Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Halloween Event 2020 (Sanrio Collab)

tap tap fish abyssrium halloween 2020 event guide
This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Halloween 2020 Event. Please consider supporting my Patreon (and get perks!) if my guides help you. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information and for links to other events. This one is basically the same as the Anniversary Event (the one that was really bad). It’s super confusing and there’s 6 different menus you need to use. Please bring back hidden fish devs, they were actually fun and way less complicated than this. There’s multiple IAP required things, things designed to burn your pearls, things just to slow you down. The strange, extremely not-halloween-friendly characters are from Sanrio who makes Hello Kitty.

Halloween Tank

Note that part of this event takes place in the Halloween Tank. See the Halloween Tank Guide for that information to get the Dracula Girl fish.
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This version includes a feature to buy up to 10 event fish at once! Helps for upgrading the crab etc. Fusion/normal fish cannot be purchased in bulk. Support Sir TapTap on Patreon! You can support me and my guides monthly on Patreon (and score some rewards like cute cat pictures)! The more I earn the more time I can spend on improving guides like this. My PayPal is a thing too if you can’t do monthly subscriptions. 2020-10-06: Event released, guide released.

AbyssRium Guide Index

Other resources useful for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium players: My Patreon Page  – Where you can support me, or use paypal instead. AbyssRium Pole Guide – The guide for the latest game. Full AbyssRium guide  – Anything you could ever ask for is in here! All Saltwater tank information is here. Event Fish Guide – All info on limited-time events & Event Tanks Freshwater Guide  – All info on the Freshwater tank Fusion Fish Guide  – All Fusion fish and info on using them effectively Striped Marlin/Bonito/Star Striped Marlin guide – Because these stupid RNG fish generate 10x as many questions as anything else Video Guides – A YouTube playlist full of my AbyssRium video guides & updates Other mobile games – Bored? Check out some other mobile games I’ve made guides or reviews for.

Halloween Event 2020 Hidden Fish

Unlike “quest” unlocks, these unlocks can be done at any time, but they will very often depend on customization items, Past Event Fish, other fish in the list, or expand quest items before you can unlock them. If you don’t know what that means, see the headings titled Expand Quest or Past Event Fish for info.
Candy Corn AngelfishUnlocked by default200
Ghost Baby Sea SquirtTake a photo of Halloween Hermit Crab in the Abyss Tank
(Buy the Halloween Dye in the Palette menu)
Little Devil Sea UrchinPlace Orange Halloween Tile expand item
(Expand Quest)
Dark SeahorseBuy 3 Little Devil Sea Urchin800
Devil SquidShare photo of Halloween Candle Stick extension
(Expand Quest)
Los Muertos OctopusBuy 3 Starlight Nautilus
(Old Event Tab)
Glass Dome TurtlePlace 2 Pumpkin Trio Expand Items
Get one from Expand Quest, then buy a second with Pearls in Expand andp lace both
Los Muertos NautilusBuy 3 Glass Dome Turtle2,000
Ghost Bride JellyfishUse Song of the Moon skill with Space Penguin in the tank 15 times
(Old Event Tab)
Halloween NarwhalTake a photo of Ghost Festival expand item
(Expand Quest)
Halloween OarfishBuy 3 Space Rays
(Old Event Tab)
Clown PenguinBuy 5 Starlight Oarfish
(Past Event Tab)
Pumpkin Decoration DolphinPlace Witch's Shoe House extension item
(Expand Quest)
Dark WhaleOwn 13 Species of Halloween 2020 Event fish (all the above)
Own 80 Event 2020 Fish total
Dracula Boy12 days Halloween Event attendance award?
Max 1
Dracula GirlFinal Halloween Tank QuestCosts Vitality in Halloween Tank
Star PrinceCreate 12 (1 of each) previous event fish
You have to make these again even if you own one from last year, just make 1 of each from the top of the list
My MelodyEvent Quest reward, complete all missions100,000
Tuxedosam Surfing DollFusion fish
Requires 2 Star Prince
1 Star Prince, 1800 Seaweed, 800 Clam, 400 Sea Urchin, 300 Crab, 200 Krill
KuromiOwn 2 Tuxedosam Surfing Dolls
(Old event tab, fusion fish)
Pochacco Surfing Doll10 Bingos in the Bingo Event
Requires a $ IAP purchase!
Pompompurin Surfing DollObtained from Luck Shell or Big Luck Shell
I recommend ignoring this
Probably 10s of thousands of pearls, dependant on luck
As with every single event, some of these require taking photos of or placing non-fish items. These are always part of the “expand quest” explained below, that must always be completed in tandem with the rest of the unlocks.

Past Event FishOld Fusion Fish guide

If you cannot find a fish for an unlock, I guarantee is is in the Past Event Fish tab that every single event has and you will always need to use. Past Event fish are always Fusion fish, create 2 of each current event fish to unlock them all.

