Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Anniversary Party Tank All Hidden Fish Guide

2019 anniversary event guide
This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Anniversary Party Tank Event formation. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information and for links to other events. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)! Note the 5th Anniversary Event is different from this! See that link for the guide for those fish. This guide is updated for 2020. The tank will close again in September (but you can always open it again with ads/pearls/next year). Support me on Patreon to help me keep making helpful guides! Paypal also accepted.
2020-07-01: Guide updated with new Anniversary Event 2019-09-09: Space Event is live, guide here! 2019-07-17: Video guide! 2019-07-16: All fish found, happy fish…ing! 2019-07-15: Event just now out for randomly selected devices. I do not have it yet so info is limited. WIP as I add info

AbyssRium Guide Index

Other resources useful for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium players: My Patreon Page – Where you can support me, or use paypal instead. Full AbyssRium guide – Anything you could ever ask for is in here! All Saltwater tank information is here. Event Fish Guide – All info on limited-time events & Event Tanks Freshwater Guide – All info on the Freshwater tank Fusion Fish Guide – All Fusion fish and info on using them effectively Striped Marlin/Bonito/Star Striped Marlin guide – Because these stupid RNG fish generate 10x as many questions as anything else Video Guides – A YouTube playlist full of my AbyssRium video guides & updates Other mobile games – Bored? Check out some other mobile games I’ve made guides or reviews for.

Anniversary Event Tank Stats

Start Date: July-August each year Note that “tank” events don’t end, but a cost is added to access them after the event period is up New Fish: 15+ Event Fish 13 new Fusion Fish Ad exploit is dead. Pirate Event fish are returning 5 Expand items IAP Fish: Racoon Total cost: 346,800 Currency (breakdown) New mechanics arriving with the update: Time to harvest farm items (seaweed etc) is reduced New tab with Farm harvesting items You can buy farm items directly with Pearls

Anniversary Event Tank Gameplay

Note that tapping for vitality doesn’t work and in fact, taps in the event tanks don’t even count toward the tap daily! To complete the daily, tap in the Saltwater tank.
General Event Info
Events slowly rollout from the app stores (every time, yes it sucks), so don’t panic if you don’t get it. APKs have apparently been disabled so there is no way to get events early. This is a “tank” event like the Halloween 2018 one, so candy/vitality is not shared with your Saltwater tank or any other. It’s a self-contained event that lasts permanently, though you have to watch an add or pay pearls to visit the tank after the event period is up. See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers.


Magic is basically expensive versions of the regular skills from the Saltwater tank. You get a free cast per day plus you can activate them at random from Gifts, so try to use the free casts to get unlocks rather than burning all your gems.
Great Granted Greeting
Basically Trick or Treat from Halloween, increases candy from the crab permanently. Level it up as early as possible; though expensive, it’s required to unlock several hidden fish. Most require level 15 or lower, one requires level 20. You’ll recuperate some (not all) gems during the quests.
Splendid Aurora
Triples vitality and candy production amount for 12 hours only. Once per day free* trial with ad, can get via Gift Boxes for free* too. Required for several unlocks.
Pleasurable Ship Noblesse
Reduces vitality production wait time for 12 hours only. Once per day free* trial with ad, can get via Gift Boxes for free* too. Required for several unlocks.
Extension Ship Noblesse
Decreases vitality production time permanently. Not required for any unlocks.

Anniversary Event Tank Hidden Fish

Gift Box Fish

Like the Christmas tank, you can open gift boxes and unlock fish. Click Get Gift in the crab tab to watch an ad; you can watch 2 ads per day, and pay 30 pearls per box after. Remember the tank never technically ends, so you don’t necessarily have to use pearls no matter how ‘behind’ you are. Gift Boxes reward these items at random when you’re not getting a fish:
  • Vitality
  • Candy
  • 30/60 minutes of Magic Skills
    • Uncommon
  • 100 gems
    • Rare
Fish Rewards
  • Aosai Puffer
    • 6 Boxes
  • Embassy Blobfish
    • 12
  • Gentleman Catfish
    • 18
  • Podo Daejang Otter
    • 24
  • Qipao Penguin
    • 30
  • Cowboy Octopus
    • 36
  • Kimono Seahorse
    • 42
  • Prince of Abyss
    • 50
  • Poseidon
    • 150 boxes
    • Max of one, bought with vitality

