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Guide Updates

2019-07-15: Anniversary Event is out, guide created.

2019-06-13: Moved Fusion Fish back to a separate page. 5 new fusion fish added to the game and new “hiding fish” which I added to the event guide.

2019-05-29: June Vacation Event guide added. New event and fusion fish coming soon

2019-05-17: 30! new Fusion Fish added

2019-04-30: Alice In Wonderland event coming in may, guide here, the may update makes the 1kyobw possible to get (Juvenile Spadefish is still impossible)

2019-03-29: Spring Event coming soon, it’s already in the Event Guide. 10 new fusion fish added

  • Level caps removed in Freshwater/Christmas/Halloween tanks!
  • Spring Tea Party event
    • 14 new event fish + 1 IAP (Ferret)
    • 2017 and 2018 Spring Event fish will be available as event fusion fish
    • There will be a 5-step event quest for a large “final” fish (Giant Teapot Nautilus)
    • There is a 7-part Expand quest for new themed expand decorations
  • 10 new Fusion fish (not event limited)
  • Daily mission is changed (it’s worse, 100 fish bubble taps daily)
  • Bug: the update that will reset your levels if you do not have the most recent app update, so update now before it releases if you haven’t yet

2019-03-07: March Circus Event is live, info coming in. Created a single guide which will be the new guide for all events. Added the new fusion fish.

2019-02-06: Sorry for the downtime on 2019-02-06! It’s all fixed and I upgraded my server (and it costs more now). It’s a good time to support me on Patreon or PayPal if my guides have helped you out!

2019-02-04: Please note the ingame Facebook feature has been completely broken for over 6 months, don’t expect it to work.

2019-01-15: For some reason an update removed the cloud save buttons in the event tanks. You can still find them in the options menu of the main tank.

2019-02-04: Please note the ingame Facebook feature has been completely broken for over 6 months, don’t expect it to work.

2019-01-28: Valentine’s Day info is coming in, guide created.

2019-01-15: For some reason an update removed the cloud save buttons in the event tanks. You can still find them in the options menu of the main tank.

2019-01-11: New Year’s Event guide

2019-01-10: Ignore this ingame ad, it has nothing to do with AbyssRium itself, there’s a crossover in a shitty gachapon game. No content was added to AbyssRium.

AbyssRium crossover ad

2019-01-09: Disabled comments on my AbyssRium guides. Please for the love of Pete, if there’s a bug or unlock not working ask the developers not me. I don’t need to suffer for their bad programming.

2019-01-08: Happy new year! New year’s mini-event, just some login bonuses. Check them ingame, highest reward (New Year’s Pig) is for 20 days of login. There’s a new quest and IAP in Christmas too.

2018-12-16: It’s been found the Halloween Tank also has free trials for the skills now too.

2018-12-13: Christmas 2018 Event Guide. All fish found, the update should be out for all devices. Freshwater’s lag was fixed too.

2018-12-10: Christmas event coming soon it sounds like. Appears almost all facebook features have been removed, including the achievement and friends list. Unsure if Spadefish still works.


2018-11-14: Some info from the facebook PR person. Thanks to Farmerlesbian for these:

-They should increase the vitality cap on both fresh water and halloween tank.
-The Halloween tank is here to stay.
-She doesn’t know yet if we will still be able to create fish once the event ends, but it will most likely be like freshwater, more a new tank than an event.
-They are going to try to make the fish from the Halloween tank available in the main one, but she’s unsure if the tech team will be able to do so.
-Doesn’t know what will happen next with future events

2018-11-12: The Puffin subscription appears to have been removed from the game (good). If you still own it, Restore Purchases in settings should re-activate it in the Abyss tank. It does not seem to work in the others.

2018-11-07: Minor app update, seems to have just added a “restore purchases” button in settings.

2018-10-30: Halloween Video Guide!

2018-10-24: Halloween 2018 Event Guide!

2018-10-22: It’s officially been 109 days since the last event.

2018-10-19: PR team finally said halloween event is “soon” so the crazy 4 month drought of events might finally be over. No other information.

2018-09-?: At some point, the vitality bug from below was mostly fixed, it’s safe to update.

2018-09-17: Critical vitality bug discovered in Freshwater, don’t upgrade coralite by x10. Also, devs acknowledged the vitality curve is bugged and will fix eventually.

2018-09-14: All Freshwater Hidden Fish discovered. Some are a real dosy…

2018-09-13: Confirmed the Puffin (which you should not buy) doesn’t work in Freshwater, and it’s not considered a bug so it may never do so.

2018-09-12: More hidden fish added to the Freshwater guide. Only 6 left!

2018-09-10: Major update: Freshwater update! Here’s the Reddit thread with more info while I’m adding it to the guide. Thanks as always to /u/farmerlesbian for collecting info! I livestreamed the new features for those who want to take a peek now!

2018-09-04: No new event yet. Rest in pieces 1 event per month schedule.

2018-08-16: Made a video about the puffin/subscription.

The new subscription option is terrible and I recommend against even trying the free trial. Even if you pay $100 the puffin is only rented, never owned by you.

2018-08-15: Some people are getting the subscription update, prices and some info here. If you get the free trial, be sure to manually cancel the subscription, it renews weekly otherwise (AKA the worst deal of the three). If you’re bored of the unending Anniversary event (that is still not over btw), come try Food Fantasy with me.

2018-07-16: Confirmed the price of the baby shark, and that the baby corgi can be bought with event currency (no IAP) after buying all 3 new baby fish.

