AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish Hidden Fish & Gameplay Guide

AbyssRium All Hidden Fish Guide

This guide has all hidden fish in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish for iOS and Android, and their unlocking requirements, and pretty much all you need to know about AbyssRium. The guide’s pretty big, so use the Table of Contents below to look around!

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AbyssRium Hidden Fish

For hidden fusion fish, see the Fusion Fish guide instead.

As a general note, AbyssRium is a pretty buggy game, and if something requires 10 Things, don’t be particularly surprised if it doesn’t pop up after exactly 10 actions. It might take a bit of time or a few more actions to properly register, and fish will generally not pop until you’re back to the main menu if you’re taking photos/etc.

  • Legendary Sun Fish 
    • Tap Sunfish vitality well over 100 times
    • This is removed from the game
  • Blue Clownfish
    • Take a picture of Percula Clownfish (orange ones)  3 times
  • Snowflake Clownfish
    • Push Twitter button 5 times in Settings
    • It’s a good idea to unlock these two immediately so you don’t end up too many Orange/red clownfish repeats
  • Randall’s Goby
    • Take 3 pictures of Gobies
  • Clown Tang
    • Take pictures of Tangs 5 times
  • Convict Tang
    • Do nothing for 1 hour
    • You must leave Abyssrium open, which means you’ll want AbyssRium in Battery Saver mode and on a charger because Abyssrium is crazy battery hungry.
  • Naso Tang
    • Own 50 Tangs
      • Fusion Tangs still count towards this number, and making Fusion Tangs will speed up this otherwise arduous process due to the Vitality boost they provide, so it’s highly recommended!
    • Obviously, you’re going to want to do this one after finishing most other objectives or your aquarium is going to be very boring
    • The time period after Z vitality is ideal to get tons of fish quickly for this
  • Jewel Damsel
    • Tap the upper left corner of screen 1,000 times (seriously)
    • Very likely requires a coral of some kind, Ruby Cabbage or lower
    • Don’t watch the Hard Worker counter while trying this, it won’t necessarily sync up. You’ll get it, just keep it up
    • Midas Tap doesn’t count for hidden fish, you’ll need to manually tap.
      • Use 3 fingers as Midas Tap will only trigger on one. You can use a finger on one hand to “hold” the midas tap and two/three fingers on the other hand to “drum” the top left corner to make it go a bit faster
  • Narwhal
    • Ruby Cabbage Coral (?)
    • Tap the top left corner of the screen 5,000 times
      • It doesn’t have to be consecutive, but you can do it all in one session without much trouble. It takes a while but not hours.
  • Cross Damsel
    • Take 3 pictures of a Damsel
    • Chromis count as Damsels
  • French Angel
    • Save picture of Angelfish 3 times
    • That’s save to your device, not just take it or share it
  • Springer Dottyback
    • Share picture 3 times
    • You can press the share button, delete the draft and still get it credit for sharing as long as it switches apps
  • Panther Grouper
    • Share a picture of Parrotfish 10 times
      • Mahi Mahi counts as a Parrotfish
  • Moorish Idol
    • Take picture of Mystery Chest 5 times (wait for it to spawn first obviously)
      • Tap the chest to make sure you’re focused on it, it needs to be the focus not just in frame
      • Some people report only getting it after sharing not just taking the pictures, so if you’re having trouble try that instead
    • Technically an Angelfish
  • Scribbled Angelfish:
    • Push See More button in Photo Award 10 times
      • This actually almost always takes many more than 10 times
    • This is in the Photo icon in the top right next to trophies, not when you take a picture yourself
  • Peppermint Angel
    • Own 30 Angelfish
      • Moorish Idol counts as an Angelfish
      • Fusion Angelfish still count towards the total, and making Fusion Angels will speed up this otherwise arduous process due to the vitality boost while not “losing” any Angels, so it’s highly recommended!
        • Note Masked Angel currently does not count because of a bug!
    • Like the Naso Tang, save this for one of your final challenges in AbyssRium. It’s not as bad as it might sound, but it’s a long grind even after reaching Z vitality
  • Queen Angel
    • Fragile Staghorn Coral level 3000
  • Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish
    • Own 3 Gold Fish
      • These are the “set completion” rewards for the Hiding Fish game, see Hiding Fish for more info.
  • Pajama Cardinal
    • Open app 20 times in one day (you don’t have to close the app, just home screen-> back into app)
  • Mahi Mahi
    • Play at 0:00 AM (midnight) 10 times
    • A way that’s worked for at least some people is to cheat your phone’s clock to 11:59, let the clock move to 12 AM “naturally”, then open the app, leave to the home screen and re-open Abyssrium 10 times
      • If you don’t want to ‘cheat’, you could change your time zone so that ‘midnight occurs’ while you’re playing…though it’s really the same thing
    • This one seems a bit inconsistent and may be bugged
      • Some people say the game seems to give it them after Abyssrium runs in the background overnight, then they got the unlock much later the following day
      • I got it randomly at 7 PM after trying the time cheat, it’s possible it does unlock, but is delayed or something, or it’s since been fixed
  • Prized Walking Fish
    • Play AbyssRium for two days on the Attendance Calendar
      • All “play game for X days” achievements must be earned online
      • A big calendar will pop up and show you your daily rewards with a new fish every 7th day
      • These days do not have to be consecutive
    • This is called an Axolotl, popularized in part by the pokemon Wooper & Mudkip
    • Counts as an “event fish” with no vitality multiplier, and you only get one
    • If you somehow didn’t get one, you’ll need to send a bug report and they can send you one I believe
  • Sea Slug
    • Play game for 7 days
  • Giant Isopod
    • Play game for 14 days
  • Oarfish
    • Play game for 21 days
  • Coelacanth
    • Play game for 28 days
  • Giant Squid
    • Play game for 35 days
  • Camel Cowfish
    • Share picture of Blowfish 3 times
    • Boxfish, Puffers, Cowfish, Triggers, the Lionfish, and even the Sea Slug all count as Blowfish for this task
  • Spotted Mandarin Dragonet
    • Start AbyssRium upon notification
    • This has nothing to do with the “vitality full” notification, it’s a special notification that specifically says “it is time to get the hidden fish”. See the above link for much more info
  • Juvenile Spotted Boxfish
  • Whale Shark
    • Start AbyssRium upon notification
      • Requires Star Horn Coral
        • Note people report having significantly more trouble getting the Whale Shark than any of the other similar fish
        • If you’re having trouble with it and have Star Horn coral, I would strongly recommend just using the manual method to force the unlock
  • Potbelly Seahorse
    • Share picture of Seahorse 3 times
    • Amusingly, the Giant Isopod appears to count as a “seahorse” for this
  • Pygmy Seahorse
    • Play at 4 AM 5 times
    • You can change your phone’s time to cheat this because, I mean, screw that
    • You can just leave the Abyssrium app to the home page then reopen it 5 times
    • This one worked perfectly fine with time cheating for me, but some people report similar issues to the Mahi Mahi, so read the info there.
  • Nautilus
    • Use Delicious Food skill 50 times
  • Red Lobsters (Hidden, Fusion)
    • Sea Urchin Farm required
    • Use the Delicious Food skill 100 times
      • Did you know most lobsters only turn red during cooking?
        • RIP
    • This is a Fusion Fish and is created in the Fusion tab
  • Striped Marlin
    • Appears to require Star Horn Coral
    • Take a photo of Striped Marlin.
      • I made a dedicated Striped Marlin Guide since this fish is so hard to get with extra details.
      • They may start appearing the first 30 minutes after Star Horn Coral is purchased, but they aren’t guaranteed.
      • They have what is said to be a”10% chance” of showing up every half hour of ingame time (not real time, the app has to be open).
      • Time is not consecutive. You do not have to reset the app after 30 minutes if you don’t see them, that will never help. Playing the game will not prevent them from appearing
      • I really can’t stress enough that there is no magic trick to this. Asking me won’t get you them faster,and whatever you think is preventing them is almost certainly not. They are just extremely rare. Remember that with a 10% chance it is not out of the ordinary to need to try 15 or even 20+ times.
      • Here’s a photo of them so you know what you’re looking for
      • If you don’t mind eating some electricity, you can farm it a bit better by setting your device to keep it’s screen on (instructions for iOS and Android) and keep an eye on your device while it’s going. Be sure to turn these features off once you’re done.
    • It will be a swarm of them moving rapidly all around the map, it’s fairly easy to notice them.
    • Take a picture of it when it appears to unlock it. Make sure to “lock on” to it like any other fish, it can take a couple tries because they move fast.
      • Take a picture immediately when you first see one, then you can pan and zoom the freeze-frame while the app asks if you want to save/share. Find the marlin and tap it to change focus, then take another picture and boom, you’ve got it!
      • They’ll make many loops around the screen so don’t panic, but you do want to be fairly quick.
      • If you miss them, they will come back.
  • Bonito (Hidden, Fusion)
    • Unlock: Take a picture of Bonito. Yes, like the Marlin…
    • This is a Fusion Fish, found in the Fusion tab, not with the other fish
  • Mauve Stinger Jellyfish
    • Take a picture of a Moon Jellyfish 10 times
      • Some people don’t seem to get this until they share the image. If it doesn’t seem to work and you’ve counted 10 shots try that
  • Leatherback Turtle
    • Open the Mystery Chest 50 times
      • This is the last time you’d never need to watch an ad to unlock a fish, so I’d strongly suggest never watching an ad again after unlocking it
  • Commerson Dolphin
    • Save a picture of a dolphin 3 times
      • The Narwhal counts as a dolphin for this task, and is available sooner
        • The listed requirement of “save picture of the Coralite 3 times” is completely wrong and has been present for almost a full year
      • Seasonal event dolphins do not count
  • Manta Ray
    • Share a photo of “Stingray” 3 times
      • There is no stingray, it means the Spotted Eagle Ray or any ray
      • It says “to twitter” but it’s a lie, any sharing service works
    • The Oarfish counts as a Stingray for this
  • Hammerhead Shark
    • Save picture of shark 3 times
      • Goblin Shark does not count
  • Dugong
    • Own 78 types of Normal fish
    • What a beautiful Dugong! (chew)
  • Octopus
    • Requires Blue Table Coral
      • Costs 3.265 AC to unlock.
  • Cuttlefish
    • Requires Blue Table Coral
    • Acquire 3 Octopi
    • Only the actual “Octopus” fish will count for this
  • Vampire Squid
    • Requires Blue Table Coral
    • Tap upper right corner 1000 times
      • For any following fish that requires coral in addition to a condition, you can complete the condition first and the fish will unlock immediately upon getting the Coral
    • Did you know the Vampire Squid is not quite a squid nor an Octopus? It has it’s own Order, Vampyromorphida
  • Piglet Squid
    • Requires Blue Table Coral
    • Share a photo of Vampire Squid 5 times
  • Colossal Squid
    • Requires Blue Table Coral
    • Collect all Mollusca  (Misleading)
      • Acquire Octopus, Cuttlefish, Vampire Squid, and Piglet Squid
      • That’s all the other Blue Table Coral fish
      • (Trivia) It’s description should really read “Cephalopods,” a more narrow classification, but even then its written description is misleading
  • Leafy Seadragon
    • Requires White Swing Anemone
      • Costs 191.223 AV Vitality
      • Coralite level 2500
  • Ribbon Seadragon
    • Requires White Swing Anemone
  • Weedy Seadragon
    • Requires White Swing Anemone
    • Take a picture while using Delicious Food
  • Red Weedy Seadragon
    • Requires White Swing Anemone
    • Start Application Upon Notification
      • Will not come without Whale Shark, so if you still don’t have Whale Shark when you have White Swing, it’s time to force the unlock with the method in the above link.
  • Giant Seadragon
    • Requires White Swing Anemone
    • Acquire all 4 other Sea Dragons
  • Sawfish
    • Requires Orange Blade Coral
      • Costs 11.196 BP Vitality
      • Coralite level 3500
  • Shovelnose Guitarfish
    • Requires Orange Blade Coral
  • Torpedo Ray
    • Requires Orange Blade Coral
    • Own 75 types of normal fish
  • Bowmouth Guitarfish
    • Requires Orange Blade Coral
    • Upgrade Volcanic Eruption, Delicious Food, and Song of the Moon to Level 11
      • Skills can go above this level as of the Expand update, but level 11 is still enough to unlock this
      • The nautilus, Magic Conch and Mysterious Shell don’t count for this
      • You won’t get quite enough gems to get this just from Achievements/attendance, so it’s recommended to spend all your gems to get these to level 11 as soon as possible
  • Giant Guitarfish
    • Requires Orange Blade Coral
    • Own 200 total fish
  • Sea Pig
    • Requires Pink Tree Coral
      • Costs 158.645 CS vitality
      • Coralite Level 5000
  • Hatchet Fish
    • Requires Pink Tree Coral
  • Blob Fish
    • Requires Pink Tree Coral
    • Share picture of a Sea Pig 5 times
  • Megamouth Shark
    • Requires Pink Tree Coral
    • Acquire 15 Great White Sharks
  • Gulper Eel
    • Requires Pink Tree Coral
    • Own 250 fish
  • Basking Shark
    • Requires Giant Green Kelp
      • Cost:92.893 DL Vitality.
  • Beluga Whale
    • Requires Giant Green Kelp
    • Acquire 10 Irrawaddy Dolphins
  • Dwarf Whale
    • Requires Giant Green Kelp
    • Own 99 kinds of fish
  • Migaloo
    • Requires Giant Green Kelp
    • Share images of 100 different fish species.
      • Here’s a checklist you can use to help you keep track
        • Thanks Nina Hansen for compiling the Spreadsheet!
      • Shares before getting the Giant Green Kelp still count; if you already have 100 unique shares before getting Kelp you’ll unlock it the next time you “share” an image of a fish.
      • Easiest way to do this is to just make sure to “share” an image of each new fish as you unlock it. You’ll have over 100 fish by the time you unlock the Giant Green Kelp.
      • A more painful way to do this if you’ve already been playing for a while is to store all fish then take out a single fish of each species at once, sharing then storing them.
      • Remember to not actually share them. Click the share button, let it swap apps/bring up the Share menu, then back out. Don’t spam your friends with 100+ pictures.
      • Event Fish don’t count
  • 1000 Year Old Blue Whale
    • Acquire all normal fish (113 total)
      • This no longer includes the Juvenile Spadefish
      • Event fish & Fusion are excluded
      • Only one 1000 Year Old Blue Whale can be obtained, apparently due to performance reasons
Normal Fish

