Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Striped Marlin / Visiting Fish Guide

Tap Tap Fish: AbyssRium Striped Marlin Guide

Update 2018-07-06: As of the 2nd Anniversary Event update, it appears the “visiting” fish like the Marlin have a vastly increased appearance rate. Hopefully they should no longer be an issue.

More than any other fish the Striped Marlin in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium has driven fans (and by extension, me) insane. So I decided hey, just make a single, extremely direct post to gather all the information into one place. If you’re looking for info on Hidden Fish in general, or any other game info, see my complete AbyssRium Guide.

tl;dr: There is absolutely nothing you can do to increase your chance of seeing the marlin (other than own the star horn coral which is required).

Since the early days, the following fish were added, all of which work completely identically to the Marlin and are unlocked in a possibly random sequence:

  • Striped Marlin
  • Bonito
  • Wahoo
  • Yellow Fin Tuna
  • Blue Fin Tuna

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The biggest thing to remember about the Striped Marlin is that it is simply extremely rare and has a very long time between possible chances. There really aren’t many relevant tricks and there’s no secret to it. This page mostly serves to debunk various myths and reassure the correct method, but I have every single bit of relevant info I’ve found no matter how small.

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Striped Marlin photo from TapTap Fish AbyssRium
The elusive beasts in all their majesty

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Confirmed Requirements for the Striped Marlin


  • Take a picture of the Striped Marlin
    • They’ll randomly appear even though you don’t have them and swarm around in a group of 6+, swimming extremely fast and all around the screen in front of the Coralite. The photos above show their appearance, white and blue swordfish.
    • Your camera has to be focused on the Marlin for the image to count. To avoid missing them, take a picture immediately and pan/zoom the camera while the frame is frozen, then tap on a Marin, then take another picture. It’ll count for the Marlin even if you weren’t originally focusing on it.
  • Striped Marlin can appear every 30 minutes of in-game time
    • Timer appears to start only after getting the Star Horn coral
    • I don’t know how we know this, but it’s usually said the percent chance is 10% each 30 minutes. This means failing 10 times (five hours!) is not unheard of, and failing even 20+ times is possible.
    • There is no way to see this timer, you just have to play for a long time and keep your eyes open.
    • If you miss them, they’ll come back (but don’t miss them!). Someone missed them twice before finally getting the picture properly.
  • Note that Marlins can occasionally swim out of view for some people, so you can watch the top of the tank or use Camera Mode to zoom the view out and look up from the sea floor if you’re suspicious.
  • Nothing else
    • Really.
    • There’s not a secret, it’s just really really rare. You might feel you’re doing something wrong, but remember at a 10% chance, it’s expected to take around five hours of playing to see them, and it’s not impossible to not see them after even 10 hours!
  • It’s completely normal to not get this fish for multiple months.

Unconfirmed Rumors

  • It’s unknown if internet access is required
    • It seems highly unlikely however, as hidden fish requirements are almost never updated and the Marlin came out before the game started making features online-only.

