Free Points: OFF by Mortis Ghost

Free Points: Off by Mortis Ghost

OFF is actually the game that originally inspired me to have a “cool free games” sort of section on this site, so it’s no surprised I’m posting it early! This one’s a real treat for fans of more existential games like OneShot and Undertale, and just a really interesting gem of a free game.

Free Points is a series of weekly free game recommendations. The games may range from the most surreal of Alt Games to the most traditional of platformers; the only requirements for a Free Points game is that they’re free (real free, not free to play!) and very much worth your time.

What Is OFF?

Title: OFF
Release Date: 2008
Price: Free!
Developer: Mortis Ghost
Languages: French
Fan Translations: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish
Length: ~5 Hours
Platform: PC (DRM free)
Genre: RPG
Themes: Horror, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Surreal
Content Warnings: Mild horror/blood, disturbing themes, existential crises
Supplemental: A YouTube Playlist of my playthrough of OFF, and an incomplete video walkthrough of mine

OFF is a mildly horror-themed RPG (tending more to the surreal and intellectual horror, rather than visceral gore and jumpscares) created by Mortis Ghost. It’s a game that makes a very strong and layered impression with its distinct and occasionally discordant visual and musical themes.

In the English-speaking world OFF first gained popularity through, an Earthbound fan site due to its similarity to that series. The Batter’s choice of weapons and the game’s propensity toward getting Meta (and even letting the player name themselves) evokes some strong Earthbound vibes.

OFF gameplay clip
Combat in OFF

Why Play OFF?

OFF has spawned a good-sized cult following (including several fan games) due to it’s accessibility (hard to beat free, and it’s an easy, short play), it’s visual/musical uniqueness and memorability, and a script that mixes humor, horror, and a bit of an existential crisis all into a surprisingly smooth mixture.

OFF screenshot showing the self-referential nature

The OST (free here) is fantastic both on its own and in terms of setting the mood for the game. The battle theme in particular both sets up your expectations very well and is sure to get stuck in your head. Even the OST’s titles are great and fitting, with names like A Stab of Happiness and Flesh Maze Tango.

The gameplay itself is fairly standard for an SNES-era style RPG; puzzles, random battles, ATB. The combat has some strategy to it though grinding can be quick and result in a smooth late game even for those who aren’t the best at RPGs. But you’re playing OFF for something a bit more holistic than it’s gameplay.

Beyond that OFF is unfortunately one of those games it’s hard to rave much about without spoiling some important moments, so if it sounds at all interesting I really would just suggest grabbing the latest version for your preferred language and checking it out. At 5 hours it’s not a heavy investment, but it’s likely to linger with you.

If you get stuck there’s a Wiki for gameplay and story information.

If you’ve played OFF and enjoyed it, let everyone know what you thought in the comments below!

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