Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Pole – Hidden Creatures & Gameplay Guide

AbyssRium Pole Hidden Fish Guide

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Pole just released, so here’s a guide to find Hidden Creature Unlocks and other gameplay information! Come chat about the game in our Discord and check out my Ko-Fi!

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Temperate Forest Event

Basic Gameplay

AbyssRium Pole is largely identical to AbyssRium in most gameplay aspects with different names on some of the items. Familiarize yourself with the AbyssRium Guide and Pole won’t be too different. The biggest differences are the Hidden Fish unlocks, hence this guide to cover them.

Gameplay Differences from AbyssRium

Battery Saving

Just a minor note, the Battery Saving feature is on by default. If you want better visuals at cost of battery, turn it off in the Gear menu.

The Wall

Much like the original game (and all clickers), AbyssRium Pole has an irregular progression curve where things get harder and easier seemingly at random. A particularly rough patch many players notice early on is around F vitality in AbyssRium Pole.

Creating new fish helps much, much less in AbyssRium Pole, especially as time goes on. To keep progressing, it can be best to forsake creating fish to continue making Ice Berg and Coral upgrades instead.


Vitality is still Vitality, and income rate is raised just 3% per fish, making it all about upgrading the Ice Berg and Coral much like Freshwater Tank in AbyssRium.

Pearls take place of Gems and Pearls from AbyssRium, being the sole Premium Currency at the moment. Pearls are earned from achievements and watching ads in the shop tab.


These are just renames of the AbyssRium skills. Like AbyssRium, much of the game is just casting skills as often as possible to progress faster. Skills do not appear to have a (reachable) level cap in AbyssRium Pole, so don’t blast away pearls trying to ‘max’ them.

  • Bird Chorus
    • Volcanic Eruption, vitality over time.
  • Whales Blessing
    • Delicious Food, instant vitality burst. Cast this second.
  • Moon’s Song
    • Song of the Moon, multiplies vitality production. Cast this first.

Also just renames of AbyssRium passive skills. Artifacts have a level cap of 10.

  • Singing Clam Coral
    • Nautilus, permanent auto-taps
  • Shining Grape Coral
    • Mystic Shell, permanent vitality income boost
  • Resurrection Tower Coral
    • Glowing Conch, permanent skill cooldown reduction

The camera can now take pictures of “couples”, requiring two creatures to both be inside the reticle of the viewfinder. Many unlocks now require this method. The game will pop up a little message when a photo has counted as a “couple” photo. The camera also tells you what creature you’ve taken a photo of for single photos.

AbyssRium Pole Hidden Creatures

Hidden Fish are now Hidden Creatures since they’re not all fish (well, they weren’t in AbyssRium either, but) and they now have ingame hints that you can cycle through by watching an ad, though I’ve just written down the unlocks below. Note that while you’ll only see the hint for one fish, you can still work towards any fish’s unlock condition. So basically, use the guide.

Fish now have “Types” kind of like pokemon that add a classification to them; some unlocks require X number of fish in each category rather than a specific fish.

Event Creatures don’t count for any form of unlock for non-event fish. They do count towards achievements for pearls however.


