Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Space Event All Hidden Fish Guide

abyssrium space event guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the 2019 Space Event formation. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information and for links to other events. Fun Space Event fact: this event was ‘teased’ in a glitch in the game two years ago! 

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2019-10-14: New Hiding Fish added (GROAN), the Space Event appears to be extended until the end of October at the least. Halloween Tank updated.

Video guide live!

AbyssRium Guide Index

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New Ownership

Not directly related to the update, but AbyssRium has come under new ownership. Flero Games purchased it from Cheetah Mobile. Don’t panic too much, because Cheetah Mobile already acquired the game from it’s original developer 2 years ago, so all of the usual bad “soulless corporate acquisition” stuff has already happened.

Flero games seems to at least care more than Cheetah Mobile ever did, adding a GDPR notice to the beginning of the game and they’re apparently actually answering Facebook support messages again, which Cheetah had been ignoring for the better part of a year.

Space Event Stats

Start Date: 2019-09-09
End Date: 2019-09-30? (estimated)

Space Event Gameplay

General Event Info

Events slowly rollout from the app stores (every time, yes it sucks), so don’t panic if you don’t get it. APKs have been disabled, but you can use the Tap App (not affiliated with me!) to download the update early on android. You can delete the Tap App afterwards. There’s no way to get it early on iOS.

See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers.

The event is in the Abyss/Saltwater Tank like most events, and it will expire once the event time is over, but your event currency should roll over to the next event (unless it doesn’t, because the devs like to do that).

Hermit Crab Levels

The Hermit Crab is the key to completing events. Buy the Event Dye to unlock it, then upgrade it as soon as possible. The costs and earning rates of each level is listed below, but every upgrade pays for itself after a day or so, so don’t worry too much. 

1Buy event Dye0 Currency200 Currency/cast
25 Event Fish500400
310 Fish900600
415 Fish1400800
520 Fish18001000
625 Fish23001200
730 Fish38001400
835 Fish68001600
940 Fish90001800
1050 Fish120002000

New Hiding Fish (October 14th)

Starting October 14th, there are new hiding fish in the Saltwater tank. They’re not exactly related to the Space event, but I’ll list them here for simplicity. They are likely to expire around the same time as the space event.

Despite the name, Hiding Fish are not “Hidden Fish” and it’s a simple Gachapon/lottery system. On average it usually takes users over 100 “pulls” to acquire one of each fish and unlock the final fish. Costs increase each purchase, making this a very expensive affair.

No Hiding Fish are required for any unlocks outside of the final Hiding fish that requires one of each.

Red CoffinfishCommon
Star SeahorseCommon
Transparent Sea ToadUncommon
Star NautilusUncommon
Hadal SnailfishRare
Star Flying FishRare
White Spotted JellyfishSR
Star SquidSR
Ghost SharkSSR
Star SharkSSR
Gold SeadragonUnlocks once all the above fish are collected

Space Event Event Hidden Fish

Here’s an image album of how all the fish look (thanks /u/Single-Leaf33)!
Make sure to buy all 3 theme items in the Palette menu (where you get the dye for the Crab) before starting to unlock fish and quests, they’re always necessary.

Moonlight Puffer200 Currency
Starlight Sea Slug

Hidden - Watch 5 Farm Materials ads (Shop Tab)500
Space BoxfishBuy 5 Moonlight Puffers500
Space StarfishHidden: Share photo of Star Flower (see Expand Quest)800
Starlight NautilusOpen 3 Mystery Chests800
Space OctopusHidden: Level 5 Hermit Crab2,000
Space DumboHidden - Take 5 pictures of the UFO that flies around the tank2,000
Space PenguinBuy 40 Event Fish5,000
Moonlight TurtleBuy 5 Space Penguins5,000
Space RayHidden: Use Song of the Moon 15 times with Moonlight Turtle in the tank?
Starlight OarfishTake 1 Photo of Rocket (Expand Item)?
Moonlight JellyfishHidden: Spend 500 urchin materials. Can be on Fusion Fish or Expand tab items.12,000
Starlight DolphinUse Delicious Food 30 Times with a Moonlight Jellyfish in the tank12,000
Moonlight WhaleHidden: Buy 1 of each the above fish, own 80 total event fish18,000
Star PrinceHidden: Complete "Miraculous Space Quest"100,000. 1 Max
Red FoxIAP Only - Pay $10. Not required for unlocksVitality

Space Event Quests

Miraculous Space Quest

As always, the big quest is required to unlock the most expensive “fish” (the space prince) for purchase.

