Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium June Tropical Event 2019 Hidden Fish Guide

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Tropical Vacation Event Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the June Tropical Vacation Event (2019) information. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)!

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2019-08-12: They have again updated this event instead of making a new one, with more terrible gachapon and extremely high requirements. Added a new heading for the updates so you don’t have to hunt for the changes.

2019-06-28: Spotted Sunfish added, there’s a new non-hidden event fish added every friday for a while. Event lasts until the end of July.

2019-06-13: New “Hiding Fish” feature added; it’s part of this event. There are also new Fusion fish (not part of the event). IAP pig added.

Video guide for new features:

Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium June Tropical Event UPDATE: More Unlockable Fish!
Watch this video on YouTube.

2019-05-31: Video Guide made! Updated total cost

Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium June Tropical Event 2019: All Hidden Fish Guide
Watch this video on YouTube.

2019-05-30: The update appears to be live but is likely a slow rollout like all of them. Added total cost (thanks Pufferfish Planet!). Added exact requirement for the frogo.

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Tropical Vacation Event Stats

Start Date: 2019-06-01
End Date: 2019-08-28

New Fish: 15+ Event Fish
13 new Fusion Fish
Ad exploit is dead.
Pirate Event fish are returning
5 Expand items
IAP Fish: Racoon
Total cost: 346,800 Currency (breakdown)

New mechanics arriving with the update: Time to harvest farm items (seaweed etc) is reduced
New tab with Farm harvesting items
You can buy farm items directly with Pearls

General Event Info

Events slowly rollout (every time, yes it sucks), so don’t panic if you don’t get it. Expect it by the end of the week after it first starts rolling out. Events end at the end of the month and every month has an event now

Currency from prior events will be preserved (but invisible) for later events, so feel free to save up. (Until they take it away again which they did twice…)

See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers.

August Update

They’re killing me with these weird updates to existing events, so all the info for stuff added to the event in August is here. The event ends at August 27th now. Don’t expect a new event before september.

Note the devs are idiots and this event requires lots of crossover with the Anniversary Event, including getting poseidon which is impossible in the time frame given (without spending pearls/money).

New Expand Quests
  • Ivy Pillar
  • Balloon Gift
    • Use Skills in the Abyss Tank 20 times
  • Swing Conch
    • Get Pearls from completing daily missions 3 times
  • Conch Beacon
    • Tap 300 bubbles from Lady Dolphin
  • Noblesse House
    • Own 1 Dragon
  • Dragon Seahorse Coral
    • Own 1 Poseidon
      • This seems impossible to do in time without pearls
  • Giant Dragon Coral
    • Not a quest item, buy for 200 pearls in Expand menu, Event tab
New Fish Lottery

Another lottery, click the Quest button in the top left of the Abyss tank to access it. You spend bananas or (preferably) farm materials to spin, you get the Golden Turtle for getting one of each. Odds for rare fish apparently increase every 30 pulls. Expect 100+ pulls to get one of each fish.

  • Foxface Rabbitfish
    • Common
  • Spotted Handfish
    • Common
  • Red Handfish
    • Uncommon
  • Japanese Horseshoe Crab
    • Uncommon
  • Sarcastic Fringehead
    • Rare
  • Casper Octopus
    • Rare
  • Marine Otter
    • Super Rare
    • If you have one from before you don’t need to pull one for it to count
  • Saltwater Crocodile
    • Super Rare
    • If you have one from before you don’t need to pull one for it to count
  • Manatee
    • Ultra Rare
    • If you have one from before you don’t need to pull one for it to count
  • Tiger Shark
    • Ultra Rare
  • Gold Turtle
    • Get 1 by getting 1 of every above fish
    • Only 1

July Hiding Fish Update

As part of an update released (slow rollout) on June 13th, there are 5 new Fusion Fish, and 5 new “hiding fish.” The Hiding Fish are a gachapon, and very rough estimates from Reddit suggest around 50 pulls are expected to get one of each fish. Keep in mind this could vary wildly.

