Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Christmas Event Tank Guide

AbyssRium Christmas Event 2018 Guide
This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Christmas Tank Event information. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)! Support Sir TapTap on Patreon! Please help support my work on Patreon (and score some rewards like cute cat pictures)! The more I earn the more time I can spend on improving guides like this. My PayPal is a thing too if you can’t do monthly subscriptions. Updates:2019-12-02: Christmas event is now live for all users! The dreaded slow rollout appears finally dead. All 2019 event information and all hidden fish have already been added to this guide! Note the Greek Event is still going, probably through all of december. Support me on Patreon to help me keep making helpful guides! Paypal also accepted. The event has its own tank just like the Halloween Event, and likely requires the level ~300-400 or whatever coralite in the first tank to unlock (less than a day of effort).

AbyssRium Guide Index

Other resources useful for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium players: My Patreon Page – Where you can support me, or use paypal instead. Full AbyssRium guide – Anything you could ever ask for is in here! All Saltwater tank information is here. Event Fish Guide – All info on limited-time events & Event Tanks Freshwater Guide – All info on the Freshwater tank Fusion Fish Guide – All Fusion fish and info on using them effectively Striped Marlin/Bonito/Star Striped Marlin guide – Because these stupid RNG fish generate 10x as many questions as anything else Video Guides – A YouTube playlist full of my AbyssRium video guides & updates Other mobile games – Bored? Check out some other mobile games I’ve made guides or reviews for.

New Event Style

The style is largely the same as 2018 Halloween’s. Your candy from other events does not carry over.. There is no per-tap vitality so don’t waste your time tapping beyond collecting candy. The basic loop is collect candy, use candy to upgrade the Crab to get more Vitality, use Vitality to buy event fish, event fish increase the candy you get allowing you to ultimately get more Vitality and so on.

Christmas Gift Train

Twice per day you get to watch an ad (yayyyy!) to get a small reward. Each set of 6 or so gifts you open unlocks a specific hidden fish in the christmas tank. You can get repeats of present-only fish by looping the present list, and you actually have to do this for some unlocks. The gift has random rewards including:
  • Vitality
    • Common
  • Candy
    • Common
  • 30/60 minutes of White Christmas skill (allowing you to do some unlocks for free)
    • Uncommon
  • 30/60 minutes of Santa Express
    • Uncommon
  • 100 Gems
    • Rare
You can, but should not need to, open extra chests and watch extra ads for 30 pearls each. There is enough time to get all rewards from watching 2 “free” ads per day for the duration of the event. If you don’t have enough vitality to create a fish when you open the present that should unlock a Hidden Fish, you will not get the fish! Yes, it’s a massive trainwreck, yes it would have been easy to test and prevent, yes, it’s AbyssRium. The fish you get from the gifts are:
  • 6: Baby Penguin
  • 12: Santa Lobster
  • 18: Walrus
  • 24: Elf Frog
  • 30: Emperor Penguin
  • 36: Rudolph Seahorse and Cookie
  • 42: Polar Bear
  • 50: Rudolph
Complete the tasks to unlock “coral”, cosmetic vitality producing items that also help unlock fish. In this event they also unlock Christmas Cards required to unlock other fish. The Quest requirements are in a section below.
Candy is now only used to upgrade the Hermit Crab, which now functions like the Coralite. Upgrading the crab with candy will produce more “Event Vitality” which is spent on Event fish. Vitality/candy do not transfer between seasonal events. Collect 50 candy from bubbles to make the hermit crab dance, like before and it still earns candies in return; a lot more now, so prior stocked up candy is basically crap. It now sleeps for an hour after dancing, and can be reset by watching an ad. There are additions to the crab that can be unlocked via the Quest and also upgraded in the same tab as the Crab. They’re basically Coral.
Fish are separated by tank meaning your old event fish cannot be put in the new event tank. New fish from this tank can be added back into the saltwater tank however. Fish prices rise exponentially with each purchase, so don’t buy too many repeats that are unnecessary, focus on unlocking all fish first, then decide what you want duplicates of. Buying fish increases candy, so don’t just not buy fish either, they’re critical.

