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Sir TapTap's Axiom Verge Guide

This guide includes a full, spoiler free walkthrough for Axiom Verge for PS4, PS Vita, PC, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Xbox One, all the things really. It includes maps to help you 100% the game, and assorted tips to help you through the game including item descriptions and special “cheat” passcodes.

As always if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section at the bottom! I read all my comments and update all my guides regardless of age if new info comes in.


Guide Updates
Game Updates

At some point a nice Reminder system was added to the game.

General Tips

Don’t play on hard mode first. This is probably the reason I’ve heard of people not enjoying Axiom Verge. Honestly, unless you are entirely sure a game is way too easy by default you shouldn’t be playing on hard mode your first time…but this isn’t a game to do that in. Hard mode will just slow you down and make exploration more frustrating when you don’t know where to go or where to get power ups.

Not sure you want to buy it? Check out my Axiom Verge Review!

Combine your abilities! Sometimes you’ll need to use more than one of your traversal/tool abilities in very rapid succession. If you can’t quite get there…maybe there’s a second step?

The tile-based nature of Axiom Verge allows a lot of secrets to be hidden just by suspiciously neat/out of place tiles. Look for odd patterns and remember to drill them. There will be false walls as well.

Guns are guns for the most part. This is not Super Metroid where you are required to use certain guns on certain things. Use the guns you like. Very few puzzles force the use of certain guns.d

There’s usually a “trick” to the boss fights. If a boss feels impossible, you simply haven’t found its trick yet. If it’s not taking damage you haven’t found the weak point yet. There may be more than one. Sometimes a different gun can help, even though like I said most guns aren’t required.

There is nothing hidden in save rooms. Ever. Please stop drilling in them.

A one way does not mean you are stuck. Push forward instead of trying to run backwards if this happens. There is always a way.

A rare few optional items have extremely unorthodox methods to unlock. Try everything.

Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

This is mostly just going to focus on the general places where to go and places you might get stuck in lieu of a room-by-room walkthrough. Scroll down paragraph by paragraph as you need hints, it’s as spoiler-free as possible, but don’t read until you’re stuck of course.

Boss 1

Explore Eribu at your own pace, not too far you can stray here. You should eventually come across a second gun, which will allow you to activate certain doors. The first boss himself is pretty easy, use the Axiom Disruption and use L1 to lock in place to easily hammer him several times as he moves across the room.

Boss 2

Now you’ve got the Drill, which breaks specific obvious (and not obvious) tiles.

You can use the drill to get a gun and a size node in the early upper areas of Eribu just outside the first save room. I recommend getting these now since backtracking later would be more of a pain.

Continue onward into Absu and poke around a bit. You’ll find dead ends, but sometimes maps lie. There’s a false wall in the first corridor to your right from the first big shaft. Keep following the path.

If you get stuck again, go down below the deep blue room and to the right and continue up. You’ll find another boss.

This boss is very easy, just stay on the non-destructible platform and jump over his shots, firing the Disruptor constantly.

Boss 3

Now you’ve got the Address Disruptor, one of the most iconic weapons of Axiom Verge. Try and glitch every enemy or “glitchy” tile you see, you might see some surprising and useful results.

Keep moving down and right through Absu, you’ll eventually work your way over to the next map: Zi. Warning: This is temporarily a one-way trip after you make a certain jump early on in Zi. Do not worry, you don’t need to go back until you’re ready.

In Kur there’s only a few places to go. In the third door on the right from the top you can find a new power up. This will let you get to where you need to go.

Back to Zi, you’ll find you can make the jump immediately across from Kur. Keep going left, then up when you can’t go left anymore. There’s a save room a couple rooms left of the boss room, so if you missed it before seeing the “boss skull”, go save.

This boss is easier than it seems–it’s “parts” are destructible. Just shoot them off–only one will eventually remain, then you just take pot shots at him. You can also glitch some of the “missing” tiles back into existence to help block his laser. The Fire gun you might have found can be useful, but isn’t necessary. The Disruptor is once again all you really need.

Boss 4

You need to reconsider your environment due to the Labcoat. One tile wide things are no longer obstacles if you can stand right next to the column. Things that were dead ends are no longer dead ends.

No you can’t go back to Eribu or Absu. Stop that.

At the “peak” of Kur you’ll note such single-tile columns. Go through them and continue up and up. There are several items around here to gather. The first is in the second BIG open room in Kur, at the right side of the map. You should get something that lets you move through tight spaces.

With the Drone in your hands, make your way back to very low Kur, two doors above the save door. Note that you can shoot the drone in any direction, and “hatch” it early with triangle to get control over it’s movement in the air. Not important now but can be important for getting secrets or later things. Open the gate here with your drone and move on. You’ll find yet another little puzzle leading to another traversal item.

Go back to Kur in the first big room, make your way all the way to the right.

This boss needs to be hit from behind for the most part, and is really time consuming to beat the right way. The right way is to shoot the Nova under it while crouching, then trigger the Nova just under the part you can hurt. You can also use the Hypo-Atomizer gun if you got it, but this is erratic. More Range nodes will make this tactic easier, and it’s far safer than the fast way.

The fast way is to just use the Kilver and bum-rush it, shooting it in the–well, in the bum. With enough health and damage you’ll hopefully kill it before it kills you.

Note that while crouching none of it’s shots will hit you unless it is also crouched down. Try to keep your distance minimal when using the Nova method to reduce time to kill.

Boss 5

Continue up and to the right of the boss’s room. You’ll find a blue orb, shoot it to trigger a cutscene. Continue past the orb and go up–you’ll notice the room map isn’t complete here, don’t worry about it.

In the snowy place you need to work your way up and over, and you’ll find your next traversal item item.

With the Grappling Hook in tow, you can make your way to the item you should have seen on the way down, then leave this area entirely. You can finally backtrack to Absu from Zi and make it through Indi from Kur.

Work your way to Ukkin Na from Eribu using the grapple and you’ll quickly find yourself “trapped”. Only one way to go now, so carry on! After beating the boss, re-explore this area to find a new traversal item before moving on. It’s in the middle of the map, you need to enter the area from below, or you can fire a Drone through a one tile wide wall to get it a few seconds early.

Boss 6

Now that you can teleport 2 tiles in any direction, you can leave Ukkin Na. Make your way to Edin, immediately to the right of Ukkin Na. If you want an easier time, you can actually go into Edin from Indi as well. Note you can even teleport to diagonals with a precise input, in addition to left/right/up/down.

Stop once you find a nice big glitch blocking your path to the right, and a laser wall above. Dash on top of it and keep on moving. You’ll find another boss and a new ability.

Go back left to the big outside room in Edin and use your glitchbombs–you can get a new gun and access a tower above you. The tower is pretty simple, inside you’ll find a pretty tough boss, depending on your gear. The Shards and Lightning Gun weapons work pretty well. Move aggressively towards the boss and it should back off, you’ll have to back up a bit too. Don’t let it get too close. Dash backwards if you see it preparing to sting–this is a tough one to dodge.

A tricky but fast way to defeat this boss is to “glitch” it’s minions, then destroy them right over the boss’s mouth–it will take extreme damage. A safer way is to use the Inertial Pulse weapon to shoot through it’s blocking hitboxes and still damage the mouth.

Continue past the boss and find one more traversal ability. This will let you reach great new heights!

