admit seeing all the sharks cruising around is cool and then the big blue whale does a drive by. I put my fish away like you say and I like it. Thx

    • Looks like you got the right idea, if you have all the hidden fish you have access to, you can get some Great Whites and Irrawaddy Dolphins for the later hidden fish from the expensive Coral, otherwise just buy what you want. Any fish will have the same multiplier, so if you’re not buying with a specific unlock in mind, what you buy is up to personal taste.

  • Kat

    Thanks so much for a great guide that kept me playing – or I would have given up. I found by ‘cheating the clock’ as you describe – that the ‘Get free Gems’ in ‘Shop’ also unlocks if you move the clock forward by more than 30 mins. It will do the same when you return to setting the clock ‘automatically’ but you MUST close the game first and then reopen it. On occasion the ad watch will not load the reward and then you need to close and restart the game. It also works for the ‘Get free vitality’ in Magic if you want it.While it means playing a lot of ads – for iOS it seems to be the only way of gaining decent gem counts – then once I have a hundred (and usually there is a chest of gems to help too) I use the ‘Spirit of Life’ to really get over the hump of hitting the wall and fit in 3 skills as Jody Isaacs points out lower down. Love you Youtube re the annoying things on here and hope they make their mascot Humpback cheaper or free so that what draws you to the game is not a joke and really unobtainable (and the name – I join in with that one too!)

    • Kat

      Also if you are going to do this – don’t do it while you are using Spirit of Life, SOM or DL or you will lose them. Auto taps keeps going tho.

      • Ah, thanks for that info, I just figured that wouldn’t work since so much of the game is online-only now and they seem to have tied most click cheating loopholes. I’ll add that in quick.

        BTW if this is the Kat that just joined my Patreon, thanks a lot! I’m currently locked out of posting on my Patreon since my phone died and my two factor auth was on it…waiting on Patreon support. I’ll get it back as soon as I can though, probably within a day or so

        • Kat

          It was I. I love it when people are trying something innovative, are helpful when they don’t have to be and responsive. Its not much though but Parker pics sealed the deal. I have a little marmalade cat that could be his wife!

          • Glad you appreciate it! It’s really rewarding to help but it’s not exactly the easiest way to earn a living. Love to do this stuff full time and help 10x as many people, but I get by.

            Glad you’re liking the parker pics too! I wasn’t sure I’d want a cat after having 2+ cats at my parents house my whole life as a kid but he’s so darn cute and friendly I couldn’t help myself.

  • Michael Porr

    I can’t get the convict tang. I tried three times waiting for an hour and not doing anything but nothing happened. Im wondering if my charger may be an issue because I used it for the three times as well. Can you please explain how you got the convict tang and tell me how it appeared on the screen after waiting an hour. By this I mean do you have to tap on an option and exit out if the hour is finished and then it will say that I got the confit tang. Can you please explain how you did it because I really want to complete my fish collection. Also tell me if you used a charger for waiting an hour. Sorry if Im trying to sound desperate but this fish has been bothering me so much. Please reply and thank you for all the other hints you gave us.

    • I just left my phone on my charger and eventually it was just on screen when I came back. You should be on the main screen of the game with the Coralite visible, ready to tap or open menus, just leave it at the main screen. If your phone’s screen isn’t still on when you return to the game, that’d be why; your phone shut off and you can’t get it unless the game’s actively running. As long as the game is open and your charger is plugged in your screen should stay on though.

      Power Save in the settings just reduces the framerate to use less power. I’d generally recommend it to waste less power, but no it won’t affect anything unlock-wise.

  • Renato Romero

    Hi Sir Tap Tap, just wanted to say, don’t really know if you added it alterad. That there is a new permanent cast you can BUY at the magic section. This stands for a long press continuing tapping. although this requires money and it does help a little when it comes to making more vitality, saldly this does not count for the Tapping achievements. Hope it helps.

  • 🍀NOV DEC🍀

    Anyone else having trouble logging into the friend ranks?

  • Matthew Alan Taylor

    I’ve been cheated! grrrrrr . I worked my way up to Level 6500 Lonely Coralite to get the new coral and now today that achievement was removed! It was just there yesterday! That’s not cool at all.

    • Wait, was it? Did they move the goals or? I can’t see prior achievements so I can’t really tell if they change things. It’d be nice if their change logs actually listed their changes…

      • Matthew Alan Taylor

        Alas…..it changed RIGHT when I got there. Like an episode of a sitcom.

        • NEWMAN!!

          Which level was it though and what’s the new requirement?

          • Matthew Alan Taylor

            I think it was the Giant Green Kelp. They turned that 92DLS.

          • Ohhh I see what you mean; nah that always cost 92DL, but the counter on the left (how much it will earn, not how much it costs) keeps going up as you get new fish

  • Isacco

    Hey, I’ve just updated on iOS, and now it crashes after a few seconds when launching the app…anybody else has this problem?

  • GK Ghima

    I got an update today on android. I couldn’t tell what they added, because there were no update notes on the store page, but when I checked the shop tab in game I found a new buyable: Midas Tap. It’s $10 and it essentially activates Volcanic Eruption (10 auto-taps/second) by holding a tap, lasting as long as you hold the tap. Unfortunately, it does not count towards Hard Worker even though it’s basically enhanced manual tapping that I payed $10 for, and frankly I’m kinda pissed. I would say it’s not worth it, especially with all the skills and magic items maxed.

    • Yeah, doesn’t seem worth it to me at all. Thanks for confirming it’s useless for Hard Worker too though

  • Katie

    For the megamouth shark, can you have the 15 great whites before having the coral?

    • You can buy them first sure, but you won’t get the Mega Mouth until you buy the coral. I bought them in advance myself just because it’s not like I have anything better to do while sloooooooooooowly progressing…

  • Kate

    Hello! I found this walkthrough after I have been playing and it’s becoming very difficult to obtain new fish. I am looking to re-start the game and play from the beginning. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but my previous data is loading. Is there a way to re-start the game from the beginning completely new? Thanks!

    • On Android you could just avoid logging in with your Google Play account or facebook account and I would think it would work, not sure if it’s possible on iOS as I’ve never tried. Now that saving/reloading are automatic it’s a lot harder to reset.

      I can’t really recommend restarting though, unless you did something like bought literally 200 of the same fish or something. The game is extremely linear and there’s not really much of anything you can do wrong, so resetting would rarely be any kind of beneficial. What’s your vitality letter?

      • Kate

        I’m stuck on O (on the lower end, around 17 O now) with my Song of the Moon at 1300% and now my fish cost 78 O.

        • See the walkthrough, the O wall is well documented. Restarting will just waste time and you haven’t really had time to make any disastrous mistakes like buy 50 of the same fish instead of working for hidden ones. I’d just keep playing, there’s like 3 vitality achievement milestones right after the O wall so thing speed up.

  • Kate

    Hello! I found this walkthrough after I have started playing and I want to re-start. When I uninstall the app, and reinstall, my previous game re-loads. Do you know how to start completely from the beginning? Thanks!

  • Bernadette Parker Amisano

    I have 100 fish, but all of them cannot swim at the same time. Past a certain # of fish displayed, it automatically stores some of my fish. I did not find this mentioned in your guide, (which is tremendously helpful, by the way). Is this a function of game levels or is it a function of space on your phone or tablet?

    Also, is “Kim” in the friends section the game developers? They have all of the event fish as well as the thousand year old blue whale…

    • That’s a function of the Corals, you get 5 more fish per new Coral. You can see the total amount you can have on the Fish page and move more in/out from Manage Fish. I never really made a “coral” section so I guess I didn’t mention it. It’s kind of a performance issue turned feature; the upper limit seems to be set for how much a phone can handle (they had to tweak the AI a lot to raise the limit for the newest coral, and performance still tanked)

      Thought I mentioned Kim somewhere but I guess I didn’t! Yeah, it’s just a fake friend/showcase of the most expensive stuff, everyone has her by default.

  • Lady_Hiroko

    Thank you SOOO much for this. I’m the overachiever (and completionist). I’m one that wants to max literally everything and get 5 per fish (so like 5 red clownfish) and never use real money. Events (like Christmas) that I miss doesn’t break my heart. My question is, what is the max level of everything? Right now Coralite is at 500 and the first 3 corals are level 30. I just want to know what’s the max level of each of those so I can figure out what to focus on.. I’ve looked around Google but nobody can seem to answer my question. And I’m not opposed to watching ads. In fact, and much as it kills me to say, I recommended more ads or increase the output of said ads on the review.

    By the way, I’m on the Ipad. And thank you for your time.

    • Corallite/Coral don’t appear to have a max level at all, nor is there a max number of fish that you can own (just a max you can display). I guess I should add that. The game would basically end if they did after all.

  • Matthew Alan Taylor

    Have 15 Great White Sharks- nothing happened. Have 250 fish. Nothing happened. Is it possible that these hidden fish have been removed?
    Many thanks in general for the your information, Sir Tap Tap. Love the game.
    Is it possible those achievements/fish require that I have Pink Tree Coral before getting them?

    • Yeah, they require the coral, I noted that at the top of the January fish update. They’re not like the other hidden fish, they all require coral in addition to their unlocks

  • Renato Romero

    Does anyone know if KIM on Facebook friend list belongs to the game founder?

    • It’s just a robo-friend everyone has, it’s not a person at all. They just stocked it up with all the most expensive things for advertisement

  • 🍀NOV DEC🍀

    It’s easier to accept Quests when you connect your phone to a PC and use your mouse…vs scrolling all the way down on your phone. I use Wondershare – the MirrorGo feature. (They have a free trial) I paid 29.95 for it because there’s a lot of other stuff they offer

    It doesn’t scroll down smoothly but it’s much much quicker

    • I use Nox personally, but I stopped using that trick once I got all the gems I needed for unlocks. Cool idea though, thanks!

  • Rachel

    This is a neat guide. Glad to hear that the “O hump” is a thing that stops because that’s where I’m at and I was starting to think I wouldn’t be able to put up with this anymore lol.

    • Happy to help! And yeah, I noticed lots of people were confused by the O wall (I was frustrated with it too) so I thought I’d note it gets better!

      …meanwhile, down at CC vitality I seem to have found a wall that doesn’t ever go away. I just wait for events now lol.

  • Serge V Louise

    Thank you for your help as well. I spent money on Eruption early on before I read this and as well Nautilus till I realised it was per minute. I have delicious food as well. Now focusing entirely on SongotMoon. One advantage of having eruption last longer for me is in grinding. I am at the O wall now and letting it auto tap for 5 minutes after SotM is done is restful.

    • Later on there’s a hidden fish that requires all 3 skills at max level anyway, so an investment in Eruption isn’t a waste regardless, just a bit miss-timed! Happy the guide helped!

  • nanourd

    Hi all :)
    Is it possible to have the name of facebook groups to add friends ? I need the spadefish ^^

    • Should be easy to find searching on Google or facebook itself. I don’t like to link specific groups anymore after reports of unmoderated harassment going on in one. Just easier to only link to things I control myself. I also recommend a fake facebook, very useful for gaming since so many apps want you to connect for prizes.

  • Shaked

    hey there, I happend to purchase a second Giftbox Turtle before valentine event is over, and I have noticed each of the turtles is different size(one is smaller than the other one). is it a bug or intended feature?

    • It’s in the miscellaneous tips info, the first of any species of fish is always bigger than the other ones. It’s only cosmetic

  • Faris Achmad

    Sirtaptap, if i using remains of a nautilus (auto tap skill) is it count that i didn’t doing nothing? Because i tried to leave the app open for 3 hours and my phone is still awake but i still didn’t get the convict tang :(

    • No, remains of a nautilus wouldn’t affect it (you can’t turn it off anyway). If the game is still open and the screen’s still on an hour later and nothing’s popped up you might just have to make a bug report.

  • Crystal Campbell

    Hello Sir Tap Tap, I just wanted to thank you for this guide, it seriously helped me out with the hidden fish, keep up the good work! :)

  • Sophie

    In the new update I checked the box saying that I don’t want to add my Facebook, but now I do in able to get hidden fish. Any ideas on how to add mine? Also thanks for this guide! It helped me get to AI (where I am currently) which is more than I could ever imagine.

    • It’s the “friends” icon at the top (the three kids left of the trophy)

  • Ethan Bradberry

    dear sirtaptap,
    i bought 12 bluegreen chromis cuz i thought they’ll look good in a group but they wont school together unlike the heart angels. Do i need more bluegreen chromises ? Do all small fishes do the same?

    btw u da best and this website helped out alot

    • Almost all fish show schooling behavior to some degree especially in larger numbers. I don’t have enough bluegreen chromis to test myself, but generally speaking the more you have the clearer the schooling is. But if they don’t school, there’s not really anything you can do. It’s just a quirky function of the AI.

      Happy to help!

      • Ethan Bradberry

        I bought a few more blue green chromis but they still won’t school. Maybe damsels and clownfish don’t school too because they seem to have the same Ai as chromis compared to tangs and butterflys.

  • Faris Achmad

    Hi sirtaptap, i already leave the app open and do nothing for an hour but it didn’t work for getba Convict Tang. Can you help me to solve the problem? Thanks :)

    • Did your phone go to sleep perhaps? LEave it charging with no menus open in Abyssrium and see if you get it. Give it a few extra minutes instead of just checking right at the hour too

      • Faris Achmad

        My phone awake for an hour, okay i will try to give it a few extra minutes. Thank you sirtaptap

  • Renato Romero

    I’ve got quite a few Great whites, yet only one of them is almost twice as big as the others, is this a glitch or this happens everytime?

    • john

      From the miscellellaneous tips part
      -When buying repeats of a fish, the first will be large and all the rest will be a second, smaller size. The variance isn’t much for smaller fish and is hardly noticeable, but with large fish you’ll notice the first one is huge and the latter ones are relatively “bite sized”. The difference is especially noticeable with whales and sharks.

      its not a glitch, its normal

  • Flapjack Bondurant

    Hey guys; did you do something special to have the stripped marlin or it comes when it comes.
    I tried several times to do what Romero said but it doesn’t work for me.

    And thank you for all those tips :)

    • It has a pretty low chance of occurring even doing it “right” it seems. Since it’s so fussy and hard to test we don’t really have any data beyond what’s listed and all that’s basically conjecture.

      • Flapjack Bondurant

        Ok, I’ll wait lol. Thanks

  • Naimul A. Ferdous

    Check Attendance bug… how to fix this ? plz help me…….

    • What kinda bug? If you mean the achievement that gives you gems for X days played, did you mess with the clock? It’s got a grudge and won’t’ count again until the latest day you set the clock forward. If you mean the attendance system that gives you fish you have to be online for it to work.

    • Naimul A. Ferdous
      • Weird, if you’re connected online and didn’t mess with the clock I don’t know what the issue would be, I’d ask Support (links are in the Gear menu). Let me know if you find anything that fixes it! Sorry I can’t be of more help.

        • Naimul A. Ferdous


  • Becky St James

    i’ve got 18 great white sharks and no megamouth shark yet?? did I read hidden fish wrong…thought I only needed 15

    • You have to have the coral for it too

  • 🍀NOV DEC🍀

    What should the tap/sec ratio be to get max results?

    • Nox app player doesn’t seem to have a tap per second thing, I just recorded the macro as fast as I could and tried to cover the area my jellyfish hover in to get some candies while I let it go. It’s still so slow (since it’s not using skills) I don’t really care to mess with it much. Even with SOTM tapping is pretty insignificant beyond BA

  • Nitzan Horovitz

    How to get unlimited gems

    1.The first step is to log on to your google play account, to do this you nees to tap on the game remote on the top of the screen and then choose  “sign in to google play” on the left.

    2. next you’d need to tap on the Hourglass icon in order to activate the google quests. Just tap on “Accept quest” on each one to activate all of them.

    3.now at this point you may be lucky and all your hard work was already counted into the quests and you get your gems right away, or you may have to complete them. You can choose to only complete the easy ones like picture taking or tapping 1000-10000 times these are fairly easy to accomplish, and once you have activated the quests you will be able to complete them as you play along.

    4.Once you have completed a few or all the quests and have claimed your gems, you can now use different emaol accounts to log into google play, the first 10 emails or so that you log into, you will notice you can claim the gems just by activating the quests with each email. Once you add more than 10 emails you will have to complete the quests once more and then use 9 more emails that you can claim the gems with automatically.. this goes on to 20,30 emails and so on.

    5. As you may have known, each quest lasts 7 days before you can claim them again, but if you log off and log back on into each email every 24 hours (after claiming the gems obviously) you will notice you can acticate the quest again. If you do you will not get the gems automatically, but here comes a weird trick! – If you activate and complete only one of the easy to accomplish quests like the tv star, rookie photograper or the begginer of tap, you will be able to activate the rest of the quests again and claim the gems right away. you can do this with as many emails as you like however many time you like. if you do this once a day you can get around 400 gems per email, every single day! if you use 10 emails and the quest had just reset after 7 days you can get 8000 gems in a songle day!

  • James Murphy

    Proof: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/91d63d073762f34f40d1bdd1c2dab8827e4fa72dbe660d955ea47ca3e20be25a.jpg

    Hard Worker Crown Level 2 is 3,000,000 taps. I’ve got this guide in mind as I pursue this achievement. Wish me and my wrists luck.
    It sounds a little selfish to ask for credit but I just want to see my name on the credits of this amazing guide!! Keep up the good work!

    • Holy crap.I set up Nox app player to auto tap to see how well it worked and 1 million STILL seemed crazy out of reach. Thanks for the info though! Edited that in (and tossed you in the credits, dont’ worry =p)

  • Libri293

    Re: Those pesky Striped Marlin. FINALLY got this around Level BY. I did not need to store all my fish nor to be idle, but I did refrain from watching any video ads. First I decluttered my view by keeping only a few small fish which dart in and out of the coral and some pink Valentine’s jellyfish which float rather high and mostly in place. This gave me maximum expansion of the “view” with nothing moving much. After an hour or so of playing, I was tapping madly to top up my Vitality enough for a new fish when all of a sudden — BAM! — there one was going from right to left about mid-high on the Coralite. Then I saw more around jellyfish level. Thanks so much for the tip on taking a picture right away then tapping to lock onto them from there for an official picture, because I got so excited I didn’t know what to do for a moment. Sir Tap Tap to the rescue!

    • So happy you got it! Yeah, I knew the “store all fish” wasn’t necessary since I had lots of fish out when I got them, I’ll note that’s just for ease of visibility.

  • Auron

    I am finding R much harder to get past than O personally.

    • I did write the walkthrough before the latest updates, but from Reddit it sounds like people are still hitting a wall around O. Once you hit X it should be smooth sailing for a long time though

  • Katy Leichtfuss

    So I’m confused about the blue table corral cost, its AC, I’m on S right now. Does that mean I have to go all the way through the alphabet til it restarts? Or how do I unlock it?

    • Yeah, after you hit Z you’ll eventually go to AA. Once you hit X it’s pretty dang fast for many, many letters though so you’re not really all that far from AC. CS on the other hand, even I don’t have.

  • Kristina

    What about the 1000 year old whale? not sure I saw it mentioned anywhere.. is it some kind of myth? Haha

  • Rebecca Lowdermilk

    yEaaah… this one won’t unlock for me. And I hit that button fifty times three times over. :c

  • Isacco

    Hey man, I’m at W vitality and I don’t get it…is Z vitality the “end” or is X? And more importantly, is it still that super relaxing end that you were talking about since they added all those new corals?

    edit: are they seriously asking 100€/$ for a digital fish/swimming humanoid??? Is there any other way to obtain that facking mermaid?

    • There’s never really been a solid end, Z was just a convenient ending and was about when any player should have access to all fish before some of the more recent hidden ones, and the game also has a very easy stretch with practically free fish for basically a whole alphabet.

      It’s less true now that ther’es stuff all the way to DL Vitality, but the DL Vitality stuff is practically impossible. I’d still say Z is the major goal for sane players and there’s currently no real path to DL, so for now, we wait.

      • Isacco

        What do you mean with “free fish”? That is easier to get them?

        PS. What about the mermaid?

        • Yeah, they’re really easy to get for a while; a single cast of all 3 skills will get you a fish every time for a long time. It’s how the game should have stayed, but it gets slow again in the BS region.

          And nah, Mermaid is a paid fish. I pretend the paid fish don’t exist. They already discontinued a $100 premium fish to rotate in a new one. No way in the world I’m going to pay a repeating $100 fee to pick up whatever new fish they want to hock.

          • Isacco

            Argh…that stupid mermaid…too expensive.
            So do you suggest to buy a lot of angel fish and tangs in order to unlock their respective secret fish or to get more of my favorite fish? I’m close to unlock the cephalopods and I can’t wait to buy 3000 cuttlefish 😝

          • Do the tangs now and add a few fish you actually want in between. You’ll get will over a hundred fish while they’re super cheap, might as well fulfill the boring requirements while they’re fast imo

  • Alizarin

    Hello! I was wondering, do event candies carry over to the next event? Trying to decide if i should buy a ton of val fish or wait. Thanks!

    • Isacco

      Yep, they do.