Not all fish are hidden, but hey, just in case you want their requirements.These usually just require that you buy all prior fish in the chain and own their respective coral.

  • Percula Clownfish
    • Fragile Staghorn Coral
  • Red Clownfish
    • Fragile Staghorn Coral
  • Fire Goby
    • Fresh Seaweed ‘Coral’
    • Own 5 Clownfish
  • Blue Banded Goby
    • Fresh Seaweed ‘Coral’
    • Own 5 Clownfish
  • Helfrich’s Firefish
    • Fresh Seaweed ‘Coral’
    • Own 5 Clownfish
  • Scissortail Goby
    • Red Sea Fan
    • Own 5 Clownfish
  • Yellow Watchman Goby
    • Red Sea Fan
    • Own 5 Clownfish
  • Blue Tang
    • Mysterious Starfish
    • Own 5 Goby
  • Achilles Tang
    • Mysterious Starfish
    • Own 5 Goby
  • Yellow Tang
    • White Anemone
    • Own 5 Goby
  • Powder Blue Tang
    • White Anemone
    • Own 5 Goby
  • Black and Gold Damsel
    • Pearly Anemone
    • Own 5 Tang
  • Blue Fin Damsel
    • Pearly Anemone
    • Own 5 Tang
  • Bluegreen Chromis
    • Pearly Anemone
    • Own 5 Tang
  • Black Bar Chromis
    • Pearly Anemone
    • Own 5 Tang
  • Emperor Angel
    • Cactus Coral
    • 3 Damsel/Chromis required
  • Bicolor Angel
    • Cactus Coral
    • 3 Damsel/Chromis required
  • Asfur Angel
    • Cactus Coral
    • 3 Damsel/Chromis required
  • Royal Dottyback
    • Orange Cup Coral
    • Own 5 Angelfish
  • Orchid Dottyback
    • Orange Cup Coral
    • Own 5 Angelfish
  • Diadem Dottyback
    • Orange Cup Coral
    • Own 5 Angelfish
  • Burgess Butterfly
    • Blue Cabbage Coral
    • Own 3 Dottyback
  • Racoon Butterfly
    • Blue Cabbage Coral
    • Own 3 Dottyback
  • Triangle Butterfly
    • Blue Cabbage Coral
    • Own 3 Dottyback
  • Lined Butterfly
    • Blue Cabbage Coral
    • Own 3 Dottyback
  • Blue Parrotfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 3 Butterfly fish
  • Red Parrotfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 3 Butterfly fish
  • Eastern Smooth Boxfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 2 Parrotfish
  • Yellow Boxfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 2 Parrotfish
  • Clown Trigger
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 2 Parrotfish
  • Longhorn Cowfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 2 Parrotfish
  • Orange Cowfish
    • Green Spongodes Coral
    • Own 2 Parrotfish
  • Orange Seahorse
    • Glowing Sea Flower
    • Own 3 Boxfish/Trigger/Cowfish
  • Black Seahorse
    • Glowing Sea Flower
    • Own 3 Boxfish/Trigger/Cowfish
  • Brazilian Seahorse
    • Glowing Sea Flower
    • Own 3 Boxfish/Trigger/Cowfish
  • Moon Jellyfish
    • Sapphire Sea Fan Coral
    • Own 3 Seahorses
  • Kemps Ridley Turtle
    • Ruby Cabbage Coral
    • 45 fish total
    • Keep it away from Samus (har har)
  • Loggerhead Turtle
    • Ruby Cabbage Coral
    • 45 fish total
  • Green Sea Turtle
    • Ruby Cabbage Coral
    • 45 fish total
  • Hawksbill Turtle
    • Ruby Cabbage Coral
    • 45 fish total
  • Bottlenose Dolphin
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 50 total fish
  • Irrawaddy Dolphin
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 50 total fish
  • Pantropical Spotted Dolphin
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 50 total fish
  • Pink Dolphin
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 50 total fish
  • Spotted Eagle Ray
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 55 total fish
  • Thresher Shark
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 60 total fish
  • Zebra Bullhead Shark
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 60 total fish
  • Great White Shark
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 65 total fish
  • Sun Fish
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 70 total fish
  • Killer Whale
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 75 total fish
  • Sperm Whale
    • Star Horn Coral
    • 80 total fish
  • Blue Whale
    • Star Horn Coral
    • Own 70 types of fish

Hiding Fish

See the Hiding Fish Guide.

AbyssRium Gameplay Walkthrough

Getting Z Vitality in a week

For a narrated video walkthrough of all the basic functionality, see Getting started in Abyssrium Video Guide.

Here’s a simple walkthrough for the broad strokes of what you’ll need to do to reach the ‘endgame’ (defined as Z vitality) in roughly a week. I took 5 days playing fairly intensely, but playing smart you should be able to ‘beat’ AbyssRium in a week, give or take a couple days, even without playing super fervently.

AbyssRium’s updated a lot since this was originally written, but it’ll still take you through early/mid game easy. They just added a lot of stuff so that Z is no longer the “end”, but the gameplay doesn’t really change beyond the ‘end’ anyway. Fusion Fish, Expand features, and Hiding Fish were all added since this walkthrough was written, but they don’t change it very much either.

