Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Spring Event Mini-Guide (2017)

abyssrium Spring 2017 event guide

This is a “mini guide” for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Spring Event (2017) information, split out to be faster & easier to load on mobile devices. Feel free to add to your homescreen for easy access!
See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information.

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Last known running time: March 29th through May 6th

You earn Butterflies instead of Candies, but the method of earning them is the same as always. Also as always, never buy fish with Gems, it’s a ripoff. if you have gems to use, use the Best Method and spend the gems on Spirit of Life to double butterfly drops.

The total cost of the Spring Event items (to get at least one of each)is 44,700 butterflies. Here’s a nice chart with the cost breakdown, thanks to Taylor Lee for this info!

If you prefer to watch/listen to how to get the hidden fish, here’s a video guide.

Spring Normal Fish

  • Leaf Angelfish (300 Butterflies)
  • Flower Angelfish (600)
  • Sea Butterfly (900)
    • Own 3 Leaf Angelfish
    • Also known as a Clione
  • Garden Dumbo Octopus (1,500)
    • Own 10 spring event fish
      • Buy this while wearing the Spring Flower Hat costume to be sure you unlock the Egg Octopus
  • Flower Footballfish (1,800)
    • Own 20 spring event fish
  • Garden Turtle (3,000)
    • Own 30 spring event fish
  • Flower Dolphin (3,600)
    • Own 40 spring event fish
  • Garden Sperm Whale (10,000)
    • Own all (11) other spring event fish
      • The premium fish is excluded, as always. Only the Normal/Hidden fish are required. Though owning the scuba rabbit will let you get this one fish early, as it counts as one fish out of 12
      • (2018) If this doesn’t unlock in the 2017 event, try buying one of the 2018 fish and the button should unlock.

Spring/Easter Hidden Fish

  • Bunny Seaslug (900)
  • Egg Seahorse (1,200)
    • Tap the upper right corner of the screen while using Song of the Moon 100 times
      • Thanks, Atani and Cindy in the comments!
  • Egg Octopus (2,400)
    • Create Garden Dumbo Octopus after equipping Spring Flower Hat
    • If you already own a Garden Dumbo you can still just buy a new one with the hat equipped to unlock this
    • (2018) Yes, this genuinely does require LAST year’s theme to unlock, not sure if a bug or not but that basically makes it IAP only
  • Rabbit Shark (4800)
    • Equip Spring Garden Dye and share picture of Garden Turtle 5 times
    • Thanks cthulhus_spawn
    • (2018) Same issue as above

Spring Event Premium Fish

  • Scuba Rabbit
    • $10 IAP
      • Not required to unlock any other fish, as always

Spring Event Theme items

  • Spring Flower Costume
    • 500 Butterflies
    • Required to be worn to unlock Egg Octopus
  • Spring Garden Daffodil Dye
    • 1,000 Butterflies
  • Green Petal Theme
    • 5,000 Butterflies


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