CyberDimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Guide

Cyberdimension Neptunia 4 Goddesses Online Guide

Last updated on October 17th, 2017 at 09:33 am.


This is a guide for gameplay, progress, and trophy information in CyberDimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online! The single most important thing to know about this game is nothing is missable and there’s no need for replays! It’s the lowest-anxiety Neptunia game ever, so no need to worry about True Ending requirements, bad ends or anything annoying like that!

As always, if you have questions simply ask them in the Comments section below and I’ll answer them and update the guide. This guide is a work in progress but I’m always willing to update my guides with new info, and I’m playing the English version right now to keep it up to date.


Guide Updates
Game Updates

The english version comes with all the Japanese patches by default. In case you’re not aware of these changes, this is the most major changelist from the base Japanese version:

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General Info

Release date: October 10, 2017 (PS4) , Early 2018 (PC)
Series: Hyperdimension Neptunia
Platforms: PS4, PC
PS4 Pro support: No
Genre: Action RPG
Specs: 1080p/60FPS with occasional frame dips
Where to buy: Standard EditionLimited Edition


Game Flow

The game is an Action RPG somewhat akin to Tales, though battles take place entirely on the map instead of separate in-battle sequences. It is not anything like Blanc vs Zombies, please stop saying that.

The theme of the game, other than the MMO, is ‘change’. This is by far the biggest shakeup in a major Neptunia title (I don’t call it a side game personally, it’s too big and too polished). From the music to the world theming to the gameplay almost everything is done from the ground up and it’s easily got the least reused content in any neptunia title (even counting the first, which actually reused assets from non-Neptunia games!). So expect old knowledge to not necessarily hold true.

The game is progressed almost entirely by completing quests, so take all quests and complete every one you can before thinking you’re stuck. Even minor fetch/kill quests are usually required for Rank Up, which is the primary way the story is progressed. As your Guild Rank increases you can take more quests and buy more items in most of the stores.

Unlike most Neptunia games you’ll have your full party almost immediately, starting off with the four main CPUs and getting the CPU Candidates soon after. It’s a very low stress game as there’s no worrying if party members are temporary, game overs no longer exist (you just warp back to town), and it autosaves now too.

There is a multiplayer segment but it’s actually totally separate from the main game: there are special multiplayer only quests. With proper overleveling, you can even solo many multiplayer quests, so don’t worry much if you don’t have other players.

Note the game does autosave (with an optional manual save at the cathedral) and only has one save file. You’ll need to copy your save to a USB drive if you need to go backwards for some reason, but unlike most Neptunia games, there’s no missable content so there’s not much reason to need this.


Since the theme of the game is Change, not everyone plays like you might expect them to. Of note is that no characters are really drastically weaker/less useful/specialized. You can really form a party of whoever you want, though it’s good to have at least one person with a full party heal (Neptune, Vert, or Blanc).


Being a Paladin, Neptune has a mix of skills from melee ones (her forte) to magic and even a full party heal! Her INT isn’t very high (quelle surprise) so her magic isn’t actually that amazing, but having a tanky melee unit with a heal is legit.


Noire is slightly “glass cannon” as a Dark Knight with relatively low Defense (but not nearly as bad as Rom/Ram in the turn based games) but very high STR. She has nice wide range melee skills and is pretty easy to use.

Noire is a bit more effective on normal enemies than bosses since she tends to have wide-swing, low hit count attacks.


As an Enchanter, Vert is an impressively effective Jack of All Trades with support magic that adds an element and buff to the whole party, a light full-party heal just like Neptune, and pretty good magic and physical skills as well. Unlike Neptune she has balanced STR and INT meaning both are effective, though I personally find STR attacks far easier to use.

Note you can stack the Buff effect from her elemental enchantment, so you can say cast Ice Weapon to get the defense buff, then cast Fire Weapon to get the attack buff. The element will be overwritten but both stat buffs will stay (multiple buffs of the same kind do not stack). This game doesn’t  have elemental resistance, so enchanting is almost always a good idea; extra damage if they’re weak, no less damage if they’re not!

Vert’s a pretty good pick for the character you play as, since you get access to the heal and get to decide what element the rest of your party will be buffed with. Unlike too many other games, being a support class doesn’t make her any less fun or effective in regular combat.


A Healer with some magic to go along with it, Blanc has the best healing skills and can heal more than 30% unlike Neptune and Vert’s AOE heals. She also has some support skills mirroring Vert’s but without the element change.

