Birthdays The Beginning Trophy Guide – All Achievements

Birthdays The Beginning Trophy Guide

Due to a bit of a bug, Birthdays The Beginning has a nearly impossible Platinum Trophy but it does still work; info for every trophy is included here! Feel free to use the comments if you have a question or info to share.


2018-03-04: The trophy is confirmed possible thanks to Tanuzomi on twitter: It takes 10+ billion cube years or about 600 hours of gametime, however.


2017-06-23: Possibly not. The update notes claim Riding the Waves of Time to have been reduced to 3 billion cube years, but it is not. For now the platinum should be considered effectively impossible. It’s possible the unlock either doesn’t work or it may still be 100 billion cube years (requiring whole months of leaving your PS4 on at all times)

Platinum Trophy

Happy Birthday Cube Master!
  • Obtain All Trophies in Birthdays The Beginning

Gold Trophies

Super Photographer
  • Captured every organisms (sic)
    • Easiest in Free Mode in a Huge sized cube, continuing the progress from your main save file. Tactically use Seed of Mutation and Seed of Evolution to fill in the gaps.
“My mane is a testament to my power.”
  • Capture the Grand Watcher, Smilodon Rex
    • Just use a Seed of Mutation on the giant squid created when completing My Tentacles extend to every corner of the deep (Silver)
Challenge Master
  • Cleared all challenges
    • Not really that hard, most challenges can be cheesed very quickly by watching for Seeds of Mutation and Evolution appearing in the cube (or even the starting inventory)
    • The hardest is likely Challenge 09, Birth of Nessie
      • The temperature should be quickly lowered and Humans protected above all else, giving them large, wide plains to live on.
      • A shallow shore “south east” of the map as it’s displayed on the menu is the ideal place for Nessie, though the temperature will have to be lowered, the height of the shallows equalized, and the area must be widened a bit.
      • Once Plesiosaurus is extent, Modern Humans exist, the Temperature of shallows are around 16 C and the shallows mentioned above are wide and flat enough, nessie should spawn quickly.

Silver Trophies

Great Photographer
  • Captured a 9-star rarity organism
    • Easily obtained while trying to catch 100% of creatures, though 9 stars are of course rare. Some like Nessie are Mutations, allowing a common Seed of Mutation to spawn them.
Up Up Down Down Up Down Down Up…
  • Moved Terrain over 10,000 times
    • Very easy, should occur before completing story mode
Up and Down Master
  • Raised Avatar’s level to max
    • Leveling is done by capturing, so this should occur while going for Super Photographer (Gold)
Riding the Waves of Time
  • Accumulated over 100 billion total Cube Years (sic)
    • While this was stated to be reduced to 3 billion Cube Years in a patch, it was not. It requires a 10 (?) billion cube years or about 600 hours of the game running in Macro mode in speedup.
Too Much Time on Your Hands
  • Accumulated over 500 million total Cube Years in free play mode
    • Free Play Mode is the ideal place to grind Cube Years for Riding The Waves of Time, so this is likely to be the first Cube Year related trophy you get.
Cramped Cube
  • Exceeded 10 billion in total organisms
    • Not too hard when doing Free Play mode going for Super Photographer/capturing all creatures. Play on a Huge cube with very diverse heights and keep temperature fluctuations slow and steady. Populations should balloon as long as enough life-ready surface area exists on your cube.
Cool as a Cube-cumber
  • Achieved Cube temperature below 0 C
    • Best done in Free Play Mode transferring a high level save file, just raise the terrain very high and let the Macro Mode simulation run until the temperature hits below 0 C.
    • This will kill almost all life, hence it’s best to do it in a new Free Play save file. You can make a separate Free Play save file by loading a previous file without damaging the original file.
Me, a tyrant? On, that simply will not do.
  • Captured the terrible lizard, Tyrannosaurus
    • Should be very easy in Story Mode
“My Tentacles extend to every corner of the deep.”
Captured the giant squid, architeuthis
  • Bizzarely this and most of it’s crazy evolution line are considered mutations not evolutions, so Seed of Mutation should be used after Heterololigo, which evolves from Nautilus
I don’t attract too much attention, do I…?
  • Captured the giant panda, ailuropoda melanoclecua
    • The ending of the Bear offshoot of the tree, starts with Andrewsarchus
It’s hard to hide all the time, y’know?
  • Captured the elusive Nessie
    • Nessie is considered a mutation of Plesiosaurus so a Seed of Mutation will easily spawn her.
    • To spawn her without a seed, Plesiosaurus must be extinct, Modern Humans must exist, and a very wide, flat area of shallows (try for 10 tiles wide) that are between 13 and 23 C must exist
    • Once spawned Nessie will still live in a smaller area and much warmer seas, but spawning her is the hard part
Doesn’t It Smell Good?
  • Captured the stench blossom, Rafflesia
    • Evolved from Gerbera, an offshoot of Conifers
Perfect Star
  • Cleared with a result of 5 stars
    • Must be playing Episode Mode
    • Not as hard as it sounds, though you’re extremely unlikely to get it your first playthrough
    • Start a New Game and save as soon as you’re able. Your only real goal is to produce and capture every single species possible, which is only a couple dozen in Episode 1.
    • The episode ends as soon as you capture the first plant that spreads to land.

Bronze Trophies

Most of these are pretty easy or have fairly complete descriptions in the trophy list already. I’ll complete their descriptions soon.

Amateur Photographer
  • Capture your first organism
    • Unmissable
Landed a Big One
  • Captured an SS-sized organism
    • This will happen easily as part of the story
No Mountain Too Steep
  • Made the highest mountain on the largest Cube
    • Requires Free Play mode, Huge Cube.
No Sea Too Deep
  • Made the deepest sea on the largest cube
    • Again requires Free Play mode and Huge Cube
Livable Land?
When Dinosaurs Roamed the Cube
Rise of Humanity
To Prosperity and Beyond
Up! Down! Up! Down!
The Ripples of Time
  • Accumulated over 10 billion total Cube Years (sic)
    • Actually 1 billion, which is still an insane amount. See Riding the Waves of Time (silver) for more info.
Crowded Cube
“Even bacteria can get big if they unite as one.”
“My Kind is still alive to this day.”
“We were the first to fly!”
A Blessed Tree
“I prefer to keep to myself.”
“My Shell is tough!”
  • Captured an ammonite
“I wish I could fly!”
“I just want to eat grass and be left alone”
“I’ll follow you anywhere, master!”
The Challenge Begins
Little Star
  • Earn 4 stars in an Episode
    • See the tips above in Perfect Star (Silver). This isn’t significantly easier than 5 stars so just go straight for broke.


While I don’t have a full walkthrough or guide, here’s some other info that’ll prove useful to you


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  2. Does anyone in the world have the NTSC plat? I’m near 4 billion years and no Ripples trophy =(

    1. Yeah I’m in the same boat, left my PS4 running for like 4 days, it definitely didn’t unlock at 3 billion. I emailed NISA’s PR but if you just recently did it and no trophy I’d guess it’s not patched. It may still be possible, but it’s definitely not actually 3 billion. I did get the 1 billion trophy though

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