Boss 7

Head over to the very top of Kur, you can get into the big pyramid now. Jump, dash up and toss the drone up and you can reach the cliff there. If you didn’t get it earlier, there’s a drone launch upgrade immediately below the temple too. It’s optional but fun.

E Kur Mah is pretty straightforward. You’ll quickly need a key, head up and around and you’ll get it buried in a ton of blocks. Keep exploring this area and you’ll find your last required traversal item!

With the red coat you’re ready to reach the final area, and also ready to collect every item in Axiom Verge (note that a few still require passwords so some items may still be out of your reach if you didn’t find the password).

Head up to the top of Ukkin Na once you’re done collecting stuff. Use your drone launch, teleport and damaging-dash to rise up through the shaft right above the two upper save areas.

Mar Uru is again, pretty straightforward. You’ll want to glitch enemies often as they’re high damage, high health, hard to dodge bruisers. Use every save room you come across.

This boss is a bit of a pain, stand under it and shoot all you can using high damage guns like Kilver. Time your jumps to evade the purple pulses, they shouldn’t be a big deal. Once it closes, hide in a corner and crouch–the random shots probably won’t hit you there, they’re pretty annoying to try and dodge otherwise.

Boss 8

Just keep climbing, keep an eye out for some goodies here and there. Absolutely save in every save room, there’s not much left.

You’ll bump into a boss and Trace will note that the doors aren’t barred. Hint. Hint.

The final boss is honestly a bit of a DPS race. Dodging the first form’s satellites is near impossible. Instead, use a glitch bomb to weaken them and hammer on them and the blue square as hard as you can. Ideal weapons are Flamethrower (by far), data bomb, even the Kilver works. Absolutely kill the satellites in the downtime between phases, they can drop a lot of health and the second and third waves aren’t nearly as hard to dodge.

If you’re on Hard mode and having trouble, you might want to backtrack and get that Flamethrower, it really makes this fight a cakewalk. I warn you, it’s a doozy to find on your own but my spoilerful guide is always there for you.

You’re done! If your completion % numbers weren’t both green, I’m sorry but you didn’t see the full ending. Head on back and get some more items/map to see the real deal (I believe the cutoff is 80%?)

Spoiler Warning

Please try and play at your own pace and finish the game normally before reading. Axiom Verge is very good at teaching you what to do to get around, and until you start hunting for 100% you really should never be that lost. Go back, explore areas you couldn’t before, look for incomplete map segments. You can do this.

…but if you can’t or are just going for 100%, here’s a ton of spoilers! Not quite a step-by-step walkthrough but should help a lot.


I think the map is complete now, but let me know of any corrections! I’ve got three types of maps for you. I’ve left the most basic map embedded for the types who scroll past without reading (shame!)

  1. No items, all rooms marked
  2. All items shown with white dots (Metroid style)
  3. Full map with all items marked with descriptive icons
Map Legend

Purple: Regular room
Teal: Save Room
Dull blue: Rusalki Room
Red: Boss Room
Yellow dot: All items in this area collected
Purple dot: All map tiles in area collected

Sir TapTap's blank Axiom Verge map

Note there’s a couple of falls walls/ceilings where the map looks complete but there is actually a secret area. These areas are all on the completed maps above, so compare your map very carefully for differences if your map looks complete but doesn’t have a purple dot.

If you’re stuck at the 4 laser wall in Mar Uru (I know you are), you can glitch the purple robots from the prior room and bring them with you—they’ll appear in the same position in the next room. Try and drag them from the mid upper-right quadrant of the prior room. You can also try and shoot the Hypo Atomizer through the laser wall, at certain distances it will glitch through and trigger the orb.

If you’re missing 100% but all maps show a yellow dot (all items collected), you need to glitch this lil guy, he’ll then pop into a health node fragment when you approach. You can get multiple nodes by glitching multiple of these guys in the same room, but only one is “real” and counts towards your stats in any way. There are some in a long corridor in the lower bits of Ukkin Na, and some in the very far left of Eribu.



Low %: The drone launch upgrade is NOT required but most other tools are. You have enough leeway to pick up ALL large health/power notes with room to spare, as well as a few weapons and some extra power ups of your choice. Vornaj is a good way to beat the wasp boss (is is glitching it’s spawns), as is Shards but Shards might need a range up, I haven’t tested it.

Flamethrower is a good way to beat the final boss. Otherwise just take your time and save and quit if you want to check your completion %. Stop once you hit 39% of course.

Hard Mode: The final boss is the real problem here, otherwise just take it slow and collect all items. Once again, Data Bomb is pretty great on the final boss, also use Glitch Bombs to immediately weaken the first form. The final boss’s waves actually get easier to dodge as the battle progresses.

Speedrun: Do this last, it’s really not THAT hard once you have the route down. I’ll try and write up a route later. The important thing is time paused or at the home screen keeps the game timer ticking, so you really need to either do it in one sitting or immediately save and quit before taking a break.


General note: Weapons in Axiom Verge are highly interchangeable. There are no “damage types” like wave/plasma/ice in Metroid. A gun is a gun. Guns may be more effective on certain enemies due to certain properties like range, but generally a gun is a gun.

Axiom Disruptor: Old faithful, surprisingly useful for a surprisingly long time. Nothing fancy, just decent ROF, Range and standard damage.

Nova: Explodes into 6 shots in all directions. Used mainly for unlocking doors early on, useful on the giant scorpion boss to hit him from underneath.

Kilver: Round attack area that pierces all. Very useful at short range, should probably be on your quick select for a good while.

Hypo-Atomizer: Smaller, harder to aim long range semiauto attack just like the Axiom Disruptor, except secondary shots go up and down from the main projectile every once in a while. Of surprisingly little use without size upgrades, which make it slightly more useful. Whether the “branches” hit is basically luck.

Reflector: High damage, low rate of fire shots that bounce at straight angles. With some Size Nodes the shots become huge. The collision is super weird, allowing them to go through walls at angles sometimes. Certain switches can be hit early to get some minor power ups with this gun.

Multi-Disruptor: Another shotgun-ish thing, 3 shots fanning out. Hard to use without range/size upgrades, Kilver is usually a better option. Eventually becomes longish range.

Inertial Pulse: Low rate of fire shots that pierce enemies (not walls or armor). Not actually very useful in most cases, but can help against the Wasp boss.

Voranj: Weird fairly long range attack that branches randomly, slow rate of fire. Covers a very wide area with proper range upgrades. Nice to hit without aiming but it’s low damage so it’s not always the best choice.

Shards: Fully automatic, extremely high rate of fire, low damage per hit. Kills things a little slower than most semi-auto guns will, but it’s very easy to use. Very short range before upgrades, good range after them.

Turbine Pulse: Weird. It’s a melee and a long range gun, not entirely amazing at being either. Hold the button for a VERY short range attack, or mash for a wide pattern of shots at an okay but not amazing pace.

Quantum Variegator: High ROF fully automatic gun with random bullet trajectories. While funny it is not particularly useful.

Tethered Charge: One of the best melee weapons. Extremely easy to use and aim. Good against the final boss. Ends up with very good range/size for a melee weapon with upgrades.

Data Bomb: Low ROF, moderately sized AOE. Pretty hard to use, not usually recommended, but oddly effective against the final boss due to the explosions. Can hit armored foes if the explosion hits the non-armored bits.

Lightning Gun: Fully automatic homing lightning “chain” that will arc to the nearest target and do constant damage. An extremely good “melee” weapon, though certain armored enemies are a pain to kill with it.

