Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide

This is a guide for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (or ACPC), available now! This includes a villager list, how to play events, information on the best use of all the areas, walkthrough information and more!

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Guide Updates
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp App Updates

Active Timed Events

Host The Most

  • 2018-01-30 to 2018-02-05
Expired Events
  • Winter Sports Event
    • Dates: 2018-01-12 through 2018-01-31
  • Rover’s Garden Safari
    • Dates: 2018-01-11 through 2017-01-21
  • New Year’s Event
    • Dates: 2017-12- 26 through 2017-01-18
  • Big Bro’s Hat (Mario Hat) Distribution
    • Dates: 2017-12- 15 through 2018-01-14
  • Host The Most 2
    • Dates: 2017-12-21 through 2017-12-26
    • 7 new Villagers
    • Completing requests gives +3 Friendship instead of +2 for duration
      • This means 3 requests plus one Request ticket is exactly enough to raise each to level 5
    • 7 timed goals for hosting the new Villagers
      • Worth 50 Leaf Tickets and 24 Rustic Essence total
  • Host The Most 1
    • Dates: 2017-12-5 through 2017-12-10
    • 1 Extra Friendship Point for completing all Requests
    • Special Timed Events rewarding
      • 1 New Animal Hosted: 10 Leaf Tickets
      • 2 Hosted: 6 Request Tickets
      • 3 Hosted: 3 Calling Cards
      • 4 Hosted: 20 Leaf Tickets
      • Thanks to the inclusion of 4 new characters at the time this event started, these can be completed even if you’re previously hosted all animals in the game
  • Friend Frenzy
    • Dates: 2017-12- 11 through 2017-12-20
    • Timed Goal: Befriend Another Player
      • 10 Leaf Tickets
    • Timed Goal: Befriend 10 Players
      • 20 Leaf Tickets
    • Timed Goal: Befriend 20 Players
      • 30 Leaf Tickets
  • Christmas Event
    • Dates: 2017-11-30 through 2017-12-25
Game Info

Title: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Release date: 2017-10-25 (test market soft launch), November 2017 (Worldwide release)
Platforms: iOS, Android
File size: 348 MB fully updated
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Life Simulation
Price: Free to Play with In-App Purchases
Cloud Save: Yes, link Nintendo account to save/load to cloud
Always Online: Yes, persistent connection required
Gambling element: Yes, lootboxes
Battery drain: High
Mobile Data drain: Low-Medium

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Mini-Review

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a surprisingly impressive mobile adaptation of the spirit and gameplay of the Nintendo classic Animal Crossing.

A good amount of the charm of the series is carried over with the decorating, collecting, and lots of the Villagers coming over from the main games. Many features have been paired down, such as conversations, Villager count, and the Bug/Fish species lists, but for the most part you can tell what was lost is a reasonable trade off in the transition to a bit more of a progression-based Animal Crossing.

The result is a good amount of the Animal Crossing charm so many love in a very accessible package (and not merely because it’s Free to Play) that compliments the main series well.

It’s not quite perfect; the friends functionality in particular is clumsy and frustrating in all sorts of ways, and the creepy threat of grinding and timers does whittle it down. However all in all, it’s a surprisingly enjoyable and reasonably faithful entry in the Animal Crossing series.

It’s no replacement for a mainline Animal Crossing, nor is it attempting to be. It’s just a good blend of what works in Animal Crossing with what works on Mobile, with a largely acceptable monetization layer that does slow you down but doesn’t beg nor force you to pay.


Starting Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Most of the decisions you make here can be changed later or don’t matter in the long term, so don’t worry too much. The tutorial will get you going pretty easily, and locks most features of Pocket Camp until you’re “ready”. I’ll provide some basic info here for people curious about Pocket Camp, but you shouldn’t need to worry too much about this.

Character Creation/Face Guide

Unlike early AC games, your response to the questions in the intro isn’t going to cryptically determine your character’s face or anything, so don’t worry about what you pick.

You can change your face and hair for free at any time in the Settings menu, including gender. Unlike other Animal Crossing games, you can’t get “pixie haircuts” (opposite gender styles) in Pocket Camp, but since you can change gender/body type at any time it’s less of an issue.

Your gender basically determines your eye/hair choices and that’s it; you can still wear dresses/pants regardless of gender.


Next, you’ll pick your name and a Theme from one of four presets. You get a preview of which items and starter character you’ll get and the option to back out, so just pick the items or Villager that you like the most.

What theme you get is basically just a starter kit, you can still obtain all items or villagers regardless.

A typical, outdoorsy Camp.
Starting villager: Goldie

A ‘girly’ cute camp with pink, hearts, and things of that variety.
Starting villager: Rosie

Sports. Ball? Muscles. Pool? Rrrrr yes.
Starting villager: Jay

Modern theme items, guitars, live entertainment, chill vibes.
Starting villager: Apollo


Right after picking your basic setup Animal Crossing Pocket Camp introduces you to everyone’s favorite monetization excuse gameplay mechanic, Crafting! Grab your animal friend some fruit and scour the area for the rest of the fruit while you’re at it (they’ll ask for it anyway).

Trees have a 3-hour timer (actually less than normal Animal Crossing!) and you can hold a very large amount of items in Pocket Camp, so grab all you can and get your crafting materials from your Villager.

Next, you’ll meet the craft shop: Re-Tail on the Road, with everyone’s favorite gender-color-coded alpacas, Reese & Cyrus! You’ll craft an item matching your Theme and learn that each item’s Theme effects which characters prefer it, it’s sort of like a simplified version of Villager personalities in the main series (snooty, sporty, etc) mixed into furniture preferences.

Pocket Camp introduces you to Leaf Tickets, the premium currency. As always in mobile games, speeding up timers/cooldowns is almost always the absolute worst way to spend premium currency. Don’t get tempted to spend them in the main game, but for the tutorial, you’re required to spend one (they gotta hook you on the microtransactions after all!).

Finishing the Tutorial

As expected, decoration has a variation on Happy Home Designer’s nice decorating UI. There’s nothing too complicated here.

After setting up your camp, you’ll have to download the latest update to finish installing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Note that the downloading screen is a minigame; tap to jump and collect Bells and you’ll keep them for real.

You’ll get your first Login Bonus too, which seem to go by day and month separately? Next, you’ll head off to invite more characters to the campsite.

Now you’re exiting the “hard” tutorial that restricts you and entering a “soft” tutorial where you have much more freedom and Pocket Camp’s gameplay menus are now open to you. Keep following the tutorial to learn more about Pocket Camp, but you can also explore the menus to see how everything works now.


Quick Tips

No, you don’t need to spend money. You get about 900 Leaf Tickets for free from playing Pocket Camp normally, which is plenty to get most of the Permanent upgrades they offer and a few cosmetic ones too.

Yes, skipping timers is an extreme money sink, but skipping timers would be so hilariously expensive it doesn’t seem like a real option anyone would ever do. We’re talking several hundred dollars to skip a few days worth of waiting. Just wait, the game is slow anyway—this is Animal Crossing we’re talking about here!

There’s not much you can do wrong; the only “consumable” items you need to worry about are Sparkle Stones, Leaf Tickets, and to a lesser extent Essences. You’ll never “mess up” by spending Bells or Common Crafting materials “irresponsibly”. But do shoot for one of each crafting item before you go too nuts, and emphasize Amenities over cosmetic crafting items.

Focus on inviting animals as fast as you can, then creating Amenities. Due to the timers involved you’ll always want to be working on some manner of furniture to speed up inviting Animals. By inviting animals you make it easier to level them up (focus on inviting low level animals first), which in turn gives you more resources, bells, and essences. With those extra essences making the Amenities is easier in turn.

Adding friends isn’t necessary, but it can help due to Shovelstrike Quarry and making it easier to sell your Market Box goods.

Early Game

Estimated Playtime: A few days

Your very first goal is to Invite the starter animals (Rosie, Goldie, etc) to your camp. You can invite up to 8 at a time, which you should try to get as soon as you can.

You can invite all animals in the game and you’ll never “lock out” any kind of content by choosing villagers, crafting items, amenities,etc. So focus on befriending and inviting villagers, and also on getting to Player Level 10 as soon as you can, which unlocks more Villagers and more Crafting Items space. As long as you level at a fair pace you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of Crafting space for many weeks.

You level up by befriending animals, so your two goals feed into each other nicely. Every new Villager you unlock starts at level 0, and is thus easy to get several Experience points from early on, so focus on lower level Animals when given the option.

The Stretch Goals will also reward you for learning the game mechanics, so take on every Goal you can. A few won’t be possible until farther down the road however, such as the Kiddie Set one.

You should pretty much always be crafting items at this stage. Prioritize “requested items” that Animals request before they’ll accept your invite, but if you simply go for one of each Crafting Item in the shop (excluding wallpapers/floors), starting with the cheapest items, you’ll be in pretty much good shape. I’d say about 75%+ of the items are required in the long run.

Also, as soon as you’re able, you’ll want to start crafting the Amenities in the “tent” tab of the Crafting menu. You’ll want one of each Tent to raise the Friendship Caps on your animals. Amenities raise the cap permanently so there’s no need to “focus” on one theme; instead, build one of each, then upgrade each to max, then work on the next tier of amenities, etc.

Save your Leaf Tickets for unlocking Crafting Slots at Cyrus’s. Once you have all 3 crafting slots you can spend the rest as you please, but I strongly recommend expanding your Collected Items inventory (tap the plus sign at the end of your items), or getting the cosmetics. Spending tickets to speed up crafting or forgo crafting materials is short term gain for a long term loss.

You’ll want to use Shovelstrike Quarry whenever you can get in with help from Friends, and while early on this will seem silly, but you’ll want to focus on getting Essences from it. You’ll get way more of them than you need now, but once you get to “Late Game” you’ll be able to proceed much more freely if you farm up Essences early on. Shoot for an even mix of all 4.

Once you’ve invited your first 8 Villagers to your camp and you’re level 10-15, you know the ropes decently and can be said to be in the “mid game”.

Mid Game

Estimated Playtime: A couple weeks

Once you’ve invited 8 Villagers to your Camp you’ll find you now have to rotate villagers out as the max you can keep Hosted is 8. You can move them around at any time with the Cat icon when at the camp.

Once you hit level 35 there are no more Animals left to unlock, so you’ll be on the last stretch of characters to invite to your camp (which will also roughly mark the end of “mid game”).

Your next goal is to start creating the Tier 2 Amenities and get your Animals to Level 10 as quickly as you can. Crafting the Amenities will raise the Friendship Cap to 15 which gives you plenty of breathing room, and by leveling Animals to 10 they’ll give double Crafting Materials for Requests and Gifts at the camp, greatly improving your ability to craft, invite other villagers, and make the remaining Amenities.

Even if your Animals hit the new cap of 15, they’ll give 3x the base materials instead of the 2x they do at level 10, so never worry too much about hitting the cap.

Feel free to use up your Calling Cards and Request Tickets at this point; they’re best used on level 10 Animals that give the Crafting Material you need the most. Using them below level 10 is a bit of a waste due to them giving double material at level 10, but now is a good time to use them up since by “late game” you’ll no longer have remotely as much need for crafting materials. You can use Request Tickets even on Animals called via Calling Cards.

You’ll find at this point that levels for your character are a bit harder to come by; new Animals are more important than ever as the first few levels they quickly earn will raise your own Character Level that much faster. You’ll also notice that crafting all the requested furniture to invite some of the new Animals can be quite a task, requiring many materials; this is why leveling Animals to 10 is so important.

At this point you could always be working towards inviting the Animals you can’t Host yet, and you should always be building some manner of Amenity to avoid wasting time. Time is a big limitation for Amenities.

You should probably start expanding your Camper at this point if you haven’t already, and if you care about the interior decorating aspect of Animal Crossing. It doesn’t technically matter at all gameplay-wise, but if you enjoy it, it’s quite fun and you’ll now have a decent breadth of things to work with.

Late Game

Estimated Playtime: 2-3 weeks for the remaining Amenities

Once you’re inviting the very last few Villagers and you’re about to start making the Tier 3 Amenities like the Merry-go-Round, you’re at pretty much the end of the main progression curve.

You’ll still have loans to pay off, things to craft, but the game doesn’t change much at this point. You won’t be limited by Common Crafting Resources almost at all anymore, but Essences and to an extent Sparkle Stones put a limit on what you can do.

At this point you’re largely free to play as you like; you know the ropes and there isn’t much you can even do ‘wrong’. It’s a good time to expand your camper and really go nuts with furniture for your camp and camper.

A long-term goal you can go for is completing Animals’ Special Requests: items they ask for at either level 10 or 15 that cost 10,000 Bells, 150 Materials, some Essences and 2 Sparkle Stones each to craft. I’d recommend going for these after your Camper’s size is maxed and you have the tier 3 Amenities.

Despite being very expensive they have a very tepid reward of 10 Friendship points plus a calling card and request ticket. Treat these expensive Crafting items as their own reward, crafting them is hardly vital but can be seen as a completionist goal.


Once you’re created level 1 of each of the Tier 3 Amenities like the Pool Set, you’re largely free to do whatever you want.

You’ll likely still have some Camper loans to pay off which is probably your most important remaining goal. You’ll also have a wide variety of Special Requests to complete which, while it’ll keep you busy, has very little reward. There’s also still levels 2-5 of the Tier 3 Amenities, but there’s no real reason to work towards those unless you happen to already have the Essences for it. Feel free to use Shovelstrike Quarry to get Bells if you’d prefer to pay off your Loan.

In a way the final goal of the game could be to get every Villager to level 20, though note this will take a rather incredible amount of time; I hit my first level 20 character in 4 months.

But at this point basically do whatever you like, there’s still things to do but nothing is truly “gating” any of your progress anymore.


Player Levels are earned based on how many Friendship Levels you’ve accumulated; Friendship Points don’t directly contribute to Player Level, but each Friendship Level that’s gained will add experience to your Player Level.

Player Level unlocks many major features, giving you some money, a new set of things to Craft, and new Villagers to recruit. Max level at least 60 or more. You earn 1,000 Bells and 10 Leaf Tickets every level up.

Level cost starts at 5 Friendship levels, then rises to 8 around level 10 and is 10 for a while. Starting at level 26 the cost rises to 12 and continues rising again past 35.

Level 7
1000 Bells
10x Leaf Tickets

Level 8
Friendship levels needed: 5

Level 21:
Friendship needed: 10

Level 29:
Friendship needed: 10
New Villager

42, 43:
18 Points

44+: 20 Points required every level from now on. Request ticket every 5 levels, calling card every 3 (?)


By sharing in-game Friend Codes or connecting Twitter/Facebook, you can play (to an extent) with Friends. Playing with friends is all asynchronous, so you can do these functions while they’re offline.

Friends can view each other’s Market Boxes and buy the items there, visit each other’s campsites, and send Kudos. Sending Kudos seems to do nothing in particular for either party, but it shows up in the receiving party’s notifications kind of like a “Like” on Facebook, and sending them is involved in some Goals.

When a new friend is added to your list, a red exclamation point will appear by their name and a persistent notification dot will appear on the friends icon. Tap the friend’s name to permanently dismiss that icon. You can also dismiss Kudos notifications simply by opening that tab.

People in your Friends list (and random people who aren’t) will show up at the Recreation Areas as well. You can talk to them, see/buy from their Market Boxes, or even go into their Camper while they’re in these locations. You can also send a Friend Request if a non-Friend shows up, so even people without IRL friends playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp can fill up their Friends list!

The Friends List appears to have a maximum of 100 Friends. The Friends List is sorted by the last login time of the players. Having a large number of Friends is recommended to make getting into Shovelstrike Quarry easy, and it also means more people to buy from your Market Boxes. At least 20 active friends should make it easy to get into the Quarry daily.

Market Boxes

You earn Market Box slots every few levels or buy them for 10 Leaf Tickets each (which I don’t recommend). Market Boxes let you sell Collected Items to other real players, and items placed in them can’t be recovered; beware overpricing items, as if they don’t sell you may have to dispose of the item to list something else in its place.

You can sell your items faster by undercutting the defaults the game offers; the 10x base price value that it chooses for you by default almost guarantees no one will buy your item. The problem is Market Boxes have low visibility (only previewing 4 random items in the Friends List) so it seems very few people end up buying things.

I usually sell items for the bare minimum amount I can, and still have trouble moving more than a couple slots per day with a full list of 100 friends. Until a search feature is added it seems unlikely Market Box will be a big money maker for you.

Boxes can have up to 10 of a single type of item. It’s better to sell your excess Commons at a lowish price to real players than to sell them to the game for only 10 Bells each. There is a minimum and maximum price Pocket Camp will allow any given set of items to go for; between 2x and 10x the base price.

I wouldn’t ever try selling items in Market Boxes unless your inventory is full; due to how Requests work, you’ll always need more of X. The major exception is the extra fruits you get at Lost Lure Creek. These are particularly good Market Box fodder as they’re fruits that are common for you but may be uncommon for others!

Cooldown Timers/Resets

By standard Mobile Game logic (and not entirely dissimilar to normal Animal Crossing!), various things in the game “reset” after a certain period of time. You may find yourself running out of things to do until you wait for certain resets to happen, so it’s good to take breaks.

All timers in the game and in the guide are in real time, based on the server’s clock, using your phone’s settings for timezone only. This means you can change the time of day (which is cosmetic/effects dialog only), but you can’t ‘cheat’ the clock. Fittingly, the game also doesn’t punish you for messing with the clock, since it’s harmless.

Exact times of Primary Reset and Daily Reset seem to vary by timezone and DST, so the times given are only for reference starting at Midnight and may be offset from the times you see in game.

Primary Reset

This is the big one, every 3 hours starting at 12 AM, the non-Hosted Villagers will ‘reset’. This means there will be a new set of Villagers in Lost Lure Creek, Breezy Hollow, Sunburst Island, and Saltwater Shores. There will only ever be exactly one Villager per location each Reset, selected from your selection of non-Hosted villagers. Shovelstrike Quarry will also change its material

You can tell when the next Primary Reset will occur based on the “moving in” timer when you view a location.  The game will briefly reload if you’re playing while the clock switches over to a new Reset.

Market Reset

The Market Place items rotate every two Primary Resets, so new items will be offered at 12 AM, 6 AM, 12 PM, and 6 PM.

Daily Reset

Every day at 12 AM is a new “day” for the purpose of Pocket Camp. This matters for Log-In Bonuses well as your Timed Goals. Every day a single random non-fruit tree will also drop 300-1,000 Bells if shaken. You also can only use so many Calling Cards or Request Tickets per Villager per day. Shovelstrike Quarry can also only be entered once per day with help from friends.

Invisible Resets

These are less clear and function based on when you last harvested a resource rather than a predefined point in the day.

  • Fruit Trees
    • 3 hours after the last harvest
    • Visible cooldown, reset with Fertilizer
  • Fish/Bugs/Seashells
    • You can harvest about 2 full “screens” worth of items, then the items will slowly respawn at a rate of something like 1 item per minute. Unsure of the exact timings on this one.
    • Invisible cooldown, no method to reset.
  • Campsite Hosted Villager conversations/requests
    • Red Text conversations refresh an hour or so after last talking to them
      • Only 3-5 of your Hosted animals will have requests as of the latest update, but they give much better rewards
    • Three random Hosted villagers will have requests every hour or so as well
    • Swapping campsite members does not reset or affect the cooldown, swapped in members will always have to wait for the next reset to be talked to
Crafting Timers

Crafting of course has it’s own timers, each object having a specific time it takes to craft. Items range between a minute to 72 hours, though blissfully most furniture caps at around 10 hours with only Amenities having absurdly long timers.