Limited Event Hiding Fish

These are obtained at random from paying either farm materials or Event Currency (just use whatever you have a relatively greater abundance of). The cost slowly rises as you buy more fish. The menu is accessed by tapping Tropical Quest at the top of the Saltwater Tank, then Find New Hiding Fish at the top of that menu.

What you get is random, and once one of each is gotten you can get the Gold Sunfish. You get extremely minor rewards every 6 fish; just Gems and Luck Shell gachapon pulls.

  • Sheep Nudibranch
    • Common
  • Weedy Scorpionfish
    • Common
  • Red Lipped Batfish
    • Rare
  • Peacock Shrimp
    • Rare
  • Flying Fish
    • Ultra Rare
  • Gold Sunfish
    • Create one of each of the above fish, then you get this for free
New Fusion Fish

These aren’t part of the event, but were released at the same time. Listed here just for completeness:

  • Copperband Butterflyfish
    • Requires 2 Lined Butterfly
  • Lemon Sea Slug
    • 2 Sea Slug
  • Purple Sea Slug
    • 2 Sea Slug
  • Yellow Frogfish
    • 2 Yellow Boxfish
  • African Pompano
    • 2 Gulper Eel

June Tropical Vacation Hidden Fish

  • Lemon Puffer
  • Aloha Blobfish
    • Make 5 Lemon Puffers
  • Aloha Dumbo (Hidden)
    • Watch 5 ads for Currency
  • Tropical Seahorse 
    • Reach level 3 for the Hermit Crab
  • Vacation Octopus (Hidden)
    • Tap 100 bubbles above  Tropical Seahorses’ heads
    • Misspelled “Vacance Octopus”
  • Vacation Starfish (Hidden)
    • Create 10 Pirate Event fish (Event -> Fusion Tab)
    • Misspelled “Vacance Starfish”
  • Flamingo Tube Nautilus
    • Make 5 Vacation Starfish
  • Tropical Seadragon
    • Own 5 Flamingo Tube Nautilus
  • Vacation Frog (Hidden)
    • Use 500 clams on Fusion Fish
      • Any Fusion Fish—it just has to be fusion, not Expand purchases
    • Misspelled “Vacance Frog”
  • Cocktail Bar Ray
    • “Share” a photo of the Glass Bottle expand item
      • See the quests below to unlock it
  • Island Shark
    • Own 10 different kinds of Vacation fish
  • Dream Catcher Jellyfish (Hidden)
    • Own 3 Island Sharks
  • Tropical Whale
    • Own 12 species of Vacation fish, 80 total Vacation fish
      • that’s every fish above this one
  • Aloha Nessie (Hidden)
    • Quest fish (see below for quest info)
  • Abyssal Kraken (Hidden)
    • Buy one of each “pirate” fish in the fusion tab
      • If you bought them in last year’s event or got them via the roulette, you have to make them again
  • Spotted Sunfish
    • Play the game after the 28th of June
    • 50,000

Pirate Event Fish 

This year these fish are unlocked as Fusion Fish, costing one new fish and some fusion materials. You can see last year’s info on the pirate event here.

Premium Fish
  • Scuba Racoon
    • $10 IAP
    • Not required for any unlocks
  • Scuba Pig
    • Most unexpected! 
      • $10 IAP
      • Not required for any unlocks

June Tropical Event Quests

Unless otherwise noted, these counters only start counting after the step of the quest unlocked. Progress may be lost if fish are made before unlocking the relevant step.

  • Warm Welcome
    • Look at all the names of the new Event fish in the Manage Fish tab
  • ?
    • Level up Hermit Crab to level 5, then cast their skill 15 times
  • ?
    • Harvest 150 crab from the farm
  • ?
    • Spend 30,000 event currency
  • ?
    • Create 5 Dreamcatcher Jellyfish and 4 Tropical Whales

Tropical Vacation Expand Items

These quests must be completed in sequence.