Reverse Slicer: Just a boomerang. Moderate ROF, short range, flips back. Pierces walls, though I’m not sure this property is ever useful by the time you can find this. Not recommended.

Firewall: Clever name, right? Lobs short range fire mortars that explode upward into flames, piercing walls. Looks neat, but isn’t very useful except against the third boss, as it lets you bombard his lower bits from a safe location.

Ion Beam: Continuous fire laser beam with a highly satisfying BEWWWWWWWWWMMMM. Good substitute for any straight-fire weapon though it’s not really a gamechanger. due to being narrow and fussy to aim against flying targets.

Distortion Field: Basically the Kilver with a very slightly smaller field and continuous damage and a sweet distortion effect. I find well timed Kilver shots to be more effective DPS wise but this will clear lots of easy enemies with no effort.

Flamethrower: High ROF, Fully automatic, pierces walls and enemies, does pretty great damage. Only limited by range and lack of homing. Amazing on the final boss, but not necessarily the best choice for normal enemies.

Orbital Discharge: Semiautomatic, high ROF, fires shots that turn into “cartwheel” things after hitting a wall then continue crawling up or down (random direction if they hit straight on). Weird but pretty cool.

Secret World Weapons

These weapons are only found in Secret Worlds in Edit, E-Kur-Mar, Edin, or Mar-Uru. The way it works is each save file created iterates a number, file number 1 gets the Heat Seeker, 2 gets the Scissor Beam, 3 gets the Fat beam, and after that the counter resets.

Heat Seeker: Found in your first save file. Just after you think the Lightning Gun is OP, Heat Seeker overtakes it in most situations. Long range, fully automatic, good damage, homing, good projectile size (upgraded), there are few enemies that can’t be handled quickly with this.

Scissor Beam: Found in the second save file created. Medium range non-projectile beam, pierces everything.

Fat Beam: Found in the third save file that has been created. Fat Beam fires a thin beam while charging up then widens with a very satisfying sound effect and does high damage.


Drill: Breaks blocks. You might have noticed. Anyway, instead of shooting walls in Axiom Verge you drill walls. Any hidden block will need to be hit with the Drill.

Security Drone: Will not hug your face. This thing has it’s own HP (determined by your Damage power ups, oddly) which regenerates when not in use. Can be used to scout ahead and suicide attack enemies if your health is low. It’s laser acts the same as the drill and breaks certain blocks. The Drone can also be fired through a single tile, letting you access certain areas early.

Space Jump: Jump Higher! Yeah. That’s about it.

Claw: I hope you like Bionic Commando. Hold forward while swinging to swing all the way then let go, this can be used to continuously swing forward, detach automatically, then manually send out the claw again to keep moving forward easily. Press up and down to change the length while tethered. You can combine the swinging with the teledash. Optional item, though it’s needed (I think) to get a few optional items.

When perfectly horizontal mid-swing, you can actually teledash straight up through two/three tiles combined with the trench/red coat, as if you were only one tile high. This is never necessary but occasionally useful.

Lab Coat: No special tricks here. Can go through a single tile of wall left or right. Keep an eye for walls with gaps behind them.

Trench Coat: Dash through 2 tiles instantly by double tapping any direction. You can go up ceilings/down floors of ONE tile thick because your head/feet count as a tile. Can also be used diagonally.

Red Coat: Dash through 3 tiles, breaking blocks that require a drill. Also breaks ANY breakable block, including the ones that you used to need to glitch enemies to break. 100% chasers will be mashing this dash into walls for days looking for goodies.

You’re going to want to look for suspicious things beyond walls. Not just gaps beyond 3 tiles, but potentially breakable stuff beyond 1 or more walls, as you can now dash through that.

Due to the range increase, it’s ability to dash diagonally is even more useful.

Drone Teleport: Awwww yiss. Lets you teleport into nooks and cranies your drone can reach but not you. Don’t be timid, anywhere you can get into you can get out of. Note this is also effective as a jump-extender, shoot a drone at the apex of your jump including a tele-dash if necessary, press Triangle at the apex of the egg’s arc, then press triangle again to teleport farther than you could otherwise jump. No, you can’t gain infinite height. Lordy I tried.

Teleporting is also faster than killing your drone so if you’re going in the same direction of your drone anyway, just teleport. You’ll probably find yourself teleporting way more than you think, as it’s a great way to get around very precisely and quickly.

Drone shot length: This sounds so boring but is extremely useful and liberating. Teleport to your hearts content. With this it’s very often faster to shoot your drone and teleport than it is to fuss with moving your own stupid legs and jumping around. Entirely optional to complete the game but it helps a lot in getting to certain optional items.

Bioflux Accelerator: Totally optional and not very useful, there’s two of these that give you tentacles that auto-fire while pressing the fire button, but only at full health. It’s a nice bonus I guess but they rarely make a difference. On the plus side they look super cool.

Key: You though the space jump was the most boring tool. You were wrong.

Passcode tool: You can enter passcodes, much like a certain game. Interesting.


Note that passcode that open passages need to be used in the right room; they can not simply be left on. You will hear the Item Get sound when used properly.

  • JUSTIN BAILEY: Just guess. Yeah. Also…it works on the final boss.
  • REVEAL SUDRAN: Translates notes written in Sudran.
  • REVEAL VYKHYA: Translates notes written in Vykhyan.
  • ISKART EHANZU: Opens a passage in E KUR MAH for the Quantum Variegator, in the big room with the bush enemies.
  • IKKIBU LABIRU: Lets you get past the 4 laser wall in the top left of Eribu: use it in the dead-end 2-high room to the right and up from the laser wall. You discover it by glitching the column inside that room, the code is in the “garbage” characters that show up while using the glitch gun.
  • DALKHU SUBTUM: Opens a secret  passage in the bottommost  left of Eribu to get you the Orbital Discharge. You’ll see Sudran writing in the top left of the room–you need to manually translate it to discover the code, REVEAL SUDRAN doesn’t work. Or just enter it like a cheater.
  • DINGER GISBAR: Opens the path to the Flamethrower weapon at the leftmost peak of Eribu.
  • AXIOJY TSLSXC: Sets gravity very low allowing trace to jump high. This is part of the parametrized passcodes detailed below.

Parametrized Passcodes

Discovered by TehMillhouse via reverse engineering, there’s a bunch of passcodes that use parameters for certain (mostly unknown at present) effects. Head over here to see the full current info, the above gravity changing code is probably the most interesting found so far. If  you find more info on what they do, bug me or @TehMillhouse via twitter or other means.

Konami Code

You can input part of the Konami Code (up up down down left right left right) at the main menu screen to unlock the Passcode tool at the start of a new game. Just input the code, hear the sound that plays, then start a new game. Combine with the passcode generator above to completely break the game from the start!

This won’t break achievement progress unless you use it with the parameterized passcodes above.


The names are meaningless but they’re in story order so just count how many bosses you’ve beaten.

Xedur Variant: Should be very easy, if you’re having trouble it’s probably because you’re not using the movement lock (L1 by default) to sit still and shoot at an angle.

Telal variant: Just stay on the non-breakable platform, jump and shoot.

Uruku variant: The first you’re likely to have issues with; break his parts to make the fight manageable instead of focusing on his face. The laser needs to go ASAP, then the less predictable mortars launchers at the base, finally the canons at the top. One canon is invincible, when it’s all that’s left just shoot at the face and dodge the lone shots.

