Fan Art: Happy Birthday from Rad!

A couple more lovely fan art pieces from Rad, for my birthday! (It was April 19th)

Some days you wake up Anime

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Fan Art: The Biggest Question in Night in the Woods

From Rad again! This one’s based off a funny moment from my Night in the Woods Let’s Play, where I have a brief existential crisis every time a Person Cat and a Cat Cat are on screen at the same time.

I love the visual of Mae carrying me around as I make all my stupid comments and generally interrupt her life.

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Fan Art: Shout Out to Sir TapTap by Rad

I feel almost embarrassed posting this one because it’s so supportive and makes me crazy happy, but here’s a lovely shoutout comic from Rad!:

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Fan Art: Silly Edition!

Here’s a couple more fan arts from Rad, extra silly this time!

Original Tweets below! As always I’m super appreciative of any art ♥

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Avatar Commission: Woofycakes

Last updated on February 17th, 2017 at 11:08 am

This one was a commission made by Woofycakes perhaps best known for the recently released Blue Revolver!

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