Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Halloween Event 2018 Guide

AbyssRium Halloween 2018 Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Halloween Event (2018) information. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)!


2018-12-14: Timer added to the Halloween event, it closes in 7 days but after that you can pay pearls (150 for a month) or watch an ad (once per day for 30 minutes)  to unlock the tank again. Free trials of the magic skills were added to the halloween tank.

2018-11-17: Game update, Fall Fish unlocks were drastically improved. Updated unlock conditions in the guide. If you already meet the new unlocks for fall fish  that require X number of fish, you may have to buy a new fish of that type to get them to register.

  • Reduced the earning time for the Witch’s Den items. They now generate vitality at intervals of 1 second, 5 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes.
  • Reduced magic skill cost to 100 pearls per cast and increased skill time to 12 hours.
  • Adds 1 new hidden fish (Snowy Owl) and 1 new quest
  • Adds 1 new IAP (Ugly Octopus Trio) and improved the benefits of the IAP in the Halloween tank.
  • You can now move your Halloween fish to your Saltwater tank!
  • The Halloween Crab now talks. There’s a script button in Settings in the halloween tank to turn it off

2018-10-31: Video Guide!


2018-10-25: I streamed the update recently if you want to take a peek!

It is a slow rollout and will take you a while to get. Despite literally every single update AbyssRium has ever done rolling out in the same (stupid) fashion I still get spammed every time it updates about this. Please don’t ask about it.

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After too long the Halloween event for 2018 is finally upon us! It’s got it’s own coralite (as many suspected) and is accessed via the Map icon when the main menu is closed, just like Freshwater. As always there’s a slow rollout and it may take up to a week for everyone to get it.


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New Event Style

As many suspected, the Freshwater separate coralite situation was used as an excuse to make Candy worthless. The new event is in a totally new style similar to the Freshwater coralite. I’ll explain the tabs and their functions here.

Your candy from prior events carries over, but is basically totally worthless. There is no per-tap vitality so don’t waste your time tapping beyond collecting candy. The basic loop is collect candy, use candy to upgrade the Witch’s Pot to get more Vitality, use Vitality to buy event fish, event fish increase the candy you get allowing you to ultimately get more Vitality and so on.


Complete the tasks to unlock “coral”, cosmetic vitality producing items (that do not produce enough vitality to be worth it, but they unlock fish so get them anyway). The Quest requirements are in a section below.


Candy is now only used to upgrade the Hermit Crab, which now functions like the Coralite. Upgrading the crab with candy will produce more “Halloween Vitality” which is spent on Halloween fish.

Collect 50 candy from bubbles to make the hermit crab dance, like before and it still earns candies in return; a lot more now, so prior stocked up candy is basically crap. It now sleeps for an hour after dancing, and can be reset by watching an ad.

There are additions to the crab that can be unlocked via the Quest and also upgraded in the same tab as the Crab. They’re basically Coral.


All fish are in the same tab, and only in the Halloween Coralite. They cost Halloween Vitality instead of Candy, and prior event fish are mixed into the same huge list (and prior purchased old event fish do not count!). See below sections for prior event hidden fish unlocks.

Fish are separated by tank meaning your old Halloween fish cannot be put in the Halloween Tank, and new fish bought in the Halloween Tank cannot be put in your saltwater or freshwater tanks.

Fish prices rise exponentially with each purchase, so don’t buy too many repeats that are unnecessary, focus on unlocking all fish first, then decide what you want duplicates of.


This is where you upgrade Trick or Treat (the Crab dance skill), and also where two extremely overpriced consumable boosters are. Don’t bother buying the ones with pearls.

Just upgrade Trick or Treat to level 10 as soon as possible, it will be required to complete the event, and you’ll get the gems back from achievements/quests in the event anyway.

Idle Vitality Is King

After 2 years of idle vitality not mattering at all, it’s actually best to let the full 3 hours of idle vitality accumulate in this tank. Unlike past tanks, it actually matters a lot, and Candy drops from tapping bubbles is increased drastically for the first ~20 seconds after claiming the idle vitality.