  • Jody Isaacs

    Just wanted to say how much the guide has helped and added to game play for me. I am not sure how many have figured this out but I don’t think I saw it in the guide so wanted to mention. I always get 3 skills use out of each Spirit of Life. First you have to have all the skills maxed out, this was pretty easy with the quest cliche. Once you have 100 gems saved up have your skills charged, then wait until recharge is ready, or close to use Spirit of Life. Hit SOL and use the skills. I then wait until I get the picture quest, since it is buffed, and then recharge and hit skills again. Then after 7 1/2 minutes charge them again and hit them. Depending on how quick I get the first picture quest, the 3rd hit usually has 2 to 4 minutes of double vitality left on it. This is also a great way to build up candy for events. I have all the Valentine items and have saved almost 500A. I didn’t know they carried over and spent them all during Christmas event. I am currently at CH vitality and noticed like others, all of them get real slow through the middle runs of each first letter set. Once again, thanks for the guide, great job on it and hope this tip on SOL helps others.

    • I note that in the Candy section, but I’ll note it in the Magic section too. Until I ran out of things to use gems on I never really considered using Spirit of Life except for candy

    • Isacco

      I’m curious: when did you start to play abyssrium? Sir taptap said that the second wall is there when you hit the BS vitality, and you surpassed CA vitality…how did you do that?

      • Jody Isaacs

        There seemed to be quite a few walls but some levels seemed to go quicker. Mostly just grinding it out and using the method above to get 3 skill hits, those DF, per SOL. Sometimes I would save up when I had double to hit the next fish. That seems to help quite a bit. Maxing out skills was a huge help.

        • Isacco

          Eh…I’m on iOS, so no quests for me and it’s a really REALLY long trip to max out skills, especially song of the moon. The only source of gems 💎 is that casual +30 from the chest.

          • If you aren’t, I’d watch the 10 gem add too. It feels worse, but since only 1/3rd of the Chest openings actually have gems, it’s the same return on average. But each, sucks the game is slower on iOS due to the gem situation.

  • Paloma Plata

    Really like your guide, so useful. You think you can add some pictures too? For the non native speaker- my game is in spanish by default, and the translation sucks! I had a hard time figuring out the correspondant fishes.

    • I’ve been avoiding images for a few reasons (webpage size, how to actually implement), but I’ll see if there’s something I can do.

      The translation in english isn’t the world’s best either. You should be able to switch to English in the settings though (Gear menu -> tap English) if only to make referencing the guide easier. You can switch language at any time.

  • Борисов Никита

    Tell me, I think that’s a skill that Delicious Food is working not correctly, when using a skill instead of an increase of 15,000 it increases only 10,000, maybe it’s a bug of the game, but I would like to hear from you what you think about this and if there is some sort of formula, I would like to hear it.
    I would like to add the following:
    I have 14.309 BP without using the song of the moon
    all skills at maximum
    and when you use skills with 10 shrimp I get
    321.963 BQ each shrimp
    that is 14.309 * 15000 = 214.635 BR
    and I get only 2.146 BR
    if you know what it involves, I beg you to explain.

    • I don’t really check the numbers personally so I haven’t noticed. Anyone else have any idea?

  • Борисов Никита

    Tell me, I think that’s a skill that Delicious Food is working not correctly, when using a skill instead of an increase of 15,000 it increases only 10,000, maybe it’s a bug of the game, but I would like to hear from you what you think about this and if there is some sort of formula, I would like to hear it.
    I would like to add the following:
    I have 14.309 BP without using the song of the moon
    all skills at maximum
    and when you use skills with 10 shrimp I get
    321.963 BQ each shrimp
    that is 14.309 * 15000 = 214.635 BR
    and I get only 2.146 BR
    if you know what it involves, I beg you to explain.

  • bld009

    Do you know if you have to be connected to the internet for the marlin to show up?

    • I wouldn’t think so (it was added before the online checks were so aggressive), and I haven’t seen any evidence to suggest it is online only.

      But I would generally avoid playing without an internet connection since it seems almost every update more things are online only.

  • Birds Bear

    Thank you so much for your dedication to helping the newbies. Just started a week ago, and would have gotten incredibly frustrated with out your help.

    For folks still struggling to find the striped Marlin, try taking a photo and clicking on a top swimmer (like a jellyfish) to allow for panning from under the jelly. After saving the photo, the orientation remains facing up and allows for a fairly empty view of the top of the ocean…..making swimming Marlin *really* stand out. Still took almost 30 minutes before the Marlins showed up.

  • Tara W

    Hey, what’s the purpose of storing fish? Why would I do this other than to earn more candies?

    Your notes here are really helpful – thanks for putting this together :)

    • Aside from the candy trick it’s purely cosmetic. The “store all” is there because of how hard it was to store all fish manually. It’s nice to do if you’re starting a new themed aquarium, like taking out all your christmas fish or making a tank full of sharks or something.

  • Pingback: Abyssrium-期間限定-バレンタインイベント | Abyssrium(私だけの水族館()

  • Chrille Samuel


    I made a OpenOffice document with all the fish and a calculator that shows:
    % of all fish
    Types of fish
    Total fish amount

    Download link:

    I made this because I wanted a way to show all the fish in the same order as they appear in “manage fish” and could not find it anywhere. I hope this helps people like myself who want an easier way to go through all the fish and see what you need to do to unlock.

  • Nope nope nope

    It’s two hours and 14 minutes because of the date of Valentine’s Day, the fourteenth of February. (For the Valentines event)

  • MaiPian

    Mystic Shell has similar efficiency as Food skill (after level 1). I hit the second wall at BQ.

    • Yeah the late Bs are awful. Looking at it again, I guess Mystic Shell is about as good as the LAST levels of Delicious Food/SotM, but significantly worse than the first couple, since it’s a flat 10% every time. SotM is still always the best because of events

      • MaiPian

        Improvement for each skill level. MS is about 3 lvl behind DF, 2 lvl behind SotM. Notice MS start from level 0, while the other two skill start from level 1 (where lv0 is mandatory)

        Lv DF Lv SotM Lv MS
        1 4,17% 1 4,00% 0 3,33%
        2 3,70% 2 3,33% 1 3,03%
        3 3,33% 3 2,86% 2 2,78%
        4 3,03% 4 2,50% 3 2,56%
        5 2,78% 5 2,22% 4 2,38%
        6 2,56% 6 2,00% 5 2,22%
        7 2,38% 7 1,82% 6 2,08%
        8 2,22% 8 1,67% 7 1,96%
        9 2,08% 9 1,54% 8 1,85%
        10 1,96% 10 1,43% 9 1,75%

        • MaiPian

          Per 100 Gems

  • Filthy Harry

    Hi, thanks for the guide, it’s been a big help. One question, when farming the Stripped Marlin, can I watch videos for chests and recharging skills? Or does that count against time being in game?

    • I don’t think anyone really knows for sure (it’s unlock condition makes it all but impossible to test) but I don’t think it’d like, reset the counter or anything. You don’t have to be not playing the game like Convict Tang. Avoid closing the app/going to other apps though.

  • Zahadum

    There’s supposed to be some kind of official Facebook fan page right?
    But the only result in the FB search engine is for the actual app FB site.
    Does anyone know the correct name for the fan page?

    (it’s much easier to fulfill the 50 FB quota required for one of the invisible fish by recruiting existing abyssrium players to be new FB friends than it is to spam your existing FB friends to become new abyssrium players! LOL)

    • There isn’t an official one, and the reason there isn’t is probably the same as the reason I don’t link to any. I briefly had a link up but heard there was harassment going on in it with the moderators doing nothing about it, I don’t need to be involved in that. I would recommend either adding 5 people and immediately leaving & unfriending them or making a face facebook like I did.

      You only need 5 friends for the spadefish BTW.

  • Chicken

    Hey just thought I’d throw out there in case anyone was interested; I bought the Valentines sunfish (it’s cute, I’m weak, plus it’s a good way to earn candy for the next even in case they make it harder again!) Anyway, I still haven’t unlocked that stupid heart grouper, but I unlocked the pink whale shark by taking a picture of all the others (minus the heart whale) and the sunfish. So basically, the vday sunfish does count as a vday fish. Not really relevant if you don’t want to buy the sunfish, but a nice little bonus if you do.

    • I figured that’s how it’d work, thanks for the confirm!

  • Gamemast

    Is striped marlin 30 consecutive minutes?!??

    • Not certain, but probably. It’s all but impossible to see unless you’re playing very intensely or deliberately watching for it either way.

      • Gamemast

        Ok hopefully I’ll. E able to get it soon it’s the only hidden fish that I’m missing at this point (except for time ones)

        • Good luck! It’s an annoying one but I eventually got it.

          • Max

            can you still be tapping while trying to get the marlin? And can I keep the app open for like an hour at a time or is it 30 minutes…then close the app and reopen it for another 30 minutes?

          • I’d avoid closing the app but I’m pretty sure it’s cumulative time, most people when hunting leave the app open constantly so you don’t have to close the app to get another chance. Tapping and stuff seems to be fine. I was playing pretty normally when I got the marlin.

          • Max

            thank you!

  • Susan L. Wade

    Another question what happens to your leftover candy at the end of the event ,does it just disappear or what?

  • Susan L. Wade

    Can someone tell me how many fish you can have active at one time

    • It’s whatever the number in the Fish menu says. You get 5 more fish per Coral. The current max is 110 but extremely few people can reach that. You should be able to get 80 pretty easy though

      • GK Ghima

        The max number of fish most high-level players can have is 95. It seems like only REALLY hardcore players already have the Pink Tree Coral, let alone the Giant Green Kelp, so at the Orange Blade Coral it would be +15 from Star Horn’s 80. Technically, you could have 125, but that’s only if you have the Giant Green Kelp AND have bought both Supreme Packages for $200. Maybe a single person has that, but the cap is functionally 90-95 for normal people.

    • herp


  • HaleyJayne

    So I see that to get the Queen Angel you have to update your volcano to level 3000, which I’ve done, and I still don’t have it!!! Any ideas on what I have to do?

    • GK Ghima

      Not Corallite Level 3000, Fragile Staghorn Coral Level 3000. It’s the lowest coral, so if you’re at Level 3000 it shouldn’t be too long before you can buy up to that, if you can’t already.

      • HaleyJayne

        Oh duh, thank you! Lol


    Is there anyway to delete the completed quests? I’m having to scroll down quite a bit to accept the new ones.

    • I wish, but I don’t think so. I have dozens and dozens now. I only bother to get the 100 gem ones with the glitch now.

  • Akpetr

    How do you get the red weedy sea dragon? I do not understand the receive upon notification. What is that?

  • A

    I’m waiting on this Red Weedy Seadragon. I need it to get my 100th fish AND I want the Giant Seadragon. Don’t suppose anyone has advice on how to get it to appear faster…

    • See the tips under the Spotted Mandarin Dragonet, very top of the hidden fish list. I got it pretty quick as soon as I stopped playing (notifications will not appear while playing) but some people have to force it with the method there

    • Apparently notification fish are broken and an update soon will fix it. I added it to the game updates section: https://www.facebook.com/abysssaga/posts/256024524852358


    How do you get these?
    Striped Marlin, sea pig, hatchet fish, Blob fish, Megamouth, Gulper eel, basking shark, Dwarf whale, beluga whale, migaloo.

    I didn’t get to the pink tree coral or green giant kelp yet.

  • Katie

    I just got the gift box dumbo and I didn’t play for 2 hours and 14 minutes in one sitting. like you said, I think as long as you dont close the app it doesn’t appear to reset the time you’ve played. I played across several days and I opened my app today and went to the friends thing and I got it.

    • I doubt even closing the app resets the timer. It’s just real buggy =/

  • GK Ghima

    A couple tips I thought I’d mention:
    – For the Vitality Sources section, the ratio of (Vitality Ad) to (Friendshop Gift) to (Gift of the Ocean) to (Gift of an Angel) to (Gift from the Gods) is 1:5:10:40:100 and the 1 is equivalent to approximately 1117.7 times your coral vitality production.

    – The shrimp spawned by Delicious Food give vitality based on your per-tap vitality at the instant you tap them or a fish eats them. If you wait until ~10 seconds are left on SotM, it will run out before you can get all of them and the amount you get will be decreased. This is really only significant for reaching maximum efficiency, as it really only makes a difference when you play chicken with the SotM timer to try and get a Corallite level bonus or a fish without using Delicious Food, so you can pop DF at the last second and get double. It has happened to me many times, although my play style is atypical, so I can’t speak for anyone else.

    • Sure about that second one? I remember testing and you’d get vastly less vitality if you cast SotM after DF even though DF takes many seconds to activate. Thanks for running the numbers though, I’ll add that I guess, even though IMO those vitality sources are totally useless at most points of the game

      • GK Ghima

        You’re actually totally right about that. Sorry to pass on misinformation. I hadn’t tested it under control conditions, just in the course of normal play, and I guess I got it wrong. I’m actually glad to know that; now I have more time when I’m “playing chicken” like I mentioned.

  • GK Ghima

    A couple of minor errors I noticed going through the guide:
    – Under Skills, it says that Song of the Moon does not multiply the photo quest reward. In fact, it does; it is the only coral-level-based reward that functions this way. Note that the reward is based on your coral vitality when the quest first pops up, and activating Song of the Moon when there is already a quest in place will not increase the reward. Likewise, if a photo quest pops up while SotM is active, you will receive an increased reward even if SotM ends before you take the photo. It is also affected by Spirit of Life.
    – Under Gem Sources, it says that the cooldown for gem ads is 15 minutes. It is actually 30, as it is with the vitality ads and the candy ads.
    – Under the Quest Exploit section, it says that you need to finish a quest at least once to get the extra reward. You do not; I actually wasn’t sure previously, but now that Google Play is its own icon on the header, it drops you back into the game after accepting a quest rather than the achievements tab. Accepting each quest one by one, I got to see if I received a reward for each one, and it did give me the rewards for Heart Collector (Hard) and World Star, which I have yet to properly complete. In short, accepting a quest gives a reward, and you get another for finishing it.
    – Under achievements, it says that the reward in gems is 50/50/70/100/150. The star levels go 30/50/70/100/150, while the crown levels go 50/50/100/100/150. The addition of the With Friends achievement allowed me to confirm this.

    • Thanks, that quest exploit definitely needed some editing. Got all of these addressed

  • Aprilkitty thefangirl

    Thank you for making this guide! It’s awesome! Except, my Moorish Idol won’t unlock. I’ve taken more than 5 pictures of the mystery chest and it still won’t unlock. Could someone help?

    • You tapped the chest to make sure it’s focusing on it, right? Not just in the frame. Otherwise, afraid I don’t really know. A few people have had problems with it and I don’t really know if there’s a solution other than that. Might try backing up your save to cloud, verifying (tap save again and make sure the date on the save is right), deleting and reinstalling the app and loading your safe and trying again. That’s kind of the last resort troubleshooting method. Sometimes the game is just buggy though

  • Bailey Ku

    Just wanted to let you know that for the recent Christmas event, the baby penguin can be earned by tapping with two fingers 100 times. :)

    • GK Ghima

      That’s been in the guide for over a month. Not only is the event over, it’s currently the next event.

    • Thanks, yeah that’s added!

  • Katie Fleming

    I tapped in the upper right corner 1,000 times but I didn’t get the vampire squid. Could I i be doing something wrong?

    • Do you have the Blue Table Coral? Taps don’t count forwards that unless you have that. If you do, try not doing multiple finger taps.

  • PandoraFury

    Played for well over 2 hr 14 min and got nothing. Went to visit my good friend Kim and as soon as I got back the silly gift box dumbo octopus appeared.

    • Eva Lovasco

      I saw that tip in the Facebook group this morning, so I tried it and I came back to it unlocked! :)
      Had my DH try it when he got home, and while he didn’t get the notification, the GB Dumbo Octopus was available to purchase. :)
      Is is possible that they don’t require active, uninterrupted gameplay for this unlock? Maybe just 2h, 14m cumulatively since the update? I definitely didn’t have more than 1 hour playing in a row, and DH didn’t even attempt…

      • I’m pretty sure it’s cumulative, it’s just an extremely buggy unlock.

  • Nicholas H

    Once you get to the BS level, it definitely slows down quite a bit (think even BV was pretty slow).

    As an example of how difficult it is at BU (where I currently am with all the skills and items upgraded to MAX except for Remains of the Nautilus – but that one doesn’t seem to be that significant anyway):
    -To get to my next 25 Coral level (for 200%) I need about 60 BU and to get my next fish I need 91 BU.
    -And, upon executing all of my skills, Delicious Food gives about 9 BU.
    -Tapping with the skills running (Besides Food) gives about 1.4 BU per minute. Thus, Tapping the entire 5 minutes yields about 7 BU additional. So, it is significant, but still not as much as the Delicious Food.
    – So that means 6-7 times of doing Delicious Food (with Song running) or about 4 times of doing Delicious Food while tapping the entire time.

    I typically do not tap that much unless an event is going though.

    When I first got the update, I was around AC (I do not recall if I was able to get the Blue Table Coral right away or not, but I was at least close). I’m now at BU, but things really slow down after BS/BT. Once I finally get to 100,000 Coral of Life (which is 1,500 away – so about 100 levels for each coral – which is around 20-70 BU for most of my corals), it should help, but that’s just 200%. In 625 levels, my stone will get 200% as well (level 8000). I’m Assuming that near BV that will happen.

    So I’m assuming that it will help get through CA pretty easily once I get there based on GK Ghima’s experience. BS through BU has been quite a pain so I’m looking forward to going faster at least a little while.

    I wish the Coral/Stone/Vitality boosts happened a bit more frequently. I don’t need to get to DL right away, but at least having small goals more often might help it not seem so difficult, even if it would still be slow – just not as slow. I just fear it getting even slower than it is now as I get to the higher levels.

    I am just glad I’m at this point during an event since it encouraging tapping to get candy anyway, and I want to get a ton of candy this event since I really like the pink jelly fish (though it looks more red, which is good since I wouldn’t like it as much if it were pink!). I have 6 of them so far – soon to be 7.

    • Thanks for the numbers–I wondered if tapping was worth it, IMO not so if it’s less than delicious food, which matches up to how I thought.

      I think you’re wrong about BV though. I’m at CA vitality and still 50 Coralite levels way from 8000. A 200% boost feels like it disappears after only a few letters now though. It all just sucks at this point frankly.

      • GK Ghima

        The boost from reaching 8000 goes away after 100-200 levels, but since I didn’t get Coral of Life IX until shortly after, I breezed through at least 8400. It does slow down a bit after that, but not to intolerable levels like ~BU/BV pre-update. I’m currently at Level 8700 (CH Vitality), and it averages 25 Levels and 1 Fish per 3 Spirit of Life-enhanced uses of all the skills (which you can get with 1 use of SoL if your Glowing Conch is maxed).

        For reference, CS comes around 10000, and DL around 12000.

        • Huh, thanks for the Coralite numbers I’ll note those in the guide. Just below 8000 now though I’m not sure how I’m supposed to get 40k more coral levels to get the next coral of life any time soon.

        • Nicholas H

          I just got Coral of Life 100,000, but it really didn’t help for very long since it was only 200%. The next one at 150,000 will be 500% so that should help, but obviously is not going to be for a while.

          So, I’m around BU/BV. I haven’t noted how many it takes, but slightly better with the 200%.

          I’ll get a small boost again when I hit 8000 for coralite, but that’s still quite a bit of time.

          For now, I’ll just continue making more pink jelly fish,

  • Tintin

    just wanted to add, just got the giftbox dumbo octopu
    s after playing 2.14 hours and after visiting my friends, even if I still havent got the pink grouper unlocked yet. Thanks for your very helpful guide sirtaptap 😄

  • MECI1037

    Thank you, you have been such a great help. I started playing mid-September and am now at level BT. My question is if you miss a fish can you ever get a chance to get. IE I never encountered the swarming marlins so was unable to get the Striped Marlin. That was bad enough. Now I never got the Red Weedy Dragon so I cannot get the Giant Seadragon. Thats 3 fish I cannot get. Any suggestions?

    • GK Ghima

      There is no way to permanently miss normal fish, except for the Legendary Sun Fish, which was a crossover thing. If a fish actually got taken out, it would be kind of a big deal. It’s inaccurate to say “you never got” those fish because you can absolutely still get them, and the Red Weedy Sea Dragon isn’t even all that hard. The Marlin is the tricky one. Sometimes people stake out for weeks or even months and don’t see it. I wouldn’t necessarily even call it unlucky that you haven’t encountered them yet.

      • MECI1037

        Thank you! There’s hope yet.


  • Ebony

    Hey, I need help with the gift box dolphin. I am not really good in english, so if anyone could explain also for the stupid ones. xD

  • Tiffany

    Looks like Night of Christmas went away ☹️ True for other people? I liked the underwater snow.

    • Huh, yep, gone here too. Weird. None of the other stuff is gone so it’s probably a bug. Anyone contact support yet?

  • Erick

    To get gift box dumb octopus, need to connect to the Internet for 2hours ?????

    • No idea if online is required. But considering how increasingly little of the game works offline, especially events, I’d assume it needs to be online

  • Winkie Faceunicorn

    Hey! You don’t actually need a twitter or Facebook account to earn the fish. You can just tap the app you need after you snap a photo and then say cancel. This has worked every single time I’ve tried!

