AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish Hiding Fish Guide

tap tap fish abyssrium hiding fish guide

This guide has all Hiding Fish in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish for iOS and Android.Note Hiding Fish are not “Hidden Fish”! These are the lottery fish obtainable in the Clam submenu of the Event “Calendar” Menu. God this game is complicated lately. See the main guide for info on other parts of AbyssRium.

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Hiding Fish In AbyssRium

Hiding Fish, despite the name, are a straight up lottery system or Gachapon. Each “set” of fish will randomly award you one of the fish in each subset, and once you complete a set you unlock a Golden Fish. (Un)fun fact: This practice is basically the same as Kompu Gacha which was banned in Japan years ago.


Hiding Fish cost increasing amounts of either Event Currency (learn how to grind here) or Farm Materials. It is very, very easy to run out of currency/materials with these and they’re released on a monthly basis; it’s impossible to meaningfully “complete” them.

The rates for “rare” hiding fish start out impossibly low and gradually rise as you make more. Your first 10+ fish will probably be all the same two or so common fish. Despite being a lottery, you should find the amount of fish you need to make in each set is pretty consistently is about 60-70 per set, a substantial investment.

Instead of trying to get them all, I’d recommend just getting the ones you really like and getting a few cheap fish from each set. Each non-Golden fish is a tiny ~5% vitality boost. It’s a lot early on, but it’s additive, not multiplicative. This means eventually each boost is basically nothing.


Hiding Fish are added around the middle of the month, 1 new Golden Fish 10 hiding fish. Golden Fish are purely cosmetic, though you need any 3 of them to get the Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish now. Hiding Fish themselves do not count toward any unlock except their respective Golden Fish. Fusion/Hidden fish never need them for unlocks, they do not count toward the 10k Year Old Blue Whale. You cannot under any circumstances get more than one of any Golden Fish.

Hiding Fish List

Below is a searchable table of all Hiding Fish. Either search a specific fish’s name to find which “set” it’s in, or search a set name to find which fish the set contains. The “set” is always the golden fish that’s unlocked once you own one

