Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Christmas Event Guide (2016)

abyssrium Christmas 2016 event guide

This is a “mini guide” for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Christmas Event (2016) information, split out to be faster & easier to load on mobile devices. Feel free to add to your homescreen for easy access!
See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information.

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Last known running time: December 8th through January 23rd

Missed the event? Here’s a video showcasing all the fish!

The Christmas event works largely like the Halloween One, though you have to buy the decorations yourself with Candy this time. Fishes’ hearts/vitality are now Candy Canes you can tap to earn a second currency used to buy special event fish that do not increase vitality rate.

This event is much harder than Halloween mostly because the candy prices grew significantly.


User Shaked in the comments did some math discovering the minimum number of candies to get at least one of each of the Christmas Fish is 68,500. His calculations of how many clicks this will take by condition is below:

68.5k fish’s vitality clicks with no skills
13.7k fish’s vitality clicks with skills not upgraded
4.56~k fish’s vitality clicks with fully upgraded skills
2.28~k fish’s vitality clicks if also the double effect is on.
If you only see the ads 1370 times=685 hours=28.54 days

Don’t worry too much though, as long as Song of the Moon is unlocked and ideally upgraded, it’s not impossible. I got it in about 3-4 days of fairly (but not life-consumingly) consistent play using the “best method”. You will, however, probably not want to bother getting more than a few extras unless you really like a specific holiday fish.

If you’re just beginning AbyssRium however…I would play the game normally at least until getting Song of the Moon. It is simply not practical to get far in this event without it, and if you follow the guide you’ll have SotM in a few days.

Christmas Event Normal Fish

  • Snowflake Angelfish (500 Candy Canes)
  • Christmas Yellow Tang (1,000)
  • Snowflake Sea Slug (1,500)
    • Own 3 Snowflake Angelfish
  • Christmas Football Fish (2,000)
    • Own 10 Christmas Event Fish
      • Individual fish, not different species
  • Christmas Dumbo Octopus (3,000)
    • Own 3 Christmas Football Fish
  • Snowflake Dolphin  (5,000)
    • Collect 8 kinds of Christmas event fish
  • Christmas Dolphin (6,000)
    • Own 30 Christmas Event Fish
  • Snowflake Whale (10,000)
    • Collect all 11 other Christmas species

Christmas Event Hidden Fish

    • Baby Penguin (2,000)
      • Tap with two fingers at once, 100 times
      • Thanks Deana Smith in the comments
      • This used to be “four fingers” which was impossible on some phones. Make sure your app is updated if it doesn’t seem to work
    • Walrus (2,500)
      • Share a photo of Christmas tree 5 times
        • Tap the tree to focus on it, it should focus as if it were tracking a fish
        • As always, just press the share button then cancel the tweet/post and AbyssRium still credits it as a share without you pestering your friends
      • Buy Christmas Potion in the Dye menu for 500 Candy Canes to see the trees
        • If you don’t see trees, you might have to level your Coralite. The barrier is under level 1000 at the highest
    • Emperor Penguin (4,000)
      • Use the camera to stay focused on a Baby Penguin for 1 minute
        • Open the camera like you’re going to take a picture of the baby Penguin, tap it to keep focus on it (the camera will start to follow the penguin), then exit the camera after a minute or two and it should pop up
      • Thanks to gustgust on Reddit
    • Polar Bear (8,000)
      • Share 3 photos of Coralite in Rudolf costume
        • Buy Rudolf Costume for 2,000 Candy Canes in Costumes menu
          • It requires 50 Christmas fish
            • You find yourself suddenly aware this event isn’t easier than Halloween after all
        • Thanks to needtoys on Reddit
        • Our definition of “Fish” is wearing a bit thin, eh?

Christmas Premium Fish

  • Snowflake Whale
    • Christmas Package IAP in store ($29?!)
      • Doubles Candy earning rate too
    • Snowflake Whale is NOT limited to paid customers! It’s the same thing as the whale you get for buying one of each of the 11 non-premium Christmas fish
    • IMO, this is not at all required especially since the Christmas event requires less wasted candy/fish to unlock the higher tier fish. Don’t feel pressured to buy
    • Oddly, this is considered a different fish in some ways from the one bought with Candies. It functions as a “normal” fish instead of an event one, presumably not being time-limited, more can be bought with Vitality, it will double Vitality like a normal fish, etc.

Christmas Customization Items

  • Santa Outfit
    • Free
    • Be sure to claim it even if you don’t use it or you won’t see it for another year
  • Rudolf
    • Own 50 Christmas event fish
    • Then pay 2,000 candies (harsh)
    • Required for Polar Bear
  • Christmas Potion
    • 500 Candy Canes
    • Required for Walrus
    • Displays christmas trees and presents all over.
    • Also changes the music to a special Christmas tune!
  • Night of Christmas
    • 500 Candy Canes
    • Snows underwater. Somehow.


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