Tap Tap Fish Second Anniversary Event (2018) Guide

abyssrium second anniversary event all hidden fish

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the July 2nd Anniversary Event (2018) information. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)!

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Update 2018-07-16: Baby Corgi does not require the IAP! I made a video discussing problems with the event.

Last year’s fish are included, also the babies; the costs/unlocks for them can be found at the 2017 Anniversary Event Guide. Tap the orange clownfish in the event tab to switch tabs to the 2017 fish. The 2018 event themes work for the 2017 unlocks, you do not need to buy the IAP.

A new fusion fish update is also included but not part of the event. See the Fusion Fish Guide for that info.

Anniversary Event Stats


Start Date: 2018-07-04
End Date: 2018-08-15*
*Estimated, they, for some reason, never tell us when events will end, but they said “maybe mid august” in a facebook message


Hoooooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ this is a pricy one, bois & goils.

All 2018 fish, excluding Prince of Abyss: 104,600
Unlocking the Prince too, as it requires all 2017 fish: 527,600
Lowest possible cost including all 3 2018 babies: !727,600!

Note that even these insanely high prices currently exclude 2 2018 baby fish, and do not include unnecessary duplicates! Cost to max the hermit crab is included, because not using the crab is insane. This is by far the most expensive event in the game, weighing in at over double the cost of the 2017 Anniversary event if you’re starting from scratch.

Costs thanks to /u/farmerlesbian and her higher tolerance of math.

Event Roadmap

This event is different from most events, so it’s best to take it in measured steps.

First, the 2018 fish should be created, up to the Ballroom Whale.

Then, the Prince of Abyss quest should be completed up to the second task (collect 30 clams), because next you will need to purchase some 2017 fish.

Then, complete the 2017 fish (or just continue with the Prince quest if you already have them).

General Event Info

Events slowly rollout (every time, yes it sucks), so don’t panic if you don’t get it. Expect it by the end of the week after it first starts rolling out.

Tap the Painter’s Palette (next to the camera) to buy the 3 event theme items and wear them until all Hidden Fish are unlocked. The great majority of failure to get Hidden Fish turns out to be people who forgot to equip them. They are always required so they’re not “wasting” currency.

We never know when the events end until less than a week before they do, they’re usually at least 4 weeks long though.

Currency is Envelopes, currency from prior events will be preserved (but invisible) for later events, so feel free to save up.

Song of the Moon is still disabled, Hermit Crab auto-generates some event currency in its place (~20k a day at max level). That’s about 600,000 currency if used every day of an event, so plan accordingly.

See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers.

2nd Anniversary Event Fish

  • Gentleman Longnose Butterfly
    • Cost: 200 Envelopes
  • Lady Spadefish
    • 200
  • Chandelier Jellyfish
    • Tap the hermit crab repeatedly to make him dig for treasure (30 times)
    • 500
  • Countess Sea Pig
    • Own 10 Chef or Butler fish
    • 2,000
  • Duke Seahorse
    • Own 5 Noble fish
      • Meaning Count Otter or Countess Sea Pigs
    • 5,000
  • Red Carpet Ray
    • Own 3 Courtyard Dolphin
    • 7,500
  • Ballroom Sperm Whale
    • Own one of each event fish, not including babies, prince/princess, or puppy corgi
    • 18,000
  • Baby Sea Turtle
    • Open the game on July 6th or later
    • 50,000
  • Baby Crocodile
    • Open the game on July 10th or later
    • 50,000
  • Baby Shark
    • Open the game on July 17th or later
    • 50,000
  • Baby Corgi
    • Buy all 3 2018 baby fish
    • 100,000

2nd Anniversary Hidden Fish

Video Guide:

Tap Tap Fish - Abyssrium: 2nd Anniversary Event: All Hidden Fish! (2018) (not Prince of Abyss)

As always, buy and wear all the theme items before hunting for hidden (or normal!) fish in an event and don’t remove any until you’re done unlocking hidden fish. The most common error people make by far is having the wrong things equipped.

Big thanks to /r/AbyssRium’s members for info!

    • Butler Axolotl
      • Tap 200 envelopes from Chandelier Jelly
        • Easier if you put 2-4 of them in the tank at once and no other fish
      • 800
    • Chef Giant Isopod
      • Use Delicious Food 3 times with all Event customization items on
      • 800
    • Count Otter
      • Leave a Countess Sea Pig in your tank for 10 minutes
        • You must have only one countess sea pig, store the others
        • You can still tap/etc, just keep the game open
      • 2,000
    • Courtyard Dolphin
      • Cast Hermit Crab 25 times with Event Dye
        • As in tapping the clock so he “dances” after charging
      • 5,000
    • Pavillion Shark
      • Take a picture of each of the event fish with Gentlemen, Lady, Countess, Count, and Duke in their names
        • If this doesn’t work just put out all event fish before this one and take a picture of each
      • 12,000
    • Prince of Abyss

2nd Anniversary Event Premium Fish

As always, the premium fish are listed in the Shop > Gems tab, not the Event tab. They’re not required to unlock any other content, ever.