NumberHidden FishUnlock Requirements
1Chinstrap PenguinOwn Ice Bracken. Tap any Gentoo Penguin's bubble 1 time.
2Ross SealOwn Pink Ice Branch Coral. Use Bird Chorus 3 Times. Own 8 Penguins.
3Arctic TernOwn Snow Coral. Complete 10 achievements. Take 1 photo of Cape Petrel using Blessing of Snow.
4Antarctic LanternfishLevel 100 Small Branch Coral. Own 3 Antarctic Silverfish. Own 3 Marbled Rockcod.
5LemmingOwn White Table Coral. Own 20 Land-Sea types. Own 10 Air types.
6Humboldt PenguinTake 1 photo(s) of Magellan Penguin with African Penguin. Own 15 Penguins.
7Galapagos PenguinTake 1 picture of Adelie Penguin with Lemming. Take 1 photo of Humboldt Penguin using Blessing of Snow.
8Pink SalmonOwn White Fan Coral. Tap any Mackerel Icefish’s bubble 1 time.
9Arctic CodTake 1 photo of Mackerel Icefish with Patagonia Toothfish. Tap 150 bubbles.
10Snowshoe RabbitTake 1 photo of Lemming with Chinstrap Penguin. Own 20 sea types.
11Harbor SealUse Whale's Blessing 10 times. Take 1 photo of Harp Seal.
12NelmaTake 1 photo of Omul using Blessing of the Snow. Tap any Ray-finned fish’s bubble 20 times. Own 5 Antarctic Herrings.
13SkuaTake 1 photo of Snowy Sheathbill with Arctic Tern. Cast Bird Chorus 30 times.
14Thick Billed MurreOwn 5 Skuas. Complete 150 achievements.
15Dall SheepUse Moon's Song 15 times. Own 5 Arctic Hares.
16Skipjack TunaTakee 1 photo of Yellowfin Tuna using Blessing of Snow. Tap any Scombrid's (Tuna's) bubble 15x.
17Longfin TunaTake 1 photo of Pacific Bluefin Tuna with Yellowfin Tuna. Own 5 Skipjack Tuna.
18Northern Rockhopper PenguinTake 1 photo(s) of Erect-crested Penguin with Galapagos Penguin.
19Southern Rockhopper PenguinTake 1 photo(s) of Snares Penguin using Blessing of Snow. Own 7 species of Penguins.
20Southern Bottlenose WhaleTake 1 photo of Snares Penguin with Hourglass Dolphin. Level 5 Whale's Blessing.
21MuskoxOwn Yellow Anemone. Tap Dall Sheep bubble 5x. Take a photo of a Hooded Seal with an African Penguin.
22Burmeisters PorpoiseTake 1 photo of Risso's dolphin with Chilean dolphin. Complete 300 achievements.
23Spectacled PorpoiseTake 1 photo of Burmeister's Porpoise with Southern Bottlenose Whale. Take 1 photo of Burmeister's Porpoise using Blessing of Snow.
24Canadian GooseTake 1 photo(s) of Snow Goose with Snow Petrel. Level 5 Bird Chorus.
25PorbeagleTake 1 photo of Spiny Dogfish with Salmon Shark. Own 6 Cartilaginous Fish.
26Royal PenguinOwn Pink Torch Coral. Take 1 photo of Macaroni Penguin with Harp Seal. Own 5 Fiordland Penguins.
27Greenland SharkTake 1 photo of Pacific Sleeper Shark with Blessing of Snow. You have to take the photo first for this to work. Then, don't do anything for 20 minutes. (i.e. leave the app open with the screen on and DON'T TOUCH IT for 20 minutes.)
28ReindeerOwn Blue Plate Coral. Tap any Greenland Shark's bubble 10x. (If the Greenland Sharks aren't generating bubbles, restart your app.)
29White Flippered PenguinTake 1 photo of Northern Rockhopper Penguin with Southern Rockhopper Penguin. Take 1 photo of Reindeer using Blessing of Snow.
30Little PenguinOwn 15 Penguin Species
31NarwhalOwn Yellow Cylinder Coral. Take 1 photo of King Penguin with Longfin Tuna.
32Killer WhaleOwn 8 Sea-Surface Type species. Take 1 photo of Narwhal with Adelie Penguin.
33WalrusOwn 9 species of seals. Own 23 sea-type species. Own 12 sea-surface type species.
34Emperor PenguinOwn 33 species of birds. Take 1 photo of King Penguin with Killer Whale.
35Polar BearOwn 42 species of mammal. Own 10 Blue Whales. Take 1 photo of Reindeer with Arctic Wolf.
36Humpback WhaleOwn 10 Polar Bears. Take 1 photo(s) of Polar Bear with Emperor Penguin. Take 1 photo(s) of Polar Bear with Walrus.
37WolverineLevel 2000 White Barnacle. Own 50 Land Types. Take 1 photo of Snowshoe Rabbit with Harbor Seal.
38MooseLevel 5000 Pink Torch Coral. Take 1 photo of Dall Sheep with Muskox.
39Giant PetrelLevel 1500 Blue Barnacle. Own 10 Thick-billed Murre. Take 1 photo of Snow Petrel with Arctic Tern.
40Beluga WhaleLevel 4000 Vine Coral. Own 20 Killer Whales. Take 1 photo of Narwhal with Killer Whale.
41Sperm WhaleLevel 500 Vine Coral. Own 6 Right Whales. Own 260 fish.
42White-tailed DeerLevel 6000 Luminescent Coral. Take 1 photo of Reindeer with Royal Penguin. Own 9 Land-type species.
43Gray WhaleLevel 500 Deep Branch Coral. Take 1 photo of Right Whale with Killer Whale. Own 305 fish.
44Blue-eyed ShagTake 1 photo of Snow Goose with Canadian Goose. Own 10 Snow Goose. Own 155 fish.
45Minke WhaleOwn Deep Blue Table Coral. Share 1 photo of Sperm Whale using Vigorous Plankton. Own 610
46Bryde's WhaleLevel 10,000 Deep Anemone. Own 100 species. Take 1 photo of Humpback Whale with Minke Whale
47King SalmonOwn 16 ray-finned fish species. Take 1 photo of Longfin Tuna with Atlantic Salmon. Use Whale's Blessing 50 times.
48Snow BuntingLv. 5100 Snow Coral. Take 100 photos of Air types. Share 1 photo of Cape Petrel using Blessing of Snow.
49Antarctic PrionTake 1 photo of Black-Legged Kittiwake with Blue-eyed Shag. Own 5 Procellariid species (Petrels). Take 25 photos of Procellariid (Petrels) using Vigorous Plankton.
50Siberian CraneLv. 9000 Yellow Cylinder Coral. Tap any Wandering Albatross's bubble 50x. Own 20 Canadian Geese.
51Arctic Ground SquirrelLevel 8,000 Deep Snow Coral. Own 20 Lemmings. Take 1 photo of Blue Arctic Fox with Lemming.
52Wild YakLevel 5,000 Deep Anemone. Own 20 Muskoxen. Share 1 photo of Arctic Ground Squirrel using Vigorous Plankton.
53Black-Legged KittiwakeOwn Red Barnacle. Own 20 Air types.

