Fan Art: SirTapTap & Channel Background by Miranora

I’m shocked I never put these up on the site, but looking back I didn’t get a response about what information I should include as credit! These are from an OG fan Kayla AKA Minanora as they used to be known on Twitter (the account is since gone). These were made years before I had a site to put fan art on! About 2012, I believe, when I did my OFF playthrough.

These were close to the first fan art I ever got and from a close fan so they still mean a ton to me! I feel a bit bad since I know every artist hates their old art (even me, and I haven’t drawn since high school!), but I’d feel even worse not featuring heartfelt art that I got on my site!

Sir Tap Tap Fan art by Miranora, featuring The Batter from OFF, The Judge, Kirby, and a Pikmin

And this was my first Channel Art! If you look…not all that closely, you can tell that the style of text here was used by Klobstrocity for my current channel art.

@_miranora Sirtaptap channel art

See more fan art in the Fan Art Gallery and don’t be shy to send your submissions to my email ([email protected]) or share them in our Discord! I try to post all fan art I receive here as long as the artist is okay with it.

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