2018-07-11: Made a video discussing problems with the latest event. Also the baby corgi may not require the paid corgi after all, we’ll have to see on july 17th.

2018-07-07: Both the 2018 anniversary and Krill fusion update guides are now 100% complete on information! Enjoy!

2018-07-06: Update rolling out for some users, it includes the Second Anniversary Event (Guide) and new fusion fish (guide). The Striped Marlin and other “visiting fish” odds were also dramatically raised.

2018-07-03: Sounds like the event was delayed a little bit, but probably still coming soon. In the meantime I’ve been playing Pokemon Quest myself, and made a Pokemon Quest Recipe Guide to help myself and others keep track.

2018-06-29: Pirate Event ending within the day, expect Anniversary Event within a couple weeks at most.

2018-06-13: Developers have teased a second anniversary event, most likely early july.

2018-06-01: Pirate event! Info here.

2018-05-30: With the event over, the super cute hermit crab disappears entirely! #LetHimDance

2018-05-29: The event’s almost over, but a method was discovered to get ankhs super fast from the crab without limit!

2018-05-25: I posted a video about the encouraging direction the game’s taken lately.

2018-05-15: AbyssRium got a new Social Media manager! Thank goodness. Ignore their post about save files though; all that means is the server will be down for 2 hours. Just think of it as being unable to play (as most features will not work). You will not lose existing save data.

2018-05-09: AzureMarlin made a species guide for those curious about the real life fish behind AbyssRium! Added it to the Addendum.

2018-05-02: Ancient Egypt event is on. Song of the Moon’s currency bonus is still done, but there’s a new mechanic to earn extra candy as well.

2018-04-06: Moved the Fusion Fish Info to live exclusively in the fusion fish mini-guide to keep things more organized and so there’s only one place to update.

2018-04-03: I made a thread on reddit about the real problem with the game: They don’t interact with or ultimately, respect the community. I sent them a message offering to help them out as a community manager. I expect to be ignored, but if you want the game to get better I’d message them on facebook about this. They need a community manager bad, someone that actually listens to people and communicates back. Their current facebook manager does nothing of the sort and the game is direly affected by it. More details in the thread. I also posted about how the Valentine’s Event could have been fun.

2018-04-02: Updated my “all hidden fish” video for clarity & quality. There’s an update that “generously” adds a 1000 sakura bonus for the 5000 taps mission (1/5th of a sakura per tap once per day!). And people wonder why I consider the devs player-hostile. Keep telling them this sucks on facebook.

2018-04-01: The Spring update “fixed” the bug where a picture of Bonito unlocked Wahoo as well.

2018-03-31: Made a video guide for how to use Nox Player to autotap for event candy, it’s the only way the Spring Event is playable if you don’t have candy already. Also a Spring Hidden Fish (2018) video.

2018-03-29: Spring event guide! They fixed all the bad stuff EXCEPT Song of the Moon still doesn’t work—but they didn’t reduce costs for fish either. Very rude to new players without candy stocked. Either lower the prices 10-20x or bring back SOTM. I livestreamed the event earlier, watch the archive if you want to see what it’s all about!

Removed Event information from main guide to keep it only in mini-guides. This way all the info is still here but easier to read and update. Should make the main guide a bit faster to load too.

2018-03-28: Spring event starting to roll out. It sounds like it sucks less than expected (no gachapon for new fish) but more than hoped (no Song of the Moon effect for candy). I’ll have an update whenever.

2018-03-16: Listed a couple months-old bugs the developers will never fix.

2018-03-07: Posted probably my last video guide for AbyssRium on YouTube, along with an explanation of why. Fusion Fish list updated, possibly the last substantial update for this guide itself. Removed any passage that may have accidentally suggested that it is ever a good idea to pay exploitative developers or watch their ads.

2018-03-02: There will be no further updates to this guide and I will no longer provide support to avoid indirectly providing monetary support to this exploitative publisher, Cheetah Mobile. I will not cover the Nintendo Switch version either.

Unless the next event shows a clear respect for players (extremely unlikely) this is it. I strongly urge you delete AbyssRium and play something that respects your time. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for example is a game that gets better every update instead of worse.

2018-02-26: The raging player-hostile dumpster fire Valentine’s Day Event ends March 12th.

2018-02-14: Site update not guide update, but I fixed offline caching on sirtaptap.com. If you use “add to home screen”, especially in Firefox or Chrome, you should get added functionality and offline caching on supported devices just like an app!

2018-02-10: Valentine’s Day Mini-guide. I only made this to spare you. I no longer support or recommend supporting Cheetah Mobile in any way. I recommend deleting the app and not looking back.

2018-02-08: The shark has been jumped. It’s been fun everyone. Here’s the Valentine’s Day event info, for all the good it will do you.

2018-02-06: The devs facebook icon has turned to Valentine’s, safe to assume the slow rollout should start very soon. Guide will be updated with the fish info as soon as it comes in.

2018-02-03: Valentines Update coming “Maybe next week”

2018-01-29: Sounds like people who missed New Years event items will get them in their inboxes soon because of the bugs!

2018-01-26: Apparently AbyssRium was announced for Nintendo Switch! That will be interesting to see.

2018-01-24: Updated for the new fusion fish update! This is not the Krill update, nor the Valentines Event. Also added the new Expand items.

2018-01-22: The devs have confirmed a Valentine’s Day event is coming as early as this week or as late as (early) February. It’s all but certain the Saltwater Croc and New Year’s Event fish/Expand items will no longer be obtainable after that update, so get what you can this week!

