AbyssRium Pole Threetails’ Summer Festival Event Guide | Fusion & Farms

abyss pole threetails summer festival event guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Pole, with only the 2020 Threetails Summer Festival Event information. Fusion and Farms have been added to the game. Also, it’s not really an event, just new fish and features that never expire. See the main Pole guide for a more comprehensive set of information and for links to other events.

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2020-08-28: Video guide up

Summer Festival Event Summary

Events do not seem to expire, instead you select which event to play in the events menu (the book). Press the Back button after opening the menu to see other events. If an event is not selected, you will not progress toward unlocks in that event.

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  • New fish:
    • 12 are Fusion Fish
      • Fish list below
    • 1 Paid IAP Fish
      • Squishy Cheeks Shiba Inu Dog
  • New feature: Farms & Fusion
  • 0 new Treasure items, no Treasure Penguin
  • 3 Event customization items
    • 500 pearls each
    • Not required to unlock anything
      • Items:
        • Thousand Year Old Mansion Iceberg Costume
        • Late Summer Pine Tree Street Dye
        • Milky Way Sky and Sea Theme
  • Currency: Regular vitality, Farm Materials, Fusion Fish
    • Total cost:
      • ?

Summer Festival Event Friends

No hidden fish, again, boring boring.

Note that every fish must be unlocked in order; there is nothing you can do to get a lower fish in the list until all fish above it are acquired, so just focus on one at a time.

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Yakuta Sweetie Penguin
Angler MeerkatOwn 3 Yukata Penguin
Summer Festival Harp SealOwn 3 Angler Meerkat
Yakuta Blue Sky PenguinOwn 3 Summer Festival Harp Seal
Petit Hankerchief ButterflyOwn 3 Yukata Blue Sky Penguin
Watch Free Vitality ad twice during event
Ninja HamsterOwn 3 Petit Hankerchief Butterfly
Watch Treasure Chest ad 3 times during the event
The Chef RabbitOwn 5 Ninja Hamster
Watch 10 recharge skills as during event
Die-hard Fighting ChickenOwn 5 Chef Rabbit
Use Bird Chorus 10 times during event
Raccoon Dog TanukiOwn 5 Die-hard Fighting Chicken
Get absent vitality 10 times during event
Skylantern HummingbirdOwn 5 Raccoon Dog Tanuki
Use Whale's Blessing 30 times during event
Lunar Halo RayOwn 5 Skylantern Hummingbird
Use Moon's Song 30 times during this event
Mysterious Three-tailed FoxOwn 5 Lunar Halo Ray
Own 80 total friends from Summer event

Farm Mechanics

This event introduces Farms and Fusion, concepts you might remember from Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium. It works just like it did there more or less, except the materials are different and farms give semi-random items instead of the same guaranteed item every time.

Farms exist in the new Farm tab, easy enough. Farms generate 10 materials per time period, and only function online. Each farm has a different list of materials.

You can watch an ad 5 times a day for one set of free* farm materials. Like in AbyssRium, the payout seems biased towards the cheapest materials, limiting it’s value.

Tree Trunks Mushroom Farm
  • Unlocked by default
  • Produces Parasol Mushrooms or Red Mushrooms
  • Production Time: 10 Minutes
Cobblestone Hill
  • Unlocked by harvesting frp, the Mushroom Farm 10 times
  • Production Time: 1 Hour
  • Produces Black Cobbles or Pebbles

Presumably each event will now add one new Farm. It’s unknown if future events will want more of the current Fusion materials or only new ones.

Fusion Fish

Fusion fish currently only exist in the Threetails Summer Festival event. Click the blue book to check the event. Each Fusion requires one of a base fish (tap the fish icon to see it in the list so you can make more). However unlike Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium, Fusion Fish do not require a base fish, but the base fish instead reduces the fusion material cost by a mere 20%. Also, some Fusions require 2 fish instead of just one.

Bizarrely, Fusion Fish will only work if you have the source fish in the tank currently. If you have 10 stored fish but 0 in the tank, the counter will behave as if you have 0 of that fish. Since the material cost is minor, I recommend ignoring the Fusion part and just using the materials when possible. It’s a more efficient deal (especially since all animals cost the same amount) on the higher-tier fish that cost more materials.

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Summer Festival Event Video Guides

Fish review/event walkthrough:

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AbyssRium Pole Threetails' Summer Festival Event Guide | Fusion & Farms
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