If you get stuck AFTER this boss, look for glitches.

Gir-Tab variant: A very slow fight if you play it right, you need to hit his rear whenever his face isn’t open–which is most of the fight. You can rush it with Kilver with enough health/damage and just quick kill it. Nova or Hypo Atomizer can be used to hit it’s behind from the front, but it’s very slow for Nova and very fiddly for Hypo Atomizer. I’ve heard Vornaj can be effective on it but I’m not sure of the details. You can dodge all his shots by crouching and keeping your distance until he crouches, then just jump over the volleys.

Hallucination: I don’t think you can “win” this one. Just sit down low and get shot a lot to end it as fast as possible. You can fire bombs and shots with different buttons but it’s only for fun/immersion.

Aborted Clone: Not much of a boss, but if you let it die on it’s own you’ll get an achievement. Killing it manually is faster for speedruns.

Ukhu Variant: Shards or the lightning gun can be used to damage it easily without worrying too much about aiming, just dodge instead. He follows your movement loosely, keep rushing towards him then backing off and he’ll back up, if you sit still he’ll keep moving forward. Glitch Bombs help take care of his spawn.

For a quick kill, glitch his spawned minions and detonate/kill them right near his mouth–if done right he’ll take extreme damage.

Sentinel: Stand directly under it and hammer it with things like Kilver, Flame Thrower, Tethered Charge. You can jump over most of the purple homing shots and move slightly left/right. When it closes up, run into a corner and crouch. It’s pretty hard to avoid all of the non-homing wiggly fish shot things,  but if you crouch in the lower corner most will miss you. You can leave the room if you need to for some reason but the boss won’t despawn, unsure if this is useful yet.

Xedur Hul: This fight is entirely optional, just run past it. You actually get an achievement for not killing the poor wretch.

Final Boss: The Flamethrower helps a ton here. Glitch Bombs will help make the drones less dangerous. The drone was are decreasingly dangerous as the fight goes on, so use your glitch bombs early. With the flamethrower this should provide no real challenge. Data Bomb and Tethered Charge are also valid options but not nearly as fast or safe.

Speedrun Glitches

Not the deliberate glitches, but there are a few “real” glitches and oversights in Axiom Verge that are very useful for speedrunning or sequence breaking. Most however have been patched.

Save Egg exploit: Not really a bug but highly exploitable; dying brings you back to a save point. This is extremely exploitable as part of Axiom Verge’s progression keeps you out of Eribu after entering Zi and won’t let you back in until much later. You can immediately enter Ukkin Na and get the Trenchcoat if you die and return to an Eribu save egg after getting the Lab Coat. I haven’t tested this one, but I don’t think it’s possible to get stuck for good and it’s a great way to “fast travel”.

You can die or just save and quit to get back to your last save egg. Which is faster depends on how quickly you can die at that exact moment.

Shards Glitch (fixed in latest version): If you quick select to another gun while firing Shards, the Shards spray keeps going even if you use another gun, stop firing, or even fire a Drone. Extremely useful against bosses as it’s basically free damage from a fixed position. UkhuSentinel and the Final Boss can be made much easier with this. Does not appear to work with other autofire weapons.

Drone Climbing: You can (slowly) climb infinite heights by shooting the drone up, teleporting to it, shooting the glitch gun to reset the drone timer, then shooting the drone up again and repeating. It’s rather slow and even slower without the Enhanced Drone Launch, but it is possible (thanks to MakiiShingetsu for confirming).

Drone Through Walls (fixed in latest version): The drone spawns a full tile away from Trace, and can be shot through a single wall to the left, right, or above Trace but not below. This can be used in a few rare instances to get collectables early, but not to sequence break that I’m aware.  You can use it to get the Trenchcoat a few seconds early though.

Fire Though Laser Walls (fixed in latest version): Collision with these is a bit weird (Tom Happ confirmed this was left in deliberately because it’s cool). At certain exact pixel distances certain gun types shoot through these laser walls. Gun types include Hypo Atomizer, Nova, Reflector and Data Bomb. This can be used to collect a few items early or in a different way than intended, such as getting past a 4 laser wall in Mar Uru without glitching enemies. The Reflector’s collision is all kinds of screwy and at certain angles and pixel distances it breaks into walls. This lets you hit some switches behind walls. Nova can also be used early on to hit switches that are meant for Kilver for a minor sequence break.


Speedrun guides by AcidKru

Speedrun Discord, Guides & times on

Speedrun tutorial by BlueyLewis

Axiom Verge’s first TAS by Clément Gallet

Axiom Verge Randomizer

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  1. Not sure if anyone cares, but I discovered two glitches that still function in game, one of which is game breaking, but I wasn’t able to reproduce, but the effect lasted until I went through a doorway.

    Travel through ceiling to the next available map location: If you crouch and then stand at just the right time on the glitched bouncy purple enemy when it’s heading to the ceiling, you travel to the next square up on the map, you will not see any of the action on screen and you’ll have to navigate blindly, but traveling through a doorway restores the camera.

    Giant Reflector Shots (shoots through any thing and travels great distances): I was trying to figure out a red sphere button challenge, and wanted to see if any weapons I own shot through walls, and when I switched from the rygar chain shot weapon to the reflector, the timing must have been perfect and the reflector took on the size change parameter of the previous weapon. I was facing, and touching a wall at the time.

    1. Cool info, thanks! I haven’t managed to keep up with the community/axiom verge due to time stuff but I’m always glad to see more info shared!

  2. Just commenting to let you know the one use I’ve found for the Inertial Pulse weapon is against the wasp boss. I couldn’t beat him with Voranj or glitch bombing–but I could crouch and aim at its mouth, and the “bullets” would go through the stinger and hit him just fine. What was one of the most difficult bosses for me became super easy and defeatable in less than a minute. To be fair, I did have 8 health nodes and 6 weapon power ups by the time I fought him (docked around a lot) so that may be why I survived its stinger 4 times in a row.

    1. Ahh, good idea, thanks for the tip! Edited that in. The glitch bomb method is very fast but very tricky. Took me 3 tries to do it right and it was my fourth or fifth time playing through the game lol.


    won’t open the path, if you haven’t found yourself the note (Proverb) containing the code.
    I tried to use the passcode (without getting the note) and it didn’t work (I have had no problems with other passcodes).

    1. I’ll get that added. I think what’s inside isn’t connected to where it is (aside from the one bearing a weapon) but come to think of it I’ve never seen good evidence either way.

      Purple dot where, Edin? You’re probably missing the false ceiling to the left of the save point to the farthest to the right, many people do. Count the squares to the left on your map and the provided map.

        1. It actually doesn’t; look at the ceiling to the left of the 3 tall high shaft next to the save room. 2 blocks of empty space on yours, there’s only 1 row of empty space in a completed map. Try the grapple.

          1. holy god i was staring at this map all weekend and i didnt even notice
            Da real MVP

  4. side note for Boss 4: Hypo-Atomizer is GREAT on this boss, but *only* if you have collected enough range increase nodes. the distance of the ‘side shots’ that branch off from the main shot appear to be affected by range increase nodes. (you’d think size nodes, but not as much) and if you haven’t collected enough, the shots won’t hit the boss very often. i had to backtrack a little to collect one extra before facing him. this becomes the absolute easiest way to win, so if you’re having trouble beating him, try this.

    side note for shards glitch and drone through walls glitch:
    both of these glitches have been fixed in updates on PC and console since this guide was posted, and no longer work.

