Escaped Chasm Guide & Endings Walkthrough

Escaped Chasm Guide

Escaped Chasm is a brand new, Pay What You Want game on itchio by Temmie Chang. You probably know her from Undertale, but this game is an unrelated project by Temmie herself!

I believe this guide is complete (the game’s fairly small), but as always if I missed anything please let me know in the comments! Or just let everyone know what you thought of the game.

Escaped Chasm Mini-Review

Escaped Chasm is a tiny but very engrossing little game. For the price of free and the light time investment of ~20 minutes for a playthrough, it’s very much worth a playthrough.

The game’s heavier and sadder themes may be a surprise to those already familiar with Temmie’s work, which makes the early impact of the game quite the hook.

While short the game makes great use of it’s time and leaves you feeling for our Lonely Protagonist. Some Temmie-Brand bits of humor are dotted throughout,

Gameplay Spoilers
especially in the Developer Room!

While something of a prelude to a more complete game that may or may not happen, Escaped Chasm is a very intriguing romp through a puzzling world. Here’s hoping we’ll eventually see a follow up to answer the many questions the game leaves us with.

Escaped Chasm Walkthrough

Note there’s no save feature, it’s short and meant to be played in one go. Turn off Dash in the options before playing, it causes a bug andΒ does not increase your walking speed.

The game doesn’t have combat or what would normally be considered puzzles, so play at your own pace and figure things out before resorting to the guide. I’ve written the fastest way to finish each day (for replays) and noted extra items to collect here.

You can hold down the Z key to speed up dialog you’ve already seen. Do not press X when at the Diary Menu, it ends the game. If the game crashes when you watch the TV, turn off dashing in the options menu. You can also control with the mouse instead of the keyboard.

Day 1

All you have to do to finish this day is check on Melody (her snake) and read your diary, then you can go to bed.

You can watch a cartoon by watching the TV in the living room today. There’s nothing much unusual going on but checking all the items will help set the mood for the game.

Day 2

Knock on your parents door, then go downstairs and check the lounger in the living room. You’ll see a “hot demon guy”. After the dialog, now you can write in your diary and sleep.

You can check the TV today for a spooky eye cutscene. Though the characters on the TV show up in your dreams, missing the TV scenes does not affect the dreams.

Day 3

This is where things get heavy, and where endings start being available.

Try to leave the house. If you want to get Ending 1, a Bad End, leave the house again after the cutscene and keep moving down.

If you don’t get Ending 1 by leaving the house again, you can just go right back to read your diary and go to bed after attempting to leave.

Day 4

Oh no. Peek in every room looking for your parents, then you’re allowed to check their room. There are Extra Pages in the plant in your parent’s bedroom, this is your only chance to get them in a playthrough. Read the diary, then leave. Demon Guy will have some dialog.

There’s a Familiar Plushie in the Kitchen. Pick it up to add the Developer’s Room to the ending. Check it but refuse to pick it up to get Ending 4, or the Worst Ending. Never interacting with it does not cause the Worst Ending.

Choosing to go with the Demon will give Ending 2, refusing to go will give Ending 3. Refusing to pick up the doll prevents getting either of these endings.


Developer Room

On Day 4, check the Kitchen. There’s a Familiar Doll on the floor. Check it and pick it up, and after you finish the game you’ll go to the Developer’s Room instead of the title screen. Temmie has some lore and game dev commentary to share.

Extra Parents’ Dialog

First, get the Familiar Doll on Day 4. Then when in the Parent’s Room, check the plant to get the extra pages. You can read them in the Developer Room; they don’t do anything until you get there.

Escaped Chasm 2

Open the game’s folders, in an EXTRAS folder, there’s an executable for Escaped Chasm 2! This is surely a real game, and not a jape. Also, concept art is in the same extras folder so enjoy.

Escaped Chasm Endings

Escaped Chasm, by it’s own game page, has 4 endings. I’m still working on finding some of them, but the rest are here!

Ending 1
Story Spoilers
Shattered Ending

On day 3, simply walk all the way down outside your house after the Lonely Girl finally leaves the house. The game will slow your movement, but eventually you’ll make it to the bottom of the screen and the ending will play.

Story Spoilers
The lonely girl will walk away and shatter. Bad end, I assume.
Ending 2

True Ending

Stay in your house after the Lonely Girl leaves and re-enters. Read your diary and go to bed and you’ll find things are very different the next day.

Enter your parents room and read the dairy. There are extra pages in the withered plant in the top right corner, you’ll read them after the ending. Then, go back to your room and the Handsome Demon will be there. Accept his offer to leave to get this ending.

Story Spoilers
The Lonely Girl leaves for another, more stable world, losing her form and memories. As explained in the Developer’s Room, it’s not as sad as it might seem at first.
Ending 3

Sad Ending

Same as Ending 3, but say no to the Demon’s offer of going to another world.

Ending 4

Worst Ending

Avoid Ending 1 by staying indoors on Day 3. On Day 4, immediately check the Kitchen and check the Familiar Doll. Refuse to take it with you. Now go to the parent’s room. You were warned.


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The game’s itchio page.

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My Let’s Play of the game on YouTube:

Let's Play Escaped Chasm by Temmie Chang | All Endings!
Watch this video on YouTube.



The first release of Escaped Chasm has some minor and avoidable bugs.

Sometimes the first TV cutscene in the game can crash. Oddly, turning Always Dash in options OFF may fix this, also Always Dash doesn’t appear to even make you dash.

Holding X while at the Diary menu may exit the game because it selects Quit Game by default.

You can clip out of bounds in a couple places, but this doesn’t matter as you can just walk back to the exit tile you came in from and leave.

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