Weekly Youtube Roundup 2017-02-26

A TapTap

Keeping up with my new videos can be a bit hard (and Youtube’s wonky subscription modules hardly helps), so I thought I’d start posting a weekly roundup of the past week’s new videos.

So…here’s that!

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods (playlist) is a narrative/adventure game about coming home and finding your life just isn’t working out like you though it would. I really loved this one and I can’t wait for the series to finish! The first 6 episodes are out as of today.


I also finished up OneShot (playlist) which is one of my favorite games in a while. It’s about a cute cat who has to save the world, a world oddly aware of what it is. If you enjoyed Undertale or OFF you’d probably enjoy it, it has a very interesting meta narrative and some secrets I still don’t fully grasp.

Parker Is Fierce and Dangerous

Wouldn’t be a week without Parker!

Hidden Folks

They’re Folks. They’re Hidden. You gotta find ’em. Sometimes life is that simple.

Image to Image demo

I played with that stupid online AI tool that makes horrific images from simple drawings.


If Tumblr were a surreal glitchtrash hellscape, it would be this game. Also has a (mostly) nice message about online relationships.


A limited palette puzzle platformer with a neat style.

Yankai’s Triangle

Puzzle game where you spin spooky faces and other triangular bits to combine ’em! Pretty cool.


Explore the world inside a dying computer.

Copy Kitty (part 11)

I returned to Copy Kitty, a combat platformer, for the brand new World 11, and one of my favorite bosses ever!

Dang I play a lot of games don’t I.

Assuming people find this useful, see you next week!

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