  • Hana Laskaris

    So, im doing the valentine hidden fish and i think i did the friend giftbox properly so i should be getting the dolphin, but for some reason im not getting it? Can u maybe help me out on what i maybe did wrong. I dont know when the event ends but i rather get all the fish before it ends.

    • You’re in the friends menu right, the icon left of the trophy? Just tap the present box icon at the bottom of that menu (not in an aquarium, at the menu) a ton of times, 50 if you want to count, exit out and you should get it

      • Hana Laskaris

        …………… i got it…… i um, misunderstood what i was supposed to do……. im basically super mad at myself now. Lol.

        • Did you go into the aquariums trying to tap the gift boxes for the present? I did that too lol. Tried to make the guide as clear as I could that that’s not what you do since I messed it up too. Too many gift boxes

          • Hana Laskaris

            I did. I totally did. But i think its more my fault than urs…. siiiiigh…. but on a side note ur guide is legit the only reason i have most of the valentine fish. Like omg i dont know why i want all of them but i will make them all mine and thank u for existing and creating this guide.

          • Glad to hear it helped so much! Making guides has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done, I hope to keep it up!

  • Libri293

    Re: VDay 2017 Hidden Fish — Yesterday I received the Giftbox Dumbo Octopus just BEFORE getting the Pink Grouper, so the Grouper therefore is NOT a requirement for the Octopus. Maybe I was just lucky?

    • Did you have the giftbox dolphin? Starting to think the dumbo is just really glitchy and there’s no real trick to it beyond waiting

      • Libri293

        Nope, no Giftbox Dolphin. I’ve never been able to get anything Facebook-related to work.

        I do have all the other fish for this event, including the Heart Whale. The requirement for the whale says “Collect all kinds”, which I clearly haven’t, but it also says “x/11”. The latter requirement must be what they’re really going by, since I bought the Valentine’s Package with the Heart Sun Fish and was able to get the Heart Whale. Glitch or just poor phrasing?

        • Yeah, it’s just a straight 11/11 ten requirement like I thought. The dugong used to be like that as well.

          Weird, as long as you see the box next to “friendship point” in the menu and tap that box a ton (even if it’s empty) you should get it.

  • Katy Leichtfuss

    Just got all the valentines days event fish, no purchases required to unlock them all. Just wanted to pop in again & say hi, still looking for that darn swarm of marlins. Has anyone unlocked it lately? I hope it’s not bugged or something.

    • The marlins just seem to be extremely rare and due to their condition, they don’t really occur in normal play, you’ve gotta be watching the app as it idles. I really wish they’d change it. It’s a cute idea for an unlock but it’s simply far too rare. There’s not really a trick to it either, it’s just waiting + luck.

      Good luck though! I posted a question on my facebook page to see if maybe anyone else unlocked it lately: https://www.facebook.com/Sirtaptap/photos/a.1090182771108160.1073741828.382614211865023/1108945979231839/?type=3

    • Guest

      It took me FOREVER to get the marlins! I saw them really early on when I was playing and had no idea what was going on. I wasn’t until about a month or so ago that I finally saw them again and was prepared to get a picture. They are out there!

      • Glad to hear it’s still out there at least, feels like more and more people were asking if it’s even possible. And yeah I’m glad I knew to look for them when I first saw them. It’s a cool idea for an unlock, but it shouldn’t be so rare.

        • Katy Leichtfuss

          Ya I’ve been playing since before Christmas and have yet to see them. I’ve tried all the tips and tricks, no luck. I always have it running in the background too.

  • Michael Chu

    Nice work and thank you Trey Felton for the calculator!!
    BTW, I level up corals 1000 times (using the 100x and 10x) and find the closest increment percentage to be 6.711%.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi just wanted to say I got my gift box octopus without getting the grouper first

    • Huh, thanks! Seems like it’s just buggy not weird requirements.

  • Gaylelynn80

    Lol, I must tap a lot, cause I currently have 1,921,563/2,000,000.


    What’s the deal with the disappearing gems? I saved up over 500 twice and they disappeared.

  • Sebz Sebastine

    Hey I just found the gift box dolphin
    Tap the gift box in “Friends Tab” even if it is empty, 50 times.
    Costs 3.000A candy

    • NOV DEC⭐️ RIP Q

      Didn’t work for me

  • Partariothegoth

    well I don’t have facebook and I’m not about to get one for this game so I guess I’m gonna start missing out on fish, but at least I don’t like pink, so I’m not too broken up about missing out on the valentines day event fish

    • Doesn’t need to be a facebook account with any friends for the one in this case so you could make a total fake one, but yeah I really wish they’d stop making it a requirement. Or at the very least allow twitter and ingame friends as alternates

  • Ollie Goldstein

    Does watching ads interfere with the 2h 14min time? Like does watching an ad restart the time?

    • I don’t think anything interferes with it. The unlock is just really buggy so lots of theories going around. Definitely try to get it after getting all the other things you can like the pink grouper.

      • Ollie Goldstein

        Thanks! (I had to activate VR mode to unlock it, got 10 Heart Whales now XD) Also, for the weedy sea dragon, what counts as “taking a picture while using delicious food?” Do you have to focus on the heart that pops out of the corallite when you activate it? Cause (1) that thing moves really fast… and (2) if you don’t have to focus on the heart and just take a pic of it then I should have gotten it by now. But yeah this one has me stumped (-.-);

      • Ollie Goldstein

        Pfffft… Never mind I got the sea dragon XD

  • Kate D

    The Valentine’s update fixed a bug where candy/Vitality couldn’t be earned in VR mode, but now VR mode isn’t nearly as smooth as it used to be. The tracking is slower. I hope they fix that soon, it’s my favorite part.

    • Kate D

      it looks like the new schooling algorithms are closer to what they were before January. Fish of the same type are clustering closer together, sometimes so much so that two or three are occupying the same space

    • I think the performance issue in VR mode is the same as in the main game. The game just plain got slower around the january update.

  • Tofurkey_Jerky

    The exact number for the gift box dolphin is 50 times, in case you had wanted the exact number

  • Iason Ör Guy

    I just wanted to say that I love this walkthrough, it has really improved my enjoyment of the game, thank you so much! I also wanted to say that for the giftbox dolphin in the Valentine’s event, the exact wording is ‘Tab (yes tab I think they meant tap) the image on “Friend” window 50 times’. Thank you again, you are wonderful!

    • Yeah, I forgot the actual count. Got it added, thanks! Glad the walkthrough helped so much!

  • Isacco

    Hey, it seems that they also changed the mauve stinger, now it looks like a Metroid!

  • erick

    U need to tap the giftbox image 50 times!

    • Oops, my bad, must have erased the number while I was editing, fixed now

  • GK Ghima

    The Valentine’s Day event kinda snuck up on me; I didn’t notice it until it had rolled out for me, otherwise I would have helped relay information like I usually do. I have to say, I’m rather disappointed; the previous events have had hidden fish that are real life fish (or other aquatic creatures), and not just themed redesigns like the non-hidden ones. Admittedly, I can’t come up with any Valentine’s-esque real fish besides kissing gourami, but that would be the devs job, not mine.

    As an aside, I noticed the Halloween and Christmas event fish now have “event finished” at the end of their unlock requirement. I’m almost positive that it wasn’t there before. My confidence that they will repeat the events is a bit shaken.

    • Not sure how to feel about the lack of “real” fish–it was always a bit odd to me that certain real fish were limited to the Halloween event, especially…not…really scary fish. Christmas event made a bit more sense. This event isn’t too bad, as long as you link pink I guess. The heart designs are a little overplayed, and the giftboxes are horrible, but there’s only two.

      Dunno how much I’d read into the event finished thing. Just feels like a “hey don’t try to hard you can’t get this thing right now” marker to me.

  • Sam

    I dont know if anyone else has said this but to get the gift box dolphin you have to press the gift box next to friendship points 50 times

    • Yep got it added! Thought I had it right but I accidentally left out the exact count of taps

  • Sallyspacecraft

    Just got the Giftbox Dumbo Octopus (huge disappointment btw) after I clicked on the giftbox in the friends menu, but it listed the requirement as playing for the two hours and fourteen minutes. Maybe it’s a glitch?

    • You have to play for that long, THEN go to the friends menu it seems like. I guess because that menu has a giftbox.

  • Daniel Perry

    hey i just found out that after playing the game for 2 hours and 14 minutes go into a friend aquriam and then it will unlock

    • Got it added! Missed the weird friend’s list requirement at first

  • Jesse Greene

    Giftbox Dolphin got discovered a few hours ago, you have to tap the giftbox icon in the lower left hand corner of the friends list 50 times, and I just confirmed it myself. Happy hunting!

    • Yep got it added, weird unlock. Thanks!

  • Daniel Perry

    hey for the giftbox octopus is it just play for 2 hours and 14 minutes or is it not close it or not touch because ive been playing for about 5 hours since it came out and i havent gotten it so any idea why. Also thanks so much for the guide its been a huge help for all the hidden fish and i was able to get to z vitality in 6 days.

    • Ken Niebauer

      I have the same question, I left my game on over night, and played a ton last night and haven’t unlocked it yet.

      • Daniel Perry

        hey i just found out that after playing the game for 2 hours and 14 minutes go into a friend aquriam and then it will unlock.

        • Ken Niebauer

          That did it for me – thanks!

          • Daniel Perry

            No Problem!

    • Sallyspacecraft

      I left the app open for almost 4 hours while I was watching a couple movies, and I still haven’t gotten it. Didn’t close it, but I was using the skills and watching ads. Maybe it’s leave it open and don’t touch it? Anyone know? My other guess would be that you have to get it after the pink grouper, but that seems unlikely for hidden fish.

    • I’m starting to think the Pink Grouper and maybe Giftbox dolphin are required. I only got it after the Grouper. I didn’t do the VR or Friends aquarium trick (tried many times to no success, randomly got it after getting Grouper and leaving it on the charger for a few minutes)

  • Ken Niebauer

    What do you mean by play, for the Giftbox Dumbo Octopus? I left my game on overnight and it did not unlock.

    • Guessing it only counts screen on time? Someone mentioned going to a friend’s aquarium and coming back making it show up. Haven’t gotten it myself yet

      • Daniel Perry

        yeah after 2 hours 14 go to another aquarium and it should show up go try and see if it works since you haven’t gotten it

    • Ken Niebauer

      Someone else commented in another string – after you’ve played for the 2 hours 14 minutes, you have to go to a friend’s aquarium and then when you go back to yours, the octopus will unlock.

  • zahid shisui

    just tap the giftbox image beside the friendship point 50 times for the giftbox dolphin

  • Anon
  • Ilana

    gift box dolphin is tap the gift box in the friends window 50 times. just got it.

    • I have to add facebook back again? Damn it. Thanks for the info though!

  • Jess Sugahara

    Sorry for the double comment but also want to mention that since the sea horses are no longer good for farming candy, the Mauve Stingers are great for that now. They just float above the coralite, and so far have been really easy to see and find!

    • Ah I noticed the sea horse change but wasn’t sure what to replace it with, thanks!

  • Jess Sugahara

    iOS just updated, but there’s a glitch for the Sunfish where it shows it only cost $.99 (which I would totally buy; $10 no.) but when you click on it it doesn’t do anything and you have to hard reset the game. :/

  • Carolyn Smith

    Great guide as always!
    A note on the update: fish movements have changed. Looks like the Giant Isopod is no longer considered a seahorse and the angels stay to one side of the screen now and have more realistic movements. They tried changing something about the dolphins too but it ended up making their movements jerky. The other movement changes look great though

    • Yeah the changes are all over the place, some are nice but I don’t like what they did with the seahorses. Half the time they’re behind the coralite now. Feels like whales move more erratically too. On facebook they said they’re planning to keep tweaking it though

  • Gillian

    Can you get the Valentine Whale without purchasing the Heart Sun Fish?

  • sttv

    its 500 chocolates for the cupid costume

  • Sarah

    Valentine’s Day event is up! My android just auto-updated.
    Heart Angel (angelfish) – 300 candies
    Pink Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish – 600 candies
    Heart Seadragon – Own 3 heart angel – 900 candies
    Pink Striped Marlin – Own 10 Valentine’s event fish – 1.200A candies
    Giftbox Turtle – Own 20 Valentine’s event fish – 1.800A candies
    Pink Jelly Fish – Own 3 Pink Striped Marlin – 2.400A candies
    Heart Ray – Own 40 Valentine’s event fish – 3.600A candies
    Heart Whale – Collect all kinds of Valentine’s event fish (11)

    So there’s 4 hidden fish – a Pink Grouper, a Giftbox Dumbo Octopus (the only one that isn’t pink, it’s a green dumbo wearing a white box with red bow), Giftbox Dolphin (also wearing a white box), and a Pink Whale Shark (has a big red bow around the base of its tail). There’s also a Dye called Rose Garden that costs 1.000A, and a Night of Valentine’s Day theme that costs 5.000A.

    There’s also a Valentine’s Package that costs $9.99. You get a Heart Sun Fish and a 200% increase in chocolate obtaining.

    • Thanks! Think we’re only missing info for the giftbox dolphin and pink whale shark now

  • Daniel Perry

    i was just looking and it seems like all fish have diffrent sizes ive been checking with a couple fish from each group and it seems theres a large and a small

    • Yeah, seems like it only happens to bigger fish. Noted it in the misc tips section but it seems cosmetic only and either random or you always get a big one then a small one (someone mentioned it seems to be like that)

      • Daniel Perry

        no but i mean i was checking and all of the small fish have size changes two and yes it works like that with all of them one big then the rest small

      • Daniel Perry

        i ment like all of the smaller fish have different sizes

  • Daniel Perry

    i find the bast way for the mahi mahi is to do what you have to do to get the convict tang by having to have your device on the charger and it wont turn off so just put it on the charger before you go to sleep also i randomly got the pygmy seahorse at like 12:00 am and i didnt even do the glitch nor stay up but i did try the mahi mahi glitch 10 times and it diidnt work that all

    • Hm, does that work after one night? the timed fish are just so incredibly inconsistent and seem to unlock on a delay, I’m not really sure what can be said about them.

  • Luke MC
    • Great, thanks! No update here but I’ll add all the info I can find.
      At first I was like “what an odd unlock” then I remembered what date that happens to be, lol

      • Luke MC

        Aha! And I didn’t find this one, but the grouper is unlocked by watching the candy event ad 10 times. I did unlock this one myself, as well, just no screenshot of it.

        • Ah cool, I’ll add that too! Only 2 hidden ones left then. Haven’t run the numbers, but it seems like this is closer to the halloween event than the Christmas one in difficulty

          • Luke MC

            I’ve been spending all day looking for them. No luck yet. If you have any ideas you’d like me to try, I’d be glad to give it a whirl.

          • Try sharing a few photos of the Coralite in the new costume or the roses/whatever if the “dye” items can be focused on? There was at least one unlock like that in both prior events. Otherwise not really sure.

          • Luke MC

            I did try that. Sadly, the roses can’t be focused. I’ve also tried taking pictures and sharing/saving them of each and every fish 5 times, as well as the Coralite.

          • Hm, dang. No further ideas, though seeing as how the last two events went, we should probably know within 24-48 hours at the most.

    • Vis

      I’ve played and tap for over 3 hours, but cannot unlock this fish !

    • Vis

      I’ve played and tap for over 3 hours, but cannot unlock this fish !

  • Trey Felton

    Thanks for the write up, very helpful! Heres a calculator for the coral cost that some people might find useful. I’ve only been playing a couple of days, and I haven’t tested the cost increase on the corallite yet, but I added a field to adjust the percentage so it should work for that too https://jscalc.io/calc/cnOHNJdxPLiJsci4

    • Oh is the cost increase always stable then? That’s interesting to know. The Coralite seems to cost exactly 70x the first “step” to upgrade 25 times, not sure what percent that equates too though. The numbers for these things are interesting but I never bothered trying to work it out myself. I’m a programmer so I’d rather let computers do the math, heh.

      • Trey Felton

        As far as I can tell it is, the corallite seems to be 7% also… I’ve checked on several different corals at various levels and this is reasonably accurate. I’m actually a programmer too, I got to work this morning with this in my head and realized it was just compound interest lol (total = start_cost * ((1 + .07) ^ num_levels))

        • I figured it must be something like that, but I’m not sure how often these games fudge the curve or have different curves for everything…I know there was mention that the new coral seem to have a different, lower value curve than the other ones, I’ll have to test them against the calculator.

          Edited it in under the Vitality Sources section btw!

  • Jason Cantu (Jiano)

    What’s up with the Leatherback Turtle? I did the goal, which is open Chest 50 times, after that, I didn’t unlock it. I did it over 60 times and I still didn’t get it, is that glitch or did they change the goal?

    • There’s a certain margin of error I’d add to everything in Abyssrium, detection/the game in general is buggy. I’d just keep opening for now, I assume any ads that get canceled due to losing internet connection don’t count.

  • Katy Leichtfuss

    Anyone having problems getting the Facebook friends “juvenile pinnate spadefish”? I have 5 fb friends that I visit daily, but still no spadefish. Any tips appreciated :)

    • Do you have 5 real facebook friends though, or 4 plus the automated one? There’s one, I forget the name, that has all of the expensive fish, pink ocean + bunny stone outfit that everyone gets, that one doesn’t count toward the total.

      • Katy Leichtfuss

        Yes, thanks! That was the issue! I didn’t realize the one was automated, so I thought I had 5 friends but I really only had 4. Added 2 more friends today & it came through. ^_^

  • Jake Y.

    I have a question about the striped marlin:
    Do you only have one chance to get it? If they showed up but you didn’t get a picture of them, will they ever come back?
    Thanks in advance and for this awesome guide!!

    • I would assume not but I don’t think anyone’s verified and I can’t recommend taking the chance. People go entire months without ever seeing them for the first time, so even if they can show again…you’re pretty doomed.

      • Jake Y.

        So to confirm: it’s most likely that the striped marlin does not come back, correct?

        • Well not exactly, just that the odds of seeing it once are so incredibly rare, the odds of finding it twice seems only slightly higher than 0 in practical terms. They do swim around for a good length of time when they appear though. I failed a couple shots and they must have swam around maybe 20-30 seconds before I got a photo.

          • MonstersAreNotReal

            I’ve played for months without even a glimpse of the Marlin. Granted, I usually play two skill boosts and then close the app, but I’ve also tried to hunt the Marlin a couple of times.

            I got the Pink Marlin from the Valentine’s event, and didn’t even see them again without looking for them with the camera. If the “real” Marlin follows the same swimming patterns, they seem to be swimming pretty high up over the corallite, so you might not even see them if they appear.

            Might be worthwhile to point the camera up and then just wait it out. Have to take more notes about the Pink Marlins.

          • They said on Facebook they changed the AI to be more “efficient with more than 80 fish” (the app still runs worse than ever), I think that’s why some fish are harder than ever to see. Seahorses in particular no longer stay in front of the coralite like they used to, so they’re invisible half the time which also ruins their utility for candy farming

            When striped marlin showed up for me it was a school of about 6, darting around the whole aquarium many times, passing in front of the coralite/camera. This was before the AI change, no idea if that affects the Marlin event, but I would hope not.

        • GK Ghima

          The marlins will continue to come back until you get a photo. I missed them twice before I got the photo. Also, I don’t know if I was just extremely lucky, but after the second miss I kept the app open and only an hour later they showed up again.

          That being said, it’s not just a low chance, but that you have to keep the app open for some length of time, so if you’re not marlin hunting or an active player like myself you may never see them.

          • Ah, cool to know. Though if you see Marlins I’d HIGHLY recommend taking a photo immediately to stop time so they can’t get away. You can refocus your shot and it’ll count, so just freezeframe it immediately.

  • Alan M

    Great job on this guide I really love it! Also I wanted to mention just a small detail I noticed. When getting multiple fish of one kind there are two different size variants, a smaller and a larger. I noticed with the great white shark and blue whale. Another thing I noticed is that if I had a blue whale active when I bought another one I’d get the smaller version. If there were no whales active I’d get a larger one. I’ve only barely started working on getting several fish of one kind and only have several blue whales and great sharks. I’m not sure if every fish works like that

    • Yeah I’ve noticed there’s size variations, but I’m not really sure how it all works or what to say about it. Fish smaller than a certain size either don’t vary or it’s not noticeable, but shark-to-whale-sized things vary. I’m not sure if it’s totally random or what but it’s nice for the variety.

      If anyone finds out extra info about this let me know. Only thing I know is that it happens, basically.

      Happy the guide helped!

      • Alan M

        Yea of course it’s not really a big thing just a nice detail for variety. I haven’t tested this out extensively but the way it works is if you have a fish of the same kind active when you buy another one, you’ll get the smaller version. If theres none active you get the bigger one. Thats just what i think from what I’ve experienced.

        • Hmm maybe, I never tested but it does feel like I almost always get one big and one small when I have more than 1

  • Katy Leichtfuss

    If anyone needs the commerson dolphin, u can take pictures of the narwhal to unlock it. Just tested.

  • Katy Leichtfuss

    @sirtaptap Just wanted to let u know that the narwhal counts as a dolphin, found out when getting the commerson dolphin.

  • Screwyoumimus

    Great. Got cut off from wifi. Got disconnected. Tried waiting, going out and back into the app, and restarting. None worked. Any suggestions?