2017 Anniversary Fish

If you already own these fish from before this event, they won’t be unlocked in this tank and you’ll start off with 0 each. Most of the 2017 fish are unlocked early, and aren’t hidden. You’ll get about half of these before you start needing to have hidden or gift box fish to progress. But honestly, the progression is a mess. Saltwater unlocks: If a fish requires placing X fish in Saltwater, you can’t complete it until you’ve created at least one of that fish in the Anniversary Tank. This only matters if you have a stockpile of fish from before this event.
  • Cake Goby
    • Own Celebration Cake (unlock via Quest)
  • Party Balloon Clown Fish
    • Own 3 Cake Gobies
  • Cake Grouper
    • Own 3 Afro Mirror Ball Fish
    • Put 3 Party Blowfish in the Saltwater Tank
  • Party Blowfish
    • Own 3 Cake Cuttlefish
  • Cake Cuttlefish
    • Tap bubbles from Dress Dumbo Octopus 30 times
    • Own 40 total Event fish
  • Candle Seahorse
    • Tap bubbles from Lady Spadefish 15 times
    • Own 3 Gentleman Longnose Buttlerfly
  • Jellofish
    • Take 1 photo of Seahorse Theater
      • This is NOT the thing in the middle with the staircase! It’s unlocked later and more clearly looks like a red theater.
    • Take 1 photo of Party Blow Mahi Mahi
  • Party Blow Mahi Mahi
    • Share 1 photo of Cake Grouper
    • Own 63 total Anniversary Event Fish
  • Cake Turtle
    • Level 6000 Hermit Waterfall
  • Party Sun Fish
    • Own Hermit Castle
    • Tap bubbles from Pavilion Sharks 100 times
  • Balloon Whale Shark
    • Level 10950 Sora Villa
    • Share 1 photo of Red Carpet Ray
    • Own 260 Anniversary Tank Fish
  • Cake Whale
    • Level 13050 Hermit Castle
    • Tap bubbles from Party Sun fish 200 times
  • Balloon Blue Tang
    • Own 3 Balloon Clownfish
    • Tap fish bubbles 50 times in the Anniversary Tank
  •  Afro Mirror Ball Fish
    • Level 1000 Central Stair
    • Own 3 Party Blowfish
  • Dress Dumbo Octopus
    • Share 1 photo of the Central Stair
    • Put 5 Duke Seahorse in the Saltwater Tank
  • Tuxedo Dolphin
    • Put 5 Courtyard Dolphins in the Saltwater tank
  • 1-year-old Sun Fish (Hidden)
    • Put 10 1 year old killer whales in the Saltwater Tank
  • 1-year-old Killer Whale (Hidden)
      • Touch bubbles from Baby Shark 50 times
      • Own 3 cake turtle
      • Take 1 photo of 3rd Beacon with Splendid Aurora on
        • Just take pictures of all of them
  • 1-year-old Sperm Whale (Hidden)
    • Own the Hermit Castle
    • Own 10 Party Sun Fish
    • Take a of 1 year old Sun Fish picture with Splendid Aurora skill active