There’s not much that can be done about these timers other than waiting or burning a large amount of leaf tickets for only temporary relief. It would cost a few hundred dollars to skip through all Amenities alone, so I strongly recommend against paying to reduce the timers. It’s Animal Crossing. You can wait.

Times of Day

Time of day is currently cosmetic, but also affects animal dialog. I’m trying to find all the distinct “times” in Pocket Camp.

5 PM – Sunset
7 PM – Night


Unknown: Fall starts. Grass is orange/brown with trees varying between brown, red and yellow.

December 11th: Winter starts with snow covering the ground. Deciduous trees are yellow.


Map Screen

While on the map, Presents will appear on occasion (up to two, they seem to take several hours to respawn). Tap them on the map screen to open them. Red presents will contain two different Collected Items (Bugs, Fish) while Gold presents may contain a Premium Item: Honey, throw nets, fertilizer.


Video Guide

There is a maximum of 8 Animals you can invite at once to the campsite, with no way to raise this limit. Instead you have to move Animals, which can be re-invited at any time.

To change which animals are at your camp, tap the Cat icon while at the campsite and choose who to send home, then who to invite in their place. Invites occur immediately.

Since the 1.1.0 update, Hosted Animals at the Campsite give much larger rewards, a bit less often. They can give:

  • 5 or 6 Friendship Points
  • A gift of 500 or 2,500 Bells
  • A Gift of 10-40 Preferred Materials, 1-4 of their Theme’s  Essence, and 1-10 of two random Common Crafting Materials.

Note that invited villagers will need around an hour before they have Red Text conversations/Requests, and that if you invite a Visiting Villager from a Recreation Area, no Animal will take their place. This means if an Animal had 3 Requests at Saltwater Shores and you invited them to the camp before completing them, those requests would be lost and no one will take their place until the next 3 hour reset.

You appear to have a maximum of 40 items (or 40 tiles used), plus a carpet, that you can have out at your campsite at a time. Store some items to put out more.

Campsite Terrain Editing

Tap the Grid icon to go into Edit mode, then tap the “Terrain” icon at the very top to edit terrain. You can change (or remove) the deck, foreground, and background features of the camp. The options are currently a bit limited. Items cost either bells, Leaf Tickets, or Crafting Materials.

Market Place

Video Guide

Here you’ll find two sales plots for furniture and clothing. Anything sold here is only sold here, not crafted.

You can also talk to Isabelle here and get basic information about Pocket Camp’s features from her Beginner’s Guide. The Market Place rotates it’s items every every two 3 hour refreshes; for example at 12 AM, 6 AM, 12 PM, and 6 PM. These times will vary based on your time zone.

Unlike standard Animal Crossing, there are no “upgrades” to the shops; all shops cycle randomly through their full inventory even from the start of tPocket Camp. A few items seem less common than others, but you don’t need to buy things just to upgrade the stores.

Tommy & Timmy Nook
3 Furniture items

3 Hats/Accessories

3 Shirts/Dresses

3 Shoes/socks

Recreation Areas

Recreation Areas are the four spots on the map you can get Collected Items from. Each one will have a random villager (who isn’t hosted at your camp) that rotates every 3 hours. Each animal will have three requests for you.

Video Guide

Shovelstrike Quarry

Video Guide

One of the more initially confusing locations is Shovelstrike Quarry. Here you play a minigame where you hit 5 rocks with shovels and get random Gems which are automatically converted into Materials and Bells. There is no skill involved at all; the gem locations are totally random.

Shovelstrike Quarry Rewards

The Material reward changes every 3 hours with the Primary Reset and can be any Common Crafting Material (Wool, Wood, etc), any Essence, or Bells. Non-Bell rewards will still produce an amount of Bells; certain Gems seem to reward Bells instead of Materials, but again it’s all random so you have no control over that.

Super rough payout possibilities:

Common Crafting Materials: 2-16
Essence: 1-10
Bells: 3,000-5,000

The best use of Shovelstrike Quarry is to farm Essences, as it’s the only fairly reliable source of them; you’ll stop being limited by Common Crafting Materials after a couple weeks and there’s many other ways to earn Bells, but few ways to get Essences. To make the Tier 3 Amenities it’s basically required that you use Shovelstrike Quarry.

Sometimes the material icon will sparkle, this indicates you’ll find a much higher amount of Silver and Gold Nuggets, meaning you’ll always be close to the maximum possible reward.  The cap appears to be the same for both sparkling and non-sparkling icon, but non-sparkling icons may receive as little as 1/10th the cap (but a decent amount of bells instead).

Getting In To Shovelstrike Quarry

To enter the Quarry you can either pay 20 Leaf Tickets ($1, also the cost of a single essence in crafting) or get help from 5 Friends. You can only reap a single reward per day with Friends’ help, but you can pay 20 Leaf Tickets every 3 hour Primary Reset if you want to and have the leaves.

Requesting help is simple and you should do it as soon as you start playing Pocket Camp; the amount of help you have resets at the Daily Reset, and otherwise if you get 5 helpers during the first Reset you’ll have access any time so you can be choosy with what material you look for, just be sure to use your help before the Daily Reset. You can get help from more than 5 people and it will list how many people helped, but the count doesn’t matter at all. 500 people count the same as 5.

To request help tap Shovelstrike Quarry’s icon, tap “enter with help from friends” and keep tapping your screen right where the “yes, please” icon appears after tapping a friend. If you place your taps just right you can constantly invite much of your friends list while barely moving your finger. Requesting help doesn’t bother your friends, in fact they’ll only even see the request if they go into the friends list manually, there is no other notification.

You’ll get a small “gift” of 10-100 Bells in your mailbox for each player you help get into the Quarry the next day. Check your Friends list to see who needs help, it costs you nothing but helps them and gives you some free bells. The amount is automatically sent from Pocket Camp not the player; they don’t actually lose the Bells.

Flower Garden

Flower Breeding

Breeding logic is not yet currently known, but I can already tell it is not identical to main series flower breeding logic.


Pocket Camp calls them “animals” but I’m going to call them Villagers out of Animal Crossing tradition. Villagers are the NPCs you can invite to your camp. Pocket Camp also does not have all 333 villagers from Animal Crossing New Leaf, it has a specific and fairly limited set so far. The first set of Villagers you get is pre-set, then after a certain level (10? 20? Can’t tell yet) you get a random villager once per level from the remaining pool.

Villagers not hosted at your camp will randomly change places on the map every 3 hours (the countdown is on the Map). Make sure to make friends with new villagers ASAP as they won’t always be available on the map, but if you can invite them you have easier access to them. Villagers hosted at your camp will stay there all the time. New villagers are also the best source of Experience since the first few Friendship Levels are the easiest by far.

Each Villager has a preferred Theme; they’ll occasionally give Essence for this Theme upon level up or for completing Requests, and also require that theme’s Amenities to be upgraded past the initial cap of Friendship Level 7. Note Friendship Points earned while at the cap are lost forever, so try to raise the cap by building the Amenities as soon as possible.

Villagers have a preferred Crafting Material as well; Villagers will always give their preferred Material when a Request is completed and may give you them for free when talked to at your Camp. Villagers may give you other materials in addition, but seemingly never instead of, their preferred Material. Steel, Wood, and Cotton are common, but if you need Preserves or Paper you’ll find less villagers tend to specialize in them (fittingly, less crafting requires Preserves/Paper).

Villagers also have a special set of rewards at levels 7, 9, 15, and 20. At level 7 they’ll give you a copy of the shirt they wear and a Sparkle Stone, at level 9 they’ll give another Sparkle Stone, at level 15 they’ll enable you to craft their “favorite item” furniture, and at level 20 they’ll give you a framed picture of themselves just like Animal Crossing tradition!

Special Requests

At level 15 (or 10 for the starting Villagers), Animals will request that you craft a special item. Once reaching the required level the next time you talk to them at the campsite (and only at the campsite!) they’ll raise the issue of the special item they want.

The Special Request is always a crafting item costing around 10,000 Bells, 150 Crafting Materials total, 4 Essences, and two Sparkle Stones. The reward is a paulty 10 Friendship points for that Animal, 1,000 Bells, 1 Calling Card 1 Request Ticket.

Craft these because you want the item, not because you want to fulfill the request, at least until you have nothing else to spend the materials on. Their friendship level isn’t limited or anything by this (only Amenities affect the cap).

Note that each Animal will give 1 Sparkle Stone for each of for level 7 and 9, and 20, so at level 9 you’re net zero sparkle stones as long as you only make each Special Request once. Level 20 will give you some extra Sparkle Stones, but it will take actual months to get there if you ever do. The Special Requests for each Animal is listed below.

If there’s any other benefit to doing this let me know, but for now it seems like a materials sink for no real benefit.

Animals / Villagers List

Note that “Requested items” double as items that are unlocked when the villager is unlocked; if they request an item it will be added to your crafting catalog.

Overall Villagers Stats:
Total Villagers: 55
Materials: 18 give Steel, 18 give Wood, 7 give Cotton, 5 give Paper, 2 give Preserves
Themes: 13 are Cute, 12 are Sporty, 11 are Natural, and 11 are Cool, 8 are Rustic, 6 are Hip

Unlocked by default
Theme: Cute
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 10 Request: Make Up Case
Requested Items: (?)

Unlocked by default
Theme: Natural
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 10 Request: Harpsicord
Requested Items: (?)

Unlocked by default
Theme: Natural
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 10 Request: Space Shuttle
Requested Items: (?)

Unlocked by default
Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material: Preserves
Level 10 Request: Skateboard Rack
Requested Items: (?)

Unlocked by default
Theme: Cool
Preferred Material: Paper
Level 10 Request: Electic Bass
Requested Items: (?)

Unlocked at level 5
Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Billiard Table
Requested Items:

Unlocked at level 3
Theme: Cool
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 10 Request: Sports Car
Requested Items:

Unlocked at level ?
Theme: Cute
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Upright Piano
Requested Items:

Unlocked at level 5
Theme: Natural
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Flower Display Case
Requested Items:

Unlocked at level 7
Minimum Friendship Level to invite: 3
Theme: Cute
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Lucky Frog
Requested Items:

Unlocked at level 6
Theme: Natural
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Bonfire
Requested Items:

Unlocked at level 3
Theme: Cool
Preferred Material: Cotton
Level 15 Request: Rock Guitar
Requested Items:

Theme: Natural
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Cat Tower
Requested Items: Blue Bookcase, Bromeliaceae, Blue Cabinet, Blue Table, Blue Bench, Friendship 5

Kid Cat
Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Spherical Radar
Minimum Friendship to invite: 5
Requested items: Fruit Drink, Corral Fence, Hammock, Cable Spool, Changing Room

Species: Bunny
Theme: Charlise
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Pancakes
Requested Items: Polka-dot Lamp, Polka-dot Dresser, Cup of Tea, Polka-dot Low Table, Cream Sofa, Friendship 5

Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Tractor
Requested Items: Rice Balls, Picket Fence, Zen Barrel, Cable Spool, Cornstalks, Friendship 5

Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material: Cotton
Level 15 Request: Diver Dan
Requested Items: Cream Soda, Beach Chair, Portable Toilet, Beach Table, Surfboard, Friendship level 5

Theme: Cute
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Juicy-Apple TV
Requested Items: Weeping Fig, Polka-Dot TV, Polka-Dot Low Table, Polka-Dot Stool, Polka-Dot Sofa, Friendship level 5

Theme: Cute
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Brick Oven
Requested Items: Whole Pizza, Picnic Table, Metal-and-Wood Chair, Brown Lattice Fence, Cutting-Board Set, Friendship level 5

Theme: Cute
Preferred Material: Cotton
Level 15 Request: Greenhouse Box
Requested Items: Tin Watering Can, Pothos, Wooden Bucket,Picnic Table, Barrel Planter, Friendship 5

Theme: Cute
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Cradle
Requested Items: Kiddie Rug, Ringtoss, Crayons, Pastel Low Table, Toy Piano, Friendship level 5

Theme: Cool
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Afternoon-Tea Set
Requested Items: Cup of Tea, Serving Cart, Cacao Tree, Natural Low Table, Classic Sofa, Friendship 5

Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Stewpot
Requested Items: Pothos, Stripe Shelf, Stripe Chair, Pastel Low Table, Stripe Bed, Friendship 7

Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Giant Game Boy
Requested Items: Fruit Drink, Fluffy Rug, Round Cushion, Pastel Low Table, Laptop, Friendship 7

Unlocked: 20+
Theme: Natural
Preferred Material: Cotton
Level 15 Request: Lunch Box
Requested Items:  Lantern, Backpack, Box-Shaped Seat, Cornstalks, Picnic Table

Unlocked at level 20+
Theme: Natural
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Ebony Piano
Requested Items: Aloe, Pastel Dot Rug, Pink Velvet Stool, Modern Wood Closet, Modern Wood Sofa,Friendship 7

Unlocked at level 20+
Theme: Natural
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Soccer Goal
Requested Items: Soccer Ball, Soccer-Field Rug, Portable Toilet, Green Net, Metal Bench, Friendship 7

Unlocked at level 20+
Theme: Cute
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Ice-Cream Display
Requested Items: Lovely Lamp, Cypress Plant, Lovely Table, Cream Sofa, Lovely Bed, Friendship 7

Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Shower Stall
Requested Items: Round Mini Cactus, Flower Pop Carpet, Fruit Basket, Table with Cloth, Cream Sofa, Friendship 7

Unlocked: 20+
Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material: Paper
Level 15 Request: Teppanyaki Grill
Requested Items: Tin Watering Can, Garden Tools, Hose Reel, Cable Spool, Cornstalks, Friendship 7

Theme: Natural
Preferred Material: Cotton
Level 15 Request: Shaved Ice
Requested Items: Weeping Fig, Kiddie Rug, Kiddie Bookcase, Kiddie Clock, Kiddie Bed, Friendship 7

Unlocked at level 20+
Theme: Cool
Preferred Material: Cotton
Level 15 Request: Kaiseki Meal
Requested Items: Sleek Chair, Lovely Chair (pink version), Lovely Armoire, Lovely Table, Sleek Sofa, Friendship 7

Unlocked: level 20+
Theme: Cool
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Mic Stand
Requested Items: Speaker, Record Box, Effects Rack, Sleek Side Table, Sleek Sofa, Friendship 7

Unlocked at level 20+
Theme: Cool
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Weight Bench
Requested Items:

Unlocked at level 20+
Theme: Cool
Preferred Material: Preserves
Level 15 Request: Streetlight
Requested Items: Fan Palm, Brown Lattice Fence, Wooden Counter, Natural Table, Simple Love Seat, Friendship 7

Unlocked at level 20+
Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Butterfly Machine
Requested Items: Sleek Chair, Barbell, Djimbe Drum, Sleek Closet, Drum Set, Friendship 7

Unlocked at level 20+
Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Takio Drum
Requested Items: Tearoom Rug, Rice Balls, Zen Barrel, Floor Seat, Kotatsu, Friendship 7

Unlocked at level 20+
Theme: Cute
Preferred Material: Paper
Level 15 Request: Sewing Machine
Requested Items: Yarn Basket, Fluffy Rug, Casablanca Lilies, Natural Table, Natural Chair, Friendship 7

Unlocked at level 20+
Theme: Cute
Preferred Material: Cotton
Level 15 Request: Illuminated Heart
Requested Items: Cypress Plant, Lovely Chair (Variant), Lovely Armoire (Variant), Lovely Love Seat (Variant), Friendship 7

Unlocked: level 20+
Theme: Natural
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Train Set
Requested Items:  Grass Standee, Pastel-Dot Rug, Kiddie Chair, Kiddie Dresser, Tree Standee, Friendship 7

Unlocked: level ?
Theme: Cute
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Papa Bear
Requested Items: Alpine Lamp, Pachira, Alpine Rug, Alpine Low Table, Alpine Sofa, Friendship 3

Unlocked: level ?
Theme: Sporty
Preferred Material:
Level 15 Request: Mouth of Truth
Requested Items:  CD Shelf, Refrigerator, Blue Chair, Blue Table, Sink, Friendship 5

Unlocked: level ?
Theme: Cool
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Doctor’s Desk
Requested Items:  Office Cabinet, Operating-Room Cart, Modern Office Chair, EKG Machine, Exam Table, Friendship 7

Unlocked: level ?
Theme: Cool
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Gas Pump
Requested Items:  Tiki Torch, Beacon Fire, Campfire Cookware, Natural Fence, Natural Bench, Friendship 5

Unlocked: level ?
Theme: Rustic
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Ceramic Hot Pot
Requested Items:  Fan Palm, Cabana Chair, Cabana Screen, Bistro Table, Ukulele, Friendship 5

Unlocked: level ?
Theme: Rustic
Preferred Material: Paper
Level 15 Request: Spinning Wheel
Requested Items:  Candle, Ranch Couch, Red Rug, Natural Low Table, Fireplace, Friendship 3

Unlocked: level ?
Theme: Rustic
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Rooster of Barcelos
Requested Items:  Green Lamp, Green Counter, Ranch Armchair, Ranch Wardrobe, Turkey, Friendship 3

Unlocked: level ?
Theme: Rustic
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Water Cooler
Requested Items:  Umbrella Stand, Medicine Cabinet, Partition Screen, Reception Counter, Waiting-Room Bench, Friendship 5

Unlocked: level ?
Theme: Rustic
Preferred Material: Paper
Level 15 Request: Storefront
Requested Items:  Wheat Bundle, Watering Trough, Tiki Torch, Pantheon Post, Covered Wagon, Friendship 7

Unlocked: level ?
Theme: Rustic
Preferred Material: Steel
Level 15 Request: Log Bench
Requested Items:  Decoy Duck, Cabin Clock, Cabin Low End Table, Cabin Couch, Fireplace, Friendship 5

Unlocked: level ?
Theme: Rustic
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Siphon
Requested Items:  Cactus, Sloppy Screen, Cowhide Rug, Sloppy Table, Sloppy Sofa, Friendship 7


Theme: Cute
Species: Penguin
Preferred Material:
Level 15 Request: Snow Machine
Requested Items: Friendship 5, Alpine Rug, Snowman Table, Snowman Lamp, Snowman Sofa, Snowman Wardrobe


Theme: Cool
Species: Squirrel
Preferred Material:
Level 15 Request: Robot Hero
Requested Items: Friendship 5, Modern Chair, Modern End Table, Silver Mic, Metal Guitar, Modern Bed

Theme: Rustic
Species: Chicken
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Large Egg
Requested Items: Friendship 3, Cabin Chair, Wood Plank Table, Log Fence, Smoker, Paella

Theme: Natural
Species: Alligator
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Potbelly Stone
Requested Items: Friendship 3, Plain Tree Stump, Sleigh, Bamboo Fence, Bamboo Bench, Outdoor Bath

Theme: Hip
Species: Cat
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Boot Sculpture
Requested Items: 5 Friendship, Capsule-Toy Machine, Kiddie Table, Kiddie Bureau, Kiddie Rug, Kiddie Couch

Theme: Hip
Species: Bear
Preferred Material:
Level 15 Request: Popcorn Machine
Requested Items: Friendship 5, Kiddie Clock (Modified), Balloon Lamp, Kiddie Dresser (Modified), Polka-Dot Rug, Kiddie Bed (Modified)

Theme: Hip
Species: Bird
Preferred Material: Preserves
Level 15 Request: Matryoshka
Requested Items: Friendship 5, Mush Lamp, Mush Wide Stool, Mush Table, Mush TV, Mush Hanger

Theme: Hip
Species: Bunny
Preferred Material:
Level 15 Request: Teacup Ride
Requested Items: Friendship 7, Snake Plant, Polka-Dot Chair, Polka-Dot Table, Polka-Dot Closet, Polka-Dot Bed

Theme: Hip
Species: Sheep
Preferred Material: Paper
Level 15 Request: Pop-Up Book
Requested Items: Friendship 7, Balloon TV, Ballon-Dog Lamp,Balloon Chair, Balloon Table, Balloon Bed

Theme: Hip
Species: Rhino
Preferred Material:
Level 15 Request: Candy Machine
Requested Items: Friendship 7, Soft-Serve Lamp, Cookie Rug, Sweets Table, Dessert Case, Sweets Sofa

Theme: Harmonious
Species: Elephant
Preferred Material:
Level 10 Request: Tile Screen
Requested Items: Friendship 3, Bamboo Tree, Cabana Vanity, Cabana Armchair, Cabana Table, Flower Pop Carpet

Theme: Harmonious
Species: Dragon
Preferred Material: Wood
Level 15 Request: Lazy-Susan Table
Requested Items: Friendship 5, Exotic Lamp, Exotic Screen, Exotic Table, Exotic Rug, Exotic Bench

Preferred Material:
Level 10 Request: Lotus Pond
Requested Items: Friendship 5, Blue Vase, Cabana Table, Exotic Bench, Exotic Chest, Bamboo Rug

Theme: Harmonious
Species: Bear
Preferred Material:
Level 10 Request: Samurai Suit
Requested Items: Friendship 3, Zen Cushion, Giant Dharma, Tatami Rug, Large Tea Table, Retro TV

Theme: Harmonious
Species: Ostrich
Preferred Material:
Level 15 Request: Loom
Requested Items: Friendship 7, Paper Lantern, Glass-Top Table, Biwa Lute, Tearoom Rug, Tokonoma

Friendship & Inviting Villagers

Talking to and doing requests for Villagers raises their Friendship. Completing requests also earns crafting material rewards and Bells. Raising a Friendship Level gives one point towards the Player Level, an Essence for that Animal’s Theme, 3 of their Preferred Crafting Material, and 200 Bells.

