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abyssrium World Guide

AbyssRium World has just launched! This is an early version of the guide as I figure out everything you need to know! Come chat about the game in our Discord. Unfortunately, there are no Hidden Fish or secrets, more or less. I miss searching out all the secrets but the devs don’t seem to care about that stuff.

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AbyssRium World Game Info

Title: AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish
Platform: Android & iOS
Language: English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Spanish, German, Indonesian, Japanese, French, Korean, Russian
Release date: 2020-09-10
Developer: Flero Games
Price: Free to Play with ads and IAP
Genre: Aquarium Management Simulator
Filesize: >314 MB
Cloud Save: Yes, Google Play Games, iOS Game Center, and Facebook
Always Online: Yes.
Gambling element: Yes, countless Gachapons internally
Battery Drain: Very high
Data Usage: Moderate (No ads) to  High (watching ads)

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AbyssRium World Events

Yes, there’s already an event. Kind of bad news, since in both other games, once events started happening regularly, all other features were abandoned.

abyss world tropical event

Tropical Deco Event

Event Period:
2020-09-10 through 2020-10-07

The listed information is wrong (what a surprise). To complete the event, search in the third Tier of exploration areas or higher. These are the areas that drop the red Tropical Flower and green Tropical Leaf items which you’ll need make the event fish.

To get Tropical Petals to buy decorations in the event, you will need to Settle the Tropical Fish in great quantities, a few dozen to even get close to one of each. Fortunately, they don’t cost vitality, but will require many many explorations. I recommend avoiding Tier 1 and 2 Explorations where possible and focusing on higher levels for the event drops. It’s easy to run out of Shells anyway.

Tropical Flower Fish
Tier ?
Tropical Wreath Recipe
Unlocked during Tropical event
25 Tropical Leaf
4 Tropical Flower
(This is a LOT)

To make the fish, select the Event icon (far right tile) in the Fish gachapon menu.

AbyssRium World Fish List

Fish are used to generate AO (packing peanut icon). Fish can be created by tapping the Coralite below the Vitality bubble. This took me embarrassingly long to figure out. Tap the bubbles above fish to level them up at first, and then to collect AO. Fish must be max level to send out for Exploration or Settle.

Try the search feature of the table to look up fish by tiers or materials. There are no “Hidden Fish” exactly, but some recipes are not unlocked by default. These recipes are either in the Piece Shop or found from Exploration.

Red Clownfish
Tier 1
White Sail Recipe
Default unlock
1 Worn Cloth
10 Vitality
Maroon Clownfish
Tier 1
White Sail Recipe
Default unlock
1 Worn Cloth
10 Vitality
Blue Tang
Tier 1
Pink Sail Recipe
Default unlock
1 Worn Cloth
20 Vitality
2 Coral Fragment
Mimic Tang
Tier 1
Pink Sail Recipe
Default unlock
1 Worn Cloth
20 Vitality
2 Coral Fragment
Sailfin Tang
Tier 1
Pink Sail Recipe
Default unlock
1 Worn Cloth
20 Vitality
2 Coral Fragment
Tomato Clownfish
Tier 2
Green Sail Recipe
Unlocks with area 2
2 Worn Cloth
156 Vitality
8 Seaweed Fragment
2 Green Seaweed Juice
Pink Skunk Clownfish
Tier 2
Green Sail Recipe
Unlocks with area 2
2 Worn Cloth
156 Vitality
8 Seaweed Fragment
2 Green Seaweed Juice
Powder Tang
Tier 2
Green Sail Recipe
Unlocks with area 2
2 Worn Cloth
156 Vitality
8 Seaweed Fragment
2 Green Seaweed Juice
Black & White Clownfish
Tier 2
Red Teddy Bear Recipe
Orange Cowfish
Tier 2
Red Teddy Bear Recipe
Yellow Boxfish
Tier 2
Red Teddy Bear Recipe
Porcupine Puffer
Tier 2
Red Teddy Bear Recipe
Honeycomb Cowfish
Tier 2
Green Teddy Bear Recipe
Unlocked in Exploration
Longhorn Cowfish
Tier 2
Green Teddy Bear Recipe
Unlocked in Exploration
Dog-faced Puffer
Tier 2
Green Teddy Bear Recipe
Unlocked in Exploration
Whitetail Tang
Tier 2
Brown Teddy Bear Recipe
Eastern Smooth Boxfish
Tier 2
Brown Teddy Bear Recipe
White Bar Boxfish
Tier 2
Brown Teddy Bear Recipe
Pink Baby Ray
Tier 3
Preregistration Reward
Should be in your ingame inbox by default.
Max 1
Only people who play the game around launch will get it
Tier ?
Preregistration reward?Not available yet it seems?