2018 Anniversary Fish

If you already own these fish from before this event, they won’t be unlocked in this tank and you’ll start off with 0 each. Saltwater unlocks: If a fish requires placing X fish in Saltwater, you can’t complete it until you’ve created at least one of that fish in the Anniversary Tank. This only matters if you have a stockpile of fish from before this event.
  • Gentleman Longnose Butterfly
    • Level 300 Celebration Cake
    • Put 3 Lady Spadefish in the Saltwater Tank
  • Lady Spadefish
    • Own 3 Balloon Blue Tang
  • Chandelier Jellyfish
    • Tap 30 bubbles from Jellofish
  • Countess Sea Pig
    • Share 1 photo of Butler Axolotl
    • Tap bubbles from Chandelier Jellyfish 50 times
  • Duke Seahorse
    • Share 1 photo of Candle Seahorse
    • Own 25 Event fish
  • Red Carpet Ray
    • Tap 100 bubbles from Dolphins
    • Own 10 total Dolphins in the event tank
  • Ballroom Sperm Whale
    • Own 5 Cake Whales
  • Baby Sea Turtle (Hidden)
    • Level 11150 Celebration Cake
    • Level 5 Great Granted Greeting
    • Despite its position in the Manage Fish list, the baby fish start coming much later. Ignore them until the celebration cake is starting to get close to this.
  • Baby Crocodile (Hidden)
    • Level 16500 Central Stair
    • Own 5 Baby Sea Turtle
  • Baby Shark (Hidden)
    • Own 5 Baby Crocodile
  • Butler Axolotl
    • Level 3000 Seahorse Theater
    • Own 3 Chandelier Jellyfish
    • Own 91 Event fish
  • Chef Giant Isopod(Hidden)
    • Use Great Granted Greeting skill 20 times
    • Take 1 photo of 1st beacon
      • Just take pictures of all of them
  • Count Otter
    • Put 3 Countess Sea Pigs in Saltwater Tank
  • Courtyard Dolphin
    • Share 1 photo of Hermit Villa
    • Own 8 Cake Turtles
    • Own 200 total Event Fish
  • Pavillion Shark
    • Put 5 Balloon Whale Shakes in Saltwater Tank
  • Prince of Abyss
    • Open 50 Gift Boxes

2019 Anniversary Fish

The new fish are hidden, and most require 3 conditions to be completed at once, like usual in “tank” events. Remember to use the free* casts of the skills from gift boxes to complete unlocks requiring the gem skills. Saltwater unlocks: If a fish requires placing X fish in Saltwater, you can’t complete it until you’ve created at least one of that fish in the Anniversary Tank. This only matters if you have a stockpile of fish from before this event.
  • Bandmaster Frog (Hidden)
    • Own Seahorse Theater
    • Use Great Granted Greeting skill 100 times
    • Take 1 photo of Second Beacon while Pleasurable Noblesse skill is active
      • Beacons are the big lanterns placed around the perimeter of the tank
        • Just take pictures of all of them ASAP, they’ll be needed later
  • Dancer Carp (Hidden)
    • Level 7000 Seahorse Theater
    • Own 3 Count Otter
    • Take photo of Count Otter 1 time with Splendid Aurora skill active
  • Band Lobster (Hidden)
    • Own Hermit Waterfall
    • Own 5 Count Otters
    • Own 123 Anniversary Tank fish
  • Dancer Monk Seal (Hidden)
    • Use Great Granted Greeting skill 120 times
    • Own 5 Dancer Carp
    • Put 5 Bandmaster Frogs in the Saltwater Tank
  • Band Snapping Turtle (Hidden)
    • Level 10000 Hermit Waterfall
    • Level 15 of Great Granted Greeting skill
    • Take a photo of Dancer Monk Seal
  • Lady Dolphin (Hidden)
    • Own 5 Band Snapping Turtle
    • Take 1 photo of Ship Noblesse (the ship that has the gift boxes)
  • Band Saltwater Crocodile (Hidden)
    • Use Great Granted Greeting skill 150 times
    • Own 5 Band Snapping Turtles
    • Take a photo of Dancer Carp with Pleasurable Ship Noblesse skill active
  • Parade Whale (Hidden)
    • Level 14,000 Hermit Castle
    • Own 3 Band Saltwater Crocodiles
    • Take a photo of Ballroom Sperm Whale once
  • Dragon (Hidden)
    • Complete all Quests through Return of the Guardian
    • Own 50 kinds of Event fish
      • This is all hidden, normal, and gift box fish in the tank
  • Poseidon (Hidden)
    • Open 150 gift boxes, then buy him with vitality in the fish list
Premium Fish
  • Baby Dragon
    • $10 IAP
      • Not required to unlock any other fish
      • Doubles vitality/candy production in the anniversary tank only