You also have to raise Friendship Levels to a certain amount before you can invite them to your campsite. Check Friendship levels at any time in the Contacts menu.

When talking to a Villager if you see an option in red text, you’ll gain Friendship Points. This can be for talking, solving their request, or inviting them to the camp (only once you can meet their requirements). There’s a cooldown on when you can get Friendship Points from merely talking, it seems to be fairly short, maybe an hour or less.

The requirements to invite villagers at the start of Pocket Camp are incredibly easy, but as time goes on the number (and cost) of furniture they need you to craft and the Friendship Level they’ll require will rise.

If a villager is already inhabiting your campsite, they will give you a (small) gift every time they talk to you with red text (when you get a Friendship Point) as well.

Friendship level costs:

Level 1: 1 point
Level 2: 4 points
Level 3: 4 points
Level 4: 5 points
Level 5: 9 points
Level 6: 11 points
Level 7: 14 points
Level 8: 16 points
Level 9: 19 points
Level 10: 20 points

Level 11: 24 points
Level 12: 26  points
Level 13: 29 points
Level 14: 31 points
Level 15: 34 points
Level 16: 36 points
Level 17: 39 points
Level 18: 41 points
Level 19: 44 points
Level 20: 46 points

Inviting Villagers

You can choose to automatically place the items the Villager wants, and if you do, you can have them automatically removed after they move in (they won’t move out just because you removed the items).



Furniture has a Theme, but other than Cute items generally being assigned to Cute villagers requirements etc, it seems entirely cosmetic and non-functional. Unlike standard Animal Crossing, Pocket Camp has no Happy Home Academy or Feng Shui so far that we can tell. A few Themes are even outside of the primary four themes in the Pocket Camp, and a couple only exist on a single item at present!


Purchased Furniture

Timmy and Tommy sell 3 random Furniture pieces at the Market Place, which changes on a 12-hour rotation at 1 AM and 1 PM. Timmy and Tommy’s stock appears to be identical. Anything that can be bought from the Nooks can only be bought here, not crafted.

  • Wide-Screen TV
    • 2,200 Bells
  • Cafeteria Table
    • 3,200 Bells
  • Rocking Chair
    • 1,400 Bells
Crafted Furniture

If you can’t buy it at the Nook Twins’ shop, you’ll have to have Cyrus craft it in the Crafting tab. You unlock more crafting recipes as you level up.

Special Items

Special Items are available in Cyrus’s shop and can be purchased for Leaf Tickets only, and have a limited time window where they’re available (but the game says they may re-enter rotation later). These are one of the few things truly exclusive to Leaf Tickets, though their prices are rather high ($10 through microtransactions).

Special Items also enable special NPCs to visit your camp at any time. They’re not nearly as cool as that sounds though. I got Nook and he just sleeps in his chair at all times and appears to only have three possible lines of Dialog.

Also note that only one Special NPC will be able to visit the camp at once even if you have both items.

Presently Available Special Items

Tom Nook’s Chair
Effect: Tom Nook will visit your site if this is displayed.
Cost: 250 Leaf Tickets (Roughly $10 USD worth of tickets).
Availability: Available during the first 45 days you play Pocket Camp.

Here’s Tom Nook in “action”.

K.K. Slider’s Chair
Effect: K.K. Slider will visit your site if this is displayed.
Cost: 250 Leaf Tickets (Roughly $10 USD worth of tickets).
Availability: Available during the first 45 days you play the game.


Amenities are like Super Furniture that raise the maximum Friendship Level for all Villagers of the corresponding Theme aspect. They also increase Friendship levels by +5 for up to five random Animals hosted at your campsite. Midgame you’ll want to conserve your Cotton for the Tents, which will be essential for raising Friendship Level caps and earning Friendship Points.

Amenities should be crafted as soon as possible due to both the friendship cap and due to the extremely long Crafting time involved. Note that while only two Amenities can be placed, their effects are permanent; displaying them is only cosmetic. There is no need to “focus” your Amenities, instead it’s best to unlock Friendship caps across the board as soon as possible.

Amenities can be prioritized by how many Villagers you actually have close to the cap and/or of that theme, but a rough guideline is how common the Themes are in absolute terms: of all the Villagers, 12 are Cute, 12 are Sporty, 9 are Natural, and 10 are Cool.

For Tier 1 Amenities Cotton is going to be a major concern early in the game, so consider conserving Cotton until you have all three upgraded to level 3. For Tier 2 Amenities time is the biggest factor, try to make all 3 as soon as you can. By the time you can make Tier 3 Amenities the normal Crafting Materials and Bells costs will be minor, but the Essence costs are quite high.

Amenities receive an extra cosmetic change once upgraded to their max level (all other levels are identical to level 1 visually).

  • Generic Tent
    • Unlocked by default
    • No function
  • Cute Tent
    • 3000 Bells, 30 Cotton, 10 Cute Essence
    • Max level: 3
    • Build Time: 12 hours, 0 minutes, 12 hours
    • Raises Friendship cap to 10 for Cute Villagers
  • Cool Tent
    • 3000 Bells, 30 Cotton, 10 Cool Essence
    • Max level: 3
    • Build Time: 12 hours, 0 minutes, 12 hours
    • Raises Friendship cap to 10 for Cool Villagers
  • Natural Tent
    • 3000 Bells, 30 Cotton, 10 Natural Essence
    • Max level: 3
    • Build Time: 12 hours, 0 minutes, 12 hours
    • Raises Friendship cap to 10 for Natural Villagers
  • Sporty Tent
    • 3000 Bells, 30 Cotton, 10 Sporty Essence
    • Max level: 3
    • Build Time: 12 hours, 0 minutes, 12 hours
    • Raises Friendship cap to 10 for Sporty Villagers
  • Rustic Tent
    • 3000 Bells, 30 Cotton, 10 Rustic Essence
    • Max level: 3
    • Build Time: 12 hours, 0 minutes, 12 hours
    • Raises Friendship cap to 10 for Rustic Villagers
  • Mush Tent
    • 3000 Bells, 30 Cotton, 10 Hip Essence
    • Max level: 3
    • Build Time: 12 hours, 0 minutes, 12 hours
    • Raises Friendship cap to 10 for Hip Villagers
  • Tree Swing
    • Requires level 3 Cute Tent
    • 3000 Bells, 60 Wood, 20 Cute Essence
    • Max level: 5
    • Build Time: 48 Hours for first/last level, 0 minutes for the rest
    • Raises Friendship cap to 15 for Cute Villagers
  • Street Set
    • Cost: 3000 Bells, ?, 20 Cool Essence
    • Requires level 3 Cool Tent
    • Max level: 5
    • Build Time: 48 Hours for first/last level, 0 minutes for the rest
    • Raises Friendship cap to 15 for Cool Villagers
    • One Villager may play guitar in the street
  • Picnic Set
    • Cost: 3000 Bells, ?, 20 Natural Essence
    • Requires level 3 Natural Tent
    • Max level: 5
    • Build Time: 48 Hours for first/last level, 0 minutes for the rest
    • Raises Friendship cap to 15 for Natural Villagers
    • Up to 3 Villagers may have a picnic in the set
  • Half-Pipe
    • Cost: 3000 Bells, ?, 20 Sporty Essence
    • Requires level 3 Sporty Tent
    • Max level: 5
    • Build Time: 48 Hours for first/last level, 0 minutes for the rest
    • Raises Friendship cap to 15 for Sporty Villagers
  • Canvas Hammock
    • Cost: 3000 Bells, 30 Wood, 30 Paper, 20 Rustic Essence
    • Requires level 3 Rustic Tent
    • Max level: 5
    • Build Time: 48 Hours for first/last level, 0 minutes for the rest
    • Raises Friendship cap to 15 for Rustic Villagers
  • Merry-Go-Round

    • Cost: 30 Cute Essence, 20 Cool Essence, 50 Wood, 50 Steel, 5,000 Bells
    • Crating Time: 72 Hours
    • Max level: 5
    • Requires: Level 5 Tree Swing
    • Raises Friendship cap to 20 for Cute Villagers
  • Rock Stage 
    • Cost: 30 Cool Essence, 20 Sporty Essence, ?, 5,000 Bells
    • Requires Level 5 Street Set
    • Crating Time: 72 Hours
    • Max Level: 5
    • Raises Friendship cap to 20 for Cool Villagers
  • Tree House
    • Cost: 30 Natural Essence, 20 Cute Essence, 50 Wood, 50 Steel, 5,000 Bells
    • Crating Time: 72 Hours
    • Requires Level 5 Picnic Set
    • Max level: 5
    • Raises Friendship cap to 20 for Natural Villagers
  • Pool Set
    • Cost: 30 Sporty Essence, 20 Natural Essence, 100 Steel, 5,000 Bells
    • Crating Time: 72 Hours
    • Requires Level 5 Half-Pipe
    • Max level: 5
    • Raises Friendship cap to 20 for Sporty Villagers
  • Hot Air Baloon
    • Cost: 30 Rustic Essence, 20 Sporty Essence, 100 Paper, 5,000 Bells
    • Crating Time: 72 Hours
    • Requires Level 5 Canvas Hammock
    • Max level: 5
    • Raises Friendship cap to 20 for Rustic Villagers


Different Clothes can be bought as soon as you unlock the Market Place. Clothes crafting is “coming soon” as in not in the game at all yet.

Clothes are sold randomly in the Market on a 12-hour rotation (resetting at 1 AM and 1 PM from what I can tell). Mable sells shirts and dresses, while Labelle sells hats and accessories. Kicks sells socks and shoes.

Clothing has a Theme, but like Furniture Themes it seems entirely cosmetic and non-functional. The game has no Happy Home Academy or Feng Shui so far that we can tell.


Sold by Mable.


Sold by Labelle.

  • Small Sik Hat
    • 2,400 Bells

Sold by Kicks.


Clothes Crafting (New)

New in the latest update is Clothes Crafting! A few dozen clothing items can be crafted; all Craftable Clothing is Crafting exclusive. The Market Place has an entirely different set of items, so if you want it, craft it!

Crafted Clothes have no unique properties other than being crafting-only. If you still urgently need Crafting slots to invite Villagers, I would hold off on Clothes Crafting as it’s just cosmetic.

Most clothes cost around 1000 Bells and 30 Materials, usually Cotton or Paper. More expensive Clothes will cost 1,000 Bells, 60 Materials and 1 Essence. Most clothes take 2-5 hours to craft.

Collected Items

Pocket Camp refers to items like apples, fish, coral, and all the junk you pick up to fulfill requests as “Collected Items”.

Collected Items have a shared cap of 100 items total (plus 5 more spaces every few levels). Items all take 1 unit of space. Collected items are all used for Requests, and can also be sold either in game (for a low base price) or sold in your Market Box to other players for any price you choose (it’s up to other players whether to buy).

Note that since Fish/Bugs are now Collected Items, they do not have special times of day they appear at; in Pocket Camp all bugs/fish appear at all times of day and in any season at present.

If you pick up too many items, you’ll be prompted to sell or Market Box some items to make room. I usually just sell some Sea Shells as they’re very easy to find more of and somewhat uncommon as Request items.

You should always complete requests when you can, as your Collected Items inventory overflows fast and the Request rewards are always worth more than what you hand in.

You can buy 5 more Collected Items slots for 20 Leaf Tickets. The max count of slots is 200 without spending Leaf Tickets or 300 after spending 400 Leaf Tickets.

If you want to keep a safe buffer of Collected Items for upcoming Requests I recommend keeping at least 5 of every Common Bug/Fish, 3 of every Rare fish, and 3 of every Shell and Coconuts. Keep every fruit that’s not from Lost Lure Creek, the LLC fruits you’ll end up with too many of so sell them in Market Box. Perfect Fruits should be saved for requests, you get better rewards.

Super Rare Fish/Bugs/Shells  can be sold for extra high bell amounts, or given when a villager asks for “any” fish. They will give better rewards when given super rare ones, but not drastically better than Rare ones, and they’ll only give a maximum of 1,500 bells. If you need Bells more than you need Treats/etc, consider saving and selling your Super Rares instead.

Super/Ultra Rare fish and bugs are much more common now than they used to be in the game.


Bugs and Fish now have smallest/largest size records that can be seen at any time in the Catalog (which is in the More tab of the menu). Fish/bugs caught before the size update do not have records set. Size only matters for fun, or for certain goals in Fishing contests


Coconuts are found on Sunburst Island and Saltwater Shores, and other Fruit is only found in Breezy Hollow and to a lesser extent Lost Lure Creek. Breezy Hollow will have one of each Fruit tree, while Lost Lure Creek has 2 trees that have different fruits for each player.

Perfect Fruit are now in the game, and are visually different from other fruit. They’re worth 600 Bells if sold in the game, but are best saved to give to villagers during Requests.

This means you’ll end up getting more of 2 specific fruits than most people due to your Lost Lure Creek spawns, so you’ll often be able to sell that type of fruit more readily.

Fruit respawns 3 hours after shaking the tree. Once per day a random non-fruit tree will drop 300-1,000 Bells as well, much like in the main series. You can shake trees and leave the fruit at the base for later harvesting. Floor-fruit won’t rot or anything, though you can’t shake the tree again until it’s picked up.

Found at: Breezy Hollow, Lost Lure Creek
Base Cost: 10 Bells

Found at: Breezy Hollow, Lost Lure Creek
Base Cost: 10 Bells

Found at: Breezy Hollow, Lost Lure Creek
Base Cost: 10 Bells

Found at: Breezy Hollow, Lost Lure Creek
Base Cost: 10 Bells

Found at: Breezy Hollow, Lost Lure Creek
Base Cost: 10 Bells

Found at: Sunburst Island, Saltwater Shores
Base Cost: 10 Bells


Bugs are only found on Sunburst Island, caught with the Net. Honey can be used to respawn them faster but it’s not necessary. Bugs respawn even without leaving the map (but they won’t spawn in your field of view).

Bugs can be scared away if you walk too close to them, but the radius is much more forgiving than regular Animal Crossing.

Tiger Butterfly
Base Cost: 10 Bells

Monarch Butterfly
Base Cost: 10 Bells

Fruit Beetle
Base Cost: 10 Bells

Horned Dynastid
Base Cost: 100 Bells

Miyama Stag
Super Rare
Base Cost: 1,500 Bells

Jewel Beetle
Super Rare
Base Cost: 2,500 Bells

Emperor Butterfly
Ultra Rare
Base Cost: 3,000 Bells

River Fish

River Fish can only be caught at Lost Lure Creek. Fish respawn even without leaving the map (but they won’t spawn in your field of view).

Fish can’t be scared away because of your running, unlike in normal Animal Crossing. They only flee if you attempt and fail to catch them. If you see a large fish shadow here be sure to catch it; only Rare fish have large shadows at Lost Lure Creek!

Pale Chub
Price: 10 Bells
Shadow: Extra Small

Yellow Perch
Price: 10 Bells
Shadow: Medium

Crucian Carp
Price: 10 Bells
Shadow: Small

Black Bass
Price: 100 Bells
Shadow: Large

Rainbow Trout
Super Rare
Price: 1,500 Bells
Shadow: Large

Ultra Rare
Price: 4,000 Bells
Shadow: Large

Ultra Rare
Price: ?
Shadow: Small?

King Salmon
Ultra Rare
Price: 4,000
Shadow: Huge

Ocean Fish

Ocean Fish are only caught at Saltwater Shores. Fish respawn even without leaving the map (but they won’t spawn in your field of view).

Horse Mackerel
Price: 10 Bells
Shadow: Small

Price: 10 Bells
Shadow: Medium

Olive Flounder
Price: 10 Bells
Shadow: Large

Red Snapper
Price: 100 Bells
Shadow: Medium

Super Rare
Price: 1,500 Bells
Shadow: Medium

Super Rare
Price: 2,000 Bells
Shadow: Tiny

Super Rare
Price: 1,500
Shadow: Tiny

Ultra Rare
Price: 1,500
Shadow: Medium

Barred Knifejaw
Ultra Rare
Price: 4,000
Size: Medium

Ultra Rare
Price: 5,000 Bells
Shadow: Huge

Ultra Rare
Price: 3,000 Bells
Shadow: Medium

Ultra Rare
Price: 5,000 Bells
Shadow: Huge


Seashells are only found at Saltwater Shores. Shells are abundant in number yet fairly rarely needed as Request materials, so if you have to sell something to make space they’re a good first choice.

Price: 10 Bells
Found at: Saltwater Shores

Conch Shell
Price: 10 Bells
Found at: Saltwater Shores

Scallop Shell
Price: 10 Bells
Found at: Saltwater Shores

Pearl Oyster
Super Rare

Crafting Materials

You have a per-item maximum for each kind of Crafting Material, though it’s mostly an encouragement to level up as by level 30 you’ll have up to 999 of each item. Still, you should keep crafting new things as soon as crafting slots and materials allow.