    • What’re you trying to do exactly? If you want access to your skills you just literally have to be online now. The game “works” offline but you can’t meaningfully progress offline or play any events.

      If you should have wifi but you don’t, I usually turn on Airplane Mode for a few seconds to force all the wireless hardware to turn off, then turn airplane mode off and I usually get access again.

      • Screwyoumimus

        Tried the airplane mode thing, didn’t work. What adds insult to injury is that video rewards work without the actual rewards.

        • Airplane mode to get the notification fish or fix Wi-Fi connection? Basically nothing works offline anymore. Airplane mode shouldn’t really be needed for the notification fish trick though, it’s the clock that does it.

          • Screwyoumimus

            Internet connection. And it’s still not working.

          • If your actual internet connection is fine and Abyssrium still doesn’t see it that can only be a bug, contact support if it’s still doing it I guess, it’s in the Gear menu

  • Diana

    ive found the all 4 Mollusca required to get the colossal squid, Blue coral is required for all of them, so first purchase it to unlock the Mollusca to get the colossal Squid.
    Octopus- Blue Coral Required
    Cuttle Fish – own 3 Octopus
    Vampire Squid – Tap the upper RIGHT corner of the screen 1000 times
    Piglet Squid – Share Photo of Vampire Squid 5 times.

    Owning all 4 unlocks the Colossal Squid.

    • Thanks, have it added. Yeah it’s a really vague description for “own the other 4 fish the Blue Table Coral unlocks”, not sure why they went with that wording.

      • Diana

        no kidding, i get trying to make it a little tougher, but a hint would have been nice. 2,000,000,000 taps later :-P Ill comment back on this thread if i happen to get any others that i dont see listed. Thanks for this page by the way, super helpful in setting reachable goals, kinda what keeps me going with this.

        • Thanks, think the guide should be complete until new fish are added though, unless anything’s been changed. I might add the “normal fish” sometime just to have it all listed though

          • Diana

            Learned something new this morning, i had the menu options down, just looking at my fish, I rested my finger on the screen and it zoomed in a little, when I let go a Delicious food (shrimp) appeared, so then I began pressing and holding repeatedly and sure enough delicious food appears each time with out using my skills.

          • Yeah seems to be iOS only with ‘3D Touch’, it’s noted in the Vitality Sources section. I think they’re worth 10 taps

  • Sherry Steel Anderson

    Hey, curious as to the newer fish, it says to tap the top right corner 1000 times for the vampire squid, ive used the “tap achievement” to kind of keep track of the number of taps, so far ive tapped that top right corner 4200+ times, consecutivly, and got nothing….is it glitched?

    • Do you have the Blue Table Coral? Don’t think it even tracks unless you have that first (red weedy seadragon is the only new fish obtainable without the respective coral). Otherwise, people have noticed tapping with multiple fingers seems to either count only as a single tap or possibly not at all for “tap the corner” fish, maybe try drumming your fingers one at a time instead of 2+ fingers.

  • amber miller

    I got the manta ray by takin a pic of a oarfish an sharing to instagram

    • Really, just now? Can anyone confirm if Facebook/etc works as of latest update? Maybe it doesn’t require Twitter after all then

  • orangewhale

    does the january update only apply to iphone users?

    • Nope, if anything Android users occasionally get updates faster. If you’re using a third party app store that’s probably the problem. There were some delays, but pretty much everyone should have gotten it by around the 25th

  • Diana

    Manta Ray now requires share to Twitter. I didn’t have a Twitter app installed, and it would not work to Share but back out. Installed Twitter app (never opened it) and was able to get Manta Ray after Share via Twitter button.

    • Thanks for the heads up, wouldn’t have noticed that myself! So you now require both twitter AND facebook to get all the Normal Fish…that’s pretty annoying.

  • GK Ghima

    So I managed to get to CD and I was kinda disappointed. Levels 11-15 of the vitality achievements are just more crown levels. Exact same crown symbol, just starting at one of them again. I was sort of hoping it would be a star wearing a crown or something.

    Also Level 12 of Surging Vitality is all the way at CZ, which tells me that Level 15 is probably in the E’s or F’s. It also gives 200%, same as Level 11; I know there had been some confusion over whatever curves they use for the vitality achievements.

    • Huh, that’s boring. I’ll update though thanks. I’m at BX myself, seems weird there’s so few upgrades added between BA and DL considering that’s the only “new” part of the game due to the new corals

  • Elaina Harter

    In order to unlock the white swing anemone it requires an auto produce vitality level of 2.309AL. Do I need to work on increasing my coral levels or my lonely coralite level? Thank you

    • The “auto produce” side is what it does, it just costs Vitality like all other coral/fish. Just progress as normal until you have around AL vitality and you can buy it. But as a general tip, past Z vitality Coral levels are much less significant due to your skills.

    • Ahhh, I see why you were confused now–the “auto produce” is in the same place that the fish list requirements. A Few other people were confused too. Added a statement hopefully clarifying that a bit in the guide.

  • Screwyoumimus

    I got the Giant Squid today, even though it was the 21st day which was supposed to be Oarfish time.

    • GK Ghima

      Something in the new update broke the hell out of the attendance system. You’re far from the only person getting the wrong fish for a given week. Some people are receiving fish they already have. All any of us can do is wait for a patch.

    • There’s an update coming that should fix it. I got it yesterday but updates are all over the place now.

  • GK Ghima

    I noticed in the mostly crossed-off section regarding clock fudging, the section about notification fish is crossed off. If you remember my comment a while back, the notification for hidden fish comes after the game is closed for 30 minutes. Setting your clock forward by 31 minutes to get the notification still absolutely works. I hadn’t been able to test if it still worked since I had all the original notification fish well before the update that ruined most clock cheats, but I got the Red Weedy Seadragon first try doing it.

    • Oh, that’s cool to know, I guess I’ll unmark that part and point out it still works

  • sara

    to unlock migaloo you need share a photo of 100 kinds of fish

    • Got it in, thanks! Seems to require giant green kelp before it starts tracking too.

  • monstertop

    Hi, just letting you know that Ribbontail Stingray is also called Torpedo Ray in some devices. I think it might have been just completely renamed, but I only play on iOS so I can’t confirm 100%. Also for the Migaloo just to clarify, it’s sharing a photo of 100 different types of fish, so 1 photo of 100 different species individually.

    • Oh I think I know what happened–I put up the list based on what their facebook page said before launch, and a lot of the names were inaccurate. I guess I forgot to change one, I’ll double check all of ’em, thanks!

  • Alex Vickrey

    Sir TapTap, I know, I’m sorry I don’t have a picture to prove it. But, the Migaloo is obtained by sharing a picture of fish 100 times after the update after buying the Giant Green Kelp. I’m not sure if it can be the same fish 100 times or different fish (like different species) or what, but that’s what I know.

    • Oh ready, thanks! Dealing with some kind of attack and/or host issue right now but I’ll edit that in as soon as I can. Also dang that’s a pretty annoying unlock for such a late one, no wonder it took a while to find.

  • Lindsey Berneski

    Hi again! :) So I’m not sure if its just me and my girlfriend who are dealing with this, but we both were supposed to get the Coelacanth today, but for some reason, the game said “Giant isopod received!” when we both had long gotten him. The coelacanth is no where to purchase in my fish selection thing, so I’m really hoping we both didnt just get jipped out of a daily log in fish :(

    • Yeah, they broke the attendance system. Check for a patch, I just got one just now that says it fixes the attendance system

  • Kate D

    Thank you for this guide!
    I must be having really good luck with this game – I’ve had a load of helpful bugs.

    – I got the play-for-ten-days fish before I had played that long
    – I got the Mahi Mahi despite never playing at 4am local time
    – I got the “start on notification” fish at random with notifications turned off
    – For a while I was getting the daily gem bonus twice (which might have upset the days-played counter)
    – and I just unlocked the Red Weedy Seadragon and it’s available for purchase even though I don’t have the right coral

    Are any of these of interest?

    • Most of those are already noted–we don’t really know what the deal is with Mahi Mahi but plenty of people just get it “randomly”, it might check while in sleep mode? Notification fish timers still happen even with notifications off, it’s just a matter of luck. Hadn’t heard of the daily gem bonus thing, but they did just fix an issue with attendance that was giving people the wrong fish award.
      And yeah for some reason red weedy seadragon doesn’t check for the coral, have that noted too.

      The game’s pretty buggy in general

  • GK Ghima

    I’m starting to think that CS might not be that bad. After the update I managed to go up 475 levels, get 1100 levels on Orange Blade Coral, get at least one of all 15 new fish available to me, and go from BV to CA vitality all in just 2 days. Whatever balancing they did really sped up the late end-game. DL still seems a bit much, though. It’s entirely possible it’ll slow down in the late C’s again, but I sure hope not.

    • I’ve been a bit faster but I’m still just at BV. Was BS last week but for days at a time. I wish they’d tell us they were smoothing out the difficulty when adding something that costs what seems to be impossible

      • At BY now. Maybe a letter a day. Not impossible, but slow. Hoping they make good on speeding/changing things up a bit, their latest facebook post suggests they’re going to change the game so the new coral’s prices make more sense, not entirely sure how yet.

  • GK Ghima

    An interesting trend I’ve noticed with the new coral is that (at least for the first 3) when their levels are 2000 apart, e.g. 5000, 3000, 1000, their prices are exactly the same. In addition, when exactly 2000 levels apart, Blue Table Coral and White Swing Anemone have almost exactly the same output (White Swing Anemone is just a tiny bit less to start with) and Orange Blade Coral has just under half the others. White Swing Anemone grows (per level) slightly faster so around level 2800 (to Blue Table Coral’s 4800) it overtakes Blue Table Coral. So Orange Blade Coral is much less cost effective than the two before it.

    However, all of them are much less cost effective than Star Horn Coral, e.g. when Star Horn is 1200 levels higher than Blue Table Coral (which is when they’re nearly the same price) and White Swing Anemone and Orange Blade Coral are spaced by 2000 like I mentioned above, Star Horn gives more than 12 times as much as Blue Table Coral, White Swing Anemone, and Orange Blade Coral combined.

    • Interesting, just checked and you’re right. Pacing for these sorts of things in idle games is interesting and probably hard to balance..but I can’t help but feel like these new ones weren’t tweaked right.

      • GK Ghima

        Based on some calculations (each level multiplies the cost by exactly 1.07), a spacing of 3000 between Orange Blade and Pink Tree should produce the same result.

        The weird part is, that at Level 2000, Pink Tree should cost 92.893 DM, not DL. So a spacing of 2000 between Pink Tree and Giant Green Kelp would actually result in Giant Green Kelp being one order of magnitude cheaper than the rest of the new coral. Seems like they made a mistake to me.

        • GK Ghima

          Hang on, scratch the second part. At a spacing of 2000 from Pink Tree, Giant Green Kelp is 100 times cheaper than the others, not 1000.

          • Interesting, I wonder what the calculation for the original set of corals was, because these seem to use a different one. Not sure if these ever exceed Staghorn in efficiency. My bluetable is at 4525 and still not half as efficient

  • GK Ghima

    Regarding achievements:
    Mysterious Stone level 10 is 10000
    Coral of Life level 10 is 150000, not level 11
    Collector level 9 is 130, so level 8 is the highest possible even with all the new fish

    Also, in case you missed my other comment, the Basking Shark only requires that you have the Giant Green Kelp. There’s no other requirement.

    • Thanks for those, added them in! Didn’t notice with the basking shark, removed the ? under it. Need some better way to organize the fish list. Might just list all non-event fish and include all unlock conditions. Happy with how Event and Premium fish are sorted out but the others are messier.

  • fancynation

    i think they changed requirements for green giant kelp, it says “lonely coralite lv 6500”
    great guide btw :)

  • Jessi Mae

    I need the Red Weedy SeaDragon. It says:

    “Red Weedy SeaDragon
    Receive upon notification”

    What notification is supposed to unlock it? I never receive notifications. Should I stop playing and wait for a notification? I really don’t want to lose my daily streak. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Do you have any of the other notification fish like the Whale Shark? You get them the same way. See the info under Mandarin Dragonet near the very top of the list for a bit more info. You do have to stop playing as in not have the app open/have your phone locked, but the notifications come randomly with a chance every 30 minutes. You can totally keep a daily streak, just listen for notifications when you’re not actively playing.

      • Jessi Mae

        Thank you so much, I do have the other notification fish but I stopped getting notifications from Abyssrium I’d say a month or so ago. I haven’t changed any settings or blocked notifications from them. They just stopped. I’ll triple check my settings and keep a close ear open. Thank you again for all your help and this amazing guide! It’s truly invaluable!

        • According to GK Ghima messing with the clock still works for notification fish. Try closing the app, moving the clock forward 31 minutes and check the app again. Even if the notification doesn’t show for whatever reason, that’s the time range in which the check will occur.

          I heard on the abyssrium subreddit people with iPhone 7s are having issues getting notifications at all, not sure if that’s related. When isn’t abyssrium buggy, though.

        • Oh hey, if this is the Jessi Mae who just pledged on Patreon thanks a ton!
          And if not, still thanks for reading the guide and commenting!

  • Lindsey Berneski

    So I got the notification for the Red Weedy Seadragon, but unlike the other notification fish, they add another requirement that you must have the White Swing Anemone to purchase it. Despite me being NO WHERE NEAR capable of purchasing that, it showed that requirement checked off. So I managed to purchase the seadragon! It might just be a glitch in the update, but I hope that people can snag it before they fix it!

    • Wow, that’s interesting to know! The other hidden fish seem to specifically require it so that’s a funny oversight. Thanks for the tip and enjoy the seadragon! They’re my favorites

    • Eva Lovasco

      I got that, too! I don’t have enough to buy it just yet and I’m frantically trying to race the clock lol

  • Michelle McPherson

    I have found that if you want to get new corals and not have it be seemingly impossible that if you don’t buy any corals – only upgrade coralite and buy new fish, your coral cost for new corals is less than listed. For instance, I am currently at BC vitality. I am earning at high BA vitality. (Unfortunately I bought several levels of blue table coral and white swing anemone before figuring this out but) I only need 271.613 BP to open orange Blade, 517.803 BQ for Pink Tree Coral and 752.333 BZ for giant green kelp. This is a the cost I reached before I noticed this. Since noticing, I tested having bought 8 new fish and raised coralite by 100- no increase in coral costs so far.
    I have Around 55 days of game time I have played.
    Also I only upgrade Coralite in increments of 100. There is always a lag in saving enough at the beginning of a new letter set. But if you are maxed out on all skills refreshing and using song of the moon about 4 to 5 times in a row, buying new fish whenever possible, you can easily save what you need for the 100 levels purchase. What you spent to do it is very quickly replenished. I gain at least 3-4 letters a day using this method with a 1-2 hour play time.
    Added confirmation – I did not have Mola Mola before it was turned off- and no I can not open it up now, I tested it last night.

    • Hm, weird, first I’ve heard of the Coral levels being different. I have the exact numbers others posted on Reddit. Not sure exactly what the condition would be unless they’re A/B testing prices or something weird? If it really does scale based on how many coral you bought, it’d make sense to just not buy Coral at all for a long while.

      Can anyone else confirm anything like this? Figured prices for this kinda thing would be set in stone. If there’s extra mechanics behind it I don’t currently have any idea what they’d be. I see exactly 158.645 CS for Pink Tree. BZ for giant green kelp would be far more sane (I’m almost there now).I have 98k Coral levels total, 7411 Coralite.

      Huh, yeah, looks like the mola is only back for those who already unlocked it. Weird situation.

    • I think I know what’s going on with the coral costs–I think you’re talking about the “auto produce (X) vitality” listing at the left of the Coral. That updates as you get fish and increases. The actual cost to buy the coral is fixed and is on the right. Had a couple people mention it now so I tried to clarify in the section with the new corals.

  • Ky

    Hey, just wanted to say I’ve been using this guide since before October to help find all the hidden fish (that damned striped marlin still eludes me though) and this whole walkthrough has been so much help. Thank you so much for all the hints and tips here!

    • Happy to help!

      • Renato Romero

        Hi Ky!

        @About stripped Marlin.

        I’ve found this fish three times in a row, mine, my gf’s and a friend of mine using the same technique, it works 100% every time.

        1) You do not need to play for 30:00 mins consecutive. Just open the app. (Abyss..) check the time and play a total of 30 mins. But you can interrupt the game if you need to tho something quick, just keep in mind the amount of time you’ve been using the app.
        2) use a dark background like the saint Valentine’s Day.
        3) close to the 30 mins of having the app open, store all of your fish, otherwise the marlin won’t appear.
        4) just take the picture.

        • Interesting, I’ll edit that in, can anyone else verify? I had always heard it was a chance (and a very low one like 10%) but since I already have it I can’t test

          • Flapjack Bondurant

            I’ve tried every day and I it doesn’t work for me.

          • Renato Romero

            You doing exactly as it says?

          • Flapjack Bondurant

            Yes I did everything you said, I’ve only watched videos for the skill

          • Renato Romero

            Sir TapTap, I’ve acquired 15 Great White sharks, but I don’t know how or why, one of them is just massive compared to the others, is this a glitch or this happens everytime?

          • It’s in the miscellaneous tips section, if you have multiples the first fish is always extra big. It’s just not noticeable (or possibly not different at all) for fish below a certain size. It’s cosmetic only.

          • Renato Romero

            Thanks man, always helpful

        • SM58

          Thanks for this technique Renato.
          I tried this method for several times. Perhaps my timing was off but I timed the in-game to just before 30 min. Then stored all fish and waited. I tried a few days.
          So this morning I am determined. I followed procedures above. I waited again and nothing so after the half hour was up, I went back to putting all my fish back. Just as I finish and get back to main screen, I see something zooming through all my fish. Whoa there they are! A group of striped Marlin zooming around my coralite! So quickly follow picture taking advice, find the marlin amongst all the fish, change the focus to the Marlin by tapping on it and YES! Finally!
          So Marlin will appear with fish present!
          I was not expecting that but I am just really happy to get that Marlin.
          So even after 30min is up and you have put all your fish back, keep watching!

          • Renato Romero

            Hi Serge V Louis! I’m really glad you found your marlin! Hardest fish to find! Time to enjoy.

            I guess Sir Tap Tap can add that to the website now

          • Thanks for the confirm! And grats on the marlin (gotta love the photobombing Grouper)

          • SM58

            yep :)
            he smiling about it too

        • Max

          Hey Renato,

          I have been following all of these steps but I must be missing something. Could you possibly explain more as to exactly what needs to be done. I have tried this method over 8 times and have not been able to get the Marlin. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


          • I’m not sure how anyone figured this out (maybe stated by the developer?) but I’ve always heard the Marlin has a 10% chance of occurring. 8 times without success isn’t outside the ordinary if that’s true.

          • Max

            Thank you. My method for trying to accomplish this is just open the app, then wait around 29 minutes and look for the fish. Then if it isn’t there, I still keep the app open and let it go another 30 minutes. Is this the best way to do it?

      • caz lee

        Hi Sir Tap Tap. I am a newbie – I have not even reached the Z game yet after 3 weeks! Probably my really passive playing style (doing it between patients at work!!!). But thanks to your your advice I’ve got the holy grail – the striped marlin!! Thanks for your great blog!

        • So glad you got the Marlin, congrats! And yeah don’t worry too much about how slow you go, it really depends how much you play.

          • Renato Romero

            Hey Sir taptap, hope you can reapply to my latest comment about the great white sharks, thanks

  • GK Ghima

    New achievement info for the update:
    Coral of Life level 10 is 150000
    Collector level 8 is 110

    The vitality-rewarding achievements also now have 15 levels, it seems. The only one I can see is Surging Vitality level 11, which is 1.000 CD. In addition, I noticed that the crown levels for Coral of Life now award 500% vitality instead of 200%. I suspect Surging Vitality is the same, though because I already had all 10 levels, I can’t check. Whatever levels are beyond crown seem to go back down to 200%. This increase would explain why the game has felt easier after the update, with my vitality production being multiplied by 15 or so just from the change to Coral of Life.

    • GK Ghima

      Also, the Blobfish has been discovered. To get it you share a picture of a Sea Pig 5 times.

    • GK Ghima

      Another one: Megamouth is unlocked by having 15 total Great White Sharks.

    • I see 200% for Mysterious Stone 9, Coral 9 and Surging Vitality 11. I think there’s some weird curve on Vitality that I can’t actually check without replaying the game. I also think they nerfed the early levels of stone/vitality/coral to 500% instead of 1000% a while ago.

      Thanks for all these though, got them added. Just missing basking shark (who is with the whales for some reason) and Migaloo

      • GK Ghima

        Are you sure? Mine shows 500% for Coral of Life 10 after the update. It was 200% before the update but they changed it.

        Basking Shark’s only requirement is Giant Green Kelp
        Collector level 9 is 130

        • Maybe 10 was changed but 9 is still 200%. I’m still a few hundred levels from reaching 9

          • Yep just upgraded and 10 is 500% but 9 is 200. Complicated curve, not sure it’s really worth tracking but I guess info is info

  • Yeah, added these…not sure if cheat or just played a LOT more than me, but glad to have the info either way. Less glad with the coral requirements, IMO unless endgame is drastically sped up, CA vitality should be considered the very end (even I myself am only close, not *at* CA).