Magic Skills

This is where you upgrade the Crab skill, upgrade the train (permanent buff), or buy temporary buffs. The White Christmas and Santa Express skills are required to unlock various skills and can be used free once per day by watching an ad, so you don’t ever need to spend pearls to progress in this event, unlike Halloween.
  • Miracle of Christmas
    • Permanent
      • Increase Candy earned during Crab Dance by 0.5x per level (max 16x)
      • Costs 100 gems, increases by 50 gems per level
      • Total cost is several thousand gems, much more than the quests this time give you. It’s pretty terrible
  • White Christmas
    • Temporary!
      • Triples Vitality and Candy production x3 for 12 hours
      • Costs 100 pearls
      • One-time 30 minute trial  for watching an ad
      • Required to unlock some fish! Use the free one wisely.
  • Santa Express
    • Temporary!
      • Reduces vitality production time by 50% for 12 hours
      • Costs 100 pearls
      • One-time 30 minute trial  for watching an ad
      • Required to unlock some fish! Use the free one wisely.
  • Extension Train
    • Permanent
      • Decreases vitality production time by 5% per level (50 max)
      • Costs 100 pearls, increasing another 10 per level (2000 pearls total)
      • Despite the name, does not give more gifts per level

Idle Vitality Is King

After 2 years of idle vitality not mattering at all, it’s actually best to let the full 3 hours of idle vitality accumulate in this tank. Unlike past tanks, it actually matters a lot, and Candy drops from tapping bubbles is increased drastically for the first ~20 seconds after claiming the idle vitality.  You can get several Coral levels from tapping the boosted bubbles so check every 3 hours and don’t play too much “actively” because idle is so much more effective. Once the candy number drops (it will go a letter or two lower) you can go back to only tapping if you need to power up the crab. There is no per-tap vitality, or any reason to tap anything but candy. Corals are unfortunately still capped at level 9000, so there is a hard cap on vitality per second, and thus a soft cap on the amount of fish you can buy. If it’s the same scaling as Halloween, you can make around 250 fish.

Christmas  Event Stats

Start Date: December End Date: January *End dates are roughly estimated; events last around a month, but we’ve never told in advance when the end is because AbyssRium’s communication is terrible. It’s also unclear if the new event style even ends or not. New Fish: 18 Total Fish: 58 IAP Fish: 1 new IAP fish Total cost: No longer a relevant metric as candy does not carry over
General Event Info
Events slowly rollout (every time, yes it sucks), so don’t panic if you don’t get it. Expect it by the end of the week after it first starts rolling out. We never know when the events end until less than a week before they do, they’re usually at least 4 weeks long though. Currency from prior events will be preserved (but invisible) for later events, so feel free to save up. See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers.

Photo Legend

People seem to have a LOT of trouble understanding the photos for this one, so here’s a visual: Thanks to SuperOrdinaryUser on the subreddit.

Hidden Fish

All 2018 fish start Hidden in this event. If you’re so new you don’t know what that means, start with the guide for the main game to learn how it works and unlock fish. The 2016 and 2017 fish have unlock conditions, but are not hidden. Note that some lock conditions are listed on the lock icon rather than with the other lock conditions, you need to meet all conditions and no popup will tell you when you unlock them since they are not hidden. Most fish now have three unlock conditions this time and will not unlock before all three are met.