You can get several Coral levels from tapping the boosted bubbles so check every 3 hours and don’t play too much “actively” because idle is so much more effective.

Halloween Event (2018) Event Stats

Start Date: 2018-10-24
End Date: 2018-11-24*
*End dates are roughly estimated; events last around a month, but we’ve never told in advance when the end is because AbyssRium’s communication is terrible. It’s also unclear if the new event style even ends or not.

New Fish: 11
Total Fish: 58
IAP Fish: 4 new IAP fish, one in each tank (sheesh). Only one affects Halloween
Total cost: All but impossible to determine in the new format before actually reaching it

General Event Info

Events slowly rollout (every time, yes it sucks), so don’t panic if you don’t get it. Expect it by the end of the week after it first starts rolling out.

We never know when the events end until less than a week before they do, they’re usually at least 4 weeks long though.

Currency from prior events will be preserved (but invisible) for later events, so feel free to save up.

See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers.

Hidden Fish

Note that some lock conditions are listed on the lock icon rather than with the other lock conditions, you need to meet all conditions and no popup will tell you when you unlock them since they are not hidden. Most fish have three unlock conditions this time and will not unlock before all three are met.

Beware buying duplicates the maximum vitality per second appears to have a hard cap, some players report possibly being locked out of getting the Kraken due to this. Buy only fish needed for unlocks if possible, until you get the last fish. Yes, it sucks, yes, tell the devs you’re not happen about that aspect on Facebook.

Regarding Tombstone unlocks, just take 5 pictures of all 4 Tombstones and it should count, then just ignore the tombstone unlocks unless you’re sure it’s what you’re missing.

New Player Spreadsheet

This event is kind of a trainwreck for new players, who have it several times harder than other players, and can possibly lock themselves out of the kraken by buying too many of the wrong fish.

Use this spreadsheet by u/iloveregex to be sure you don’t mess up if you want to be careful about how many of each to buy!

Fall 2017 Event Fish

For some reason the Fall 2017 fish are extremely high level hidden unlocks. Thanks to the Subreddit for finding these.

  • Star Sickle Fish
    • Collect candy from Whales 5 times
    • Take 5 pictures of the 4th tombstone
  • Fall forest fairy fish
    • Dubious laboratory level 1000
    • Acquire 5 bone dolphins
    • Acquire 5 vampire manta rays
  • Fall forest football fish 
    • Own 3 Fall Forest Fairy Fish
    • Collect candy from the Star Sickle Fish 5 times
  • Fall forest dumbo octopus
    •  Level 3000 Hungry Coffin
    • Collect candy from a dolphin 20 times
    • Collect candy from the Fall Forest Football Fish 5 times
  • Light jellyfish
    • Own 5 fall forest dumbo octopus
    • Collect candy 150 times from jellyfish
    • Share a photo of the Witch’s den
  • Star striped marlin
    • Take 10 pictures while activating Halloween Moon Night skill
      • Costs 300 pearls
        • To avoid wasting even more pearls, do the following unlocks at the same time:
          • Take 30 photos
          • Take 5 photos of the Fall Forest Football Fish
    • Collect candy 200 times from jellyfish
    • Riddle Jack O’ Lantern level 4000
  • Star turtle 
    • Collect candies from turtles 300 times
    • Take 10 pictures while activating Spookies Parade skill
      • Another 300 pearl waste…
        • To avoid wasting even more pearls, do the following as well while using the skill:
          • Take 5 photos of the Fall Forest Manta Ray
          • Take 5 photos of the Star striped marlin
          • Take 30 pictures
    • Dubious laboratory level 6000
  • Star Dolphin 
    • Take 30 pictures while activating Halloween Moon Night skill
    • Collect candy 300x from dolphins
    • Own 5 star turtles
  • Star Ray  
      • Own 5 Star Dolphins
      • Collect candy 300x from rays.
  • Fall Forest Ray 
    • Trick or Treat level 20
    • Collect Candy 50 times from Light jellyfish
    • Take 5 photos of the Fall Forest Football Fish while activating Halloween Moon Night skill
  • Star ocean sunfish 
    • Acquire 5 Star Rays
    • Take 5 photos of the Star striped marlin while activating Spookies parade
    • Collect Candy 100x from sunfish
  • Fall forest narwhal
    •  Collect candy 100x from narwhals
    • Acquire 5 Fall Forest Manta Rays
    • Acquire 5 Lamp Narwhals
  • Star whale 
    • Collect candy 100x from whales
    • Acquire 5 Star Sunfish
    • Take 5 photos of Star Turtles while activating Halloween Moon Night skill
  • Fall forest whale
    • Take 5 photos of the Fall Forest Manta Ray while activating Spookies Parade
    • Acquire 5 Fall Forest Narwhals
    • Collect Candy 100x from sharks
Halloween 2017 Event Fish
  • Mummy Mahi Mahi
    • Own 33 event fish!
      • Most people that can’t unlock it overlook this requirement, it’s listed under the lock on the right side of the fish list because the devs don’t know how to design UI
      • Note that for non-hidden fish, nothing pops up saying you’ve unlocked it
    • Take a picture of the #1 Tombstone
      • They’re NOT numbered, but this is one of the two in the front
      • You will not get a pop up confirming it worked, since this is NOT a hidden fish.
  • Devil Boxfish
    • If you don’t get this one, you probably forgot to tap on the Witch’s Pot to focus the camera on it. All camera unlocks require focusing on the target.

