AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish announced by Flero Games

Flero Games, the current owner of mobile aquarium idle game Tap Tap Fish: AbyssRium, recently teased AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish. Not a ton of information on the upcoming Free To Play game is out yet, though app store pre-registration pages are up for iOS and Android with a few screenshots—notably, in landscape orientation.
Edit: AbyssRium World is out now!

abyssrrium world app store screenshots

The only other information we have is a brief teaser, which you can see me discussing here with my thoughts and hopes for the game, and the series as a whole:

AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish | New AbyssRium series game! First look at the Teaser
Watch this video on YouTube.

It appears there are now “biomes”, kind of like the separate tank concept that the original AbyssRium tried out, but these biomes are all visible on the same screen giving a much more cohesive feel (and presumably, far less loading screens). Many of the coral and fish look brand new, though I spy a few reused assets already (hello Blue Whale).

It’s interesting to see AbyssRium World seemingly coming out so soon after AbyssRium Pole. If World comes out of pre-registration in 4 months like AbyssRium Pole did after it’s pre-reg period, Pole will have been out for less than a year.

Rest assured I’ll have video and written guides for AbyssRium World as soon as I am able to make them. I do NOT have any affiliation or contact with Flero Games or Idle Idea Factory, so I will probably get the game the same day everyone else does with no advance knowledge, so bear with me when the time for guides comes!

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