  • Sand
    • Get 5 sets of farm materials by watching ads
      • This option is at the top of one of the shop tabs
  • Wooden Fence
    • Cast Song of the Moon a lot
  • Palm Tree
    • Do 3 daily missions
  • Glass Bottle
    • Create Vacation Frog(s)
  • Shipwreck
    • Make a new Pirate Ship Whale

Tropical Cosmetic Items

Buy these in the Palette menu

  • Ukulele Musician Costume
    • 1000
  • Tropical Beachside Dye
    • 200
    • Unlocks Hermit Crab
  • Tranquil Summer Sea Theme
    • 500

Video Guide

Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium June Tropical Event 2019: All Hidden Fish Guide
Watch this video on YouTube.

All Tropical fish exhibition video:

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium | Tropical Event All Fish Exhibition
Watch this video on YouTube.

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73 thoughts on “Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium June Tropical Event 2019 Hidden Fish Guide”

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  2. First, I love your attitude and how down to earth you are. Anyway, dragon.? Where tf do I get one of those I’m confused

    1. Each event has it’s own guide (since until this one there was no inter mixing, which is now confusing do many people). It’s in the anniversary event guide, gotta 100% complete that tank

    1. As bad as the game is sometimes, there are no “missable” unlocks so never worry about that. Just keep casting it it still counts

  3. I can’t complete the free farm materials quest as my game crashes whenever I try to watch an ad :/ But otherwise doing pretty good with the event

  4. I think you only need 3 tropical whales for the last quest by the way! And speaking of tropical whales, I have all 12 event fish and it still says I haven’t gotten them all (right next to the whale where it says “own 12 event fish”) and I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not? And yes I’ve gotten all of them during this event by using the currency.

  5. I can’t seem to unlock the palm trees… do I need to complete 3 daily missions (if so, this isn’t working) or all the daily missions 3 times?

  6. Not sure what’s going on with the octopus 🐙 but I’ve clicked far more than 100 of the seahorses and still no octopus! 😔 Do you know?

    1. In case you’re still missing it, keep going, don’t bother counting. The specific-fish-bubble unlocks always take way longer than people expect

  7. Thanks for the guide. Helpful as always. Wouldn’t know about
    that new sunfish.
    Sadly the crab system turns out bad than ever. Always change
    what once already good. Not to mention the quest. And oh no.. look at the whale.
    Not really into that design. And honestly the flamingo tube nautilus is creepy.

  8. How many frogs do I need to unlock the glass jar ? I now have 9 vacation frogs :/ and still nothing

    1. 3, but only fish created after that branch of the quest count. You can’t unlock it out of order

  9. Hi! Today June 28 th I was about to start playing “Tap tap fish” when I got a notification of a new fish from the June event. The fish is called “Spotted Sunfish” Does anyone know anything about this?

    1. In an effort to drag out and overcomplicate events, they’re apparently adding one new fish every friday starting today. they’re in the event tab

    1. if you got any pirate fish from the roulette or last year’s event, you have to re-create them fresh because the unlocks are ridiculously byzantine

  10. I just started playing the game again and ended up starting over, buttt I feel like I’m just over thinking but what the heck does it mean when it says to “share the photo of glass jar” to acquire the cocktail bar ray??

    1. Oh man starting over is absolute suicide and the game is so much worse, I’d just delete it honestly. But it’s a pretty simple request, just read the the guide

      1. Guide you say??? Do you mean yours because I tried reading and I dunno if I just missed it or like I’m just silly: And I mean I still enjoy it so does my small child. But I just last time I played it I never really tried to events because I would always get stuck on like the forth fish. It is a very mysterious game sometimes: And I never tried expanding I just made fish lol

        1. It’s in the guide, either search for the term or just scroll through the fish list it’s all explained there

        1. Nope, the game is bad on purpose. Best you can do is use Nox Player and use a macro to watch ads without you actually seeing the ads

  11. Hey guys so what’s the buzz with the new hidden fish? How are they unlocked? I read the little section above but I’m still a bit confused. Are they unlocked by spinning the shell? Or something else?