Vaquita seems to be unobtainable so far. The TRUE Hidden Fish. It will probably be sent for free later or something.

Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures are passive buffs separate from Fish. They’re unlocked by shards earned from watching the treasure chests in the “rainbow coral” icon. You can place all Sea Creatures at once, no need to store them. Their buffs are NOT active unless they are placed in the tank.

Despite there being so many different creatures, there are only two different effects (though different creatures have slightly better/worse stats than others). Sea Creatures either Auto Harvest AO for a certain amount of time while AFK and give a small boost to their harvested AO, or they add Air Bubbles and Purity.

Note that even though some of these can be obtained as IAP, all of them can be obtained from Piece Boxes alone and thus F2P. The cost in Pieces may increase after obtaining a level, but the first level is the most significant change in effect (per level).

Auto Harvest AO Sea Creatures

These creatures are rarer, and swim freely in the tank. They’ll swim to fish to collect their AO for you, and add a bonus too.

  • Sea Urchin Hamster
    • 10 Pieces
  • Manatee
    • Appears to be a forced/free unlock in early Quests
    • 10 Pieces
  • Shark Border Collie
    • 20 Pieces
  • Starfish Meow
    • 20 Pieces
  • Blue Sea Fairy
    • 30 Pieces
Air Bubble/Purity Sea Creatures

These creatures are more common, and are placed like decorations. They have little animations that automatically play.

  • Hermit Crab
    • 5 Pieces
  • Warrior Gazami Crab
  • Sea Raccoon
  • Hide-And-Seek Clownfish
  • Cave Octopus
  • Flipping Blue Crab
  • Bunny Slug
  • Pencil Squid Brothers
  • Twin Sea Otters
  • Sea Dog
  • Atlantic Footballfish
  • Seal Family

Exploration Areas

Exploration areas tier 3 and above can drop Event Items if any Event is active (not 2 like the game says).

FishItem Drops
Seaweed Forest Entrance
Tier 1
Tier 1
Very Small Stone
Tier 1
Tier 1
Very Flat Rock
Tier 2
9.5 Minutes
Whitetail Tang
Powder Tang
Pink Skunk Clownfish
Green Seaweed Juice
Worn Cloth
Plastic Shard
Green Plains
Tier 2
9 Minutes
Whitetail Tang
Powder Tang
Pink Skunk Clownfish
Green Seaweed Juice
Red Seaweed Juice
Fuzzy Down
Heated Earth
Tier 2
10 Minutes
Whitetail Tang
Powder Tang
Pink Skunk Clownfish
Green Seaweed Juice
Worn Cloth
Plastic Shard
Lava Path
Tier 2
8.5 Minutes
Whitetail Tang
Powder Tang
Pink Skunk Clownfish
Brown Teddy Bear Recipe
Fuzzy Down
Worn Cloth
Plunging Cliff
Tier 3
Coral Polyp Habitat
Tier 3
Tropical Fish Paradise
Tier 3
Silent Plains
Tier 3
Sandstorm Hill
Tier 3
Deep Cold Valley
Tier 3
29 Minutes
Frozen Rock
Tier 3
30 Minutes
Shark Reef
Tier 4
Vacuuming Blue Hole
Tier 4
Bottomless Vrevasse
Tier 4
Thick Sea Grass Forest
Tier 4
Turtle Shell Grave
Tier 4
Scorching Volcanic Stone
Tier 4
Table Coral Forest
Tier 4
Barren Pebble Field
Tier 4
Frosty Rock
Tier 4