Christmas 2016 Event Fish

If you unlocked these fish from the earlier events (or luck shell), they’re already unlocked in the new tank.
  • Snowflake Angelfish 
    • Unlocked by default
  • Christmas Yellow Tang 
    • Own Christmas Tree Music Box
      • This is the basic coral so this is always satisfied, IDK why it’s even listed
    • Own 5 fish total
  • Snowflake Sea Slug 
    • Own Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring
    • Own 3 Christmas Yellow Tang
  • Christmas Football Fish
    • Level 100 chocolate fondue hot spring Share AbyssMas Christmas Card of a snowflake parrotfish
  • Christmas Dumbo Octopus
    • Own Happy House on the Hill
    • Own 3 Seahorse
    • Own 35 fish total
  • Snowflake Dolphin 
    • Own Candle Lighthouse
    • Own 5 Turtles
  • Christmas Dolphin
    • Save 1 Snowed Coral Christmas card with Rudolph Dolphin
    • Take 1 photo of front right side home
    • Own 90 fish total
  • Baby Penguin
    • Open 6 Gifts
  • Walrus 
    • Open 18 Gifts
  • Emperor Penguin
    • Open 30 Gifts
  • Polar Bear
    • Open 42 Gifts
The 2016 Snowflake Whale is not included oddly.

Christmas 2017 Event Fish

If you unlocked these fish from the earlier events (or luck shell), they’re already unlocked in the new tank.
  • Holly Angelfish
    • Own 1 Snowflake Angelfish
  • Rudolph Mimic Tang
    • Own Christmas Tree Box
    • Own 3 Holly Angelfish
  • Snowflake Cardinal
    • Own Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring
    • Own 3 Snowflake Angelfish
  • Rudolph Sea Pig
    • Own Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring
    • Own 3 Snowflake Boxfish
  • Snowflake Boxfish
    • Own Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring
    • Take 1 photo of Christmas Tree Music Box
      • This is the big tree in the middle of the tank
    • Own 13 fish total
  • Socks Seahorse
    • Own Happy House on the Hill
    • Own 5 Football Fish
  • Holly Seadragon 
    • Level 200 Happy house on the Hill
    • Own 10 Octopus
  • Snowglobe Football Fish
    • Level 100 Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring
    • Take photo of Christmas Football Fish once
  • Holly Marlin
    • Own Snowman’s Nest
    • Take 1 photo of rear left side house
  • Snowflake Narwhal
    • Level 3000 Snow Globe Tower
    • Own 5 Snowflake Sunfish
  • Rudolph Ray
    • Own 6 dolphin
    • Own Snowglobe Tower
    • Own 117 fish
  • Holly Shark
    • Level 600 Snow Globe Tower
    • Share one Christmas Plaza Christmas card with Rudolph Ray
  • Snowflake Shark
    • Own 5 rays
    • Own Snow Globe Tower level 600
  • Snowflake Whale 2017
    • Level 4000 Snow Globe Tower
    • Own 5 Snowflake Narwhal
    • Own 180 fish total
  • Snowflake Parrot Fish 
    • Share 1 photo of Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring
    • Own 3 Toy Blobfish
  • Snowflake Sunfish
    • Level 2000 Snow Globe Tower
    • Own 8 sharks
    • Own 150 fish total
  • Snowglobe Turtle
    • Snowman’s Next level 50
    • Share Jolly Penguin Christmas card of Holly Marlin
    • Own 68 fish total
  • Toy Blobfish
    • Own chocolate fondue hot spring
    • Take 5 photos of Train Platform
      • This is the big platform by the train (surprise) with the clock. It’s visible with the main menu open
  • Toy Shark 
    • Level 600 Snow Globe Tower
    • Take 5 photos of Toy Blobfish with Santa Express active
  • Holly Oarfish
    • Own Snowman’s Nest
    • Take 1 photo of rear right side house
    • Own 5 Jellyfish
  • Bells Dumbo Octopus 
    • Own Happy house on the Hill
    • Share 1 photo of Christmas Dumbo Octopus
  • Rudolph Dolphin 
    • Own Candle Lighthouse
    • Own 5 turtles
  • Snowflake Jellyfish
    • Level 300 Happy House on the hill
    • Own 5 Holly Seadragon
    • Own 50 fish

