Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Greek Mythology Event All Hidden Fish Guide

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Greek Event

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the 2019 Greek Mythology Event information. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information and for links to other events. The event is live! All unlocks have been found. Big thanks to Farmerlesbian as always for helping compile info on the subreddit!

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2019-11-06: Video Guide!

2019-11-05: Event live! All unlocks are now in the guide.

2019-11-02: Guide skeleton released, event probably starts in 2 days.

Greek Mythology Video Guide

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium | Greek Mythology Event Guide All Hidden Fish!
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Halloween Updates

New Halloween-themed Expand items were added to the 4 tab of the Expand menu. They cost pearls and aren’t related to this event other than coming out at the same time.

Greek Mythology Event Stats

Start Date: 2019-11-05
End Date: 2019-12-30? (estimated)
Estimated cost: 400,000 event currency

Given recent main tank events and Christmas Tank’s likely return some time in december, it’s possible this will be another 2 month event.

Greek Mythology Event Gameplay

General Event Info

Events slowly rollout from the app stores (every time, yes it sucks), so don’t panic if you don’t get it. APKs have been disabled, but you can use the Tap App (not affiliated with me!) to download the update early on android. You can delete the Tap App afterwards. There’s no way to get it early on iOS.

See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers.

The event is in the Abyss/Saltwater Tank like most events, and it will expire once the event time is over, but your event currency should roll over to the next event (unless it doesn’t, because the devs like to do that).

Hermit Crab Levels

The Hermit Crab is the key to completing events. Buy the Event Dye to unlock it, then upgrade it as soon as possible. The costs and earning rates of each level is listed below, but every upgrade pays for itself after a day or so, so don’t worry too much. 

1Buy event Dye0 Currency200 Currency/cast
25 Event Fish500400
310 Fish900600
415 Fish1400800
520 Fish18001000
625 Fish23001200
730 Fish38001400
835 Fish68001600
940 Fish90001800
1050 Fish120002000

Greek Mythology Event Hidden Fish

Aquarius TetraEquip the Event Theme and Dye200 Currency
Cupid PufferCast Delicious Food 5 times with Aquarius Tetra in the tank500
Cerberus SeahorseCast Crab skill three times500
Medusa AxolotlEquip Temple Dye. Then, share 5 photos of the hidden Dumbo Octopus behind the Coralite near the Clam Farm800
Hades OctopusWatch 15 ads for event currency in the Event tab800
Nyx JellyfishBuy Level 5 Hermit Crab2,000
Zeus KrakenTap 100 bubbles from Hades Octopus2,000
Hermes FrogCollect 500 Sea Urchins manually from the farm. Note this takes several days even with very intense play.5,000
Minotaurs ToadUse Song of the Moon 15 times with a Nyx Jellyfish in the tank5,000
Argo TurtleBuy 5 Hermes Frogs8,000
Ares Monk SealUse 500 crab materials (buy Fusion, expand items, hiding fish)10,000
Hera DolphinLock onto an Argo Turtle in camera mode and follow it for 3 minutes12,000
Athena RayTake a photo of the Coral Bell Tower expand item (see below for unlock)12,000
Temple WhaleBuy one of each type of Greek Mythology event fish (except IAP)
Buy 100 total Greek Mythology event fish
GriffinComplete the Event Quest (see below)100,000


Greek Mythology Event Quests

Greek Mythology Quest

As always, these steps must be completed in order, and progress towards later goals may not count until prior steps are finished.

PrologueBuy 3 Aquarius Tetra
Greatest ArchitectPlace 1 Pillar Foundation (see Expand quest)
Place 4 Pillars on Pillar Foundation items
Place 1 Pillar Volute atop Pillar item
Creature FriendsBuy 3 Cerberus Seahorse
Buy 3 Medusa Axolotl
Buy 3 Minotaur Toad
Pray for WishShare photo of the Fountain expand item
Tap 100 bubbles above Hera Dolphin
A Friend in Mythology
Unlocks Griffin
Create 5 Athena Rays
Create 5 Temple Whales

Greek Mythology Event Decorations

As always, these steps must be completed in order, and progress towards later goals may not count until prior steps are finished.

ItemUnlockExtras Cost
Pillar FoundationEquip Abyss Temple Dye from Palette menu30
Pillar (x4)Open Mystery Chest 5 times30
Pillar Top VoluteCreate 5 Cupid Puffer30
Cloud and LightningCreate 5 Zeus Kraken80 pearls?
FountainComplete 3 days worth of Daily Missions90 pearls?
Coral Bell TowerCreate 5 Ares Monk Seal100 pearls?

Greek Mythology Event Fish GalleryTap Tap Fish AbyssRium Ancient Greek Event Fish

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Ancient Greek Event FishTap Tap Fish AbyssRium Ancient Greek Event FishTap Tap Fish AbyssRium Ancient Greek Event FishTap Tap Fish AbyssRium Ancient Greek Event Fish

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Ancient Greek Event FishTap Tap Fish AbyssRium Ancient Greek Event FishTap Tap Fish AbyssRium Ancient Greek Event FishArgo TurtleAres Monk Seal


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