Fan Art: Crystal, Fire, Water & Meteor TapTaps by Code Coral

Fan art time! Here’s a couple fine, exotic bois from Code Coral in our Discord server! Thanks so much! The crystal boi is very shiny and crystals are peak aesthetics, but the meteor boi reminds me of Minior my favorite Gen 7 Pokemon!

Power of…!

crystal taptap by code coral
meteor taptap by code coral
Outer Space!
fire taptap by code coral
The Phoenix Flames!
water elemental taptap fan art by code coral
And…and…I’m not sure I want to know about this one.

See more art in the Fan Art Gallery and don’t be shy to send your submissions to my email ([email protected]) or share them in our Discord! I try to post all fan art I receive here as long as the artist is okay with it.

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