Christmas 2018 Event Fish

2018 fish are actually hidden, unlike the others. Please note you will not progress at all if you avoid making fish. It doesn’t tell you, but creating fish drastically increases candy earnings. Always make a fish the moment you can.
  • Cookie Angelfish
    • Tap 5 candy from snowflake angel
    • Don’t do anything for 1 hour
      • Fun and Engaging Gameplay
  • Concierge Seahorse
    • Level 4500 Happy House on the Hill
    • Share Christmas Plaza card of Sock Seahorse
  • Rudolph Octopus
    • Tap candy from Octopus 100 times
      • For unlocks like this, anything with Octopus in the name inside the Christmas tank counts
        • Never count “do X 100+ times” unlocks yourself, just do the other requirements first until it unlocks. You will make mistakes and think something is broken, but all that’s happened is you or the game didn’t count right. Just do it until it unlocks, 99% of the time when people ask they just haven’t done it enough.
    • Take 5 photos of Cookie Express while White Christmas is active
      • This is the cookie train behind the tree, it only spawns after the House on the Hill is upgraded to a certain point
    • Take 5 photos of Santa Express while Santa Express magic is active
      • This is the gift box train
  • Santa Squid
    • Share 1 Nutcracker Dreams Christmas card with Rudolph Octopus
    • Take 5 photos of front left side house with White Christmas on
      • For unlocks like this there’s little houses in the tank, pan around the camera and tap on them. Once it focuses on the house, that’s when you can take the picture. You need 5 photos of all of them with the skills active so just take them all at once.
    • Take 1 photo of Train Platform with white Christmas on
      • The platform with the clock just by the parked train
  • Pajamas Chick
    • Level 5500 Snowman’s Nest
    • Share Jolly Penguin card with Concierge Seahorse
    • Touch bubbles from any fish 1500 times
  • Pajamas Otter
    • Use Miracle of Christmas 100 times
      • If you can’t seem to get the otter and think you satisfied the requirements, there is a 99.99% chance you just haven’t cast this enough. 100 is a TON of casts.
    • Level 5000 Candle Lighthouse
    • Take 5 photos of Santa Squid with Santa Express active
  • Rudolph Dugong
    • Collect 200 candy from dolphins
    • Own 5 Rudolph Octopus
    • Own 5 Santa Squid
  • Cookie Ray
    • Level 1000 Snowglobe Tower
    • Take a photo of Rudolph Ray 5 times while using White Christmas magic
    • Share Christmas Plaza card with Cookie Angelfish
  • Santa Aligator (sic)
    • Miracle of Christmas level 15
    • Own 5 Pajama Otters
    • Own 5 Rudolph Dugongs
  • Riding Killer Whale
    • Use Miracle of Christmas (crab skill) 200 times
    • Crab skill level 20
    • Own 5 Santa Alligators
  • Cookie Whale
    • Snowglobe Tower level 5000
    • Own 5 Snowflake Whale
    • Tap whales’ bubbles 50 times
  • Christmas Town Turtle
    • Own 49 unique kinds of fish
    • Share silent night card with Cookie Whale
  • Snowglobe Seahorse
    • This is a new Quest unlocked after the Christmas Town Turtle quest
  • Corgi Santa Clause (Sic)
    • Open presents 150 times
      • That’s 75 days or $100 worth of pearls! Merry Christmas!
        • Really though, don’t spend pearls just to get this; when the event is “over” you can enter the Christmas Tank for watching an ad for 30 minutes of access per day. That’s plenty of time to open the 2 gifts, so you basically have infinite time to get this if it’s like the Halloween tank, which all signs show it is.
  • Santa Lobster
    • Open Christmas Gift 12 Times
  • Elf Frog
    • Open Christmas Gift 24 Times
  • Rudolph Sea Horse & Cookie
    • Open Christmas Gift 36 Times
  • Rudolph
    • Open Christmas Gift 50 Times
Christmas 2018 Event Premium Fish
As always, the premium fish for the Christmas Event are listed in the Shop > Gems tab, not the Event tab. They’re not required to unlock any other content, ever.
  • Corgi Familly (sic)
    • $10 IAP
  • Snowflake Fairy
    • $10 IAP