Tier 2 unlock: 4 Stars
Tier 3 Unlock: ? Stars
Tier 4 unlock: 30 Stars
Tier 5 unlock: 56 Stars
Tier 6 unlock: 87 Stars

AbyssRium World Gameplay Info

How it’s different from AbyssRium

AbyssRium World is played in landscape mode, the first change you’ll notice. The game is quest-based to start with, so you shouldn’t get too lost early on. Just follow your next quest and do what the game tells you to do.

The game is much more of a Management Simulator with constant counting down timers than AbyssRium. It’s not very idle so far. It feels more like Farmville than AbyssRium. There’s still fish of course.

Facebook saves are back. History tells us from the last AbyssRium games, if you log in as Guest, your save is as good as dead. Log in with Google Play, iOS Game Center, or Facebook saves immediately to protect your save. You should already have a Google Play/Game Center account by default more or less, so just sign in, you’ll save yourself the pain later.

You summon Fish in AbyssRium World by creating items they like instead of just buying them directly like AbyssRium or Pole. The fish you actually create is randomly selected from the possible list of fish from that item (ugh).



This is used to buy a scant few Decoration items. Upgrade it only by upgrading the Coralite and placing certain Decoration items. The best way to gain more is simply check every 30-60 minutes when you can, and upgrade your Coralite as soon as you can.

Crafting Materials

Obtain these by Exploring, there’s quite a lot of them. Just try to keep a moderate stock of everything and then seek out what you still need. Fish only usually require items from the “tier” at or below them, so high level fish won’t require very low level materials.

Air Bubbles

Air Bubbles limit the amount of Fish you can have. Each Fish consumes a different amount of Air Bubbles. This is the top left icon under the coralite’s menu on the main screen.

Ancient Coins

The cyan “shell” coins, these are only earned from quests or 2 per day from the Daily Quest. Save these up for exclusive cosmetic items or the Random Shop. They can be used in the Giant Clam gacha but it’s a waste.

Blue Scales

Most Decoration items require these


The white sparkle. Lower Purity reduces the amount of AO you get from Fish. More pollution will reduce this amount. There are penalties below 70 Purity (20% reduction) and below 30 (50% reduction). Expanding the village will make purity more difficult to manage.

Decoration Points

The rainbow sparkles. Earned by upgrading the Coralite, Factory, and Colonies. These are used to summon fish.


Of course there’s Pearls. The Premium Currency, these can be gotten from Achievements, paying money of course, and some tasks like Quests. Recommend you save these for Item Safe expansions (you’ll need many), Random Shop Recipes, and perhaps Gold Piece Boxes. They can get unique coral skins for Colonies if you want, though the Vitality ones are cheaper and almost as good stat-wise.

I don’t recommend spending them for Fish materials. You’ll always need to go on more explorations anyway. You’ll run out of pearls very fast if you try to spam through fish.

Daily Quest

The Daily Quest upgrades with the Main Quest, becoming slightly harder and giving slightly more rewards. Everything should be pretty easy, some are just a factor of waiting and setting up explorations/factories.

If you can’t make any new fish, Settle your cheapest fish and re-create them, they are extremely cheap, level to 3 in no time, and are created in 10 seconds.

  • Create Fish
  • Complete Explorations
  • Harvest Vitality
  • Harvest Coral Fragments
  • Harvest Seaweed Fragments
  • Open Piece Box
  • Share Photos
  • Purify Pollutants
  • Open Present Box
  • ?
Calendar Reward

Every day you must manually open the Calendar menu to claim rewards. You can see rewards in advance and make up one missed day’s worth of rewards by watching an ad. Every 3 days in a row you claim these, you get 10 pearls extra.

