Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Christmas Event 2017 Guide

abyssrium christmas 2017 event guide

This is a “mini-guide” for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Christmas Event (2017)  information, split out to be faster & easier to load on mobile devices. Feel free to add to your Homescreen for easy access!
See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information or the Addendum below for other relevant posts.

This event has ended.

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Getting Candy

Candy is earned the same regardless of which event is currently taking place. Halloween Candies, Candy Canes, Spring Event Butterflies, Cake Slices, and Valentine’s Day Chocolates are all just “candy” as far as AbyssRium’s actual coding is concerned.

  • Get 1 for tapping fish with a Candy icon over their head
    • This icon will happen for up to three fish at a time, every few seconds
    • Song of the Moon’s multiplier effects candy drops, so you can get 5-25 candy per tap depending on SotM’s level
    • Spirit of Life’s multiplier also counts for these, doubling candy drops on top of Song of the Moon for up to 50 candy per tap
    • Buying the Premium Event Fish that comes with that event will usually double candy drops again (but only for that one event, not future events), meaning up to 100 candy per tap
  • Get 50 for watching an ad in the “Event” category
    • Ads are available every 30 minutes
    • If you have Song of the Moon maxed this probably isn’t even worth the effort, as that’s just 2 taps’ worth of vitality with max SotM active
Best Method for Earning Candies

Video guide to best method.

Basically we store all but 4 fish of the same type to limit where on the screen we have to tap; any Jellyfish will work best due to their limited movement range, but Clownfish will do as well. Ideally the fish should be the same exact species so they school together. Only 3 Candy icons will appear at once (plus potentially one Photo quest), hence the limit of 4. You can store all other fish instantly in the Manage Fish menu.

To get the most candy per second we need Song of the Moon (multiplies candies dropped). Additionally, Spirit of Life doubles this again; you can get 10 minutes of SoL free from the sharing pictures Daily Mission. Finally, the Premium fish for each event also doubles candy drops on top of these other benefits (don’t feel you need to buy it, though, it’s not that big a buff). These are the only three things that affect how much candy per tap is given.

Use Recharge Skill and you’ll be able to squeeze out even more Song of the Moon time, spending almost the whole free 10 minutes under SotM.

Christmas Event (2017) Fish

Video Guide for Christmas 2017

Duration: December 1st through January 5th.
Total Cost: 99,400 Candy (Thanks /u/FarmerLesbian)

Best method to get candy:

This event is a little more complicated than usual, having more than just a set of Event fish, so be sure to read the whole guide for the full scoop!

Christmas Event will officially start at midnight in an unknown timezone (likely Korea’s) on December 1st. The Halloween Event will end as soon as the Christmas event starts (likely the moment you download the update). Don’t panic, it’s very common that some people will get the update before others.

Christmas Hidden Fish

Huge thanks to /r/AbyssRium and Farmerlesbian for lots of these. There are 14 Normal Fish, 9 Hidden, 1 Gift Box exclusive (see below), and 1 IAP Fish, for a total of 25 new fish!

The subreddit also has a list of the minimum required amounts of each fish, though this event is more freeform than most because there’s 3 ‘cheapest’ fish (no more 50 of the same Angelfish!).

Make sure you equip all 3 Customization items for this event before hunting for hidden fish; it will save you a lot of trouble.

  • Snowflake Parrot Fish (Hidden)
    • Watch 15 Event Candy Ads
      • You can advance your device’s clock forward 30 minutes to skip the waiting time and get this fast
    • 600 Candy
  • Snowflake Sunfish (Hidden)
    • Share pictures of “all” the christmas cards
      • Only seems to actually require the AbyssMass, Jolly Penguin, Snowing Town and Nutcracker Dreams cards
    • 6,000
  • Snowglobe Turtle (Hidden)
    • Tap Snowflake Jellyfish Candy 200 times
    • 2,500
  • Toy Blobfish (Hidden)
    • Tap the Arctic Train while in Camera Mode to speed it up to the max
      • This is easiest when all fish are stored, you’re zoomed in all the way on the toy train and focused on the Engine. Tap the engine rapidly while it’s zoomed in and it should start shooting around extremely fast. At this point it’ll unlock the blobfish
    • 600
  • Toy Shark (Hidden)
    • Share a Christmas Card with a Snowflake Shark
    • 5,000
  • Holly Oarfish (Hidden)
    • Tap Toy Shark Candies 100 times
      • This may require having all Christmas 2017 Customization items equipped, so if it doesn’t seem to work, do that and try more
    • 6,000
  • Bells Dumbo Octopus (Hidden)
    • Equip the Polar Bear Hat and create a Holly Seadragon
      • If you already made a Holly Seadragon, put on the hat and buy another
    • 1,500
  • Rudolph Dolphin (Hidden)
    • Get Candy from the Toy Train 15 times
      • Use Camera Mode and tap the train engine until it speeds around and you exit camera mode. There will be a candy icon above the train that gives 10 candy. Just do it until you get the dolphin.
        • The 10 candy is not multiplied by Song of the Moon, so it’s always best to just tap fish for candy with the Best Method above.
    • 2,500
  • Snowflake Jellyfish (Hidden)
    • Share Jolly Penguin Christmas Card
    • 2,000