Every 5 levels between 10 and 30 you get a higher storage cap. Max count is noted in ascending order. It’s good to get to at least level 10 pretty quickly so storing Crafting Materials never becomes too big an issue.

Crafting Materials differ in rarity, but they’re all earned by requests, Friendship Levels, or things like Log-In rewards or Goals. Shovelstrike Quarry also has a rotating Crafting Material reward so you can use it to farm a specific type if you have friends to unlock it.

Essences can be earned from requests/Friendship levels with characters of that Theme aspect, rarely as Gifts from hosted Villagers, and at Shovelstrike Quarry. You can sell crafting materials by tapping them in the Crafting Material menu; you shouldn’t do this unless you’re at/close to the cap however, as the reward is very small.

Sparkle Stones
Use: Rarest crafting material. Very hard to get, but even a basic request may yield one.
Max count: 999

Friendship Powder
Use: Used in various more expensive Crafting items
Max count: 999/9999

Cute Essence
Use: Used in Cute Amenities
Max count: 30/50/150/500/750/999

Natural Essence
Use: Used in Natural Amenities
Max count: 30/50/150/500/750/999

Sporty Essence
Use: Used in Sporty Amenities
Max count: 30/50/150/500/750/999

Cool Essence
Use: Used in Cool Amenities
Max count: 30/50/150/500/750/999

Use: Basic material for assorted crafts
Max count: 200/300/500/750/999

Use: Basic material for assorted crafts
Max count: 200/300/500/750/999
Only Jay and Angus regularly give Preserves, making it the hardest to get Crafting Material. It’s also used fairly rarely.

Use: Basic material for assorted crafts
Max count: 200/300/500/750/999

Use: Basic material for assorted crafts
Max count: 200/300/500/750/999

Use: Basic material for assorted crafts
Max count: 200/300/500/750/999
Only Apollo, Charlise, Kid Cat, and Stella  regularly give Paper, making it fairly rare. It’s not used much outside of Wallpaper, but those usually require a whole 150 each.


The Camper can be upgraded and repainted by the Blackbirds at OK Motors. The Camper is also the main money-sink in the game; if you hold off on Loans, expensive Paint Jobs and Carpets/wallpaper for the Camper, you’ll never want for Bells. Thus I find it best to save up until I can immediately pay off the loans with room to spare, to avoid perpetually being low on cash.

Camper Upgrade Prices

Camper Upgrades must be done in order, and are paid for after doing them just like house upgrades in the main games. Bet you ingrates won’t hate on the Blackbird trio as much as you did Tom Nook, hm?

For those not familiar with Animal Crossing, in Pocket Camp “loans” aren’t really what you think. It’s basically paying the price after receiving the item with no penalties, minimum payments or interest. There is absolutely never a reason to not take on the next loan. Pay them off at your leisure.

  • Default
    • Floor Space:  4×5
  • Expand First Floor
    • 10,000 Bells
    • Floor Space: 4×6
  • Second Floor
    • 30,000 Bells
    • Floor Space: 4×5
  • Expand Second Floor
    • 50,000 Bells
    • Floor Space: 4×6
  • Expand First Floor Again
    • 100,000 Bells
    • Floor Space: 5×6
  • Expand First Floor Max
    • 150,000 Bells
    • Floor Space: 5×8
  • Expand Second Floor Again
    • 200,000 Bells
    • Floor Space: 5×6
  • Expand Second Floor Max
    • 250,000 Bells
    • Floor Space: 5×8

If there’s a reward for paying off the final loan, I’m not aware of it yet.

Camper Paint Jobs

There are both Special and Custom paint jobs you can get at OK Motors. New jobs can be manually tweaked and cost 5,000 Bells for every time, and cost the same whether you want to change Camper style or not. The paint job is effectively “free” if you want to change Camper style as well, as it also costs 5,000 bells to change style and get a paint job.

If you purchase a Special Paint Job you can re-select it at any time at OK Motors, so don’t worry about changing from a special one.

Note the Special paint jobs are very expensive. Some cost Leaf Tickets.

Camper  Special Paint Jobs
    • Animal Crossing
      • Vintage Style
      • Log-In bonus: Play the game for 10 days
    • Lovely Lace
      • Vintage Style
      • 8,000 Bells
    • Blue Sweater-Vest
      • Vintage Style
      • 8,000 Bells
    • Camo Chic
      • Vintage Style
      • 8,000 Bells
    • Painter’s Palette
      • Vintage Style
      • 8,000 Bells
    • Splatter Up
      • Modern Style
      • 10,000 Bells
    • Baker’s Dozen
      • Modern Style
      • 10,000 Bells
    • Playtime
      • Modern Style
      • 10,000 Bells
    • Desert Mist
      • Modern Style
      • 10,000 Bells
Leaf Ticket Paint Jobs
    • Patched Together
      • Vintage Style
      • 150 Leaf Tickets ($6 USD)
    • Southwestern Flair
      • Vintage Style
      • 150 Leaf Tickets
    • Flower Power
      • Vintage Style
      • 150 Leaf Tickets ($6 USD)
    • Retro Ride
      • Vintage Style
      • 150 Leaf Tickets ($6 USD)
    • Flaming Forward
      • Modern Style
      • 150 Leaf Tickets ($6 USD)
    • Lumberjack
      • Modern Style
      • 150 Leaf Tickets ($6 USD)
    • Garden Party
      • Modern Style
      • 150 Leaf Tickets ($6 USD)
    • Rover
      • Unique style
      • 150 Leaf Tickets ($6)

Leaf Tickets & Premium Items

Request Tickets

Request Tickets add +3 Friendship Points and allow you to take another 3 Requests from a non-hosted Villager after completing their initial three. The time until the villager moves stays the same, so don’t waste them on Villagers that may move before you can finish the request. You can only use three per character per day.

These are useful to farm a specific crafting material; wait for a Villager that has a Preferred Material you need a lot of, then use your Request Tickets on them. Alternately, it’s a fast way to raise Friendship for a specific villager.

You may want to save up Request Tickets until Villagers hit level 10, when they start to give double base Crafting Materials (6 instead of 3). At 15 they start to give triple base Crafting Materials. There seems to be no crafting reward bonus for level 20.

Calling Card

Calling Card forces a Villager to visit one of the areas around your camp immediately for 3 hours, outside of the regular 3-hour rotation. Once there they’ll act like a normal visiting Villager, able to be talked to and give requests. They’ll also get +2 Friendship Points for being called.

You can use Request Tickets to get the most out of the Villager you used a Calling Card on. Calling Cards are rarer than Request Tickets.

Leaf Tickets

Video Guide to earning free Leaf Tickets

Leaf Tickets are your bog-standard “Premium Currency” in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, meaning the game gives you a taste of them early on to get you hooked, makes them fairly hard to earn for free, and otherwise expects you to pay with real money to get them otherwise.

As always, paying Premium Currency in a mobile game is nearly a scam, something only Whale (or more accurately nobody) should do. Just wait for the timer, you’ll live, and the Leaf Tickets are better spent elsewhere. Instead, save your Leaf Tickets for permanent unlocks, such as the Crafting Spaces or Special Items in the crafting store. I recommend getting the Crafting Spaces as soon as you can as their prices aren’t crazy (you’ll get enough tickets for free in a couple days) and you’ll definitely use them as some crafting can take several hours.

Leaf tickets speed up crafting by a measly amount per ticket, which is an incredible waste since you’re going to be playing for many, many days regardless; do not spend them in this way (except spend 1 just to get the Stretch Goal reward for spending them).

The free Leaf Tickets are largely earned through completing Goals in-game as well as occasionally in the Log-In bonus. You should assume your free Leaf Tickets are limited and budget them well if you don’t play to buy more, and buying more seems unnecessary unless you really want all the Special furniture.

Special Furniture appears to be the main “hook” for selling the In-App Purchases. They’re very expensive compared to the free tickets you get.

Ways to spend Leaf Tickets, ordered roughly in order of most to least “worth it” in my subjective opinion:

  • Crafting Slots
    • 80 Tickets, max of 2 extra
    • This is the best way to spend your early tickets, as it’s a massive, permanent help for very, very few tickets
  • Inventory Slots
    • 20 Tickets for 5 slots
    • Max of 20, or 100 slots total for 400 Leaf Tickets
      • Enables a total of 300 Inventory Slots
  • Market Box Slots
    • 10 Tickets, max of (?) extra, at least 20
  • Special Items
    • 250 Tickets each (~$10!). Very expensive and cosmetic only, but they’re permanent and unique. Depends how much you value them.
  • Crafting without required materials
    • One ticket for every 2 missing materials. You need so many materials long term this seems like a shortsighted way to go.
  • Honey/Nets
    • 20 Tickets per net/jar. IMO also not very worth it
  • Fertilizer
    • 5 Leaf Tickets. Very bad way to spend.
  • Speeding up Crafting
    • Ticket count per time varies. Ticket cost somehow  does NOT go down when the timer shortens. A complete waste of tickets.
      • Roughly $10 to remove a single 72 hour timer, of which there are many.
      • Playing games like this, you’re just going to have to deal with the timers. Trying to spend them away would take hundreds of dollars and the game will still take many, many weeks, after only a couple of which you would be at the same place even if you didn’t spend money. So don’t.

Estimated total count of free Leaf Tickets:

  • 100 Link Nintendo Account to Pocket Camp
  • 50 Free My Nintendo Rewards
  • 600-700 Level Up rewards (assuming max level 60 or 70)
  • 235 Misc Stretch Goals
  • 31 Login Bonus (after 10 days)
  • 20 Launch Bonus
  • 1036-1136 Total free Leaf tickets

Goals, Log-in Bonus, & Rewards


Like lots of mobile games, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has an Achievement system that gives an in-game reward for learning the game or performing arbitrary tasks Pocket Camp wants to incentivize. Tap the Isabelle icon on the main screen or in the More menu to see your daily/long-term goals.

Timed Goals

Pocket Camp’s version of daily quests effectively, these list a specific reward and condition and change every day. You’ll get three per day and there’s no extra bonus for doing all three. They usually give Crafting materials and include actions like collecting certain objects or giving Kudos to other players.

There will always be a Timed Goal to give people Kudos that awards Friendship Powder (now with more Friends!™), so it’s good to complete that since Friendship Powder is otherwise fairly uncommon to come by. Other rewards won’t be very amazing, but they’re usually easy enough.

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goals in Pocket Camp are important as they give you a fairly large supply of Leaf Tickets and Essence that are otherwise hard to obtain. These are tasks that help you learn how to play Pocket Camp anyway, so if at any point you’re unsure what to do, find a Stretch Goal you can complete and get to work! All the info you need to complete Stretch Goals is in the goal list itself; none are hidden or anything.


Nothing particularly interesting for Achievement Hunters here. Pocket Camp has Google Play Achievements, one for every 5 levels up to level 30 (which is not max level). Achievements are easy to get and come with no ingame reward. You can check your Achievements with the Google Play Achievements option in the Miscellaneous menu of the More tab at the bottom right of Pocket Camp’s main menu.

  • Planting the Seed
    • Reach level 5
    • 500 XP
  • Putting Down Roots
    • Reach level 10
    • 1,000 XP
  • Growing Tall
    • Reach level 15
    • 1,500 XP
  • Branching Out
    • Reach level 20
    • 2,000 XP
  • Adding Rings
    • Reach level 25
    • 2,500 XP
  • Touching the Sky
    • Reach level 30
    • 3,000 XP
Log-In Bonus

Collected daily (day starts at 1 AM) Pocket Camp gives Log-In bonuses, which are stored in your Mailbox for only a week; make sure to claim them from the Mailbox when getting them. There are two sets of log-in bonuses that you claim.

Rotating Log-In bonus

These bonuses look like they switch up every week and offer very light rewards, such as up to 1 Leaf Ticket or Essence. Not really worth logging in just to get (doing even one Request is better in almost all cases) but hey, free stuff.

Special Log-In Bonus

This is a long-term login bonus where all Pocket Camp players will be getting these items. This set includes exclusive items. You get items from both sets of Log-In bonuses each day until the special one runs out.

  • Veggie Basket
  • 10,000 Bells
  • Alpinist Dress
  • 10 Leaf Tickets
  • Birdcage
  • 4 Request Tickets
  • 20 Leaf Tickets
  • 2 Calling Cards
  • Alpinist Hat
  • Animal Crossing Camper Special Paint Job
    • This item is not applied automatically, you’ll have to go to OK Motors and check the Special Paint Job inventory to apply it. It is free once unlocked however and can be reapplied at any time for free.

My Nintendo Rewards

Linking My Nintendo not only enables Cloud Saves in Pocket Camp, but also includes rewards you can claim and weekly coins you can earn to claim said rewards. Rewards include an exclusive outfit and surprisingly generous Crafting Material rewards, so linking an account is recommended. Later on in Pocket Camp you’ll want to spend them all on Bells, but early on the crafting rewards can be a godsend.

  • OK Motors Cap
    • 300 Coins
    • One time purchase
  • OK Motors Jacket
    • 300 Coins
    • One time purchase
  • 50 Leaf Tickets
    • Free
    • One time purchase
  • 5,000 Bells
    • 100 Coins
    • Repeatable purchase
  • 20 Cotton
    • 50 Coins
    • Repeatable purchase
  • 20 Steel
    • 50 Coins
    • Repeatable purchase
  • 20 Wood
    • 50 Coins
    • Repeatable purchase
  • 20 Paper
    • 50 Coins
    • Repeatable purchase
  • 20 Preserves
    • 50 Coins
    • Repeatable purchase

And here are the methods by which you can earn Platinum coins in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. They’re all pretty easy and the rewards are good, so I recommend making quick work of them.

  • Link to a Nintendo account
    • 300 Coins
    • One time only
  • Link to a Facebook Account
    • 300 Coins
    • One time only
    • You can do this from the Add Friend option in the Friends menu
  • Link to a Twitter account
    • 300 Coins
    • One time only
    • You can do this from the Add Friend option in the Friends menu
  • Complete 10 Villager requests
    • 30 Coins
    • Weekly
      • Weekly rewards appear to reset on Monday
  • Complete 50 Villager requests
    • 50 Coins
    • Weekly
  • Complete 100 Villager requests
    • 100 Coins
    • Weekly

Seasonal Events & Dates

General Event Info

Major Seasonal events all have their own currency, and currency is separate between events. For example, your Candy Canes from Christmas can’t be used as New Year’s event currency. However, you keep the currency after the event, and can presumably use it when the event rolls around again.

Any event-exclusive items that you start crafting before the event ends will be completed as normal and will not be lost. Unclaimed Timed Goals however will be lost.

Event exclusive items like furniture, currency, and flowers (and even flower seeds) will be kept after the event ends. Only the ability to acquire more currency and craft/trade in items is generally lost.

Minor Seasonal Days

Not all seasonal days are events, some just have minor text associated with them. Currently known minor seasonal days in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp include:

  • December 6th – Naughty or Nice day
    • Villagers will mention that it’s Naughty or Nice day when first spoken to. No other special effects noticed so far.
    • May be Europe only?
  • Winter Solstice
    • Villagers will mention when it’s the Winter Solstice
Winter Sports Event

Dates: 2018-01-2 through 2017-01-30
Currency: Snowflakes
Clothes: 6 Furniture: 1 Amenities:1

Earn Snowflakes from requests and Timed Goals, and create Winter Sports themed clothing, a mini-skate rink Furniture item, and a Snow Park Amenity. This is the first event-exclusive Amenity!

This is a short event, but the prices are cheap to compensate. Play actively for a few days this week and you should be covered fairly easily, especially with a few trips to the Quarry. Timed Goals will cover about half the total cost. Remember spending Leaf Tickets on Quarry runs is more efficient than buying Snowflakes directly with Tickets.

As usual the best way to get Snowflakes is to do all the Requests you can (Consider spending some Calling Cards/Request Tickets if you have extra and want to finish fast), and also to go to Shovelstrike Quarry once a day for a large amount of Snowflakes at once. Ask all your friends for help in the Quarry as soon as you wake up and try to do the first Snowflake run you can.

Winter Sports Exclusive Items
  • Craftable Items
    • Figure-Skate Boots
      • 10 Snowflakes
    • Snowboard Pants
      • 10 Snowflakes
    • Snowboard Jacket
      • 10 Snowflakes
    • Figure-Skate Outfit
      • 40 Snowflakes
    • Pearl Tiara
      • 40 Snowflakes
    • Beanie with Goggles
      • 40 Snowflakes
    • Mini Skate Rink
      • 80 Snowflakes
    • Snow Park amenity
      • Level 1: 100 Snowflakes
      • Level 2: 150 Snowflakes
      • Note this requires a free Amenity crafting slot. You should stop crafting other Amenities until you’re done with this

Winter Sports Timed Goals

You can earn 170 Snowflakes and 30 Leaf Tickets in the Pocket Camp  Winter Sports event’s Timed Goals. That’s enough to cover about half the cost of the Craftable items alone!

  • Complete 3 Requests for Animals
    • 10 Leaf Tickets
  • Complete 10 Requests for Animals
    • 10 Snowflakes
  • Complete 20 Requests for Animals
    • 30 Snowflakes
  • Craft Figure Skate Shoes
    • 10 Snowflakes
  • Craft Snowboard Pants
    • 10 Snowflakes
  • Craft Snowboard Jacket
    • 10 Snowflakes
  • Craft Figure Skate Outfit
    • 10 Snowflakes
  • Craft Pearl Tiara
    • 30 Snowflakes
  • Craft Beanie with Goggles
    • 30 Snowflakes
  • Craft Mini Skate Rink
    • 30 Snowflakes
  • Craft Snow Park
    • 20 Leaf Tickets

Past Events

Past events possibly repeat, considering some text in the game, but we don’t know for sure. Either way, here’s a record of past events from Pocket Camp.

Rover’s Garden Safari

Dates: 2018-01-11 through 2017-01-21

Extra scene images

This is a gardening-focused event that’s easier if you have a good share of ingame friends.

Some tips:

  • There are three new limited flowers: Red, Blue, and White Dahlias
  • Red and White Dahlias are only earned by event goals and completing Animal Requests, so do lots of requests
    • Blue Dahlias can be earned in the same way or bought in the store
    • As seasonal flowers, it seems they will disappear when the event is over(?)
  • Dahlias can be exchanged for potted versions of themselves like other flowers, or for crafting materials
    • I recommend against trading them for crafting materials, you’ll eventually be flooded with them but Dahlias are limited time only
  • There’s a large ingame list of Stretch Goals and Rare Creature Requests (at the Garden screen)
  • Use Catch All to catch all the butterflies at once, it’s faster
  • Once you have some Butterflies you can share them with friends by visiting their Garden and placing them on fully grown flowers that don’t have butterflies.
    • You lose nothing by sharing the butterflies  and in fact get rewards for doing so, so share all of your butterflies ASAP
    • Try leaving some fully-grown flowers in your garden at all times for friends to deposit Butterflies on
Rover’s Garden Safari Exclusive Items
  • Rover Items
    • Earned by completing Rover’s requests in the Garden for Rare Creatures (butterflies)
      • Rover’s Stool
      • Rover’s Hood
      • Rover’s Table
      • Rover’s Outfit
      • Coffee Grinder
      • Rover’s Kettle
      • Rover’s Run
      • Rover’s Screen
      • Rover’s Heater
      • Rover’s Mug
      • Rover’s Rocking Chair
      • Rover’s Counter
  • Exchangeable Items
    • Earned by trading in flowers in the Garden
      • Potted Blue Dahlias
      • Potted Red Dahlias
      • Potted White Dahlias
Pocket Camp New Year’s Event

It’s a Japanese New Year event! From December 26th through January 18th. It works just like the Holiday Event: Timed Goals to complete, furniture to craft, and a new currency to get from Shovelstrike or Requests.