Beating AbyssRium Without Ads

Just a quick note, it’s totally possible to beat AbyssRium without watching ads, though it will significantly slow your progress. It’s actually quite easy.

To hide the “new ad” notifications in the store/magic tabs, just open each once without watching the ad and you’ll never get a notification again. Pretend the treasure chest is a decoration and don’t press the Recharge Skill button and boom! You have successfully avoided all ads. None will show on start up/etc, ever, in this game it’s 100% your choice whether you want to watch ads.

If you strongly dislike ads, I suggest only using the “recharge skill” ad, as it’s by far the most useful and will still drastically reduce the amount of ads you view in game. It’s the only ad type where ignoring it will slow your progress, because you have to wait two hours to recharge all three skills instead of 15 minutes. If you plan to play super passively, this might not be an issue for you (but still, once all other skills are charged, the free recharge means two uses of all skills).

And also, you need to open the Treasure Chest 50 times to get one of the Hidden Fish if you care.

Note you can silence ads by muting “music” volume on your phone but leaving “notification” volume on.

Day 1 – Introduction to AbyssRium

Your  first day will be confusing, exciting, and overwhelming. Or maybe you’ll get bored and quit immediately.

AbyssRium is a “clicker” game, you see. You may love or hate that sort of game from the start, you may not have heard of it, or maybe AbyssRium will turn out to be the only one of the genre you enjoy.

As a clicker, AbyssRium starts off with you tapping your screen a lot to build “Vitality”. The ingame tutorial explains the basics well enough so just follow it. Basically you tap to get more Vitality, then spend your vitality on improving your aquarium which gets you more vitality to spend on…yeah, you get it. It’s important to realize right away that because Vitality earning rate is ever improving, any spending mistakes are extremely temporary and basically, don’t worry.

There’s a mix of somewhat equally important objectives in this game: upgrading your Coralite’s level, upgrading your Coral, buying new Fish, and getting the Achievements that multiply your Vitality production stats. You’ll be constantly bouncing between Coralite/Coral/Fish upgrades based on whichever is most cost effective. Always upgrade your Coralite and Coral 25 times per go, because you’re really after the multiplier every 25 levels, the individual levels don’t matter much. AbyssRium’s numbers increase exponentially, but the progression curve is secretly quite linear. Don’t worry too much about it, basically. You can’t really do anything to permanently mess up.

To upgrade the Coralite from level X to X+25, it usually takes right around 70 times level X’s vitality. So if level 1001 costs 1G vitality, save around 70G vitality and you should be able to upgrade straight to level 1025 for another 2x multiplier. If you’re bad at math, just add two zeros, close enough though obviously overshooting the value a bit. Note you shouldn’t use the +100/10 levels button with the Coralite; it actually costs more than way than buying levels one by one. Corals are the same, though eventually Corals are such a burden to keep up with it’s worth only buying them by the 100 levels.

I upgrade Coral whenever the upgrade cost for the next level cost about as much as I earn with one tap (with Song of the Moon active, if I have it), or basically whenever the Coral feels very cheap. Aside from some early-on points where Coral is disproportionately effective, letting your Coral fall behind a bit isn’t a big deal, and you can always upgrade in a big batch going 10 or even 100 levels at a time if your Coralite/Fish levels are way better.

I buy Fish whenever I can because they double all Vitality and more importantly they are very cute. You should buy new variety of Coral whenever you can as well, as they unlock more fish and serve as a sort of progression—by the time you have the last Coral variety, you’re more or less in the endgame. Don’t worry about buying the “wrong” fish, by the endgame you’ll be getting a new fish every time you open the app, so a few duplicate fish doesn’t hurt.

When fish have a heart over their head, they can be tapped for extra Vitality. Tapping Fishes’ vitality isn’t of much value frankly, but it can be fun for a bit while AbyssRium is new to you. More importantly, during seasonal events, fish will give you Candies instead which can be used to unlock special time-limited fish!

Stay aware of the “achievements” (click the trophy icon), the Coralite Level/Coral Level/Vitality Level acheievemnets have massive gains to Vitality.

If you get Gems (Abyssrium regularly gives you some for the tutorial and for completing achievements or watching ads), you mostly want to save them at this point in time. Buy one level of each of the Magic Items (Nautilus, Conch, Clam) and save the rest for Delicious Food, a skill you might not unlock quite yet.

Skills are the best way to earn, so play passively and wait for skill uses. Once you have the Delicious Food skill, you don’t have to tap much at all anymore, and you can focus on passively playing and only opening the app whenever Delicious Food is available. Each tap of the Delicious Food skill is worth 5000 manual taps, so don’t kill your finger, just be patient.

If your wrist hurts, stop playing. This is a silly fun game, and anything you need to tap will still be there tomorrow, or whenever your wrist feels better. There is no need to get RSI, this game can be played at a very chill place, and there’s really no benefit to rushing. This guide will get you there without much mad-tapping.

Speaking of, please do not shoot for the “Hard Worker” achievements. They are frankly offensively difficult to get, 255,000 taps in a short period would probably do some sort of lasting damage to your wrist even if you don’t have bad wrists. Save your wrists and toss $5 at the dev if you’re THAT desperate for gems.

Day 2-6 – Progress

Within a day or two you’ll probably unlock both Delicious Food and Song of the Moon, the two things you really need to make this game almost entirely passive but still progress quite rapidly.

With both skills in hand, just open Abyssrium once every 15-120 minutes, use all three skills, and upgrade smartly. Leave the game on for 5 minutes as the auto tap does it’s work, then you can put your phone back in your pocket for a while.

However, since there’s more to do, you’re going to want to learn a bit more about Abyssrium, search for hidden fish, and be aware of some pitfalls. The Hidden Fish list is up above.

The biggest pitfall is that this game has a very strange progression curve. There are a few points in Abyssrium, usually before a Coralite level/Coral level/Vitality Level achievement where progression is v e r y s l o w. It’s not you playing wrong, Abyssrium just slows down a few times, possibly to make the next bit of progress feel like joy.

Keep a close eye on Coralite level/Coral level goals. Generally I’ll only upgrade Coral once I can make more vitality per tap than the first level in a set of 25 will cost.  Note you can now upgrade in sets of 10 or 100 (for 100 it generally costs a whole order of magnitude more Vitality than the next level will cost)

Break this rule whenever your coral is woefully underleveled (eg Tap = 10x Coral) or whenever you’re reasonably close to the next Coral Level achievement, the 10x boost is vital.

Gems will come slower now as time goes on, with occasional big batches of 100/150 as achievements unlock. Spend these on new Magic Items or upgrading Delicious Food (first) and Song of the Moon (second).

You should have plenty of time to mop up the last of the Hidden Fish in these days, and make sure you keep unlocking Coral/new fish types and try to never get more than 1 of a fish unless you have too much vitality and nothing to spend it on. The toughest hidden fish to look for are the Striped Marlin (pure luck), the Check In reward fish (pure waiting), and the Legendary Sun Fish (annoying, but not THAT slow, and it’s an easy replacement for the Striped Marlin if you need one last fish variety to unlock the Dugong).

Over time you may find yourself getting tired of watching ads for gems/vitality, doing quests, and opening the chests. This is fine, the utility of these gains begins to drop once we hit the “endgame”, if you’re tired of taking pictures or watching ads you’ll be perfectly fine as long as you just use your skills regularly.

The Wall (O Vitality)

Right around O Vitality seems to be a point where almost everyone has trouble progressing. If you hit this wall, don’t worry too much. Make the best of your skills, keep upgrading the Coralite and getting Fish when you can, and upgrade your Coral if you think you can make your way to a vitality multiplier.

Right after O vitality you’ll be hitting Coralite level 1500, P Vitality, and 10,000 Coral of Life levels. Which of those comes first depends a bit on how you play, but once one comes, the others will follow fast, and you’ll be getting a fish every couple casts of all skills after all three for a while.

This is probably the worst hump in AbyssRium but once you’re past it there’s really nothing else like it. There’s a few more slowdowns (they’re common in Clicker/Idle game design, especially F2P games), but nothing really compares to this.

Proper use of gems will reduce the burden here, remember to go for Song of the Moon and Delicious Food.

Day 7+ – Endgame

If you’ve been keeping up with Abyssrium decently well, around day 7 you’ll finally reach X Vitality, unlocking the final 10x vitality bonus. With X vitality you should easily be able to upgrade the Coralite to level 1500 and obtain 1800 Coral levels very quickly if you haven’t already.

At this point, the game gets a lot simpler and smoother. There will no longer be strange gaps in gameplay where the next Coralite level bonus is strangely distant from reach, where the next fish is absurdly expensive or where you need another several thousand Coral levels to really get going again.

Note that Z Vitality is not the end; instead you will get “AA” vitality, then “AB” vitality…all the way to “ZZ” which is not practical to reach (and if AbyssRium is hacked with cheating tools, it stops progressing and glitches out before getting that far).

Your gameplay loop is basically wait for all skills to recharge, pop all three skills (starting with Song of the Moon!) and each time you cast Delicious Food you should be able to buy either a new fish or 25 Lonely Coralite levels, or both, easy. You can upgrade Coral at your leisure, personally I find it more effort than it’s worth and only do so every several Vitality “letters”. Your treasure chest, “magic” and photo quest rewards will drop sharply if you don’t maintain your coral, but at this point you probably don’t care much as a Delicious Food every 15 minutes (or 2 hours without ads) is plenty.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy. Abyssrium is now less of a Clicker Game and more of a chill, beautiful aquarium sim where you can get a new fish every 15-120 minutes. All you need to worry about is what fish you want to focus on (I like the moon jellyfish!) and finish any Hidden Fish if you need them. Also make sure to keep checking in at least once a day to get the last 2 weeks worth of “check in” reward fish. Even the slowest players will likely have one or two of these left to unlock by the time they reach the “end”.