NPC Blanc, as NPC healers often are, isn’t really the best at topping off everyone’s health so you might want to switch to her quickly to cast a heal manually once in a while, or ensure that more than one NPC in your party has a heal spell so you don’t expect a heal that never comes (Neptune, Vert, or Blanc all have them).

NPC Blanc also has a bad habit of getting KO’d, so make sure to stock her with defensive items. INT/STR doesn’t matter for heals anyway.


Nepgear is a Witch and thus 100% Magic focused. Low level magic can be spammed just like her normal attack, and higher level magic has a windup but does very significant amounts of Break damage. I find her a bit less fun to use, but having at least one Break focused character is very good for bosses.

Nepgear’s usefulness raises significantly once you get the fourth tier of spells, which auto-target at long range and deal very high Break damage.


Uni is a Gunslinger with lots of long ranged and elemental attacks. She’s pretty fun to play and gets to keep a mostly safe distance making her good support DPS. She’s somewhat like a physical version of Nepgear. She regains SP quickly due to vaster than average attacks.

Uni moves forward a bit during normal grounded physical attacks, which can be dangerous as a gunslinger. You can instead jump and keep shooting (all melees can be performed in the air) which negates the forward momentum helping you manage your position better.

Uni’s Element Shot is an inordinately good, inordinately early skill she has that, while it doesn’t…actually…have an element, does very high damage and Break damage. It’s a great move to spam at bosses once their guard is broken.


Rom is a Samurai now and is the complete opposite of her normal self, having very high physical attack, no magic to speak of, and good physical skills. She doesn’t have amazing defense though. She has a self-only attack/defense buff.


Ram is a Ninja, and is pretty similar to Neptune having both Physical and (weaker) magical attacks as well. She has an interesting half-ranged play style that keeps her different enough from Neptune and Vert.

Story/gameplay spoilers


UI Notes

Wasn’t sure what to call this section, but there’s a few unexpected things to note with how certain menus work.


Just like an MMO the game continues if you’re in a menu. If you really need to “pause” in a non-multiplayer situation, press the Playstation button to return to the PS4 OS menu and the game is paused.

Items Menu

You can’t actually use items directly from the menu, so you’ll have to manually equip items like Return Scrolls and Permanent Stat Boost items to use them. Since the game doesn’t pause in menus it’s best to use them away from enemies.

Settings Menu

‘Camera Direction’ means whether to use dramatic camera angles while doing an EXE drive attack. No harm in leaving it on since you can’t move during them anyway.




I don’t have a full inventory in English yet, so here’s the translated Japanese lists for now.

Thanks a ton to Azure Valkyrie for providing the translations!

Item list

Gem List

Gems are basically accessories providing a wide variety of percentage-based effects. You can equip up to three, but you can’t equip more than 1 of the same exact type; you can stack most similar effects though. Since there’s 12 characters, you should only need at most 12 of any given gem (or four for any given active party, but that can involve lots of annoying gem shuffling).

A few gems can’t be bought and will only be quest rewards and/or in chests.

The STR/INT +10% for 10 combos is pretty solid, especially the 200% buff one. Green Heart in particular can get a 10% buff almost every single attack she fires off, and against bosses you’ll very quickly hit the cap.  They’re pretty much always preferable to the straight 10/25% STR/INT buffs unless you rarely get combos over 10.


All current DLC is free in the English version. There are three sets of free starter items you can get that are just regular consumables, and three sets of different colored leather cat suits for the characters. Which seems slightly ill-fitting for a fantasy medieval world, but perhaps more fitting for an MMO.

Materials List

Work Very In Progress (WVIP), if there’s a specific item you know about or need to know about let me know, I’m just making this as I go along. Most lower level drops come from multiple enemies while most high level drops come from bosses.

Multiplayer is usually the best way to guarantee a specific rare drop.


Quests/Story Progress Walkthrough

Being a (simulated) MMO, 4GO largely ditches the separation of side quests and main quests. You pretty much always complete all the early quests in a new quest rank, then fight a boss quest, then take a rank quest to progress the story each time.

Sometimes events in town or in dungeons must be finished to unlock new quests. In typical Neptunia fashion, you’ll want to view any and all events that show up with a [!] sign.