Some creatures now once again require owning multiple pearl-bought fish to unlock as of the latest update, enjoy.

Hidden Creature number is mostly just to match a hint to a fish, but they are also roughly numbered in order of your ability to unlock them, so start at the top.

Huge thanks to the AbyssRium Subreddit for compiling the ingame hints for all fish so fast!

Extra Fish

There are daily reward fish and a pre-registration fish. For completeness, I’ll list these non-hidden, non-normal creatures here. Note that for Pearl Unlock creatures, more can be bought with Vitality (with no extra effect beyond owning +1 fish) after the initial Pearl purchase.

Hidden FishUnlock
Harp SealAttendance reward day 2
Arctic HareAttendance reward day 5
Snow PetrelAttendance reward day 9
Arctic WolfAttendance reward day 15
Muffler PenguinPre Registration reward
Check Mailbox ingame to receive
Stoat2000 Pearls in Shop tab
Artic Fox2000 Pearls in Shop tab
Bald Eagle2000 Pearls in Shop tab
Blue Arctic Fox 2000 Pearls in Shop tab
Peregrine Falcon2000 Pearls in Shop tab
Normal Creatures

The normal fish unlocks are listed ingame and aren’t a priority for the guide yet. They are unlocked strictly in-order as presented and should be quite simple (if not necessarily fast) at each step to keep track of.

Unlocking Hidden Creatures

Here’s some quick tips for common frustrations with unlocks.

WTF Is A Lemming? What is a Skua? What is a Dall Sheep?

This seems to be a common question for some reason, the “lemming” referred to in the unlock, like all other unlocks that request couple photos, is a creature you have to make in AbyssRium Pole.

If it’s not in your creature list, it must be a hidden creature, so search through the above Hidden Creatures list for it to get it. If a word seems weird and you’re confused, there’s a 99.9% chance it’s just a creature you need to unlock. There are 0 creatures in the game that are not created from the creature menu.

Bubble Unlocks

“Bubbles” are the little hearts that appear over random creatures’ heads at interval. They give a (uselessly small) amount of vitality when tapped, and more importantly they factor in to several hidden creature unlocks above.

