Fan Art Update: Art from CremexButter, Scott Ramsoomair, Yasmin Rawlings, and Amnesia Moons

It’s been too long since a fanart post, so here’s a five for one!

Here’s a beautiful avatar commission, drawn by Scott Ramsoomair (Yep, the VGCats one)!

Next is a simple but super-adorable one of me and Parker by @CremexButter! You might know Creme from instagram or this cute earlier fan art!

And another doodle from Creamxbutter, from our Patron Board Game Night stream:

Cremexbutter's Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival fan art of SirTapTap's patreon stream
It’s a long story and I promise we’re not brazen criminals

Less criminally, here’s one more from Yasmin Rawlings! Drawn from the same stream as the Cremexbutter Parker/TapTap one, a bit embarrassingly long ago at this point.

Another sketch, this one is a Grumpy Boi by Amnesia Moons (also a regular in Fan Art around here!). This one’s referring to the rather disastrous AbyssRium Valentine’s day event.

Thanks so much to everyone! You can see all fanart & sources collected in the Fan Art Gallery.

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