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Potion Maker is a hard game to describe, something like a very simple Item Shop management game mixed with a Clicker game but without the Idle aspect. Potion Maker is available for iOS and Android. Here you’ll find info on how to make the most of what Potion Maker gives you, unlock the unlockables, and perform the best you can in the time-limited Events.

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2017-05-15: Pushcat Runaway event!



Potion Maker has Events that happen about twice a month and have special Requests, as well as unique conditions to earn up to two special outfits for one of the characters.

Generally events cycle so there’s one event for Pio outfits then one for Tia outfits. The Event Requests can be completed with either character and should be considered a very high priority as they unlock extremely good rewards, such as tons of Likeability and event-exclusive fairies. Try to take on every request you possibly can.

Current Event – Pushcat Runaway!

  • Dates: 5/15 through 5/31
  • Outfits:
    • Black Cat Costume (Tia)
      • Complete Request 15 times
    • Pushcat Costume (Tia)
      • Complete Request 30 times
  • Request: Pushcat WANTED
    • Rewards:
      • 150 Likability (100%)
      • Black Cat Fairy (20%)
      • Pushcat Fairy (20%)
  • Special effect: Pushcats help twice as long!

This is a great event to further your potions if you’re lazy (like me) as Pushcats will put in a large amount of work, and the Pushcat Fairies will both massively improve your Pushcatting abilities! Try to do every request you can.

If you do just two requests per day you’ll squeak past with ~32 requests, just about enough to be sure you get both outfits. If you miss a day or two it’s not impossible to get the second costume, but you’ll have to manage to fit in 3 requests per day, which is a bit tricky due to their 7 hour cycles.

Past Events

May Day



Regular Quests

Reward: 5 Breaker Shield buffs

Claire is the steely-eyed knight of the palace who’s so heroic she gives you the best buffs in the game like candy. Always do her quests and stock up on Breaker Shields for those tricky Blue and Red potions.


Reward: 5 Breaker Shield buffs

Despite her name she is the opposite of useless and does not seem to be an internet troll. Neet is your friendly neighborhood healer, who’s quests you should always take on, just like Claire’s. Any similarity to Hyperdimension Neptunia’s Vert is probably coincidental.


Reward: +20 Pushcat Tickets

Luke is mysterious, speaking in broken sentences and being the obligatory extremely androgynous character. Giving them what they ask for is always advised as they’re the best source of Pushcat tickets in the game. Just 15 quests will get you a new outfit!


Reward: +10% Enhancement success rate

He Dolbur! Him give only source of enhance success rate. It not as good as Break Shield, but can be good for red potion make!


Reward: Double selling power x2

A thief who seems a bit too interested in Tia, but goes on surprisingly noble missions. She’s often best sent on Requests since her buff sucks, but hey you can’t level her up without completing quests either.


Reward: Double selling power x2

Tia’s competition in the Tsundere olympics, Tirami doesn’t like you or anything, and she is totally not here because she drank the potion she was supposed to sell. Just make the potion, stupid. Again her buff isn’t great, but you have to level her anyway. But if she can’t be sent on a request and she won’t get decent experience it’s okay to ignore her. I’m pretty sure she’s into that anyway.

Challenge Quests

Challenge Quests are a bit different from normal quests and each character that can appear has a pre-set challenge instead of a generic “this potion at this level” requirement.

Challenge Quests always earn you Likeability, do not grant Experience, and cannot be deferred into Requests. They are basically awful and fortunately they all come with the option to Abandon them, which you should probably often do.


Requirement: A single potion at X level

Charlotte actually requires a single potion at a specific level like a normal quest, but she gives likeability instead. Her requests range from pathetically easy (a single level 1 potion) to absurdly unfair (max rank Red potions can have less than a 5% chance of happening without buffs), so play her requests by ear.


Make a potion worth at least X gold

Why are you here? You have normal quests, Tirami! But yeah, when she’s giving a Challenge Quest she wants you to make a potion worth X gold. This amount can vary pretty wildly, so play it by ear. Or just Abandon the quest since fulfilling her non-challenge quest is likely to be more rewarding.


Requirement: Pay X amount of Gold

The tax collector, he seems scary but despite his title and demands, this is no different from any other quest. There is no penalty for not paying your ‘taxes’ other than not getting the Likeability. It seems questionable whether he’s an actual tax collector, as he’ll often ask for taxes multiple times in the same day. Unless the amount of money he requests is laughably small (or you’re beyond the point where money matters), feel free to laugh in his stupid dumb loser face.


Requirement: Prepare X number of specific Level 1 potions

This guy is, the worst. He asks for a bunch of potions and gives a measly 10 Likeability in return. Early on it’s not too difficult as you have few ingredients, but over time picking 10 potions of an exact type out gets to be a real pain in the butt. I always send him packing. It doesn’t help that he’s Literally Every Male Visual Novel Protagonist Ever, the worst character design of all time.


Requirement: Prepare X number of specific Level 1 potions

Daisy is Kyle, but with an actual character design. Her quests are still bad though. And why do you need 15 Plague potions for your bread?! Get out of my store.


Likeability is a stat that determines how many different expressions/responses your character makes. These include reactions to “headpats”, touching their chest, idle chatter, failing a potion etc.

A new expression is unlocked every 100 Likability on that character, up to a whooping 25,000 Likability. You will likely complete your potion/star collection long before maxing Likability. There’s no way to tell what expression you unlocked once you hit the threshold (but you will be notified of an unlock), but over time you’ll notice new phrases as your character speaks.

Raising Likability

Raising Likeability in Potion Maker is done entirely through Requests and Challenge Quests.

Monthly event requests in particular usually have +150 likability as a guaranteed reward; take every single monthly event request, even if you don’t care about the event outfit. The fairy and likability are always worth it.

Challenge Quests provide 10 Likability each, or one tenth of a new expression. It’s worth it if the request is easy, but it’s no big deal if you consider the quest too bothersome to be worth it; just abandon the request and hope for a more reasonable one.

Charlotte’s quests are often the most reasonable (unless she wants a max level, high tier Red potion), with Tirami and Damien occasionally being worth while if the number they request isn’t too bonkers. Daisy and Kyle will have easy quests early on (providing the best source of likability very early on), but later on they’re more fuss than they’re worth.

Requests provide increasing amounts of Likability as their level/difficulty raises, but you won’t be able to gather all that much Likability from Requests until your quest characters are at least level 5+, so focus on leveling them up first via Quests.

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