Food Fantasy Guild Guide – How to Participate in and Create Guilds

Guilds in Food Fantasy are a bit confusing for early players since you can’t really see what they’re about before joining them, so here’s all the reasons to join a guild, what they do, and how to be a productive guild member!

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Guild Basics

Guilds require Player Level 32 and cannot even be seen until then; it will be a main menu option, impossible to miss. For a quick video overview, watch…my quick video overview.

Once you reach level 32 you can apply for guilds or create your own (most players should join one rather than creating). Note guilds are one of very few things that are server-tied in this game, so Light Kingdom players cannot join Gloriville guilds.

Guilds are groups of players that work toward common goals and reap some rewards for their contribution. Guilds start with a max of 20 players each, earning 10 more slots per level, so it’s important for guilds to keep active or they will level slowly. 

Inactive players should consider joining more casual guilds, as active guilds will be harmed by players not doing their daily time (it only takes 10 minutes tops to contribute anyway).

The Guild’s most exclusive features are the Guild Boss (and unlockable Guild Pet, which has stat bonuses in story missions) and the Guild Shop, which contains an exclusive skin and two sets of exclusive Food Soul shards. Without a guild you will not get those bonuses.

You can chat in the guild lobby, but the guild chat system is very bad and it’s recommended to use a Discord or something else outside the game if communication is critical. Send DMs to guild mades if you want to be sure they read it, the guild chat’s backlog is brutally short and you cannot currently switch your default chat from Global to Guild.

Guild Participation Checklist

Guild participation is very simple and should take under 10 minutes at the most, which is why active guilds will often boot players not making the effort. The daily things you should do in your guild:

  • Play the game daily (players idle more than a day or two are usually kicked)
  • Build 10 times daily (Gold)
    • Optional: Build with Building Coupons earned from events, or gems if you like. But the 100k gold contribution is all most non-whale guilds will expect
  • Fight the Disaster Boss
  • Fight the Guild Boss (Event tab in guild)
    • Optional: Your guild might set an expected damage per guild boss and kick under-performers
  • Before the reset, check which Guild Missions have been completed and get all rewards. If any missions weren’t cleared, consider working toward that goal more tomorrow.
    • Optional: Check the guild shop for daily items you wish to buy (Spaghetti shards, etc)

Guild Store

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