Pocket Camp Holiday Event

Starting November 30th and ending December 25th is the Christmas/Holiday Event!
Estimated completion time: 10 days of fairly active play.

Video Quick Look at the Holiday Event.

The Christmas Event comes with an unlockable set of 5  Clothing items and a craftable set of 11 Furniture items, as well as a special temporary currency used for the crafting.

The Holiday Event also comes with a special set of Timed Goals and Crafting Items you can only make during the Christmas Event. There are no exclusive In App Purchases for Christmas, but of course the game offers to let you spend Leaf Tickets in the stead of Candy Canes at a rate of a little more than one Leaf Ticket per Candy Cane.

Earning Candy Canes

A total of 1,110 Candy Canes is needed to craft one of each exclusive items

  • Completing Requests
    • Randomly get 1-5 after some Requests
      • While unpredictable, doing Requests seems to be the most significant long-term way to get Candy Canes
  • Timed Goals
    • A total of 280 Candy Canes will be earned by completing Stretch Goals
  • Shovelstrike Quarry
    • You can get between 28 and 32 Candy Canes at Shovelstrike
      • For the duration of the Holiday Event, Candy Canes will be a possible Material for the Quarry run. It will appear at random just like the other Materials, but seems to be guaranteed to happen at least once a day.
      • I strongly recommend saving your Quarry runs for Candy Canes unless you have a Mighty Need for another specific item, as of course these are time-limited and they’re slow to collect from Requests.
      • Shovelstrike Quarry will never show up as “sparkling” for Candy Canes, however the rewards you get will always come out as if it were “sparkling”, meaning almost entirely gold/silver nuggets
  • Leaf Tickets
    • Leaf Tickets can be spent instead of Candy Canes for a rate of about 1 Leaf Ticket per 0.8 Candy Canes missing.
    • I don’t recommend spending Leaf Tickets until the end of the event if you’re sure you won’t be able to earn the Candy Canes for free before the deadline
Holdiday Event Timed Goals

It’s strongly recommended that you complete your Christmas Timed Goals as soon as possible, as they’re by far the best way to get Candy Canes to craft the other items with.

These give materials for crafting the special Christmas items in the Crafting Menu’s Special tab. Some goals require crafting specific items in that menu.

  • Craft Jingle Checked Sofa
    • 20 Candy Canes
      • Sofa costs 20 Candy
  • Craft Jingle Checked Bed
    • 40 Candy Canes
      • The bed costs 50 Candy
  • Craft Jingle Snow Globe
    • 80 Candy Canes
      • Snow Globe costs 100 Candy
  • Craft Festive Streetlight
    • 80 Candy Canes
      • The lamp costs 100 Candy
  • Complete 3 requests for visiting animals
    • 20 Candy Canes
  • Complete 10 requests for visiting animals
    • 40 Candy Canes
  • Complete 30 requests for visiting animals
    • Santa Pants
  • Complete 70 requests for visiting animals
    • Santa Skirt
  • Craft Jingle Checked Rug
    • Santa Boots
  • Craft Jingle Fence
    • Santa Shirt
  • Craft Tree-Ball Snowman
    • 1 Sparkle Stone
  • Craft Big Festival Cake
    • 5 Leaf Tickets
  • Craft Festive Fireplace
    • 20 Leaf Tickets
  • Craft Festive Bow Tree
    • 20 Leaf Tickets
Total Christmas Stretch Goal rewards
  • 280 Candy Canes
  • 45 Leaf Tickets
  • 1 Sparkle Stone
  • Santa Outfit (shirt, boot, pants, skirt)
Holiday Event Unlockable Items

There’s 11 Furniture items made entirely through Crafting Candy Canes, and 5 Clothing items unlocked by various Stretch Goals.

Holiday Crafting Furniture

You need to craft one of everything to get all of the Christmas Event Stretch Goals.

I strongly recommend working towards producing one of each crafting item first, starting with the cheapest. Then, once all Timed Goals are complete you can worry about finishing up duplicates.

This is because of the Candy Canes you get back and the fact that once you’ve run out of goals Candy becomes slower, so you want to be sure you have one of everything before you go nuts with duplicates. Of course, these are purely for fun, so if you want 10 cakes instead you’re welcome to.

  • Jingle Checked Sofa
    • 20 Candy Canes
    • 100 Bells
  • Big Festive Cake
    • 20 Candy Canes
    • 100 Bells
  • Mountain of Presents 
    • 20 Candy Canes
    • 100 Bells
  • Jingle Checked Bed 
    • 50 Candy Canes
    • 300 Bells
  • Jingle Checked Rug
    • 50 Candy Canes
    • 300 Bells
  • Jingle Fence
    • 50 Candy Canes
    • 300 Bells
  • Jingle Snow Globe
    •  100 Candy Canes
    • 500 Bells
  • Festive Bow Tree
    • 100 Candy Canes
    • 500 Bells
  • Festive Streetlight
    • 100 Candy Canes
    • 500 Bells
  • Festive Fireplace
    • 300 Candy Canes
    • 800 Bells
  • Three-Ball Snowman
    • 300 Candy Canes
    • 800 Bells
  • Festive Stocking (?)
    • This does not appear to be obtainable at the moment
    • This shows in the Catalog but has no apparent way to obtain it
Total Cost (one of each)
  • 1,110 Candy Canes
  • 4,300 Bells
Holiday Clothing
  • Santa Hat
    • Received for free in mailbox
  • Santa Pants
    • Complete 30 requests for visiting animals
  • Santa Skirt
    • Complete 70 requests for visiting animals
  • Santa Boots
    • Craft Jingle Checked Rug
  • Santa Shirt
    • Craft Jingle Fence

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp FAQ

Error: Support Code 802-7609 when I try to play

Best I can tell, this is just ACPC being overloaded from the launch rush. Hopefully this should clear up soon. You may also get support code 802-9808, 802-5809, or 802-9009. All seem to be related to the server load. Wait a few hours and try again.

Closing the app and reopening makes it work sometimes, but if you keep disconnected even then I’d just wait. It should be sorted out soonish.

What’s your Friend Code?

I had to remove it from the guide due to the friend cap! If you need to friend me for some reason related to improving the guide, ask in the comments.

What’s Different From Standard AC Games?

If you’re a long-time Animal Crossing fan, there are a few expectations you’ll have that don’t hold true in Pocket Camp.

Town Variation

First off, Pocket Camp plays more like a “standard” single player, progression-based game. Everyone starts with the same Villagers, unlocks the same new Villagers each specific Level Up, everyone has access to all Fruits off the bat, and as far as I can tell there’s no “item set” for the shop like usual in AC either.

This eliminates some of the personal vibes of Animal Crossing and would seemingly give less reason to visit/play with friends, but there are other incentives/reasons to play with friends in Pocket Camp.


This is a much, much more “progression” based game than Animal Crossing with all the standard bells (heh) and whistles dangled over your head to keep you going. You can to a degree do most of the usual Animal Crossing things, shop, fish, get fruit, but if you don’t work towards leveling stuff you are definitely missing out on unlocks.

No Time of Year/Day stuff

At least so far, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp doesn’t appear to do any of the usual Animal Crossing stuff where characters/events/items vary by the time of day, week, year, etc. This again ties into it being a more progression-based, standard game-type game.

There’s no fish/bug catalog or museum

It sucks. There’s also no puns when you catch a fish. No Museum to store them in either. And no Blathers to blather. If I could change just one of these “not like normal Animal Crossing” things, it’d be this.

Menus are Real Menus

Something I always actually rather didn’t like was how Animal Crossing makes 90% of menus into a dialog with a character at a specific location. For the most part, menus are just menus you use from the Apps in your ingame phone. This means things like changing your appearance, checking your Catalog, and managing your inventory can be done really quickly. Again it could be said to lose a bit of the personal charm, it does make it more convenient though.

Where’s “Lovely Table (Basic)”?

If a villager is requesting a crafting item that requires a “basic” Lovely Set item, you already have Lovely Table (basic) and the other Basicl Lovely set items. The game just doesn’t actually put “basic” on the basic lovely items’ names. The Basic lovely table is the one that costs 6 wood. You’ll need 3 in total (two to craft one to keep) to have one of each. A couple of the other Lovely set items are similar.

For some odd reason, only the Lovely set has variations for now.

How ‘Persistent’ is this ‘Persistent Connection’ Requirement?

Pretty persistent. It won’t quite force-quit the game the second you lose signal, but you won’t be able to complete requests, catch Rare Fish, change areas, or open certain menus while connection is lost. You can pretty much only wander around the area you’re currently in and collect any Common Collected Items around while you wait for signal.

Where is my REAL Animal Crossing game?

Mobile dev teams and console dev teams are almost never the same. AC Switch is probably be worked on as we speak and likely has zero to do with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp at all.

Are there weeds? Am I punished for not playing?

Pocket Camp has no weeds of any kind! (Well other than unreachable cosmetic ones in the forest). Rather surprisingly, there appears to be no “it’s been a while since you played” punishment in Pocket Camp.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp just crashes after talking to KK (support code 802-5874)?

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp appears to crash if it detects rooting/jailbreaking, Nintendo mobile games tend to do this for anti-cheating/piracy. I can’t help you circumvent that (not sure it’s even possible!).

You missed (thing)!

Thanks for letting me know! Submit any info I’m missing, questions, or requests for clarification in the Comments below.

Linking A My Nintendo Account To Pocket Camp

If you want to have Cloud Saves (for if your device explodes or something) and use My Nintendo Rewards in Pocket Camp, you’ll need to link a My Nintendo account.  This is strongly recommended as you get both the cloud saves (even cross iOS/Android) and some minor weekly rewards just for playing the game.


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If you don’t have the game and want to see it in action, I have an Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Quick Look here.

A datamine of Pocket Camp has spoilers for potential future features.

Pocket Camp Video Guides

I also have some Video Guides of specific areas/features in Pocket Camp on my YouTube Channel.

Holiday Event

Free Leaf Tickets & How To Use Them Guide

Shovelstrike Quarry guide

Campsite Tutorial

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Recreation Areas Guide & Collecting Items

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328 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide”

  1. Hi, regarding the snacks from Gulliver, I find that you can get even 6 or 8 points as long as you match the type of snacks with their Preferred Theme. In example, I just talked with Kyle whose preferred theme is COOL. I gave him a Plain Chocolate Bar, which is labeled as Cool. I got 6 points. Also he says a bit more than an average thanks, and his expressions are larger than average. I then gave him an Extra Tasty Chocolate Bar and received 8 points. Same large reaction.
    In contrast, I actually gave him a Generic Bronze Treat and only got 2 points, plus a mild mannered thank you.
    So it CAN be worth it, I leveled him up from a 10 1/2 to 12, just with those 2 snacks that match his Preferred Theme.

    1. Huh, that’s interesting, I did the same and got just +2 points, haven’t bothered with gulliver since. Good to know it’s better than that

  2. Anyone know what the invisible clouds are that have flowers around them? I see them at every map location except saltwater shores. I tap them but nothing happens.

  3. Looks like there was an expansion to Collected Items with yesterday’s update, I had bought up the expansions to have 250 items, and now it goes up to 300! I wonder if it can go still further, guess I’ll have to max my storage to find out…

    The flowers that the animals want, do not seem to be counted here. I hope the villagers don’t start demanding fish/bugs of a specific size…

    1. Oh huh, didn’t notice that at all, I’ll add that to the update notes! Doesn’t appear to be any expansion before that.

      Pretty sure the fish size is purely for fun and will only “matter” in the fishing tourneys (upcoming events). You can’t even see the size of “stored” fish so it wouldn’t make sense to demand sizes of ’em.

      1. Also, I just noticed in the Player Information screen of the Friends tab, you can see everything in your Friend’s Market Boxes! Woo hoo! Still have to go see them to buy though, but still, so much better than hoping they have more than the initial 8 “preview” items and wasting visits for nothing. It “compacts” them to show a solid “grid” of Market Box items, even if there are “gaps” between them.

  4. Even with plenty of room, furniture isn’t placing. For example, I ‘put away’ a piece of furniture, then I place one down that’s the same size as the furniture I took away, in the same place, then it says no more room. Just started happening this week.

    1. Emkins, do you have more than 40 items out? It seems like there is a hard cap on number as well as “physical” space

      1. I think I read somewhere the hard limit is 40 items, i have 38 pics, 1 rug, and 1 furniture item and can’t put anything else down in the main camp.

  5. It looks with the start of Daylight Savings Time (in the US anyway), the clock has been bumped forward an hour, so the main reset is at 2AM now? (It says the quarry help resets at 2AM now instead of 1AM) And the villagers have similarly gone forward one hour, in terms of when they arrive/depart sites.

    1. Yeah, the listing of the main reset was always dependant on Timezone, the times listed are only for reference. It did this last time DST cycled too

  6. One of the animals recently told me not to do anything with a coconut after I picked it, but that they couldn’t tell me more. Is there a coconut trick of some kind?

      1. I tried it, and the coconut tree spawned more coconuts while there were still coconuts on the ground. Still, it seems like they were hinting at something.

  7. Another new update that I need to look into further. At 3PM Kid Cat was at my campsite and when talking to him, he asked me to do something special (He’s already got his favorite item) – He said he lost something, and said it must have fallen out of his pocket while he was doing jumping jacks at the beach. I looked all over that acre and didn’t see a thing. When I go back to camp one of his options is “Can you give me a hint?” and he’ll repeat the line about the beach. Maybe it’s an extra item you have to reel-in while fishing? I couldn’t experiment long since that was my afternoon break at the office, but I will see if (a) he still is looking for it and (b) if I can fish it up…or (c) if it’s a partly-implemented feature that isn’t quite working?

    UPDATE: I went to the beach and caught 4 olive flounder and the fifth was a small (not tiny) silhouette. I caught a glass bottle with some blue-ish material inside, and a yellowish top.

    “Whoa, look what I caught!
    A lost bottle!
    I should take it to the campsite…”

    I went to camp and Kid Cat greeted me upon arrival. “Hey, you’ve got some pep in your step. Did you find the thing I was looking for?” he asks. Your options to reply are “Yep! Here you go!” and “Try not to lose it again…” I selected “Yep!”

    “Lost item found!”

    3 sporty essence and 45 wood were my reward (he’s almost level 20)

    He then said ‘I can’t promise that I’ll never lose it again… I can’t even promise that I won’t lose it again today.” and does that bashful wiggle while looking down at his feet bit.

    I also got +5 friendship points.

    I’m really not happy with the flower requests or most of the recent “upgrades”. Rapidly losing interest in game.

    Another thing I just noticed, you have the option to Skip Request when doing extra requests, either by Leaf Tickets or I guess Request Tickets. (I used Leaf Tickets) – there is a loading screen mentioning it too but not sure if there is a penalty for it? Could just let the time period elapse and that’s never penalized me before.

    1. Yeah the lost item thing is new, hadn’t seen it yet though. I’ll add it to the updates section.

      Flower Requests seem pretty tame. Seem to be store-bought ones only, 1 at a time, and only “rare” tier requests (extra rewards + third request only). You could get 10 of each flower in a day or two and be set for weeks it seems like.

      1. I have seen three “lost item” quests so far. They have all been at the beach, even though the laying-on-the-ground one was mentioned lost in a “forest” ? First one is a bottle you fish from the sea, second was an item laying on the ground (annoyingly near the camper so it was a real pain to tap on), and the third was on the top of a palm tree, you shake it and the item falls down. The quests seem to be what the new level-up system calls an “extra request” or words to that effect, i.e. they won’t start til they’re that level, and they seem to generate only at the campsite when they’re visiting. I don’t know if the request persists past a day, I didn’t get a chance to complete the first quest until one or two villager rotations but I still got the credit.

        They also seemed to adjust the percentages for flower requests, on release day every animal’s third request was a flower. Then yesterday someone wanted two dynastid beetles in a row (item favors 2 and 3) which I hadn’t seen before. But yesterday and today, the flower demands are back where the average ‘rare fish/bug’ requests are.

        They also haven’t adjusted the thing where every day seems to be the day everyone wants 3 of something, then 2 of it, then 3 of it, and they ALL want the same item. Can go from 25 horse mackerels to 1 in what seems like one round of acre visits! Then the next day, it’s squid. then, tiger butterflies. Monarchs, nope That’s 2 days from now. It also has no bearing upon the daily goal 10 to 15 of an item demands.

      2. If you decide to track lost items, I just got a lost pouch request from Goldie, who is currently level 6 (not sure if she has leveled up since she dropped it). It took 2 days to find it, ended up being in a stupid tree. She gave me 3 natural essence and 50 steel.

        1. The Lost Items seem to be randomly placed; they’ll tell you at the campsite which location they’re in. It’s always one of the 4 recreation areas. They’re usually in a tree and you can see the bag, but a couple of times I couldn’t find them at all. I think they might expire and simply disappear after a period of time?

          And yeah the Lost Item rewards are pretty generous. They seem to be infrequent (once a day? Maybe twice?) to compensate.

          1. If it’s at the acres with water and you’ve checked every tree and looked around for a book on the ground and still nothing, try fishing, may have to fish several times to get it.

          2. Do the bottles look different from fish? I still haven’t found one of those yet. But the lost items seem fairly rare, I usually find them in trees.

          3. The ones I see are usually the “small” or “normal” size silhouettes – much like fishing out junk in the original games. I think in my post when I first discovered these after the update, it was the fourth or fifth thing I fished out of the water. RNG may make this less or more – I think I got one on first and one on second try, but the missing item does seem to be most frequently found in a tree.

          4. I have a lost request from campers every night about 1/2hr before new day! About even between ground-book, tree-blue pouch, a few water-jar. Had a great ine about it being by river, scoured it, next hint was “River is really long.” Sure enough, looked on map– it’s long!
            Had same experience w/KidKat, Outside camp. Just opened w/“I lost my candy jar. Probably at my last campsite.” No real request, no hint about which site, + no object + no follow-up from Kid.
            Thanks for info on more inventory– I worried I’d paid for the 10 new ones! (Didn’t want more as I knew I’d hoard!)

  8. It looks like the new Hip series has some advanced versions of some items now. Also the Friends tab has a little blurb showing if a friend’s flowers need watering.

    1. I see those too, seems Lovely set won’t be the only “upgradable” set too.

      Friend powder is so weird, they handed it out like candy for the Rover event and yeah, nothing new has needed it. Give me sparkle stones instead, there seem to basically be a limited amount of those…

      Ah, that’s what that “ui updates” update was about .I thought it was maybe the gardening/shovelstrike quarry/markeybox updates and got disappointed when I couldn’t find anything.