If you’re having trouble getting bubbles to appear, store creatures except the one you want, and have at least 2+ of that creature out at once to maximize the likelihood of getting the bubble.

Couple Photos Trick

Creatures should be very close together, both inside the reticle at the center of the screen ideally, when taking these photos. If you’re having trouble, take a photo to freeze the world, then use the pan and zoom controls while everything is frozen to line up a perfect shot.

A trick I’ve heard is to store all creatures except a few that are included in your couples photo (just one species). Then purchase a NEW creature of the second species, it might spawn closer to the others. Otherwise, certain couples photos such as Penguin + Fish are simply extremely random and unfair.

I did the unlock and it didn’t work!

When this happens, it’s usually one of two things: Firstly, perhaps you didn’t do a different unlock, since all fish require multiple ones now; check the lock icon for “number of fish” unlocks because for some reason the UI lists them separately from the other unlocks.

Secondly, AbyssRium has always been a buggy game and humans are pretty bad at counting number of executions. If you need to perform a task X number of times to unlock, it’s usually better to complete all other unlocks for sure, then do that task until it unlocks instead of counting. You’ll just add more work, probably make mistakes, and frustrate yourself if you try. This was more a problem with the original AbyssRium, but I expect AbyssRium Pole’s unlocks to gradually get worse with time just like the original game’s have.

Finally, the Hidden Creature unlocks actually pop up at terrible times and it’s super easy to just tap right past them. Occasionally check your fish list to make sure you didn’t skip right past unlocking something.

Video Content

Video Guides:

I livestreamed the game for launch, here’s my first impressions:

AbyssRium Pole Bugs

Wouldn’t be AbyssRium without them.

Wrong Language

The game sometimes starts in Korean despite your device’s language. Just click through until it lets you play the game, then tap the Gear menu, then tap the Language menu (the two letters icon) then pick a language you understand.

Ads Don’t Load

Common problem, clearing your device’s Advertising ID from device settings (not ingame) often fixes this.

Massive Skill Recharge Time

Playing with the game clock, like in AbyssRium, can mess up AbyssRium Pole’s skill timers and possibly have other effects.

It said I’d get 12H vitality but I have like 1B

This is just bad wording on their part, the X “H” vitality that the game occasionally offers is hours of vitality production, not H, as a value, vitality. An hour of vitality is actually extremely small compared to Moon’s Song plus the Whale skill.

Can’t Run In Emulator

AbyssRium Pole requires a (slightly) more modern Android version than AbyssRium. In Nox Player, you’ll need to create an Android 7 virtual machine (use the Multi Drive app it also installs to make one).

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45 thoughts on “Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Pole – Hidden Creatures & Gameplay Guide”

  1. Thanks for posting all of the is incredible information. Question, though. I’m confused about your instructions on acquiring the Greenland shark. How can I take the photo first then start snows blessing if I’m not supposed to touch the screen after the photo has been taken?

    1. all the unlocks are independent other than this one (and you just have to do one before the other counts), just do the other thing first, then leave the app idle. You’re not doing them at the same time

    1. It’s a creature, like all the other things you have to take a picture of. Scroll down the list ingame and you’ll see it

    1. Nope, event creatures do not count for any normal unlocks, they only count for event unlocks and achievements

  2. Are they making us strictly used pearls for Vigorous Plankton and Blessing of Snow instead of the trial video now?

  3. How on earth do you get a couple photo of the king penguin and the longfin tuna??! The penguins stay on the land and the tuna stay pretty far out at sea….I just need a narwhal!

  4. I’ve been trying to unlock the Antarctic prion, but can only seem to find three of the required five procellariid species. I’ve got the cape petrel, snow petrel and giant petrel. What are the other two?

  5. Thank you so much for this guide incredibly helpful. Can anyone help me with the Prion unlock. It says five petrel species, but I can only find three. Cape, Giant and snow. What other types are there?

  6. If they keep changing half the unlocks every god damn week I’m going to stop updating the guide, good lord this is utterly infuriating.

