Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Ad Crash Fix Guide

Ad crashes are a pretty common bug in Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium, and a particularly brutal plague on players is a persistent ad crash no matter what.  For some players ads do not crash but instead never load at all, with the app saying No Available Ads or Cannot Request Ads, Try Again Later. For me, I usually get Loading… and then it just freezes and I have to close the app. Crash or no, it’s usually the same root problem.

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This often prevents players from progressing in events (which are just a series of ads honestly), but fortunately in almost every case I’ve seen all players need to do is reset their Advertising ID, which is what this guide is for! Please consider supporting my Patreon (and get perks!) if my guides help you. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information on the game.

Note that after resetting your advertising ID, or if you opt out of Ads Personalization while you’re in here, you’ll see “less relevant ads”. Which could honestly be a boon for many people. Just something to be aware of, as that kind of tracking is exactly what this ID is for. It’s a pseudoanonymous number your mobile device’s OS sends to app (hopefully) instead of personally identifying information, so ads can track the number instead of “you”. By resetting the ID, the ads are tracking a new “you” from scratch.

Reset Advertising ID to fix Ad Crash on Android

On Android you need to change this from the Settings app. Go to Settings> Google> Ads> Reset Advertising ID and select OK. You can also select Opt Out of Ads Personalization, which should prevent most apps from using your advertising ID at all, though I’m not sure it fixes the Ad Crash bug in AbyssRium or not.

Different device manufacturers may customize the settings menu a bit, but it should be in the same or a similar location regardless of which device you have.

fix abyssrium ads crash by resetting advertising id in android
How it looks in Android 7

Reset Advertising ID to fix Ad Crash on iOS

iOS removed the ability to reset Advertising ID. RIP privacy. You can try turning off personalized ads which should (but may not) do the same thing. Start in the Settings App, then navigate to Settings> Privacy> Advertising> Personalized Ads

After resetting the Advertising ID, make sure AbyssRium is closed and start it fresh, and ads should start working again! You might still get some ads that crash, but the issue where no ads load, ever, should be fixed at least temporarily with a new Advertising ID.

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Wait A Bit After Starting The Game

If your game doesn’t crash, but freezes on Loading… when trying to play an ad, in my experience sometimes this happens because the game hasn’t downloaded an add yet. Waiting a minute or two before clicking the ad can help.

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    1. Yeah as mentioned in the guide, it’s just a workaround. You’d need AbyssRium to be coded well for it work all the time, and obviously that’s not going to happen. Tell the devs when you have bugs, they never fix without a huge amount of reports

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