2018-01-15: A major bug in Expand feature is causing items that cost Pearls to disappear. It’s unclear why but many users are having it. Take note of how many expand items you have and avoid using the feature until a fix is out. Send a Direct Message to the AbyssRium Devs on facebook or email them via the Gear menu ingame to get help, they always restore Pearl purchases when notified.

2018-01-04: New Mini-Event: New Year’s Gift! The new update also shows Luck Shell rates which are pretty much as bad as you’d expect. See Fusion Fish for info about the new Fusion Fish too. Collector achievement rank 10 is finally possible without Premium fish!

2018-01-03: Tidied up the site and guide for faster loading. Please remember you donations help me maintain the site! Devs have also confirmed and upcoming New Years Event and more fusion fish! No mini-guide for this update since it’s not really substantial enough.

2017-12-26: The Christmas event ends January 5th. That means if you have less than 33 gift boxes left to claim for the Corgi Claus as of today you can get it without spending Pearls.

2017-12-25: Merry Christmas! The devs sent a tiny gift of 150 pearls to everyone, it’s in Inbox in the Gear menu.

2017-12-16: I made a post on reddit detailing exactly how incredibly useless Coral vitality is.

2017-12-08: The app updated with some bugfixes for the christmas issues. The train should refresh properly now and the rewards for 6 gift opens should work now.

2017-12-04: Jolly Penguin’s ingame unlock text is wrong, it requires the theme not dye. I “love” this game sometimes… Thanks a visual bug, it’s been even more thoroughly proven that the Tiny Luck Shell “near miss” slots are loaded separately from the real prize. As you can see in the buggy image, the near miss slots are loaded before the final prize is even calculated. Speaking of bugs, here’s a video showcasing all the bugs in the Christmas update.

2017-12-03: Bug found with Gift Boxes (never open Toy Train gift boxes with pearls except in multiples of 3). iOS users in particular seem to have a large number of bugs with this event. Not sure of workarounds for most yet.

2017-11-30: All Christmas info found, Christmas Mini-Guide created!

2017-11-29: Christmas Event information released, see the Christmas Event heading! ALL Hidden Fish already found, including all inf on Gift Boxes and Christmas Cards!

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2017-11-28: SirTapTap.com now supports Push Notifications! You should get a prompt when visiting asking if you want to enabled them. If you do, you’ll get notifications for new guides or major updates to games/guides. Notifications should be sparse, maybe once a week in most cases.

2017-11-19: There is now some empirical evidence proving that the “near miss” slots on the Tiny Luck Shell are lies.

2017-11-17: Broken record here, but do not update to iOS Version 1.5.2. Yeah, they broke the game. Again. Not like it’s ever not-broken. Anyway, in 1.5.2, the Event End Timer always starts with only 10 minutes left, and you have to close the app every 10 minutes to get the event to show up again. If you already have it don’t panic, just close the app every time the event “expires”, it’s not really gone.

2017-11-16: Do not update to version 1.5.1 if you have the Halloween Cat, one of various bugs it introduces disables the double candy earning from the Halloween Package.

Teasing for the Christmas event has started (early december probably right when Halloween ends). It includes a Reindeer mimic tang, a snowman boxfish, a mistletoe angelfish, and a stocking pygmy seahorse.

The 1.5.1 app update is out for some people (I don’t have it; app updates always roll out slowly). It has a bug causing a Reindeer Tang to visually replace the Mimic Tang. Sneak peek at the Christmas event I guess. Also, Fall/Anniversary fish have been added to the Luck Shell.

2017-11-15: I’ve noticed multiple users dissatisfied with Premium Fish lately, so I’ve updated the Premium Fish section to highlight info you’ll want to know before you buy. Best advice: Don’t buy them.

2017-11-13: Discovered more info about how the cloud save system works. I shoved it in the FAQ section for now since it doesn’t really fit elsewhere.

2017-11-11: Made a video guide for the Notification Fish like the Whale Shark for people who are still struggling to get them.

2017-11-10: Created a Fusion Fish Mini-Guide. Like all my mini-guides it’s compact and focused for easy reading and quick loading on mobile.

2017-11-09: Updated the “notification fish” section to more thoroughly clarify these fish do not require a notification and how to force Tap Tap fish to give you them if you’re not getting notifications.

2017-11-08: Word from the developers is the Halloween event will end in early December.

2017-11-06: Some people are getting Christmas fish unlock notifications as a result of a server bug. Ignore them, they can’t be obtained. Thanks to /u/famerlesbian on Reddit I’ve added links to some good charts with some bad news about how expensive Gem purchases really are. Hope you weren’t planning on upgrading all your skills to max.

2017-11-03: A site called “tap tap fish dot net” is blatantly plagiarizing my content and slapping their own ads all over it, while making it harder to read (presumably to hide the plagiarism). Video on the situation here. They have no affiliation with me. Don’t bother using the site since it just steals information from here so it’s just this site but slower, spread over multiple pages, and later.

2017-10-31: Nearly forgot, here’s a Mini-Guide for only Halloween Event 2017 info. Mini-Guides are designed to be easier and faster to read on mobile.

2017-10-27: Okay I’m saying it. This game’s support, translation, and QA are bad, and they should feel bad. Please join me in messaging the devs asking for better QA, better translation, and generally for them to listen to us. And no I’m not in any special contact with the devs because I run this site; they care about me exactly the same as anyone else (which is not at all).

Less related to AbyssRium, I’ve started an Animal Crossing Pocket Camp guide for those playing that as well!

