Fan Art: TapTap vs the trees of Grow Island, by Cremexbutter!

Fan art by Cremexbutter based on Sir TapTap's Grow Island let's play

This fan art is by Cremexbutter, based on my Grow Island Let’s Play! Thanks a lot💚!

Don’t ask. The trees…the tees had it it coming. I love the happy TapTap in the top too. Probably thinking about destroying trees.

The Let’s Play is below, the Grow Series of Flash games is a blast. Rated T for trees, contains Mild Parker Interruptions.

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2 thoughts on “Fan Art: TapTap vs the trees of Grow Island, by Cremexbutter!”

  1. The Grow series is awesome, but ancient. I’m surprised someone would make art based on that.

    1. The Let’s Play was just last year, and the series is still being made (Grow Cinderella was late last year IIRC). Plus age is pretty irrelevant, good games age well. No one stopped making Ocarina of Time fan art.

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