Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium: April Spring Tea Party Event 2019 Guide

Tap Tap Fish Spring Event 2019 guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the April Spring Tea Party Event (2019) information. See the main guide for other events and general game information. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)!

Note with this update, there’s 10 more Fusion Fish in the main tank (some required for the event!). The Christmas, Freshwater, and Halloween Tanks all had their (terrible) level caps removed as well!

Video guide:

Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium Spring Tea Party Event 2019: All Hidden Fish Guide

Theme: Teaparty
Total Cost: A Metric Buttload (full breakdown), 500,000 minimum
Required fish: 135
Estimated dates: April 1st – April 30th
APK: (Don’t download if you don’t know what that means) 
More complex fusion efficiency guide because this event is an over complicated mess

Spring Event 2019 Hidden Fish

These were all listed ahead of time (boring) with hints for the hidden fish. I’ll replace the hints with the exact requirements once known.

  • Rabbit Clownfish
  • Forsythia Idol (Hidden)
    • Equip the Event Dye and Theme
  • Egg Puffer (Hidden)
    • Watch the ad for event currency 5 times
  • Teacup Cowfish Create 5 Egg Puffers
  • Leaf Sea Slug (Hidden)
    • Tap on the hermit crab to dig up a treasure chest 10 times
  • Ladybug Turtle
    • Create 5 Leaf Sea Slugs
  • Cherry Blossom Axolotl (Hidden)
    • Create 15 of the previous years’ events fish
      • These have to be made new, even if you already have 15 fish
  • Mushroom Jellyfish
    • Take 3 pictures of the Egg Lamp item (from the Expand Quest)
  • Spring Flower Squid
    • Own 30 of the 2019 Spring Event Fish
  • Forsythia Oarfish (Hidden)
    • Take 3 pictures of the Tea Cup with Chick item (from the Expand Quest)
  • Petal Stingray (Hidden)
    • Create 1 each of all the Spring Flower fish:
      • Forsythia Oarfish
      • Forsythia Idol
      • Flower Cuttlefish
      • Prior event fusion fish
        • These fish must be remade even if you already own them
        • Flower Football Fish
        • Flower Dolphin
        • Flower Angel
  • Leaf Shark
    • Own 60 of the 2019 Spring Event fish
  • Teatime Whale (Hidden)
    • Own 12 kinds of 2019 Spring Event Fish (all except the Giant Nautilus and IAP fish)
    • Own 80 total 2019 Spring Event Fish
  • Giant Teapot Nautilus
    • Complete the Spring Event Quest
Spring IAP Fish
  • Ferret
    • $10 In App Purchase
    • Not required to unlock any other fish or content at all

Spring Event Quest

You have to complete these steps, in order, to unlock the Giant Teapot Nautilus. The Nautilus is not free, it still costs 100,000 currency after unlocking.

  • Skill of Hermit Crab
    • Cast the hermit crab skill 5 times
  • Tea Party Invite Guests
    • Create 5 Six Line Wrasse
      • A new Fusion fish in the Fusion tab, not an event fish
      • Probably have to make these AFTER unlocking this
  • Various Guests
    • Create 8 new Fusion Fish
      • Not sure if types or total fish
      • Probably have to make these AFTER unlocking this
  • The Spring of Spring
    • Create 5 Leaf Sharks
      • Probably have to make these AFTER unlocking this
  • Tea Party For Everyone
    • Own !120! new Spring 2019 Fish

Spring Event Cosmetics

Theme Items

Just buy all of these immediately they’re required for hidden fish and the crab.

  • Picnic Hat
    • Costume
    • 1000 Currency
  • Fragrant Tea Party
    • Dye
    • 200 Currency
  • Rippling Spring Sea
    • Theme
    • 500 currency

Spring Expand Item Missions

Each of these missions gives you one free expand item of that type, and also unlocks it for purchase with pearls.

  • Grass Field
    • Equip Picnic Hat costume
  • Flower Field
    • Cast Delicious Food 20 times
  • Egg Lamp
    • Log in 3 days
      • Counter starts after reaching this quest
  • Vine
    • Create 20 of the new Fusion Fish
  • Teacup Chick
    • Cast Hermit Crab 50 times
      • this will take 5 days
  • Conch Shell House
    • Create 3 Teatime Whales
  • Spring Teapot
    • Create 50 new Fusion Fish


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