Commission: Nath & Bunny by @Riloyoy (Nath Day 2021)

Nath from 100% Orange Juice wearing Bunny's bunny suit from Bunny Must Die, and Bunny from BMD wearing Nath's outfit from 100% Orange Juice.

It’s Nath Day today! 7-10 is read similar to “Nath” in Japanese apparently, hence it’s the day for fan art of her…but that’s actually not why I got this commissioned, I just wanted two of my favorite underrated characters in a cute outfit swap. I bought these from @Riloyoy on twitter!

The theme was Bunny from Bunny Must Die and Nath from 100% Orange Juice swapping outfits. BMD was my first Doujin (Japanese Indie) Game and Nath is my favorite character from one (along with Bunny) so it seemed natural.

Dynamite Body is an item in BMD that doubles your defense, and also…
Nath cosplaying as Bunny from Bunny Must Die, by Riloyoy

I also got a TapTap avatar from them I’ll post separately. And here’s another Bunny Nath they did that was apparently inspired by my commission!

I have some other Nath commissions as well, check them out in the 100% Orange Juice Tag. Yes, I like bunnies and bunny suits, and bunnies in bunny suits, and even Bunny (ironically NOT in a bunny suit in this case).

For more fanart & commissions in the Fan Art Gallery and don’t be shy to send your fan art submissions to my email ([email protected]) or share them in our Discord! I try to post all fan art I receive here as long as the artist is okay with it.

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