Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium: March Circus Event 2019 Guide

AbyssRium March Circus Event 2019 Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the March Circus Event Wonderland Event (2019) information. See the main guide for other events and general game information. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)!

This event comes to the Abyss Tank along with 10 new Fusion Fish. It’s on a slow rollout like all events, so it may take up to a week to arrive on your device. Just wait. It also comes with 10 new fusion fish, see the main guide for how to unlock those.
APK. If you don’t know what this means, don’t install it.

Total Cost: Very High (375,000 candy)


Close the main menu and tap the Painter’s Palette icon to access these, like every other event.

  • Clown Costume
    • 1000 Candy
      • Required for a fish
  • Circus Stage Dye
    • 200 Candy
      • Required for the Hermit Crab, buy this immediately
  • Magical Sea Theme
    • 500 Candy

Circus Event 2019 Hidden Fish

  • Jester Idol
    • 200 Candy
      • This is the best fish to buy lots of for the “own X total fish” unlocks, as it’s by far the cheapest, and you don’t need many duplicates of other fish
  • Parade Chromis (Hidden)
    • Watch 5 ads for event currency
  • Circus Trainee Sea Pig
    • Own 5 Jester Idols
    • 500
  • Jester Cowfish (Hidden)
    • Equip the Circus Dye
      • Then, take 3 pictures of the crab
    • 800
  • Parade Band Nautilus
    • Own 5 Jester Cowfish
    • 800
  • Feather Hat Seaslug (Hidden)
    • Tap bubbles for candy 100 times from Parade Band Nautilus
      • This is really annoying, but storing everything but the Nautilus (as many as you have) and using Expand mode’s camera panning to chase them around makes it easier.
    • 2000
  • Jester Frog (Hidden)
    • Use Song of the Moon 50 times
      • This takes a very long time without recharging skills. Just cast it as often as possible
  • Circus Trainee Cuttlefish
    • Own 5 Jester Frogs
      • Distinctly not a cuttlefish
  • Jester Dumbo (Hidden)
    • Equip Clown costume
      • Use Hermit Crab skill 20 times (takes 2 days)
  • Circus Trainee Monk Seal
    • Own 30 Circus Event Fish
    • 7,500
  • Ringmaster Penguin (Hidden)
    • “Share” a picture of each fish with Jester/Circus Trainee in the name
      • You don’t have to really share, cancel before posting and it counts
        • This is the Jester Idol, Jester Frog, Jester Cowfish, Jester Dumbo, Circus Trainee Sea Pig, Circus Trainee Monk Seal, Circus Trainee Cuttlefish
  • Parade Ray
    • Own 60 Circus Event Fish
  • Circus Float Whale (Hidden)
    • Own 80 Circus Event fish
    • 50,000
  • Feather Mask Cuttlefish
    • Complete the Circus Parade Quest below
IAP Fish
  • Baby Lion
    • $10 IAP
      • Not required to unlock any other fish, totally optional

Circus Parade Quest

This is the extended quest that unlocks the Feather Mask Cuttlefish for purchase. It’s actually different from the Event Present Mission at the bottom of the screen. Items must be completed in order.

  • First Acrobat of Hermit Crabs
    • Use Circus Leader Hermit Crab’s skill 3 times
  • A Gift from the Leader of Circus
    • Tap the hermit crab to get gifts 10 times (keep tapping him until he digs)
      • May be bugged, opening an 11th after looking in the menu made it progress for me
  • Risky Ingredients
    • Collect 100 Sea Urchins from the farm
      • Must collect them after unlocking this task
        • Must collect them manually from the farm; Assistant Sea Otter doesn’t count
        • The paid Auto Harvest also does not count
  • Second Acrobat of Hermit Crabs
    • Use Hermit Crab Skill 100 times total
      • You must do this after unlocking this task
  • ?
    • Collect 100 event fish
      • Doesn’t have to be done after unlocking this (probably)

Circus Event Present Mission

Complete these tasks to unlock items for the Expand menu. You can buy extras of some items in the Expand menu after unlocking them in this way as well.

  • Pink Circus Dias
    • Wear Circus Event Dye, from the Palette menu
  • Circus Trick Box
    • Own 15 Circus Event Fish total
  • Circus Air Balloon
    • Log in for 3 days
      • Counter only starts on the first day after unlocking this part of the quest
  • Magician Hat & Rabbit
    • Cast the crab skill 50 times
      • Counter only starts after unlocking this quest
  • Circus Cannon
    • Make 3 Circus Float Whales
      • 150,000 candy total
      • Counter may start after unlocking this quest, hold off to be safe
  • Circus Tent
    • Own 14 Species of Circus Event Fish
      • That’s all of them except the IAP fish


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