Christmas Normal Fish

  • Holly Angelfish
    • 300 Candy
  • Rudolph Mimic Tang
    • 300
  • Snowflake Cardinal
    • 300
  • Rudolph Sea Pig
    • Own 3 Holly Angelfish
    • 900
  • Snowman Boxfish
    • Own 3 Rudolph Mimic Tang
    • 900
  • Socks Seahorse
    • Own 3 Snowflake Cardinal
    • 900
  • Holly Seadragon 
    • Own 20 Christmas 2017 Event Fish
    • Misspelled “Holy Seadragon”, which I think is a Final Fantasy boss
    • 1,500
  • Snowglobe Football Fish
    • Own 30 Christmas 2017 Event Fish
    • 1,500
  • Holly Marlin
    • Own 5 Snowglobe Football Fish
    • 2,000
  • Snowflake Narwhal
    • Own 40 Event Fish
    • 3,000
  • Rudolph Ray
    • Own 5 Snowglobe Turtle
    • 3,000
  • Holly Shark
    • Own 5 Snowflake Narwhal
    • 4,000
  • Snowflake Shark
    • Own 50 Christmas (2017) Event Fish
    • 5,000
  • Snowflake Whale
    • Own 22 Christmas (2017) Event Fish
      • Does NOT require the Premium fish
      • Does NOT count 2016 event fish
    • 15,000

Premium Event Fish

  • Baby Polar Bear (IAP Only)
    • $10, in the Shop tab
    • Doubles candies earned for Christmas 2017 event ONLY
      • Will not affect future events, even Christmas ones

Gift Box Fish

There are now Gift Boxes where you can watch up to 3 ads a day and get last year’s event fish, and also a brand new Corgi if you watch the special ads 100 times. Presumably this means the christmas event is a bare minimum of 34 days long.

You need the Arctic Train Dye equipped to get Giftboxes. You can also pay 50 pearls (one Daily Mission’s worth, or $1.25 of IAP worth) to open one box. Do not open boxes with pearls except in sets of 3, otherwise you’ll find that opening the free box after every 6 boxes will consume one of your 3 daily free boxes due to a bug.

I wouldn’t recommend spending Pearls to open boxes, other than in the case that you don’t get enough free boxes by the time the event is almost over. To prepare for said possibility, I would hoard your Daily Mission Pearls so if you need to spend them on the last day you’ll have plenty.

You can only get one of each guaranteed fish this way, though the regular boxes can have a random Christmas Event fish including ones you do/do not already have.

Giftbox Payouts

Gift boxes give one of the following rewards at random. Free (ad) and Paid (pearl) giftboxes have the same odds; unlike Luck Shell, paying to open one does not guarantee a fish.

  • 100 Candy (common)
  • 200 Candy
  • 500 Candy (rare)
  • 30 Pearls (rare)
  • 1 random 2016 Christmas fish from the list below
    • This almost certainly excludes the Corgi Claus but I could be wrong

Giftbox Completion Rewards

After opening a certain amount of Giftboxes, you’ll receive a non-random reward; one of the 2016 fish. One of each non-Premium 2016 fish can be earned in this way, plus a special brand new Corgi Claus fish.

You can tap the Gift Box button in the Event Tab to see your progress towards these goals at any time. Be sure to get the 3 free Gift Boxes every day to progress as quickly as possible!

  • Snowflake Angelfish
    • 6 Christmas Gift Box
      • 2 days worth of free gifts total
  • Christmas Yellow Tang
    • 12
  • Baby Penguin
    • 18
  • Snowflake Sea Slug
    • 24
  • Christmas Football Fish
    • 30
  • Walrus
    • 36
  • Christmas Dumbo Octopus
    • 42
  • Emperor Penguin
    • 48
  • Snowflake Dolphin
    • 54
  • Polar Bear
    • 60
  • Christmas Dolphin
    • 66
  • Snowflake Whale
    • 72
  • Corgi Santa Claus (New)
    • 100
      • 34 days total

Other Features of this update

There are also Christmas Cards, Theme items, and three non-christmas related features:

  • Sale on Luck Shell spins, 50% off. But don’t use the Luck Shell, save your Pearls in case you need them to ensure you get the Corgi Claus.
  • Fall and Anniversary Fish are in the Luck Shell now.
  • Halloween 2016 and Christmas 2016 Event Themes were added to the Customization Shop in the Painter’s Palette menu. They’re $1 each like always.

Christmas Cards

Video guide to unlocking all Christmas Cards

When taking a photo of any fish during the Christmas Event, you can turn the image into a Christmas Card and share it/save it to your device. This works for non-Christmas fish as well. There’s a new button you’ll see to the right of the camera button that starts creating a Christmas Card instead of a photo.

There are 5 cards, 4 of which are locked. A couple of them unlock Hidden Fish, and a couple require some later Hidden Fish to be unlocked.

  • AbyssMas Card
    • Unlocked by default
  • Jolly Penguin Card
    • Equip the Aurora Winter Ocean and create a Snowglobe Football Fish
      • If you’ve already bought one just equip the dye and create another
  • O Holy Night Card
    • Place exactly 12 ‘Reindeer’ fish into the tank and wait for 25 minutes
      • This is just anything with “Rudolph” in the name
      • If you have more, just store them all and use Manage Fish to place exactly 12 in
      • It should be okay to play the game and do other stuff as long as the app doesn’t close, but if you’re having issues with it not unlocking, place your phone on charger and leave it sit idle on AbyssRium for a half hour
  • Snowing Town Card
    • Speed the train up to max speed after having 30 active “Snowflake” fish in your tank
      • Snowflake fish being only fish from the 2017 Christmas Event that have Snow in the name
      • Just owning them doesn’t seem to be enough, take them out using Manage Fish
  • Nutcracker Dreams Card
    • Equip Arctic Train Dye and share a picture of Holly Oarfish

Christmas Customization Items

Found in the Painter’s Palette menu when the main menu is closed, as always. It’s recommended you buy all of these immediately before moving on to unlocking fish as some are required.

  • Polar Bear Hat (Costume)
    • 1,000 Candy
  • Arctic Train (Dye)
    • 500 Candy
  • Aurora Winter Ocean (Theme)
    • 500 Candy


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