What Does Not Affect Unlocking The Striped Marlin


  • Blue Table Coral
    • AbyssRium recently shared a “guide” made of 100% false information (and I’m extremely unhappy about it).They have since rescinded this information.
  • Cheating the clock
    • For notification fish you can force the clock forward 30 minutes to make the game check; this doesn’t work with the Striped Marlin. The trigger is strictly on game time as counted by how long the game has been running
  • Watching the Clock
    • The Marlin is not confirmed to appear at any exact interval of 30 minutes. Not your skill recharges, not from the first time you open the game today, not from the Time Machine counter in daily missions. There is no way to know when the Marlin check is actually occurring unless the Marlin appears. After which point it no longer matters.
  • Closing the game
    • While watching for 30 minutes at a time will lower your chances of missing the fish, the timer is not cumulative and switching apps is not a problem.
    • You also don’t have to close the game to get a second chance.
  • Watching ads
    • Feel free to imbibe in the glory of Capitalism as frequently as you wish, multiple people have confirmed they watched ads while getting the Marlin
  • Being in Camera Mode
    • Feel free to wait with the camera open if you like, though it’s hardly necessary. Be absolutely sure you have a maximum zoomed out view of the front of the Coralite though, wonky camera angles that can’t see the Marlin will put you at a disadvantage!
  • Tapping/playing normally
    • You can play normally, tapping doesn’t prevent them from spawning from what we can tell.
  • Watching Heart/Striped/Star Marlins/Bonito
    • Lots of people think it’s logical to focus your camera on a different Marlin since the visiting ones will swim in the same spot, right? No, the visiting Marlin’s AI is completely different and they do not swim anything like the normal Marlin. There’s no reason to focus your camera on any other Marlin-like fish.
  • Storing all your fish
    • While a common strategy is to store all fish so the Marlins are easier to see, they can and will appear if you have other fish out.
  • Feedback where the developer can’t see it
    • Send all complaints, bug reports, etc directly to the developers’ Facebook page. They do read it, though they haven’t changed the Marlin (yet).
  • Swearing loudly at your screen in public
    • While it’s cathartic, the other people on the bus are getting a bit concerned.
  • Witchcraft and Hexes
    • I know it is frustrating, but please do not sacrifice a loved one, goat, or a loved goat, in attempting to unlock the Striped Marlin. It will make a horrible mess and will not unlock it any faster.

Striped Marlin Hunting Steps

To “Marlin Hunt”, we basically just want to watch the game over a long period from a perspective that can see the Marlins.

First, plug in your phone and leave it in your peripheral vision while you watch a movie, work on something, whatever. Put the game in Power Save mode and maybe dim your phone a bit, Tap Tap Fish is a huge energy hog.

Make sure your phone is close enough that movement will catch your eye even in your peripheral vision (motion is what your periphery is for after all!) and take glances at it once in a while.

Optionally, you can store all your fish and use a dark background like Midnight Sea or Night of Valentine’s to make the white and blue Marlins stand out even more. If you have them, the less distracting Coral colors like the White Dye can help just a smidge as well.

You can also sit in Camera mode and watch; zoom out and look up while keeping the Coralite’s face in view, sometimes the Marlins swim high out of view, an infuriating bug.

Now you just wait. It could appear in 30 minutes, it could appear in 30 hours. I wish it didn’t be like it is, but it do.

If you see the Marlins, immediately snap a picture, even if it’s just of blank space. Then while the game is “frozen” in Picture mode, you can pan and zoom; use this to find the Marlin and tap it to focus. The camera angle won’t change, but you’re now “focused” on the Marlin and snapping another picture will unlock it. Leave the camera mode and you should see the Hidden Fish unlock confirmation dialog; congrats and enjoy your new fish! If you don’t get the confirm double check that it’s not in your fish list and take another picture; they swarm around for a while so you have some time.

Don’t Give Up! Trust Your Instincts!

The Striped Marlin is, more than anything, rare. It’s not complicated and you’re probably not doing anything wrong.

That’s about all we know about the Striped Marlin for now. Again, if you have any extra tips or anything else to debunk, use the comments section below to reach out.

Bonito, Wahoo, & Star Striped Marlin

There are now threeother fish that act like the Striped Marlin. Here’s the specific info on them:


  • Appears to run on 30 minute timer just like Marlins
  • Does not require the Sea Urchin farm to appear or unlock
    • They don’t actually appear to have any unlock requirement at all other than a random 30 minute timer

Tap Tap Fish Bonito

Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna

  • Identical conditions to the Bonito, even looks similar. They’re all related to (or are) Tuna.
  • No, Yellowfin and Bluefin are not part of the anniversary event and can be gotten at any time. No fusion tab fish are event fish.
  • No, taking pictures of Bonito does not unlock Wahoo, I don’t know why people keep emailing me that. That bug worked for like 1 week several months ago.
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