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It’s been a busy month on SirTapTap.com, but perhaps not in a particularly visible way, so I thought I’d post a little update.

$100 a month on Patreon!

Before getting into the nitty gritty of the site changes, I’d like to thank all my Patreons! My monthly contributions have grown, just recently activating the $100 goal, reducing ads on this here site! I keep ads sparse in general, only putting them on Guides (the highest effort and highest traffic pages), but the moonshot goal is to not need ads if my Patreon grows large enough.

That’s why the next goal is $200 where I can turn off another ad unit, leaving only a max of 2 adsense ads per page (no fishy ads here, adsense only). I’m not in the financial situation to throw out my ad money at the moment, but if the Patreon ever gets large enough that’s one of the first things I want to do.

The support from my Patreons has been great and makes it so much easier to plan my spending and use of time around my site and videos.

New Host

SirTapTap.com is now hosted on Linode! Linode is a Linux Virtual Private Server hosting company and basically by moving to them from “managed hosting” I gain more control over my site and faster speed in exchange for complete responsibility for making sure everything worked.

Sort of like getting a shot, it hurt a lot at first but once the initial panic left I realized it wasn’t so bad after all. I got it all running in about 3 moderately confused days full of learning Linux commands, file structure and so on, and now the server runs beautifully without any babysitting at all. I even save money compared to my old hosting plan!

New Slogan

I updated my little blurb at the top left: I wanted something short, descriptive and upbeat. The one thing I never wanted to be is one of those “Angry Gamer Hates Games: The Screamening” type YouTubers. You know the ones. Hell, statistically, you probably even subscribe to one of them! But that’s okay too, no worries.

The new slogan is “Love Games. Share Love.” It’s sappy, but I think it shares my message pretty well; games are for enjoying, and my mission is to help you enjoy them even more.

Faster Pages

Half a byproduct of the new host, SirTapTap.com is hopefully noticeably a bit faster, and I’ve also made several tweaks here and there to get it going as fast as I can. A lot of my traffic is mobile, so I try to keep everything as lean as possible.

In older but still cool news, SirTapTap.com also uses a ServiceWorker now, meaning it can be accessed offline in compatible browsers (if it’s been visited before), and installed as an app from compatible browsers/mobile devices! Chrome & Firefox on any modern android should be able to install it using “add to homescreen” in the browser menu, enabling quick access and offline caching of pages.

Guides Index

The old Guides page wasn’t really a great way to find what all games I’ve covered with guides, so I introduced a new alphabetized and categorized Guides Index to the top bar to make things easier to leaf through.

I also moved Reviews to be a subset of Articles to make the site’s content easier to browse, there’s just Articles and Guides now.


A bit of an experiment, I’ve started two “mini-guides” for AbyssRium (which brings like, 90% of the traffic I get): a Hidden Fish Mini-Guide and a Fall Event Mini-Guide.

Personally I prefer my big huge all-encompassing single page guides, but on mobile they can be a little overwhelming. I do my best to limit that with the “back to top” button and table of contents, but Mini-guides are hyper-focused pages with no cruft (not even comments or images!) made to be fast to load and use on Mobile and easy to bookmark for later. They all come with an addendum to help you find more detailed info as-needed.

What’s Next?

I’ve got several drafted guides and articles I’m working on, and I’m trying to get back into the hang of posting articles. I’ve set the bar a bit too high and ended up not posting at all.

Specifically I hope to have some brief weekly “check out this cool free game” posts, showing lots of the cool, experimental, or just plain ol’ good stuff you can enjoy for free (real free, not Free To Play)!

It’s been a lot of fun working on the site and I hope I can continue to make even more guides and stuff for you all in the future!


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