Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Halloween Event (2016) Guide

This is a “mini guide” for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Halloween Event (2016) information, split out to be faster & easier to load on mobile devices. Feel free to add to your homescreen for easy access!
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Missed the first Halloween Event? Here’s a brief video showing off all the fish and the customization items.

Halloween Event Normal Fish

  • Ghost Fish (300 Candies)
  • Bone Fish (600)
    • Own 3 Ghost Fish
  • Bone Turtle (800)
    • Own 5 Halloween event fish
  • Bone Dolphin (1,000)
    • Own 3 Bone Turtles
  • Ghost Dolphin (1,500)
    • Own 30 Halloween event fish
    • Ghost Fish are the quickest way to get this of course
  • Ghost Ray (1,800)
    • Own 60 Halloween event fish
    • Now that you probably own 40+ Ghost Fish, start buying some Halloween fish you actually enjoy!
  • Bone Whale (2,000)
    • Collect all 10 kinds of Halloween Event fish
    • The premium Ghost Whale is not required for this

Halloween Event Hidden Fish

  • Dogface Puffer (600 Candies)
    • Take a picture of Pumpkin 3 times
    • Thanks to yak188
  •  Football Fish (800 Candies)
    • Get candies with commercials 10 times
    • This seems delayed. IF you don’t get it, try closing the app then watching another commercial.
      • I got it the first commercial I watched on the second day, and I’m sure I watched over 10 the first day
    • Thanks to hazel_hng
  • Dumbo Octopus (1,000 Candies)
    • Share picture of Dogface Puffer 3 times
    • Thanks to FishhFinns
  • Goblin Shark (1,500 Candies)
    • Share picture of tombstone 3 times
      • You need Coralite Level 1000 to unlock the stones that become Tombstones
    • Thanks to hazel_hng

Halloween Premium Fish

  • Halloween Package ($30!!?!)
    • Ghost Whale
    • Double candy for this event only
    • Oddly, does not count as a Halloween fish! It will be bought with Vitality (letting you get it year round, I assume) and does not count for the Bone Whale
    • Probably…don’t get this tbh. Unless you really love AbyssRium and know your finances really well.


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