      1. It’s just three items so not too bad I guess.

        Maybe they are working more on the UI updates, I remember reading something about improving helping make quarry requests a little more painless which would be nice. Maybe tapping multiples then clicking the help button instead of having to wait for it to reload the list from the top, every time…

        I haven’t run into a need of sparkle stones yet, I’ve got everyone’s fav items (except the new six) made except for three which are unlocked and ready to craft, but are waiting for me to craft the six new folks’ stuff to get ’em to the campsite, and I think I might have a couple extras left over. No Level 20’s yet but I think I got a couple 19’s.

        One other thing I noticed, is it possible to switch back to a maxed or even lower-tier amenity? Let’s say i max the Treehouse and ultimately want to keep it – but it doesn’t seem like I can switch to something else? I may have to wait and level everything *else* up first, then make it – and hope they either don’t release new amenities, or they open up some additional amenity slots! I don’t want to lose the merry-go-’round either.

        They could even have the third amenity slot for temp stuff like the snow ramp. It looks like there will also be a “civic” set of animals/essences upcoming, I think maybe one or two others? I have seen oddball items that aren’t part of the defined groups yet.

        1. I hope there’s just an “ask all” button tbh, I see no reason for the current UI at all. should be a plant/harvest all flowers button too.

          Sparkle Stones are required for flooring/wallpaper, 2 each. Since without maxing at level 2 each character gives only 2 sparkle stones but requires 2 for a requested item…you’ll never have enough sparkle stones if you make basically any flooring/wallpaper. It’s ridiculous, especially since walls/floors were one of the cheapest things in the main game.

          Not sure what you mean about “losing” amenities, you can swap them out (but not for lower levels of the same item) at any time just like furniture, tap the edit layout button at camp and you can swap for any one you own

          1. Ask all would be nice, as for plant/harvest tho I could also see them charging a leaf ticket or so to do that.

            I didn’t know about flooring/wallpaper but yeah thats true. I think I have a couple extra ones I ended up with somehow.

            As for ‘losing’, I thought I tried to swap them and it wouldn’t let me. I may have to poke around at it later – if I can switch back then I won’t have to worry about amenity build order (though it’d be nice to have a couple more amenity slots.)

          2. Even better! The player info screen also tells you when someone has special event flowers to share creatures with! That annoyed me to no end with how slow it loads, to always find nothing there.

          3. Ah, yeah, that’s a very welcome change. Not quite what I was expecting/hoping for though. I wonder if that means we’re NOT getting a better gardening UI for tending your own flowers.

            At least this event is easier than the last, but it’s still so short!

          4. Part 1 of the last one was pretty easy too, but the second part reminded me of the term “Nintendo hard” from the NES games in the 80s. Youch! At least it’s easy to see who has flowers to share with, which is a great way to stock up on the red ones. I usually end up with more seeds than I know what to do with.

  9. What are the picture frames at level twenty? Are they just more furniture I can put on a table or will they hang up in my camper or something cool like that?

    1. They’re just like the pictures in mainline AC if you’ve played them; they’re a furniture item you can set on a table. This game doesn’t seem to have any kind of wall/ceiling mounted furniture yet.

  10. Writing a major guide update! Did anyone get the requirements for Sprinkle, Static, Ava, and Boots? I forgot to write them down before inviting them.

    1. By requirements, do you mean they furniture? I don’t think I’ve managed to invite any of them just yet, so I can get it for you if still needed. 🙂

        1. Sprinkle (penguin):
          Friendship Level 5 needed to invite
          Furniture: Alpine Rug, Snowman Table, Snowman Lamp, Snowman Sofa, Snowman Wardrobe

          Static (squirrel):
          Friendship Level 5 needed to invite
          Furniture: Modern Chair, Modern End Table, Silver Mic, Metal Guitar, Modern Bed

          Boots (gator):
          Friendship Level 3 needed to invite
          Furniture: Plain Tree Stump, Sleigh, Bamboo Fence, Bamboo Bench, Outdoor Bath

          Ava (hen):
          Frendship Level 3 needed to invite
          Furniture: Cabin Chair, Wood Plank Table, Log Fence, Smoker, Paella (pasta-looking thing)

          1. Margie (Elephant, Harmonious):
            Friendship Level 3 needed to invite.
            Furniture: Bamboo Tree (1min, Harmonious), Cabana Vanity (1min, Harmonious), Cabana Armchair (1min, Harmonious), Cabana Table (5hr, Harmonious), Flower Pop Carpet (2hr, Hip)

          2. Drago (Chinese-Style Dragon, Harmonious, gives wood)
            Friendship Level 5 needed to invite.
            Furniture: Exotic Lamp (3hr, Harmonious), Exotic Screen (10hr, Harmonious), Exotic Table (5hr, Harmonious), Exotic Rug (3hr, Harmonious), Exotic Bench (2hr, Harmonious)

    1. That’s a thing? I’ll try I guess. I don’t like this event at all. The times are so short and the demands are so high

  11. What do I need to craft to finally make apollo have some fun. I missed and he wont say it again or anything other then he wants to have some fun around there. God damn it Apollo lol

    1. The “details” says what each animal can “do” with it, all the “requested items” (the ones that cost sparkle stones) have a special animation animals will play around ’em, and things like chairs get sat on etc.

      1. But he keeps saying what is there to do around here for fun and nothing else so i know I have to get him something but I can’t figure out what.So either he’s glitched or I just have to figure out what i missed and what he needs. Its crazy though and apollo always was an ass I guess he still is lol

        1. If he’s just asking “so what’s there to do for fun around here?” that’s just a regular “nothing to say” quote. Once they’re invited they don’t really need anything, they’ll just randomly want to talk to you/give you gifts. They’re basically zero maintenance, even the item they request at level 10/15 is totally optional to give to ’em

      1. I just figured this out lmao. Oops. I must’ve gotten confused with his manner (talks about food often, like a lot of natural males). Ignore me :,)

        1. Yeah, I think there’s only 2-3 different dialog types per gender? There’s “lazy”, “cool”, and “sporty” males, and I think “cute” and “cool” females at the very least. But it’s a lot less diverse than regular animal crossing (so far). And “rustic” villagers seem to talk just like existing villagers too.

  12. For real I should sell all my super rare fish and bugs? I thought for sure someone would request them at the higher levels!

    1. That would be impossibly cruel, you can go a whole month without seeing a specific one. No, they are absolutely never requested and no one will buy them from Market Box either (unless they’re both rich and an idiot). Sell them to the game immediately

  13. What do you do with animals once they reach level 20? I have several almost to that point… I don’t want them to disappear or anything 🙁

    1. I’m sure they don’t disappear or anything. It’s probably no different from capping out at 10/15. They probably just don’t gain friendship points but give extra materials (and of course, they give a sparkle stone and their picture upon hitting level 20)

  14. Is there a list if items we can build with specific craft materials! I have hundreds of steel. Why??? Sure wish it was tradable for cotton and wood!

    1. I generally just sell my excess of Steel, though there’s a crap ton of Requested Items that take 150 Steel, so that eats most of my steel now.

      There’s no sorting options in the game, but I just go through the list looking for the missing “1 owned” icon and make whatever I don’t have. Lots of 150 steel items in the Music category.

      1. I have 797 Steel. LOL
        I seem to use up the wood and cotton a lot. Man, do I wish we could trade or sell to friends!

        1. 500 is only halfway to max, keep an eye out for stuff to make and hit level 15 with any Animals if you can, the level 15 requests are big item/money sinks.

          Trading would be great, but would mean they can’t sell as many silly leaf tickets unfortunately =/. A big part of why helping other players directly is rarely a thing in F2P games

          1. Yeah, Leaf Tickets… But, I do love the game!!! I just looked thru the furniture and found a bunch I can spend the steel on.

  15. Re: Crafting materials, I didn’t see this mentioned but maybe I missed it: you can sell back surplus of these so you don’t waste them if you max out on a certain type – usually Steel or Wood in my case. Can also sell the leftover holiday currency before it disappears, as well as Friend Powder, and even Sparkle Stones. I’ve coughed up the Bells to hit a camper payoff or a favorite item threshold this way too. As for flowers, there is another site that is tracking what the common and rare seeds are for each cross-pollination type.

    1. It’s in the Crafting Materials section, but it’s not really a huge money maker. I just do it when I notice I’m at 900+.

      Oh cool, where’s the gardening info at? I don’t find it very enjoyable at all so I haven’t done any kind of research with it. Assumed it was plain random with a moderately better chance of getting the breed you pollinated with.

  16. Woah, you can change your gender in the Settings menu now! Did anyone notice which version this was added in? Just noticed today.

    1. Any idea if this affects the clothing offerings? I would love the skirtall I see a lot of female characters wearing, not sure if it’s a starter outfit or a rare show-up.

      1. Nah, never has in AC, the dresses/skirts still show up for male characters and can be worn. Gender’s rarely mattered for anything, even in ACNL all that gender affected when buying clothes is the dialog at the shop you’ll get.

        1. Guess I am just not lucky then. I never played NL, started with original on GameCube and still occasionally play Wild World on my old silver 1st gen DS. No 2/3DS and cant justify paying for a new handheld for one game I’ll likely not play after a while. Still get plenty of enjoyment on the original, assuming my GBA keeps working so I can get to the island!

          1. Oh yeah, the island was a blast. Think I might have still played the original more than any other single game in the series

          2. I hope they add Teddy, he was one of my first town animals and one of my favorites. I recall the day he moved out (before I knew how to deal with managing moving animals) and was all boo-hooey in RL and felt like a dork when having to explain why…I chopped down all the trees in the village in mourning too. Haha.

          3. Seems likely they’ll add everyone eventually, a few at a time to keep interest regular (though, just judging from traffic on the guide, interest certainly dropped). I’m glad with the changes they’ve made mostly though.

            And I totally know how you feel, animals moving out really sucks and I’m glad it’s fairly easy to avoid these days (just talk to them a lot and they’ll eventually ask if they should say).

          4. I loved Pekoe in CF so much when she moved out I named one of my cats after her! I would go to the city just to see if she was wandering around!!!

          5. Aw she looks like a cutie! I kind of miss Gaston too, he was one of my starter villagers in my very first town. Am very glad they made the snooty villagers “nicer” in this, I was very unhappy to see Bitty as a part of this game haha. I still have rude signs all around her house in the original game because she just won’t leave!

          6. My husband used to dig holes around Eloise so she couldn’t move around! He cringed when he saw her in this game!

          7. Ahahaha! What a lovely idea! Of course, it was always fun to push them into pitfalls too.

          8. Or smack them in the head with a shovel. I love them all too much to do it! I did used to shove the mayor across the screen into the path! LOL

          9. Most of them I wouldn’t bother but there’s some.. .Mallary is another one that got whacked a bunch.

          10. I don’t remember Mallory! But that is so entirely funny!!!!

          11. Mallary is a snooty duck. Same personality as Bitty and Eloise.

  17. Great guide, thanks. I have a question. I want to focus on farming cotton. Does it make sense to move all animals who prefer cotton (Tex, Bud, Maggie, Rex, etc..) to my campsite? Or is it better to leave them in the recreational area cycle? I am level 43.

    1. After the latest update, it’s best to move your 3-5 highest level Cotton animals to the campsite since they give large (up to 40 at level 15+) gifts of their preferred material, plus other stuff. Also might want to spend all your My Nintendo coins on Cotton, it’s in very short supply early game but mostly stops being an issue eventually.

      1. you’re bloody right! I just got 46 of a single material from one of them (and 3 ess). I’m still having issues with cotton at level 54 myself, lol. I’m just glad the new rustic hammock doesn’t take cotton.

        1. I finally managed to run out of steel myself (I had to make like 5 Requested Items that need 150 each and I have a few to go). I got the rustic hammock but it’ll be a long time before I get the tier 3 at this rate

          1. I am down to 531 steel. Crazy how when I started complaining about steel, all the sudden animals who give wood came around! I ended up getting over 500 wood. I think I will start complaining about cotton now! LOL

  18. Cannot make sense of the cross pollination. Dunno why some show up saying “rare”. Maybe they’re just rare out of that combo of flowers? Idk. I’m doing tulips at the moment. White tulips seem surprisingly rare though they don’t seem to be marked as such. The hardest aside from that was purple (don’t have blue yet). It was xpol of Black and Pink. I think it worked both ways, I can’t quite recall. Orange doesn’t seem to yield much with White.

    1. Also, as a gift at camp, Raddle keeps giving me Cool Essence even though he’s a Natural villager. I’m sure I’ve noticed it with others, just brushed it off.

      Also, based on that one loading screen image with the 2 not-currently-available villagers, it looks like we could get a new kind of tent and thus maybe villager-type?

      Also also, with the recent changes to camp villager interactions and gifts (outside ones seem unchanged), 500 bells is the new normal amount, while 2,500 bells is the special gift amount now. Also, with my highest level villager at camp (17), I got 4 essence, and about 26 materials as a gift.

      1. Haven’t seen the new loading screen yet, that’s interesting. It’ll be nice to see more since there’s basically only like, 4 different types of dialog (lazy/sporty male, cute/not cute female).

        And yeah the camp villager payouts are vastly higher, I’ve gotten as high as 38 of the Preferred material, 4 Essence (which has always matched the villager as far as I’ve seen, but I’ll keep an eye out), and around 5 of up to two non-preferred material. Friendship point gains are also 5-6 now instead of 1-2

        Only downside is not all your villagers can be talked to each go, but it makes it so much less annoying to visit your camp to be sure to talk to everyone.

    2. Cross Pollination seems either completely random or very, very obscure with an extremely strong dose of randomness as well. It’s definitely not anything like the main game’s effects. I haven’t messed with it too much yet though.

  19. Hi, I’ve linked to my nintendo account, spent my 810 points and it says itrmd have bern automatically sent to my giftbox. I assume this is tge mailbox but noghing is there. Does it take a while for tgr items to appear? Thank you

    1. They should appear instantly, are you sure you didn’t tap the “get all items” button without noticing? I’d check your inventory. Also make sure you’re currently logged in to My Nintendo, after more than 15 minutes of the game being open it logs me out and if I tap the “log in” button on the mynintendo tab it restarts the game

      1. Glad you found it! The events are oddly “quiet” in game, I guess they just expect you to see the timed goals/check the notification loud speaker/the “special” tab on the Craft menu (but it’s ALWAYS “special”…)

    1. You don’t, since they’re never requested by animals. At least for now. For some reason wallpapers are treated as super luxury items in ACPC (insanely expensive + sparkle stones).

      1. Sorry that I ask here, but if you go to your catalogue which includes clothes and furniture, there is an Option called extra items, if you Click on that you choose the holiday event catalogue after that, you will See a Santa boot that is not avaliable in the crafting menu. Any Clue about How to unlock it?

          1. Yes I know that. I meant something different. I‘m from Germany so I might have written something the wrong way. What I wanted to tell you is, that if you choose the catalogue (i mean the catalogue where you can see all your items you ever produced and bought, it is on the menu where you can also maintain your bazar and your myNintendo Account) and then extra and then the holiday collection, you will see all christmas items and clothes which can be collected and produced. And there is also a xmas stocking or boot with sweets in it, which i cant find in my crafting menu. This item is also no clothing, it is xmas item number 12, so do you know how this can be unlocked?

          2. Oh! I never saw that before, you’re right, that’s a furniture item that’s not crafted. I’m guessing it’s an event item that’s distributed in a way that’s not currently known. It’ll probably show up later in December I’m guessing. I’ve crafted every last item and still don’t have it, so I don’t think it’s possible to get yet.

          3. Ok, yeah that could be the case with this mysterious item xD I also had the idea that there could be a connection between the naughty or nice day and this item, because in germany the children lay out there stockings on this day and if they were nice they will find sweets in it. But I also heard that this is a tradition in America for the evening of 23th December so maybe we get those stockings on the morning of 24th december.

          4. Naughty or Nice day seems unrelated, animals mentioned it’s that day, then nothing else happens from what I heard. It might be closer to actual christmas day though, yeah.

  20. After receiving rewards, I get the message
    “You can’t hold any more of that type of material right now.”
    Should I stop playing until I can craft furniture to use up materials (are my rewards being wasted since I can’t hold them)?

    1. I’d just sell a few. What’s your level?
      But yeah, they’re wasted, so either sell them or craft the most expensive stuff you can for that material.
      No sense in stopping playing, you’ll slow yourself down in other ways.

  21. What does it mean when a friend on your friends list has an exclamation point on it? Thank you

    1. It just means they are new – a newly added friend. The exclamation point doesn’t seem to go away until you tap on them to look at their profile, not sure why.

  22. Hi, quick question, how many furniture items can we have in camp? I just tried to add a table and it said there’s not enough room. I’ve got 34 items spread across both areas.

    1. Not 100% sure, pretty sure it’s independant of the Camper’s furniture. I’d have to test to see if it’s absolute count of objects, or the number of spaces your objects use up.

      1. Looks like I’m stopped at 40, carpet inclusive, camp-wise. I bought a lot of pillows…

  23. Oh, by the way, there is a way to get free gold randomly, if you shake the trees randomly, you can get coins from it. Just like in the AC games. 😀

    1. I just thought, I would share this, because, many of my friends had no idea this was included!

      I hope this helps out in anyway 😀

      1. OH I forgot to mention, it is just the ones that have no fruit growing on them. It can happen from any site that has tree’s…which i am pretty sure is all of them, minus the OK Motors, Your Campsite and the Quarry.

        SORRY for the multiple posts.

        I keep forgetting to add things.

  24. omg, now that I have a decent stock of all bugs/fish it seems like villagers are all asking for fruit now!!! I just had 2 visiting villagers request fruit for all 3 of their requests and the other 2 requested it on 3 out of their total of 6 requests. not to mention 2 of the fruit requests were for 9 total fruits each. I am dying for fruit, smh. this comes after struggling to get tiger butterflies and everyone seeming to request them.

    complaining aside: in shovelstrike quarry using the friends option (idk if it makes a difference, probably not) – I didn’t know it was possible, but I actually got 11 cute essence (and something like 550 bells) from the one trip. I think I found 2 silver and 3 gold nuggets on it?

    also I finally got my first random-request sparkle stone yesterday at level 45. idk if this friendly-boosting event has buffed the chances or what, cause I’ve now received 3 or 4 in total from random requests since then.

    super glad to see new animals being added tho, my favourite villager is Stinky. because we 100% need more sporty cats in this game, lol

    1. also, Raddle’s Requested items: Office Cabinet, Operating-Room Cart, Modern Office Chair, EKG Machine, Exam Table.
      His stuff requires a whole lotta steel, which worked out well for me as it was the one resource I had in decent abundance apart from paper. Think I calculated about 300 Steel for all of his stuff.

      1. Yeah, steel I always have excess of–wood too but slightly less so. I think more things use wood. Wool is SUPER under-represented early on. But once you’re done inviting the first 40 villagers you don’t really want for much other than sparkle stones, essences and paper I guess.

        And thanks! I guess I forgot to add his list. I already got all 4 new villagers invited. I had to burn some Calling Cards, but I figure it’s worth it since you get them back if you meet the new timed goals they came with.

    2. On the plus side, fruit is one of the easier things to find in Market Box…but I wish searching Market Box wasn’t such a huge pain. This game desperately needs filters. Filter Market Boxes that have the item I want, filter uncrafted furniture only, etc.