    Sorry you got filtered btw, went and added you to the trusted list…for whatever that’s worth.

    • GK Ghima

      I’m not totally sure, but from what I’ve been playing, it does feel like progress (I’m at BW) has been going a lot smoother than what it was before the update. It feels more like the late A’s did than what the late B’s have been like up to this point.

  • GK Ghima

    So some crazy SOB with way too much free time unlocked some of the Pink Tree Coral and Giant Green Kelp fish, because there’re screencaps on the facebook group of some of them.

    Hatchet Fish: Pink Tree Coral
    Sea Pig: Pink Tree Coral
    Gulper Eel: Pink Tree Coral, Own 250 total fish

    Basking Shark: Giant Green Kelp
    Dwarf Whale: Giant Green Kelp, Own 99 types of normal fish
    Beluga Whale: Giant Green Kelp, Own 10 Irawaddy Dolphins

  • Svenja

    Thanks a lot for this really helpful guide!
    I’ve only got two minor things things to add:
    First: You don’t need to have facebook or twitter installed on your device to be able to share or “fake-share” any pictures. At least for the IPhone version AbyssRium has twitter and facebook buttons to share as a default even though I have neither installed on my phone. You will get the message that there is no facebook or twitter account configurated and you can add one in the settings (or something similar, I get this message in German). Ah, and “fake-sharing” pictures works for IPhones as well.

    Second: Sharing pictures of xy to get a hidden fish – at least to get the Commerson Dolphin it doesn’t seem to work to take pictures of the Narwhal only – or at least not if you haven’t got any regular Dolphins. I took like 30 or so pictures of the Narwhal so far and shared them every time but to no avail. Guess I have to save for a “real” Dolphin first. I don’t know if this is the same with the Isopod, the Moorish Angel and the others you listed as “counts as” because with them I bought the regular fish first and had already shared pictures of them before I got the fish listed as “counts as”.

    • Glad it helped!

      I just used Twitter for the wording since it’s what I always use. I cleaned up the text to make it work for whatever you use to share.

      Hm, the Narwhal used to count, possible they fixed it. Extremely hard to re-check these things due to the nature of the game. Edited the Narwhal mention out for now, not sure what else they fixed/changed if anything.

  • Aislyn75


    I see you’ve had a chance to update the new Mystery Fish info. Yay!

    Here’s the other requirement for the Bowmouth:

    Bowmouth Guitarfish – Orange Blade Coral Required, also Master All of Skills (I assume this means Max out all of Coralite’s skills although I maxed mine out a while back, but this fish did not show up for me right away after I unlocked the Orange Blade Coral… weird.)

    Thanks for your efforts in maintaining such an informative blog! This is by far the best one that I’ve found for Abyssrium info!

    • Thanks! Did you eventually get the bowmouth then? Maybe it checks on a timer or after you cast all skills or something?

      Glad to help!

      • Aislyn75

        Yes, I did. It just randomly appeared about an hour or so after I unlocked the Orange Blade Coral. Wish I could tell you for sure if anything else I did contributed to its appearance, but only the coral and skills qualifiers are listed in the description.

        • Probably just an very intermittent check the game does to see if it missed anything, thanks anyway. I guess I should know a lot more starting tomorrow if I really do get the update when the christmas thing ends on my clock.

  • GK Ghima

    Some people on the facebook group have the update already, so some new fish:
    Octopus: Blue Table Coral
    Vampire Squid: Blue Table Coral, Tap the upper right corner 1000 times
    Piglet Squid: Blue Table Coral, Share a photo of Vampire Squid 5 times
    Cuttlefish: Blue Table Coral, Collect 3 total octopi
    Colossal Squid: Blue Table Coral, Collect all other mollusca (Octopus, Vampire Squid, Piglet Squid, Cuttlefish)

    Leafy Sea Dragon: White Swing Anemone
    Ribbon Sea Dragon: White Swing Anemone
    Weedy Sea Dragon: White Swing Anemone, Take a picture while using Delicious Food
    Red Weedy Sea Dragon: White Swing Anemone, Notification
    Giant Sea Dragon: White Swing Anemone, Collect all other Sea Dragons

    Shovelnose Guitarfish: Orange Blade Coral
    Sawfish: Orange Blade Coral
    Bowmouth Guitarfish: Orange Blade Coral, ??? (Unknown requirement)
    Torpedo Ray: Orange Blade Coral, Own 75 types of fish
    Giant Guitarfish: Orange Blade Coral, Own 200 total fish

    1000 Year Old Blue Whale: Own Blue Whale, Own all normal fish (114)
    Also, I think this one should be referred to as 1K YOBW for short, because its full name is a pain to type out

    Note: Octopus, Cuttlefish, Vampire Squid, Piglet Squid, Colossal Squid, Leafy Sea Dragon, Ribbon Sea Dragon, Weedy Sea Dragon, Giant Sea Dragon, and 1K YOBW are the only ones confirmed by actual game screenshots. The others are based on a screencapped list of unknown origin someone posted on the facebook group.

    The corals are those in the list above, along with Pink Tree Coral and Giant Green Kelp. Presumably those two are required for the remaining groups of 5 (deep sea fish) and 4 (whales, minus 1K YOBW) that were listed in the update announcement. That’s all for now, but if I see more I’ll let you know.

    • GK Ghima

      Never mind, the list is from Reddit. It’s probably pretty reliable. Also some possible bad news: the higher tier new corals are unbelievably expensive. Keep in mind I can’t confirm this, but according to the list, the Giant Green Kelp costs 92.893 DL. DL!!! My very rough estimate places the required Corallite level at no less than 11500!

      P.S. 1K YOBW is pronounced One-kay Yo-bu, for reference. Personally, I like the sound of it.

      • DL?! Wtf. I’m only at BS and it feels like a complete rock wall. I hope the new coral and adjustments mean it’s a lot smoother after I get the upgrade then. I was expecting to have all 5 corals bought and upgraded to a few thousand instantly.

  • Zip Zip


    Tap the right upper corner 1000 times

    • Thanks! Don’t have the update yet myself but got that added. Hope you’re enjoying it in my stead!

  • Chicken

    Am I the only one who wants to freaking fight someone for the marlin? I play this game a lot, and I like marlin; I’m starting to take this personally! Come here, you stupid pointy faced jerks!
    Honestly worse than the marlin is probably the mermaid. I love mermaids. But I do not $100 love mermaids, even if they seem like they put a decent amount of effort into making her very pretty (unlike that harp seal! Goodness, that little guy wasn’t even mildly tempting!)
    I’m hoping they add a costume to match the frozen theme things as well. Although why the heck they decided to interrupt the frozen with vibrant orange and a snowman I will never know. As an artist, I really do have a lot of questions for these artists. The game is lovely but some parts are just silly.

    • Trust me you’re not the only one the Marlins tick off. Took me a long time and it seems like I was lucky. Pretty much everywhere you go you’ll find people complaining about Marlins. I like the “take a picture of a swarm” idea but the timer/chance is too long/low.

      The IAP are super bad IMO. Game’s totally playable without them and I appreciate that, but as a collector I really don’t like that 100% completion is effectively impossible and would require spending about $300 total (and growing). And now it seems the game is you have to spend $100 every few MONTHS to keep up with every premium fish. Eesh.

      And yeah, the frozen theme is great, but the santa coralite doesn’t really fit, why not a big ol’ snowman coralite? But that’d contrast with the snowman they already put I guess. I’m mixed on the orange corals, it’s kinda like a nice warm hearth? And I guess the Coralite is pretty similar to a fireplace, but it doesn’t have a costume to sell it.

      • Chicken

        I feel like I’m basically resigned to not getting the marlins. I’ve got an app (Wakey, there’s probably better ones but I just threw like two dollars at it for premium and it’s really easy and customizable) to keep the screen on, which I’ve used for the fish that want that, but I’m not willing to like, try and keep an eye on it while also unlocking a waiting fish. My phone is too small and my eyes are definitely not keen enough.

        In a weird way I almost appreciate the basically unattainable IAPs? Because it makes me mind less all the other fish I’m lacking (I’m still not buying that stupid ghost whale, and I’m not holding my breath for unlocking the outrageous new corals+fish). But still, that mermaid taunts me. It’s kind of ironic because I’d probably have given in if it was like, $30. But I’d never spend more than that on an app. Well, not in one go. If I do the math for some of my IAPs I feel like a darn idiot, but I know I’m weak, at least I’m not throw $100 bucks away in one go weak. I mean, I love Abyssrium (I refuse to call it TapTap Fish, my eyes crossed when I saw THAT name change -shudders-) but it’s not mind blowing.

        I do actually adore the vday rose garden theme for the corals. But I still don’t like any of the costumes. I’m just picky I guess xD (well, the wizard is growing on me a little…and the reindeer. Not enough to use them though.) I think their color palettes just don’t generally mesh with my preferences. I like the all white corals actually. I’m switching between them and rose garden right now.

        And ahaha this is a pretty random ramble, isn’t it? Sorry, it’s nice to talk about it, since no one I know plays it. Plus, I’m a fan of you in general. ,;v;,

  • GK Ghima

    Have you heard? The post-Christmas update is gonna be freaking huge! 25 new fish and 5 new corals, including cuttlefish, gulper eel, beluga whale, several sea dragons, new rays, and a new version of the blue whale called the “1000 year old Blue Whale”. From a pre-release image, it’s seems like it’s even bigger than the snowflake whale and has an idle animation like the camel cowfish, where it opens its mouth to feed.

    I took a break from the game for a while, but I’m totally psyched to get back into it. The update is supposed to go out on the same day the Christmas event ends.

    • Woah, where’s that info at? That sounds great! I love sea dragons.

      • GK Ghima

        The devs made a Facebook post announcing it, along with a list of fish. No info on what the new corals are, but I don’t mind being surprised.

        • Oh wow that’s cool! Great list of fish too.

  • Anonymous

    Tap the top left corner 5000 times to unlock a Narwhal from the Christmas event, according to my friend.

    • Got it in the guide–though that’s not a christmas fish, just a normal hidden one. It’ll be there after the christmas event and doesn’t cost candy canes.

  • Shaked

    Hey there, I did miss in the calculation the cost of the rudolf and haloween theme, therefore I added them and updated the calculations….
    Also managed to do the math for haloween event, however, I don’t know, if that event does occur again, would the theme for haloween would cost candies for new players.

    anyway here it is:

    Christmas minimum amount for 1 of each fish: 71,000

    71k fish’s Vitality clicks with no skills = 3550 minutes = 59.17 hours = 2.47 days
    14.2k fish’s Vitality clicks with skills not upgraded = 142 times using skill = 35.5 hours
    4.73k fish’s Vitality clicks with fully upgraded skills = 48 times using skill = 12 hours
    2.37k fish’s Vitality clicks if also the double effect is on = 24 times using skill = 6 hours
    If you only see the ads 1420 times = 710 hours = 29.58 days

    *time is calculated by 20 fish’s vitality clicks per 1 minute(average) and consecutive hypothetically(as we are not robots and have life) playing.
    the clicks needed while using skills not include clicking while waiting for the skill to recharge but the overall time does include the time waiting for skill to recharge.

    Halloween minimum amount for 1 of each fish: 27,700

    27.7k fish’s Vitality clicks with no skills = 1385 minutes = 23.08 hours
    5.54k fish’s Vitality clicks with skills not upgraded = 56 times using skill = 14 hours
    1.85k fish’s Vitality clicks with fully upgraded skills = 19 times using skill = 4.75 hours
    924 fish’s Vitality clicks if also the double effect is on = 10 times using skill = 2.5 hours
    If you only see the ads 554 times = 277 hours = 11.54 days

    *The 500 candies you are getting from watching ads 10 times were subtracted from the total amount of candies needed, and as so, not included in the amount of times you need to watch an ad.

    As you can see, christmas event is 2.56 times harder than the halloween event.

    • Shaked

      **cost of the rudolf and christmas dye

    • Great work! Sheesh, one snowflake whale costs as much as 1/3rd of the whole halloween event…I bouhht FIVE bone whales…

      Thinking about how to integrate that into the guide, thanks a lot!

  • Honney Wells

    for me, Snowflake Potion requires LV 3500 of Lonely Coralite and Frozean Ocean Theme requires 150 fish … In your walktrough it says 150 fish for both, not sure why it’s different for me but I thought I should let you know

    • Oops, must have copy/pasted or made a mistake, fixed that up. After buying I can’t double check in my own game, but I’m pretty sure they were 2 different requirements so I’m sure you’re right. Thanks!

  • Tatiana

    Share picture of Christmas Tree 5 times.
    the picture need to foucus on Christmas tree.

  • Kat

    About the christmas event… getting the hidden walrus.
    You wrote theme instead of dye, so I ended up buying the wrong thing to get those damn trees!
    I kinda hate you for that.
    But I love the rest of the stuff you wrote here, so you’re forgiven, for now.

    Just please fix it.

    • It specifically says Christmas Potion…I guess I’ll remove the word “theme” too.

  • Toni Barbato

    So to get the emperor penguin it says to keep the camera on the baby penguin for a solid minute….i believe i have done this ( about 50 times) but nothing happened. Can someone give me MORE specific instructions pls?

    • You’re in the camera mode, right? Enter camera mode, tap a penguin to “follow” it, the camera should move with the penguin. Don’t take the picture, just let the camera follow it for a minute or two (to be safe). Leave the camera UI and it should unlock right away.

      • Toni Barbato

        It worked…..THANKS!!!!

  • Teebone05

    I’ve tried to get the mahi-mahi and it still won’t give it to me after 1 week anything I can do about it

    • Aside from the tips listed like setting the clock to just before midnight then playing at ‘midnight’, I’d just try to make sure the app is running in the background (some people reported getting it overnight) and focus on other hidden fish until it’s the last one you have to worry about. It’s one of the wonkiest ones in the game it seems

  • Teebone05

    Is there any way to control your fish and how much fish do you need to officially have a school oh and call me Teebone

    • Fish swimming is 100% AI. Fish will start schooling with even just 2 of the same species out at once, but it’s most noticeable with 4 or more.

  • Taylor Lee

    Side note to getting at least one of each Chistmas fish- it actually costs 71,000 candies (71,500 if you get the Night of Christmas) due to needing the Christmas potion to get the snowflake dolphin and the walrus and the Rudolf costume to get the polar bear and the snowflake whale.
    To do this in the cheapest way, you will need 39 snowflake angelfish, 3 christmas football fish, and 1 each of the Christmas yellow tang, baby penguin, snowflake sea slug, walrus, christmas dumbo octopus, emperor penguin, snowflake dolphin, christmas dolphin, polar bear, and snowflake whale.
    This would take 71,000 taps on fish candies with no Song of the Moon, 14,200 with lv 1 SotM, 11,834 with lv 2 SotM, 10,143 with lv 3 SotM, 8,875 with lv 4 SotM, 7,889 with lv 5 SotM, 7,100 with lv 6 SotM, 6,455 with lv 7 SotM, 5,917 with lv 8 SotM, 5,462 with lv 9 SotM, 5,072 with lv 10 SotM, and 4,733 with lv 11 SotM.

    • Yeah, we have some numbers…pretty close to that someone else posted, I included it in the christmas event section. I guess I should try and go back and figure them for halloween for comparisons sake

  • Lawst

    Thanks for all the great info! I found the best way to get the maximum bang for my buck (gems) is to have all skills ready plus the recharge ready. Activate in this order Spirit of Life, volcano, moon song, then food. As soon as the skills wear off, recharge them. This gives me 10 hearts/candy per tap for 8 minutes the 2 per for another 4. With fast fingers I can easily get 2000+ hearts/candy in that 12 minutes.

  • Samantha Stephens

    how to obtain more friends? i only have 2 and one is the default!!

    • The feature only counts Facebook friends who own the game. There’s some groups you can find on Google to add people, but I’d be careful and dump everyone once you get the spadefish–that’s what I did

      • Samantha Stephens

        thanks thats a great idea

  • drudigger

    Been playing for 3 days on and off, and i have over 60k taps, idk why you think its so hard to get these larger amounts of taps, maybe your just slow or I’m just fast and basing your experience as if that’s everyone’s speed, the larger quests seem easy if you have 7 days to complete them and i did over 60k with playing maybe 3 hours a day max for the past 3 days today being the forth

  • Barely Pleck

    Tip to get the mahi mahi (for logging in at midnight 10 times) easily: change the date (I did 2 days ahead exactly) on your phone, like you were doing the time cheat, but don’t turn off the wifi/data. Log in to AbyssRium 10 times before reverting it. The date will read as midnight for the game. I did this accidentally and got it at 1:00 pm without doing the time hack/losing the wifi stuff.

  • Anton Kahwaji

    Hey I sent this as an email but I think you didn’t get it… it is a trick I discovered on iPhone you can use accessibiltytouch and use gestures from it (device-more-gestures) and use 5 fingers to tap on screen so hard worker achievement is done easier and more vitality is earned easier by just tapping with one finger and getting effect of 5 fingers.

    • Oh yeah I got that but didn’t get to reply before the holiday rush. What do you do to get this to happen exactly? I don’t have an iOS device to enumerate the steps

      • Anton Kahwaji

        When I use the assistivetouch (I activate it in the settings – general – accessibility – assistivetouch – on, for only once) and then press the home button 3 times and it appears so I tap on it and the go to device – more – gestures, and choose 5 fingers and start tapping with one finger and it automatically equals 5 taps (tested in an app for tapping speed) and here is what it looks like (sorry couldn’t screenshot cause they disappear during screenshoting http://imgur.com/a/8OZGq

  • i did (still collecting candies ;; about 7000 left) this christmas event bc i rlly rlly wanted the snowflake whale and it took a while. i also did some math bc i was desperately trying to get it lol. this guide helped me a lot and i just wanted to say thanks! hope y’all had some great christmas time. have a happy new year’s eve!

    • Yeah, this event was slow but it wasn’t tooooo impossible–still goes on until the 23rd so there’s more time. I’m just saving up candies for the next (easter?) event
      Happy to help! Happy new year’s!

  • Mispotan

    Hello! I tried to get the Narwhal recently and I was only tapping on top left corner with 4-3 fingers, my tap counter increased from 17000 to like 32000 now but I still havent gotten my Narwhal. Did I do something wrong? (My coralite is lvl 700 if its important)
    I also tried to get the shark from the notifications but got no result
    I use iphone SE with ios 9

    • Not sure, took me a while but I did get it. Try tapping around in different areas around the top left when tapping during Song of the Moon and you should get it eventually.
      Dunno what’s with the Whale Shark but a lot of people seem to have trouble finding it, maybe it just has a way lower chance of appearing than the others.

      • Mispotan

        Just got the Narwhal today! I started tapping the corner with one finger now and then and eventually got the narwhal, thank you so much!
        Will be looking around for the shark too :)

        • Ah, great! I’ll add a note, maybe multitapping messes it up?

  • SallySpacecraft

    Have the devs ever seen a video of how a nautilus or polar bear swims? Does that annoy anyone else?

    • Heh, the polar bear’s animation is terrible. The Oarfish is really wonky too. I don’t think the original game was made with…non-fish fish in mind, but it’d be nice if they updated the animations for the bears/oarfish/squid/etc since they must be making a pretty penny with all the popularity. And the Nautilus really just needs to be flipped around, that can’t be hard…

      • SallySpacecraft

        Just got the oarfish today, and I had to put it into storage like almost immediately. It was practically painful to watch it swim backwards while moving forward while the head is still. There’s no way that the devs aren’t making money hand over fist with all the ads and the popularity of the game. With all that it’s pretty hard to believe they couldn’t fix these things. I don’t have the squid yet, but that one’s bad too? Somehow all the ones I am looking forward to getting are the ones that suck the most. I’m not exactly a graphics snob, but this stuff really bothers me.

        • Yeah, I hope they start polishing more at some point. Themes aside it hasn’t really gotten any graphics or polish upgrades since the first release. Not sure how receptive they are to feedback, but there’s a twitter/email listed in the Gear menu to contact. Hopefully they start fixing things if people bring it up

  • Annie

    I had a very strange bug (potentially helpful, potentionally jealousy-infusing). During my bug, the quests were acting…strangely. I would accept a quest and without even completing it, the quest would reward me. Because of this bug, I got snowflake whale within 2 days of playing the game by buying it with the gems earned from the bug. I had a ton of gems…too many to know what to do with. I had maxed all my upgrades like Song of the Moon and Delicious Food and had all of the christmas event fish…plus some. I definitely like my bug though because of all the extra gems I am getting. I had only downloaded the game on Christmas Eve. Has anyone else experienced anything this?

    • How many gems did you get exactly? Getting the gem rewards upon accepting the quests seems to be a common result, though I only get 400-600 a week (per google account, using the new trick). It’s a lot, but it’s not nearly enough to upgrade all the skills in a week

      • I was wrong–you get gems even for the ones you’ve never beaten, but it still seems a little inconsistent.