    1. Squeezed that info in, thanks! I’ve been meaning to tidy up for the Vita release but I’m not 100% familiar with all the changes since around PC launch myself.

  5. oh i forgot to add, for ukhu variant if you glitch the enemies he spits out and get them to explode near his mouth while it is open, he takes tremendous amounts of damage, even enabling a one hit kill if done 100% perfect. You can see the basic strategy her at the 10:30 mark around:

  6. So i just read through this post and wanted to add, if you are interested, the drone jump is indeed possible without the launch upgrade. it’s just harder and slower because your travel length is very small.
    Can provide a video if you really want, don’t think it is necessary though.

  7. It it okay to upload this to Steam guides (giving you credit of course) or could you possibly? It is handy to have it already integrat4ed into the overlay as opposed to opening up the site everytime, alt-tabbing, etc.)

    1. I’d rather not honestly, prefer to keep my content here for ease of editing/ownership, and people don’t seem to have problems finding it.

  8. Hi there. I’m not quite sure myself, but it seems, that I got a huge secret with a plot and cutscene! I don’t know if anyone already know or find this. I’m not into filming videos so all that I can provide are screeshots

    1. There is a huge therritory without a name on a map in Edin, a glithing world hidden in one of the first rooms on the right when you enter it from transport rusalka. It’s glithisng and look like a giant system error(Dreamworld or Matrix theory hint)

      1. Upon entering begins cutscene with Elsenova where she tells ypu to stop and not go there, that this place is an Artifact

        1. Is this already known – I didn’t find any references to this? The world in this secret looks like a completely messed up glithing composition of other worlds almost confirming that MC is in the dreamworld. Also there unique enemies

  9. I found another secret world not marked on the map. It is located in Ukkin-Na on the right side near the top of the map in the 2 screen tall room below the top save point. It is on the right side of the screen and getting to it requires breaking a block and shooting a drone in there or glitching in.

    1. I uh, don’t know how I missed that one, was actually in my very first playthrough! Added it now, thanks

  10. Going crazy….do I need to access 4 secret worlds b4 being able to access the 5th? The 5th being one in either Edin, e kur mah or mar uru…..I found scan lines on health bar in room directly SE from sirtaptaps ? in the north part of e kur mah. There is an adjacent room to south; where you find a notes page by breaking the pyramid bricks, BUT no scan lines in that room. I’ve drilled, glitched, red coated every portion and can’t seem to access the secret world door. Being its the only shot to get one of the big 3 weapons its VERY frustrating. Is possible to have it random generated in an innaccessible location?

    1. The locations for the entrance points are randomly selected but the actual locations are hand-crafted, so they’re never impossible to get into. Don’t believe they depend on getting the others at all.

      If you saw scanlines in E Kur Mah it should definitely be in there, though the scanlines CAN indicate an entrance in an immediately adjacent room. Don’t forget to try diagonal dashing through walls, at least one entrance requires that, was pretty stumped by that one. Not entirely sure where on the map you mean , but if it’s in the tall lower chamber with a health orb there’s already a question mark marked there, try around there? Could be one I’m missing though, there’s a few dozen.

      1. Thx for quick reply…Very cool! Aside from diagonal dashing the corners to death if I go to the only adjacent room (top entrance to e kur mah, 2×4) which is south of it, I get no scan lines at all. The scan lines are showing up strongest at bottom left corner of room. It’s the very first room above the top 2nd square of the 2×4. Nonetheless I went to the archways in north section of adjoining room and dashed glitches that to no avail. Long as I know I can access only having accessed 3 of the earlier ones then I’m obviously missing something. Have all tools and 100 on both map and items so pretty versed with all its nuances by now……or at least I thought! If I figure it out ill let u know tho.

        Btw…ironically the corner layout is almost identical as to the secret world you found in the room directly NW to it. The room you show as also having the power orb locked by Sudran key……my stumper is down one and left one to that…..and scan lines are in bottom left corner of that room only.

        after going thru edin and mar uru and e kur mah 3 times looking for one of these doors to get good weapon I’m getting ready to just start new game; assuming the next random spot for this particular secret room can’t be this difficult to discover… I’m that frustrated! Keep u posted. Sry for novel……

        1. No use looking in the other areas–there will only ever be one “weapon” secret world. TBH yeah it kind of sounds like speedrunning through the game for another shot might be faster at this point–beating the game within the “speedrun” trophy’s time is pretty easy. Couple hours in one sitting if you remember where to go, less with skill/tricks.

          Only unfortunate thing is the gun you get rotates with each file created, so you won’t get the same gun. See above for which guns there are–fat beam seems the coolest but I haven’t got it myself.

  11. In the Kur area with the Ion Beam weapon there is a Journal Page you marked in the top left corner(second square from the top left corner). How do i get it?

    1. You glitch the scorpion thing inside the wall and it creates a bridge as it travels across the screen. Just walk along the bridge to get it. I guess I should mark something about that on the map

  12. There are few tricks involving Trench/Red coats You didn’t mentioned.
    1) It’s possible to do diagonal dash if you doubletap two keys on a dpad. That allows to increase jumping distance slightly and maybe squeeze through some walls (although those would be rare). Good for speedrunning.
    2) When swinging on a claw and dashing up while Trace is in perfectly horizontal position, it’s possible to dash through 2/3 tall walls, but only upwards. I haven’t seen any important place where that would allow getting items earlier, but it works.

    1. Sorry this took so long to get to this but I went and added those tips! I thought the diagonal dash was obvious but I’ve found a few people confused by it. The claw trick is very useful to get an item at the top of Edin that I know many players have trouble with.

  13. so here’s the thing, I’m apparently missing some health nodes, I have 13 complete health nodes and 4 fragments so I guess I’m missing 2. I have all the yellow dots on every sectors and visited all 5 secret worlds in my game. I have been searching every corners of the map and secret world for a while now and can’t seem to find anything. Is there something I’m not getting or might the game just have glitched on me?

    1. I guess I should mention this in the guide–no, you’re not missing anything. Secret Worlds’ contents are random, including small health/damage nodes, so it’s entirely possible to end up with an incomplete health node. For 100% secret worlds don’t matter, so if you have all the yellow dots you’re good.

      Only thing not random in secret worlds is your gun, in one of the last 3 areas there’s a secret world with your special gun.

      1. okay I found the health node I was missing, it’s not indicated on your map. In indi you have to glitch one of the green larvaes (third bottom square from the right of the great corridor) It will not count in the % completion of the room, meaning that if you have everything from indi except that health node, the yellow dot will still appear, but this node does count for 100% completion.

        1. Oh right, there’s that too. Not really sure how to put that or the secret world weapons on the map. There are a few places where that bug appears and there’s not a reliable location for the secret worlds either. Maybe I’ll just throw a note in the margins

          1. Yeah I’m on a second playthrough right now and realized there’s more locations to these larvaes

  14. I’ve been working on reverse-engineering the passcode system. First off, good news: You’ve already got all room-specific passcodes in the game in your guide.