Anniversary Event Tank Quests

Unless otherwise noted, these counters only start counting after the step of the quest unlocked. Progress may be lost if fish are made before unlocking the relevant step. The quests work just like the Christmas/Halloween ones, 5 goals to beat before unlocking the next “coral” building that generates vitality. Quests must be completed in order.
Revival of Hermit Kingdom
Unlocks Central Stair
  • Create 1 Cake Goby
  • Take a photo of Balloon Clownfish
  • Create 1 new Balloon tang
  • Use Great Granted Greeting once
Unlocks Seahorse Theater
  • Own 1 F worth of vitality
  • Create 5 new Cake Cuttlefish
  • Reach 4700 levels across all buildings/coral
  • Own 15 kinds of Event fish
    • You’re looking to unlock the Chef Isopod and Aosai Puffer for this-NOT the baby turtle. Despite its position in the Manage Fish list, the baby fish start coming much later.
Polish Instruments
Unlocks Hermit Waterfall
  • Own 1 N worth of vitality
  • Own 5 Butler Axolotl
  • Place 5 Count Otters in saltwater tank
  • Own 22,000 levels across all buildings/coral
Prepare the Stage
Unlocks Hermit Villa
  • Own 50 AB worth of Vitality
  • Level 10 Great Granted Greeting
  • Own 5 AQ worth of Candy
  • Own 23 kinds of Event fish
VIP’s Visit
Unlocks Hermit Castle
  • Create 5 new Courtyard Dolphins
  • Tap bubbles for candy 500 times
  • Reach 85,000 levels across all buildings/coral
  • Reach 1 BR worth of candy
Standby Cue
  • Create 5 new Party Sun Fish
  • Reach level 15 Great Granted Greeting
  • Own 5 BX worth candy
  • Own 40 kinds of Event Fish
Return of the Guardian
Half the unlock for the Hidden Fish “Dragon” (you still need to own 50 kinds of Anniversary Event fish)
  • Reach level 20 of Great Granted Greeting
    • Yes for some reason it’s the same requirement as the last one
  • Create 1 new 1 Year Old Sperm Whale
  • Own 5 Prade Whales total
  • Reach 110,000 total levels across all buildings/”coral”

Fairy’s Summer Blessing

Unlocks the Summer Fairy Hidden Fish. Thanks to SuperOrdinaryUser for these! Requires all above quests to be complete.
  • Reach 50CD Anniversary Tank Vitality
  • Release 2 Aosai Puffers into the Abyss Tank
    • Create 2 Aosai Puffers from Gift Boxes, then open Manage Fish in Abyss tank and put them there
      • You can get duplicates of Gift Box fish by looping through the gift boxes. In this case, after opening 56 boxes, you get a second Aosai Puffer
  • Reach 100CI Anniversary Tank Vitality
  • Buy a total of 150,000 Anniversary Tank Building levels

Video Guide

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium: 2019 Anniversary Event Guide All Hidden Fish
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  1. Thank you so much for making this site, I have been trying to figure parts of this game since January, but with your help, you have made this a much more pleasant experience.

  2. Oops, that was definitely my mistake… Created one or two and it already increased exponentially. Thank you so much for your help (^人^) also sorry, I’m trying to reply to the chain of messages but apparently I didn’t get it right

    1. Ah, yeah making fish is the biggest part–it’s tempting to “save up” for the next unlocked fish but it slows you down SO bad and eventually you have to make like 10+ of everything anyway, so you should always make a fish the instant you can. IT’s confusing, because Freshwater and Pole aren’t like that at all.

      And the reply thing is my bad, gotta fix my wordpress theme to follow the new method, but my test site is having some issues

  3. Levels on the Seahorse Theater, I meant. Thank you very much! Will more fish benefit my invitation production? That’s definitely something I could expand on but I wasn’t sure if that helped since it doesn’t say anything about production increase when you make them (the way the saltwater tank does).

  4. Any at all tips for reaching level 3000 Seahorse Theater? Something I should focus on leveling first for quicker production maybe? I’m working on upgrading Great Granted Greeting as much as I can. I can’t think of anything else to do but I’m managing maybe 10 levels a day tops at this point so I figured I would ask. Thank you so much, this is a great guide!

    1. Same thing as always, constantly cast hermit crab, upgrade hermit crab as much as you can (ultimately it’s required), upgrade central stair as much as possible (all other buildings are worthless except for unlocks), buy as many fish as possible, do your quests.

      What do you mean 10 levels a day? If you mean 10 hermit crab skill levels, that’s crazy fast as it maxes at 30 and they’re extremely expensive. If you mean building levels, you’re definitely doing something wrong.

  5. I’m having difficulty getting the dress dumbo right now to get central stair & the cake cuttlefish, how can I fix this issue?