  • Annie

    I had a very strange bug (potentially helpful, potentionally jealousy-infusing). During my bug, the quests were acting…strangely. I would accept a quest and without even completing it, the quest would reward me. Because of this bug, I got snowflake whale within 2 days of playing the game by buying it with the gems earned from the bug. I had a ton of gems…too many to know what to do with. I had maxed all my upgrades like Song of the Moon and Delicious Food and had all of the christmas event fish…plus some. I definitely like my bug though because of all the extra gems I am getting. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Madison Royea Osborne

    To get the baby penguin:
    Tap with both fingers 100 times

    • Got that one in the guide, it’s not new though the requirement was just changed (used to be 4, but a lot of phones couldn’t run it). Thanks!

  • Elizabeth Douglas

    How do you get the penguin with the double tap? I think I’m doing it wrong. I must’ve tapped more than a hundred times and I still don’t have it.

    • You’re tapping with two fingers at once right, and your app is updated? The actual update that changed the Penguin’s unlock condition just came down on christmas eve, it was 4 taps before that (which is impossible on some old/cheap phones)

      • Elizabeth Douglas

        I actually downloaded the app 2 days ago so I should be good for the update. I absolutely love the game.
        Does it make a difference where I tap? Do I have to tap consistently or can I do it in bursts? Does it matter if my fingers are apart or do they have to be close together? I’ve tried it every single way I can think of

        • Weird, I’d do a full phone reboot and double check the store for updates just to be sure, tap with both fingers at once (wide enough they’re not somehow counted as a single press I guess). Your phone does register two independent taps at once, right? you should be able to notice by watching if two overlapping vitality numbers pop up if you press with two. They shouldn’t have to be consecutive, but 100 taps comes fast enough that shouldn’t be a big problem as long as it’s actually counting them.

          I unlocked it before the change though, for all I know it’s bugged, is anyone else reading having issues?

  • GK Ghima

    Because the guide doesn’t note this, I thought I’d mention that the prized walking fish does not count towards your total fish count or species count as I had previously assumed. I guess because they’re just giving it to you, they don’t want you to benefit from it. With that in mind, it seems Collector! Level 7 is out of reach until after the Christmas event.

    • oh yeah, figured it’d be an “event fish” since those are a thing. Haven’t really bothered chronicling how possible Collector level 7 is until it’s possible for people without paid fish (or maybe once it only requires a single one)

  • Guest

    I was able to get the notification fish (gotten two of three so far) with the notifications turned off. I must have opened the app when I would have had a notification for them had I had that on. Also, I wonder if the play at midnight/4 am is based on a time zone? Because I’ve never played at 4 am and got that fish, and the midnight one later. I did not use a clock cheat. I often play early in the morning (7 am my time) and a time zone difference could account for how I got them.

    • The time based fish seem to be really inconsistent or bugged. Some people get them without rhyme or reason but messing with the clock also usually works. Noted that about the notification fish though.

  • KaykayLimez

    Unlocked Snowflake Sea slug by owning 3 Snowflake Angelfish :D

  • Caspian

    For the Manta Ray, it doesn’t have to be Twitter, I used Facebook to share it and it worked

    • Caspain

      Im pretty sure all you have to do is just share it

  • Ryan Dawson

    I have an Alcatel pixi one touch that only allows two taps at once, can’t find a way to do more and therefore no baby
    penguin. Please help!!!!!!

    • So far the only way we’ve found is to actually download your save onto a friend’s phone and unlock it and re-save to the cloud

  • Cordelia Chang

    Just as a guess the vitality coralite needs to upgrade 25 levels at once is about 70 times how much vitality it needs at the first level.

    For example: at lv 5125, coralite needs about 705.270 AX to upgrade to lv 5126; mean ing that it needs 70 * 705.270 AX = about 49 AY to upgrade to lv 5150.

    I realize that the above is not rlly helpful -_-

    • Ah, did a quick test and you’re right! Thanks a lot for that, edited it in!

  • Aaron Ford

    Hey taptap. I ran the numbers of wether remains of nautilius or eruption were better, turns out the eruption is better. Look:

    Pretend you have A vitality

    Max Volcanic E = 10 tps (taps per second) for 15 mins. 10tps × 60s (1minute) = 600tpm (taps per minute). 600 tpm x 15m = 9.0A per 15 minute period.

    Max Nautilius = 120tpm. 120 tpm × 15m = 1.8A per 15 minute period.

    There you have. It feel free to check my math if I’ve made any mistakes.

    • Nautilus gets multiplied by Song of the Moon though doesn’t it? I don’t even consider taps w/o Song of the Moon to be valid at my level of Vitality + max SotM but haven’t counted it up

    • Went and added this to the guide though. Good to have exact info even if IMO neither really matters much by the time you have the gems to burn on the two worst skills.

  • TL27

    The Rudolph costume costs 2.000A candy canes as well as having to have 50 event fish, by the way. Which I mean wasn’t having to buy all those fish enough? xD

    • TL27

      And now I see you have that, but not in the theme section, my bad.

    • Oh oops, thanks edited that in! Problem of having info duplicated. Thanks for the catch!

  • Nhat Anh

    I missed Halloween event. Will I be able to get those event fish in the future?

    • We don’t really know. Game’s not old enough to have repeated any events. It’s possible the events repeat, the events have new fish only, or it’s a mix of old and new fish. I’d hope for the latter but haven’t see any official info.

  • L

    For the hidden fish that requires opening app upon notification, it’s not just random chance. I get s notification saying there’s a hidden fish active for 10 minutes and it’s when I hit that notification did it give me the fish. I don’t know what it’s like for android or if this was for an older version but I get told which notification will give it to me. Unless you mean that that specific notification is random then yes, it does happen at a random during the day, once a day

    • YEah, that’s what I meant. I edited it to make the wording more clear

    • GK Ghima

      Actually, no, the special notification has a chance to happen 30 minutes after you close the game. From extensive clock-fudging I can tell you that it absolutely can happen more than once a day and the time it happens is not random.

      That aside, I do agree that the guide should be more clear about the notification fish.

      • GK Ghima

        Thinking about it, I should probably be more descriptive. Basically, I was clock-fudging to try to get the Mahi Mahi by opening the app 10 times at every hour of the day (it didn’t work). In the process I noticed that if I set my clock forward an hour or more, I would sometimes get the special notification, but if I hit it it had already expired. If I set the clock forward in 30-minute increments, however, I would still get the notification but it worked when I hit it. I got all three fish that way without ever setting my clock to a different day.

      • Oh, thanks! I just found the notifications when I woke up in the morning so I assumed the timing was far longer. I’ll edit

  • Rachael Philosoraptor Jetter

    For the HTC M10 phone, going to settings>display, gestures, and buttons and turning off media gesture enables the app to recognize four finger tapping and get the baby penguin. If media gesture is on it won’t recognize it.

  • Shai Ng

    ive been trying to get the walrus. it wont work with me sharing the christmas tree. i shared it more than 5 times. am i doing something wrong?

    • Are you focused on the christmas tree? If you tap the tree it should steal focus just like it does when zooming on a fish. It won’t count if they’re just in the frame

  • GK Ghima

    I got a tip from the facebook group, and I think it’s worth adding to the guide.

    When trying to take a picture of the marlins, take a picture as soon as you enter photo mode and then tap on one of the marlins while they are frozen. When you hit retake picture, the focus will automatically shift to the marlin and you can take the picture then. No need to chase them around!

    • Ohhh that’s clever! I only recently found about the freeze-frame and didn’t realize you could even change focus like that. Thanks!

  • Jordan Bowling

    how many candy canes does the polar bear cost when you unlock him

  • Jessica Wallace

    If you have a phone that has 3D touch, press the screen and when the fist eat the shrimp it gives you vitality at a higher rate than your taps. I haven’t done the math but its a pretty big increase if you’re just starting out on the game and need some extra vitality.

    • Do you know how many times the normal tap vitality rate it gives? Do they all give as much or are there diminishing returns or something? I heard about this on Reddit but wasn’t sure what to add since I don’t have an iOS device with 3D touch.

      Weird they’re doing so many platform-specific things. First google-play only quests now this only on iOS

      • Jessica Wallace

        I’m really bad at math and don’t have the brain capacity to figure it out. But I just checked on my second account and it got 984.848H with a tap and 9.848I with a shrimp. I know that’s some really easy percentage but like I said, math wasn’t my strong suit it college.

        • Ah, thanks. Yeah that’s a 10x increase which makes sense, good but not too good. I went and edited that in.

      • Jessica Wallace

        It’s a 10% increase

        • GK Ghima

          It’s a 10x increase.

      • GK Ghima

        I’m on android, but based on people discussing it in the facebook group, it gives 10 times your tap amount every time, but as a trade-off you can’t do it as fast as normal tapping.

        I obviously can’t test it, but someone should see if it’s worth more (or less) towards Hard Worker.

        • Got the info so far added. I’d assume it doesn’t count towards hard worker, most auto/multi/etc tap effects don’t count towards it at all, just good ol’ manual labor.

          Those achievements are now the only thing keeping me from 100% google achievements now too. Still over 600k to go…

  • vicvic

    I can confirm that changing the clock still works(sort of..) as of today
    Got pygmy seahorse immediately whereas Mahi-Mahi came about roughly 10 hours after i achieved the condition.
    Attendance still works for me, but do note that i only changed to clock to 0am and 4am ONLY, meaning i didn’t change the date or skip a month

    • Cool to know! I’ll be sure to note that in the guide

  • Ashley Holmes

    Sir Tap Tap,
    I wanted to let you know that I tried to get the Commerson Dolphin by locking onto the Narwhal and saving 3 pictures. I just so happens my Narwhal was in front of my Coralite for all 3. When the dolphin unlocked, the pop up said it was because of saving 3 Coralite pics. But I did try that before getting the Narwhal, just to try it, and it didn’t work. I think that the message does not match the actual pics that need to be saved.

    • Yeah, I’m just going to remove the bit about the Coralite, I’m really sure that’s just a total error on their part. Not sure why it was never fixed

  • Jordan Bowling

    I have unlocked the penguin buy it does not show up in the buy dis collum how do I fix this

    • You’re looking in Event, right? It’s in the event tab not the fish one since it’s a seasonal one.

      • Jordan Bowling

        oh thank you

  • Hayley Huff

    How do I get the giant squid when the check-in action has long since been achieved?

    • GK Ghima

      If you mean that you got the coelacanth before the update, it should just start counting the days since the update as new days of attendance.

    • Like Ghima said it just continues where you left off. It should be almost literally the first thing you see when you start the game after an update that adds to the attendance sheet. Note you have to be online and updated to get it.

  • AlniyatCreatureCat

    Anyone know a workaround for the 4 finger multi-touch? My phone’s only capable of 3. :/

    • Try just tapping a lot with 2-3 fingers and see if it unlocks? I’ve heard unconfirmed reports of people without multitouch getting it just by tapping a lot. If you could confirm either way it’d be great.

      • AlniyatCreatureCat

        I was unable to unlock the baby penguin with various quick taps. I wound up borrowing a friends phone for a moment to unlock it.

        • Ah, huh. I figured that was a stretch of an idea anyway.

    • GK Ghima

      My guess is, there’s a tiny margin of error in the detection so that the fingers can hit a few milliseconds apart and it should still count. I’m not sure if it’s humanly possible, but the only way I can think of is to tap with two or three fingers fast enough that the second taps fall inside that margin of error.

  • terrapinteri

    Could someone repeat how to get around the non multi tap phone issue?

    • I’m not sure one is known yet. Some people just got it randomly (there’s a bug some people are getting where watching ads randomly buys christmas fish, whether they have candy or not), I’ve heard one person on reddit that said just tapping really fast with two fingers might have done it for them. If anyone can confirm anything it’d be great.

      • terrapinteri

        Thank you sir

  • AnDy Hua

    See ” Finally got it : Mahi Mahi ” on


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017 to you all. ^_^

  • AnariaLaurelin

    Quests are not appearing on my game. Maybe an iOS/ android thing? I also didn’t get the Christmas event until yesterday, so perhaps it’ll appear later?

    • Which platform are you on? They’re on Android for sure, don’t have an ios thing to test but I figured they’d be the same. It’s in Trophy icon -> Ribbon icon.

      And quests were before the Christmas event so that shouldn’t be it

      • AnariaLaurelin

        I’m on iOS. I have the ribbon icon and a crown icon but not the hourglass icon, and the two icons I have go to either Game Center achievements or ranking. On Game Center there is a third tab of ‘challenges’ but I think it requires Facebook (?) I haven’t connected Facebook to the app–could that be it?

        • Its’ not facebook–apparently it is Android exclusive. I just assumed they wouldn’t have exclusive features, I’ll edit the guide

  • Tina

    I was able to get one baby penguin (hidden Christmas “fish”) by tapping with 4 fingers 100x

  • GK Ghima

    More achievements!
    – Play with fish! Level 10 is indeed 50000
    – Coral of Life! Level 9 is 100000

    Also, concerning the Google Play achievements, mine seem to be bugged. Specifically the google play games version of Hard Worker, which seems to have stopped counting at roughly 210,000. The weirdest part is that even though it didn’t give me the IV achievement, it still revealed the V achievement, which is supposed to be locked until you get the IV. Anyone having similar issues?

    • Thanks, I’ll add those once the site’s upgraded…I can’t access my admin stuff right now because of resource limits, too many hits.

      Google play achievements in general and specifically in abyssrium seem pretty buggy. For a while I was getting 3 achievement popups every time I tapped the trophy icon. I’d honestly just ignore it and hope it works out, it uuuuusually has worked out in the past for me.

      As of this moment, I’m still seeing Tap My Katamari’s achievements in Abyssrium instead lol. And the quests are even buggier.

      • GK Ghima

        What I think will annoy me the most in the long run is that I created my google play games account for this game, and didn’t do so until after the tutorial, so I Am Not Alone is forever locked away. I think it only checks that the fish count has gone from 0 to 1, so I can’t get it without making a new account.

        • There might be a way using cloud saves (upload your save, delete and redownload the game, get achievement, download save) but there’s nooooo way I’m testing with my main account. Personally I don’t care too much since the 1 million taps achievement is probably going to be locked forever, though soonish that’s going to be all I have left (tbh I thought I’d get bored before a week)

          If anyone’s gutsy enough to try it or makes a test account to do so let me know the exact results and steps!

          • I’ve done it before in my desparate attempt to get AdVenture Capitalist’s achievements away from Abyssrium, and while my achievements were still borked (they have thankfully fixed themselves now with AVC off my phone), I was able to download my save and start from where I left off. It’s as you said: save the game to the cloud from settings, uninstall the game, reinstall and do what you need to do, and then load the old save from the server and continue on your merry way.

            In regards to the Hard Worker IV/V glitch, both achievements pop at once when you reach 1M taps. I know because the exact same thing happened to me, and at the exact same count as well (210k).

            At this point, I just have about 12 days left for the last attendance achievement and nearly 500 skills left for the last skill achievement. For as much as people complain about the tapping achievements, at least those are possible to do reasonably depending on how you play; 1000 skills when there’s only three to use at a time is just ridiculous.

          • GK Ghima

            Neat. Thanks for the info.

          • I mean I’ve cast 3000 skills and still have 350,000 taps, I Think the tap ones are pretty unreasonable, and they’re tracked in the actual google Play achievements so I feel like they “matter” a bit more (at least one ingame achievement is currently *actually* impossible to max, Collector). The skill ones definitely go too high in the Crown levels though.

  • Aaron Ford

    If you really want gems, take pictures very quickly without saving them, all back to back, so you can get gems from the Photographer achievements. Make sure to accept the quests when you do this, so that way, you can get extra. I was able to completely aquire it in one day. Takes a lot patience, I tell you that. Also, do the offers. You get a lot of gems for just downloading and running an app. I’ve collected thousands of gems using this method. Patience pays off! ^_^

    • Yeah, those are the first things I maxxed. I mention it in the achievement section but I might stick it in the walkthrough somewhere since people have a thirst for gems especially since Song of the Moon is so important with events now.

  • Shaked

    I did a calculation, if you want to get by free the snowflake whale, you need a minimum of 68,500 candies(68.5A), with only buying snowflake angelfishes if possible(and not other fish needed).
    which means:
    68.5k fish’s vitality clicks with no skills
    13.7k fish’s vitality clicks with skills not upgraded
    4.56~k fish’s vitality clicks with fully upgraded skills
    2.28~k fish’s vitality clicks if also the double effect is on.
    or only see the ads 1370 times=685 hours=28.54 days
    or, get a time machine and collect candies from the haloween event.
    Hope that info will help somehow to set aim.
    I’m sorry but I don’t think this event is a ‘bit’ harder than the previous one in terms of clicking and activity….

    • Shaked

      also, as by average you click fish’s vitality 100 times on skill time, we can push it even further:
      137 times skills with no upgrades = 34.25 hours
      46 times skills fully upgraded = 11.25 hours
      23 times skill fully upgraded+double magic
      the time ofcourse is of the cooldown you have to wait for the skill to be recharged again, of course if you pop into the game like every 2 hours or so it will be making much more sense but you need to be active for at least 12 min to make it benefiting.

      • Shaked

        also, the Title of Haloween event need to be the same font size of christmas event(bigger)
        also, should be mentioned that the theme of christmas also gives new christmas backgroud music I assume.

        • Shaked

          **christmas dye, not the theme.

        • Oh, it’s the dye that brings the music? I thought it was just a replacement during the event. I’ll edit that in when I can, thanks.
          Not sure what you mean about the title of events, they should be the same heading size

        • Oh, weird, Halloween had a formatting span around it so it did display differently, fixed it. WordPress’ WYSIWYG editor seems to get out of sync with proper HTML sometimes. Thanks for pointing that out

    • Sorry for the late response, wasn’t 100% sure how to work this in…so I just quoted it (with credit of course). Thanks for working it all out!

  • Fey
  • Esmarlin Cabrera

    Prized fish was a gift. Founded under the https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/68fe0223b2918ac6124f2cc63d6529075f2b22247d63f6d91e95f78026b0a260.png magic section. Unable to buy more.

  • Honney Wells

    Walking fish is in shop where you usually can watch ad for gems, and it’s free

  • Rachel Symski

    just got the walking fish- check the shop section, might have been added at midnight

  • Hi! Great site, by the way.
    I saw someone with a red/pink axolotl….any idea how to get that?

    • Just added that, seems it was added today. it’s in the shop tab if you haven’t found it

      • Katy Leichtfuss

        Just wanted to let u know the narwhal counts as a dolphin, tried it out getting the commerson dolphin unlocked. Great site, please keep updating!

        • Huh, someone de-confirmed that it worked a few days ago, it actually was in the guide before. I’ll add it back, I guess they were mistaken. Thanks a ton for the tip! :)

          • Jess

            Random question, I’ve shared a few photos to Facebook, but it’s not unlocking the share fish. I also have been taking photos of the mystery chest, but no luck either. Does it need to be five different mystery chests, if so, I’m only one 3/5.

          • Nah, you can just spam share the same exact picture (and not actually post it) and it should unlock. Not sure why it wouldn’t activate. Maybe try a different share app though I doubt that would matter. I usually press the twitter button, press “back”, discard the draft and go back in. Might have to be connected online if you’re not, increasing amounts of the app are online only.

          • William Johnson

            I’ve tried for both narwhal and the vampire squid. I watched my tap about to see that I did it enough but got neither. Am I doing something wrong?

          • Don’t watch the Hard Worker counter too feverishly, it doesn’t seem to track anywhere close to right. IF you don’t have the blue table coral you can’t get the Vampire squid. Just keep at it and they’ll eventually come. Don’t tap with multiple fingers, from other people it seems like that either doesn’t count for more than one tap for these unlocks, or doesn’t work at all.

          • William Johnson

            Good to know. I’m way off from having the blue table coral. Can I get the narwhal anytime? And one other question, do the taps all need to be in the same session?

          • Narwhal should be any time, but it’s 5000 taps so it takes a fair while. People are pretty sure it’s cumulative, not single session. I just try to play regularly but focus all my taps in that area until I get it when they add a new “tap a lot” fish

          • SM58

            “Don’t tap with multiple fingers, from other people it seems like that either doesn’t count for more than one tap for these unlocks, or doesn’t work at all.”

            Hmmm, I find that you can now tap with more than one finger and really, you are faster tapping with two or three. It’s easier for me so maybe a preference thing however you do score every individual tap as far as I see.

          • For Vitality or unlocks? I’m pretty sure multitaps don’t work or only count as one for hidden fish, many people have had issues/over-reported tap counts when doing that, hence my advice. For plain ol’ vitality yes, multi tapping is fine.

          • Katy Leichtfuss

            No problem, and yeah I just tried it a couple days ago out of curiosity and was very happy to see it worked. :)

  • Mélissa Dubé

    The price walking fish is free in the videos section of the games for how was looking for it.

  • Stephie Au

    Prized Walking Fish
    Description: Best Games of 2016 Celebration Gift
    Randomly appeared in the “shop” tab at the top, above watching ads for gems. You tap it to get it for free https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c11655d4c85e559eeb1130215be6c65108d250c3418568af87117dc20eb79500.png

  • jonh

    i cant get the penguin
    does anyone else has this problem? been tapping with my four fingers for the past half an hour…

    • Yeah, any phone that doesn’t have 4 point multitouch can’t get it. Not sure if there’s a workaround

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya (Toshi)

    I can’t unlock the baby penguin because my phone doesn’t register that I’m tapping with 4 fingers. What do I do? Is there a way to solve it?