Christmas 2019 Event Hidden Fish

All of these are relatively easy unlocks with no time gating in any new unlocks, making this the easiest event we’ve had in, well, years! The bad news is they all strictly require the Riding Killer Whale at bare minimum, which requires 200 casts of the crab skill (AKA watch 200 ads) to get started. Big thanks to /u/FarmerLesbian on the subreddit (and my discord!) for collecting info in the Megathread.
Toy TangLevel 5000 Snow Globe Tower
Complete Santa Sea Dragon Quest
Toy Bathynomus (Giant Isopod)Level 5200 Snow Globe Tower
Buy 5 Toy Tangs
Red Light Bulb BoxfishShare picture of Toy Bathynomus with the Abyssmas Card
Own 200 total Christmas Event Tank fish
Yellow Light Bulb BoxfishBuy Level 21 Hermit Crab skill
Level 5800 Snow Globe Tower
Green Light Bulb BoxfishTap bubbles from the Yellow and/or Red Light Bulb Boxfish 100 times

Own 5 Toy Bathynomus
Toy FootballfishLevel 7300 Snow Globe Tower required

Place 3 Green Light Bulb Boxfish in Saltwater tank

Own 30 Football Fish in the Christmas Tank
Toy SeahorseLevel 8300 Snow Globe Tower required

Share 1 picture of the Toy Footballfish with the Nutcracker Dreams card

Own 30 Seahorses in the Christmas Tank
Glass JellyfishLevel 3000 Gingerbread Slide required

Own 250 fish in the Christmas Tank
Toy OarfishLevel 3000 Gingerbread Slide required

Use Miracle of Christmas (Hermit Crab skill) 200 times

Activate 3 boosters (magic skills) simultaneously
Wreath TurtleLevel 3500 Gingerbread Slide required

Place 3 Toy Oarfish in the Saltwater Tank

Take 1 photo of the Gingerbread Slide
Toy CatfishLevel 4500 Gingerbread Slide required

Share 1 picture of the Christmas Wreath Turtle with the Christmas Plaza card

Own 5 Wreath Turtles
Stuffed Toy RayLevel 6500 Gingerbread Slide required

Tap bubbles from a Ray (any of the rays in the Christmas Tank) 100 times

Take 1 photo of a Gingerbread Ray with Christmas Meteor Shower skill activated
Wooden SharkLevel 9000 Gingerbread Slide required

Own 10 Toy Sharks

Place 5 Stuffed Toy Rays in the Saltwater tank
Winter SunfishLevel 3000 Santa's House required

Share 1 photo of the Snowflake Sunfish with the Silent Night card
Stuffed Toy BelugaBuy Level 30 Hermit Crab skill
Take photo of Christmas Town Turtle with Christmas Meteor Shower skill activated
Buy 5 Stuffed Toy Rays
Assortment Gifts WhaleLevel 4500 Santa's House
Buy 5 Stuffed Toy Beluga
Own 350 total fish in the Christmas Tank
Giant Toy Hermit CrabComplete all Quests
Own all above Christmas fish (? total)