AbyssRium Gameplay Info


Different styles for Coralite, Coral, and background can be purchased and equipped in the painter’s palette icon menu when the main menu is closed. It’s mostly a way for them to give you more reason to spend gems, but several items are unlockable without gems too. There’s also one item in each category for every Event AbyssRium has.

All theme options have previews so you can see what it looks like before buying.

The Store tab lets you buy Event customization items that you missed, all 3 items from one event for $1 each. Halloween is missing for some reason.


Outfits for the Coralite plus a unique animation while tapping.

  • Lonely Coralite
    • Default
  • Amigo Friend
    • Level 1000 Coralite
    • Sombrero, Sarape, and Maracas
    • Shakes the maracas when tapping
    • RIP Amigo Friend
  • Sailor Stone
    • Level 1000 Coralite
    • Sailor outfit with anchor and spyglass
  • Little Devil
    • Level 3000 Coralite
    • Devil Horns, Bat Wings and pitchfork
    • Shakes the pitchfork while tapping
  • Grand Father Magician
    • 300 Gems
    • I put on my robe and wizard hat
  • Atlantic Pirate
    • 500 Gems
    • Do what you want ’cause a pirate is free
      • You
        • Are
          • A
            • Pirate
  • Bunny Stone
    • 1000 Gems
    • But why
  • Santa Outfit
    • Free
      • Can only be earned during Christmas Event
      • Be sure to claim it even if you don’t use it or you won’t see it for another year
  • Rudolf
    • Own 50 Christmas event fish
      • 2,000 Candy Canes
      • Can only be earned during Christmas Event
      • Will be unlocked permanently if earned
      • Required for Polar Bear
    • Spring Flower Costume
      • 500 Butterflies
      • Spring Event Exclusive

Dye affects the visuals of your Coral.

  • Ordinary Coral
    • Default
  • Halloween Potion
    • Free
      • Own a Ghost Fish
      • Unlocked by playing the Halloween Event (2016)
    • Pumpkins, gravestones and candles
  • Autumn Dye
    • Unlock: Level 100 of Star Horn Coral
    • A mostly orange and very fall-themed set of coral
  • Blue Dye
    • 300 Gems
    • Corals are all different shades of blue
  • White Dye
    • 500 Gems
    • All white coral
  • Red Dye
    • 1000 Gems
    • Red and White corals fitting for Valentine’s I guess
  • Christmas Potion
    • 500 Candy Canes
    • Can only be earned during Christmas Event
    • Will be unlocked permanently if earned
    • Required for Walrus
    • Displays christmas trees and presents all over
    • Plays Christmas music instead of normal music
  • Snowflake Potion
    • Coralite Level 3500
    • Beautiful frozen-over coral and a nice happy snowman
    • Does not play the Christmas music, not limited to Christmas event
  • Spring Garden Daffodil Dye
    • 1,000 Butterflies
    • Spring Event Exclusive

Theme effects the water, lighting, and Song of the Moon styling. You can see the theme’s effect on Song of the Moon/Spirit of Life’s influence here.

  • Abyssrium
    • Default
  • Halloween Night
    • Own a Ghost Fish
    • Unlocked by playing the Halloween Event (2016)
    • Song of the Moon has a nice orange moon with spooky graveyard shadows over it
  • Midnight Ocean
    • Total of 100 Fish (Like most counts, Event/Halloween fish do not count)
    • A lovely darker blue with a light glow around the coral, a more subtle lightshaft effect
    • Song of the Moon is a nice crescent moon now
  • Jade Sky
    • 300 Gems
    • Green ocean
    • For some reason this theme and following ones don’t recolor your corals just background
    • Song of the Moon is blue with a crescent moon
  • Smoothie Ocean
    • 500 Gems
    • Same visual effect as the 2x vitality spell
    • Song of the Moon is blue with a half moon
  • Lovely Light
    • 1000 Gems
    • A very pink ocean
    • Song of the Moon is still blue with an odd 3/4ths moon
  • Night of Christmas
    • 500 Candy Canes
      • Can only be earned during Christmas Event
      • Will be unlocked permanently if earned
    • Snows underwater. Somehow.
    • Santa’s Sleigh visible in silhouettes over the moon
  • Frozen Ocean
    • Have 150 Fish
    • Wind-blown snow, spires and snowflakes show in the moon
    • A non-Christmas/holiday related Winter theme
    • Unclear if this is time-limited and/or tied to Christmas event. It’s lack of Candy requirements leads me to believe it is not.
  • Green Petal Theme
    • 5,000 Butterflies
    • Spring Event Exclusive


Paid for by Pearls earned only from the new Daily Mission, Luck Shell, or paying money, Expand lets you customize your tank.

It will take a very long time to make anything too fancy, so many sure you get the daily mission rewards as often as you can. Paying real world money gives a rather unimpressive amount of pearls (and no bulk discount) so I don’t recommend it.

Note that only Sand Castles and Craters affect vitality (or any element of gameplay at all). For the best long term benefit I would suggest spending at least your first week or two’s worth of pearls on Craters after buying your Seaweed farm.

Floating Island Trick

There’s a trick to get floating islands for your Expand items. It’s easier to show than tell, so here’s a video showing how.


Decorative only, most Terrain objects can have other objects placed on them or they can be used as decorations. You can even stack pillars to have extra tall ones. This is also where you buy new hex tiles to place more objects on.

  • Purchase new Terrain (50 Pearls)
    • Unlocks a new hexagon tile adjacent to an existing tile, you’re given one free.
    • Note you can pan the camera while in the buying menu, so you can move to the other side of the Coralite to buy a tile over there as well.
  • Wide Rock(20 Pearls)
  • Small Rock (15 Pearls)
  • Pebble (10 Pearls)
  • Arch Rock (20 Pearls)
  • Small Pillar (15 Pearls
  • Big Pillar (20 Pearls)
  • Pebble Ornament (10 Pearls)
  • Starfish Ornament (10 Pearls)
  • Large Gazebo Rock (80 Seaweed)
  • Small Gazebo Rock (40 Seaweed)
  • Large Ladder Rock (80 Seaweed)
  • Samll (sic) Ladder Rock (40 Seaweed)
  • Shell Decoration (30 Clams)
  • Sea Urchin Decoration (30 Sea Urchins)
  • Moss Rock (100 Seaweed)
  • Fence Rock (60 Clams)
  • Flexual Arch Rock (40 Sea Urchins)
Decorative Coral

Coral can’t be stacked on, but you can stack any Coral on top of any sufficiently sized Terrain item in the above list.

  • Seaweed (S/M/L) (20/35/50 Pearls)
  • Vortex Coral (S/M/L) (20/35/50 Pearls)
  • Onion Coral (S/M/L) (20/35/50 Pearls)
  • Feather Coral (S/M/L) (20/35/50 Pearls)
  • Pipe Coral (S/M/L) (20/35/50 Pearls)
  • Jar Anemone (S/M/L) (20/35/50 Pearls)
  • Elkhorn Coral (S/M/L) (25/50/75 Clams)
  • Sun Coral (S/M/L) (20/35/50 Crabs)
  • NewYear LionDog Statue (New Year’s Event)
  • Maneki Dumbo Coral (New Year’s Event)

Holy crap they figured out how percentages work. This is the only menu in AbyssRium where percentages are listed accurately! Note these work differently and you can only buy one of each structure; you buy upgrades instead of extras, which increase the vitality multiplier but do not result in any visual changes.

Structures appear to have a maximum level of 20. Note Structures don’t have to be placed on the map to work; stored Craters and Sand Castles work just as well.

Sand Castles

I’m not sure sand castles work underwater. But these boost your Coral vitality. I’d recommend getting and upgrading the Craters first,but if you want to buy one for visual variety 30 pearls isn’t a huge loss.

  • Sand Castle (S)
    • Buff: +10% Coral Vitality per level
    • Cost: 30 Pearls + 3 per level
    • Max: level 20, +200% Coral Vitality
  • Sand Castle (M)
    • Requires: Level 10 Sand Castle (S) (435 Pearls)
    • Buff: +20% Coral Vitality per level
    • Cost: 60 Pearls + 6 per level
    • Max: level 20, +400% Coral Vitality, 2340 Pearls
  • Sand Castle (L)
    • Requires: Level 20 Sand Castle (M) (2340 Pearls!!)
    • Buff: +50% Coral Vitality per level
    • Cost: 150 Pearls, +15 per level
    • Max: level 20, +1,000% Coral Vitality

Like baby Coralites or tiny hydrothermal vents, these come with a permanent Coralite vitality production bonus making them very valuable as later on your Vitality production is almost completely dependant on Delicious Food and thus tap vitality.

  • Crater (S)
    • Buff: +10% Tap Vitality per level
    • Cost: 30 Pearls + 3 per level
    • Max: level 20, +200 Coral Vitality
  • Crater (M)
    • Requires: Level 10 Crater (S) (435 Pearls)
    • Buff: +20% Tap Vitality per level
    • Cost: 60 Pearls + 6 per level
    • Max: Level 20, +400% Tap Vitality, 2340 Pearls
  • Crater (L)
    • Requires: Level 20 Crater (M) (2340 Pearls!)
    • Buff: +50% Tap Vitality per level
    • Cost: 150 Pearls, +15 per level
    • Max: level 20, +1,000% Tap Vitality

The math is pretty simple, an (M) sized structure will always be worth buying before an (S) unless it is twice as expensive. An L sized structure will always be worth buying over the (S) until it is five times as expensive, or two and a half times as expensive as the (M). Though you may want to only upgrade the (M) until unlocking the (L) for completeness’ sake.