    There’s 9216 different valid AXIO-passcodes (plus one special one). Wait now, hear me out. The AXIO-passcode system works by munging the passcodes into numbers. The game has 18 built-in cheat templates, only one of which we knew up to now (the one in JWMAU568). The lowest 9 bits of this number describe the strength of the effect. So 18 templates times 2^9 equals the 9216 possible codes. AXIOJWMAU568 sets Trace’s gravity to 0.203. If we choose the parameter ourselves, stick it to one of the templates and reverse the passcode-to-number process, we can generate these cheat codes. I’m working on that.

    My work here isn’t done yet, but just to show that I’m for real: AXIOJYTSLSXC sets Trace’s gravity to 0.06, resulting in ridiculously high jumps. Oh, also you’re missing a couple of regular codes:
    CUTSCENEXXXX (play a cutscene, e.g. CUTSCENE0010)
    TRACKXXXXXXX (change music in current room to track X, e.g. TRACK00000010)
    AXIOAAOETYZA (I have no idea what it does, but this one is special and not like the other AXIO-codes)

    Have fun!

  15. How the heck do you get in the secret area that is at the far left starting room of Indi? I’ve tried for like 30 minutes and can’t figure it out. I know it’s active because I get scanline noise in there.

    1. Lucky you I had this one as well I think, I found it in the wall in the far left of the large room actually, you should still see the scanlines when you’re right near thjat wall. you need the red coat, dash diagonally around the top-left wall and you should bump into it. It’s really weird to find.

      1. LOL! I had tried dashing on every square around that area, but never once thought to diagonal-dash. So I went over there and tried the diagonal dash and it worked first try. At any rate, I already got 100% items thanks to your map, but my OCD do was getting short-circuited by not getting into that secret area. Thanks a bunch! BTW, the soundtrack on this game kicks ass. Happ must be ones of those savant genius types if he can code a great game AND score a great soundtrack for it!

  16. Whenever you are near a secret world your screen will look slightly different and a wavy pattern like an old TV will be slightly visible. This is almost the same as what your screen looks like in the secret worlds. Just pointing that out for anyone that isn’t aware, as finding them is absurd without that knowledge.

    I’ve also found a secret world on the right side of the far right 6×4 room in KUR, and another somewhere on the left side of INDI.

  17. I cannot seem to 100% Zi. My map looks exactly like the one posted above but I still don’t have the purple dot. Is anyone else experiencing this or am I missing something?

    1. I bet you’re missing a room behind a false-wall. Are you certain the map is actually identical and that you’re not being fooled by a “solid” wall on your map that actually leads to another room in mine?

      1. Thank you for the reply. I’m going to attempt another runthrough of the place. All the walls are solid so there must be a hidden room, do you remember where this might be?

        1. Look for a room in my map that’s behind a solid wall on your map. I know there’s one just to the right of the lowest save room in Zi

          1. Thank you Sir, I got it! I’m still stuck on Zi though. I collected every collectable on your map but I still do not have the yellow dot. Is the map incomplete?

          2. I thought so…I went through the map with it and got 100% in the area. If anyone finds something I missed let me know as always

  18. SIR TAP TAP. i have found a weapon not in your guide or anywhere on the internet. if you want if for your guide let me know.

    1. Is it that big wide laser no one seems able to find? Regardless of what it is, please let me know here or on twitter @sirtaptap

    2. I’ve found another weapon as well, and I think there are more — don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but I think the Secret Areas can have a few different weapons, not just the Heat Seeker,

      1. ive actually found two weapons not listed on this guide. one of them is the giant yellow beam

        1. If you’re all actually telling the truth, please provide images of the new weapons and info where you’ve found them.

          1. I found the Scissor Beam in a Secret World in E-Kur-Mah. Someone has a video of it on YouTube and the developer has also tweeted that the secret weapons will be different each save file. Go back a ways on the Axiom Verge Twitter account. Sorry I don’t have a screenshot myself. But telling the truth, promise!

          2. i also got the “scissor beam” in a secret location in e-kur-mah my 2nd playthrough. he is telling the truth

          3. Huh, sure enough, Scissor Beam:

            But now I’m really confused. Secret areas are really random and Im’ wondering if all these guns can even be in every/a single playthrough? Not even sure I could help nudge people in the right direction. Only gun I WAS sure of was the Heat Seeker which I found in Mar Uru but it seems it’s not guaranteed to be there, either.

            Anyone got interesting info for the Scissor Beam? Not sure how to describe it without using it.

          4. it can go through walls like flame thrower but with more range about 3/4 the screen. fires once per button press high rof but the faster you shoot the less range you have. it is basically big scissors made from beams. hits like kilver
            FAT BEAM high power beam same hight as trace. can shoot through walls with very long range killing enemies before you ever see them. has about 1.5 sec charge time and beam last for several seconds before needing recharge. looks cool but towards end of game enemies overpower it

          5. Hm, what save file were you using when you got these? I was on save slot 1 when I got Heat Seeker, I’m wondering if Scissor and Fat Beam might be on slots 2 and 3?

          6. Hi, I don’t think that’s it…I’ve gotten the Heat Seeker on Slot 1 and the Scissor Beam on Slots 2 and 3…all in normal mode.

          7. Yeah Synophis (speedrunner) got Heatseeker on slot 2 as well. I dont’ get what the commonality is then. Were you playing on hard both times you got the scissor beam? Anything else common between the two? Heatseeker seems to be the most common by a lot, no idea why.

          8. Nah those were both normal games. I think the game must generate a random seed (or random seeds) each time you start a save file that determines where the secret worlds are and which gun you get. Or maybe the gun rotates through the possibilities each time you start a file (rather than random), or maybe it depends on difficulty as well.

            For me, it went like this:
            First file, slot 1, Normal: Heat Seeker
            Second file, slot 2, Hard: deleted before finishing
            Third file, slot 3, Normal: Scissor Beam
            Fourth file, slot 2, Normal: Scissor Beam
            Fifth file, slot 2, Hard: TBD

            Doesn’t seem to be an obvious pattern. Hoping to find the Fat Beam next!

          9. Ended up getting the Fat Beam for the sixth file above, in Hard Mode. Woohoo :). I wonder if there are more beams.

          10. How quickly did you get the beam? We’re thinking Heat Seeker is most common in Normal playthroughs, Scissor Beam and Fat Beam are much more likely in Hard Mode, but unsure what decides between the two. But a speedrunner got Fat Beam so it may be speed related

          11. Well, I got Scissot Beam twice in Normal, so I’m not sure about that….and I was doing a 100% run, not a speed run, so I got the Fat Beam around the 6 hour mark probably.

          12. I haven’t fully tested this, but my theory is each save file you get five secret areas, with at least one in Eden, E-Kur-Mah, or Mar-Uru. The four secret areas in the earlier worlds will have two partial or full health/power/range/size nodes. The secret world in the later worlds listed above will have the Heat Seeker, Scissor Beam, or Fat Beam (not sure if there are others). They rotate so you can only get one per save file. (There also might be a node in the gun secret world).

            I suspect there’s no way to have more than one of the secret guns per save file, but I bet a password will turn up that allows you to have all guns.

            That seems to be how it works but as I said I haven’t tested over more than a few games.

          13. Huh, sure enough, Scissor Beam, but now I’m really confused. Secret areas are really random and Im’ wondering if all these guns can even be in every/a single playthrough? Not even sure I could help nudge people in the right direction. Only gun I WAS sure of was the Heat Seeker which I found in Mar Uru but it seems it’s not guaranteed to be there, either.

            Anyone got interesting info for the Scissor Beam? Not sure how to describe it without using it.