2017-10-26: A method was found to keep the fall update while the Halloween event is going on! A method called…just don’t update. More at the link though.

2017-10-23: Halloween 2017 event is slowly rolling out. All hidden fish but have already been found! Video guide here.

Huge thanks to the abyssrium subreddit who’s always on point with events! Confirmed the legendary Sun Fish is back and can be unlocked (tap sunfish vitality 100 times)! Get it before they remove it for no reason a third time

2017-10-20: Fall Event ending in just 2-3 days, if you don’t have the Star Striped Marlin yet and you’ve tried the proper method, contact the devs ASAP. Halloween Event starts next week with a preview on Facebook.

2017-10-18: There’s a good image showing how rigged the Luck Shell is on reddit. I strongly recommend not even bothering with the luck shell at all unless you need to watch an add for the Daily Mission. Statistically speaking it’s a waste of your time.

2017-10-17: It’s looking very likely we’ll be getting a Halloween event with new and old fish, so don’t waste your Leaves. They carry over.

2017-10-16: I started a guide for A Girl Adrift, a game very similar to AbyssRium, in case any players want to check out that guide, ask questions or submit info. It’s another idle game that’s even fish-focused!

2017-10-12: The Fall Event is said to end October 23rd! That would seem to leave just enough time to start the Halloween event! There will be no in-game timer this time!

2017-10-11: Update your game! Star Striped Marlin’s spawn rate was raised to 100%!

2017-10-09: Introducing Mini Guides! Starting with a hidden fish list, and a Fall Event Guide, Mini Guides will be extra small, laser focused guides on a specific element of AbyssRium for easier loading, reading, and bookmarking on mobile devices. This main guide will still be kept up to date and considered the “bible” for AbyssRium info. The mini guides are just for quicker reference.

Added an Efficiency Chart to the Fusion Fish section thanks to /u/FarmerLesbian!

Noted a bug for the Fall Theme (stars don’t display on some devices, seemingly unfixable).

2017-09-29: Server migration to Linode complete! Sir TapTap.com is now free from The Man (aka managed hosting). Sorry for any hiccups you may have seen, things should be smooth as undersea butter now.

2017-09-28: Fall Event seems to be out for most people now, and the can’t log in to google/facebook bug seems to be fixed in the latest update.

2017-09-27: Added Bonito and Red Lobster into the main Hidden Fish list as well so people ignoring the Fusion Fish section don’t miss them. Also it’s been found on Reddit that Tiny Luck Shell (and possibly the others) have a strong bias towards the Spring event fish vs the others.

2017-09-26: Added more videos to the Videos section including a fall event video and a video on the secret space theme! New videos are marked with (new) in the videos section.

Also, Google removed the app fraudulently swiping my copyrighted work.

2017-09-25: The AbyssRium Subreddit and /u/idlestate have discovered a Space Theme in the game! It exists only as a placeholder right now and cannot be permanently obtained. You can see it if your friends on Facebook have the Fall theme equipped before you have the Fall update, or if you install the fall theme then roll back your app version (not recommended!). It may be added for real in the future.

2017-09-22: Fall Event is in beta testing, a small number of users have it. Added info on the event. Host move is on hold, going to Linode now instead of Hostgator due to SSL issues.

2017-09-21: The livestream was fun, here’s the video archive! Added a tip in the Skills section about Midas Tap

2017-09-18:  I’m doing a Q&A (or just chat & chill) livestream of AbyssRium on Wednesday @ 6PM Central! You can sign up for a notification when it’s live here. I’ll probably go for an hour or two.

2017-09-14: The best place to ask me a question is in the comments below, not on Facebook, Instagram, email etc. Updated the Comments header to better match this.

2017-09-11: Info about the new update should be largely complete. Reordered the Hidden Fish list to group by unlock condition and started bolding the fish names to make it easier to scan for specific fish.

2017-09-03: Updated the Fusion Fish section with preliminary info on the new update.

2017-08-31: /u/thefirstreddituser on reddit ran some numbers on the Tiny Luck shell, added their data to that section. Spoilers: Those ‘near misses’ Tap Tap Fish shows you are entirely fake and the odds are exactly as bad as you’d expect. I’m honestly tempted to remove the section entirely or replace it with a warning to not use the luck shell, but for now, at least some numbers.

2017-08-25: Added a Credits section for my $10 Patreon supporters! Get your name on the list now by contributing! Also we finally know when the event is ending: it ends September 4th for me, but check the app and you should see an exact countdown timer now.

2017-08-10: Added a video for the Daily Vitality Ritual, a way to get the most out of AbyssRium in the least time per-day. It’s been long enough since the update I figure everyone has had Android quests removed; removed the relevant section, RIP best game mechanic. Demoted some headings to clean up the table of contents.

2017-07-30: Majorly updated the Videos section. Since this event is so bad make absolutely sure you’re using the best method to get cakes.

2017-07-25: Information for Anniversary Fish is pouring in already complete! That was fast.  It’s extremely expensive, 270,000 candies to complete the list!

2017-07-18: Anniversary Event announced! It will start in August.

2017-07-13: Sirtaptap.com is now a Web App! That means you can use Add To Home Screen (instructions here) on your phone and get benefits like offline cached access and faster loading.

2017-06-30: New app update, Fusion Fish! Added sections for Farms and Fusion. Might have to re-arrange the table of contents/sections but for now the info is there

2017-06-27: New info on notification fish Whale Shark which appears to require the Star Horn coral, and if you don’t get the fish sometimes you need to close the app and restart if the app was already running when the notification appeared.