Christmas 2018 Event Quests

These quests give rewards (including Candy, Vitality, and Gems) and unlock the next “coral” in the game. They’re required for fish unlocks and help you progress in the event, so keep an eye on them. Requirements that must be completed after unlocking them will be marked specifically. “Own” means you can complete a requirement before unlocking, buy new means you must create more even if you already have fish. After completing a quest, it will show you a little cutscene of a fish: you have not unlocked this fish it’s just a needlessly confusing cutscene.
  • Unique Christmas Tree
    • Unlocks Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring, and Abyssmass Christmas Card
      • Buy 1 new Snowflake Angelfish
      • Take 1 photo of Holly Angelfish
      • Own 5 Fish
        • Counts fish created before unlocking this quest
      • Take 5 photos of Rudolph Mimic Tang with the White Christmas “magic” cast
        • This costs 100 pearls, though you can randomly get 30 seconds of it free from the Christmas Gift
  • Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring
    • Unlocks Happy House on the Hill, and Nutcracker Dreams Christmas Card
      • Own 5.000D  vitality
      • Buy 3 new snowflake parrotfish
      • Own 5.000F candy
      • Own 2100 building levels total
  • Ready to Party
    • Unlocks Snowman’s Nest. and Jolly Penguin christmas card
      • Collect candy 400 times
      • Buy 1 new Holly Seadragon
      • Own 17 kind of fish
      • Reach 500.000 K vitality
  • Best Friends
    • Unlocks Candle Lighthouse, and Snowed Coral Christmas Card
      • Reach 8,000 total building levels
      • Create 5 new Snowglobe turtles
      • Own 100 O vitality
      • Own 85 fish total
  • Christmas Tower
    • Unlocks Snow Globe Tower, and Christmas Plaza Christmas Card
      • Buy level 10 Miracle of Christmas
        • Yep this is super expensive and no the quests no longer give enough gems to pay for it all. Gross as hell.
      • Create 5 new Rudolph Dolphins after unlocking this
      • Reach 500 W Vitality
      • Own 27 kinds of event fish
        • If you’re stuck on this you’re probably missing Hidden Fish (see the 2018 fish section). Start with the Rodolph Octopus and Cookie Angelfish, then Holly Marlin should finish you up
  • Magnificent Christmas Fish
    • Unlocks Silent Night Christmas Card. Necessary, but not sufficient, to unlock Christmas Town Turtle. Ignore the cutscene, you do NOT have the turtle yet
      • Own 3 Toy Sharks
        • If you already have 3, you have to make another to make it count because…AbyssRium
      • Reach 41,000 total building levels (UGH)
      • Own 41 unique kinds of fish
      • Take 1 photo of Cookie Whale with White Christmas active

Christmas Tank Event Quest

Like the fish, you have to complete the 2018 stuff to get started on this.
Plan of Rudolph Hermit Crab
Unlocks Cosmetics
Buy 1 Toy Tang
Take a photo of Toy Bathynomus
Buy 15 Boxfish
Buy 60,000 total building levels
Quick Delivery
Unlocks Gingerbread Slide
Collect 10AX Vitality
Buy 5 Toy Footballfish
Take photo of Toy Seahorse
Buy 90,000 total building levels
Help Friends
Unlocks Santa's House
Collect 500BM of Candy
Buy Level 25 Hermit Crab Skill (Miracle of Christmas)
Buy Level 8300 Gingerbread Slide
Buy 5 Wooden Shark
Christmas Gift
Partial unlock for Giant Toy Hermit Crab
Collect 10CG Vitality
Collect 64 types of Christmas Event Tank Fish
Buy 3 Assortment Gifts Whale
Buy 150,000 total building levels

Video Guide

2019 Event:
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium |  Christmas Event 2019 All Hidden Fish Guide
2018 Event:
Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium Christmas Tank Event 2018: All Hidden Fish Guide
Also here’s a first impressions livestream
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  1. Hello, I did everything you said to unlock santa squid but nothing helps I can not unlock it. Could you show me where better to explain to me? Because suddenly I’m stuck for other fish 2018
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  2. Eyyyyy, they now have a counter on the skill so you can see how many casts you have!

  3. Bonjour, j’ai fait tout ce que vous avez dit pour debloqudé santa squid mais rien n’y fait je n’arrive pas a le debldéblo. Pourriez vous me montrer où mieux m’expliquer ? Car du coup je suis bloquée pour les autres poissons 2018
    Merci beaucoup

  4. Found a hack/cheat, if u close ur game while the hermit crab is active , it will be at same time it was at when u closed,,,, I used this during Halloween also and haven’t had to do the 50 fish taps when the hour runs out

    So if u watch ad to reset skill and close game at say 39 seconds,, open back and itll be at 39 seconds,,,,,and you can rewatch the ad whenits up

  5. For some reason I have every 2017 Halloween fish available in all 3 tanks except for the Ghost Jelly–he only shows up in the Halloween and Freshwater tank. I have ??? on him in the Saltwater tank. Is this a glitch or can they only transfer to the Freshwater tank?