  19. Hello, saw your comment about not being able to gain infinite height with the drone teleport. Actually, you can, and it’s really easy once you get the rhythm. It helps to hold ‘up’ the entire time…I usually start with a jump and a dash upwards (but you don’t need to)…then fire the drone at the peak of the jump. Once the egg reaches its max height, hit triangle-triangle-R1-triangle. This hatches the drone, teleports, shoots the glitch gun for a second (to allow you to shoot the drone again) and the lastly shoots the drone. Then wait for the egg to reach max height again and do the same again–triangle-triangle-R1-triangle. It sounds way more complicated than it is, but you can quickly get up three or four map squares on the first try once you get the hang of it.

    1. Oh sorry I see you posted this in Speedrun Glitches. I agree you probably need the enhanced drone launch, but with that you climb very quickly with the right rhythm.

  20. I need help with EDIN. I’m at 99% map and 99% items. EDIN is the only map that doesn’t have a yellow or pink dot BUT my map looks exactly like sirtaptap’s and another guys map I found on the internet. The item I’m missing is a health node fragment but I have been through the whole map at least twice and can’t find anything else. Again I have all items from sirtaptap’s guide. Somebody please enlighten me!! Is there some secret area I have missed. I’m hoping its not glitched…

  21. There’s a pass code in the credits, TapTap. Figured you’d be the guy to tell since your guide is all the rage.

      1. Hey, I’m missing just one spot of map, up and left of Elsenova’s final spot before the last boss fight. How did you reveal that last square?

        1. Drone launch and hatch it midair, shoot it from the high platform to the left that’s above elsenova and it should work. Try not to fall off when launching (lock your movement) so you can try again if you miss.

          1. Thank you, I’ll try that once I’m home tonight. I didn’t know there was a platform above her. I should have been more observant of the environment. I just kept trying to jump at the far left edge of the screen, glitch up, drone hatch, drone teleport, and glitch up again.

    1. Okay, found what this does, very subtle–adds one tile to your jump height! This enables backtracking to Absu/Indi early without the grapple (not SUPER useful, as this is already possible with save warping)

  22. Can’t respond to everything, map SHOULD be up to date though I think I missed up a couple things in Kur, the upper left stuff in the two big rooms might have been transposed, I’m trying to figure that out. Also there’s more minimal map styles if you prefer.

  23. Item 99% Map 100% but Zi still only has the Purple dot, not the yellow one as well. Whats going on? Also, when i got the trophy for 100% health, 2 smaller health nodes were remaining out of 4. I’ve gotten trophies for getting all the health, notes, tools, weapon, power trophies but it didn’t give me the “100% items one”.

      1. You need to use the code “DINGER GISBAR”. It’s all in the guide above.

  24. Does anyone have the ‘Hacker’ trophy for glitching every type of enemy? It’s the only one I have left to get for the platinum, either I’m missing something or it’s ironically glitched!

    1. Any other suggestions? Your swarm suggestion really helped me, I was missing it. But, I feel I’ve gone around the map several times hacking everything I can and I still don’t have the trophy!

      1. The main one that comes to mind are the things that spawn during the final boss fight, which you glitch with the Address Bomb. In EDIN there are the small bats (different from the flying bugs) and those glowing balls that float around. In UKKIN-KA there is a robot platform (the bottom of the left vertical section of the area) you can transform with the Address Disruptor (not sure if this counts). Good luck!

        1. Thanks a lot, I’ve done all that but I’m still missing something, apparently. I’ll have to go around the whole map once again and hack whatever moves. At least I managed 100% items today thanks to an update of the map on this page.

          Thanks again!

          1. did you try the cocoon in eden? I just realized you can glitch it even though it normally just seems like an object/part of the environment.

  25. How do you get the fire weapon at the top left of Eribu?? Please help!!

    1. You need the Red Coat to dash through 3 block walls and Passcode Tool to enter/activate the password when you are in the room. The password is in one of the notes (or look for the code in the above guide). When you have the Passcode Tool it adds a new section, bring up your map and press L1 to change to it.

  26. Hi,

    I have no idea how to get the note and minor power upgrade from the lower 5×5 room in Kur. I managed to get onto the top of the left block, but there was nothing. Also tried to drill/glitch everything, but without effect. Can please somebody help me?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Ok, you it seems that you interchanged the two 5×5 rooms in Kur. The upper one contains a minor power upgrade and a node (the room where you must glitch this “wall-crawler” thing). But I still don’t know how to get the left collectible within the lower 5×5 room.

    1. A secret room entrance can also spawn in the lower-left corner of that same room.

  27. Hi everyone!

    I’m at 98% items and 99% map. I’m only missing an area in Edin but my map looks exactly like the one above for that area. Any ideas?

    Also the only items I’m missing are one in Edin and one in Kur. I have the trophy for all notes, all weapons and all power nodes so it has to be some health node. I’m exactly at 13 upgrades with 0/5 fragments. I’m pulling my hair out here

  28. Where is the yellow beam thing from the trailer I want it. It turns into a giant beam

  29. On the left most side of Kur, near the middle there is a note on one square and a power node on the square on top of it. I just recently unvealed those portions of the map but i cant find the two items for the life of me. Can anyone help?

  30. I seem to be missing one health node or orb in Kur. I know it’s a health node or orb because it’s the only thing I haven’t gotten the trophy for. I have both the ones on the map. If someone knows of any others it’d be a huge help.

    1. I know which one you are missing, its in a room before the Gir-Tab varient, there will be the laser things you can corrupt to break blocks for you, if you look carefully one will go off and disappear at the top right of the map. It isn’t marked on the current version of the map

      1. Thank you for the reply but I have that one too it seems. That’s the room where the drones kill a bunch of guys right?

          1. I was missing one their too. I found the one I was missing by the Grapple Hook. It was close to the area with the note. Also I found one that wasn’t on his map under the double save points. It’s an area above the level. You need to use the drone to get it. Hope this helps. 100% was fun but it’s a pain trying to find everything.

          2. Could you be more specific about where near the grapple hook?

          3. Yep, thats the one I was missing too. But now i have a different problem, my trophies didnt trigger even though I got all health nodes and 100% items. I did temporarily try one of the axiom-xxx passcodes, but i got other trophies since then so i wouldnt think it would cause a problem with this…

          4. Do you have yellow dots in each world. When I got my last health node it said Node 1 of 5. I think their might be extra nodes scattered around that don’t count towards the actual count so don’t go off that. Just make sure each world has a purple and yellow dot in the corner. That’s the indicator to go off of.

          5. Interesting thing about Node count, Secret Worlds can push you over 100% (or rather, they don’t count towards percent at all), not sure their loot is set in stone either. I wouldn’t worry about having “loose” node fragments, worry about the yellow dots like you said.

    2. I have the same problem. I’ve collected the two on the map, and the third one mentioned by ShootGunMan. Still don’t have the health node trophy.

  31. I can’t see to find the last note in E KUR MAH, I got the one where you teleport through the wall with the red coat and the one hidden in the room with the sudran key. Is it not marked on the map perchance?