AbyssRium posted some info on an Upcoming Update and new Fusion fish. Added a Fusion Fish section as a placeholder.

Added a “to top” button for mobile users to quickly hop back up since the guide is long. Use the Table of Contents, Luke!

2017-06-19: Added some info to the Customization section as users have reported finding the Halloween Potion/theme items after getting Ghost Fish in the Luck Shell. We’re still not 100% sure how it works as it’s inconsistent, but usually people get a Ghost Fish (the fish named Ghost Fish, not just any fish that’s a ghost) in the Gacha and on next restart of Tap Tap Fish they have the theme items.

2017-06-09: Added info to Vitality Sources section (each fish upgrade costs roughly 3.5 times the prior fish) and a couple new achievement levels’ cost were found. Added notes that Check Attendance and Daily Attendance fish are not consecutive days. Take all the breaks you want.

2017-06-06: Updated info on Volcanic Eruption, turns out it’s last 10 levels raise taps per second not length. It sucks less now!

2017-06-02: Android Quests (and their easy gems) will end in 2018, thanks to /u/cikayelle for the heads up.

AbyssRium now updated with “increased chance of striped marlin”!

2017-06-01: AbyssRium straight up lied on facebook to 100k fans about the Striped Marlin spreading even more false rumors about it. Nothing in that post is true and I’ve added even more info to this guide and the Striped Marlin Guide to debunk it. Please do not spread false rumors about the Marlin, a lot of people are genuinely upset at their inability to get it and spreading false rumors is extremely bad. Please do encourage AbyssRium to hire someone who speaks native English and actually knows the game (I’d volunteer, lol) to handle their social media and localization so this stops happening.

2017-05-31: Some new info on Luck Shell regarding what’s NOT in it (premium fish) and the sudden appearance of Halloween Themes for some users. Added a couple more tricks in the cheating the clock section. Added newly found Luck Shell ‘exploit’.

2017-05-27: If you’re here because of the notification, see Luck Shell. It’s not quite as nice as the notification made it sound, sorry. Added some rough guidelines for the Collection feature.

2017-05-26: Some more Luck Shell (gacha) info. Started filling in the Collection info.

2017-05-24: Collection update is coming soon, and some of us have it already! Adding info now, here’s a video rundown. Added a possible fix for iOS users missing notification fish in Bugs section.

2017-05-23: Lots of Facebook users use this guide, so I added a facebook like/share box just above. It’ll help more people find the site if you care to like.

2017-05-22: I made a separate, dedicated Striped Marlin Guide to be a one stop shop to share with people confused about the Marlin. Posted a video on Playing AbyssRium on PC via Nox App Player.

2017-05-17: Added some more info on Expand items. Corrected Normal Fish info. Added suggestions for optimizing the daily missions.

2017-05-12: Various edits for presentation, reduced number of high-order headings to declutter table of contents. Added info on a couple new bugs.

2017-05-10: Discovered more changes in latest update (listed below), including new benefits for IAPs, faster gem ad cool downs. Discovered only 1 1000 year old blue whale can be bought.

2017-05-08: Corrected errors and finally completed the Normal Fish section’s requirement list. Updated the Striped Marlin info a bit. Updated info about the 10,000 year old blue whale.

2017-05-06: Expand update is out for everyone, added a new section.

2017-05-01: Added some info about coral’s strange vitality efficiency curve. Added some info since it seems some people can’t get certain hidden fish without sharing photos even though it only says to save/take them. Posted a video about the top 5 UI failures in Abyssrium.

2017-04-24: I posted a video talking about the Expand Update.

2017-04-13: Added info on total butterflies required for spring event. Clarified the January Fish unlocks to make it even more clear that the Coral are required even though they’re hidden fish. Added some FAQ entries and finished listing the Normal Fish unlocks. Also, the Abyssrium Subreddit finally has active mods (including me) and a new style! Check it out if Reddit is your thing.

2017-3-31: Misc updates on the Spring event. The Spring/Easter update came to my phone, so most people should have it by now! I’m usually one of the last. Updated Prized Walking Fish’s info, it seems to have been re-added for new players.

2017-3-30: All Spring/Easter Event fish found!

2017-3-29: Spring Event started! Only 2 hidden fish are undiscovered. Added info on Midas Tap to Skills. Spoilers: It kinda sucks, don’t buy it. Also added a tip in Misc Tips for iOS users to get gems faster. A couple additions to Credits.

2017-3-24: Added some info on corals to the Vitality Sources section.

2017-3-16: Spring event coming soon! My phone is dead and hasn’t been repaired yet, so I might be a little slow, but as always submit any info you know that’s missing and I’ll add it as soon as I can.

2017-3-7: Added Videos section for visual learners.

2017-2-28: Added Translation option (just above) for non-english users. Note fish names may not be translated accurately, and it’s all automatic translation so errors are expected.

2017-2-27: New tip for Striped Marlin

2017-2-17: Clarified the notification fish situation

2017-2-16: Cleared up some confusion in the January Update Fish section, hopefully. Added all normal fish.

2017-2-14: Reduced number of headings in the Table of Contents, added shortcut to the comments. Added Normal Fish section because why not.

2017-2-11: Valentine’s day update is out for everyone! Added info for Giftbox Dolphin, we should have all info for Valentine’s day’s event! Corrected Best Method for earning candies now that Seahorse AI is broken.

2017-2-10: Pink Whale shark found

2017-1-09: Valentine’s day fish added. Update isn’t out for everyone. Quelle surprise.

