How To Set Time in Pokemon Polished Crystal

Couldn’t find this online, it’s pretty easy so I thought I’d make a micro-guide.

Pokemon Polished Crystal includes an extra easy way to change the clock:

  • On the intro screen, hold Down, Select, and B, then release Down and B
  • Just like in Gold/Silver, you’ll immediately be told to simply select Continue to reset the clock and resume the game.

That’s it! No passwords. This is very handy, because save states and flash carts don’t usually handle the RTC (Real Time Clock) so you’ll be stuck with time only advancing while the game is running, which is a pain for Crystal.

Reset Time in Cartridge Crystal

You’re in for some BS if you want to change the clock on a real cart of unmodded Crystal, here’s some info from Reddit:

  • On the intro screen, hold DOWNSELECT, and B just as you would with Gold/Silver.
  • While still holding SELECT, let go of DOWN and B.
  • Press and hold UP and LEFT.
  • Let go of SELECT.
  • It’ll ask you if you want to reset the clock. Hit yes and enter the password.

You can now reset the time and date just as you would be able to with Gold and Silver.

Edit: Use this website instead.

If you’re playing Pokemon Polished Crystal, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments! At the time of writing I have just one badge, so please mind spoilers for myself and others.

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