Vitality Sources


Simple enough, this is the vitality you get per-tap. Vitality earned by skills is directly proportional to Tap vitality and includes no other factors. Tap vitality is generally your most important source due to skills.

Tap vitality is increased by Coralite level and doubles every 25 levels. There is effectively no maximum level of Coralite or Coral, so don’t look to “complete” them, Abyssrium is effectively an endless game.

3D Touch (iOS Only)

On iOS devices only, you can do a 3D touch (press a bit harder) to produce a shrimp, which will give 10x vitality once eaten by a fish. Before skills and the like are unlocked, this might be a bit faster way to gain vitality early on.

There’s a trick that some people can trigger where they hold with one finger and tap rapidly with another and many shrimp will appear at once. If you can get this to work it makes 3D touch much better than normal taps.


You earn your Coral vitality bonus each second, and you can only store up to 2 hours worth of per-second Vitality while the app is closed. Coral vitality also acts as a multiplier for the Quest/Magic vitality amounts.

Buying a new Coral species also boosts your maximum fish count by 5 fish per coral, and is the only free way to do so (you can also pay an absurd $100 for a paltry 10 more fish’s worth of space in the Store but, yeah).

Coral follow a complex curve where generally speaking, the newest coral available will provide the most cost effective boost in vitality after an initial “too expensive” period. This trend is broken for the new coral starting with Blue Table Coral which are much more expensive and much less effective, making the Star Horn Coral and the few coral above it the most effective to upgrade.

If you play Abyssrium very passively Coral might seem attractive, but Skills are still the preferable method once they’re obtained. Coral will only be significant fairly early on in your first few days of play Once Song of the Moon is obtained, your 2 hours worth of stored vitality is very little compared to what you can earn actively, with Delicious Food & Song of the Moon often instantly earning more than your two hours’ worth many times over. Coral are mostly important for reaching the next Coral of Life milestone which boosts all vitality production.

Trey Felton in the comments made this Coral Cost Calculator if you want to see what a specific upgrade will cost.

Interestingly/annoyingly, Coral cost more if you use the buy in bulk option, by about a 7% “convenience” tax. If you’re upgrading coral by the hundreds it’s not really worth going one by one, but it’s interesting to be aware of. Thanks to mickss on Reddit for working out the numbers.


Fish don’t directly add to vitality, instead passively doubling all Coral and Tap vitality permanently for each fish you buy with Vitality (event fish, luck shell fish, and the first free fish you get with a Premium Package do not add vitality multipliers).

Fish get about 3.5 times as expensive each fish you buy. This means you’ll often want to rotate between upgrading the Coralite and buying a Fish, whichever is cheaper. All else being equal, a Fish is always preferable.

Magic/Spending Gems

You can buy Vitality with gems. Don’t. At no point in AbyssRium are these bonuses worth it relative to their real world cost: gems should always first be used to upgrade your permanent skills.

By paying you can jump forward in vitality in an instant, but a few minutes of active play or hours of passive play will usually overtake the vitality you could spend $5 worth of gems on. It’s a bad deal. It looks particularly good early on (when progress is fast) but it will very quickly be clearly worthless once Song of the Moon is unlocked. You’ll often find 800 gems worth of Vitality is less than a single Coralite upgrade level!

Fish’s Vitality

Tapping Fish’s hearts simply gives you (Tap + Coral Per Second) vitality per-tap. It’s not that great except very, very early on, however tapping fish vitality is required for some achievements. Fish vitality is replaced with seasonal Candies for all events, which makes them much more worth tapping.

Photo Quest

Photo Quests give 200 times your current Coral vitality per second. (Thanks, Patrick in the comments!) If you let your Coral level flounder, these rewards may not even be worth the button presses. Generally these boosts are not worth worrying about unless you’re very early in the game.

Taking a “bad” shot gives you only 50% of the vitality. The sensing for this is very wonky, but generally a shot from the rear or an obscured fish gets the penalty. Sometimes an awful shot gives 100% and sometimes a fine shot is oddly penalized.

Note you can double your reward by “sharing” the image. As always, you can cancel before you actually post, and get the reward for free. The second reward is not affected by whether or not you screw up the photo.

Chest/Magic Vitality

This seems to be mostly governed by your Coral vitality level. The chest rewards are absolutely never worth watching an ad for.

Skills and Magic Items

/u/idlestate has a great chart on which skills are most efficient to spend gems on.

However due to the Bowmouth Guitarfish, I would recommend that you spend all gems upgrading Song of the Moon, Delicious Food and Volcanic Eruption to level 11 ASAP. After that you can spend them more freely. Here’s a chart on free gems vs the Bowmouth unlock.

Also note that maxing all skills is not a practical goal: Even spending several hundred dollars on In App Purchases isn’t enough! Your skills will never be maxed, and that’s just how it is. Don’t worry about it, the game is designed to be bad.

Skills (Active Items)

For the first 10 levels, skill upgrades cost the same amount of gems. Starting with level 11 (10 for Artifacts), upgrading skills/artifacts costs 100 gems more per level, so if level 10 was 200 gems, level 11 is 300 gems and level 14 is 600 gems etc. This means it’ll be a lot more cost effective to buy cheaper upgrades for lower level skills and giving an exact recommendation at any given point is more complicated.

Volcanic Eruption
  • Effect: Auto tap 10 times per second for 5 minutes
  • Max: Level 21, 20 taps per second for 15 minutes
  • Cost: 200 gems per level until level 12, then increasing 100 gems per level
  • Unlocked: Coralite level 100

Your most basic clicker game power up, it’s really not significant in the grand scheme of things until you get Song of the Moon, but it’ll feel impressive at the start.

The first ten levels act differently from the last 10, first a minute is added each level, then after level 11 it adds one tap per second. The first 10 levels are of extremely low value beyond unlocking a hidden fish.

Aaron Ford in the comments worked out that Eruption is generally worth more vitality though it doesn’t take into account Song of the Moon:

“Pretend you have A vitality.

Max Volcanic E = 10 tps (taps per second) for 15 mins. 10tps × 60s (1minute) = 600tpm (taps per minute). 600 tpm x 15m = 9.0A per 15 minute period.

Max Nautilius = 120tpm. 120 tpm × 15m = 1.8A per 15 minute period.”

Delicious Food
  • Effect: Produces 5,000 times vitality production per tap immediately
  • Max: Level 21, produces 25,000 times vitality per tap immediately
  • Cost: 300 gems per level until level 12, then increasing 100 gems per level
  • Unlocked: Coralite level 300

Once getting one of each of the magic items below for fun, this is a solid contender for your top priority. It’s usually the most vitality-per-gem, trading places occasionally with Song of the Moon.

Song of the Moon
  • Effect: Increases vitality production by 500% for 5 minutes
  • Max: Level 21, 2,500% vitality production
  • Cost: 500 gems per level until level 12, then increasing 100 gems per level
  • Unlocked: Coralite level 500

The most important skill in AbyssRium, the other skills are barely even worth using without this effect. With this, a couple casts of Delicious Food will almost always give you so many rewards you can instantly level your Coralite or buy a new fish or so on. At least until level BA and beyond where it feels like the devs forgot to actually design the game.

Song of the Moon also benefits the Candy production of seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas, so I recommend simply putting all your gems toward Song of the Moon first. It just makes your life so much easier and stacks with almost everything.

Once Song of the Moon is sufficiently upgraded, you’ll start to notice how piddly many of the non-skill Vitality bonuses really are too. The Treasure Chest (vitality bonus) and Get Free Vitality (magic tab) will feel pretty pointless as Song of the Moon doesn’t improve them. Photo Quest is buffed (for all it’s worth) but only if the quest pops up while SotM is active.

Midas Tap

Don’t buy this.

Magic Items (Passive Items)

These are your passive skills, mostly not as good as the active ones. But buy at least one level of each for looks then come back and upgrade them later on as your skills start to get expensive.

Remains of a Nautilus
  • Effect: Auto-tap 30 times per minute
  • Max: Level 20, auto tap 220 times per minute
  • Cost: 300 gems per level until level 11, then increasing 100 gems per level

Some people confuse this for being the same as Volcanic Eruption, but note it’s per minute, far slower. It’s an okay passive gain since it saves you from tapping, but it’s only really worth one level. Like all auto taps, these only register if the app is open, greatly limiting its effect.

Since the taps still occur under Song of the Moon, upgrading this might actually be better than upgrading Volcanic Eruption assuming Song of the Moon is maxed. I haven’t run the numbers myself.

Mystic Shell
  • Effect: 1.1x increase of vitality production per tap
  • Max: level 20, 3x increase of vitality per tap
  • Cost: 300 Gems per level until level 11, then increasing 100 gems per level

This is actually a 10% increase in vitality, not a 110% increase as the ingame description says. Subtract 100 from most ingame percents to get what they actually mean; they’re multipliers not increases.

Buy one level because it’s pretty, then ignore it until you have some gems to burn. It’s not strictly bad as it buffs Delicious Food, but it’s less important than Song of the Moon, Delicious Food and even Glowing Conch. I’d rate it as the fourth best skill.

Glowing Conch
  • Effect: Shortens skill cooldown by 5% per level.
  • Max: level 10, 50% skill cooldown reduction
  • Cost: 500 gems per level

The reduction in time is very significant on Song of the Moon, the best skill. Buy one level because it looks nice and move on to the skills first, then come back once skills start getting expensive past level 11.

If you have enough gems to max Delicious Food and Song of the Moon, this is probably the third best option. At max level of the Conch skills will come twice as fast and you can reuse the “recharge” option only two and a half minutes after Song of the Moon runs out. However, you really do need to max it out to feel the most of the effect and that’s 5,000 gems total.

Gem Sources

Daily Attendance System

With the attendance system, you’ll get 20 gems the first 6 days, then a new fish, then 30 gems the next week, then 50 gems a day. Every 7th day you’ll unlock a new fish until there are no new fish, then the rewards stop entirely. This is a great early injection of gems, but don’t spend them foolishly; focus on skills, mostly Song of the Moon.

