Chibi-Robo Zip Lash Guide & Outfit Codes!

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash Outfit Codes Guide & Walkthrough

Here’s a guide with all Chibi Robo Zip Lash outfits, how to unlock them and where they are. It also includes additional information on where to finding toys and other secrets and general gameplay information.

Update: 2017-08-29: Miiverse is shutting down November 8th, but all outfits are still obtainable so long as you use this guide. You just can’t perform the original “crowdsourcing” method to piece together the codes yourself, all the codes still work.

Zip Lash All Outfit Codes

To input outfit codes, go into the Chibi House, Telly has a menu for it.

World 1
  • 1-1 – 90841 – Nine-Lives Ninja (Cat)
  • 1-2 – 31389 – Head in the Game (soccer uniform with soccer ball head)
  • 1-3 – 08201 – Pinkasaurus Rex
  • 1-4 – 28382 – Double Agent (Alien Costume)
  • 1-5 – (None)
  • 1-6 – 22801 – Mario
World 2
  • 2-1 – 87164 – Cluckertron (Chicken)
  • 2-2 – 73396 – Intrepid Explorer (British pith helmet & explorer gear)
  • 2-3 – (None)
  • 2-4 – 65465 – Spooky Skeleton (glow in the dark)
  • 2-5 – 62985 – Disco Dude
  • 2-6 – 53612 – Dillion (Armadillo from Dillion’s Rolling Western)
World 3
  • 3-1 – 46177 – Dashboard Dancer (Hula Girl)
  • 3-2 – (None)
  • 3-3 – 11156 – Scoundrel of the Seas (Pirate)
  • 3-4 – 86229 – Adventurous Astronaut (Space Suit)
  • 3-5 – 53540 – Link (Legend of Zelda)
  • 3-6 – 45379 – Rubber Ducky
World 4
  • 4-1 – 38655 – Miniature Matador
  • 4-2 – 49787 – Watson (Tuxedo and Mustache)
  • 4-3 – 57749 – Mysterious Mushroom
  • 4-4 – (None)
  • 4-5 – 15626 – Undead Avenger (Zombie)
  • 4-6 – 17885 – Tingle (Legend of Zelda)
World 5
  • 5-1 – 78313 – Chrome Quarterback
  • 5-2 – 64387 – Luigi
  • 5-3 – 35702 – Pint Sized Pep Squad (Cheerleader)
  • 5-4 – 73231 – Stylin’ Shooter (Basketball uniform, basketball for a head)
  • 5-5 – (None)
  • 5-6 – 76344 – Charbroiled Chibi (Hamburger)
World 6
  • 6-1 – 33215 – Chibi-Snowbo  (Snowman)
  • 6-2 – 38060 – Robo Claus (Santa)
  • 6-3 – (None)
  • 6-4 – 22399 – Captain Rainbow
  • 6-5 – 19303 – Man’s Tiniest Best Friend (Dog)
  • 6-6 – 45522 – Li’l Sweetheart (Heart)
World 7
  • 7-1 – 48087 – (?)
  • 7-2 – 72799 – (?)
  • 7-3 – 53666 – (?)
  • 7-4 – 46482 – (?)
  • 7-5 – (None)
  • 7-6 – (None)

How did you find the outfit codes?

The way it’s supposed to work, when Miiverse was still operational, was that in each level the second time you play you’ll find an alien baby to deliver to the weird totem thing. They’ll tell you a number, which is one of 5 needed to complete a code for that level. Chibi Robo Zip Lash will show you a screen like this (found from this miiverse post):


You’re encouraged to share the codes you find on a special Miiverse community (RIP), part of a big meta-game somewhat like The Binding of Isaac Rebirth’s The Lost unlock. Only the community as a whole could put these codes together, no one player is even capable of seeing all the codes themselves! Neat, huh?

Once you find the codes, you manually enter the code in the Chibi-Outfit Network menu on the Chibi PC in your Chibi house (using your Chibi Keyboard!). The game will confirm when you’ve input the right code, but then you’ll have to replay the level and rescue the baby alien in that level again to actually unlock the costume.

But Miiverse is shut down, so now you’ll just have to enter the codes directly (Miiverse was a medium for spreading the codes, but the codes would always work if you input them correctly Miiverse or no).

Unlock World 7

Use the capsule machine (requires scanning an amiibo) after beating the final boss to randomly (but quickly) unlock the 6 levels in world 7. There’s only 6 capsules, and you seem to have about a 50% chance of getting a level until you’ve gotten all 6 so it won’t take very long at all.

Toy Costumes

Giving all candy in a world to a toy will also unlock a costume of that toy. You’ll have to make multiple trips to each toy as each only accepts a few snacks each visit. There’s a unique toy in each of world 1 through 6, meaning there’s also 6 Toy costumes to unlock.

Finding Secrets

Look behind you

There’s almost always something behind the Chibi House at the start of each level. Usually either one of the collectables, a star coin/wormhole or even the Alien.

Get all Zip Lash capsules

Several secrets are inaccessible without a certain amount of Zip Lash length, often just about the most you could possibly get.