The rest of the 2017 and 2016 Halloween Fish are listed ingame and not hidden, I just listed this because everyone is tripped up by the 33 event fish unlock. Most fish have a requirement under the lock icon too

Halloween (2018) Event Fish

I’m only listing the new fish here, see below sections for the old halloween fish. There is a huge fish list almost totally unsorted since all the old fish were shoved in here.

  • Pumpkin Blobfish
    • Own 3 Bone Fish
      • All of these unlocks only count new fish in the Halloween Coralite
  • Reaper Seapig
    • Take photo of Devil Boxfish
    • Own Weeping Tree (unlock via Quest)
  • Pumpkin Nautilus
    • Level 500 Weeping Tree
    • Own 5 Football Fish
  • Vampire Seahorse
    • Take photo of Ghost Seahorse
    • Own 5 Nautilus
      • These sort of unlocks seem to require X amount of any Halloween fish, inside the Halloween Coralite map
  • Pumpkin Octopus
    • Own Hungry Coffin
    • Own 5 Seahorse
  • Knight Octopus
    • Own Hungry Coffin
    • Own 5 Seahorse
  • Reaper Jellyfish
    • Take photo of Death Squid
    • Own 5 Squid
  • Franken Sunfish
    • Own Witch’s Den
    • Own 5 Ray
  • Mummy Shark
    • Own Witch’s Den
    • Own 5 Sunfish
  • Lamp Narwhal
    • Level 900 Witch’s Den
    • Share a photo of Mummy Shark
  • Halloween Kraken
    • Own 5 Halloween Whale
    • Own 170 total Halloween Fish
    • Own 39 different kinds of Halloween Fish

Halloween 2018 Hidden Fish

  • Wizard Frog
    • Get Trick or Treat level 5 (upgrade with Gems in Magic Tab)
      • This costs a couple thousand gems, but you get them back by completing the Quests so it’s not too bad
    • Use Trick or Treat 50 times (!!!)
      • Yes, watching ads to reset the skill counts
    • Take 5 photos of “Tombstone #2”
      • Just take 5 pictures of all 4 tombstones you have to do that for other unlocks anyway, it does not matter which one is which
  • Zombie Piranha
    • Tap Jellyfish candy 50 times
    • Take 5 pictures of the 3rd Tombstone
      • Again just take pictures of all of them
    • Own 5 Jellyfish
  • Vampire Penguin
    • Collect candies from Wizard Frog 10 times
    • Use Trick or Treat 200 times
    • Take 5 photos of Tombstone number 2 (right behind)
  • Witchhouse Football Fish
    • Complete Witch’s Castle quest (finish all other quests)
    • Own all Halloween fish except the Witch (56 total)
    • Max of 1
  • Snowy Owl
    • Complete the Snowy Owl quest below
Halloween 2018 Event Premium Fish

As always, the premium fish are listed in the Shop > Gems tab, not the Event tab. They’re not required to unlock any other content, ever.