2017-2-07: Valentine’s Day event preview is on Abyssrium’s facebook. Should come soon. Minor edits.

2017-1-31: Backfilled the Updates section to show which fish were added when for the most part. Added a layout bug, and come clarification under “January Update” on the new Corals’ cost since a few people were confused due to how Abyssrium lists them.

2017-1-29: Important update on Abyssrium’s facebook page. They’re responding to fan feedback, announced a Valentine’s Day event, and they’re considering changing the name back to Abyssrium from “Tap Tap Fish”. As a personal request, please comment there (or @abyssrium on twitter) and ask  them to change the game’s name back to Abyssrium. The new name sucks and I hate having to change my guide’s title to the current clunky mess just to help people searching via the new name.

2017-1-28: New condition for Manta Ray discovered

2017-1-26: Site issues out of my control, keep retrying if you have problems. Added Migaloo unlock.

2017-1-24: Major reorganization to keep things neater.

Legendary Sun Fish is apparently only back if you already unlocked it. Almost done finding the new hidden fish! Split out game and guide updates for easier reference and so I have a place to just cleanly state new features, since adding a new section for each update is no longer working. Expect a moderate rework of the guide eventually.

2017-1-23: Legendary Sun Fish AKA Survive Mola Mola is back!! I also noticed there’s a new third set of Surging Vitality  achievements and vitality boosts.

2017-1-22: AbyssRium’s app has been officially renamed “Tap Tap Fish”, and I hate that. But hey, the January update came out.

2017-1-18: Upcoming app update! Read about the new update here on Abyssrium’s facebook. 25 new fish, coming right when the Christmas Event ends. It’s late in the game, but with the “best method” you can still get quite a lot of the christmas event done in just a few days!

2017-1-10: Created a video Getting Started In Abyssrium Guide. Prized Walking fish is no longer available as of 2-017-1-1. Changed wording around the ‘palette’ menu to refer to it as “customization” since “theme” was ambiguous. Forgot which year it was.

2016-12-20: A petition was started on Change.org to encourage the publisher to include a tie-in to charities protecting real reefs and aquatic life! Added info on a get-gems-quick exploit. Added some Math™ on the Christmas Event. New tip for the Striped Marlin.

2016-12-19: Documented new iOS feature: 3D touch produces a shrimp worth 10x Tap vitality

2016-12-14: Guide is back online with a business-class server! You can contribute to my Patreon if you want to help me pay for it. Minor style changes, noted The Wall AKA O Vitality in walkthrough, some various info, I believe about all there is to know about the Christmas event is now known.

2016-12-13: Site will be moved to a better (and more expensive) host tonight around 10PM PST, may be down up to two hours. Should hopefully be smooth sailing after that.

2016-12-12: Prized Walking Fish info discovered! Sorry about loading issues. I’m a one man shop and I guess the server can’t deal. Doing what I can.

2016-12-09: Added most christmas event info and all hidden Christmas fish! Still missing Prized Walking Fish (not a Christmas fish, but new).

2016-12-05: Some info on Quests (including a helpful bug?) and max levels for Magic Items/Skills. Corrected Facebook group links.

2016-11-07: Video guide for Halloween Candy farming. Date for end of Halloween event finally revealed (November 14th).

2016-10-14: After only a day, I believe I know just about everything to know about the Halloween Update! (except when it ends…)

2016-10-05: Finishing touches, I’m considering the guide functionally complete! Missing only 2 tiers of Check Attendance achievement and some unanswered questions about the Mahi Mahi unlock

2016-09-10: Added Achievements, added FAQ info

2016-09-01: Added Walkthrough

Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Game Updates

2018-01-24: App Version 1.5.7: Fusion update (not the krill one)! Not As always, staggered rollout, do not panic, you may get the update up to a week after the first rollouts, there is nothing you can do to get the update faster.

  • New Bug: Multitouch for 3+ fingers no longer working
  • Expand Bug is NOT fixed, avoid placing expand items until it is!
  • Salt Water Crocodile ends the 25th!
  • 9 New Fusion fish
    • Manatee is a time-limited fusion fish that lasts until 33 days from now
  • New Sun Coral, Moss Rock and Arch Rock Expand items
  • The To Do List feature seems to be permanent now. There are tasks to get 4 free fusion fish now.
  • Landscape display mode is now supported in Camera mode only.
  • Common Dolphin’s name was corrected to Right Whale Dolphin
  • Assistant sea otter ($10, can only buy one, no extras) is back in the shop. Don’t buy it.

2018-01-04: 1.5.6: New Fusion fish. Yes, slow rollout. It’s always a slow rollout.

  • 5 new Fusion Fish
  • 2 new New Year’s Event Fish (event hasn’t started yet, fish not obtainable, but they’re listed in Manage Fish)
  • New Expand items for farms.
  • New IAP options.
    • No, none of them are worth it. The auto harvest one will get you a good short-term supply of seaweed but that’s about it, and none of them are permanent.

2017-12-01: 1.5.4: Christmas Event! 26 new fish, Gift Boxes to get 2016 Christmas fish. Slow rollout, don’t panic, etc.

Fall and Anniversary Event Fish (yes including baby fish) added to Luck Shell. Luck Shell pearl costs temporarily reduced by 50%, but Luck Shell is still a poor way to spend pearls, especially now that it’s known that it’s NOT the only way to get fish you missed.

All missing Event Themes added to the Themes menu, including Christmas 2016 and Halloween 2016. They can be bought for $1 each.