    1. Which part is giving you trouble? There’s two requirements both clearly writteno ut…just try them again and see if it works. The saltwater tank thing is very finicky and often takes two tries to work right

  6. I gotten all the baby fish now, but I can’t see the Baby Corgi from the 2nd Anniversary. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or they didn’t add it to the 2019 Anniversary event.

  7. Sooo as a few others here I bought the event back b/c I haven’t been connected to the internet in a while as I was working for Shark consedvatcon in South Africa the past month…

    My question is though: Is it just me or is “100 times Great Granted Greetings”/ 120 or even 150 times a f@king lot or is there any trick to reach these numbers any faster? I’m through the entire event by now but through the Great Granted Greetings locked fish (Basically all of the hidden ones + the Dragon) I tried watching the ad every 7 minutes to reset it for a while but that didn’t help me out too well. Anyone got any other methods to pump these numbers quickly?

    Ps: Is there any way to see how far you are once you’re beyond the 20 to get the Chef Giant Isopod?

    Pps: Thanks again Mr. Tap Tap for your amazing Guide (I’m pretty sure I commented somewhere someday on your guide before) – much appreciated!!

    1. Nope, the unlocks are bad on purpose, most unlocks like that are just meant to slow the game down or force you to watch ads, there’s never a way around any unlock.

  8. Hiyah! So I bought back the Anniversary Event for 300 pearls for 30 day about 5 days ago. Do have any idea if this event will still be available after the 30 days? I totally missed this event when it got out.

    1. You can just keep buying season passes or watching ads for access infinitely, only real limitation is your pearls and the ad only works once per day.

      1. Thank you for responding, Great Sir! I can now somehow rest easy.

        Your guide is very, very helpful, by the way. Again, thank you!

          1. Achievements help massively early on, otherwise, not much to do but the few obvious gem sources. Not really any secrets

  9. I can’t get the 1 year old sperm whale… I’m following the instructions and I have everything but I’m not getting the baby whale..

    1. Omg I’m so dumb. I kept thinking I needed 10 1 year old sun fish but it was the PARTY SUN FISH. I’m sorry! Thank you though for helping everyone with the hidden fish.

    1. nvm i guess ? i checked my quest and it was changed to 15 and i had somehow also completed the whole quest

  10. I can’t get the bandmaster frog?! Taken photos of EVERYTHING with the skill active. Help?!

    1. you have to take pictures of the Lantern looking things in the background AND the ones you cant see till your in camera mode in the front it took me a few tried to realize those are the “beacons “

  11. I can’t get the dragon and have completed all the quests. Is there something else you have to do to get it?

  12. I feel silly asking this but Is it cheaper to buy the x10 upgrades or the single upgrades? It looks like the x10 might be the best option but I’m terrible at math…. lol

    1. They screwed up the math, the 10x upgrades are drastically superior to the 1x ones. They cost like 10% more and are 10x as effective for some reason. I thought I mentioned it in the guide but I guess I forgot, I’ll add it in

      1. They’ve changed it now. They “fixed it” with the new update, but now its infinitely harder.

  13. Is there any way of getting/buying more of the fish that come as a reward from opening the boxes??

  14. For 15 event fish in the Appetizer challenge — you’re looking to unlock the Chef Isopod AND also grab the Aosai Puffer 🙂 Otherwise, not enough fish.

  15. I took pictures of the Central Stair, posted 3 times on facebook, but it still won’t accept any of it, so I can’t get Dress Dumbo Octopus. Yes, I added the required fish in the saltwater tank.

    1. You have to buy at least one duke seahorse in the anniversary tank for it to work. Otherwise keep trying, game is buggy and “do it again” is usually what it takes

      1. I have tried this 5 times and it still hasn’t worked… and I can’t get any more fish without this dumbo octopus dress

        1. You’re probably just doing some part of it wrong. Buy a new Duke seahorse, go to the abyss tank and put it out, tap the actual stairs when you take the photo (just being in the shot never works)

  16. FYI – you only need to create a single “new” version for the fish that need to be put into the saltwater. Once you create one – you can put 5 old ones in the saltwater and it counts it.

      1. Anyone know how to unlock Poseidon yet? I’ve unlocked all fish and did Great Granted Greeting 200 times and still nothing.

          1. I’m glad I’m not the only nly with that problem. HELP PKEASE!!!!

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