Quest Types
  • Green  (Bag)
    • Collect one or more of a certain type of item
  • Orange (Monster)
    • Kill one or more of a certain type of enemy
  • Red (Monster with horns)
    • Kill a single boss
  • Yellow (Exclamation point)
    • Quest Rank Up
    • Usually requires killing the boss of the last unlocked area, but can be more complex. Rank 5’s rank up is particularly complex
    • Only shows up when certain other quests in the prior Rank have been completed
  • Purple (Arrow)
    • Visit the Goddess Altar

Quest Rank 1-3

Just do all of the quests you get and you should progress pretty easily. Do all the monster kill quests, explore every new map defeating all the enemies as you go, talk to everyone in town, and sometimes you’ll need to enter the church for a cutscene. If there’s any specific sticking point let me know and I’ll update this info.

Quest Rank 4

This one gave me extra grief so it’s the only one I have extra advice for so far. After getting the yellow Rank Certification quest, you’ll eventually get kicked out of the night forest with the purple moon next to the World Tree. After this, you need to complete a new Item fetch quest that will spawn only after advancing the story.

Collect 3 “colored stones” in the crystalline cave area at the far right of the map to beat this one; once you’ve gotten the third stone some on screen dialog will start.

Next you’ll have to take two Boss Quests exploring new areas, and finally after turning in the last one, the night forest area can be entered again, and there will be one last boss to fight there.

As a side note, around this point in the game you should start having enough money to buy the keys from Compa/IF’s shop that’ll open those fancy green treasure chests. They contain unique, usually cosmetic items so if you enjoy that make a round through the dungeons and get them all once you have the cash.

Quest Rank 5

You’ll get a strange quest with a  purple arrow icon immediately after getting Rank 5; this is a vital story quest that requires you to simply go to the Goddess altar in the big underground building you unlocked ages ago, the one with the big metal dogoo, turtles and Dark Souls-esque knights and such.

Just go to the altar (no boss fight) and enjoy your new characters.

The next Purple quest will be a bit more obvious, just go to the new map and defeat the boss there. After you’ve been somewhere unreal, return to the goddess altar again.

Now you’ll get another Boss Quest and…return to the altar yet again. You’ll also need to go to the boss area in the crystal cave to fight another Sega golem for one of the other boss quests, and the “unicorn” in the firefly forest for a normal quest.

After you beat the Cheetah again, you should ‘beat the game’ for the first time and I believe Rank 6 comes at the same time. I think I might have mistaken when the exact 5-6 jump is, but everything should be in order, so let me know if you have corrections. I played a lot of this in a row and should have taken better notes.

Quest Rank 6

Quest Rank 6 is mostly heading through the new “other world” maps that take place in the sky. Take all your quests, go through each map and beat the boss there and you should progress and unlock another map.

After defeating the Minotaur you can get a boss quest to refight him in the firefly forest, and after the knight you get a quest to refight him in the tall corridor.

Finally you should get a yellow Guild Rank Quest for rank 7. Head to the tall winding Corridor map.

Quest Rank 7

Now you get a crapton of boss and monster quests, and the whole world is open to you. You’ve beaten the game (for real this time?) but there’s still lots to do.

I think it was rank 6 or 7, but if you’re stuck on a quest for “Phoenix” at the “crater” (the rewards are a sword for Vert and a gun for Uni), you might have higher level quests that are overriding the boss. You’ve got to defeat Dead Ring (the blue Red Ring of Death dude with the swords) to clear the quests, then turn them in but DON’T take the replacement quests, then go to the Crater boss again. The phoenix should be there.

Quest Rank 8

The story is pretty much done but you’ll get a few more scenes. Basically we’re mopping up a bunch of new boss quests, mostly at the last 4 dungeons. At this point you should be in the home stretch to get the Platinum trophy even if you weren’t trying very hard to get it.


This game is less multiplayer focused than Blanc vs Zombies. Multiplayer consists of selecting a specific boss-quest (exclusive to multiplayer, but they’re reused bosses from the main game).

Gameplay is slightly different in multiplayer. Auto-revive gems do not work and any KO’d member will simply be kicked. If the host is KO’d the game will end for all players, so be extra careful. Starting position and which enemies on the map are different too. Dramatic camera angles for EXE drive attacks are disabled.

In multiplayer you’ll want to play it a bit safer than the main game, since potential lag will make blocking and healing in a timely manner harder. Try to avoid glass cannon builds and equip some more defensive gems. If you’re a healer, spam weaker heals rather than hoping to land a 100% heal right when it’s needed. If you have full party buffs try to keep them up at all times. Certain full party items can be very nice to use.

Multiplayer quests, especially Rank 7 and 8, often drop rare materials useful for upgrading the best equipment in the game. Your alternative is usually an uncommon boss drop, so these are far more reliable if you can get a party together.



A town so friendly the name wishes you well.

Note that despite there being a manual save in the Cathedral, the game autosaves every time you enter the town anyway.