    1. You might have to update to get it to show up. I had to. Then there will be a second tab when you click on the Tropical Quest icon on the upper left. You have to use event currency or farm materials to pay. The button will say “create life”.

  12. Wtf i unlocked the kraken but i don’t have the gold sunfish! I already have all the fishes (june event and fusion) so i don’t know why i don’t have the sunfish. Does someone have an explanation?

  13. i unlocked the gold sunfish but the abyssal kraken still havnt unlock….what can i do to fix it

    1. Apparently it requires one of each pirate fish too. Don’t have the last gachapon fish yet so I couldn’t confirm

      1. Sir, One more condition to unlock abyssal kraken is you nid to make at least 1 of each pirate event fish in the fusion tab. i did it and unlocked it ady

  14. The daily missions aren’t registering for the expand quest, I’ve done 6 daily missions and none have counted?

    1. Don’t complete them anywhere but the salt tank, and you have to be on that step of the quest

        1. No matter what it will take 3 days if your doing it right you have to claim the pearl rewards

  15. I’m trying to get Vacance Starfish too, and I created ten pirate event fish from the fusion tab, and it still isn’t unlocking. Is there something wrong with the game, or is it because of a slow rollout?

  16. Hey so I’m trying to unlock the vacance starfish and I have 10 new pirate fish but it still won’t unlock. Tried restarting the game. Do I need 10 different types of pirate fish?

      1. My starfish unlocked tonight. Unfortunately I wasn’t really paying attention to the popup box, so I’m not sure exactly what triggered it, but it was NOT creating pirate fish – I haven’t done that at all. I believe it may have been from watching the ad to get bananas a certain number of times.

        The unlocked starfish does say “Create 10 Pirate Event fishes,” but this is definitely a lie.

    1. I think the fusion ones just all unlock the moment you have one of the base fish, maybe 2 of the base fish. None are hidden far as I know

  17. how to unlock Cocktail Bar Ray? I don’t know what Glass Jar mean?
    Is sharing picture of items like sand, wooden fence… right?

    1. Yes. The Glass Jar is an Expand Item (like sand & wooden fence). After you put it in your Abyssrium, you take a pic of the jar, share, and Cocktail Bar Ray is unlocked.

  18. Okay so I am not understanding how to get 5 sets of sand materials by watching ads? Can someone explain this to me, I’ve waisted pearls and urchins and clams and all that trying to figure out what it is I need to get 5 of..

      1. Yes that’s what I meant, you go to expand to get to it? Where the sand castle and terrain and seaweed is?

        1. Go to ‘Shop’ then the third icon at the top (the one between the diamond and the dog face). The top item on the menu is watch ad to get free farm materials.

  19. Firstly, I love these guides!

    Secondly I think I messed up D: I grind my crab to the highest level soon as possible by buying large numbers of the cheapest fish. So far its always worked well in past events. But now I have the quest to use level 5 crab skill 15 times, I used it 3 times but still bought fish and leveled my crab. Now I have a level 8 crab and the number of skill uses in the quest isn’t going up, did I just seriously ruin the event quests the first night I played them?? ;_;

  20. For the Aloha Dumbo, the devs decreased the amount of Ads you need to watch for currency from 15 to 5. You only need to watch 5 Ads to unlock it.

  21. Thanks for the guide! Just FYI, ‘Vacance’ is not a misspelling, per se – it’s just wasei-eigo. Japan calls vacations バカンス (vacance) from the French ‘vacances’. The Japanese developers simply translated a loanword they already use into what they thought should be the ‘English’ spelling.

    1. Go to the event tab, click on the clown fish tab. They are fusion event fish. But FYI, creating a pirate fish takes away from the number of event fish required to level up the Hermit Crab. So level up the Hermit Crab before making the pirate fish.

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