Chibi  Tots

  • Do not hit them with a whip/zip lash. It destroys them instantly.
  • Enemies can destroy them too.
  • Certain Chibi Tots are programmed to run back and forth, some will run constantly in one direction
  • Some of the ones that run in one direction will run directly into hazards and must be caught before that.
  • You can stun chibi Tots by rolling (R) into them. You roll a bit faster than they run and they’re stunned for several seconds.
  • You can stun the ones that jump back and forth by jumping as they jump, they bump into you and fall down.
  • Even if you don’t get all three, they add a nice bonus to your score. If you’re leveling your chibi robo, don’t give up

Big Coins

Nothing that fancy about these, but they give you nice bonuses to your coin count and a score boost too, but only if you finish the level with them. There’s also a badge for getting all three. If you don’t get all three you still get some extra coins for each earned. You can pick them up using the whip/zip lash in addition to touching them.

Treasure Chests/Snacks

Snacks will generally be in treasure chests, and when replaying a level you’ll see a chest faded out if it no longer contains a Snack.

Keep an eye out for blue “warp pipes” with a monitor on them. Use a whip/zip lash to enter them and win the coin collecting minigame, there’s almost always a Snack in these the first time you win.

Alien treasure chests are a bit different, and can give coins, an outfit or a part of an outfit code. Just use the outfit code guide above if you want the outfit or you’re extremely unlikely to find them.

Finding Toys

Toy positions are random, but after you find a toy once in a world (their location seems random even to start with), you

There are two 50 coin “star coins” in the level (not the Big Coins that you can collect 3 of), each of these coins can be replaced by a wormhole to visit a toy, so try and remember their location.

As said above, it takes 3 trips minimum per toy to give them all of the snacks in a world, you’ll probably end up making 4 trips if you find a toy before finding their first set of requested snacks. It only takes a couple minutes to find them after the first time though, and you can exit a level immediately after giving them all the snacks you can. Do not leave until they stop giving requests.


Collecting garbage gives a whooping 1000 points each, so even if you have more watts than you’ll ever use, collect it either for your high scores or to send to your Amiibo

Vehicle Stages

Vehicle stages can be a bit frustrating as the controls are unique and it’s generally a one-hit-KO situation, but there’s a few small mercies:

  • These levels are usually very short
  • These levels do not have costume Aliens or Toy portals
  • These levels can be skipped for some coins if you die a few times
  • Super Chibi Robo can speed you up even in some of these stages


Chibi Robo Amiibo

The Chibi Robo does a large number of things in this game, to the point it’s kind of surprising it even comes in an SKU without an Amiibo.

Leveling your Amiibo

Scan your Amiibo after beating a level to send your score to the Amiibo and level it up.

Up to 200,000 points will be stored in reserve if you don’t send them immediately, so you can safely play a few levels between sending points.

Tying your Chibi Robo to your game lets you “level up” your chibi robo amiibo, expanding it’s ability to perform most of it’s actions.

Super Chibi Robo

Scan your amiibo mid-level to use Super Chibi Robo.

Super Chibi Robo is a kind of a cheat code that sets Chibi Robo’s battery to 2000 points, fully heals him and increases his movement speed significantly. You can use it once per day per “level” your chibi robo amiibo has gained.

While it seems like cheating, the Super Chibi Robo doesn’t harm your score, and in fact you get bonus points for the extra watts at the end of the level (you can even scan just before ending the level just for points).

Super Chibi Robo is also very useful in the Chibi Submarine stages to make the sub much more responsive.


Scan your Amiibo inside the Chibi House to summon a capsule machine that dispenses random Chibi Robo figures. They cost 50 per attempt and only a certain amount will be dispensed at a time. Beating a level seems to restore about 1/4th of the capsule stock. This means you don’t need lots of amiibo to play the slot machine, just one will do.

Honestly, there’s not much point in using this feature until beating the game. Each level you add to your Chibi Robo Amiibo will increase the amount of figures you can get so you have to wait to unlock them all, and after beating the game you no longer have to refill the vending machine.

Figures are cosmetic only, but as mentioned above the capsule machine also unlocks World 7 after beating Chibi Robo Zip Lash. Just play the figure game about 10-20 times after beating the game and you should find all the pieces of World 7.

There are a lot of figures and you’ll probably 100% the rest of Zip Lash before you find all the figures. Some are pretty cute but try not to worry about them too much.

Other Amiibo

Other Amiibo can either give coins or a “special” figure not in the normal figure collection that is usually Chibi Robo mimicking a famous pose of that character. Not all amiibo seem to work for figures, so those ones will just give coins.


Worlds 1, 2, and 3 compiled by Siliconera, Worlds 4 and 5 collected by user McNuggz on Miiverse, World 6 from Skram on Miiverse.

What costume is found where found with the help of this Gamefaqs post by BubSimon.

World 7 codes found with the help of @Yoshichao on Twitter.

All actual codes discovered piece by piece by Miiverse users like YOU!

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