2017-10-15: Version 1.5.1 is a minor update that adds Fall/Anniversary fish into Luck Shell. As always, it’s a slow rollout so don’t panic if you don’t have it yet; you can’t do anything but wait. It also has a bug where Mimic Tangs are displayed as the upcoming Christmas event’s Reindeer tang.

2017-10-23: AbyssRium’s Halloween Event (2017) is starting! 17 new fish, all hidden fish conditions and tips can be found in the above linked section for the Halloween event. And yep, it’s Scuba Cat time.

Also, the Legendary Sun Fish was put back into AbyssRium and can be unlocked (tap non-event sunfish vitality 100 times).

The Fall event will be removed once you have the Halloween update. The Unicorn and Corgi are still in the store, but won’t provide the Candy bonus. The bunny was already removed.

2017-10-10: Only took them two weeks, but AbyssRium realized the Star Striped Marlin was unfair and it’s appearance rate is now 100% every 30 minutes if you have the latest app update.

2017-09-28: Fall Event Update! 

  • 16 new fish!
    • Total cost to unlock one of each: 64k leaves
    • 10 Normal event fish
    • 5 Hidden Fish
    • 1 Premium Fish
    • 3 new customization items
  • Both the Corgi and Bunny are back in the Gem shop tab for $10
  • Note the Legendary Sunfish has been completely removed from both unlocking and purchasing more. It can only be displayed if you already have it.
  • Can’t log in to Facebook/Google account bug fixed

2017-09-03: Sea Urchin Farm update:

  • Sea Urchin Farm added to Coral->Farm tab (Cost: 300 clams)
  • 11 new Fusion Fish added (guide entries already added)
    • 8 normal Fusion Fish
    • 2 Hidden Fusion Fish: Red Lobsters and Bonito
    • 1 limited-time Fusion Fish: Marine Otter (30 days only)
    • Clam Farm now costs 300 Seaweed instead of pearls
  • Previous Fusion Fish costs were increased by 40%. Boo!
    • Due to the changes, Fusion Butterfly fish are currently the most efficient use of materials
  • Several new Store items added
    • Store tab added to the Customization Menu
      • $1 to buy all 3 customization items from a past event
      • Halloween event not included
    • Rabbit Scuba Diver re-added to shop for $10
    • Assistant Sea Otter added to shop for $10
      • Gives 5 random doses of material once per day when you log in
        • Store description is false making it sound better than it is. Items are not given 5 at a time 5 times per day
  • Crash bug introduced
    • 150 pearls sent to everyone as compensation
      • Unclear if the crash bug was actually fixed yet or not
  • Best I can tell, Anniversary Fish were not yet added to Luck Shell
  • Not new to this update, but I confirmed the glitch awarding the Halloween theme was fixed a while ago

2017-07-27-2017: Anniversary Event! From my hit counter it seems to be rolling out to many/most people as of today.

  • New theme items
  • 12 new Event Fish
  • 4 new Hidden Event Fish
  • 3 new Hidden “Baby”/Fusion Event Fish
  • 1 new Premium event fish
  • Incredibly expensive (over 200,000 candies required total)

Unrelated to the event, a “daily pearls/gems” package was added to the store’s Gem tab trying to get some more money from players.

2017-06-10: Farm/skill refresh exploit patched (for real this time!).  It’s possible to disable auto updates if you want to keep the bug for a bit since no major content was added. Changed Collector! achievement to count Fusion fish so level 9 is finally possible.

2017-06-30: Fusion & Farms update!

  • New Farm section in the Coral menu
    • Buy farms with pearls
    • Harvest materials to fuse fish
    • 5 Materials total, only 2 available now, Seaweed and Clams
    • Bug: Farms instantly complete if you close the app or bring down the full Notification Drawer on Android
  • New Fusion section in the Fish menu
    • Fuse existing Normal Fish and Farm material to slightly increase Vitality bonus from Fish
    • While fish are “consumed” in the fusion process their vitality multiplier stays, as does the current Fish price
  • New Farms and Fusion Fish will release monthly, 20 available today.
  • The Event icon updated to a Star (no event live yet, allegedly August). Probably an Anniversary event.
  • Actions that result in watching an add are now properly labeled with a little “ad” sticker.
  • Google Play Quests were removed. (Sad trombone)

2017-06-02: Increased chance of striped Marlin!  Fixed bug where sand castles/craters would not be upgraded properly. Fixed crash bugs, fixed cosmetic issue with Volcanic Eruption.

2017-05-27: Collection Update is live! (For most).

  • Added Luck Shell gachapon feature for winning vitality/gems/pearls/past event fish.
  • Added Collection feature where fish lists can be completed to earn Pearls.
  • New UI changes, Luck Shell added as a secondary menu to Fish, Store now has three tabs for Vitality, Gems/Fish, and Pearls. Expand was moved to the main menu.
  • Fixed cloud saving taking forever bug.
  • New bug where people are randomly getting the Halloween theme items forcibly applied and unlocked. Go to the Palette menu when the main menu is closed to change them.

2017-05-19: AbyssRium has confirmed the awful cancer of gaming that is Gachapon will soon be infecting Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium. Expect the game to get dramatically worse, more money-grubbing, and entirely based on random chance and real money over the coming weeks and months.

2017-05-18: “Collection” feature announced on Facebook, appears to reward Pearls for completing certain lists of fish. Releases first week of June.

2017-05-07: Expand update should be out for everyone, and the spring event should be over for everyone.