Halloween Event Quests

The  Event Quests (and several unrelated things) are crammed into the “event” calendar icon. Tap it to bring up 8(?!) submenus, listed here in order.

abyssrium halloween quest icons

Big Fish Quest

The pumpkin candy icon. As always, the “Big Fish” in the event requires you to complete a separate 5 stage quest before you can buy it, then you spend 100,000 currency on the fish itself.
Sweet CandyBuy 3 Candy Corn Angelfish
Halloween Party PreparationPlace 1 Green Halloween Tile (expand quest)
Own 3 Ghost Baby Sea Squirt
Monster DisguiseUse 300 Seaweed
Invitation to Halloween PartyBuy 3 Halloween Narwhal
Buy 3 Halloween Oarfish
Deep Dark NightBuy 3 Dark Whale

Daily Unlocks

The checklist icon. These are daily rewards to get you logging in daily and slow down the event considerably. It’s mostly Expand items, not required to unlock other fish, but the final reward is the Dracula Boy fish. There’s 12 days of rewards so logging in 12 days in a row will get you all of them.

Expand Quest

The third icon. Note they’ve added a confusing extra thing where Subscription owners get a couple “free” expand items once they’ve completed the final unlock. These items are duplicates and not required for anything (you can make duplicates on your own with pearls). Ignore the ones at the bottom with a different color.
  • Green Halloween Tile
    • Equip the event Dye
  • Orange Halloween Tile
    • Create 3 Starlight Nautilus (old event tab fusion fish)
  • Halloween Candlestick
    • Use 150 clams
  • Pumpkin Trio
    • Create 3 Los Muertos Octopus
  • Ghost Festival
    • Buy 3 Ghost Bride Jellyfish
  • Witch Shoe House
    • Tap 30 bubbles above Clown Penguin
These unlocks are all listed ingame. As always, the steps must be completed in order, and progress towards later goals may not count until prior steps are finished. These unlocks are listed in game in the special button in the bottom left corner under the Clam icon. If a fish unlock requires a picture of something that isn’t a fish, you almost certainly have to unlock it here and take a picture of it. Events generally require most if not all of these items be obtained to get some of the fish. Make sure to place it after unlocking it. After unlocking the 1 free copy of an item, you can buy more of it with pearls in the Expand tab (they do not show up in Expand until unlocked). The farther down the list, the more pearls it costs.

Bingo Quest

The bingo is pretty simple, all unlocks are listed on the bingo board. Fortunately this time the Bingo is only required for 1 expand item and 1 fish, nothing else in the event depends on it. Rewards: 1 Bingo: 30 Pearls 3 Bingos: Ghost Tile expand item 6 Bingos: 50 Pearls 10 Bingos: Surfer Pompompurin Plush (impossible without IAP) The following sections aren’t part of the event, but they’re part of the event menu because…the devs are weird.
Lucky Bubble
The bubble icon. This is not part of the event, but a paid gachapon for Expand items from prior events. I strongly recommend ignoring it. The more expensive gachapons (that cost real money) give rarer old Expand items.
Fish Creation
The Clownfish icon. This tab you can claim a measly few pearls for completing fairly difficult. No unique rewards, not required for the event.
Coin Bank Event
Ignore this, it’s a transparent money grab to get you to waste pearls. It’s not part of the Halloween Event and doesn’t unlock anything related to it. It also only accounts Pearls spent in the Abyss tank for who knows why.
Hiding Fish
This is not related to the event, these are the always-available, never-expiring gachapon fish. Though more Hiding fish are often added mid-event, they are not tied to the event in any way; they do not expire and are not required for the event.

Halloween 2020 Event Gameplay

General Event Info
See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers. We don’t know when exactly the event ends, but events are monthly now, so it will probably end just at/after the end of the month and the next event will follow within a week usually. The event is in the Abyss/Saltwater Tank like most events, and it will expire once the event time is over, but your event currency should roll over to the next event. This event plays basically just like the last 10 or so events, so hopefully you’re in the groove of things.
Hermit Crab Levels
The Hermit Crab is the key to completing events. Buy the Event Dye in the Palette menu to unlock it, then upgrade it as soon as possible. The costs and earning rates of each level is listed below, but every upgrade pays for itself after a day or so, so don’t worry too much. Note you have to “buy” the crab in the event menu separately from the Dye, the button only works after buying the Dye.
1Buy event Dye0 Currency200 Currency/cast
25 Event Fish500400
310 Fish900600
415 Fish1400800
520 Fish18001000
625 Fish23001200
730 Fish38001400
835 Fish68001600
940 Fish90001800
1050 Fish120002000

Easy Event Currency

The only easy way to get event currency is to use a Macro. Find out how in this video (trust me it’s easier to show).
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Guide | Automatically get Event Currency & Play on PC! Nox Player & Macros
Watch this video on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Event Questions

Q: What do you mean take a picture of ____? A: If you’re confused by a request to place/take a picture of something that’s not a fish, it is almost certainly an event Expand decoration, which are always unlocked via the event-specific menu below the Lottery Fish Clam icon. These are never hidden, so just tap the icon to see what to do. These are required to be done every event to get some of the fish, so always do them as you’re trying to get fish. Q: I can’t progress because my ads keep crashing! A: Common AbyssRium bug they have never and likely will never fix. Try this Ad Crash Fix, and also note that by saving and reloading your cloud save, you can reset the Hermit Crab’s timer to collect event bubbles instead of watching ads at least. Q: What’s the best way to get event currency? A: Event currency is always the same (except for separate-tank events) and carries over through events. If you’ve seen someone with crazy amounts of currency, they’ve certainly just hoarded it from prior events. The only real way to get it is to upgrade the Hermit crab and cast it and watch the currency ad as often as possible. This is a way to automate it.

Halloween Event 2020 Video Guides

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium | Halloween 2020 Event Stream! (Sanrio Crossover)
Watch this video on YouTube.
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