Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Spring & Easter Event (2018) Mini-Guide

This is a “mini guide” for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Spring Event (2018) information, split out to be faster & easier to load on mobile devices. Feel free to add to your homescreen for easy access!
See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information.

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Event ended April 30th 2018.

I livestreamed the event earlier, watch the archive if you want to see what it’s all about! The event’s costs are really unfair so I highly recommend an auto-tapper, see how to use  an auto tapper here. The events aren’t fair, and here’s why in my opinion; it’s a systemic issue. As players we deserve better. I’d recommend messaging the devs on Facebook and telling them you want more community interaction. They need a Community Manager.

If you lost your candies from prior events then message the devs on facebook, it’s the only way to get them back. They took too long patching out the candy-culling so lots of people lost everything. They don’t appear to be replying on facebook either. But still message them, it’s the only way to get it back.

The Spring & Easter Event (2018) is here and it’s mostly a return to form instead of the blatantly abusive insult that was the Valentine’s Day event (2018). Note it may be a slow rollout like always so don’t panic if you don’t get the event until saturday or so.

The event works just like pre-Valentine’s day events except Song of the Moon does not multiply candies, effectively making this the most expensive event ever by default (pending actual analysis anyway; it’s possible it’s cheaper than the Valentine’s Event (2018) or Anniversary Event (2017)). You tap candy to buy specific fish, no exploitative gachapon garbage, no stupid timers to waste your time and tempt you to waste real money to get random virtual fish. 

Spring Event Fish

  • B.L.Tomato Clownfish
    • 200 Sakura
  • Honeybee Goby
    • 200 Sakura
  • Picnic Dumbo Octopus
    • Own 5 BLT Clownfish
  • Petal Crinoid
    • Own 10 2018 Event Fish
  • Blanket Octopus
    • Own 20 2018 Event Fish
  • Picnic Sea Turtle
    • 3 Picnic Dumbo
  • Picnic Dolphin
    • 3 Picnic Sea Turtles
  • Sakura Sunfish
    • Get 40 Spring 2018 Fish
  • Sakra Beaked Whale
    • 3 Sakura Sunfish
  • Sakura Whale
    • Collect all 2018 Spring Event Fish

Spring Event Hidden Fish

As always, buy all the theme items before hunting for hidden (or normal!) fish in an event. Thanks to /u/FarmerLesbian and the whole AbyssRium Subreddit for help with these!

  • Butterfly Fish
    • Watch 15 Event ads (the ones for 100 Sakura)
  • Newborn Chick
    • Take pictures of 5 hidden eggs in the tank. Here’s an imgur album of the locations
  • Flower Jellyfish
    • Tap Sakura 200 times from Petal Crinoid
      • Seems to be bugged and only requires about 100 
      • Ideally store all but 4+ Crinoids to do this, so all spawning petals will appear on the Crinoids
  • Sakura Wobbegong
    • Equip the Sakura Tree Costume and share 3 photos of Newborn Chick
  • White Butterfly Ray
    • Equip the Dance of Sakura Theme and create a Sakura Wobbegong
      • The ingame text is incorrect, as usual
      • If you already made a Wobbegong you’ll have to buy a new one with the theme equipped to unlock this
  • Picnic Dugong
    • Tap Sakura from Picnic Dolphin 100 times
      • Seems to be bugged and requires more like 50 taps. 
      • Store all but the dolphin(s) to make this easier, then follow them in Expand mode to not lose track of them.

Spring Event Premium Fish

As always, the premium fish are listed in the Shop > Gems tab, not the Event tab.

  • Panda Diver Pack
    • $10, IAP only
    • Doubles Sakura harvest
  • Rabbit Diver Pack
    • $10, IAP only
    • Does not affect Sakura harvest. Cheapens normal fish vitality cost slightly.

Returning Spring 2017 Fish

The 2017 fish are back and their unlock conditions are exactly the same as they were before. See the 2017 Spring Event Guide to see the old unlock conditions. Go to the Event tab then tap the clownfish icons to toggle which event’s fish you see.

Note that the Rabbit Shark and Egg Octopus will require a $1 IAP due to their unlock condition unlock conditions.The current-year’s theme items do NOT work. Unclear if this is a “bug” or intended by the devs but it’s currently how it works.

Spring Event Customization Items

These are in the Palette menu next to the Camera button as always. Buy them before playing the event as they’re cheap, fun, permanent unlocks, and almost always required for hidden fish.

  • Sakura Tree (Costume)
    • 1000 Sakura
  • Sakura Sake
    • 500 Sakura
  • Dance of Sakura (Theme)
    • 500 Sakura


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