  • Little Witch
    • $10 IAP
    • Bought in Halloween map
    • Benefits the Halloween Event
  • Ugly Octopus Trio
    • $10 IAP
    • Bought in Halloween map
    • Benefits the Halloween Event
  • Koala 
    • $10 IAP
    • Bought in Saltwater map
    • Does not benefit the Halloween event
  • Mandarin Duck
    • $10 IAP
    • Bought in Freshwater Map
    • Does not benefit the Halloween event

Old Event Fish (2016-2017)

The Fall 2017, Halloween 2016, and Halloween 2017 fish are included, but with totally new unlocks.

Any fish you got from a prior event or in the luck shell will automatically be unlocked, the others have to be unlocked in the Halloween tank with new conditions. Let me know the new conditions if you find them because I cannot test or check them.

This is a really dumb, unnecessary over complication imo.

Halloween 2018 Quests

These quests give rewards (including Candy, Vitality, and Gems) and unlock the next “coral” in the game. They’re required for fish unlocks and help you progress in the event, so keep an eye on them.

Everything in this event only counts what’s in the event tank, and only gems transfer between tanks. Thanks to /u/farmerlesbian for writing these all out because it was way too boring for me to do.

Witch’s Pot Quest

Unlocks Weeping Tree

  • Create 1 Bone Fish.
  • Create 1 Pumpkin Blobfish
  • Reach 1.000B of candy
  • Create 1 Devil Boxfish
Rival Witch Quest

Unlocks Hungry Coffin

  • Reach level 660 of Witch’s Pot
  • Use Trick or Treat skill 3 times
    • This is the crab skill
      • Yes, watching ads to reset counts for all these unlocks
  • Create 2 Vampire Football Fish
  • Own 15 kinds of fish
Property Manager Quest

Unlocks Riddle Jack O’ Lantern

  • Reach a total of 3600 levels on all event “coral”
  • Reach 500.000I vitality
  • Create 5 Knight Octopus
    • Only ones created AFTER this unlock count, don’t create any before
  • Own 70 fish.
Key to Witch’s Den Quest

Unlocks Dubious Laboratory

  • Reach 1.000N of Candy
  • Create 5 Reaper Jellyfish
    • Only ones created AFTER this unlock count, don’t create any before
  • Reach a total of 13,000 levels between all Witch’s Den items
  • Own 24 kind of fish
    • If you’re missing a fish, it’s probably the Wizard Frog that’s next to unlock. It’s hidden, but can be unlocked at any time.
Riddle of the Jack O’ Lantern Quest

Unlocks Witch’s Den. Oddly, the Witch’s Den has a max of 8000 levels instead of 9000 like the others.

  • Reach 10.000T vitality
  • Collect candy from the bubbles over fish’s heads 2500 times
  • Reach Level 10 of Trick or Treat (you buy the levels of this skill in the “Magic” tab, with gems)
  • Create 1 Wizard Frog
Witch’s Castle Quest

Unlocks Witchhouse Football Fish, but you still have to buy one of each fish to purchase it

  • Own 135 fish
  • Reach a total of 35,000 levels between all Witch’s Den items
  • Take 1 photo of Halloween Kraken
  • Obtain 50 kinds of fish
A Lost Snowy Owl Quest

Unlocks the Hedwig Snowy Owl fish

  • Own 15 sharks
    • Includes sharks created prior to unlocking the quest
  • Reach 500AN Vitality
  • Own 1 Star Whale
  • Reach a total of 52,000 levels between all Witch’s Den items
    • Post-update, this is easier than it may sound, but still extreme
      • Requires level 9000 of everything but Witch’s Den, and at least level 7000 on Den. Max them out in order from the top


What Happens when the event ends?

We have no idea because the dev team has the communication skills of a mute caveman.

Which Tombstone is Which?

They’re not actually numbered despite the genius dev team referring to them by number, so just take 5 pictures of all of them.

Video Guide


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