      Huh, I’ll bump up that range then. I’ve never even gotten 10 exactly, I’m not sure how it’s calculated. I thought 5 gold would give the most essence, but I got 9 with 4 once.

      Really? I’ve still NEVER got a sparkle stone. Was it a “bonus” or listed on the rewards? Did you get a screenshot?

      1. Sparkle stone: It’s not bonus, it’s a single item by itself, much like how you receive them at level 9 animal friendship, though I have no idea if other bonuses might come into play (e.g. candy canes). No screenshots at this point but I’ll try and remember for the future.

        Agreed regarding the market box – I guess it’s meant to increase incentive to visit people’s camps, but it doesn’t make much of a difference to me in that regard lol.

        More filters would be great. Shirts are very numerous and I keep buying duplicates by accident lol. Also sort-by options – really all I wanna do is reverse the time sorting of my friends list for a bit so I can cull it of people who have been offline for ages easier. It’s also be kinda nice if I could select multiple friends to ask for help at shovelstrike, but oh well.

        1. The thing with the shirts is there’s a “tee” and a “shirt” for many, that caught me off guard. I’m almost done with clothes.

  25. Thanks for making this guide! Super helpful, wish I had found it when I first started playing a few days ago. Added some character requirements below since I’m in the middle of unlocking them:

    Agnes (Level 7): Sleek Chair, Lovely Chair (pink version), Lovely Armoire, Lovely Table, Sleek Sofa,

    Phoebe: Tiki Torch, Beacon Fire, Campfire Cookware, Natural Fence, Natural Bench

    Punchy (Level 5): Blue Bookcase, Bromeliaceae, Blue Cabinet, Blue Table, Blue Bench

    Chrissy (Level 5): Polka-dot Lamp, Polka-dot Dresser, Cup of Tea, Polka-dot Low Table, Cream Sofa

    Antonio (Level 5): CD Shelf, Refrigerator, Blue Chair, Blue Table, Sink

  26. gameplay > cooldown timers / resets > invisible resets

    Hello, when you say red text refreshes in about an hour, is that for hosted villagers or all villagers? Sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks for all your work!

    1. It says “campsite hosted villagers”. Nothing resets for the “visiting” villagers until the 3 hour timer changes again

  27. Can you explain the craft material bonus. After completing an animal request I’ll be given for instance 3 cotton and the total will be 87, they’ll also give me a 2 or 3 cotton bonus, but the total will still be 87.
    This happens with all materials on every bonus. The quantity doesn’t change!
    I don’t understand it.

    1. The total is your actual total, not a running total. I’m not really sure why they display it multiple times. The bonus is just that, a bonus that you randomly get that isn’t listed as a reward initially. It can be 3 extra of the animal’s Preferred Material. You usually get it when you get a “skit” after completing the request (which is random, but more likely to occur on your third request)

        1. I mean that’s the *final* total. Don’t worry, you’re still getting the extra material. It’s just displaying the final total even though it hasn’t finished showing you all the material that causes it to add up to that.

  28. Basic Lovely Chair

    So I never crafted it and now that I’ve finally met Bitty it’s saying that I can craft the newer lovely version of it…but it needs the basic version first and as I said, I never crafted it. How do I go about doing so??

    1. One of the other animals will come with it, not sure which. Don’t know why the game lets animals come “out of order” like that

        1. if I recall correctly, the “basic” lovely chair is available off the bat? it’s been a while, but I’m fairly sure you start with it being available. Just check your crafting menu for a different coloured version of the chair just to be sure, if you haven’t already. It only takes 1 min to complete the craft of the basic one.

          1. I think it might be. @aarin do note that the “basic” lovely chair is not actually called “basic lovely chair”. For whatever reason they are ALL called “lovely chair” and only the cost/look is different.

  29. In your list of the villagers, you say that there are 4 animals that have paper as a favorite material, however you only list three: Apollo, Charlise, and Stella. You also say that there are 13 animals that have wood as a favorite material, but you list 14 animals with their preferred material as wood. Which one is correct?

      1. are u sure? im pretty sure kid cat and the entrire “cat” villagers all prefers the same material, which is wood. and there are only 3 villagers that prefers paper which are apollo, stella, and charlise.

        1. animal crossing preferred crafting materials





          -kid cat














































        2. Huh, just got him again and yeah, he gives wood. I guess paper is slightly even more rare than I thought. Updated the text

  30. The marketplace section has conflicting times. One has resets at 12, and one is at 1. I believe 1 is correct.

      1. Yeah, 1 and 7 EST is what I have. Also, the camper paints only change per day, not with the market changes.

  31. Just a little info that may be useful. I’m at level 41 and I just find out this:

    If you want to do the special requests asked by the animals when they reach certain levels, it seems that they will only start asking if they are in your campsite, and in order of their contact list.

    So first I keep rosie and goldie in my campsite because I like them and once they hit the lvl 10 friendship level they asked me to make the special request items. I kicked filbert and jay (which is next in line in the contact list) out of my campsite, and then I realise even though each of them already hit lvl 12 friendship level they never asked me the special request. Other animals (beau, maggie, bunnie, lily, etc.) that already reach the level needed for them to ask for the special request also didn’t ask for it even though they are in my campsite.

    So i tried to invite filbert and jay back to my campsite to test and immediately when I try to talk to them, they ask for the special request item. That’s when I found out that they need to go in order of their contact list, and they need to be in the campsite for it to happen.

    Hope it helps!

    1. Oh, yeah, I noticed you have to talk to them at the campsite. I guess I forgot since my animals almost only ever hit 15 at my camp (because I use the camp trying to get them to increments of 10/15). I’ll note that in that section, thanks!

  32. Sorry if this is a “duh” question but I just wanted clarification. Do Villagers give double rewards at level 10+ only when they are hosted at your camp, or anywhere?

    1. Anywhere; both Request rewards and the “gifts” they give at the camp will give double materials (but annoyingly not Bells)

  33. Maybe this is a “duh” question but I just wanted clarification. Do Villagers give double the rewards at level 10+ only when you’re hosting them at your camp, or anywhere once they are level 10?

    1. I definitely recommend first crafting the items giving you a rebate on candy canes! xD

  34. I changed the time to Beijing time, after finishing the requests. No Resetti… Reset cycles untouched. Changed it back to automatic time, hitting midnight, and I received the daily login prize. Hope that answers your fears!

      1. I had to remove my friend code from the guide, I have too many friends and removing them is a very painfully slow process. If they raise the limit over 100 I’ll start doing them

    1. Weird, so it glitched the login (but only in a positive way) but the resets are totally unaffected? (I figured they would be, they seem to be server only. I guess there’s no need to punish if you largely ignore client side time). Thanks, I’ll edit that it!

      1. Well, the login bonus wasn’t a glitch, I just happened to reach midnight when I reset back. Glad to be of service!

  35. I am on level 13 and I keep inviting animals to my camp but now that I have 10 it automatically sends them home and it says there isn’t enough room for them. Is there a way of expanding the camp so you can host all the animals?

    1. No, you have to switch them with the cat icon. I mention that it a couple places but I’m not sure where to shove it in the headings so it’s easy to find, it’s a common question. I was confused myself

  36. With regards to fruit:

    A useful strategy is to shake all of your fruit down even if you don’t currently need it for a request.
    The trees will immediately start their reset and the game will save the fruit on the ground; effectively doubling the amount of fruit available. This works on fruit trees and palm trees.
    If you don’t pick up fallen fruit and you attempt to shake fruit from the tree it won’t drop (where in other version of AC Irving would either disappear into flowers or fall in between fruit on the ground).

    1. No it’s not…that’s the market box listing price, which is by default 10x the base price. But no one will buy them because…there is no reason to.

  37. “Speeding up Crafting: one ticket per 10 minutes of crafting time.”

    This is completely false. I’m making a chart right now regarding how leaf tickets are spent for crafting. Here is the data I’ve collected so far:
    Less than one hour: 4 tickets
    Between one and two hours: 15 tickets
    Between two and six hours: 30 tickets

    As you can see, we are far from a proportional system.

    1. To skip my 48 hour one it’d be 190 leaf tickets…15 minutes each instead of 10. Not really a big difference. Still a massive waste either way.

    2. Huh, it doesn’t…actually reduce as the timers go down like I thought it did. That’s…interesting yet possibly even more gross than I thought. Doesnt’ really change my core point of “never do this it’s a massive waste of money” though

  38. How to i complete the “craft the lovely pink remake of a lovely chair” ?

    1. When you reach a certain level (i forgot which level) the lovely pink chair will automatically appear in your list of craft-able items and you can make it by combining the basic lovely chair and some materials and money

    2. Oh crap, can’t believe I missed this. If you still don’t have it, as Nathania said whenever you unlock Bitty you’ll get a variation of the Lovely Chair to make. It requires the normal lovely chair as an option.

      It’s confusing because the Lovely set is currently the only one that works this way, and there’s no “basic” or “lovely pink” in the crafting menu, they’re all called the samer thing.

  39. Okay I know the special furniture seems kind of dumb and pricy but K.K. Slider’s chair is a good buy. He sits in your camp and plays the guitar for eternity. Cool dude.

  40. How do you see how many fertilizer, nets, or honey you have? I haven’t found it yet on any of the tabs.

  41. Actually rare fish/bugs are good to keep for (rare) requests by villagers that give you a lot more bells. I know data only for Black Bass & Horned Dynastid yet, but maybe that’s because I’m at level 21? I got 1,000 bells each (which is also the max selling price in the marketplace so it kinda makes sense now.
    Let me know if this was useful

    1. Rare bugs are, “super rare” are not, as I specify. “Super rare” are literally never requested, their only purpose is to sell ingame for bells. I’ll try and make the guide more clear about that.

    2. I’m at lvl 41 and they never ask for anything except: black bass, horned dynastid, and red snapper. Rest assured. Just sell them they only fill your inventory.

  42. I’ve noticed that there are side roads/paths that you aren’t allowed to go on. It will ask u if u want to go to ur map and won’t let you travel down them. Is there a way to “unlock” these roads? There is also a dock that you can’t walk on in the camp ground where u catch the bugs. So weird.

    1. They’re not secrets or anything, they’re just links to the map. They’re technically the roads you drive in on (you just don’t actually ever see your camper driving). No difference between using them or just opening the map directly.

    1. There’s two kinds now, “flooring” which can only be put in the Camper, and Carpets, which can be put in the camper or camp site. They’re both in the crafting menu, almost all furniture is.

      1. I can’t craft any floor as such, only buy rugs and it won’t let me put two down

        1. Oh, yeah, you can only put down one carpet or something per area I think.
          The floors might unlock later or they’re just expensive, you don’t want to worry about them for a while anyway since they cost 10k bells

  43. Before anyone asks, yep, everyone’s getting communication errors; it’s the server not you. I’m still getting them and have got them for the last 4 hours, but they’ll probably clear up in a few hours to days. The game wasn’t unstable or slow like this during the “beta”, so it’ll be fine once their servers are in order.

    …speaking of servers, mine is handling the traffic just dandy! Thanks to my Patrons for allowing me to switch to a new better server.

    1. I did the update and I lost everything it’s there a way to get everything back please helpg

      1. It…shouldn’t have. Did you connect to a Nintendo Account? IF not, hard to say if you can get your save back, you’d have to talk to their support. There’s a link in the Misc. tab of the More menu

    2. Hi! Just wanted to know if you knew where to buy carpet from and how to put it down ?

    1. It’s in the “menu” tab that’s in the top right at all times, above the Isabelle icon. It’ll have a notification if there’s anything in it, and you tap the mailbox icon when it has a red dot to get stuff out of it.

        1. Oh, that’s some sort of minigame on their site I guess. The main game isn’t anything like that. Never played that browser game.

          1. Ah, hadn’t checked that out. But yeah, this is about the full deal. Should be released worldwide within a couple weeks…was supposed to launch in November anyway.

  44. Another observation: villagers at my campsite don’t reset their “Red Text” chat option on the hour. Not sure about requests. I can say that cosmetic time of day reloads (where the app automatically pulls up a loading screen) do seem to happen on the hour though. And a further note to the time of day in relation to timezones; animal chats and the environment’s appearance etc are in line with local time. I appear to be in Autumn though, going by my orange fruit trees.

    1. I’m not sure the exact condition for the red text, but it’s *very* close to being on-the-hour. Certain things seem to prevent it from refreshing like talking to them very close to the next hour, or changing them out. I thought it might be a full hour from last talking to them, but it doesn’t seem to be quite that either.

      The time of day thing was meant to be local time, but I guess I could make that clearer. Yeah the game is only Autumn right now, come to think of it I’m not sure if AC ever respected southern hemisphere times.

      1. I guess it’s a bit different to tell, paying attention to the actual part of the world one is in instead of just the timezone. I’ve only played ACNL aside from this but I don’t recall it asking for that detail, and I’m not sure it would bother to look for the information elsewise. Maybe they’ll look at using location services at some point?

        Good info on the text times, I’ll try and keep my eyes peeled with that extra stuff in mind.

        1. It’d certainly be baked into the version of the software, European releases can have differences from the US version etc. But Australia usually just gets EU versions so I doubt it’s a thing.

          1. Just realised you might not know if you only have Nook’s chair: Nook and KK won’t sit at your campsite at the same time. They swap out for each other. You can sit on their chairs when they’re not in them but I haven’t seen the villagers do the same.

            Also, it’s been more than 5 minutes since my time ticked over the hour. My campsite dudes still haven’t refreshed their Red Text. I had only talked to them around 6min prior to the reset, and had used their Red Text option and fulfilled their requests over 30 minutes prior. They did move positions in my campsite around when the hour ticked over though.

          2. check-in at quarter past, still no redtext, they have moved around again though. note the 3-hourly reset for the non-campsite villagers happened on the hour just gone.

          3. It’s definitely unrelated to the 3 hour timer, and is definitely 1 hour as I’ve gotten about 3 within a primary reset cycle

          4. I know what you mean yeah, it’s just reset the text convos for me now, but not requests so far. it seems like it might be based off of when you last “consumed” the option, cause I spoke to my guys around this time last hour.

  45. Just wondering what exact timezone you’ve posted the resets in by the way? Mine resets days at 4pm.

    Also, a random thing I noticed at my new day today: I didn’t get my final reward from the “special” login rewards like I should have – or any reward from it. I did get one from the normal login rewards. I think this might have to do with them changing the end date – it used to be in 2020, now I notice it appears to be 2050.

    1. Oh, also – I’ve been trying to stockpile some fruits and shells in my invent more than the other items as they seem to respawn the slowest. With the fruits being on a 3hr timer you’re obviously not able to get more than the trees allow you to in one reset period without using fertiliser, and in my experience shells seem to take a godawful amount of time to respawn, where fish and bugs don’t seem to be as bad.

      One other tidbit you could add in is that honey and nets get around waiting for respawns of their respective items.

      1. Stockpiling shells is a pretty poor idea IMO. They’re very rarely requested, only ever requested as a single item (instead of up to 3 different items), and they respawn rather quickly. They do spawn a bit slower than fish, but you need one shell for about every 10-20 fish. I find myself pretty constantly selling shells back to the game for the mere 10 bells.

        I mention honey/nets in the leaf section, they’re basically useless info as far as the guide is concerned IMO though, you get a very small very limited amount of them and they’re very, very poor payouts considering how premium they are. A single run around a recreation area will give you more bugs/fish than honey/nets will.

        1. Sorry to start 2 thread-things lol.

          Definitely agree with your point on the nets/honey, but you do get some for free.

          I do find the same trend regarding shell requests vs others so I don’t stockpile heaps, but I try to hang onto around 3-6 of each because when I do get requests for shells (same with fruits) they tend to all be at the same time in my experience.

          1. Yeah, I just added a recommended amount to hoard for each Collected Item. 3-5 is usually plenty for shells and Rares, the rest I like to get 10+ of if I can (and I usually can’t hold on to that many for long)

    2. Reaaaaally? That’s weird as heck. I’m in UTC-6. I did notice the awful terrible garbage that is DST moved back the times by 1 hour but I figured that was an oddity that likely won’t be present when everyone is using the game in their own region instead of Australia.

      Are you sure you didn’t? Go to the Camper shop and check your special paint jobs, it should be in the Owned Paintjobs category. It doesn’t apply to the camper automatically.

      1. I am UTC+10 with no DST, praise the powers that be. Due to great timezone splits and DST, assuming all the resets are at the same time globally, Australia reset times would be:
        QLD – 4PM
        NSW/VIC/TAS – 5PM (4PM without DST)
        NT – 3:30PM
        SA – 4:30PM – (3:30PM without DST)
        WA – 2PM
        note that due to southern hemisphere and all that jazz, our DST (where it applies) is active October through April instead of the other way around.

        Also, yes, super sure. I did check the special paintjobs straight after, just in case I had missed the login reward pop up. My day has just reset again and I actually still haven’t got the reward. like yesterday, I can see it’s still sorta sitting there in my currently-progressing login rewards when I visit More > Misc > View Login Bonus, along with the non-event bonus (which has progressed today and did yesterday). It is weird, I might have to put in a ticket or something. I’ve tried restarting the app to no avail, I’ve got a few more ideas to try. I’ll get back with the info probably.

        1. Those reset times are…not what I expected. When I got 1 AM when the game started I thought “oh that makes sense”. Seems they’re just random or maybe based off US time for some reason? I would have expected either Australia or Japan’s midnight to line up with the daily reset.

          Weird, sounds like a bug then, never had it happen or heard of a workaround so I’d try to get dev support.

          1. Hey, looks like the devs picked up on the login bonus issue. They released an announcement about it. Just got my paint job now, plus a bonus 10 leaf tickets courtesy of the devs for the issue. Pretty nice of them!

  46. I receive 10 bells from a few random friends each day, and I have no idea why. Plus 100 bells from friends I believe I’ve lent a hand for the quarry. Or maybe they lent me a hand. Sometimes I get duplicates of the 100 bell. Maybe that’s when we helped each other. Kudos don’t seem to coincide with these.
    It also seems to limit your help at the quarry to 11 friends, but I only have 28 on my list thst I ask…

    Thanks for your awesome guide. It really helped me figure out who to have in my camp when I unveiled a new amenity. This is a very addictive game but I’m at level 44 so I guess it’s almost beaten.

    1. I think the bells are for helping out, I got them a lot early on but for a long time I havent’ seen any quarry things in the friends list and I haven’t gotten “gifts”. There’s no way to manually send gifts so I’m pretty sure that’s it.

      And no, the help at the quarry doesn’t seem to have a cap, but it doesn’t matter if it goes over 5. You’re either let in or you’re not. Getting harder to get into the quarry, less and less people seem to be active at least in my friends list (and traffic to the guide is dropping too).

      Happy to help! And yeah, the game slows down a lot past 40. At 46 myself.

      1. So far the exotic bugs & fish have never been asked for by the villagers, so you may as well sell the koi, miyami stag, blowfish, football fish, tuna, emperor butterfly, and jeweled beetles if you need the cash to upgrade your camper. I just expanded the upstairs to 5 x 6 & now owe 200,000 bells. I’ll pay that off 1,000 at a time since that’s as large as it goes. Nice room for maneuvering! I found you at the beach after I posted. I love your camp.

