Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Pole Temperate Forest Event All Hidden Fish Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Pole, with only the 2020 Temperate Forest Event information. Please consider supporting my Patreon (and get perks!) if my guides help you. We also have a Discord Server you can hang out in and chat about games. See the main Pole guide for a more comprehensive set of information and for links to other events.

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2020-04-27: Video guide is up!

2020-04-26: Event is live for some users. It’s buggy/causes crashes for some people. Expect a patch soon. Last Hidden Fish found! Unless the Puffin is obtainable, unsure about that one.

Temperate Forest Event Summary

Unlike regular AbyssRium, this event simply uses Vitality instead of it’s own event currency. Just complete the tasks and unlock the fish. There’s also 3 event customization items that cost a hefty 1500 pearls each—but they’re not required to unlock any fish! They do give gameplay benefits however, as do the new “treasure” items. I’ll have more info on treasures as soon as I can play the event myself.

  • New fish:
    • 12 cost Vitality
      • 1 is hidden
    • 1 Paid IAP Fish
  • New gameplay feature: Treasure
    • Watch an ad or spent peals to get pieces of Treasures
    • Assemble treasures with 3, 5, or 7 pieces to get gameplay bonuses.
  • 3 Event customization items
    • 1500 pearls each
  • Currency: Regular vitality
    • Total cost: Depends on your present vitality

Temperate Forest Event Hidden Creatures

Info so far was discovered mostly by SamS117 from Discord, thank you so much! Please note that these creatures do not count towards unlocks in the main fish list.

Hidden CreatureUnlock
Red DeerTap 500 Times
Fallow DeerOwn 5 Red Deer
Black MarlinWatch an ad for free Pearls
Cast Bird Chorus 5 times
Own 10 Temperate Forest Event creatures
Hammerhead SharkOwn 5 Black Marlin
Take photo of Black Marlin with Vigorous Plankton Active
Use Vigorous Plankton for a total of 50 minutes
Loggerhead Sea TurtleOwn 5 Hammerhead Sharks
Recharge Skills with ads 5 times
Open 15 Treasure Chests (the ads)
Griffon VultureTake picture of Loggerhead Sea Turtle while Blessing of Snow is active
Tap 30 bubbles from Temperate Forest Sea types
Own 25 Temperate Forest Event creatures
Blue MarlinCast Whale's Blessing 30 times
Use Vigorous Plankton for 100 minutes total
Own 5 Griffon Vultures
Great White SharkOwn 5 Blue Marlins
Complete 2 Daily Missions
Get "away from app" vitality from the game 5 times (when you're away for several minutes and the app pops up a window when you relaunch)
Green Sea TurtleOwn 20 Land Types from the Temperate Forest event
Watch 20 ads for Vitality
Use Blessing of Snow for 120 minutes total
EmuCast Moon's Song 30 times
Tap 30 bubbles from Temperate Forest reptiles (turtles)
Own 9 Temperate Forest event species (all the above)
Eurasian Lynx
Take a photo of Green Sea Turtle with Emu
Recharge Skills with ads 30 times
Own 70 Temperate Forest Event creatures

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Temperate Forest Video Guides

TapTap Fish AbyssRium Pole Temperate Forest Guide | Hidden Creatures, New Gameplay Features
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    1. Restart the game after putting in new fish to make sure they make bubbles. Tip’s in the main Pole guide.

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