(This section updated 2017-05-10 with new info/bugs)

  • Double Idle vitality upon revisiting the game by watching an ad (you can choose not to watch if your coral vitality isn’t worth it)
  • Skills go to level 21 and artifacts go to level 20 now. The skill cooldown artifact still maxes at 10. Prices now raise 100 gems each level past the old cap of 11/10.
  • Cosmetic change to the photo quest
  • Expand feature is added allowing purchase and placement of cosmetic & gameplay-affecting items in special areas.
  • Daily tasks to earn pearls and some vitality benefits.
  • The 10 gem ad cooldown was reduced to 15 minutes from 30
  • Midas tap now has a free 3 minute trial
  • Midas Tap now counts for Hard Worker achievement
  • Premium (“Package”) fish now come with Create Life cost reductions, meaning cheaper fish, forever.
    • The reduction is 50% per regular Premium fish, 30% per Event premium Fish.
    • This effect stacks, meaning if you buy two Premium Fish creating fish is 75% cheaper total.
    • Keep in mind Coralite/Coral levels remain the same. You can see your total savings in the Manage Fish menu.
    • This applies retroactively to people who already bought IAPs.
  • The Harp Seal is back. It’s still $100 an a separate IAP from the Mermaid though. Whales Ahoy.
    • If you buy the Harp Seal. Ahem. I have a Patreon page you can contribute to if you have too much money.

New Bugs:

  • Daily Mission not resetting
    • Fixed?, 100 pearls awarded to those who got the bug
  • Manual save to cloud feature hangs sometimes.
    • Workaround: Close the app and try saving again. Seems to work about half the time.

2017-05-04: Expand update is up for some. For others, miniature American flags.

2017-04-24: Even more info for Expand Update was shown on Abyssrium’s facebook. The feature will have daily tasks to earn “pearls”, the new currency, and some of the items bought with pearls will increase vitality production. I’m guessing the Spring Event will end just as this update hits first week of may.

2017-04-17: Expand feature is coming first week of may, a video was posted showing some of the features. You can design your own terrain layout making your Coralite unique!

2017-04-14: Abyssrium’s Facebook has a tease of the upcoming Expand functionality. Appears to be new Coral as well as some new currency to buy tiles with.

2017-3-29: Spring Event is live (for some people)! As always, it may take a few days for the update to be available to you. I’ll keep the guide updated as well as I can (my phone is dead), if you have a scoop let me know!

2017-3-27: The Abyssrium icon changed to the Spring theme but the app update isn’t out yet. That usually means the event is right around the corner. Scuba bunnies are confirmed to be paid fish.

2017-3-23: Bug fixes including the crash on startup some were getting, Midas Tap (premium skill) added. Midas Tap basically auto taps as long as you hold your finger on the screen equivalent to the Eruption skill. Not very good. Octopus color was arbitrarily changed.

Some users report getting a random and completely game-breaking 10 AG gift in their inbox for some reason.

Frankly if they thought this would somehow fix the coral which is at DL vitality, they’re more incompetent than I thought. We’re not sure of a way to “reject” the gift yet but loading your save might work if your last autosave was from before you accepted the gift.

2017-3-13: Valentine’s Day Event is completely over. Easter might be next.

2017-3-1: The Valentine’s Day event will end on March 13th! Get them chocolates!

2017-2-22: An update was released:

  • Fixed the giftbox dumbo unlock
  • Returned the missing Night of Christmas theme
  • Fixed broken notification fish unlocks/notification not appearing

2017-2-11: Valentine’s Day Event!

  • All users should have the update by now, check for updates
  • 13 New Fish: 8 Normal, 4 hidden 1 premium
  • New Customization items
  • Octopus no longer looks like crap

Night of Christmas theme seems to have mysteriously disappeared. Probably a bug.

2017-1-20: Big January Update!

The Attendance System bug has been patched as of latest version…allegedly

  • Another slow rollout
  • 25 New Fish
  • 5 New Coral (this 5 more fish can be displayed per unlocked coral)
  • 5 extra levels for Mysterious Stone, Surging Vitality, and Coral of Life achievements with new vitality bonuses, making late game a bit faster.
  • Game now autosaves to cloud instead of requiring manual saves. No more progress loss!
  • Legendary Sun Fish can be bought again if it was already unlocked, does not seem to be unlockable for newer players.
  • New Manage Fish UI
    • Categories for Normal/Event/Paid fish
    • It no longer lists how many fish you have for some reason
    • “Store all fish” button in Manage Fish
  • Dugong is now a hidden fish
  • Christmas event is over
  • Google Play menu brought out of the achievement menu, cluttering the screen for no real reason

2016-12-25: Baby Penguin updated to only require two finger taps, not four fingers. This lets older/cheaper/limited devices unlock baby penguin which was previously a big problem.

2016-12-24: Snowflake Potion dye item and Frozen Ocean theme item added for some non-christmas Winter styled items.

2016-12-08: Christmas event!

2016-12-01: New facebook features, 4 new fish: Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish, Giant Squid, Nautilus, Panther Grouper

2016-11-15: Customization menu added, allowing purchase of costumes, dyes and themes.

2016-10-28: Quests and higher achievement tiers!

2016-10-13:  Halloween Event with 12 new fish!

2016-10-06: 4 New fish: Naso Tang, Peppermint Angel, Queen Angel, Coelacanth

2016-09-25: New feature to level up x10 and x100 in one tap. Upgrade one level of a coral/Coralite and buttons slide in to allow you to level by 10 or 100.

2016-08-26: 4 New fish: Sea Slug, Giant Isopod, Oarfish, Legendary Sunfish

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