The Attendance System is online-only and cannot be cheated by messing with the clock/airplane mode.

Note that if a new tier of rewards is added you’ll just start on the first day of the new reward tier regardless of how many days have past since you actually started AbyssRium, rather than getting all those rewards at once.


Your best, ad-free source of gems, these will be given like candy at first, and later levels give some very significant gem rewards. See the Achievements Section for the exact details and rewards.

Unfortunately, several achievements are far beyond sane, such as tapping the screen manually 2,000,000 times. After about a week or so of intense play and once you’ve hit Z vitality, the achievement gems have probably dried up, but you’ll get just enough to buy one of each Magic Item and level a few skills, which is really all you “need”.


Don’t bother with the chest, you basically watch ads to get absolute garbage at random.

AbyssRium Achievements

Achievements are a very important part of AbyssRium and you should check the Trophy menu any time you see a red (!) badge on it, as they’ll earn you large amounts of gems or a vitality multiplier that’s critical to proceeding quickly.

Vitality Achievements

These achievements are critical for reaching the “endgame” of AbyssRium, and if the game feels like it’s slowing down, it’s probably because one of these hasn’t been met yet. There’s only so much you can do to earn these intentionally, but keep an eye on them.

Vitality Achievements have 4 “tiers” of achievements instead of 4, and are more like boosts to keep you going (as Vitality production slowly reduces in speed relative to Coralite/Fish cost without them) more so than a specific goal to target.

Mysterious Stone

Reach a certain level for the Lonely Coralite.

Increases per-tap vitality by ten times per level for the first 5 star levels, then all vitality production by two times for Crown levels, except the last Crown level in a set of 5, which is 500%.

Star Levels: 200, 350, 500, 1000, 1500

Crown Levels: 2500, 4000, 6000, 8,000, 10,000

Tier 3 Levels: 12,000,  14,000, 16,000, 18,000, 20,000

Tier 4 Levels: 22,000, 24,000 ,26,000, 28,000, 30,000

Surging Vitality

Reach a certain vitality “letter”.

Increases all vitality production by 10 times per level for each Star level and 200% for each Crown level except the 5th crown level, which is 500%. Extremely vital, but unless you’re on the vitality level just below it, you can’t deliberately earn this. Just keep an eye out.

Star Levels: G, L, P, S, W

Crown Levels:  Z, AE, AJ, AP, AX

Tier 3 Levels: CD, CZ, DO, ED, ES

Tier 4 levels: FH, FW, GL, HD, HP

Coral of Life

Reach a total coral level equal to this number.

Increases all vitality production by ten times per Star level, two times per Crown level, or 5 times for the last Crown level in a set of 5. If you’re only a few hundred away from a level, see if you can reach it.

Star Levels: 3000, 7000, 10,000, 15,000, 18,000

Crown Levels: 30,000, 50,000, 80,000, 100,000, 150,000

Tier 3 levels: 180,000, 210,000, 240,000, 270,000, 300,000

Tier 4 levels: 330,000, 360,000, 390,000, 420,000, 450,000

Gem Achievements

These give gems, which are nice, but not required. Not all of these are worth obtaining based on their rewards alone.

Gems are given in order of 30/50/70/100/150 for the first 5 levels (stars), then 50/50/70/100/150 for level 6-10 (crowns).


Collect X unique types of fish, counts only Normal Fish and Fusion Fish.

Star Levels: 3, 10, 20, 40, 70

Crown Levels: 80, 100, 110, 130, 150

Play with fish

Tap the heart (vitality) over a fish X times.

The later levels of this one are pretty unreasonable. I don’t recommend going for it deliberately. Thanks to GK Ghima in the comments for some of these.

Star Levels: 100, 500, 1,000, 3,000, 10,000

Crown Levels: 15,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000

Hard Worker!

Tap the screen X times. Does not count auto taps from skills or “Magic Items”, only physical taps.

This achievement rapidly becomes unobtainable so don’t worry about it. It’s the best reason to not care about 100% in this game.

Note the Google Play version of Hard Worker is bugged, and the 500k achievement will only unlock after the 1 million taps one.

Star Levels: 5,000, 50,000, 200,000, 500,000 , 1,000,000

Crown Levels: 2,000,000, 3,000,000, 5,000,000, 7,000,000, 10,000,000

Ready! Action!

Use skills X times.

No real way to speed this up significantly.

Star Levels: 20, 100, 300, 500, 1000

Crown Levels: 3000, 5000, 7000, 10,000, 20,000

Commercial Break!

Watch video ads X times. Don’t do this.

Star Levels: 10, 30, 50, 100, 200

Crown Levels: 250, 300, 400, 500, 600

Check Attendance!

Play Abyssrium on X different days. Not directly related to the new attendance reward system, which goes by server time instead of phone time. This does not require consecutive logins!

Cheating the clock will glitch this out, it does count a new day if you advance your clock, but if you set your time to two months ahead, then back to normal time, it won’t start accounting for new days until either 2 months pass or you cheat forward two months and a day again (if you’re lucky, I had a heck of a time getting it to start counting again!).

Star Levels: 3, 10, 20, 25, 50

Crown Levels: 75, 100, 150, 200

Say Cheese!

Take a picture X times. You don’t have to save or share the image.

The easiest achievement to farm for early gems. Just take pictures and discard them and immediately retake. Position your fingers right and you can spam this action quickly. Otherwise you’ll slowly earn it anyway if you do photo quests or just like taking pictures.

Star Levels: 10, 30, 50, 100, 200

Crown Levels: 300, 400, 500, 750, 1,000

A special moment!

Share a picture X times.

You can press the share button, cancel the draft and still get this. Almost as easily farmed as Say Cheese for this reason.

Star Levels: 3, 10, 20, 50, 100

Crown Levels: 150, 200, 300, 400, 500

With Friends!

Have X Facebook friends that play Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium. Facebook has been removed f

Both you and your friends must be connected to Facebook in Abyssrium in order to count for this.

Star Levels: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Crown Levels:  30, 35, 40, 45, 50

External Achievements

These achievements show in Google Play (and I assume Game Center achievements are the same) but do not show up in the ingame menu and thus have no gem/vitality rewards; they’re just for fun. These do not have “levels” like the ingame achievements. Note getting all of Abyssrium’s achievements will take many weeks.

These generally won’t trigger until you open the ingame Achievements menu (the trophy icon). Note that in-game achievements and Google Play achievements have slightly different requirements likely due to oversight.

  • I am not alone
    • Create first fish.
  •  Ruler of the alley
    • Create ten fish. Unlike the Collector achievements, these do not have to be unique fish.
  • Popular in Town
    • Collect 30 kinds of fish.
  • Celebrity
    • Create 60 Fish.
  • Fish Vending Machine
    • Own 100 Fish.
  • Make stone up
    • Unlock 7 corals.
  • Fashionista
    • Collect all Corals. Will come naturally through play.
  • I got angry
    • Unlock the Volcanic Eruption skill.
  • Have a lot
    • Unlock Delicious Food skill.
  • Rendezvous with the moon
    • Unlock Song of the Moon skill.
  • Eruption of lives
    • Volcano skill level 11. (2,000 gems total)
    • These skills all require a lot of gems, you’re unlikely to earn more than one (or zero) through a “normal” amount of play (a couple of weeks of fairly intensive play). Even the paid “beginner package” doesn’t have enough gems to max out most skills!
  • Nutritious Food
    • Delicious Food level 11. (3,000 gems)
  • Dance with the moon
    • Song of the Moon level 11. (5,000 gems)

There’s also repeats of many of the Vitality/Gem achievements which are omitted here due to being duplicates.


Note that it is impossible to complete the collection unless you have the Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish already, and has been for a full year. It will likely never be fixed.

Collection is a new series of long-term Achievements that reward you with pearls for completing lists of fish. As a long-term goal, Collection should largely be ignored until you’re finished progressing through the Normal Fish list (and unlocking your Blue Whale), though a few lists will be completed through normal play, so claim your pearls!

When a Collection is complete a red (!) will appear over the Trophy icon just like when a new Achievement or Daily Mission task is complete. You can check the list at any time from the Trophy menu (it’s rather unlikely to complete many of the later lists without deliberately following the lists).

Collection has a two-tiered setup, where within each Collection Level there are five Oceans. For completing an Ocean you get pearls, and for completing all five Oceans on a Level you get an even larger set of pearls. Each Collection Level gets significantly more difficult, so higher Levels should be ignored until earlier ones are finished. In addition, Oceans tend to require new fish in an additive manner, so Ocean 1 requires 3 fish, Ocean 2 requires all fish from Ocean 1 plus 2 fish, and so on.

A full list of Collection requirements/rewards can be found here.

Note that every level of Collection will report “Bronze collection complete!”, even level 4. There is no second set of Collections after finishing level 4, or any special bonus of any kind other than the pearls.

Collection Level 1

Level 1 is extremely easy, requiring only one of each fish and almost no hidden fish. You’ll unlock these simply by playing AbyssRium normally and acquiring one of each fish as you should.

Collection Level 2

Collection Level 2 is much harder than it appears as it requires 6 of the Peppermint Angel, which in turn requires 30 Angelfish, a vastly steeper requirement than anything else in this tier. It also requires the Coelacanth, thus 28 days of playing. Don’t worry about this tier much until you’ve gotten your Blue Whale, or you’ll be sick of Angelfish forever. The stretch after Z vitality is a decent time to spawn tons of Angelfish for this requirement.

Collection Level 3

Collection Level 3 is where things get serious, requiring five of each fish in each list and requiring the Striped Marlin to clear even one ocean. Did anyone else just hear a loud scream? Hm.