FishLottery Set
Weedy ScorpionfishGold Sunfish
Sheep NudibranchGold Sunfish
Red Lip BatfishGold Sunfish
Peacock ShrimpGold Sunfish
Flying FishGold Sunfish
Foxface RabbitfishGolden Turtle
Spotted HandfishGolden Turtle
Red HandfishGolden Turtle
Japanese Horseshoe CrabGolden Turtle
Sarcastic FringeheadGolden Turtle
Casper OctopusGolden Turtle
Sea OtterGolden Turtle
Saltwater CrocodileGolden Turtle
ManateeGolden Turtle
Tiger SharkGolden Turtle
Red CoffinfishGolden Seadragon
Star SeahorseGolden Seadragon
Transparent Sea ToadGolden Seadragon
Star NautilusGolden Seadragon
Hadal SnailfishGolden Seadragon
Star Flying FishGolden Seadragon
White Spotted JellyfishGolden Seadragon
Star SquidGolden Seadragon
Ghost SharkGolden Seadragon
Star SharkGolden Seadragon
LumpfishGold Octopus
Threetooth PufferGold Octopus
Small Clown TriggerfishGold Octopus
Ribbon SweetlipsGold Octopus
Golden TrevallyGold Octopus
White Tripod FishGold Octopus
Black Tripod FishGold Octopus
Cannibal FishGold Octopus
Arabian Carpet SharkGold Octopus
Greenland SharkGold Octopus
Doublewhip Threadfin BreamGold Dolphin
Yellowback FusilierGold Dolphin
Yellow Unicorn FishGold Dolphin
Purple Queen AngelfishGold Dolphin
Stoplight ParrotfishGold Dolphin
Oblique Banded SweetlipsGold Dolphin
ElephantfishGold Dolphin
Leopard ChimaeraGold Dolphin
Bonnethead SharkGold Dolphin
Banded HoundsharkGold Dolphin
Horned BannerfishGold Mikado Jellyfish
Meyer’s ButterflyGold Mikado Jellyfish
Thornback CowfishGold Mikado Jellyfish
Keyhole AngelfishGold Mikado Jellyfish
Trumpet EmperorGold Mikado Jellyfish
Titan TriggerfishGold Mikado Jellyfish
African Angel SharkGold Mikado Jellyfish
Dwarf SawfishGold Mikado Jellyfish
Spotted WobbegongGold Mikado Jellyfish
Longfin MakoGold Mikado Jellyfish
Longnose HawkfishGold Axolotl
Mango AngelfishGold Axolotl
Japanese SurgeonfishGold Axolotl
Redlip MorwongGold Axolotl
Knothead ParrotfishGold Axolotl
Chain CatsharkGold Axolotl
Bahamas SawsharkGold Axolotl
Albino LobsterGold Axolotl
Blackfin BarracudaGold Axolotl
Hourglass DolphinGold Axolotl
Blue Stripe SpinecheekGold Frog
Bridled Monocle BreamGold Frog
Barred SoapfishGold Frog
Bullseye Electric RayGold Frog
Goldribbon SoapfishGold Frog
Threespot GrouperGold Frog
Pink MaomaoGold Frog
Graceful CatsharkGold Frog
Japanese Bullhead SharkGold Frog
Tasselled WobbegongGold Frog
Yellowhead JawfishGold Ray
Red Striped TilefishGold Ray
Checkered SnapperGold Ray
Five Lined SnapperGold Ray
Spearfish RemoraGold Ray
Mexican Horn SharkGold Ray
Collared CarpetsharkGold Ray
Oriental SweetlipsGold Ray
VaquitaGold Ray
PorbeagleGold Ray
Flame HawkfishGold Sea Slug
Ring Tailed CardinalfishGold Sea Slug
Stocky AnthiasGold Sea Slug
Checkerboard WrasseGold Sea Slug
Cookiecutter SharkGold Sea Slug
Viper DogfishGold Sea Slug
Spectacled ParrotfishGold Sea Slug
Bicolour ParrotfishGold Sea Slug
Mandarin DogfishGold Sea Slug
Night SharkGold Sea Slug
Lance BlennyGold Marlin
Persian BlennyGold Marlin
Pygmy SharkGold Marlin
Rainbow SeaperchGold Marlin
Epaulette SurgeonfishGold Marlin
Blue Tang SurgeonfishGold Marlin
Longfin BatfishGold Marlin
Crocodile SharkGold Marlin
Atlantic WolffishGold Marlin
Starspotted Smooth-houndGold Marlin
Blackfin Coral GobyGold Footballfish
Whitecap GobyGold Footballfish
Yellowbanded Red WeeverGold Footballfish
Redspotted Sand PerchGold Footballfish
Purple Coral LobsterGold Footballfish
Yellow LobsterGold Footballfish
Spotted Ocranic TriggerfishGold Footballfish
Yellow Margin TriggerfishGold Footballfish
Short Beaked Yellow DolphinGold Footballfish
Indo-Pacific Humpback DolphinGold Footballfish
Blue DevilfishGold Sea Butterfly
Hawaiian Cleaner WrasseGold Sea Butterfly
Philippine ButterflyfishGold Sea Butterfly
Stripey FishGold Sea Butterfly
Bicolor GoatfishGold Sea Butterfly
Yellowfin GoatfishGold Sea Butterfly
Blue-striped ChubGold Sea Butterfly
Humpback BatfishGold Sea Butterfly
Port Jackson SharkGold Sea Butterfly
Pelagic Thresher SharkGold Sea Butterfly
Yellow Nose Prawn GobyGolden Sea Pig
Poison GobyGolden Sea Pig
Mailed ButterflyfishGolden Sea Pig
Oval-spot Butterfly FishGolden Sea Pig
Caribbean Reef OctopusGolden Sea Pig
Prickly DogfishGolden Sea Pig
RemoraGolden Sea Pig
Emperor Red SnapperGolden Sea Pig
Milk SharkGolden Sea Pig
Monk SealGolden Sea Pig

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  1. I got all 5 fish required to get the gold sunfish but I havent been able to figure out how to get the gold fish itself… do i need more hiding fish? It says i have 5 of 5

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