Get blessings, an almost entirely redundant way to save the game, and the usual CG gallery is here. The music menu was moved outside to the Minstrel.

Always at least get the free rando blessing so you get the 50 blessings trophy sooner.

Gem Shop

Expensive but very important, Gems are basically your accessories this time around. You only need a max of 12 of any single item since there’s only that many characters.

Fancy Shop

Peashy and Plutia sell most of the cosmetic items in the game. The prices seem high early on but quickly get very affordable.

Chaos Factory

Iffy clearly named this one. They have better-than-stock armor/weapons you can buy early on, and a selection of expensive but powerful consumable items. Most importantly they have the auto-revive Philospher’s Stone and the Mysterious Keyring needed to get into Green Chests.

Every Rank or so new weapons/armor will come in stock here.

Gion Blacksmith

Here Tamsoft forges weapons with her massive, round, easy to handle hammer. Upgrading weapons and armor works in a way that a lower-quality item that’s been upgraded more times is generally more powerful than a higher quality item.

Most of the best gear, whodathunkit, requires rare materials; the Multiplayer Quests are generally the easiest ways to guarantee these without hoping for random drops.


Finished the quest, eh?

Not much to note here other than there’s nothing (of value) that’s missable. Earlier Boss Quests might become unavailable as new bosses replace old, but you’ll always be able to finish everything and get the platinum trophy. No weird True Ending requirements either!

Training Grounds

For some reason the tutorial has it’s own building.

Alph Plains

The first area in the game, there’s not much you need to come back here for other than the Green Chests and occasionally a new Boss will spawn here.

  • Enemies
    • Dogoo
    • Cat Squirrel
    • Tulip
    • Pumpkinmon
    • Goblin
  • Bosses
    • Bestiroa
  • Gather Points
    • Sprout Grass
    • Sturdy Stalk
Logi Mountain

Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh, Logi?

Tetyu Temple

You get access to this area long before you’re able to easily deal with the monsters, but you can still scour for treasures and Gather Points. By the time you really need to come here for the story it’ll be quite manageable.

This place also has the first Metal Dogoos you’ll find, which are good for grinding but take a while to kill. The trick is to Break them then they’ll die almost instantly but it still takes a while. These aren’t very useful or necessary to grind on for too long, there will be better ones to use to get to level 99+ later.

  • Enemies
    • Metal Dogoo
    • Huge Metal Dogoo
    • Big Red Dogoo
    • Living Dead
    • Hob Goblin
  • Gather Points
    • Crystal Fragment
    • Pure Water
  • Unique chest items
    • Elf Ears (Cosmetic)
  • Green Chest items
    • Demon Headband (cosmetic)
Arodie Cavern
Yiear Forest
Onerio Corridor

There’s some fun one-way shortcuts around here. Feel free to try to jump off any cliffs/etc you see in the game, it’s impossible to hurt or trap yourself doing so.

  • Enemies
    • Big Red Dogoo
    • Big Dogoo
    • Dogoo
    • Red Dogoo
    • Parasite Worm
    • Hob Goblin
    • Dos Gargoyle
  • Bosses
    • Shutolmate
  • Unique chest items
  • Green Chest items


While it’s not a very grindy game unless you really want it to be, there’s a couple of relevant places to grind levels or materials.

Power Leveling (Metal Dogoos)

Metal Dogoos and Huge Metal Dogoos are generally your best XP source. They’re extremely slow to kill but very weak attack-wise.

  •  Tetyu Temple
    • Low level grinding, Large and Small Metal Dogoos
  • Heart of the World (I don’t know the English name yet)
    • High level Metal Dogoos right in the entrance, good for mid-late game grinding when you have level 4 magic to spam to Break them quickly
  • Space Garden Thing (I don’t know the english name yet)
    • Huge Metal Dogoo straight across from the starting area. More XP but slower respawn than the Metal Dogoos in the Heart
Material Grinding

The Multiplayer is where you’ll find ensured drops of the rarest materials needed for weapon and armor upgrading. Assuming you can even get a team of Randos together or even just beat the boss alone through sheer strength, it’s generally much preferred to play a multiplayer quest with the item you want listed as a reward than hope for a drop from a singleplayer boss.

True Ending Conditions

NONE! HAHAHAHAHA! Praise the goddesses, we’re free at last!


As a general note, trophies are very easy in this game. It’s not necessarily a fast platinum because beating the game still takes 20+ hours, but there are no missable trophies, no RNG trophies, no required extra playthroughs, no multiplayer trophies, and no grind trophies. Which might honestly be a first for a Neptunia title!