Present Box

Every ? minutes a present box appears by the Coralite and can be opened by watching an ad. The box either contains 2 Pearls, AO,  Vitality, Seaweed or Coral Fragments.

Main Quest & Biomes

The main quest is a series of mostly basic tasks that give fairly minor rewards, but completing every other chapter unlocks a new major area/biome, tier of fish, and thus a tier of exploration as well. Some areas include new features as well.

Each area is a new Biome which unlocks new fish, two new Colonies to provide Air Bubbles and Purity, a new Factory to produce Seaweed or Coral Fragments, and may have an exclusive feature to grant items. They’re also just nice to have as they add more visual variety and more space to place decorations. Once unlocked, a Biome will never be lost.

Be careful when expanding to new islands, they can change your air bubble and Purity levels at first, especially if you immediately upgrade any new Factories on them. Try to keep Purity above 100 by not upgrading Factories until you upgrade the new Colonies.

  • Chapter 1: Lonely Coralite
    • Unlocks Great Coral Tree Biome
      • Unlocks Tier 2 Fish
      • Coral Tree Island has a tree you can rub every couple hours for free Coral Fragments. This makes Coral easier to get than Seaweed, so focus on Seaweed production
  • Chapter 2: Great Coral Tree
  • Chapter 3: The Clean Sea And Fish
    • Unlocks Giant Clam Habitat Biome
      • Unlocks Tier 3 Fish
      • The Giant Clam isn’t very useful. It’s a gachapon for Shells, but it costs Pearls and Ancient Coins, both of which are better used to unlock exclusive items instead
  • Chapter 4: Treasure Inside Giant Clam
  • Chapter 5: How Fish Swim
    • Unlocks Eternally Shining Lighthouse Biome
      •  Unlocks Tier 4 Fish
      • The lighthouse is a ‘shell game’ kind of thing where you can earn pearls. There’s three Clams which have 2, 5, or 8 pearls. You chose one (doesn’t matter which) and get a random Pearl amount. You can watch an ad to open a second random Clam. You cannot open the third.
  • Chapter 6: Light that illuminates the deep
  • Chapter 7: Power of the Mystical Pearl
    • Unlocks Octopus’ Pirate Ship Biome
      • Unlocks Tier 5 Fish
      • No special building yet
  • Chapter 8: Sunken Pirate Ship
  • Chapter 9: Clean Sea
    • Presumably Unlocks White Snowy Plains Biome
  • Chapter 10: Fish Encased In Ice
  • Chapter 11: Teeming Sea
    • Presumably unlocks Red Smoky Crater Biome
  • Chapter 12: Red Smoky Crater
  • Chapter 13: Crowded Village

AbyssRium World Areas

Default Area

Pink Stemmed Seaweed Colony

There are two of these in the default area. They’re very cheap to upgrade, so go to town.

AbyssRium World Achievements

Achievements may have near infinite levels so I won’t track their requirements or rewards, but only their conditions. All achievements give Pearls, the premium currency. They have different maximum amounts, but the amount of pearls you can get from achievements is technically limited.

  • Vitality Up! Up!
    • Harvest Vitality
  • Guardian of Life
    • Upgrade the Coralite
  • Pioneer of the Sea
    • Expand to new Areas
  • Abyss World Forever
    • Level up your Village
      • The Level number at the top left
  • Parting is such sweet sorrow…
    • Settle fish
  • Daring Explorer
    • Complete Explorations
  • Diligent Coral Factory Manager
    • Harvest Coral Fragments from Factories
  • Diligent Seaweed Factory Manager
    • Harvest Seaweed Fragments from Factories
  • Recipe Collector
    • Obtain Recipes
  • Overgrown Ocean Forest
    • Upgrade Colonies
  • Efficient Factory
    • Upgrade Factories
  • Growing Fish
    • Level up Fish to level 3
  • Faster!
    • Watch Ads
    • Max: 100 ads, level 8
  • Say Cheese! Abyss Photographer
    • Share Photos
      • As with all mobile games, it cannot tell if you actually share
      • Just press the share button and back out and it still counts as a share
    • Easily farmed, especially with a macro

Shop Menu

Piece Box

The crown jewel of the shop, every 2 hours you get a Wooden Piece Box for watching an ad, and every 3 days you get a Silver Piece Box for free. Piece Boxes contain “Sea Creature” pieces, for the creatures in the Shell menu.