  32. how many total hidden areas are there (per character file) not in total as i see in the map above theres alot which i dont see in my game. so far ive found 3. none in which appears in the map above

    1. I’ve heard of 5 in one save file, though the most I’ve seen is 4. They’re random and there seems to be a very wide variety of places they can appear. I’m unsure if even the count of areas is always the same

      1. mine are a pain in hard mode. seems i have to teleport thru walls or drill. 3 out of 5 ive found werent found with glitch gun but rather drilling or going thru walls. so its even harder noticing where they r.

        my friend who also found 3 out of 5 had them easily by seeing glitches in walls and using glitch gun

  33. Hey guys, I’m having trouble getting past the bunch of lasers in the bottom area of kur. how do I get past them?

    1. You can’t get past that–you have to go around the other side from above, should be clear from the map. I think the Drone is the latest item you need, though other abilities help

  34. One of the secret areas appeared for me in UKKIN-NA. Using the Address Disruptr (R1) on the left wall will remove the top 3 bricks, I guess you can warp through them too. I haven’t found my 2nd secret area yet.

  35. I found a document in ABSU not shown on the map at time of posting this. It’s inside the upper right wall in the square room 2 map spaces left from the save room to the furthest right.

  36. I found the secret world in Kur. Go to the area in the photo and go all the way to the left wall. Jump on the platforms sticking out from the wall. On the 2nd platform, jump up while using your drill on the wall. You will see the bricks break.

    1. I’ve spent a lot of time on that platform, there was no secret world. Apparently the secret worlds are random and your next playthrough likely won’t have a secret area where you have listed. As of right now they could appear literally anywhere, though from what I have seen so far they are only at the edges of rooms not in the middle. Still, until the dev says otherwise it might be worth it to make note of every area.

  37. So I’m at 99% items and all the map areas have both yellow and pink dots on them. I’ve still only found two secret worlds in Absu and Zi after scouring the entire map twice, and I have all notes, weapons, tools and upgrades – the only things I’m missing are 4 health nodes (I’m at 1/5 right now). Are there other secret worlds I’m missing? I’ve checked everywhere room by room and came up with nothing.

    Also I found what appears to be an actual glitch (although knowing this game I could be mistaken) – in Edin, one room up from the large open area at the bottom, there’s a hidden room to the right containing a note. In this room, if I dash downward, Trace falls through the floor back into the large room, but the camera remains in the note room above. I can still move and control Trace, and the minimap shows him moving around in the room below. There isn’t a way to get back up, so I had to reload my save. Tested it a few times and the same thing occurs. Is this known?

    1. So I found 1 small health node from one of those worms that explode and send like 100 little tiny flies at you. If you glitch them they give you health glitter, but one of them gave me a health node (it is possible that it was just behind the worm, but I really don’t think it was). Perhaps other nodes are hidden inside certain enemies and you have to glitch them to get it.

      1. Oh right–you can glitch those worms to get one health node per playthrough. They don’t drop anything else. Fun fact, if you glitch more than one and pop them before getting the node, they spawn more nodes. But the extra nodes won’t actually count, it’s just kinda neat.

        And yeah that video is a bug I found a couple times while the game was under embargo, I sent it to tom, he’ll fix it. It’s not useful and can eventually crash the game. Discovering it is neat though.

    2. If you haven’t gotten a health node by glitching the green grub things that explode into bees, that’s probably what you’re missing

      1. This sounds like what I’m missing, I definitely don’t remember getting that one. Cheers!

  38. Power node missing from your Eribu map. There’s 3 area change arrows on the right side of the map. (Top, middle, bottom) This node is located in the tunnel of the Middle arrow. Requires the drone teleport. Throw your drone up on the ledge and break through the wall. Then teleport and break left wall.

      1. No problem. That was the last thing I needed too. Stumbled upon the suspicious ledge in my methodical search lol.

  39. Not sure if you’ve already iterated on the map, but there is an additional (not-marked-as-of-posting-this) Journal page in the left-most (west-most) area of ‘INDI’.

  40. Are you able to notate on your map where the access points to the Secret Worlds are located? How many are there? I have found only two so far. I think they may be the only things I am missing. Also, my Eden map looks like yours but I am not getting credit for completing it and I am 99% overall. I must be missing a square or two somewhere there. Any thoughts? Other than that, thanks so much for compiling this! It helped immensely.

    1. I’m working on secret worlds…they’re RNG so I’m asking people to send me pics of where they see it. The map isn’t 100% yet, I’ll be fixing it up and working on a spoiler-free version of the map/guide soon

    2. Yeah I’m trying to gather secret world locations–they’re RNG so I’m asking people to send me shots of where they see entrances. I’m also working on a spoiler free/less spoiler guide.
      Map still isn’t 100% so it’s possible there’s just something not marked yet, I’m running through again to complete it.
      Glad the guide helped!

      1. You have lots not on the map, a couple more obvious items. I have picked up every item listed on the map and explored every corner and my completion right now is 90% ITEM 93% MAP. I haven’t explored MAR URU yet though – will post percents after completion of that area (except boss room).

        When you have completed the map for an area you will see a purple dot on the map screen for that area, if you have all the items you will see a yellow dot.

        My secret area was located here: on the left side of the wall.

      2. so a secret area i found is in indi the room that leads up go eden there is a section of wall/floor at the top left that you can obviously lab coat through do that then do it again on the solid wall to your left and there you are

  41. Something not in your map: The upper portion of the room to the right of the furthest south save point in Zi contains a powerup (I forget which one)

  42. Need help with item in Edin with worms i can’t seem to get the item in thwre

  43. Trying to get the Flamethrower in Eribu was driving me crazy, but luckily you’ve got it covered. By the way, where does the “DINGER GISBAR” password come from? Did I miss something obvious around there?

    I’m going to do my best to find other items/upgrades on my own, but it’s good to know this guide exists. Thanks for the hard work!

    1. There’s a note that talks about a Proverb, and it mentions “Primordial fires”, and the name “Dingergisbar”. After that, it mentions, and I quote, “With its name as the key […]”

  44. How do I get the health in E-Kur-Mah? (Same room as where you use the passcode). I’ve tried running into everything with no luck…

      1. Why would you take the time to say you figured it out and not tell the rest of us?

  45. How do you get to the long vertical room on the lower right of Kur? I’m in the room above it and can’t figure it out

    1. That’s the room with the lava pool and tons of floaty enemies, right? You can glitch those enemies into platforms, then use them to climb up. There will be a drillable wall for the drone up top and it’s clear sailing from there.

  46. The passcodes don’t seem to work without the note for the corresponding passcode. I have the translation notes so the REVEAL-XXXXXX codes work for me, but aside from JUSTIN-BAILEY nothing else seems to be working.

    For example:

    IKKIBU LABIRU: Opens the 4 laser wall in the topmost left of Eribu
    This does not open the 4 laser wall for me.

    1. IKKIBU LABIRU opens the path upwards and enables you to get behind the 4 lazer wall

  47. Passcodes don’t seem to work. The game may require you to have the note where you learn the passcode as well in order or it to work. The translation codes work. I have the notes for those. Aside from JUSTIN-BAILEY, nothing else is working

    1. I figured out that for the passcode to work you have to activate it while inside the room with the secret path. You can’t just leave it on. the Ikkibu Labiru passcode is the only one not working for me, but the others worked fine.

      1. Yeah, you can’t leave them on. If you use the passcode in the right room you’ll hear the “item get” sound and the passcode menu closes. I’ll try and clear that up. And I’ll double check whether notes are needed for translation

        1. Never mind about needing the notes I guess. Your additional instructions to the guide really helped and I got the codes to work. Thanks!

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