    • Don’t know of any yet, I’ll add any tricks I find though. Anyone Know of a way, short of using a different phone?

  • GK Ghima

    I just realized something. The Collector achievement Level 7 should be achievable now. If you bought all the IAP packs, including the harp seal which is no longer available, and have the Legendary Sun Fish, which is also no longer available, when they give out the “prized walking fish” it should total 100. Assuming the snowflake whale counts as a regular fish like the ghost whale, that is. Most (read: basically all) people will have to wait until they add more fish post-Christmas, though.

    • GK Ghima

      Never mind, I have been informed that the snowflake whale counts as an event fish, so the current possible maximum is still 99. We’ll get to 100 eventually!

      • Seth Renae Vroon

        It’s both an event fish and a normal fish. You can get it free through the event OR you can purchase it with the Christmas bundle, where is gives the vitality increase.

        • So you can buy more via vitality if you pay, right? I guess I’ll add that info in.

  • GK Ghima

    The friends list is fixed…sort of. Instead of maxing out at 26, now it’s 501. Yes I have more friends than that. In any case, the With friends! achievement’s crown levels are now obtainable.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly given the previous levels, they are:
    30, 35, 40, 45, 50

    • Ah cool, thanks for that info. Added to the guide

  • Seth Renae Vroon

    Polar bear is 8A and Snowflake whale is 10A

    • Seth Renae Vroon

      And the Rudolf skin is 2A

  • Land Turtle

    Legendary Mola Mola is dead

  • Gemma Edwards

    You can’t buy the Rudolf costume for 500 candies. The only option is to have 50 christmas fish

    • SarcasticAnnie

      You’re right. You buy it for 2000 candies. However, before purchasing the requirement is to have 50 christmas fish.

  • Ryan Dawson

    I have tapped close to 1500 times with four fingers and still no baby penguin. Can anyone help?

    • Does your phone not support 4 touch points perhaps? It’s pretty common now, but it’s not unheard of for a phone to support only two/ You’re using all four at once, right?

  • Ryan Dawson

    I’ve tapped with four fingers about 1000 times and still no baby penguin, I’m beginning to get frustrated. Can anyone help?

  • Jess

    I downloaded the game only a few days ago, so I’m only on level 750 of the coralite. I’m not seeing the Christmas update at all (playing on iphone, downloaded the game through the US store but my timezone is actually Japan). Do you know if you need to be a certain level to see it? I don’t want to miss out on the event!

    • I think it’s just rolling out slowly, I’ve heard of a few others that still don’t have it. I’ve always been high level when events start so I don’t know for sure, but I don’t believe they’ve ever been level-limited

      • Jess

        Ok I guess I just have to be patient… and I’m working on getting to level 1000 meanwhile just in case!

  • Heather Martin

    Also, reading through, the three skills definitely max out at 11, and the artifacts max out at 10 – you still have ? marks next to them.

    The quests are bugged at the moment and you can somehow claim all quests at once without doing anything…

    • Hadn’t maxed my skills/stuff yet but I’ll correct that. Still got a couple levels of Eruption and Nautilus left.

      Quests are all KINDS of bugs. I don’t know if it does it for everyone, but it stopped tracking progress, and dozens of successful/failed quests are stuck in the menu, and I get 500 gems for taking on new quests. I have no idea what’s going but hey, 500 free gems a week.

      RE the hourglass: Oh must have fat fingered the quest icon my first try and never corrected it.

  • Heather Martin

    Quests: This is wrong. Check Quests by clicking the award ribbon icon in the bottom of the “Trophy”/achievements menu

    You access it by clicking the sand timer icon to the right of the award ribbon icon in the trophy menu

  • Heather Martin

    Check attendance crown level 1: 75, reward 50 gems

  • Heather Martin

    Also, the prized walking fish is supposedly going to be given to every user because of winning 2016 best game thing.

  • Heather Martin

    Emperor Penguin: Focus on baby penguin for 1 minute

    • Yep, got that added just before I found this comment!
      Not sure what the deal with the walking fish is yet. Game seems to treat it like a hidden fish but the What’s New page acts like it’s a gift. Can’t find anyone who actually has it yet.

      • Heather Martin

        I found it by accident – had a photo challenge for the baby penguin and got distracted. Closed the photo viewer and there it was!

        Yeah, I noticed that too. I’m trying to work out if there’s a button for it somewhere…

        • Luke Robson

          I found mine under the Event tab. It appeared above where the 50 candy ad usually is. But after clicking the button, I could only receive one fish; it is currently no where else to be found for me.

      • Bailey Binns

        I got the prized walking fish. you randomly get it. it is a free gift for the game being chosen as the game of the year. it showed up for me under the shop drop down folder with all the packages

        • Jed Buensalida

          Me too!

      • Kai Jackson

        You can get the prized walking fish just by starting the game, it comes for free in the shop. It seems bugged though, because I got it on my second account but not my first. Both my accounts are on Android.

        • Kai Jackson

          Just to add on to that, in the Google play store description it says all users get the prized walking fish

      • Luke Robson

        I found mine under the Event tab. It appeared above where the 50 candy ad usually is. But after clicking the button, I could only receive one fish; it is currently no where else to be found for me. I wish I could buy more than one.

        • Weird, maybe it being in the shop was a bug (it was an odd placement, anyone who doesn’t like to watch ads might have missed it). I’ll edit that it might be in the Event tab too once the site’s upgraded so it can actually handle the traffic…
          And yeah, looks like you only get one since it was free. Would be nice if you could just buy more with vitality.

  • Megan Francis

    The Christmas event ends January 23rd. It says so in the update in the play store.

    • Oh! Thanks! I legit didn’t think to check since I’m so used to apps not bothering with real What’s New. Glad they started doing it right.

  • Deana Smith

    On the topic of the christmas event, I have some info for you Sir!

    The Walrus is unlocked by sharing a photo of christmas tree 5 times (You need to buy the christmas potion for 500 candies to see the x-mas trees)

    The baby penguin is unlocked by tapping with 4 fingers 100 times (I was probably one of the first people to find this, I posted an image to reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AbyssRium/comments/5h876v/baby_penguin_found_proof_i_found_him_lol/

    • Thanks! What region do you happen to be in BTW? I’m in the US and my app hasn’t updated, even checked the store. I see a christmas icon in the play store but no updates for the game. I’ll start adding what I know to the guide though.

      • Deana Smith

        I’m in the US, but I have heard that people were getting the update later than others. You should have it by now or get it soon.

        • Deana Smith

          Also, POLAR BEAR INFO!
          on reddit we have figured out that the polar bear is unlocked by sharing a picture of the coralite in rudolph costume 3 times, which requires 50 event fish to even get the costume.

          • Yep, just got polar and some general christmas info added! Thanks for all the help. Just Emperor Penguin and Prized Walking Fish left it seems. No one seems to know.

  • Willy Yeremi

    How about all abyssrium player in here add other player facebook so we can get the spadefish.my facebook is Willy Yeremi.(sorry for bad english)

  • hi

    Panther Grouper 10 shared photos of a parrot fish

  • Danny Roth

    Hi Sir TapTap! I’d first like to thank you for taking the time to create such a fantastic, in-depth guide. Secondly, in regards to the Mahi Mahi, I was able to unlock it by time-cheating, setting my clock to 11:59pm and then going from game to home screen a number of times once the clock had changed to 12:00. The achievement I received said it was received after doing so 10 times. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d47fe83c954fa0d77e99010cdf33bdaf6c4c3cccb592b5be1f1a28c003f6094e.png

    • Glad you like the guide! I’ll add that to the mahi mahi section.Maybe it’s letting the clock roll over that’s the trick.

  • Land Turtle

    I found a glitch in the attendance system.

    • GK Ghima

      Could you describe it?

      • Land Turtle

        If you turn off your phone in the award system, it’ll skip a day(but only one day, from what I’ve seen). You’ll get both prizes for both days(ex. 100 gems for the Giant Squid week(or Giant Swuid if on last 2 days)).

    • What is it?

      • Land Turtle

        If you turn off your iPad/phone while the game is checking attendance(reward system), it’ll most likely skip a day.

        • Do you get both rewards or permanently miss the day or what? Just turn off the phone while the screen is displayed? I run out of days to wait on thursday so I’m not sure I want to mess with it myself.

          • Land Turtle

            If you do it tomorrow, you’ll get the Giant Squid 1 day early. You get the prizes for both days, and the next day, it’ll be like you actually waited 2 days, and it won’t glitch df out. So, don’t worry about it.

  • Sarah

    Does the marlin still exist? I’ve been playing for 3 weeks now and have never seen them.

    • Pretty sure, took me weeks to see too. Pretty sure they have a chance to show up based on ingame time so watching the game is the only way to find them, not checking regularly for just a second

  • Ainz Zazel

    Panther Grouper can be unlocked by sharing picture of parrot fish 10 times.

  • GK Ghima

    More achievements!
    Mysterious Stone! Level 9 – 8000
    Play with fish! Level 9 – 40,000

    With friends! Level 6 – 30
    Note: It seems the friend list may be bugged because no one can get the game to acknowledge more than 25 friends, so for now Crown Levels are impossible.

    • Thanks! Got those added, and noted the bug

  • Thomas Asplin

    Can someone help me by adding me on facebook for the new fish?

  • GK Ghima

    New achievement added with the update:
    With friends!
    Make X facebook friends
    Levels: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

    • Thanks for the info, just checking in now. Figures it’s facebook only, not twitter. Looks like there’s some achievements I’ll definitely never get

  • David Manvell

    Discovered a new fish ‘Nautilus’ today. See photo.

  • David Manvell
    • GK Ghima

      Did this unlock right away? I know I’ve used Delicious Food north of 200 times and I didn’t get it when I updated.

      • Swelnet

        Same here, I used Delicious Food really quite a lot prior to the update, and I still can’t buy the Nautilus.
        David Manvell, did you use Delicious Food 50 times yesterday?
        If you did, how did you manage to use it so often in a day?

        • With level 10 Mystic Conch you can use it every 8 minutes upon watching an ad, it’s fairly possible with intensive play.

          • David Manvell

            I didn’t use it a lot but to be honest I never actually sat there and counted or anything. I know there was a new update that was just put out and I figured that I just triggered it. It’s very possible that I may have used it 50 times. That does seem like a hell of a lot if I had to guess though I would have thought that maybe tops maybe 15 or 20 but then again when you play this game sometimes you just kind of brain dead and just keep clicking buttons so maybe I did hit 50.

    • Thanks! And nah, looks like it doesn’t count prior uses (I’ve used it hundreds of times by now I’m sure)

  • GK Ghima

    The update has been mentioned, but I thought I’d let you know (if you hadn’t already figured it out) that the attendance has been expanded to 5 weeks and the Giant Squid is the reward at the end. The per-day bonus is 50 gems for the fifth week just like the fourth week, so it seems that that might be the cap if they expand it further. No idea how to get the three hidden fish, either, though.

    • GK Ghima

      Found something on Reddit, apparently the Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish is unlocked by having 5 Facebook friends in the game. I’m still not 100% sure how the mechanic works, though.

      • GK Ghima

        I found out that it works like this:
        If a Facebook friend of yours is synched with the app, that counts as 1 for the achievements/fish; you can also invite people to play the game, but I don’t think that does anything until they actually get the app.

        • I hope it’s only that one fish then, I’m not sure I’ll be getting anything tied to facebook stuff. I have one person in my list and I suspect “Kim” is just a default friend not anyone on my facebook

          • Eva Lovasco

            I also have “Kim,” too, and she mysteriously has ALL of the expensive fish… I thought that was, er, fishy lol

          • Yeah, I noticed that. It seems it is their “look at all this cool stuff you can buy wink wink” showcase

  • Swelnet

    Hi there!
    I just noticed an update adding new (4) fish.
    I haven’t been able to get them so I have no idea about the conditions required!

    – Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish
    – Nautilus
    – Panther Grouper
    – Giant Squid

    I’m around level 5000.

    • Thanks, from other comments I guess it’s only the Panther Grouper we’re totally in the dark on

  • jack

    i still cant manage to get the mahi mahi and 4 am seahorse though. been doing time cheats for ages and other ways but none have work also even though i have took a million pictures of the chest even zooming in on it and saving the photos, the secret fissh has yet to be unlocked. is my phone bugged

    • Haven’t heard of this issue before but the time based ones were always spotty. Like I said I’m not sure how well cheating even works anymore so I’d just try playing it with time set properly + connected online for a while.

    • Sarah

      It’s based on game time, not real time. I got both after less than a week of playing, and I definitely didn’t play at midnight or 4am at all. Both appeared in the afternoon.

  • jack

    i cant take it anymore, maybe my phone is bugged, the time cheating doesnt seem to work for me and also ive took a million pictures of that chest focusing on it and saving it and nothing happens at all. am i missing out something. must the wifi be on or off when i time cheat?

    • More and more features have been turning online-only lately, like skills it seems. It’s possible time cheating just doesn’t work at all, I’ll try and just remove that section if nothing works I guess.

      Not sure why the chest wouldn’t work, was an easy unlock for me. Might just make sure your time is right, online is on, close the app entirely and try again. Maybe even unlocking stuff is online-only now. It didn’t used to be but it seems like they cracked down around the time of the halloween event

  • Land Turtle

    I must be really slow ’cause I’m at L vitality and tomorrow I unlock the oarfish lol

    • It all depends on how often you open it. I just open it every few hours if I remember to cast my 3 skills

      • Land Turtle

        Kk, thx.

        Also, is the Coelacanth coded as a certain creature(ex. Oarfish is a ray, Isopod is a Seahorse and I suspect the Slug is a Boxfish)? Or are you not sure?

        • It probably is, but I’m not sure what. I no longer have the locked items to check with so I usually depend on comments to confirm if something actually counts. For instance the Isopod is definitely using the Seahorse’s AI, but I’m not 100% sure it counts for it’s unlocks.

          The Event dolphins didn’t count as dolphins, but I suspect it’s just because they’re marked “event fish”.

          • Land Turtle

            Welp, I’ll find out in two days(or tomorrow, depending if I can activate a glitch)

  • Zackary Lee

    The cowfish count as blowfish when unlocking the Camel Cowfish.

    • Not sure how I didn’t have that added already, thanks, added!

  • Shaked

    Hard Worker first crown achievements is 2M taps

    By the way, I think there’s a bug where one of the haloween fishes doesn’t count as unique speciey at the unique species count. right now I got 11 haloween fishes, but it states I own 77(+10) species, when means it only counts up 10 of them and one is missing, which one I’m not sure.

    • Thanks, added that

      Oh yeah I noticed that, not sure what the deal is. Can’t really experiment anymore since the event’s over. Doesn’t seem to matter anyway, those fish only count for their own event, and the Bone Whale’s tracking was correct even if the +10 isn’t

  • Keegan Phillips

    Just got a new hidden fish! Mauve Stinger, awarded for 10 pictures of a jellyfish.

  • GK Ghima

    A couple more achievements:
    Play with fish! Level 8 is 30000
    Hard Worker! Level 4 is 500000 after the update

    • GK Ghima

      Also a very minor thing that bothers me disproportionately:
      Your Ready! Action! Levels list has an extra ‘?’ that doesn’t belong.

    • Thanks, corrected those!

  • Shaked

    I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but for sure one of the haloween fishes doesn’t count even as special species, as I got 79 species and it states above that I got 68(+10) species, which is 78. I think the bone whale doesn’t count, but not 100% sure, it could be any other haloween fish. The fish total count however is allright.

    • Yeah, I think the (X+Y) format on the fish counter is meant to make it clear that *no* event fish count for anything other than their own event. Makes sense, since they’re earned separately.

      Though Ghost Whale might count as a normal fish since apparently you buy it with Vitality (presumably all fish you pay real money for “count” if it does)

  • monstertop

    Hi, sorry if I’m being nit picky but I was wondering what this means and for what benefit?

    “I use two fingers to upgrade two Coral types at once. You can do three, but sometimes I accidentally scroll the menu when trying that.”

    • Oh that tip’s not really relevant anymore since there’s buttons to upgrade more than one level of coral at once, I’ll just remove it. I just meant that since AbyssRium accepts multitouch input, you can use two fingers to tap two different “upgrade” buttons at once. Before the mass-upgrade buttons, this made grinding coral upgrades slightly less infuriating.

  • Jesse Greene

    Halloween event fish dont count towards unlocking any fish it would seem, including ones like the hammerhead shark, which requires saving pictures of another shark, I tested this with that, the manta ray, and the Commerson dolphin, first with the event fish that should unlock them, then with non event sharks rays and dolphins which did unlock them. Not really a correction on anything in this helpful guide, but still might be worth adding.

    • Oh wow, really? I figured they’d at least count for same species. I’ll find somewhere to add a note, thanks for that! Some of these things I can’t test myself since I already unlocked ’em so it’s really great when people comment!

    • Willy Yeremi

      Hey can i add you at facebook?i want get the spadefish

  • Shaked

    About Midnight Ocean, It must be 100 normal fishes, not haloween ones.

  • TL27

    Halloween fish do NOT count towards the Midnight Ocean theme, by the way. I have 69 of them and 43 normal fish, and it’s still locked for me. (Bummer too because I love it the most).

    • Ah, I strongly suspected that but it’s great to confirm!

  • Chicken

    Fun fact! For some reason I have a “sailor” outfit instead of the “amigo friend” outfit. Same method of earning, completely different outfit.
    ???????????? I DON’T KNOW.

    • Huh, from the update apparently people hated it so they changed it

      • Chicken

        Well, that explains it, but color me disappointed. I’m not a fan of the sailor, but I didn’t even notice the new little icon until after I’d updated. ALAS. At least I know now though, thanks! I was confused as heck. (And seriously, this is the best guide. Like not just for Abyssrium, but as far as guides go, this one is aces. It’s really comprehensive, and honestly the perfect thing to read when you’re just getting into the app, and dang you’re fast with keeping up with updates too! Go you, and thanks for this! I probably would have missed out on a great little time nibbler without this guide. And you have a fun, honest “voice” to read. You ready hit every button!)

        • Glad you enjoy! I’ve been meaning to write more guides, lots of work though. The Yomawari and Neptunia vs Sega Hard Girls guides never got quite finished, but I’ve been very pleased with how well this one and Axiom Verge’s were received. Never even planned to get into guides, but the response has been great

  • Sylvestrix

    Brilliant guide! A small query, any idea if the Moorish Idols count as angel fish in the 30 required to get the Peppermint Angel, or is it specifically only those with Angel in the name?

    • Glad it’s helped! Yep, the Idol is an Angelfish for counting purposes; I wouldn’t have the Peppermint without it. I put that in the Moorish Idol section, but I just added it to the Peppermint Angel too

      • Sylvestrix

        Wow, thank you for the incredibly quick reply- much appreciated!

  • MFrank

    I just did the 100 taps on the sunfish to get the legendary sunfish. When the notification came, in the upper right corner the words “Sudden Death” appeared, with some brackets around it. Any idea what that was?

    • It’s a reference to the Survive Mola Mola game (it’s about Mola Molas dying a lot). I’ve never seen it myself but it doesn’t mean anything but a reference

  • MFrank

    Can you still get the dogface puffer and dumbo octopus now that the Halloween event is over?

    • Nope; anything that was in the Event tab is gone, nothing was moved over to the main list. If you already bought them you can still release/put them away as normal though

  • monstertop

    For the themes section:

    Little Devil
    Level 3000 for Lonely Corallite

    Autumn Dye
    Level 100 of Star Horn Coral

    Midnight Ocean
    A total of 100 fish

    Hope that helps!

    • Thanks! I wasn’t thinking and accepted all of them before screenshotting the reqs

  • At least as of now, Hard Worker IV is 500k taps and Hard Worker V is 1M taps, so they’ve made it a fair amount easier.

    I’ve been tapping the screen like I’m doing a Rock Band solo (or a Guitar Hero solo with those tap notes from GH5 on) to minimize the fatigue.

    While multitapping is certainly an option, it’s not very practical since hammering all your fingers at once constantly is incredibly painful and it kind of goes slower in a way. I’ve been tapping a finger or two at a time in very quick succession for a few days now and not only does it go a hell of a lot faster than just letting autotap do the work, but I haven’t had any fatigue so far. Granted, I’m good with music games, but it’s certainly worth looking into. Been playing for about 5 days now (really 4 because I screwed up and loaded a previous save in a particularly careless tapping session and lost a whole day’s worth of work) and I’m already at 524k.

    Thanks for the guide! Never would’ve realized this existed without it, and having the unlock conditions for the hidden fish was a godsend. :D

    • Happy to help!

      I don’t feel either option really hurts more or less, but both feel nasty after too much. I don’t really tap much at all anymore, just cast my 3 skills and leave anyway. Mostly just watching for updates to keep the guide in order at this point (currently at BF Vitality)

      Sorry your comment got stuck in limbo, Disqus doesn’t like you so I added you to the trusted list.

