Kirby Facts

Hi! I’m Sir TapTap, AKA @Kirbyfacts.

On this twitter account you’ll find fun facts, quotes, screenshots, fan art and jokes relating to the whole Kirby universe. The whole thing is run just by one editor (me!) with the helping hand of tips and submissions from fans like you.


Feel free to @ reply or DM @kirbyfacts with any interesting facts, funny screenshots, whatever you think I might like to share. If I think it’s relevant and not too spoilery I’ll give it a retweet. If you don’t wish to be credited let me know, otherwise I’ll default to crediting.

Fan Art

I’m always happy to post or retweet fan art! My only policies are no spoilers of games less than three months old, and posts must credit the original artist. Make it clear if art is yours, or if it’s not, provide a direct link to a real source (e.g., a pixiv post with author info, not just a URL directly to an image file) or I can’t retweet it. I’ll tweet official Nintendo promotional art and screenshots without attribution however—the source should be pretty obvious there.

If fan art is a major spoiler of a recent game, I can quote-retweet it after my personal three months spoiler rule is over thanks to the magic of scheduled tweets.


I occasionally livestream Kirby games (and other games) on Youtube and Twitch. Both sites get the same streams at the same time, just follow wherever you prefer, or both. I occasionally cover mature content or incidentally swear on other videos, but I’ll do my best to keep Kirby streams kid-safe, and chat will be held to a similar standard during them.

Spread The Love

Want to help? Positive comments keep me going, shares and retweets keep me growing. Sending in your own facts or fan art helps out too, since I don’t always have time or drive to find things to post on my own.

I also have a Patreon page where contributors  can support me with a monthly amount in exchange for pictures of my adorable cat and early access to some of my youtube videos. It’s not necessary to contribute, but if you do I’ll love you more than Kirby loves food (Fact: that’s a l o t !). As a plus, the more I earn on Patreon, the more time I can afford to dedicate to creating content on this website, youtube, and of course @Kirbyfacts.