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  11. This event timeline is dumb… I’ve finished all the quests and upgraded all my towers to Max level. I no longer need candy canes, but I’m stuck watching ads to get the 200 uses for the Riding Killer Whale…

    Also on a slightly different note, I dislike being pushed toward paying actual money… I’ve watched Gem ads to get through two Miracle of Christmas levels so far (probably close to 50 ads, combined with achievements I completed), but I have three more levels to go to get to the level 20 for the Riding Killer Whale. That’s a lot of ads…

  12. Hi, I just wanted to double check about the Riding Killer Whale requirements. Use the crab skill 200 times, so that is sit and watch ads for 200 times or so? Just finished all the quests and this is the last one I need besides the present train fish.

  13. Nevermind… I think I had missed a photo of the Cookie train, because the Rudolph octopus finally triggered

    Is there another requirement for Rudolph Octopus? I have definitely tapped octopus candies 100 times (nothing but Octopus in the tank, activated White Christmas twice) I have definitely taken 5 pictures of the Cookie Train during white cristmas, and definitely gottne 5 pictures of the Gift train during magic time. Still no octopus! Did all of this both before and after getting the Concierge Seahorse. I’ve never had any of SirTapTaps guides fail before – help!

  14. Is the Christmas Town Turtle you list an actual fish because it’s not showing up after the requirements? I shared the Cookie Whale with the Silent Night Card and have the 49 fish but it’s not showing up. (Btw, thank you for doing this page because I don’t know what I’d do without you!)

  15. It’s also possible to get one hour of White Christmas from the two daily gifts. Got that on the very first try, then got a half hour one, for a combined total of 1:30:00 (they do stack)

  16. Hmm one of the Christmas dolphin reqs says “save snowed coral card of Rudolph dolphin with 1.” Lol first of all makes no sense but won’t seem to unlock after saving and sharing pic. I’ve got enough fish to unlock it but I can’t get this requirement to work :((

  17. It didn’t give me enough gems to get to lvl 10 Miracle of Christmas by that requirement… I’d have to spend $1.98 to complete the requirement. Is this normal or did I mess up somehow? I haven’t spent gems in another tank since the event started.

    1. Same for me and now I’m blocked at level 15, I finished all the quest but I won’t be able to reach the end of the event because of the killer whale’s requirements :'(

    2. The gem requirements are higher and earlier than Halloween so yeah, there’s a net cost of a few thousand gems in this event. The events are increasingly skippable, though Freshwater, daily tasks, and ads in all the tanks are ways to get gems.

    3. I pay for all the miracle of Christmas upgrades with the gem prizes we get. They pretty much give them to us just to get them back anyway. I’m stuck at level 19 and out of prize gems now, but I I’m saving up my video, and daily actions gems. I also got the three free days of their new subscription ( just make sure you cancel it so you dont get charged!) and it such a relief to have a break from videos! I hate those things!

  18. I have taken more than the required photos of the Rudolph mimic tang and I’m can’t seem to get credit for them to move on. Is there a trick to it?

    1. Hi! The Rudolph Mimic Tang does not require you to take any pictures, but does have the requirements:

      – own the Christmas tree music box (don’t worry, you already have this: it’s the giant Christmas Tree)

      – own 3 Holly angelfish (the are the small green fishes that look like they are made out of leaves)

    2. I think you’re talking about the Rudolph seapig. I took pictures of the wrong one to until I figured it out!

  19. Hello Sir! I bring more requirements!!! These are for the Christmas Football Fish, along with some explanation:

    One of the requirements is cut off and is actually supposed to be “share to 1 friend”

    To do this, you must take a picture of it, click your post cards, and click the Instagram button.
    I personally had to hit “Copy to instagram”, which, USUALLY, if I open that small menu and the exit, It still counted. This could be different for everyone, but I have added screenshots just in case.