      • Welp, time to spam the thread with porn! /s

        Anyway, I just noticed a rather nasty glitch with the fourth and fifth Hard Worker achievements on Google Play. The progress is stuck somewhere in the 210k range when I check the GP achievements (42% and 21% respectively) even though the in-game tracker is working properly (at 712k taps now). I had a truly bizarre experience where the game was acting like it had AdVenture Capitalist’s achievement list which rendered me unable to unlock achievements for a little while, but after fixing that, the progress counters for all of my other remaining achievements (skills and days played) went to where they should be. Hard worker, however, is still at 210k, which makes me think the achievements are bugged.

        EDIT: Just managed to get the fourth skill achievement’s tracker to move from 77% to 78%, so the issue is definitely with the Hard Worker line of achievements since those haven’t moved an inch despite me having at least 10k taps in one session. Such a shame too since it’s one of the worst grinds in the game (not quite as terrible as the stupid 1000 skill grind, but still pretty damn bad).

      • I think that me being blocked for moderation happens whenever I edit a comment. I made a reply to this that showed up perfectly fine, but then I made an edit and once I submitted it, it showed up as pending for some reason. The same thing happened to the second comment I made on the article about the BH boss fight in R;B1.

        • The last one that got caught was because of “restricted word”, probably “porn” (even though I set you to trusted

  • monstertop

    Delicious Food doesn’t stack with Song of Moon anymore. Is this a rebalancing or a bug? Any info on that?

    • Didn’t notice that, it does have a recent update that just says “bug fix”. No idea if it’s intended or not, I hope not…

    • Tested, it’s still stacking fine on the latest android version. Are you sure you cast Song of the Moon before tapping Delicious Food? The amount the shrimp are worth is set the moment you press it, if you buy a Fish or cast Song of the Moon after pressing it the value stays the same

      • monstertop

        I’m playing on iOS and started the game about 5 days ago. I’m sure I am casting Song of Moon before Delicious Food. I hope it’s a bug that they will fix. Around J, K, L, the games slows down too much without much progress without the stack. I pretty much play all day too, but the hump is too big without the extra boost.

        • Strange, might be an iOS only bug, I’d reporti t using the Bug Report option in the Gear menu or wherever it is on iOS. Don’t have an iOS device to test with myself. It’s not intended behavior as far as I know.

          • monstertop

            I did email them, but didn’t hear back. Thanks for letting me know that they should still stack!

  • Andrew Perrier

    Is it worrh buying the halloween package?

  • Andrew Perrier

    Is it worth buying the halloween package for the 200% candy obtaining?

    • IMO no, mostly because it’s 30 friggin’ bucks for only double candies. The 2x vitality magic and Song of the Moon are more impactful overall and basically free. And Ghost Whale IMO isn’t half as cool as Bone Whale. The ghosts feel pretty phoned-in.

      Check out my candy guide for the specifics and you’ll probably be done pretty easily before the event ends (the 14th): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6kXPKox7RI

  • GK Ghima

    Regarding Achievements:
    – A special moment! level 10 is indeed 500
    – Check Attendance level 4 is 25 and level 5 is 50
    – Ready! Action! level 5 is 1000, no longer 920
    – Play with fish! level 7 is 20000

  • Rose Satola

    I have no seahorses whatsoever, but I was able to unlock the Potbelly Seahorse by sharing a picture of my giant isopod 3 times.
    Can anyone else confirm this? I’m not sure if my game glitched out or not.

    • Haha, that’s hilarious, and classic Abyssrium. I just looked and sure enough, the Isopod is right next to the Seahorses in the list, so I bet it’s just internally classified as a Seahorse (it’s roaming pattern is similar too). There’s a few other oddities like this too. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll note it on the guide.

      • Rose Satola

        That’s so weird, but I’m glad I could specify the tips though!

        • Other fun oddities: The Oarfish is a Stingray, the Sea Slug is a Blowfish and the Narwhal is a Dolphin. There’s probably a few more I don’t know yet, since they’ve added quite a few new fish with no clear classification.

          I’m pretty sure they do it so the new fish can piggyback on the same AI. You’ll notice Isopods have the same roam range as seahorses, Sea Slugs as Blowfish etc.

  • mike

    Does anyone know how to achieve a second corallite face on top of the original??? I saw this as a photo 1st place winner, a second face on top, with a moustache. How the heck does that happen????

    • Never seen anything like that, don’t see it in the current set of photo winners either. Sure it wasn’t just the smiling Coralite face or a fish obscuring it that looked like a moustache?

    • Okay, at least on android this feature was just added today! Click the palette icon at the bottom and if your coralite is high enough level you get a couple different faces to pick from

  • shai

    for the narwhal, does it have to be continuously without interruption or is it collectively, like if i just happen to be tapping at that corner for say 200 times today, then tomorrow, i tapped it again for some more? lol

    • Oh it’s cumulative, pretty much everything is. If anything had to be consecutive (I don’t think anything does for unlocks) I’d note it specifically

  • Patrick

    The game has gone crazy. What’s the point to buy several tens of identical fish just to unlock another. Particularly there is only limited time for the halloween edition and getting candies is not automatic. I know it’s their plan to extend the game play, but isn’t there a more interesting way? As I reached Z level and got all types of fish I can, I don’t even have motive to buy one single duplicate fish, not to mention staying in the game, tapping a lot and still can’t see the target getting nearer.

    It’s no longer the leisure type of games that I can play leisure on my own schedule. I guess I’ll quit…..

    • Halloween Event isn’t nearly as bad as I thought (stupid as it was, getting 50 Ghost Fish only took a couple days with the method I lay out), but I’ll agree the “buy dozens of the exact same fish” is a really terrible way for them to go for hidden fish for a lot of reasons. It’s just super boring grind, the likes of which didn’t really exist in the game (despite being an idle game) until now.

      Love the art style and atmosphere of the game, but they do have their gross moments. The $100 package grosses me out a bit and these are just boring grind.

      The most personally annoying thing is I already bought 60 Jellyfish on my own recognizance because I had no goal to work for, and now those feel like wasted effort since I could have almost had both absurd mystery fish by now if I knew about the reqs. Hoping they don’t do any more stuff like that.

  • Donna Merrill

    Which fish count as part of the 30 angels? Will the Moorish Idol count? Thanks for your help.

    • Yeah, like I note under it’s Hidden Fish entry, the Moorish Idol’s still an Angelfish. Usually fish grouped together are part of the same “family” despite the name (though the halloween update has added a ton of fish that don’t quite belong)

  • Boontai

    Been playing the game for a few days now (on day 4 with the checkin stuff) and I’m already on tier 4 of the tapping achievement, just use 3 fingers while tapping at marginally differing speeds rapidly whenever you use your skills and you should have up to tier five in a couple weeks ^^

    • Whatever works I guess—I think I’ll just concede defeat personally though. As a writer, programmer and gamer I’m already begging for RSI as it is…

      • Boontai

        Ahh I can relate, if you’ve ever played a game called Osu.. Within a month I had to take a break from keyboards to not have permanent damage haha
        By the way, do you have all the Halloween fishes yet?

        • Heh, yeah, rhythm games don’t like me much.

          Yep, got them a few days ago, even made a quick video just in case anyone finds the guide after halloween’s over and wants a peek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1515tUprYT4 Wasn’t really as bad as I feared, it’s all about playing it right.

  • LunasoL

    Ghost Ray (1800 candies)
    Bone Whale (2000 candies)

    Thank you for the guide~

    • Thanks for the info, adding now! I’m only 36/60 of the way to Ghost Ray myself.

      • ZachG

        I find that seahorse are better than the jelly fish for farming candies because the seahorse stay in a confined location.

        • Ah, thanks for the tip! Jellyfish used to be almost completely stationary but aren’t anymore, I didn’t think anything was as limited as them though. Seahorses seem to move at about the same speed but seem to have a narrower overall range of movement

  • TL27

    I’ve taken about a dozen pictures of the Mystery Chest and I still haven’t gotten the Moorish Idol. :( Am I doing something wrong? I tried saving them, taking pics of different chests, sharing them, nothing.


    Otherwise, I love this game! Thanks so much for this great guide! :D

    • Did you tap the chest in photo mode? It should focus specifically on the chest just like it does with a fish. If that doesn’t work, not sure. Shouldn’t require saving or sharing, just 5 quick snaps. Try closing the app and opening it again? I don’t think it needs to be 5 different chests either, just 5 in a row should have done it.

      • TL27

        I redid it again today, and for some reason this time it worked. *shrug* Guess I should have been patient. Thanks anyway! I love this guide. :)

  • LunasoL

    Ghost Dolphin costs 1500 candies

  • Big D.

    FYI, I bought the Ghost whale. It doesn’t count as a Halloween fish for unlocking the Bone whale. The Ghost whale goes into the list of regular fish to buy with vitality. The buff does make candy worth x2. So; Ghost whale + Song of the moon (max) + Spirit of life = 60 candy per tap.

    • Oh, huh, I just assumed that’s how it worked since its’ how Dugong works, I guess it makes sense for them to make it a Vitality fish instead so you can get more any time of the year. Thanks!

  • Terran

    You don’t need the sea fan for the tombstones, I don’t have them but I do have the third layer of stones on the reef

  • lonelypirate

    You don’t need Sapphire Sea Fan for tombstone, i don’t have it and i got a Goblin Shark

    • Hm, what’s your Coralite level then? I Think it might unlock with the 3rd row of rocks which unlocks the seafan as well…but probably doesn’t actually need the sea fan

      • Shaked

        Indeed, the 3 tombestones and the 3 abyss pumpkins unlocked after reaching lvl 1000(3rd row)

  • Loryane Borges

    as it does to unlock the fish hidden
    centropyge boylei

  • Loryane Borges

    Como faz pra desbloquear o peixe escondido
    centropyge boylei

    • Himantolophidae = “Football Fish” (assista 10 anúncios de doces na guia evento)
      centropyge boylei = “Peppermint Angelfish” (30 get Angelfish)
      Desculpe se isso é difícil de ler, usando o Google Translate

  • caelei

    I don’t see a tombstone tho? Could someone tell me where it is?

    • caelei

      also it doesn’t seem to want to let me take a photo of the coral, either. hmm. i’ll have to try the dolphin instead?

      • I don’t think the coral trick ever worked but I heard word of it working sometimes. I just recommend using the dolphin.
        Tombstones should be very obvious, make sure your game is updated and connected to the internet (the event seems to require it). IF you don’t see it still…maybe it’s tied to Coralite level? What’s your coralite and can you make the Sapphire Sea Fan yet? I see them in the same area as the sea fans on my map.

        • caelei

          I think it is tied to Coralite level. I just found the game like three days ago, so my Coralite’s only level 780. I think I’ll need to get to 1000 (the second Coralite ‘growth spurt’?) before the tombstone becomes available.

          Thanks for answering and your guide has really helped me so far!

          • caelei

            and I just confirmed in game that yes, you need to reach lvl 1000 Coralite to get to the tombstones. Thanks!

          • Awesome, thanks! Added that info

  • Alakazamba

    Does anyone else have the Halloween update yet? I’m trying to find the hidden ghost fish! Thanks :)

    • yak188

      For the Halloween Event:
      – Dogface Puffer – Take a picture of Pumpkin 3 times (600 candies)
      – Football Fish – Get candies with commercials 10 times (800 candies) / Thanks to hazel_hng
      – Dumbo Octopus – Share picture of Dogface Puffer 3 times (1000 candies) / Thanks to FishhFinns
      – Goblin Shark – Share picture of tombstone 3 times (1500 candies) / Thanks to hazel_hng

    • Just finished updating the guide for it! check the new halloween section

  • yak188

    For the Halloween Event:
    – Dogface Puffer – Take a picture of Pumpkin 3 times (600 candies)
    – Football Fish – Get candies with commercials 10 times (800 candies) / Thanks to hazel_hng
    – Dumbo Octopus – Share picture of Dogface Puffer 3 times (1000 candies) / Thanks to FishhFinns
    – Goblin Shark – Share picture of tombstone 3 times (1500 candies) / Thanks to hazel_hng

    • Thanks for the heads up! My app hadn’t even updated yet.
      Candies? Suddenly reminding me of Candybox

    • rockatansky

      Where is the tombstone/ what requirements do you need for it?

      • You can’t miss the tombstones once they’re there…be sure your app is updated and connected to the internet.
        I wonder though, if that didn’t help what’s your Coralite level? They appear at the farthest edge of my map, so I think maybe you need Sapphire Sea Fan unlocked first?

        • Sockity Sock

          The tombstones show up once you hit Coralite level 1000. They replace the rocks in the lower tier of the Coralite – unlike the others, they aren’t a coral replacer.

  • Kathleen Paranuk Paranuk

    I just did the update.. 4 new fish!
    Coelecanth is for 28 days attendance…
    Peppermint Angel ..you have to create 30 angelfish
    Naso Tang..you have to create 50 Tangs.
    Queen Angel..your fragile Staghorn coral has to reach level 3000

    I have gotten all but the Striped Marlin and these new ones.. all thanks to you!

    • Oh dang, thanks for the heads up…I was about this close to backing up my save and uninstalling (been playing Green The Planet 2 as my idle game lately).

      30 and 50?! they’re really running out of ideas for good unlocks…now I feel dumb for having 50 Moon Jellyfish. Thanks a lot for that info though! Do they publish that somewhere? I had to scour for most of the original hidden ones.

      Happy the guide helped!

      • Kathleen Paranuk Paranuk

        I happened upon another blogger who had the info and I figured I’d share since I found this so helpful.

        • It’s appreciated! …think I’ll pass on getting the Tang and Peppermint Angel myself though…

          • Kathleen Paranuk Paranuk

            I got them… I found that if you tap all your skills then purchase the “magic” 200% increase with 100 gems .. it doubles everything again and the game goes much faster.. this also works on Candies.. if you tap all the skills then get the magic increase you get 30 candies with each tap if your song of the moon is maxed out to 1500%. Just got the update and am already ready to get the Ghost dolphin…still havent been able to catch that danged Striped Marlin though…….

          • I didn’t even remember that Magic multiplier existed, thanks a lot! It’s great for the candies.

            Friend of mine just got the striped marlin, I think it’s on a gametime timer, so the game has to be open for an hour total for a chance to see? Halloween is a good excuse to search for them since you want to reduce the count of fish to make farming candies easier, which means it’s easier to spot the marlin. (they’re fairly obvious, just REALLY rare…)

  • Prickly Pear

    I have tapped more than 1 million times and still lagging behind at around several hundred Ps. How on earth did you get to Z in 82000 taps???

    • Pretty much what I mention in the walkthrough. Open app, cast all 3 skills, watch the Recharge Skill ad, cast all three again, carefully ensure I buy a fish/coralite upgrade before using the skill when possible, close the app, open again in 15+ minutes when I can recharge the skills again.

      It’s all about the skills and trying to optimize your upgrades.

  • Juan Manuel

    Hard worker (V) 1 755 000 with a reward of 150 gems

    • Good lord. Thank you and your bloody, broken fingers for that info!

  • Lyzz

    I tried to get the Mahi Mahi playing at real time midnight but nothing happened so I went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I opened the game and got the Pygmy Seahorse instead?? I wasn’t even awake at 4AM so I have no idea how that happened.

    • Honestly all I can tell is those unlocks are bugged but people seem to get them anyway. Nothing seems consistent.

  • Eric Siry

    Bonus tip: I accidentally unlocked the Manta Ray by taking three photos of the Oarfish (the fish that unlocks on day 21). This was long before I had the right coral to unlock the Spotted Eagle Ray. But I guess the Oarfish counts as a stingray for that purpose, despite being at the end of the list and not grouped with the other rays?

    Thanks for this guide! I was playing casually for weeks and sought out a guide when I decided to get serious (i.e. the game started to slow down). Very excellent advice and information; now I’ll probably reach the dugong in days.

    • Glad to help! And I added that tidbit about the oarfish. Funny enough they moved it from it’s position at the bottom…but it’s still not with the rays. The oarfish, giant isopod, Football fish and coelacanth seem to be in a little “other” section.

  • Patrick

    I would like to supplement that the photo quest value is 200 x coral vitality.

    • …oh wow, it’s that simple? I just assumed it was some weird algo and never bothered to figure it out. Thanks a lot! Adding now

  • lazyfujoshi

    There’s Cross Damsel, condition: Take a picture of Damsel 3 times. Found by accident while doing a random photo quest :)

    • Could have swore I had that, sure enough I didn’t! Added, thank you!

  • Geschift Le Barbare

    Hard Worker! level 4 is at 755,000 Taps and brings -as expected- 100 gems.

    (yes, I need a life!)

    • Holy crap! Well, thanks for the info.

  • Jonathan Tan

    How long did it take for you to get the Whale Shark and that Juvenile Boxfish? I’ve been opening notifications for about two weeks and nothing has happened :P

    • Woah, seriously?! It only took me about 3 days to get all the hidden fish, about one a day. The notification does expire though I think (it warns you “15 minutes” which I assume is a timeout). I’d recommend putting sound + vibrations on if you can, enable notifications for the app in Google Play Games/iOS notification settings, and make sure “notice” is on in the ingame settings.

      Note it’s NOT the “vitality full” notification you get, it’s a separate one that’ll directly unlock a fish. Timing seems random, but I got one once a day and usually along with a “2 hours worth of vitality” notification

      • Jonathan Tan

        I was pressing the vitality notifications xD. I only seemed to get the other notification before I got the Dragonet though. After that I didn’t seem to get them. Maybe I need to wait longer

        • Ah, nah it’s totally separate from the vitality ones. I think you have to be totally away from the game for them to accrue so if you tap the vitality ones immediately it probably resets the timer. I got at least one of them in the morning so I figured that was an easy way to get it but maybe it’s random/expires before you wake up unless you’re really lucky.

  • Mags

    My midnight Mahi Mahi did not appear right away but finally did.

    • Hmm…maybe the midnight thing IS correct but is delayed? I did get the mahi mahi after clock cheating to midnight, but it appeared quite some time later in normal play. Still not 100% sure but I’ll add a note about it.

  • Mags

    You can buy repeats of unlocked fish from IAP. Thanks for all the tips!!

    • Ah, okay thanks! I wasn’t sure when I started but as I thought about it, it wouldn’t make sense to restrict you.

  • PKLuver944

    I unlocked the Camel Cowfish with the Sea Slug, so maybe that should be mentioned :)

    • Ah, looking at it’s position in the list, yeah, I bet it’s classified as a blowfish

      • PKLuver944

        Nice to know that the author pays attention :D

        • Heh, wouldn’t leave comments on then not read ’em =p. Suggestions/etc are always welcome and read by me!

  • michael

    Wtf mahi mahi so hard t get….

    • I don’t even know the exact condition…I didn’t get it at 12:00 am like it says. I think it’s bugged, but it is possible. I got it at 7 pm if you want to try that.

      • Patrick

        I seemed to leave the app running in the background for a few days and I got both the midnight and 4am ones. I swear that I haven’t stayed awake at 4am in any of the days. :)

        • Hmmmm, if the “play during 4 AM” counts times the game was inactive but in the background that would be far easier and make more sense. But it’s not how the wording reads at all. Still confused, but I’ll add that as a note, thanks!

          • Patrick

            This is weird when I got the new fish too. But I definite have not done time cheat nor stayed awake at 4am. Anyway, no harm to try….

            But I got both the midnight and 4am ones delayed. I got them in some early afternoon.

  • AlbyTross

    I got the Commerson Dolphin without taking a pic of any other dolphin, so idk about the saving a picture of the coralite

    • Did you take pictures of the Narwhal? It’s considered a dolphin too. I definitely got it after 3 pictures of the dolphin and I THINK I took 3 of the coralite first but I could be mistaken. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s weird though, there’s a lot of text bugs in this game.

      • AlbyTross

        Ah yes that was probably it, lol
        You may want to add to the tips that you have to keep the game running while using the skills to have it add to your vitality. If you close the app, the timer keeps going down, but your vitality won’t increase.

        • yeah, I’ve been meaning to add more to the tips section since I “finished” the game (got Z vitality, got all the available fish save for premium/attendance rewards). Skills are about the only way I bother getting vitality now

          • AlbyTross

            Ahaha, I’m struggling with getting more J’s~

          • I’m not sure exactly when it was, but there were a couple of awkward patches where growth was extremely slow before hitting a certain coral/vitality/coralite level milestone that buffed rates 1000% again. It’s confusing but best I can tell once you’re around X the gameplay is much smoother forever(?) and you can make fish much more often (they seem to increase by 2-5x instead of 10x each level)

      • Damson Rant

        I took and saved 5 pictures of the coralite to get the Commerson. You need to ensure the focus box is still showing when you take the picture, so need to be quick!

  • How do u change your skill to another one? I saved up some gems and bought the sunken ship but I can’t get it to work

    • There’s no changing skills, there’s three active skills and three passive skills, all stay permanently after being unlocked. For the nautilus you should see a bit of Vitality coming from the coralite every few seconds the app is open. Best I can tell, none of the “auto tap” skills (passive or active) work when the game’s in standby.

      Having the Nautilus isn’t bad, but I recommend saving the rest of the gems for one level of the clam and all the levels of Glowing Conch you can get, decreasing the skill timers seems most efficient (if you play often enough to use them).

      • Thanks for replying! And thanks for the advice! I only bought the nautilus bcos I thought it was the same as the volcanic eruption but I guess it wasn’t hahaha :D