        Also, I think my game is haunted. I’ll try to visit one of my friends and then wind up in Leaf’s camp. She not only deletes the friend who I was trying to reach, but her camp is devoid of contacts, inventory & amenities. I thought I’d blocked her, but I just lost Kevin & Mei to her! Spooky!

        1. Yeah, the “super rare” ones seem to be for money only. I just sell ’em.

          200k is what I expected but still annoying. I think the upstairs at 5×8 will be the last upgrade. I kinda hope so anyway because augh.

          Thanks! Been meaning to redo the camp, It’s alright but I’m much more proud of the camper’s first floor. Waiting for a bit more space for the upstairs. The final (?) downstairs upgrade is really spacious!

          Creepy, I have Leaf too. I wondered why they never have anything.

          1. Okay I’ve looked everywhere can not find how you guys are selling the extra rare stuff ingame ? Driving me nuts it’s building up in my storage and I definitely don’t want to fill up my market box with them. Any advice would be appreciated 😁 I have spooky leaf too 😅 Maybe everyone does lol

          2. Ignore that lol 😂 just found it, can’t believe I’ve listed hundreds of items but didn’t even notice that sell bag next to the list box 😅 Definitely a blonde haha

  47. Hi TapTap, love the guide. Never heard of you before Pocket Camp but all of the info here has been on point and updated quickly. Just wanted to add – I noticed today that if you replace a villager on your campsite with one that is already present on another part of the map, they disappear from there (as expected) but they are not replaced until the end of that 3 hour cycle, and any quests they had are lost (they have no available quests on the campsite) I read through your guide and did not see that there, so I thought I’d suggest the addition. Thanks!

    As for the tier 3 amenities – I have one now, and I’m so lucky I’ve been focusing on essence on Shovelstrike from the start.

    1. Ah yeah I just found that out yesterday though it behaves pretty much as I’d assume, I’ll mention that along with how rotating villagers works in the Locations section I think. Wasn’t sure exactly where to put certain bits of info like that.

      I should be able to just barely make 2 if I skip maxing the other two tier 2 amenities. At least people reading the guide from the worldwide launch will know from the start. turns out essences are INSANELY expensive to fill in for with leaf tickets too (20 each! clearly to get you to play shovelstrike instead)

      1. Yeah, once it was done I realized that it should have been obvious, but it was definitely something I hadn’t imagined beforehand.

        I haven’t run into the essence replacement issue yet, but it’s good to know it’s that much (as if with this knowledge I was going to Shovelstrike for anything else, anyway…) It was definitely helpful to juggle the villagers in my campsite a bit while upgrading levels 2, 3 and 4 of the tier 2s, to make sure I was getting the correct essences for the tier 3 I wanted, although I haven’t done the math to see how that will affect me when I go to make the next one in a couple days. Painfully, I expect.

        It’s good to see that with hard work and dedication (along with a couple well timed on-call disasters at 6 AM two days in a row; I’m awake anyway so why not do a couple rounds of quests?) this game can be progressed at a fast pace without spending any money on tickets.

        1. It definitely gets very slow, but at least it lets you get to “endgame” before really hitting that grind, so you have most everything open to you. A level 15 cap and all villagers is pretty easily doable for instance. Doing all Special Requests + tier 3 amenities is another thing, but a lot less necessary fortunately. And level ups get slow but they stop being important after 35

  48. Woof, just got to the point where I could just about start making the tier 3 Amenities and they’re NUTS. Upgrading the Tier 2 tents to level 5 will run me completely out of each Essence. IMO Shovelstrike should probably exclusively be done for Essences until you’re “done” with amenities. Fortunately the level 15 cap doesn’t seem to be half the problem the lower caps were.

    Gonna start working on a mini-walkthrough now since I feel I’m basically in the “late game”.

    1. Yes that’s why I have started to get essences from the Shovel Quarry. The Tier 2 has 5 levels, Tier 3 has 5 levels as well and I have no idea why bc you get the max 20 level at level 1 of Tier 3. I’m working on the cool and the fire amenity. Haven’t been able to upgrade any of my amenities to Tier 3 yet bc of a lack of amenities *sobs*

      1. I’m right behind you, getting the last level 5s of Tier 2. I can make the treehouse and almost the Pool if I forsake the max level Picnic set. I guess I might as well, 2 is better than one after all. It’ll be a long time before I can make the Rock Stage or Merry-go-Round though. Then again, I have 72×2 hours to wait anyway…ugh.

    1. Dang those Essence costs are gonna be a real drag…fortunately you only really need a level of one each for the cap.

      Woah you’ve got a lot of Steel! I’m still running out of crafting materials almost as fast as I can earn them. Almost done recruiting people to my camp site, just 10 left.

      1. I haven’t invited any animals since Ive been busy building the amenities, bc they take a lot of ingredients (wood and esp essences) and time (the 3rd costs about 3 days) so I’m planning to finish those up first before I pay attention to inviting them. I’m slacking off lately though, it’s getting pretty repetitive and OK motors is so expensive!! I hope 150000 is the last upgrade but I’m afraid not. Looking forward to the next update of the game though, I read there will be a gardening update and I’m already hooked

        1. You should be able to invite animals pretty much without interrupting Amenities at all. Especially with how much you have stocked up; very few items they want require Essences which are all you’d actually be concerned with stockpiling. You can craft up to 3 furniture while the Amenities are building, the slots are separate.

          1. I’m on phone and I always have to scroll down a lot to reply to you hahaha. Anyways, I was referring to the required amount of essences and wools. My wools is running out and I only have like 30 left :[ I haven’t even spend it on trying to invite animals in, only amenities. I’m also trying to hoard more wool by talking to other animals but it sure doesn’t give you a lot, unless you play all day and yeah.. I am not that free unfortunately. Wish I could give you the steel though. But you can’t sell it on marketplace

          2. There’s a link to the comments in the first couple paragraphs, you can tap it to get down here faster. But yeah the disqus reply emails are iffy on mobile.

            Wool’s annoying, you can “farm” it if you use Calling Card + request on a level 10+ Villager that has it listed as Preferred Material. I spent almost all my My Nintendo points on Wool too. You can just go through the Crafting thing and make one of everything that doesn’t need Essence/Sparkle Stones/Wool though, that’s basically what I did since going through everyone’s requested items in the contacts menu is such a pain.

            And I’m sure you can’t sell crafting materials/furniture directly for a reason >> they want it to be *work*. Oh well.

          3. LOL yeah. It’s a pain you have to click on each person to check what items they are selling, especially when they only show 4 items Max and not the other items. Wish they will improve it in a future update

            Ohh the calling card is a nice one, I’ll try it later, thanks for the hint ^^

            I’m not sure what to do since I got the game through APK though.. if it will be all resetted after the next update but we’ll see lmao

            Yeah the whole app is working hard and slaving us around as beasts by making us pay the loan (and I hate that fruit is only worth like 10 instead of the usual 100 bells yuck), but I love all the stuff you can do in Animal Crossing like fishing and catching bugs (even though they didn’t add the collecting part of the museum *sobs*). As a hyped fan of Animal Crossing I’m maybe expecting too much from the mobile version but I’m still looking forward to the next updates tbh. We’ll see what AC has in store for us.

            Btw I already added you on the app hehe. My ign is Ngokuri c:

          4. Yeah they need to just mark an icon for “needed” items in the crafting list IMO. That’s where I just started making everything that wasn’t already made (like 75% of the crafting catalog is required anyway). Faster and I’m a collector so I’ll want 100% of the items someday.

            Yeah the calling card + 2 request tickets can give a pretty nice boost. Just be sure to use on a level 10+ person since they give double the stuff. Not sure if level 15/20 have even more crafting materials, but level 10 is so much faster to get to.

            I’m not 100% sure what’ll happen to us APK users but I think we’ll be safe; I’ve used APKs before for AbyssRium and I got later versions as soon as they hit the app store. IAPs even work in this APK (the only issue I’ve ever had with APKs before is IAPS didn’t work). Can’t wait to switch my My Nintendo back to USA though.

            Ahh cool I’ll keep that in mind! I had to remove my friend code from the guide since there’s only 100 slots…friend features are my biggest complaint (other than 48 hour + timers). There’s so little you can do with friends, the list is so laggy and checking market boxes is impossible (you only get a preview of 4) and there’s no “sharing” which is a HUGE part of animal Crossing!

            In fact I’ve been thinking of writing up a “complaints” heading in the guide just on the off chance someone reads the guide for feedback. IDK what to expect from Nintendo though.

          5. Yes like a wishlist, like you said where you can put the items you are searching for, or just a button where you can type in the fish/bug you need and the people with that fish will pop up in a list. It will save us so much effort and time tbh.

            Omg I never knew, I have spent them mostly on lower levelled animals to level them up quicklier sigh. I’ll remind it, really thanks a lot for the tip <3

            I wish you could just talk to other people on the game and trade them in person bc that would be kinda cool? Now they just stand there doing nothing, it ruins the purpose of being able to play this with other friends. I also don't like how the rare furni (nook and that dog, can't rmb his name LMFAO) are just standing there doing nothing, I was hoping you could get out more of them.. but the dog and the butler were my favourite characters of the game and I wish they would add more buildings like the Roost Cafe and the Museum. Bc I don't see any other purpose to keep the rare fishes, you can't even place them in the camper which is a shame bc no one would ever buy those. And it's kind of annoying how the shops rotate each 6 hours, I rather have them all at the same place so I can check them out (plus I like to walk around LOL). The best part is that I don't have to pluck weed yet (maybe in the next update, let's hope I won't jinx myself lolol) and that you can see which level each animal is and the fact that you can choose the face characteristics of your character.

            Haha, if you need some complains, I got a few lot in mind 😉 Knowing Nintendo I'm afraid not, but we'll see. This is only a soft launch so yeah, it will get better after the seasonal events (Which I'm looking forward to the most)

            Btw, I'm just wondering one thing though. They mentioned birthdays on the animal description, so we'll probably be celebrating bdays at some point. Shame we didn't get to celebrate our own birthday, as we didn't get to fill them in at the introduction of the game. Oh well xD

          6. Yeah, I spent my early calling cards on that but once I hit level 10 I realized how much better it’d be to farm specific materials with them.

            Yeah the Special furniture sucks. I really wish you could place fish/bugs in the camper…collecting bugs/fish was one of my fav things in the main games.

            I do like the menu structure and being able to easily change your face/hair at a whim. Weird that “pixie haircuts” (hair from the other gender) aren’t in this game though, since it’s otherwise the freest to change your stuff in. Weeds definitely needed to die; I was actually drafting an article about what I hope mainline AC learns from this, Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Fest.

            Do the birthdays do anything? I noticed Butch’s birthday passed and I THINK he was in my game on that day but I didn’t notice anything. Has anyone seen what birthdays do?

          7. Idk, why would they mention birthdays if they don’t mean anything? Hmm.. plus the game is real time based so yeah. Big chance? 😮 I hope so, I always looked forward to their birthday celebrations ^^

            Hate that there’s a limit in the inventory, but at least it isn’t like 15 like in the original game. I have to sell off a bit each time it reaches my furni limit :c

            There will be a Christmas event soon ~ I’m super looking forward to it and I have a few thoughts.. Maybe they’ll release a few limited edition furniture for christmas (they better be good this time though >.>) Or maybe we have to build snowmans but that wouldn’t be super christmassy though.. I’m glad I never got the special furniture so I still have around 400 LT hehe ~ Can’t wait to spend it on something real good *o*

          8. Oh the main game’s inventory limit REALLY needs to die/get expanded. I like how this game works: furniture and clothes go straight to storage. Keep the limit for gathering stuff to keep a bit of gameplay/realism balance. Make tools separate since you always want to carry all tools, letting them take 1/3rd of your inventory sucks (I shuffle them into my mail as attachments, but that gets confusing too).

          9. LOL That’s why I always keep 10 mails in my inventory c: Speaking of mails, everytime when I had to send them, I either write my whole lifestory in it or just put crap in there when im too lazy to write lmao. I wonder if it’s ever read by someone else in the world LOL. How embarrassing.

            I’m so glad we had all the tools at the start, I was failing a lot at the bug part though. I was used to ‘getting closer and tap the tree, so I had to get used to the app when you just have to tap the bug. They made the difficulty a lot easier than I imagined.

            I really want Margie or Punchy in the game, they were my favourites TT

            Oh dang.. every time they open a delivery package, they just reply like, hey a delivery! When you used to get to see them actually open the gifts. They are so cold asf :c

          10. Punchy’s in the game (the Villager List is complete now). I think you get your last villager around 35.

            And yeah, there’s a bit less personality overall unfortunately. The skits they do sometimes are a nice touch though

  49. is there a way to switch out who’s staying at my campsite? i invited one too many villagers and they can’t all stay at a time but i don’t know how to change who’s there
    (i’m level 21)

    1. sorry nevermind i just noticed you’ve answered a similar question- thank you

  50. After buying the amenities, I ran out of cute essences really quick so I recommend to find some essences daily at the Shovel Quarry. I found 7-8 of them each time!

    1. I usually go for Bells (5,000~), good to know how many you get relatively though. I’ll keep an eye on how many Essences I need, hasn’t been a problem yet but I don’t have the tier 3 amenities.

  51. Carousel takes 72 hours to build (cute amenities) and it ups the level of villagers (Cute) to max 20 😉

  52. So I’m level 24 and I have quite a bit of furniture and I would love to be able to place a lot of it down but the campsite isn’t big at all. I know you can upgrade your camper but can you upgrade your campsite? I can’t stand it being so small.

    1. Nope, I’m fairly late game and there doesn’t seem to be any way to increase the size of the campsite at all for now. At least it’s easy to swap things around.

  53. Hi I’m hoping someone has found a solution to one frustration I’m having! Having loved the game immediately, I quickly went and obtained all the items for the first few animals to come through. Now having 15 animals available to visit my campsite, II’m still unable to find any way to swap out the initial ones. Is there any way to do this? Thought calling cards might help call them away/into the campsite but this doesn’t work. Really frustrating restriction if I will be stuck with the same animals at my campsite forever (and less enticing to buy the items of other animals). Am I missing something obvious??

    1. I was having this problem too. When you’re in your campsite theres a button on the side with an animal silhouette that opens a menu where you can send animals home and add new ones. 🙂

  54. A datamine of the game was created, tossed a link in the Addendum but for now I won’t be adding it into the guide. Let me know what you all think of that, but my logic is this is a *guide*, so if it doesn’t pertain to playing the game right now I don’t see a reason to include it beyond a link in the Addendum. There is some promising info in there though it’s also “spoilers” if you consider it so.

      1. Really hope there’s a gardening update, the flower breeding is one of my favorite things. My ACNL town is completely covered with flowers now (love the Beautiful Town ordinance as well, otherwise they’d all be dead)

  55. Extra crafting slots cost 80 leaf tickets, not 20. At least, the first one does – I haven’t bought it, so I don’t know if the second one costs less. Still, probably the best use of leaf tickets even at 80.

  56. Alfonso’s requested items are: Grass Standee, Pastel-Dot Rug, Kiddie Chair, Kiddie Dresser, Tree Standee

    Rex: 20+
    Theme: Natural
    Preferred Material: ??
    Level 15 Reward: Lunch Box
    Requested Items: Lantern, Backpack, Box-Shaped Seat, Cornstalks, Picnic Table

    1. Thanks! Got all those added. If their name is already on the list I got ’em in my game so I’ll be able to add most of their info, I just haven’t gotten around to all that nitty gritty yet.

  57. I just got a furniture request from Rosie(my first animal) once she hit level 10 in my campsite. Haven’t completed it yet so i don’t know what i’ll get from it cause it’s expensive to make but i’ve never had an animal request I build them furniture after they’re already in my campsite.

    1. Ohh okay its the level 10 item. I thought it was a reward not a request. Do you know if you get anything special for crafting it?

      1. It’s kind of both; you can’t craft that item until you reach that friendship level, then they’ll want you to make it. I’m unsure what the reward for finishing it as I too considered it too expensive. Was just about to start adding info about that since I just found it today myself.

        1. I crafted the harpsichord requested by character Goldie. It costed around 10,010 I think. Reward was 1,000 bells, 1 request card and 1 calling card, and +10 friendship points for that specific character. Don’t really think it’s worth it but each to their own…

          1. Hm, yeah I’ll definitely leave those requests for once everyone’s already moved in, thanks! I’ll add that in

    1. In the crafting menu, leveling up an Amenity is just like building it for the first place.

      You don’t level up furniture, though later on (I started unlocking them after level 30) a rare few (lovely set only?) furniture can be re-crafted into a different version. It works through a new crafting item that shows up in the list in the crafting menu

  58. That’s just purely for display, what amenity is displayed is cosmetic, the effect persists. I’ll add a note about that

  59. RN I/we can only build up to 2 amenities (unless it increases with level?), so only 2 types of villagers’ max friendship level can be reached. Do you know if the amount of amenities allowed will increase? Or do the effects of increasing the max friendship level of one type of villager stay even after that amenity is replaced? Worried about my decreasing materials. 🙁 I already accidentally ordered a 7 hr table twice.

    Both ongoing bonuses seem to really be daily as opposed to one being monthly, but the first seems to be until November ~4th while the other extends until 2020.

  60. Best I can tell, no one ever requests “ultra rare” fish/bugs, do they? Meaning there’s no reason not to sell the bugs/fish worth 1k+ Bells to the game?

    BTW just noticed if you see a Large shadow in Lost Lure Creek, it’s ALWAYS a rare fish! Added it to the collected items section.

  61. “everyone gets the same Villagers in the same order” is wrong, i play with a friend and some villageres he got earlyer then i and some villagers i got earlyer then him. i dont know if its about wich theme you take at the beginning or if its random.

      1. That would be cool if true actually, can anyone else confirm they got different villagers at specific levels in my Villager list? If it’s set for some and random for others I’d like to find the cutoff point.Just got Hamlet at level 30

        1. The first several villagers you unlock are the same for everyone except they are randomised when you are higher levels. I have a few that you unlocked at level 27+ and i am only level 23

          1. hm, good to know, edited. The question becomes what point at which that happens–I’m guessing once they start requiring Friendship level 7+? Then they could all be uniformly “difficult” despite being random

  62. After gaining the second floor of the camper you can Expand the Second floor for 50,000 bells! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Got that added. Wasn’t sure if I should spend my 30k yet, I’ve been trying to buy up all the Clothes and Furniture at the market place for the guide instead.

  63. The fruit in LLC is randomized I think – I have pears and cherries, and I’m pretty sure my friend Rachel has peaches. Also, getting a villager to level 8 is 16 points, and I’m pretty sure you misspelled “Roald”. And every villager gives their shirt at level 7 and their picture at level 20.

  64. Don’t forget to shake those Non-fruit trees too~! They will drop bells; albeit a random amount, from a random tree per day. ((I’ve received 1,000 bells one day, 300 the next))

  65. Seems like fruit tree types can be in different locations. I have apples and oranges at my Lost Lure Creek, instead of apples and cherries like you have listed.

  66. Clothing crafting isn’t unavailable until a newer update (it hasn’t been set up at all yet, it’s not a level thing)

          1. I’ve seen him about 5 times or so, mostly at night. Once during the day. Pretty sure he’s random? (level 23)

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