These creatures either auto-harvest AO for you or increase Air Bubbles and Purity. A notification of a shaking rainbow treasure chest will appear in the top right when an ad-based Piece Box is ready to open.

If you’re spending pearls, I highly recommend waiting for enough to open the Golden Piece Box. It guarantees 1 Ancient Coin and at least one AO harvesting creature (often a few) which are the real prizes from the piece box.

Random Shop

The only other section aside from Piece Box you should be looking at if you’re F2P, the Random Shop has random items for sale every X hours, you can pay to refresh the list but I don’t recommend doing so, the game is slow and you’ll have plenty of time to buy stuff.

Most stuff here is unimportant, but there are exclusive recipes here, listed below. Note that these can be bought with either Pearls or Ancient Coins, so if a piece shows up with a currency you’re lacking in, it will come by later in the other currency. Once you’ve completed a recipe, it will be removed from the pool so no worries about duplicates.

  • Green Teddy Bear
  • Green Dice
  • Rainbow Beach Ball
  • Shiny Music Box
In App Purchases

Based on my history with AbyssRium, I strongly advise against making In App Purchases with real money, and won’t be tracking information related to them.

My usual advice in these games is I only pay for significant, permanent boosts that can’t easily be obtained with gameplay. There’s no such thing currently in AbyssRium World, it’s all temp boosts.


Bundled stuff, note that these creatures can all be acquired from Piece Boxes. Surprisingly, nothing yet is exclusive to buying.


Where you buy Pearls/Vitality, recommend ignoring.


Time Limited boosters for vitality/AO. Very limited, whale hunting stuff.

AbyssRium World FAQ

Where is Settings?

Tap the Coralite icon in the top left of the screen to change your profile name/greeting, battery life/video quality settings, language etc.

How Do I Protect My Save

If you log in as Guest, your save is as good as dead. Log in with Google Play, iOS Game Center, or Facebook saves immediately to protect your save.

How Do I Save Across Platforms?

If you want to move a save between iOS and Android, you’ll need to use a Facebook save. Note I haven’t tested this yet myself.

Can’t Play AbyssRium World in Nox Player

Nox Player defaults to Android 5, a very old version of Android. You’ll need to create an Android 7 emulator in Nox to play it. Search your PC for “Multi Drive” (installed with Nox), open it, click the 3 dots next to “Add Emulator” and pick Android 7.

abyssrium world Nox player

AbyssRium World may freeze on the initial loading screen. It just seems to be random, sometimes I can get in, sometimes I have to close and restart the app to get it to work. Your (android) cloud save will be there as long as you log in with Google Play.

AbyssRium World Isn’t Out Yet?

For some users AbyssRium World is already out. Some people see a future date for it. Not sure what the deal is yet. It will be out for everyone soon enough, if you’re on iOS and it says it comes out later there’s nothing you can do but wait.

AbyssRium World Isn’t In The App Store

If your device doesn’t show AbyssRium World in the app store, it’s probably just not compatible and you won’t be able to play on that device.

Can’t get ads to watch/ Same Ad Every Time

Clearing your device’s Advertising ID may help, follow the steps in the ads crash guide.

Oh god, oh h*ck I didn’t preregister!

Literally doesn’t matter, just check the ingame mail and you’ll have the Pink Baby Ray if you play early enough. No mobile game can ever tell if you preregister, everyone gets preregistration rewards.

I don’t have the update!

AbyssRium titles tend to release updates and even events slowly. Wait a couple days before panicking.


Other Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium resources and information from me or others are collected here.

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