Collection Level 4

Level 4 is neigh-unreachable for all but the most seasoned veterans, requiring the Dwarf Whale (and thus, DL vitality and the Giant Green Kelp) before you can even unlock any oceans. However, there are quite a few requirements you can mop up long before then, so it can pay to keep ahead of things.

Luck Shell

Luck Shell is Gachapon, a digital slot game so insidious Japan has tried to ban it multiple times but current versions sit just far enough outside of the legal definition of ‘gambling’ to get a pass from the authorities. As a result, it’s one of the most poisonous and money-grubbing aspects of many mobile games today.

Gachapon is so problematic that China of all countries passed a law requiring companies to officially state the probability of boxes after players were found spending thousands of dollars trying to unlock single, extremely rare, items.

Luck Shell’s exact(ish) payout odds can be found ingame in version 1.4.6, or in this imgur album if you don’t have it yet.

My disgust for the practice aside, Luck Shell is AbyssRium’s flavor of the practice, and it’s not quite the worst implementation I’ve seen.

Basically, you spin a slot machine by either watching an add or paying Pearls (the new SUPER premium currency, on top of the existing premium currency), and the machine can give you either Vitality, Gems, Pearls, or past Event Fish. Obviously, the main draw is the Event Fish.

A word of warning though, there’s no way to “work toward” specific fish or anything. You’ll get a completely random fish and there does not appear to be any attempt to bias the odds towards fish you don’t have (much less fish you want); it’s all dumb luck. If you really, really want a single item…you’re basically SOL unless the pure dumb luck coincides with what you want.

Basically, don’t waste too much time, effort, or most importantly money here. You can’t even meaningfully buy your way to victory, so just play the free once for the free junk, eh? Gacha is basically paying for the privilege of looking for the Striped Marlin, to put it in relevant perspective.

But hey, if you like throwing money around, I have a Patreon you could contribute to too, wink wink. /s

What Fish Can You Get?

Luck Shell’s main purpose is to give past event fish, so predictably, almost every single fish it’s been seen to give is an Event Fish. It does not appear to give Premium/Package event fish, like the Scuba Bunny. It’s been witnessed in one case to actually give the 10,000 Year Old Blue Whale, though no other hidden fish have been observed.

The icons of fish indicate rarity of fish, not species, so “whale” icon fish in the wheel are rare/expensive fish, if not necessarily an actual whale, while turtles are uncommon fish, and the fish icon is usually some of the cheapest event fish like Angelfish.

Like I said above, it doesn’t seem to be biased toward giving you fish you don’t have. It’s a monetization strategy for Cheetah Mobile, not a fix for all your ills.

Luck Shell also seems to have a bias towards the most recent event; for months it had a nearly 50% bias towards Spring Event fish. It’s current bias is unknown, but know that fish are not distributed evenly among events.

Getting a fish in Luck Shell does not entitle you to produce more of that fish (since their event is expired anyway). The only way to get a second would be to randomly win it from the luck shell again.

Note that you may have to go into the Manage menu (the button is on every main menu right next to fish count) to put your earned fish into the pond.

Excluded Fish

The following fish do NOT appear in the Luck Shell no matter how much you pay:

  • Premium Event Fish
    • Ghost Whale
    • Heart Sun Fish
    • Scuba Rabbit
    • Congratulating Corgi
    • etc.
    • You can get the Snowflake Whale because it was not a premium-exclusive fish
  • Prized Walking Fish
  • Legendary Sun Fish
  • Normal Fish
    • The 10,000 Year Old Blue Whale is the only “normal” fish that does appear on the list
Daily Mission

Daily Missions give 15 gems for each individual mission and 25 pearls (as of the Freshwater update) for completing all of them. Tap the trophy icon to see your progress on the missions, they’re all very simple.


  • Tap 2500 times
  • Upgrade coral 25 levels
    • Note Coral caps at 3000 in Freshwater, so don’t upgrade coral more than 25 levels a day after unlocking all Coral
  • Use skills 5 times
  • Tap 25 fish’s hearts/bubbles
  • Play for 20 minutes

Daily missions are always the same every day. I’d recommend always making sure to do them when you can as they’re necessary for Pearls which only accrue very slowly.

Note the rewards have to be manually claimed, including the pearl rewards. The Pearl reward button won’t work until the other rewards are claimed even if all five missions have been completed.

AbyssRium FAQ, Tips, Troubleshooting

Coral Price Keeps Increasing

A lot of people think their price for the Blue Table Coral, White Swing Anemone, Orange Blade Coral, Pink Tree Coral, or Giant Kelp is “increasing”.

What’s actually happening is the UI is poorly designed. The value on the left that keeps increasing is the amount of vitality the coral will produce once purchased; this constantly increases due to your vitality boosts (fish). The actual cost is displayed on the purchase button to the right and is always the same.

Cloud Save Information

Turns out there are THREE ways to cloud save, listed in order of priority:

  • Facebook: If you’re logged into Facebook your Facebook save will overwrite all others. This can be dangerous as if you share FB accounts it may try to auto-load the save someone else uploads to the same account. Facebook saves are also the only ones that transfer across OS (iOS <-> Android)


    • Facebook has been removed from the game
    • This means there is no way to transfer saves between iOS and Android anymore
  • iCloud/Google Play: This is the standard and recommended way to save: when signed in your save (and User Tag) are uploaded to your cloud account so if you log in on another device with this account you can retrieve your save. The Google Play Games logo shows if you’re signed in on Android, I assume iOS has similar? Can anyone confirm?
  • User Tag: Turns out Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium also saves even without icloud/Google Play, and if you disconnect from your device account, you may revert to a User Tag, hence the save discrepancies.

If you’re unsure, I’d double check that your device is signed in. Don’t worry about “creating an account”, if you have a functional Android or iOS device you already have a Google Play Games or iCloud account basically. There might be a brief “create your nickname” thing but you already have an account so just log in.

Basically there should be no worries as long as you’re signed in to iCloud/Google and you’re the only person on your account. If you’re NOT signed in, your save data might be saved but not in a way you can recover on a different device (or if the app is deleted.)

The app auto saves on any kind of account, and auto-loads if it detects the server’s save is more recent than the local one (even if it has less “progress”!).

Gameplay Efficiency

Adding a new fish is almost always the most effective method of using your money once you have enough, but if your earnings are slow it might be best to upgrade smaller amounts elsewhere.

Storing your fish has no negative effects; you keep the vitality bonuses and they still count towards hidden fish unlocks. The only gameplay features displayed fish affect are the photo quest and the Fish’s Vitality hearts to tap, since those spawn overhead of a specific fish.

Whether Lonely Coralite or Coral, I always upgrade 25 levels at a time to get the doubling bonus. The per-level upgrade is inconsequential.

I generally don’t upgrade Coral until the next level is less than what I earn either per tap or per second. Not a hard rule, but easy to remember and should never waste too much vitality.

Time your skill uses well. If you can buy a fish before using your skills, always do so.

You don’t have to actually post when AbyssRium prompts you to share. You still get the Vitality bonus if you exit out of twitter/etc and delete the draft. Do this every time you get a Quest to take a photo of a fish to double your Vitality rewards. This trick works in almost any game that rewards you for sharing by the way, at least on Android.

Once Song of the Moon and Delicious Food are leveled up even a bit, your coral earnings, Free Vitality (from ads), and Photo Quests will be permanently worthless


You can shut the Lonely Coralite up by turning off “Script” in the options.

When buying repeats of a fish, the first will be large and all the rest will be a second, smaller size. The variance isn’t much for smaller fish and is hardly noticeable, but with large fish you’ll notice the first one is huge and the latter ones are relatively “bite-sized”. The difference is especially noticeable with whales and sharks.

Fish will “school”, swimming together in a loose-to-dense pack if more than one fish of the same species is added to the tank. It’s most noticeable with lots of fish. Even fish that don’t school in real life, such as Giant Squids or Whales, will still tend to school to some extent in AbyssRium.

Fish have to be the exact same type to school. A blue clownfish will not school with an orange clownfish, though due to sharing AI their general movement pattern will be similar.

Cheating the Clock

Cheating the clock has major downsides and will disable most of your skills and some other features like Events due to the always-online features in AbyssRium, but a few tricks still work.

Cheating to get the Pygmy Seahorse and Mahi Mahi still seem to work, and they’re all you really need to mess around to be sure you get.

Moving the clock forward by 31 minutes after you close AbyssRium can also give you a chance at getting any of the Notification Fish.

Moving the clock backward while Spirit of Life is active will “refresh” its timer instead of causing it to expire if the clock is set back to a point where Spirit of Life was still in effect. E.g. if there’s 1 minute remaining, go back 13 minutes.

“Start Application Upon Notification” fish

Video Guide here.

There are 4 of these fish with mostly the same unlock. They will only be unlocked in exactly this order, and some require coral. I strongly recommend NOT trying for these until you have Star Horn or White Swing Anemone.

  • Spotted Mandarin Dragonet
  • Juvenile Spotted Boxfish
  • Whale Shark
    • Appears to require Star Horn Coral
  • Red Weedy Sea Dragon
    • This one additionally requires White Swing Anemone

The earlier two probably have unknown coral requirements as well.

The way these fish are supposed to work is that there’s a notification that can pop up exactly 31 minutes after closing the app which will then stop working after 10 minutes. There is only a random chance every 31 minutes and from this point on we’re going to forget the “notification” aspect entirely because these fish are buggy garbage, particularly on iOS. Instead, we’re going to force Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium to give up the goods.

Thanks to GK Ghima for testing a lot of info in this section.

Notification fish come in a set order, and can be received even if the actual notification doesn’t appear, but only if you check at the right time and the check passes. “Notice” in the Gear menu can be disabled and you’ll still get these notifications; Notice is only for the useless vitality notification, turn it off.