I won’t be hiding “spoiler” trophies because…why would you read this if you were scared of spoilers. I already told you there’s nothing missable, go away, spoiler-adverse! Here be Ancient Dragons!*

*actually for some reason there are no Ancient Dragons in this game despite being it a very thematically appropriate game for them.**

  • Four Goddess Online Master
    • Get all other trophies

Right around beating the game these will all be very much within reach.

  • The Savior of Alsgard (Hidden)
    • Clear the main story
  • Celebrate the Max!
    • Level a character to level 99
      • This should be very easy unless you deliberately use every character equally
      • Big Metal Dogoos are good experience (you have to break their guard first then they go down instantly), and so is playing high rank quests online with a team of level 99s.
  • Quest Master
    • Cleared all quests
      • No quests are missable. If you can’t solve a lower Rank Boss quest, try finishing and not re-accepting higher rank quests. Certain quest bosses overwrite lower order bosses, making quests temporarily impossible.

You’ll probably collect all of these while just doing the story, nothing hard here.

  • Wishuel’s Jack of All Trades
    • Clear 50% of quests
  • Battle Master
    • Defeat 1000 monsters
  • Millionaire
    • Collect 1,000,000 bells cumulatively
  • Combo Master
    • Get a 500 combo
  • Attack King
    • Maximum Total Damage in a combo over 100,000
      • Very easy late game
  • Nep Walk
    • Walk over 10,000 meters

These are all super easy.

  • Nep-ko has logged in!
    • Start the game
  • Amethyst Glass
    • You got the first MacGuffin
  • Black Diamond Sword
    • You got the second MacGuffin
  • Moonstone Hairpin
    • You got another MacGuffin
  • Emerald Mirror
    • You got all the MacGuffins!
  • Power of Protection
    • Used Awakening and got disappointed by it’s music
  • This is the Special…
    • Used an Awakening Skill
  • CPU Candidates have logged in!
    • Get the Candidates in your party
  • Guardian Goddesses Descend
    • Get the Goddesses in your party
      • I mean, the ingame ones
        • I mean, the ingame-ingame ones
  • No Cheating! Ever!
    • Beat The Cheat Cheetah, a boss
    • Every boss gets a trophy these days
  • Protection Complete
    • I don’t think being a boss is worth a trophy
  • Roar of Mercy
    • I don’t even think it’s worth a pizza!
  • Fallen Hero
    • Maybe a Pizza Trophy
  • Lean Crystal
    • Acquire the secret treasure known as the Lean Crystal
      • Rather baffling they wouldn’t just let this be called Vert’s game
  • Light that Illuminates Darkness
    • Beat the Kingdom Hearts looking dude
  • Playing Around
    • See the obligatory panty shot CG
  • Put Me Down Already!
    • See the VertxBlanc CG
  • Seven Flowers of Autumn
    • See Rom and Ram’s CG
  • Even Undressing In Game, it’s Only To Underwear
    •  Viewed the obligatory Hot Springs CG
      • That’s right, IFI somehow made this title even more awkward than it was in the Japanese release’s Engrish.
  • Low Angle
    • See the I Know You Did This With The Camera Too CG
  • An Important Shot
    • See the no comment CG
  • A Tasty Guard Break
    • Purple Heart’s Pudding CG
  • Charm Even I Don’t Know
    • Noire’s Cosplay event CG
  • Nep Synchronization
    • Change tactics for the first time
  • Blacksmith
    • Upgraded any equipment to it’s max
  • First Job
    • Cleared a quest
  • Recommended Strengthening
    • Upgraded equipment at Tamsoft’s
  • The Refined Power
    • Acquired all skills for every character
  • Those Who Travel Alsgard
    • Opened up all dungeons
  • Pleasant Companions
    • Get Guild Cards for all characters
      • Just requires meeting them ingame, just view your Town events and you’ll get it eventually
  • Guild Ranker
    • Guild Rank 8
  • Rank Up!
    • Guild Rank 2
  • Skitter
    • Use 500 skills
  • Skiller
    • Use 100 skills
  • Enthusiastic Adventurer
    • Enter dungeons 10 times
  • Rich Hunter
    • Open 50 chests
  • Treasure Hunt Primer
    • Open 20 chests
  • May these Feelings Reach!
    • Pray 50 times at the Cathedral
  • Prayer to the Goddesses
    • Pray at the Cathedral


AzureValkyrie and Walt The Dog in my Discord for help figuring out some things in the Japanese version.

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