Free Points: Space Funeral – Surreal Comedy/Horror RPG

Free Points: Space Funeral

Space Funeral by thecatamites is a fairly vintage game in the set of surreal RPG maker games that have popped up over the years. As you might have noticed, this peculiar subgenre is a favorite of mine! Due to it’s short length, relative popularity, and good sense of humor, it’s hard not to recommend Space Funeral among other surreal RPG Maker games.

Free Points is a series of weekly free game recommendations. The games may range from the most surreal of Alt Games to the most traditional of platformers; the only requirements for a Free Points game is that they’re free (real free, not free to play!) and very much worth your time.
I get paid $10 every time I say BLOOD in all caps.

What Is Space Funeral?

Title: Space Funeral
Release Date: 2010-09-17
Price: Free!
Developer: thecatamites
Languages: English
Fan Translations: Russian
Length: ~1.5 hours
Platform: PC (Gamejolt, DRM Free)
Genre: RPG
Themes: Horror, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Surreal
Content Warnings: Mild horror/blood
Supplemental: I streamed a full playthrough of Space Funeral you can watch here

Space Funeral follows the story of Phillip who seeks the legendary City of Forms to restore the world, and his pal Leg Horse who is a Leg Horse. There will be BLOOD SWAMPS, BLOOD CAVERNS, and many other sources of BLOOD.

Explore a rather miserable world and beat up pretty much anyone who gets in your way, and don’t forget to say hi to Dracula. Cry at enemies until they die!

I think he’s some sort of crime man.

Why Play Space Funeral?

Games by thecatemites have a unique blend of surrealism, comedy, and often grossness that make for a highly memorable time. Space Funeral is probably their most well-known game and for pretty good reason. The exploits of Phillip and Leg Horse are certainly memorable.

The MS Paint aesthetic creates an oddly consistent world you’ll love to know more about, or perhaps just want to escape. The game does require a certain sense of humor to fully appreciate, but you’ll likely know from a screenshot or two whether it’ll be to your liking.

Dracula in Space Funeral
You even get to chill with Dracula.

Space Funeral is an easy play at just over an hour long and talking to all the NPCs will leave you with some memorable laughs. It’s an RPG anybody can play to soak up the humor and setting.

Need More To Play?

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