    Very confusing process! If you need further details, you can contact me and I’m happy to help any way I can.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/40397f62e70b951be76caca4accda45a2029c9747cbba6b7c8edc992897768f5.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/657dda327d75604aad5774f6dfd1113109f16e461ffb137ee1272289e699ca43.png

  20. I can’t provide you with a screenshot, but the requirements for the Snowflake Sunfish are different in the game.
    Snowflake Sunfish:
    -level 2000 Snow Globe Tower
    -Own 8 Sharks
    -150 fishes required

  21. I just started playing AbyssRium recently. This is my second event. I do the Lucky Spin as often as I’m able, and have quite a few of the event fish. Four I don’t have are the Snowglobe Footballfish, the Holly Seadragon, the Holly Oarfish, and the Christmas Dolphin.
    Looking in the Manage Fish, it shows the unlock requirements for the Snowglobe Footballfish as:
    Level 100 Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring required (0/100)
    and Take the photo of Christmas Football Fish 1 time.
    (Which is what is shown currently here as the unlock requirements of the Christmas Football Fish. I received the Christmas Football Fish in the Lucky Spin, so I can’t speak to what its requirements are.)
    For the Holly Seadragon it shows:
    Level 200 Happy House on the Hill required
    and Own 10 Octopus.
    The Holly Oarfish shows one more requirement not currently indicated here:
    It does show: Own Snowman’s Nest and Take 1 photo(s) of Rear right side home,
    but it also requires you Own 5 Jellyfish.
    The Christmas Dolphin shows two more requirements not currently indicated here:
    It does show: Save Snowed Coral card(s) of Rudolph Dolphin with 1.
    but it also requires you Take 1 photo(s) of Front right side home
    and 90 fishes required..

    Also, my Manage Fish screen shows a Snowflake Boxfish, (not a Snowman Boxfish as currently listed above).
    Thanksk for all the assistance you provide the community. I would not have been able to get very far on my own in the Fall/Halloween Event, but with your guidance I made it all the way through the Snowy Owl. What a Hoot! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9475a94aed8796451efa8f1e4481a29c306c440f082705d87a4473481c53151c.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/620146675c558b14a1155f0705491a288d8fd6a3006196b577d571ef6f8810ef.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4c105bb962c5b1dd149e59cfb394a699b1a59e4529a73ec1f1e3ec97e9c8b3d2.png

    1. No, that’s the 2017 one, thanks though! They, in their infinite wisdom, called the 2016 and 2017 christmas whales the exact same thing

      1. Ah! Well another one to add to the list either way, if not there! If you need some checklists for these events, I’m happy to share! I have one for this event, the Halloween event, and the regular guide and as soon as I unlock Freshwater I will get started on it!

        Please continue to share your wisdom with us, it much better than these cavemen drawings left by the developers!

  22. I tried taking pictures to unlock the holly oarfish but it didn’t seemed to work. What does it mean by home?

        1. Happy to help! Every “tank” event seems like it’s going to have unlocks like this, so keep an eye out for stuff like this I guess

        1. Ah and I don’t need to wait 3h to get the big bonus of idle candies. But maybe the bonus is less important..

        2. yeah the trial is 15 minutes but it’s once per day. The 3 hours just gives the most bonus, being idle in general gives the bonus just for less time

  23. Snowflake Jellyfish:
    . Level 300 Happy House on the Hill
    . Own 5 Holly Seadragon
    .50 fish total

  24. Holly Seadragon unlocks:
    . level 200 Happy House on the Hill
    . Own 10 of anything with Octopus in the name

  25. For the love of santa don’t whine that it’s a slow rollout they all are they always are I can’t do anything about it, tell the DEVS

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