  • Princess of Abyss
    • $10, IAP only
      • Like almost all paid fish, after buying the IAP you can purchase additional ones with vitality
    • Doubles Currency harvest for this event only
  • Corgi Puppy
    • If you own the Congratulating Corgi (or buy it now) you can also purchase the Corgi Puppy in the bottom of the normal fish tab for Vitality
      • You can still get one for “free” via envelopes via the above message

Perfect Party Quest (Prince of Abyss Unlock)

Merman is not presently possible for most yet without a timezone trick to pretend you’re in a July 6th timezone.

  • Collect as many invitations as possible
    • Tap over 200 envelopes
  • Special feast
    • Harvest clams 30 times
      • Do not use the paid autoharvest; in addition to bad monetization tactics, over a dozen users have reported it doesn’t even work. If you used autoharvest to get this to work and it didn’t, get a refund
      • Takes 30 hours total. You can, but shouldn’t need to, use pearls to speed this up, this will eat >$20 worth of pearls and you have to wait for the baby fish anyway, so don’t do it
  • Cake for Everyone
    • Create 1 of each 1st anniversary Cake fish
      • Costs 27,800 currency
      • Fish: Cake Goby, Cake Grouper, Cake Cuttlefish, Cake Turtle, Cake Whale
      • Yes, if you have them from last year or the Luck Shell you must buy them again
        • Be sure not to buy cake fish until starting this section of the quest; it will go to waste.
  • Baby Fish Audition
    • Own the Ballroom Whale and 4 types of baby fish. 2017 baby fish are included in the count
      • Appears to require a minimum of 2 2017 baby fish, for maximum unnecessary complication
      • Costs over 250,000 currency for this condition alone!
      • Does not have to be cleared in order, unlike the cake one, so no need to re-buy fish
  • Give a hand to the Prince
    • Tap repeatedly a great deal (5000x?) while Song of the Moon (and possibly Volcanic Eruption) active
      • May or may not require all anniversary 2018 fish to be out
        • Probably not, but try it if you have issues
      • The Midas Tap free trial is back in stock in the store which can be used to get this more easily if you haven’t already used it up
      • Just keep trying with this one, it will take several attempts with song of the moon, it’s cumulative so you’ll get it eventually

Upon unlocking he costs 100,000, and can be created in multiples unlike the kraken.

Hermit Crab

The Hermit Crab is the secret to making events possible even though Song of the Moon was removed. However not all events have reasonable costs, so you might still be doomed.

The crab comes with the event dye (200 currency), then you buy it in the Event tab and will not appear if it is not equipped.  It passively generates currency while the game is open after tapping 20 currency icons, up to 10 times per day.

Upgrading the crab also upgrades the amount of currency earned from ads (if you don’t get one of the countless glitches with ads, that is). The increase currency from ads will not work if you don’t equip the dye. Just don’t unequip the theme items until the event is over.

Tapping the crab will let it “dig”, with enough taps he’ll produce an item, including currency, and small amounts of pearls. He can dig even while resting. It can get 1-10 currency, 10 pearls (very rare), 50 gems (rare), 250 currency (rare). Rare rewards can only be earned once a day, so don’t tap eternally hoping for more pearls.

It can be leveled, for a fairly small amount of currency each level (less than one “cast” worth per level), and requires buying a certain number of Event fish to reach certain levels. These goals should be met as soon as possible as the Hermit Crab is the easiest way to get event currency and you’re required to have the 30 fish it requires to unlock some of the other Event fish anyway.

At level 10 (max) it will generate 2000-2200 currency per  cast, for a total of 20,000 per day (10 casts per day). Each cast requires you to tap 20 currency from fish to “power it up” first.

It can be recharged with pearls for only 5/10 charges, and due to bugs it frequently eats pearls without giving you the benefit. Not recommended.

2nd Anniversary Event Customization Items

These are in the Palette menu next to the Camera button as always. Buy them before playing the event as they’re cheap, fun, permanent unlocks, and almost always required for hidden fish.

  • Castellan (Costume)
    • 1000 envelopes
  • Abyssal Castle (Dye)
    • 200
      • Buy this first for the hermit crab
  • Firework Banquet (Theme)
    • 500

2017 Anniversary Fish

Last year’s fish are included in the orange clownfish button at the top right of the event tab. The costs/unlocks for them can be found at the 2017 Anniversary Event Guide. The 2018 event themes work for the 2017 unlocks, you do not need to buy the IAP.


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