  7. Hello,
    I’m very stuck. Every time I try to do a couple photo, it says successful. But, the new creature doesn’t unlock. I’ve done it up to a dozen times per creature. I even spawn new creatures, and try it that way.

    1. They probably changed the requirements for what you’re trying to unlock because the devs are stupid assholes and keep changing everything so people can’t use a guide

    2. They probably just changed the requirements which they do every week or so. They’re up to date in the guide now. If you were trying the brydle whale they specifically changed that unlock just to screw with people

      1. Thank you. I can’t get the polar bear as I don’t see how to get 42 mammals. Thank you for the guide.

          1. Thank you. Guess I’m done with the game. I can’t spend that kind of money on pixels.

  8. Your unlock requirements for the gray whale are wrong.
    It’s lvl 500 deep branch coral, not yellow cylindrical coral, and it’s 1 picture of a right whale and a killer whale, not a bowhead whale.
    I’m assuming your polar bear unlock is wrong as well as I have completed both requirements you have listed and I have yet to unlock it. Also, what is hidden creature #52?

    1. The unlock requirements for #52 are:
      Lvl 10,000 deep anemone, own 50 muskox, and take 1 picture of an artic ground squirrel using vigorous plankton.
      It’s some kind of bovine creature with horns 🤷‍♀️

    2. The app just updated and changed a ton of requirements for no reason, for the second time. Everything here was accurate until 3 days ago. It’ll be fixed later

  9. For me, I can’t get the muffler penguin at all. I didn’t pre-register, but the guide says I don’t need to. Did they fix it?

  10. Hi! I´m having trouble with the lemming since it asks for 6 air types, and I currently could only unlock the petrel and the tern… Same thing with the 20 land sea types… I only have 12 unlocked…

    1. Unless otherwise noted, it’s X creatures that fit the description, not X unique species. You just have to make duplicates for some of these, 5 snow petrels will work for the lemming for example

  11. I just unlocked all animals! This guide was immeasurably helpful, thank you!!

    I really hope to see some of the fun aspects from the first game such as decorations and costumes/themes. It’s fun! Like, I hope to add trees or something to the iceberg, the deer look so awkward on it

    1. Happy to help! I certainly hope the Expand feature will return myself. That gives you something to do even with all the fish unlocked.

  12. I had a really weird thing happen to me today. I started at N vitality and then ended with Z about 20 minutes later. I am now at AV. I had the half off fish and blessing of the snow enabled for that first hour but I’ve done nothing except skills since. That shouldn’t be possible should it? I’ve bought all the non hidden fish and I have about three corals left. My iceberg is at level 4400 and I started today at about 2000. This is just really wired and is disappointing that I went through it so fast. Has this happened to anyone else?

  13. I’ve been stuck on M vitality for three days now at least. This seems like a bigger wall than I’ve experienced in either game before. Did anyone else hit this wall? Or is something wrong with my game? My iceberg is level 1481 but I’m only getting 324 K for each tap while it takes ~111 M to level up the iceberg. It seems minuscule but I’m just not sure if it’s wrong or where. In contrast I’m getting 1.5 L per second. Does something seem off to anyone else?

    1. Pretty sure it just happens to everyone and nothing really to do but spam skills, ignore fish, and upgrade coral/coralite as always

  14. My fish are stored and I cannot get them into the tank. I have room but when I go to the manage tank area and try to add them I cannot get them to go into the tank. I am clicking on the place with the up arrow beside the zero but all I get are bubbles when I tap there, nothing else happens. What am I doing wrong? I have also tried to move a fish (other animal) out of the tank by pushing the down arrow and I get bubbles as well. I tried to reset my tank and all my animals stored and then I could do nothing. I had to do a cloud recovery and lost some progress which thankfully wasn’t too much. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Gotta long press and drag to move things in and out, doesn’t work quite like the old one. At least I think that’s what’s going wrong here, it’s a bit hard to describe over text

      1. Your description was perfect, Sir TapTap! Thank you so much! I have already tried it and it worked. That is exactly what I was doing wrong. I am definitely not a super tapper.

  15. My gentoo penguin doesnt seem to get a bubble ever?
    Tried a couple times, even with just the two of them, and it never appears

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