Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Ancient Egypt Event (2018) Guide

2018-05-29: The event’s almost over, but a method was discovered to get ankhs super fast from the crab without limit! Also I posted a video about the encouraging direction the game’s taken lately.

This is a “mini guide” for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Ancient Egypt Event (2018) information, split out to be faster & easier to load on mobile devices. Feel free to add to your homescreen for easy access!
See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information.


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All hidden fish already found! Thanks a lot to the /r/AbyssRium community for helping get info so early!

See what the new fish designs look like here (design spoilers)

Abyssrium Ancient Egypt Event Fish Designs

Thanks to /u/ btbtiu13041 on Reddit for compiling the images!

General Event Info

Events slowly rollout (every time, yes it sucks), so don’t panic if you don’t get it. Expect it by the end of the week after it first starts rolling out.

We never know when the events end until less than a week before they do, they’re usually at least 4 weeks long though.


Currency is Ankhs, currency from prior events will be preserved (but invisible) for later events, so feel free to save up.

Song of the Moon is still disabled, but it’s not a gachapon fest like Valentine’s either.

New mechanic: Hermit Crab to auto-generate some event currency. The 1000 Currency bonus for the daily 5000 taps mission was removed in favor of the crab.

See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers.


Ancient Egypt Event Fish

  • Sand Angelfish
    • 200 Ankh
  • Ancient Spadefish
    • 200 Ankh
  • Sand Cuttlefish
    • Buy 5 Sand Angelfish
    • 750 Ankh
  • Ancient Seahorse
    • Buy 5 Ancient Spadefish
    • 750 Ankh
  • Cactus Jellyfish
    • Buy 15 Ancient Egypt event 2018 fish
    • 1,500 Ankh
  • Sand Tiger Shark
    • Buy 25 event fish
    • 6,000 Ankh
  • Ancient Manta Ray
    • Buy 35 event fish
    • 8,000 Ankh
  • Sand Whale
    • Buy at least 1 of each of all other Ancient Egypt Fish
      • The IAP-only fish, as always, is excluded
    • 18,000 Ankh

Ancient Egypt Hidden Fish

As always, buy and wear all the theme items before hunting for hidden (or normal!) fish in an event and don’t remove any until you’re done unlocking hidden fish. The most common error people make by far is having the wrong things equipped.

Thanks to /u/FarmerLesbian and the whole AbyssRium Subreddit for help with these!

  • Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips
    • Watch 10 event currency ads (for Ankhs)
    • 500 Ankh
  • Cactus Puffer
    • Equip the Event dye and share 3 images of Slumbering Hermit Crab (see below section on the crab)
    • 500 Ankh
  • Pharaoh Dumbo
    • Equip all three Egypt Theme items and create 3 Ancient Seahorses
      • If you’ve already made Ancient Seahorses, you’ll have to create 3 new ones while wearing the costume items. Always buy all theme items first when a new event is out, and wear them until all hidden fish are unlocked.
    • 1,200 Anhk
  • Cactus Ray
    • Tap Ankhs from Cactus Jellyfish  300 times
      • Store all other fish and buy more than one Cactus Jelly to make this go much faster
    • 3,000 Ankh
  • Ancient Coelacanth
    • Wear all 3 event customization items and take 3 pictures of Cactus Ray
    • 5,000 Ankh
  • Ancient Killer Whale
    • Buy Ancient Manta Ray after activating Level 10 Hermit Crab’s collection
      • The crab has to be active (dancing and earning ankhs) during your purchase and still active as you close all the “new friend” boxes. Cast the crab and immediately buy the ray or it may not count.
    • 10,000 Ankh

Ancient Egypt Event Premium Fish

As always, the premium fish are listed in the Shop > Gems tab, not the Event tab. They’re not required to unlock *any* other content, ever.

  • Fennec Fox Diver Pack
    • $10, IAP only
      • Like almost all paid fish, after buying the IAP you can purchase additional Fennecs with vitality
    • Doubles Ankh harvest

Slumbering Hermit Crab

The Hermit Crab is the secret to making this event possible even without stored event candy, you can even do the event in a week with minimal work!


The crab comes with the Ancient Egypt dye (200 ankhs) and will not appear if it is not equipped.  It passively generates Ankhs while the game is open after paying it a smaller initial cost.

It can be leveled, for a fairly small number of Ankhs each level (less than one “cast” worth per level), and requires buying a certain number of Event fish to reach certain levels. These goals should be met as soon as possible as the Hermit Crab is the easiest way to get event currency and you’re required to have the 30 fish it requires to unlock some of the other Event fish anyway.

At level 10 (max) it will generate 2000-2200 Ankhs per cast. Each cast requires you to tap 20 Ankhs from fish to “power it up” (the ankhs are not consumed by casting). You can and should cast the Hermit Crab 10 times per day, a total of only 200 taps for Ankhs. This will get you 20,000 Ankhs daily just for casting the crab without any ads at all!

Ancient Egypt Event Customization Items

These are in the Palette menu next to the Camera button as always. Buy them before playing the event as they’re cheap, fun, permanent unlocks, and almost always required for hidden fish.

  • Pharaoh (Costume)
    • 1000 Ankh
  • Ancient Egypt (Dye)
    • 200 Ankh
    • Required for Slumbering Hermit Crab
  • Sandy Ocean (Theme)
    • 500 Ankh


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9 thoughts on “Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Ancient Egypt Event (2018) Guide”

  1. I had unequipped the event theme because it makes it hard for me to see the Ankhs, and I couldn’t get Ancient Coelacanth unless I re-equipped it. The text says “costume” but I suspect you need all three (costume, dye, theme) to get that fish.

    1. Good to know, thanks! I always keep all 3 items equipped until done with hidden fish (they’ve made errors like that before).

      And yeah while thematically fitting, a yellow background with yellow ankhs to tap on….they should at least have a border to stand out

  2. Reach lvl 10, bought the Manta Ray but didnt get the killer whale… Whats up? Any solutions?

  3. I don’t understand this hermit crab at all. I gave it 100 ankhs but it didn’t do anything. I tabbed it and it showed an empty bar but that was pretty much it.

    1. Tap 20 candies and the green bar fills up then a coin appears tap that and you get 60 seconds of work out of him.
      Note: every ten “wake ups” he takes a 9 hr nap you can get rid of for 100 pearls
      On level 2 he makes 2 candies at a time, each level up seems to be +1 candy, it’s faster than once a second but I don’t know the rate

      1. Mine has already been napping for a few hours and shows a remaining cooldown of over 14.

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