To force AbyssRium to give you the fish, close the app and set your device’s clock forward 31 minutes, then re-open the app. Try several times and see if you get the fish (it will start a Hidden Fish popup as soon as the game starts after the loading screen). It’s not a 100% chance every time. It’s taken up to 20 times for some people, but it works as long as you’re moving the clock and have the required Coral.

The Whale Shark appears to require the Star Horn coral in addition to this, and the Red Weedy Sea Dragon requires the White Swing Anemone.

If you get the notification but not the fish, close Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium again and reopen it quickly to see if you get it.

What the heck is Inbox?

The inbox is just where you get items Support has given you usually as a result of a bug you’ve encountered. Most players will never get anything here in normal circumstances.


Abyssrium is not exactly a bug-free game. You can report bugs via the Gear menu (bug report at the bottom) or AbyssRium’s Facebook page, and I’ll try to note common/major bugs here. If you don’t see a bug here be sure to report it to AbyssRium’s developers since they may not be aware of it (and if they are, they might have a fix for it). The devs are very bad at regular communication but decent at one-on-one support.

Not getting enough vitality

This is a fatal bug some people are getting where the Coralite suddenly produces less than 1% of the vitality that it should. There is no workaround and the developers do not reply on facebook to reports of this bug. Your game may be permanently ruined if this occurs.

Multiple taps not counting

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium no longer counts more than 3 taps at once, tapping with four fingers will count as one, but three will count as three. Never use more than three fingers.

Not Getting Notifications/Notification Fish

If you’re on iOS, a possible workaround is to change your Notification settings for Abyssrium to Alerts instead of Banners. Go to Settings > Notifications > Tap Tap Fish, and change Alert Style to Alerts.

Layout Bug/Code instead of fish names

If your layout is bugged and looks like this, go to the Gear menu and change languages to Japanese/etc then back to your native language, it may fix it.

Thanks to KevlarZach on Reddit for the workaround.

Not getting Notification Fish (iOS)

Can’t get ads to watch/ Same Ad Every Time

Clearing your device’s Advertising ID.

I don’t have the update!

Starting with the Christmas Update, it seems Abyssrium may do slow-rollouts where users get the update at different times. It may take a few days for the update to reach you. But as far as I know everyone with a compatible device should have the update now?

In an extreme case, one user reported backing up their save, deleting the app and reinstalling (on iOS) got them the current update.

My fish are disappearing!

Nothing in AbyssRium will ‘eat’ or erase fish (short of your save being deleted); if your fish are missing from your tank, you’ve probably hit the population cap: check the numbers left of the “manage” button on the menu bar along with Vitality and Gems. If you’re at, say, 80/80, you’ve hit the cap for ‘active’ fish and every new fish you add will ‘deactivate’ the oldest fish in the tank.

You can press Manage to store or withdraw fish, or even store all your fish at once. You’ll eventually get far more fish than you can display at once, so you’ll eventually need to be picky about which fish you want to have out on display (or just let the auto-storing do its thing). Whether fish are stored or not has no effect on gameplay, unlocks, or vitality earnings, you still get all benefits of owning the fish.

Check your connection

Just means Abyssrium lost internet connection, usually disabling Skills and Events. Ensure your connection is stable and wait up to a minute and it usually comes back; close the app if not and it should reconnect if your connection actually is fine.

An increasing amount of AbyssRium’s features require an online connection (including skills, events, Daily Attendance fish rewards, and all ad rewards) so note this game is effectively unplayable offline.

Delete Saved Data

It’s gotten harder and harder to “start over” in AbyssRium since it now auto-saves and auto-reloads, so even deleting the app will reload your save instantly. The only way to start a new file is to delete the app and load a different Apple ID or Google Play account before Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium can reload your save.

If you’re thinking of starting over to make things easier…don’t. That’s not how this game works. No matter what mistakes you make progress is basically linear and it’s very hard to actually “waste” vitality. Since it’s exponential growth, wasting 10 A vitality early on will mean absolutely nothing because soon enough you’ll be making literally thousands of times that and be able to buy whatever you missed. Gems are the only thing you can “waste” and as long as you spend them on skills instead of vitality, nothing’s really a permanent waste.

Purchasing Premium Package fish failed

The first thing to do when you don’t get an IAP fish (don’t buy IAP fish) is to always request a refund IMMEDIATELY from your app store. The app store will refund you unlike the developers, but you have to be quick about it.

General Troubleshooting Last Resort

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium has a pretty good cloud save system that’s now automatic, so assorted issues have been corrected by some users simply by backing up, deleting the app and redownloading it, then downloading their save back. Make sure you’re backed up by clicking the “save to cloud” icon in the Gear menu and checking the date the last save was on.

Purple Empty Screen Bug

This is, bizarrely, is caused by the game and your phone’s languages not matching up. Set your phone’s language to English (or whatever language you last played the game in) and it should work. You might be able to switch your language ingame to your phone’s language, then set your phone’s language back.

This bug has existed for over 6 months and WeMadeConnect will probably never fix it. Bother them on Facebook to fix it please.


Other Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium resources and information from me or others are collected here.

AzureMarlin’s guide to the real-life fish species in Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium!

AbyssRium Video Guides and Content

If you’re a visual learner or prefer to listen rather than read, I’ve got several videos on my youtube channel showing specific aspects of AbyssRium.

Event Currency & Automatic Macros!

AbyssRium Playlists

Playlist of all my AbyssRium videos

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Playlist of Idle Games specifically similar to AbyssRium


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AbyssRium Reviews

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AbyssRium Update Videos

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Expand Update is here!

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Credits and Patrons

Patreon Accredited Backers

These extra-generous supporters help keep SirTapTap.com and this Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium guide running, huge thanks to you! Contribute on Patreon to see your name here.

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Corrections & Tips

Thanks to all the following for AbyssRium information provided:

  • HUGE thanks to GK Ghima in the comments for more tips than I can realistically list! You’ve always been there with new information and I appreciate more than I can articulate.
  • Steff Werley for the first set of Fall fish!
  • Roseart79’s video for help with some of the hidden fish.
  • Twitter user @Goldynamo for help with the Striped Marlin and Scribbled Angelfish.
  • /u/atrueamateur for confirmation Migaloo unlocks even if you share the images before the giant green kelp.
  • /u/Shryxer on reddit for the “no ads” bug workaround.
  • /u/idlestate for the Bonito and Red Lobsters unlock
  • Taylor Lee for the cost breakdown & chart of the Spring event fish.
  • Kathleen Paranuk Paranuk in the comments for the info on the new update!
  • Juan Manuel in the comments and Alexvelhote on Reddit for confirming Hard Worker lvl 5!
  • Thanks to Reddit user MonstersAreNotReal for most Valentines day fish
  •  Thanks to Omnimechanica on Reddit for most of the Cetacean unlocks
  • Will in the comments for some Normal Fish corrections
  • Monstertop in comments for Themes info!
  • Nicholas H in the comments for Hard Worker level 9
  • Thanks to Kat for finding a way for iOS users to get more gems!
  • Christopher Barnette in the comments for Achievement help!
  • LukewarmLint and cthulhus_spawn on Reddit and Atani in the comments for Spring Event fish info!
  • Thanks to anyone who left a comment with a correction or suggestion! You all make this all worth it, even if it’s just to say thanks!
  • All my Patreon backers! You all help make my content possible.

AbyssRium World and AbyssRium Pole

These two Tap Tap Fish spinoffs have been shut down, but I left my guides up for history I suppose.

Event Fish Guide

Periodically AbyssRium has events, they’ve become different over the months, so the specific details are in the event-specific guide now. Events only partially repeat; later events let you get old fish, usually through expensive fusion. Repeated events may lack specific fish or items from earlier events.

See also my  video guides for events. Though they’ve stopped having Hidden Fish in recent AbyssRium events, so I’ve stopped making unique guides because you really just do what it says, there’s nothing interesting to them they’re just pay to win.

2021+ Events

Generic Event Guide (all events are identical now)

2020 Events

Midsummer Farmer’s Paradise Event

4th Anniversary Event

Brave Viking Warriors

Theme Park Event

Spring Event 2020

March Retro Event 2020

Valentine’s Day 2020 Event

New Years 2020 Event

2019 Events

Christmas Event 2019

Greek Mythology Event 2019

Halloween Event 2019

Space Event 2019

Anniversary Tank Guide

July Anniversary Event 2019

June Tropical Event 2019

May Wonderland Event 2019

April Spring Event 2019 Guide

March Circus Event 2019 Guide

Valentine’s Day 2019

New Year’s 2019

2018 Events

Christmas 2018 Event

Halloween Event (2018)

2nd Anniversary Event (2018)

Pirate Event (2018)

Ancient Egypt Event (2018)

Spring Event (2018)

Valentine’s Disaster (2018)

New Year’s Gift (2018)

2017 Events

Christmas Event (2017)

Halloween Event (2017)

Fall Event (2017)

Anniversary Event (2017)

Spring Event (2017)

Valentine’s Day  Event (2017)

2016 Events

Christmas Event (2016)

Halloween Event (2016)

Tap Tap Fish Freshwater Tank Fish

AbyssRium Fusion Fish



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  2. Does anyone know why I’m not getting notifications to get the hidden fish. I’m on the latest version of android and I’ve messed with everything in my settings and still haven’t gotten a notification checked my phone every 10 minutes for 2 hours and was wondering if anyone else has/had this issue and is there any way to resolve it?

  3. I need help getting gold fish, is there an easy way to get them? I just Convivt Tang finally and now it’s time for Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish.

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  5. Had to purge the comments since they were crashing the page, and while there was some sentimental value, there was only so much of my own spare time I could spend trying to keep 2500(!) old comments, almost entirely old and long-since-answered questions.

    Here’s to the next 2500 and any wordpress wizards that know a better way to fix that let me know (yes, comments were paginated to only 100, didn’t work, bizarre.)

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