1Equip Starlight Garden dye.
An information from Satellite Hermit CrabUse Hermit Crab Skill (charge up with candy or an ad watch) 30 times.
Sharing Star CandyCollect and spend 30,000 event currency.
4Own 4 kinds of fish with "Starlight" in the name and make 5 Starlight Dolphins.
Unlock Star PrinceTap 300 currency bubbles from Starlight Jellyfish and buy 5 new Moonlight Whales

Space Event Decorations

These quests must be completed in order, and each unlocks a free single Expand item. Some items here are required to unlock Hidden Fish or complete Space Quest tasks.

ItemUnlockExtras Cost
Moon SliceCast Song of the Moon 5 times, taking pictures of Space Moon once each time. Note there's 3 of these, you get one free at random and can buy the others in Expand. Note you must equip the dye for this, and as always, you must actually tap the moon in the camera UI to get the photo to count.50 pearls
Star FlowerWatch 10 ads for Currency60 pearls
Moon MobileClaim pearls from the Daily Mission 3 times70 pearls
RocketBuy 3 new Space Rays80 pearls
EarthBuy 3 new Moonlight Jellyfish90 pearls
Space HouseShare picture of Star Prince (Complete the Space Quest to unlock the Prince)100 pearls

Video Guide

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium | Space Event Guide All Hidden Fish!
Watch this video on YouTube.

Livestreamed playthrough of the event:

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium | Space Event Stream!
Watch this video on YouTube.


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30 thoughts on “Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Space Event All Hidden Fish Guide”

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  2. I can’t seem to get the space dumbo, even thought I have a level 8 hermit crab. Is it too high of a level, or am I doing something wrong?

  3. None of the space themed decorations have shown up for me in expand but I followed the directions. Do you know how to fix this by any chance? Thank you!

    1. I think this is poorly worded. They aren’t in the Expand tab, you have to go to the paint palette icon and then purchase the dye and theme. There’s a costume too, but I don’t think you need it for any quests.

      1. There’s two sets of cosmetic items and I don’t really know what the original comment is referring to honestly. Some of them are in the expand tab, they probably either didn’t look in the right category, didn’t actually unlock them because they tried the quest out of order or IDK.
        There are costumes in the palette menu but if they bought them they’re instantly applied, IDK how anyone could miss that

  4. Hey man thank you for the guide but is incomplete, how I can unlock the star prince? I need the to share a pic of the space house but for that I need to take a photo of the prince, how is this possible? 😂 please help me

    1. It’s in the sections immediately above, you have to complete the space quest…I’ll add a note to make it more clear I guess.

  5. Do you by any chance know when this event ends? I’m almost dome. Just need the whale and prince.

    1. There’s always a thing that gives you a week-long heads up, so never worry too much. Sounds like it will stay all of october while halloween is going on in the separate tank

  6. Hey I got a question. In their FaceBook page they wrote a post a week or two ago, showing a list of new hiding fish. Is this like hiding hiding fish or just a teaser for the other updates?

    1. probably just another set of gachapon that’ll be coming out. Despite the name the hiding fish have never been “hidden” in the game, just in the lotto spin

      1. Alright. Thanks for such a fast reply and all the guides. Appreciate it a lot and keep it up!!🖤

  7. Bought 3 space rays, still no rocket in my expand items; am I doing something wrong? Or do I need to do something else unlock it?

    1. Nothing in any quest counts until that step is unlocked usually. If you’re not on that step the space rays don’t count and you have to buy more once you reach it, it’s noted in that section

  8. I applied the dye, but I’m still not seeing the hermit crab, I was having this same problem with the last saltwater tank event as well and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong??

  9. I am unable to get the rocket. I’ve bought about 5 space rays by now, but it never tells me I have the ability to buy the rocket so I can take the picture to unlock the oarfish 🙁
    What am I doing wrong?!

  10. so anyone with question about a photo with the changing moon its the big moon in the back of the tank

    1. I can’t figure it out either. I thought it was the little moon moving around; in the front with smaller moons/pieces around it. I can only take a picture in frame. How do I get it?

      1. the changing space moon is the moon during the song of the moon skill w the starlight dye. tap the moon to focus on it and take s picturr. after each one, the phase changes so you can get the others– it took me a second to figure this out

      2. Regarding the moon slice in Space Event Decoration, I accidentally found out, that, you don’t need to wait to cast 5 song of the moon to get 5 pictures. You can cheat by quit application and open it again during song of the moon skills still ongoing. Do it 4 times, and you can snap 5 pictures in 1 song of the moon skills, without waiting to use it 5 time.

  11. I can’t seem to make the “Spicy Moon Slice” photo work. I activate the song of the moon, take a picture of the moon, and nothing happens. I’ve done this three times but the counter hasn’t shown I’ve taken any photos at all.

    1. have you bought the theme for the event? i had the same problem until i bought that and it worked for me

      1. Theme items are always required some way or another for events, always get them first. Then make sure you tap the item you’re taking a picture of, that’s how all the photo unlocks work, in frame isn’t enough

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